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"cosmo penny" Discussed on Planet Mikey

"She said. This is episode 147. That's right. It's time for time for me to unload. The rose. Bill Smith. Bill under the shade of a chestnut tree. Village smithy stands. Remember that poem? That's right. So you're our village smithy. That's me. I'm proud to be. You were actually a blacksmith for a while. Even I read I read about you. You were used to hammering and fill all the time. Spare time you used to deal with horseshoes over by the kiln where you were good with horseshoes. Horseshoes. Yeah, how come the horses didn't have shoes? You mostly did your hammering in the morning, right? I did. You know, if I had a hammer, you'd hammer the morning. 'cause you're the village smithy. Ben kitchen, who once had a hemorrhoid so big he would take it for walks. And call it fluffy. True story. True story. Brought to you by Leonard associates. My hair, doctor, doctor Robert, was my hair, doctor of course, his operation there is the most professional permanent hair restoration organization you can find. You know, thank God they did that job for you because I don't think anybody else will be able to get through that skull. I'm telling you, you don't have to. You know what I'm gonna end up? I'm gonna be in a full white head of hair someday. Like, one of them Florida Q tips. But you know what, it'll be a full header. You're on here. That's exactly right. My own perfectly naturally growing hair. From my own head. Restored by doctor Robert Leonard and Matt doctor Matthew lapse to use the main guy now. He's like a wizard of a surgeon. He will make you look like a million bucks, of course, with Biden's inflation. It'll be a 1,000,000.8. Is what you'll look like. Call one 800 get hair. And visit anyone of their 5 offices. And they have an office near you. I assume, unless you're listening to Trenton. Also, my grandma's coffee cake. I think we should give away a cake tonight. Should we give away kick to one of our tweet me do you have some creative idea? I'm gonna give the phrase the pace. Okay, some original. So are you gonna come up with something new? And the way it works, you give the phrase that pays is it the first person we can have people guess Ben's IQ, which I can give you a hint. It's in double digits. 99. Some more shorter. Let's do this. Okay, let's do this right now. My grandma's coffee cake. My grandma dot com call one 808 grandma for the best coffee cake and God's green earth. Bar none. And what the keyword phrase to pace, what is Fraser page's gonna be? How about will noonan will noonan? That's the phrase that pays. Isn't he our guest? Well, we're gonna give away his cake that he would have gotten if he had shown up for the podcast tonight like he said he was going to do. We even promoted the crap out of that last week. So we'll get nothing and he and the first person that I see on my text line at planet Mikey, not texting. My Twitter feed. At planet Mikey, text the keyword will noonan. Okay? And you will win will newnan's cake that we were gonna give him for being a chef. Should they tag them in it? So he knows that his absence granted someone else a free cake? Well, the thing is, I'm afraid that he's going to be the one that calls in to get the free cake. But you know what, if I was willing to I wouldn't blame him, they are delicious. Tag me. If I was willing to tag your it sure. Okay, so will noonan is a comedian, right? Yes sir. And you know how funny he is. He's so funny that he's the reason he can't be here tonight. According to him anyway, if you believe it. Because today's birthday. No kidding. Yeah, today's superheroes be here for his birthday. It's why I got the cake. Happy birthday. The candles and, you know, I saw the KFC wrapped in plastic. All for will no, 'cause you're gonna make the trip over here from where is he live southie? To sudbury to do the do the show. And guess what? He cancels today's Tuesday. He cancels yesterday. By text , he doesn't even call me. He texts me and says, oh, well I'm teaching this course on comedy and, you know, they were supposed to I didn't know about sorry, just okay, you know, can I just get respect? I know you're the comedian and I'm not. But here's the first rule of comedy. Are you looking at me when you said that? You have to show up for the gig. Right? I'm gonna say this. Teaching comedy or getting a good gig teaching comedy doesn't mean you know anything about comic, or are funny. I've been offered for years. It's funny. He is, but I've been offered kicks teaching comedy and I'm not funny. So you talk comedy? I got offered teaching gigs and then I sell. I'm not funny. Okay, I work with a guy who's funny. We'll just tell his class this. To stand a friend. What do you mean one day before? That's not funny. Well, he that's not fucking funny. He gave you 24 hours notice. That's enough, right? Yeah, but it's not because not because he came down with some last minute COVID or gonorrhea or anything like that. No, he's teaching a class. He's making money. You know? You want to get eco just listen to the podcast. He says, he would be here and so he doesn't get his fun. Yeah. He doesn't get the cake and the cake goes to whoever whoever tweets me with at planet Mikey is my Twitter handle on for the show here. And tweet text to tweet what is it tweet? Tweet will noonan as the first person does it gets a beautiful cake from my grandma's coffee cake. That was a good handle is at will noon just to keep it simple. See? No. So he knows that he contributed to someone winning a delicious, most likely blueberry coffee cake from my grandma's. And if I was funny to not show up in cancer day before I'd be happy to I tried that with my first wedding. All right, so we want to thank Dwight Evans because he was great. Who are you? Yeah, on our last podcast and people it was very well received. Tons and tons of downloads on the deuce episode. Very popular. He's a very, very good guy. Nice. I just got to say that. You know what? We should give away his king too. Oh man. My grandma dot com. Don't forget one 800 get hair. So by the way, when you call one in order to get here, you get a free no obligation consultation with the man himself. And that's important for people to know. And Cosmo penny to get the rundown on what's going on in their head. Okay, and now I have a bitch a bitch session. Really? We just get through one of those? No. It wasn't bitchin out we'll noon it. Do you have sort of an attitude today? No, I wasn't bitching about will noonan. I like well noon. And the fact is, though, it's going to come on. He's a no show. Do I no show? No, I show. Or there's no show. Or there's no show. Exactly. I have an issue. I'm canceling my spectrum cable. There you go, canceling things. Wait, I just did that myself. They suck. I literally just did that last week. They sucked. I'm so proud of you. They suck. Let's hear the story. They're the worst. So Red Sox game, the other day was on MLB TV. Yep. Most playoff games in the history of that I can recall in baseball have been on free TV. One way or the other. Whether it's FS1 or TBS or you know, boxing or they're always somewhere you can find them. So I said, okay, the game's on a 4 o'clock the other day. And I said, okay, I'm looking at them scanning the channels. Where is it? MLB TV, I click it. No, you gotta subscribe to this channel to get this game. I show women. It's gotta be on free TV. I look at nothing. Okay, so I'm like, what am I gonna do? I can't watch this game. I've never heard of that before. So I call.

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