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"costner ripken" Discussed on Rob Has a Podcast

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"costner ripken" Discussed on Rob Has a Podcast

"And so they were a famous couple she was supportive of him very publicly at the games as I said spotted watching games with Kevin Costner, and just there, she's known, she's a celebrity in among Orioles fans as much as anybody could be in that role. So when in nineteen early nineteen Ninety-seven rumors started a swirl around that Ripken's were having marital problems. And that is something that was talked about at the time. Yeah, this foreboding this is definitely foreboding. You can see the clouds on the horizon. Kevin Costner was staying at allegedly staying at the home of the Ripken's after shooting the postman on the day of August fourteenth ninety seven goes Cal Ripken lease for the game. Unfortunately, for Cal Ripken for Kelly Ripken and four Kevin Costner Cal Ripken. Forget something comes home, and what he finds at home is Kevin Costner and Kelly, Ripken, infl- aground Tate, delectable, as they say in bed. Catches them in bed. Cal Ripken goes fills in. Yeah. Feel indeed? Beat the streak. This is something that causes Cal Ripken, go into a rage, heats up, Kevin Costner house so bad that Costner can't make public appearances for weeks and Ripken calls the Orioles. And says, hey guess what guys some bad stuff went down? I can't play tonight the streak has done and the Orioles say, don't worry about it. We'll take care of it. And thus an electrical malfunction happens thus a game is cancelled thus a streak is preserved and thus a theory is causative have Kevin Costner and Cal Ripken been spotted together since this date in nineteen ninety seven not to my knowledge, I cannot verify that, and I can also give you some more facts surrounding that both parties have publicly denied it in typical fashion in keeping with what I was talking about with ever Levin earlier. No one seems to care about what Kelly Ripken has to say on this matter, unfortunately, so. I do not have any evidence of what Kelly Ripken might have said about this. I will add the fact that Kelly Ripken and Cal Ripken are now divorced. It wasn't right. After this fact that was a long time after this fact. But as of this recording, they are, in fact, divorced and separated and no longer married. Yeah. So in Kevin Costner's denial of this, basically, from what I understand a Fox Sports radio show was talking about this in the next day, Kevin Costner calls in and basically threatens them with physical, harm and says, this never happened, I can tell you it never happened. And by the way, I only met Kelly, Ripken, a couple of times, I spent maybe ten minutes with her total. This is demonstrably falls alibi. This is a good point. Ten minutes. A very specific ten minutes, but they were seeing sitting together at baseball games, like this is something that even slopes, who attempts to debunk this theory, known for their debunking of theories like this acknowledged that Costner Ripken were spotted together baseball game sitting together. So for him to say he only spent maybe ten minutes, whether total doesn't fly so his denial is denial. But it doesn't really pass total muster in Cal Ripken's denial. What Cal Ripken says? Look, I I'm sure you can point out that I was at that game that night I was in uniform, and I was there you could see probably see me on the field fan saw me on the field. Like I for that for people to say, I didn't show up to the park that night and I wasn't at the game. That's that's garbage. Like I was there he doesn't say it didn't have immediate doesn't say it didn't happen..

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