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America! Fuck Yeah!


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America! Fuck Yeah!

"Before that before the july please help me tanks rolling down street the national mall good gas on drew that's ra say hi ross happy fourth happy fourth man hi how are you going to do so for some i'm gonna get real dressed up crowley in some sort of american flag a printed garb and i'm just gonna walk around my neighborhood in insulting people that i think look liberal lynn says she's got a grill stuff this is person that's literally a shrub lifestyle she's like making crazy crazy drinks now which is good it'll be nice i liked the race shrub thinks yeah or a are you going to set off fireworks no i will be near fireworks were always near them but a where we liv it's like you could hear them really well but the curvature of manhattan island being said i am better off watching them on tv but i've gotta have a dog a so that's not gonna like get you know that's not gonna be that sort of scenario where like meghan gonna be bunker down in the bathroom with her trembling pug oh yeah right yeah so she has to shift it's like a bombing rage yesterday at the dog in the tub yeah i remember elected yeah like last year she sent a photo of herself just like it wasn't universe elvis's her like a glass of jose like notably full and then just like a pug has just turned itself into a little amber sans just completely terrified oh are you gonna are you gonna fireworks a low calorie you're gonna be doing it yourself a i okay so what happened i told you last year we we we had to we had to go to the side outside of the country club we didn't belong to it and we had to watch their fire yeah yeah cross defense is make sure like literal really cops on on golf carts didn't chase down in shooting to death i think it's good kids got that experience like they should shape there politically consciousness i have never been down to the mall and i'm glad i'm not going this year now it's slow like occupied territory yeah yeah now it's like the militarized zone an die in i weigh one time one of those living in new york with my wife my why you're wise a they shut down the fdr and i think they do this still do this is everywhere where the fireworks show all around manhattan she walked down the fdr they're better on the hudson side but you're went down fdr in in the pack mob where you can't take a piss and everyone's loaded in like has like is like dressed in bunting like they just yeah restore funding and they just put across their boobs in their picks and all that and i you know i got like you know i i got to witness like ten percent of the new york fireworks display like i was looking at like an eclipse through special glasses yeah no it's not seller times i've gone like to like abe location to watch new york fireworks it sucked at yeah so ever since then i've been contend just stay at home and watch like a you know pbs with like jimmy smits hosting and like cational musical interlude firm like blues brother's two thousand before they actually start stars and stripes forever and ashley start blowing stuff up i've been fine with that that'll be ruined this year but that's what i usually yeah so anyway i i'm gonna talk more just be a bastard i i did by fireworks last year and this is also been ruining all explain how i went over i mean it's hard get decent fireworks mail and you can get whippersnappers even get sparklers but those suck ashley i like whippersnappers 'cause i like just napa between my fingers like i'm a magician like you're gonna have you put yourself in jason pierre paul situation i'm not gonna forgive you man this is you have to be more response you only get so many fingers you you would be delighted the fed happen if i became so i became a taxi driver total recall because i blew my hand she would be my hitting podcast host yeah is that penny penny game on furled like mind you will quaid that'd be what you see me right before we start recording every time we do these out to to gigantic kill basa fingers to chris anyway so i went to dc border and i went to pay the fireworks they set up like a shed outside a seven eleven her something when they sell fountains unlike relatively large fireworks where they don't sell lemonade is i think that's still a legal like yes day and you can't get like you know you you can't get a lot of stuff but you'll get something you said it and you lighter and it'll shut up into the sky make like whistling noises and all sorts of cool shit tort brought that back last year got absolutely plowed and my wife is like i don't know if we should set these up as i know that it has been a better time yeah i i gotta show up in the backyard and the second i sell off i'm with my kids and they were like we wanna we wanna live to i'm like a okay my wife's like i don't know about that side is a good mendez there and we and so i'm i holding later with the end the second the future and we were like red jumping out of a plane in like plugger years so we run and the ship starts blowing up and it was so good so good a net and i wanna go back to the fan of fireworks stand by more they were just complemented by trump on twitter yesterday for supplying being a the fireworks his fucking tonight appreciate remond grucci thing which is incredible trumping 'cause he puts him in quotes for no reason and then they think he's basically saying we got him accost unbelievable what a deal what's more american and then that just like this is like even be tasteful about the least tasteful thing in the world cruciate what a name to a degree i got this i got these from luigi which on steroids they are the marquee key fireworks the best shit grucci really is like a big deal there is a guy that i knew i don't like i like watch soccer games with him in my twenties when i was in cutter reading a story about the world cup when i was at sp nation so like two thousand fourteen he says they're they're working as he works for the fireworks but it seems like setting stuff up basically for a guy like cutters independence day or whatever and i kept thinking we would meet up and like get a beard is like a guy would know anybody in this gulf state stuck infor like ten days and it was he was just like know were were too busy like there's too many fireworks later i'm working like fifteen hour days end like i couldn't possibly see anyone and i don't think the humans avoiding getting a beer is me