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"coup kia amona" Discussed on Native America Calling

"This is native America calling. I'm your host Taraji would Kenaka or you. We singer Havana reveals time. Spent spend standing up from one Akia in Hawaii. Visiting other sacred places around the world has inspired her album. Kukje Ramona together. We rise today. We'll get to hear what the connection to. The land means to her culture and the future of our indigenous peoples in her different songs. She speaks about the healing and strength at the earth. We walk on gives she believes it's also natural elements like wind and Water. That also give to the vibrancy of life. A lot of this is rooted in being raised which traditional Hula and chant. And we'll get more details on all of this as we jump into our conversation with our may music maker. Honey Rios Eh. If you're one of the first ten callers to make it on air with a common or question you will receive a complimentary copy of her album. Coup Kia Amona together. We rise courtesy of religion records. Our phone lines are open now. The number to call is one eight hundred nine nine six two eight four eight also one eight hundred nine nine native. We look forward to hearing from you today and now joining us from cocoa on the Big Island of Hawaii is recording artists. Have any rios? She is from Waimea Hawaii and was raised learning of a traditional art forms of chant and dance which she says inspired her passion for music and Songwriting. My pleasure to have her here honey. Welcome to Native America. Calling Aloha Louis. Highly for having me so grateful to share in the time of states with all of you have only. This album is filled with so much love in talk to me about a little bit about how it came to be You know this of Was Years Making and it really is a journey of my lifetime as a protect your this earth and I start with you know like this happened. Years ago when we first became petition and Against the building the thirty meter telescope on our sacred mountain so around ten years ago when I started to really write music that I spoke about what we were going through in our journey and and it wasn't just for the mountain. We.

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