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"coupet anderson" Discussed on KIRO Radio 97.3 FM

"Of our doug baldwin here also michael bennett were watching him all within secure for tonight from your seattle seahawks here's a question movements move where do you go from here i sorry dave watson a former nfl player played for the seahawks works at our sister station espn in the hallway and he's like don i think this thing would have died it would have probably died this weekend or this year at the present didn't come out and stoker's in polk it but he came out a stilted he poked it and boom it was a erupted and then even at owners that were down on the field owners again they're called owners white owners down on the field with mostly black athletes walking arms and the owners have do something they had to do so they had to pick side and they all picked assad and what you know what we're gonna go there store athletes we don't care if they have ct we don't care of the brain damage we're going to go out there and support him because by supporting them it supports us which means we have money in a beggar so that's us nother story for another day i wish in the same way that they came down on the field and they support of their players this weekend i wish when they go back home and they're sitting in the big officers the got there plug their big checkbooks and write checks for guys around the league right now that could really use our help as a result of brain damage in early onset of alzheimer's for above playing the game that aligns their pockets so as you mentioned the cnn sent a camera out to sea hawks training camp a doug baldwin spoke with jake tapper michael bennett wearing a savage this sweatshirt is talking to coupet anderson and so here's doug baldwin are talking today clearly uh or bluntly i should say that we don't want this behavior to become a normal in our society now i understand that there is a lot of different opinions in viewpoint but what i feel di donna ma harden what a lotta people across this great nation field be down in the.

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