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"country music hall fame" Discussed on The B2B Revenue Leadership Show

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"country music hall fame" Discussed on The B2B Revenue Leadership Show

"Yeah now you see that all temperature also ceos and major companies who were so stymied in they they liked the trappings of the office in the corner office and they can't see that can't see outside of that in a so they they surround themselves in an ivory tower and and don't get out enough to walk around to see the value of the things that should be doing now in on the marketing side you see the best people going out and starting their own agencies or do you do you see them being able to really um thrive in a company as a see him oh oh yeah them in some great companies that are doing some unbelievable work i was just down at the country music hall fame and they're they're basically inhouse agency that's doing a lot of their work and i'm on your guys are doing this stuff while as a little boy will look at what arbi's is doing either arborists just they're all over the place and their growing like crazy in the doing some great great creative work in great great execution and that's their their they brought that in house and i'm watching other companies do some some more kinds of things so yeah you it's it's possible and what why did you choose to start dome the sweet network when you left dumb kodak what was your motivation there because i wanted to a little deeper though is that why did you want to miss our only for geno i i i helped start the what was called the cmo collective which was a group of sumo's getting together and then it was like the world fifty were you know we all paid fifty thousand dollars a year and it's only got fifty members and we all sit you know get together and have meat for five times a year and there's value financing even so as at fifty thousand dollars towards a lot of money per meeting but but the value of that well what was the by you can i'm sitting with the fiftieth other top companies in the world.

arbi kodak fifty thousand dollars