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"couple cookouts" Discussed on Allow Us to Rethriftrodeuce Ourselves

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"couple cookouts" Discussed on Allow Us to Rethriftrodeuce Ourselves

"You have to be kind of smart about it. otherwise you're just not only wasting time wandering around because it takes a lot of your time indra money and so over time you you really start to save so i. I'm excited to hear that. You've kind of focused on your list. And i can't wait to see what you make. Tell us all about picnic for all seasons. What is it. How did you come up with this idea. And how does play into it. I was you know setting up picnics. in my own life with my daughter my partner including sometimes having a picnic like out of the back of my car i would go watch the sunset at edgewater and i would hang lights out of like the back of my hatchback and have the trunk decked out with the drinks and the carry out food and we will bring the carry out food and both of them always like you're so exchange like why can't we just get this. Carry out why you have to like bring all the fine china and the forks and the and the linen napkins. Why can't we use regular napkins and stuff. And so when covid hit. And i started having together with my family and friends outdoors because it was safer you know you. You have a couple of picnics. A couple cookouts and it gets boring pretty quickly so i started to bring a vase and more flowers. And the the whole packing the car almost like bringing all your decorative stuff into the car to drive it to another place to like deck it out and you end up your picnic than becomes just clicking something to like a three or four hour event and it started to feel like we're having any vendor. We're having this extravagant experience that just kind of breaks up the monotony of having to be indoors getting carry out food whenever you don't wanna cook and then just kind of putting a blanket down on the grass or putting a blanket on top of the The table and so..

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