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5 Podcasts For Those Who Love Awkward Conversations

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5 Podcasts For Those Who Love Awkward Conversations

"This week's theme is Awkward Conversations. The curator is Courtney Cossack Co host the Private Parts Unknown podcast. Here's why Courtney chose this theme. She writes I love setups that are inherently uncomfortable. Haven't told your boyfriend about that. You're crippling debt. You think your data's a serial killer you want to confront your troll. I'm in here. Are the PODCASTS and episodes chosen by Courtney. Monday's episode comes from this is uncomfortable and is called when money makes it weird. It's thirty one minutes long. In this episode host. Reema Jerez tries to settle a debt. That she's been avoiding and what happens when one person in a relationship has way more money than the other Tuesday's episode comes to us from the clearing and is called hunting season. It's fifty two minutes long in this episode. We meet April. WHO finds out that her father might have been a serial killer? Wednesday's episode comes from this American Life and is called. If you don't have anything nice to say say it in all caps. It's fifty eight minutes long in this episode. What happens when the Internet turns on you? It's safe to say whatever you want on the Internet. Nobody will know it's you but that same anonymity makes it possible for people to say all the awful the things that make the Internet. Such an annoying sometimes frightening place Thursday's episode comes from Private Parts Unknown and is called men have abortions to part two. It's fifty four minutes long for the seventh episode of Private Parts. Unknown hosts coordinate Cossack and Sophia Alexandra are back with the second installment in their three part series featuring men talking about their personal experiences with abortion for this edition. Were joined by two guys. I former youth pastor slash current stand stand up comedian Derek Murray and then filmmaker slash writers slash VR extraordinary Christopher Morrison who exemplified. How subtle religious indoctrination can manifest in surprising prizing ways as the shame and stigma surrounding the issue are processed Friday's episode comes from heavyweight and it's called the marshes? It's fifty six minutes long in this episode. After a drunken slip of the tongue Steve Marsh and his siblings discover a secret their mother has been keeping from them for almost forty years now. Steve Steve wants to help his mom. Take action those. Are The podcast recommendations. Chosen by Courtney for this week's theme Awkward Conversations

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