because this is the guy that likes getting beers i think that like grucci is like a much more serious organization than we could ever no you can't go the inner workings of the group yeah let's think about ways because they're probably they probably also arms manufacturer oh yeah they like the fire the fireworks stuff is just like one percent of their annual revenue the rest is all napalm like raytheon's like ownerships like there's yeah it would be cool that secretly how like raytheon made their money but like all silly all the planes they make it a loss but like fireworks july fourth like that gets him in the black i'm such a dad to because i go to the fireworks shed and i all i always get sticker shock i'm always like twenty box spread that well it's only gonna last five seconds better better kill somebody what i shut it off of i'm gonna pay that much money for a stupid fire and then they go no i'm just guessing you think that like super duper rich people like pay like they'll have like a stinger missile did like they want something that's like that impressive and they're like well i have like a million dollars so i'm gonna like shoot down a drone with a with a shoulder launched missile you could do that you got you got like in the pacific right yeah i mean i think it's probably i mean it depends on if you're rich enough like all the cops are gonna do is keep the missiles down some of the north like you're not gonna get in trouble or anything i have zero doubt they like in nineteen ninety one some rich guy saw scott missile and television news like i've yeah i will have it he had he had his own private patriot missile intercept his own private missile above a golf course right what a show they still talk about it in west palm yeah i think mitch mcconnell connell thing but gather around kids how much is inappropriate amount descend on fireworks in your estimation i think i spent like forty or fifty bucks were still way more than i want to spend spend spend way more than that oh i'm sure they're they're like you know like everything it's very funny everything looks like a gift basket from like harriet david in the store like you could open it up and expect to see like a fancy vanilla scented candle in some in some like some artificial silks but instead should the blows up so it's all it's all just like cheap like basket stuff and like each basket is like a hundred and two hundred bucks and stuff like that because they're selling the people who are essentially you know on their on other days they're buying guns guns are fucking insane lee again so so it's like so you know buying like you know a a pack of black cats for at a significant markup it's no big deal do these people yeah it's just got gun powder in it they're pretty much infer whatever yet the price wind up being it's it's so true very idea that these arrive in like an edible arrangement form i'm serious man fucking great they like they look is tacky is they all look like someone that spends time i'm like considering the williams sonoma approach to things would you say that that's actually like this is on that same spectrum yeah no well no because we've seen almost fancy like especially i make fun of williams sonoma it's tasteful why kids aggressively tasteful yeah you know this is extremely distasteful and in fact i'm waiting for someone's gonna come along the way they've like the way that big pharma has rebranded by agra under like hymns yeah and like roman and stuff like that you're gonna see more sort of a hipster packaged fireworks were just says like you know a roman candle handcrafted in in kentucky or some shit like that like there's going to be it's going to be the switch off fireworks a tee off at some point fantasy not already i'm trying to think of all the yeah we we should probably start some sort of sideline in coming up with names for these that would make them more contemporary ricci younger affluent demographic i like polluter as it explode her yeah but it's like in p l o d are asked loader at again going back to the old the old man's internet jokes mind explode yeah it's almost it's almost too it has to be more sp more subtle in all the packaging has three black with like a times new roman fondue up lower case letters on a black background yeah just as just as fireworks show it's like it's generic but it's not we get it we know you like it when things go boom you know i i love breeding about like like early in mid century american history and stuff like that it really is amazing saying how many brilliant minds were like a martial ad you know end commission to to to try and be is innovative in possible in the field of explosive handiwork yeah that was it's like the it's like the oldest american pastime like before they like invented the sports the people like that was the one thing where you could get like every single person that lives in cincinnati shows up to like sit on a hill and watch things blow up and they're like that that's it's amazing i'm gonna tell my grandkids about that yeah yeah and i'm not sure about like atomic bomb i'm talking about like an i think trace this even when i was growing up where it was like the cool thing was like dream about being an inventor you know like oh like like his dad in fucking gremlins is like i got the bathroom buddy you know as an like like stat was like that was the actual america for awhile word guys would be like the graduate from mit then they get sent out till like some think tank or they figure out a way to like like make or batch with like nuclear missiles have the fly into like germany and shit like that darpa the defense research tried a friend that worked on stuff that at a wily like that works for you on actually but he had a he for a while they were making like robots and he wound up doing like a you know a chip but like teaches a robot to whatever feel depression or something i don't member is weird but v there was this like robot race they would have in the desert and all these different inventors all these big concerns would come together and the you know the winner if they could create a robot they would be able to reverse a desert like a very simple obstacle course in the desert they would get a billion dollars of meat of a military contracts and it was all the robots died instantly though like all these like whatever like general dynamics it's been like a hundred million dollars on it and then the thing would just each it after fifteen yards after