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"cotton tan" Discussed on Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

"You would've remodeled your house by now, but instead you have twenty-six sweatsuits in every color under the rainbow. Who are that were that? You look really good. Acute and Enzi specially paradise with your geordies Oh. My New Jordan's Ooh so I, have some bad news. Well We say bad news. Yeah, we will. I was doing real time fact, check. And there was no facts. I think it's just because there were no facts to let it could be because I got lost in conversation that I forgot to pay attention to hear for facts, so you pretty mesmerized by smile I everytime. He flashed me that smile. Look over at you and see how you were taking that smile. You're taking it well not to take. It's an incredible smile as a beautiful beautiful and his brother they there is smile as well. It's a whole. FACE CHANGES IT'S They give weekly has which is, he's got this cute fucking smile, no matter how naughty he was being. Everyone just loved him because he would smile. What a superpower! It's a good one have a very nice smile. I always compliment you on how white and straight your teeth are. But it it would never get you out of trouble I. Don't look at that smile and go like Oh. That's innocent. Little Bird I go. That's a mischievous vandal. My smile gives me away Teddy. Trouble. Sheriff Callie that's not true at all. Very innocent well now my smile doesn't give me on anything right here. I'll smiley a ready. Look scary. Back of your eyes got huge. Yeah, so I found a new EMOJI yesterday a right. It's a moon and it has a face. Senate. Yeah, it's pretty cool. I sent it to you and I said. This is a Munakata. YEA, said it looks like me, and then I also sent it to jess and he didn't like it. Only on what grounds he said, it looked a racist. Now I said he was raised. That makes sense. He was whatever I don't even know what he said yet, but it was definitely racist. He said it looks sinister Oh okay, and I said well I'm sinister. Fair yes, over and then he said you are not gray, okay? The Moon is grayish black, and then I called him racist because of. any who I guess all to say, the Moon. Ika has kinda sly smile. Not Unlike the Mona Lisa says right so are you saying my smile is like Mona Lisa or Monica? Smile, let's see really. I'd. This, Mile Monica just gave me looks like she just eight six Cotton Tan an amusement park in is about to explode. This is file. You like Nice. You Look Ernest, thank you, that's I think nice. That means so sincere smile. Were there others I'm bridge. Okay, too. That's a dangerous word to use this I. Don't know whenever no whenever I use it. I'm just like boy hope. That was the right use of about. Never here on bridge. I mean professor umbrage from Harry Potter. You used it correctly. Most certainly I'm just saying you never hear it so when you're here. You're like Oh. Man, I hope that was right. Take on. Actually take umbrage. FEEL RESENTMENT TAKE OFFENSE YEAH! Explains how you feel about. Your resentful there was no facts. No, Oh, what are you taking? umbrage with or Ambroise using this expression features one of the surviving uses of umbrage, which now means resentment, but it comes from the Latin umbra for shade, presumably alludes to the shadow of displeasure. So shade is an old saying. No Shade Umbrella Oh okay I got wired resentful, and I heard shade, and I think of modern colloquial for shade is to disrespect or cast some kind of aspersion..

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