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Possible safety issue spurs pause of COVID-19 antibody study

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Possible safety issue spurs pause of COVID-19 antibody study

"Gideon, what's the latest there? Right. So first Monday Johnson and Johnson had to pause a large clinical trial of its Kobe vaccines candidate due to a quote unexplained illness in one of the volunteers that news was first reported by the website stat and it wasn't clear whether the individual received the placebo and the trial or the experimental vaccine. There are dozens of companies in a race to have the first viable vaccine out the door but Johnson and Johnson was comparatively behind in the. Process though the company is working on a vaccine that does not need to be frozen, which can make distribution and storage easier. It only requires one dose and not to, and they were hoping to be the biggest trial with sixty thousand participants. It's not the first vaccine trial though to have to pause due to safety issues as Zenica had to suspend trials twice after two participants became seriously ill and those trials have not resumed in the US yet. Experts consistently say that these are good showing that the companies are investigating what went wrong and how to fix it and that they are somewhat. Especially when you're working on something that is going to be for extremely broad use. Yeah. Gideon on one hand. It's it's good that they're actually taking into consideration. The fact that sometimes these things are unsafe in early trials but this also speaks to the fact that this process can't be rushed or conveniently wrapped up before some arbitrary date leg I don't know November third right just any arbitrary date like that. Yes. So That's vaccines but on the Cova Treatment Front, a similar pause put in place for an antibody drug being developed by the company Eli Lilly according to. Reports yesterday the trial was because if he quote potential safety concern and that trial reportedly was testing the company's antibody therapy on hundreds of patients hospitalized with covid nineteen in the enrollment process was sponsored by parts of the National Institutes of health according to The New York Times and news broke after there were a number of officials who cautioned against adding more participants to the trial on Tuesday so that it's two separate trials that we learn were put on hold in just two days. and. This elderly drug, it's an antibody treatment. The kind of treatment the president has been touting as a cure and saying, we'll be freely available soon. You Bet it is he antibody therapy from regeneration, a different company which I guess combined with steroid treatments led him to talk about kissing people in the crowd of a rally this weekend doing a strange Shimmy to Ymca by very. Very strong David Lynch like season one twin peaks vibes in that by the way one, hundred percent he's in the red room and he's having the time of his life. The Eli Lilly treatment effectively does the same thing as regeneration one using monoclonal antibodies to fight the virus, and after trump got the treatment, both companies applied for emergency use from the FDA with Lily, seeking it for mild to moderate cases as opposed to the trial which focused on hospitalized patients. So there have been promising results for both treatment so far in trials, but this pause would help figure out if there are major issues or side. Effects with the treatment for other folks on the other point about how widespread these treatments could be if found safe and effective regenerate has said that at the moment, it only has enough supply to treat fifty thousand patients in hopes to be able to get up to three hundred thousand in the next few months to put this into a sense of scale here right now, there are an estimated thirty, six thousand patients currently hospitalized with co Ed.

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