filled with sand were they depressed robots that it's almost merciful yeah i don't i think that was just me that's me kind of filling it in i have a joke in movies where i get i get emotional win robot seem afraid there's a scene i robot there's another one in hey i i don't know why that is that touches me but i'm like oh look it's it's this upset is i am so hey i need to do that i never bothered to watch i robot like they just be most depressed robot i've seen his house in oh yet alison one where he's gotten shutdown dave today when you're you're like fuck you yeah yeah you kill the guy don't look spoilers obviously we kill the guy you don't get the like send me a sad children's song and had me feel bad about it now yeah yeah how's murderer terrible yeah but they were right back but i would love to the press robots behind and we should actually talk about sports a most notably simply a we wish you talking about you as a women's national team very quickly because by the time this a post their victory against england which is very very tense a will have sort of fade into the background but i one talk about a couple of things because a the reason a d u s one was because they played very well obviously first and foremost but also to video replay some really really critical yeah first one took away a goal from england and a because they were offside and if you saw you saw the freeze frame right they were offset by it was like a fraction of an inch yeah i'd rather see an as an even though i was like yeah fuck you english shit like you know i was like it was another there's another very very clear instance of a one would say indisputable instance of where the whole point of of of replay is to correct something egregious but in fact just a precise opposite it always ends up focusing in on the microscopic in reversing up on that you know based on that criteria and for that i felt a little yeah yeah one rather they had one three two two you know same i would have been happier to like let that go stand and then just get another one i think they would have like they were better than when they played weirdly like as a bona fide soccer idiot even i was like why are they being so conservative about this why they just like spending the whole second half like in that weird defensive crouch yeah there were some real mardi ball be under that yeah and that really is the best possible like in this weird to 'cause it's like mardi ball like that was always him like good chargers teams losing to like other good teams like you must be a lot better than yeah like faster stronger athletic in the beginning because they were they were planted on the side of the field and they couldn't get the ball out of there and it was like you you you're gonna be okay you know but they wouldn't you that giant trying to do it it seemed like yeah and then the last ten minutes i totally get why they're doing it they're bleeding the clock in the last ten minutes but they would they would they would take the ball over the corner stand in the corner and bach basically potshot defenders so at the time could run out the clock but it's like it ain't the most aesthetically pleasing window washing isn't and again they got somebody that's like a soccer dope like i'm asking like billy in luis yesterday where i was like is this like normal like i think every team would do something like that like close game but there were instances where it looked like they had a shot at like putting a bond goal and they were just like just didn't do it on principle or whatever they're like oh well you know there's eleven minutes left like you can't take a chance of like missing a shot and then had to go back the other way but i yeah i want it done detroit outlook uninjured mega pino yeah however however fire off like too high goals like in stoppage time just a twist the knife and just to burn it off the ground but that yeah the vr thing is weird though 'cause like i as much as as we've complained about replay in baseball and probably more in football this was like i guess i had read edited some of the stories that we've put up about how lame it is but this is my first real encounter with like what it actually feels like to watch a bunch of completely opaque like probably technically correct but like broadly speaking stupid replays completely disrupt the flow of the game and it sucked yeah were like were were in old fogies law now because it's like i don't like replay anymore like i don't like the houston rockets leveraging analytics basketball like i'm i'm dan shaughnessy now it's horrible like oh i care about is a beer and abroad jewish that matters to me if i see the replay i don't mind it on principle i think they're just need to be things that aren't reviewable you know the oh yeah i agree it got to the especially with the nfl at this point where there's like there's so many more rules and stuff like that like i just know it soon like whatever it is but i think happened when it's reviewed like in slow motion it's gonna prove whether i'm right or not it's gonna be opposite of whatever i think it is one thing you don't want a full second level v event dislike legislative in you know in governs essentially action you see on the field which is what you're there see they begin right these these other vr thing which critical what happened was put in english player whiffed on a fucking shot yeah but they went to be are and they said now the usa commit a foul at they commit a foul is light a thousand was but they gave me gives yellowcard anyway and then go elicited there went ahead and save the penalty kick anyway stone that fucker at the goal of the goal line and that was very very nice yeah band that save withheld i mean like they didn't look at that on vr which has been like a big theme throughout the tournament is like every penalty kick the gets josh tucker about this rosa every penalty kick they catch reviewed is like basically the goalie is doing something illegal it's impossible not to break that rule which again why are you doing to the game at that point if feels like be hr and someone could correct me if i'm wrong but i'm pretty sure this is the first international people tournament had are a installed in it but it seemed like it played a role in a lot of these games and not really in a welcome fashion because he's been really tightly contested stood apart from us playing thailand yeah like these have been very exciting games they don't need that bullshit