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"cosby rapist" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

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"cosby rapist" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"The new puppy learning new roles knocking stuff off the table. Because she's crawling under there. And i want to say thank you to spartak as who has. Tonight's amplifier this means. Spartacus is a member of the program. Now you can join it just five bucks a month. That's all we ask and it gets you in. Spartak has however chooses to give at least twenty five dollars per month because spartacus as a platinum level amplifier. But again we don't ask that it's just five bucks per month upstairs for advertise market and promote you can find out more about it amp dot freetalklive dot com. That's amp duff. Free dot com. So if you like the show if you want to help us reach an a larger audience with the ideas of liberty then the program is the best way to do that. You can find out more about it and join at out not talk. Live dot com. That's amp not freetalklive dot com. Let's go to the phones. We've got stuart calling from richmond. Stewart freetalklive Yes sir. I was just at program bill cosby. I think you guys got a lot of that stuff you kinda of but some things they said about cosby why women wait forty years you come across the story but they've been molested ogg sexually abused or whatever. Don't you think that some of this stuff was possible. They could send they want it to be popular. They wanted to say well. Oh yes i know. Bill cosby is a good friend of mine. I went to his hotel room. We did this. We did that or the other. I don't understand how they wait so long. And then all of a sudden these women all of a sudden they're they're victims of. I'll just terrible monster. Bill cosby bill cosby. They got a bunch of racket. The guy was cool to got talent. And i think that these women wanted to onto come across their stories and my last only final. Maybe you can't be a racist. Make you be a racist brother. You've got to have harare. You don't have a variety. You can't be a racist in this country you get. Did you get that. I got that bill cosby to follow me on that. You've got a little bit of wet on that. Why why would you wait. All those years to come across stores but bill cosby. Did this to me. Bill cosby. he'd have to be working days a week and one hundred hundred satisfied. When why did they come across with all these stories. Then why did they wait all these years working days a week to rape thirty five women and people who've had sex with hundreds and hundreds of people stewart. He didn't have to satisfy these women because he drug them and rape them. I don't think satisfied them. Was you know you know you know. This stuff was consensual. Why do you wait all of these years. Though before you decide to come up and tell people would actually happen. What you what you're saying. How did you people so a lot of women are used to on. She's going to give you an answer so a lot of women don't come forward because they're so used to want it's embarrassing and to a lot of women are so used to you know the stigmas attached to that and just the fact that people don't believe them so a lot of women feel powerless in those situations and they don't feel able to come forward but once one woman comes forward to come forward then they start to feel like maybe there'll be believed in that there are pe- they feel less alone in what happened to them so that could be a reason why they waited so long to come forward burger point. And if i'm understanding this correctly stewart. Are you saying that you don't believe these thirty five women. Are you still with us. All of them knocking. Yup you but you believe some of them so you agree. that bill cosby is a rapist. No sir i do. Not i do not. I think that there was. You believe some of the women. Somebody can send some woman somewhere. I said well may do this. Because they want it to be popular because bill cosby was a big guy. He was a big star man and they and then a time went by you. You feel guilty about what happened. So then what. I'm going to tell everybody would really happen. It with bill cosby debate. I mean the guy just doesn't come across to me as being a rapist. You know you don't believe any of these women right. You don't even might believe some of them. But i don't believe all these women rapist if you believe even wanted these women than he's a rapist. No he wasn't recognized. I still say that was some consent on some of those women's parts as to what happened to those women. I you believe some of the women and all of the women claimed that he raped them. I think he's saying even the ones that got ripped there was some consent because they were there. I mean consensus consent. It's a great area. it's pretty black and white. Did you consent or did you. Not sometimes you you you would consent to this or that or the other and then maybe when this thing starts transpired that you want to change your mind and maybe you wanna go another direction. I'm not someone continues when that happens. It's rape well. I don't think he raped all these women. I think that that was some consideration. Any of them part. I don't know. I don't know i don't whether do not so you don't believe any of the women that's correct. Okay thank you for the call tonight stewart. That was a alex jones impression at birth. He talked so quickly that i did not catch most of what he said at the beginning. But i got the gist of it. And you know what he's doing is exactly what the author of that. Msnbc article talked about us that they hold the character that bill cosby played in such highlight and he did play this person to a bit off. Become off the show as well. You know presenting himself as an actor who was presentable and respectable and humble and all of these other inspiring things that we should look up to but in reality that was just a lie it was just an illusion. And he the color of their showed a tremendous amount of resistance to recognizing that and to recognizing the conflict between believing some of these women. Even if you only believe one of these women that still makes bill cosby a rapist now. It doesn't matter if they consented to it and while it was going on they changed their mind and he continued that still rape but also like some of them are drugs so he's just a an a hole or who obviously doesn't really know what he's talking about that. He was unwilling to say that he didn't believe any of the women. Although everything he said proved that he doesn't believe any of them because again one of them telling the truth. Then kospi's a racist. i mean rapist. I really really liked kevin spacey. Before it came out that he probably raped. No all the details. So that's why i'm saying probably probably raped a bunch of young boys. But as soon as i found that i was like i don't like him anymore. I don't know anything about kevin spacey. What was the in. I know i've heard the name before. American beauty and house of cards. Never seen either of them. Well he. I don't know why i really liked him. I just thought he was like kind of a handsome older man. But it's also kind of like beam in american dad. I mean american out. American beauty. And i just like he was like a cool americana type actor. I disliked him. I was like his biggest fan or something but then he came out. It came out the he apparently was raping. Young boys like their whole career. Like i was just like no. No i still like him. Can't imagine being that would just not. I don't like him anymore. that's weird. It's very strange. And i hope that the caller whose name forgotten. Because i'm not very good at my job. But you know reflect on what he was just saying about how he believes some of the women but yet he doesn't believe that bill cosby is a rapist when all of the women were alleging that cosby rapist and bill cosby himself. Evidently said that you know drugs helped him seduce women. What whatever that means mean. That's his warped under. That's how to bill cosby's understanding of the world is that he thinks that drugs helped him seduce women so he he doesn't even consider himself to be a rapist. I can't imagine having doing the mental gymnastics necessary to say something like that to me to me. The correct way of saying that would be drugs..

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