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"councilman paul correct century" Discussed on KFI AM 640

"It allows everyone to provide vital information and then when they're eligible, they'll get a text or email with an appointment schedule and locations. Private doctors. Dentists in pharmacies have all been authorized to administer the vaccine, and officials say they prefer people go to those locations first to free up the mass vaccination sites for people without access to doctors. And for those frontline workers who needed the quickest Steve Gregory King. If I knew the L. A City Council has tighten the straps on making sure people wear masks. The council was motivated to increase mask enforcement by scenes of massless agitators and malls and grocery stores and a mask lists concert by Christian evangelists on Skid Row. That should be something that is subject to a pal to Councilman Mike Bond and amended the proposal down from being a blanket enforcement citywide to an enforcement in crowded places and where people aggressively flout the mask Order. Councilman Paul Correct Century Use the measure, he says. The death rate in case load make the need for more enforcement clear. We have to stop making excuses and start at city attorney now has to craft the specifics of the ordnance. Chris and Carl. Okay, if I news it is slow on the four or five in west L. A Heading north bound. You're crowding up leaving Santa Monica Boulevard and the delays extend all the way to the 1 18 little crowded ahead right at the five merge. Let's head out to El Monte. We've got Mike O'Brien KF eye in the sky sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com Troubles here for the 10 and this is the westbound side of the 10 approaching packed road. Too. Right Lanes black with a motorcyclist that went down. It is very unusual. Slowing. You probably gonna cost you 15 20 extra minutes here backed up solid before the 605 from Frasier. Now they can eastbound actually better than normal. Despite this red, they're taking a little look less than a mile slowing on the lookie loos traffic here. Up ahead, though it's a slow stretch through West Covina and the bald one partner through ball was part but Really much better. Normal on that stretch. I'm heading back to wood here where we've had roadwork running late on the 605. That's 605 North bound. It's Lawson at last check, right lane blocked it backed up to the 105. Injured in an accident. There's a superwoman super lawyer dot com by Go Brian K. F Eye in the sky. Hey, if I in the sky helps get you there faster. I'm Angel Martinez. It's heating up. We'll tell you about that next. Did you know your ugly crack stain? Embarrassing driveway patio? A walkway can actually earn your money. I'm Larry.

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