in there now it's just it it sucks the flow above it i'm thinking about that we remember we're talking about deception the mb finals really what if the game had just ended after that steph miss instead of there being like whatever an extra five minutes people huddling doing videos and like collide shoots two free throws and shit oh it's horrible that was just to have their be a point where everybody's like all right well this is getting lame now and i know that's like you know a sliding scale and not the same standard for anybody but i think you certainly know it when you are experiencing it and that was the case yesterday yeah so now it's even worse when it's not really unnecessary review by the way i just wanna just take out there i think were pino but really really like that it would be fun if she took a v e or her last name and so i went in like except me european gonna be good that's like that we basically signal that she is in fact named after these famous bitter green a love to know that's where piney yeah but i mean it is repeating but you know plural so just one piece of it i assume that's a rip you know i don't know i don't speak italian very well anymore is repeating also broccoli rob it is saying yeah interesting yeah well well patrick study breeders and i can i i'd love to take the listeners inside the game i'm planning on cooking broccoli rob tonight wow well that that is as fourth of july a food yeah will ever be fired yeah where my my uncle barrios having everyone over we do a real italian american on july third that's a tradition i've time a goddamn swim meet tonight so i bought rotisserie chicken dinner just a total advocation of all american responsibilities tomorrow i'm gonna go the fucking kill basa factory yeah are you gonna do it up and grilled stuff and all that i gotta do something i do some sort of smoke boy if thing although my wife was like my wife was like a short really like beep anymore and i was like well that's your problem later tell deliberately beep out this is america goddamn let's take a break come back and talk free agency we're back let's talk about it'd be a free agent by time this pose a quiet leonard may have signed somebody but just as well could be sitting in a movie just relaxing and enjoying himself oh yeah and and in fact in fact finding it's time even more people were bitching editor makes decisions quickly but me might just wait like another three weeks and then join might be lana hawks herself yes just to emphasize is not giving a fucking dude every one of those jokes and i've seen about it where it's like he like mailed a certified letter the clippers but it's still processor whatever everyone one of those deals right to me yeah yeah oh brandon in a good way but anyway until that domino falls we have all these other ones deal with most specifically a i wanna talk about kevin durant and kyrie irving joining the nets that's along with d andre jordan no a blake griffin a pity blake riveted tweet require yeah i so now basically the nisqually in a holding pattern you know they'll have kyri around indie andre around next year with eight relatively well run it promising team although the nets so let's let's just have that condition set out right away and then what you rank coming back if not you end up next season which wouldn't be advisable but coming back in twenty twentyone or i'm sorry fall twenty twenty so now my question to you is do the nets do the right thing in will this work out i think they probably did but it i don't really dig it that much to get on the record year i i wasn't nets in new jersey nets fan stopped caring about them when they went to brooklyn i enjoyed watching him last year like they were spunky and i am not to discerning about what sports i put into my brain on television so i watched a decent number their games last year and they're good but they had this way they built a team that you know of course it's always you know rhetoric and stuff but there's a lot of talk about you know culture end cohesion and you could see it when they played the team they played a ton of guys they really played very well together an indie angela russell they had this guy that had been like just thought to be a totally mercurial butthead like really looked like everybody on the team sort of believed in him did offer carousel avert and then you know it's never a bad basketball decision to add kevin durant team you know clowning but like he's one of the best players will ever see like so that's good kyrie irving i am sure about like he's definitely as good at scoring off the dribble as as anyone that i've you know can think of but like he's a weird guy end to replace russell with kyrie irving it's either like they really really trust their culture to like make kyri act right or they never meant it anyway and cultures the thing you do when you don't have any draft picks or money yeah they call it sort of makes itself i think the nfl's particularly obsessed with like creating a culture rather just drafting people in trying to get the best adam in letting chemistry its own magical yeah it's like read it in the oven but a but kyrie's is x is different in that he's eight known heard right ed so my feeling is in luis who's going to be on the state but he he got ill and i hope it gets better better enough to issue more bad takes yeah check a but lewis said they had did you think like what's the right thing to do is not just for pr reasons but if you have a chance to get kyrie irving and kevin durant you do that yeah i can't necessarily on the money absolutely yes however however i also believe it completely fucking blow up mattie like i said before i think kyri will show up fifty pounds heavier and just not care and just destroy the morale of the team by the time by the time durant's gets back injury will make i think you're right will come back and i know i know the they already have the sad listings all the players were torn achilles injury mbh yes and how and how it has how it is hinder them literally as physically yeah in many cases just like eliminated whatever was once valuable about them but again like kevin durant you know and like having direct i think kevin durant's special and they're in that regard he come back and still stand on the floor and not moving still score thirty points yeah that's what makes that i mean i've looked at those lists to and it's it's weird because basically like you shouldn't be judging them like vertically you