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"cory booker furman" Discussed on News Talk 1130 WISN

"David Dinkins fraud around us. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He's always gotta get him out here. Tahoes lights and sirens. That is the democrat party today to get there quickly. We're police people VIP's not to get back to the White House to turn that little chunky girl over there until humidor because it makes the. Anybody getting this yet? The very same papers that lectured us back in the days after nine eleven the very same publications and the very same journalists tool worried about the constitution. Who worried about the the Patriot Act and who will worried about surveillance of Americans. Worried about these little blue hill ladies at the library losing all their information to the evil federal government. The federal government that was run by George W Bush and Dick Cheney. How funny would that be if they actually get the impeachment and they wind up with pets? My kingdom my Canaan for the video. Just all of sudden now all of a sudden, by the way, the Democrats on the day is at the judicial committee. They wanna read emails all of a sudden emails, very, very important. And if I was a Republican with any Kahane's on that on that committee and the minute the minute Cory Booker said my Spartakist moment, I to get up and said, no, I'm Spartacus. And you just never know. No, I'm Spartacus. Let's talk about Cory Booker Furman has about that. He knew those documents were clear that for you. He knew there were cleared. Taking my career in the white man's going to expel me from the center it needs to be. You knew these were clear. Why did you say that you might get expelled? Yeah. We didn't even have that information. You did. New. Kamala Harris, talking to was cavenaugh like is a perp I'm selling elicit, an honest name. Shut up. Tilt. Aren't supposed to sit here and just take it. I'm supposed to sit here and just say everything's fine government. It's working brilliantly. All of a sudden. Yeah. The emails a very very important. We need to see there. He goes. All right. You give me Hillary's Kavanagh's. What do you say? We need to pass. Before we see what's. Thank you, Nancy. I love you. I love you. Folks, we need to path to Bill to find eight more time to read as Bill. Fly monkeys. Fly monkeys..

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