know like the it's a question of like how how much of themselves they return as because like well what happens is not as good as widely matthews was but like wesley matthews when he was at his best was not capable of with a different type of athletes endurance like they only one i could think of as being remotely close is rudy gay gay is i think like basically more or less back to where like rudy gay was sober while though yes it did it did but i mean if he was decent last year he played limited minutes and that may be you know he's also older and he's on the spurs but that may be what durant's is in for when he comes back to but if you you know you pay guy amac's for four years which is what the nets are doing with their at if the last two of those years you're getting the best possible kevin durant's then like you have a decent chance of winning a championship and then i after say it'd be worth it but it's it's confusing to because like what is he gonna be like four years from now it'll be full marianne marianne williamson oh yeah absolutely like he's gonna be like a crystal visions and yeah i feel like also brooklyn is a bad place for him in that wages 'cause there's like there's a lot of really bad ideas just in that neighborhood around the barclay center you know like i don't feel like kyri probably hasn't opinion on vaccinations now but i think he will he will absolutely we have an opinion on that yeah yeah then he'll be on qvc selling like lots of copper jewelry oh yeah 'cause that's good you're islands yeah yeah and saying these like energy in here is what will boost your immune immune system yeah not not much a doctor tells you that's great because like durant's clearly wants to be like some sort of media mogul but everything but he comes up with is really stupid yeah it's like a race walking show or like you know it's like push up contests it's the reality show but like kyri is this gonna have like a calm booja like a signature come booja end like you know be active in some sort of like legalization campaign but i think that's about it that's just what he wants is like space to be weird third and passive aggressive yeah i i think he will stumble quickly and i will be wrong but that's okay yeah i also got the duran had drennan that goodbye post to the golden gate bridge where he was sitting out by cooking very intensive and it was like it was in black and white and you know damn well he rented that bike that shot oh yeah never written a bike in his pocket and why do they i i guess i get why they used to be the thing where like when athletes were leaving they take out like an ad in the newspaper san francisco doesn't even have a daily newspaper anymore i don't think so like obviously it's the only so much they drank and do their whatever but like yeah like i i think the more like produced you're stuff is like there's that kyrie irving tweeted an image of himself on the brooklyn bridge and it was like totally totally empty which means that photo had been taken at like five fifty eight pm right i would i know he's wondering about this but i don't think that bridge couches brooklyn mm i think that's a fair point depends where weighed brooklyn you're not in it yet but isn't it or like you know it's like when you're driving over the george washington bridge and like halfway through there like welcome to new jersey sorry like can't no you turn that is like a but that's like halfway through the bridge it's not like you don't get to that you know you get the fort lee or whatever and then you're in new jersey like somewhere halfway across the hudson you make it yeah it's it's on what side of the bridge you on when the cops who which states cops are gonna pull you over yes and brain you on the head with a magnet oh you gotta hope it's new jersey we got the best cops a bad cop a before we take a break i would ask you where you think guy where you think co why will go a in where you think he ought to go and it's the same thing so i am worried that it's gonna be the lakers just because i think everybody else on staff is cool with it i have a it's like a faint partisan interest in him going to the clippers because i became a clippers feminizing college you know like twenty years years ago and how you clippers in nets fan book some idiot man is really hey hey rail how did i get all the other habits and i have why my the way that i am i right if i could choose it i we do a different a most you know i couldn't watch nets games and so i had the choice of the lakers and the clippers on local television and i was like all up the shitty one please and then i just did that but i would love collider go play with the clips 'cause i i think he i think they're good i mean they play the warriors harder than anybody until the raptors did during the playoffs first funky and they're they're still together they've got like a sort of a unique situation where they're they're starting back court is like good and not really paid very much and so there's a lot there they you know they could fit him in but he's from l a county areas from a inland empire so not only county but san bernardino county but i think that the lakers it's it would be annoying to me because you know than they would just be those three guys plus like jared dudley in a bunch of like raffle winners and i guess coups ma but i don't think that would be as fun i like the idea of him sort of becoming the most important player in the history of like four or five and be franchises before he's done so like playing the clips play their first three years win a championship then it's like go to atlanta and do it there and then like gota fucking denver do it they're like i think that would be that's what i envision him being like a ronin but i think it's more likely that he wants it being a laker what do you think i refer he knocked the lakers even though i think it would be nice to see those three playing together they would have nothing else yeah just nothing else and i and i've i've libs long enough to get a little tired of seeing abroad toil away on teams that are not well rounded apartment the championship team aside which somehow managed gio enough to to come back sorcery the one you know it's usually him dragging around sacks of pennies on the core again you know he he would have collide they'd be they'd make the playoffs and win fifty games but their debt would just be non existent which they would have nobody would it would be dose it'd be three hall of famers at a fucking budget juniors underneath yeah hall of famers one of whom is famously you know like injury prone although davis has been healthier and any other one who's in his thirties like i think it could be fun to watch just because like defensively those three guys on the floor at the same time is a puzzle that it would be fascinating to watch the recipe mbh try to solve like i just don't know how you would do it also a you know and you don't know you're correct me on this but why in lebron kind just play the same position like i say a frank volkswagen their coach could figure that out like i i'm sure he could make that work somehow but they are you know but both those guys are sort sort of jack of all trades wieners and you know if you want immovable baronne to the block well he's already there too so it would be the sort of thing where it's like it's like when katie joined the warriors and it was like well why are they being everybody by sixty right off the bat and they're like we need some time to figure this out a second so it would definitely be like chaotic and that way i would go ahead oh sorry none of said well i would prefer the why stay in eastern conference i just don't i look my whole life with the western string conference completely a being top heavy or that's not even the word bnb i just said how many be completely balanced and not and not we you know reforming the playoffs to reflect that and i'm sick of these just being shitty toronto just won the finals so i prefer more talented players not go to the west and play at like two i am joined the regular season where i can't yeah i mean that's like again while we're becoming like the shaughnessy and ryan crouch cast like yes i would also like to be able watch collide leonard and not have to go to bed at like one forty in the morning but like you know we've already established immediate like i'll do it anyway if that's what it comes to i will do it i'd like to see him not go the lakers i guess the clippers would be all right but i'd i'd rather frankly seems stay i think ashley will stay i think it's with the raptors yeah i think it's very i think it's a very good possibility that he stays mainly fucking city park after him i mean like like the noted that is the experience said he wouldn't get anywhere else but like taking a beating with drake drake doing his by mcferrin room in new york city tucson yeah that'd be really great a although drake we haven't talked about his forty wristwatch 'cause we away for a while do you think the drake will get him a seven hundred and fifty thousand dollar watch it spells out of messaging like i lost to caress you're nipples or whatever yeah yeah yeah yeah he'll get a mulligan guy june him he will festooned him with good yeah just just is just usher a student justin bieber with three cars and stuff yeah i'm gonna get you some prank jewelry were gonna set you up baby let's take a break come back up a bug that faggots coming back for july fourth you're ready rafael yes devon writes about it hard to believe that anyone actually joys watching a parade milwaukee is the most boring thing ever and once you've her five minutes marching band music you've heard enough putting aside family or people watching who have to be there without see everyone else hoping to get out you experience do you like watching parades well drew i don't a man was shot yeah they're boring there's a they are exactly as devon describes i think there's exceptions but they're all exceptions and i wouldn't like like the pride parade this year last weekend and that looked like a fucking party but like it's not i don't like that kind of party like a party where you stand in someone's kitchen and like talk about foreign policy and drink beer and stuff like i'm old now you gotta start rage yeah some real crazy like somewhere like somebody kid wakes up like some real fucking fuck like that the pricing seems cool and cooler than it was mostly about you know like being together and watching it like not about like whatever the city councilman on a float like waving everyone ended up brand is about making sure that every brand yeah it all felt like especially now i guess it and criticize something i didn't actually attend but it does seem like every brand is like a part of it now and that's like they've like taking that over so it's like straight people on floats and then like a guy dressed is to can sam holding a sign that says like i love everyone and like that's all cool i guess in the sensitive better than like you can't say i'm holding a sign it's like homophobic but also like what is brian camp sam doing there yeah oro lawrence heisman and went to the parade and she said it was a little too brand heavy it's like you know it's like stop by getting overrun by panels and brands and you know people want to say you're just johnny water yeah it's like one of the first experiences of like feeling old and i've had is like being old enough to remember when like i really wanna go by south by said go south by south west to like see shows and like do stuff like i wasn't working the wreck her business i had a bunch of friends who did and they would go and it sounded idyllic you know like you just like watch some band playing like drink beer outdoors in the afternoon that's not a tight end that at some point like i noticed that like that wasn't happening anymore and instead it was like the rita's disrupt like brain crunch stayed senior chuck on it this is this blows actually like this got a lot worse yeah my thing about parades is i think i'm with you and that a parade that's a party basically any new orleans parade that yeah yeah like if you're if you're a parade in new orleans or brazil it's gonna be fun yes gets a good kabieh 'cause i was thinking all the ones from new jersey where it's just a bunch of like grouchy catholics like walking very slowly but yeah new england right totally different universe yeah otherwise it's just an excuse where you're local shriners to like have something to deliver on their little cars yeah yeah yeah and i say that even though i actually went to a parade this fall and i wrote about i i went in i yelled at governor hogan not to take my house he didn't give a shit yeah a five a one of those local parades where you're like you where it's like you're living in hill valley in nineteen fifty to five like you know like you know the homecoming queens on it and you know there's like a look at the local hardware store they they got a floating you stop but they had free candy candy the kids so there's free candy yeah suddenly it's like you're getting paid to be there yeah that's exactly right justin writes it do you think people like bill gates warren buffet jeff bezos has health insurance could they could pay out of pocket for healthcare even in the event of a month long hospital stay say were the bill could reach some figures i know the answer this role but do you think those mega mega billionaires have health insurance that's a good question i feel like they're they have probably what the like concierge doctor thing which i know is like the the fancy do like there's like doctors in new york like the real elite once they just don't take insurance yeah they have those here too and i think the which is perverse but it's just like 'cause they they get paid in fucking cash 'cause they're getting paid by like whatever like rich people and then rich people's relatives that said like i feel like everybody that's in i mean really bill gates and employee of microsoft yeah that's what i was gonna say i believe the a i don't know i don't know about gates well i think gates still has some sort of title and microsoft make some employee slowly i think buffet is clearly still unemploy berkshire hathaway yeah it'd be this is clearly still unemploy of amazon has a title ceo and all that stuff and i think they are on their their company plans just because if they could save some dough they're rich misers they're gonna try save do if they can yeah but if they wanna go see out of network doctor in around here do you see all the good doctor dr network as they can be right a then they're gonna do that but if they're just they're just gonna get pimple popper something like that they'll do the thing where they put down ten dollars and compare or something like that i you know i think that would be the most egalitarianism gesture that any of those people who's ever proven themselves capable of or you know i would say the buffet does it cause these teams well he or he punched himself is relatively normal i drive a truck even though i have eighty billion dollars but be those would be he would he would have the doctor come to immer he'll go the doctor's office and he would spend all this time in the waiting room talking about how you would disrupt everything in the yeah this is the wildcard there to cause that guys definitely i'm doing like wins drawl cycles like he's like all small now invest yeah yeah so he's got not only does he have like a doctor the treats his stuff like he's also got like the the quacks like used to work for rod where they're like yeah just applied this bowman and went out his great games he drinks young blood yeah it's a it's it's definite so he's like there's definitely like a level of basic care if he can go through it amazon do that you find one person at amazon who's entitled have benefits and i'll say a life but when he was when he has to go stand in like a medical igloo like you know to have is porous sucked or whatever then the net is like out of network yeah go pay when the paltrow go to glue is not covered dan rights into people eat acorns i should turn my backyard squirrels can't even keep up with how many come off the trees not close is this a source of food ross have you ever eaten and acorn no to a attempted to pry i don't you know there's a lot of stuff that i did when i was very little that i don't i mean i know that my parents told me that i used to eat the fish food we would give to the tropical fish in the house i don't remember that but a i have no reason to believe it they lie tummy no one's ever told me that i tried deed and acorn and i've never intentionally tried to denise corn so i'm gonna assume the answer's no but i bet that like remember when like new scandinavian cuisine is like a big deal so yeah yeah but i'm like v ascendant and in trend where people would go there in it'd be like i've even like in in some of the best restaurants there is and this is moss i've ever tasted that like it's all pine that'll yeah right and you get stuff it's like it's all designed to look like a would link scene but there's like a an ounce of cod on it yes so i wanna believe it somewhere in that broader food trend at someone served acorns oh i i absolutely believe it and in fact a from three years ago the new yorker expose aid from nick own garden of a of celebrated country ship david i've gotta get his name wrong barrel you remember this guy the guy who like he says his restaurants were booked until twenty twentyfive and he made all those ingredients by hand oh wow now it's cheese it's a really good article but anyway he was he was like i well i make my own eight corn syrup from a press you know and like like he's are so short regionally copy and paste oils in flowers from acorns dandelions at pine the corporate bark sap stems in like in as you just all shoeing sugar butter and cream turns meet some pine needles may dozens of cheeses without run it in cooked on wouldn't playing soiling stone christened his approach coach native harvest described by the way was completely full yeah i sort of feel heading in that direction so i i absolutely think someone would be a you know anoma wavelength has tried to serve you any corn like fashion in ape like a squirrel meta caviar and when you bite into it it actually tastes like angel nuts or something like that i feel like a bit of whimsey right it's a play on the classic acorn i feel like be a this is a a diverse they gave up near in a restroom recently i when we were in las angeles i went to dinner with a corona who joined journey with us to minneapolis where he did this whole thing i'll go horse of where he's a foodie or at least i wouldn't apply that term to most people don't eat like food and we ordered bone marrow in a restaurant and a he said to himself as we prepare did sort of talking to a guy like sharable thing he's like a play on the saint john's classic i've been about that first of all his delivery was very funny i don't know if you were talking to me he's talking to himself if he was thinking out loud i'll have the asking but the idea of food as a play on anything is always like it's amazing to me that i've accepted that's okay yeah i more i've mentioned you have to but like that's embarrassed dinner comes in like axe you know that's annoying and yet at the same time i'm like oh this is this is witty him flavorful i think as a kid a the catch forget all the pretentious pretty crap i think as a kid i almost certainly stuck in acorn and my cheek or something like that 'cause i was like you know it's like well animals do it maybe i could try that you know like i i like one time i i rolled up eight literal slip of paper and lit on fire under a trampoline an inhaled because i thought that was what smoking a cigarette so it wouldn't have been out of the question for me to take an acorn and think it's like like if i pop but in my mouth it'll just crunch lycopene not will not i wonder if it'd be good like like chestnuts they're not you know initially the sort of thing but you look at that and be like i want it fucking eat that and yet those could be good they smell good but they taste like like it tastes like land boil the yeah the only thing you could do it then that's good that i've done is a soups and like they really fatty so like if you have like a hand mixer if you like cook the men in you do ministries and then you sort of puree then there it's like you get the consistency in almost a taste of like a stupid cream in it but not cream and that's komal rockley raw well you have to you have to put other shit and it though as you just said it just tastes like weird milk now i would do i would playfully float broccoli rob on top of that searches at trees in my neighborhood and they fall in the fall didn't mean to be redundant there no add that in there on the street and i've always one of the kind of collect them and just roast them it would not eat them 'cause they run the fucking street and got run over by a car but but but i definitely have that like i would like to look like a woodland creatures of disney film once in a while yeah no i think that's something the people in california take that shit for granted they're like oh i dunno african countries always been there so every morning i pick one off and i eat it it's that's very that's like the coolest shit in the world like we briefly had like raspberries growing in her backyard and like i as like a seven year old is like a fucking died and gone to heaven like i've covered in little like pokes firmware i'd gotten the you know the stickers on me but i was going in there raspberries everyday oh yeah i took the kids the main last summer and we would go up mountains not bike take two or anything like that look like in acadian stuff in there yeah yeah and there are blueberry bushes top of these mountains in the kids were like holy shit yeah like just unlike unlike making a basket with the with their shirt tail and put it in putting a bunch of blueberries in there and stuff like that and like it actually occupied the in made them look forward hikes in a way that would never be able to get them to look for dogs and any other if you were i don't know you want your kids to grow up to be like me but i'm i'm living proof you could get the age forty in still have the same mentality where they're concerned like my inlaws clown me relentlessly for that shit because like everywhere i go and the gulf of blueberries and they're like yeah man they're everywhere like you're you're in new jersey eighty i know but i get i get excited their free they're delicious kevin kevin rising i've been thinking about this who has trump's phone number who gets the caller text him directly in avoids subordinates here's some people i think probably do ivanka millennia papers of her fox and friends and sheriff sheriff joe they probably don't tiffany don jr eric john kelly is doesn't just bannon averages hannity his lawyer says he answered of rings and there's nobody around take it first who as trump's number so i think hannity does like lose jobs does like basic this is the thing that i have convinced myself up with trump which is that he like obviously like his mind is gone blah blah blah we talked but all the time but i think that television wise the heat is still like impressed they're like fox is like entertainment tonight used to beat him like end the characters that are on it are the biggest stars in the world them and so the fact lou dobbs would like take his call like trump is still impressed with that like impressed on his own behalf reason yeah he's talking lou the other day like trying to impress people and like i guess very certain type of like old asshole those really are like absolutely blue ship celebrities but yeah so i think it's it's more tv people yeah like if if like don jr calls him like i mentioned like nonsense and a lot of texts and donald doesn't respond very much yeah i think this kid i think a lot people have this phone number first of all heavy handed out the anyone but he sees his call me baby yeah i think he does that end he has an we're ray no reports just like he stays up till three am gabbing with carl icahn unlike anyone else who faces himself a titan of industry he wants that guys like yes robert kraft robert kraft has donald trump's phone like it's not even it's not even a question to me yeah and he's i think he's still exist in the world we talked about this where like like you talk on the phone like you're like you're a fourteen year old nineteen eighty seven right time an an rolodexes actual like cachet and i think so i think he i think he wants other people i've never i think he wants other people's number so i think i lots of people have far too many that yeah save the actual country that he wrote i mentioned he talks on the phone like maybe even more than we know 'cause like the stuff that we know about is like the late night shit with his like they're not even release friends but just like people people that are in his social orbit double like listen to them complained for an hour and fifteen minutes and then but like yeah i think he like calls people just don't like talking about how great he's doing or like i bet you he calls like hannity i think they like breakdown tape like fucking grooten after every episode like hall zone is terrific show tonight you did a really good job being nice to me or whatever but yeah that seems like break to me this is basically say president trump give us your phone yeah please come onto the cast we we work on the horn this shows restarted executive director of audio murder them a fee to contribute by corwin hake mixed by jimmy collage so of course you wanna send us a voice cast dot com or treaters using the hashtag dead calf seeking also finds and apple podcasts panoply npr one or

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