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"corporation public broadcasting" Discussed on WMAL 630AM

"That you're a white supremacist, and I'm not seeing your Hitler in your fascist. And you know that's that kind of double standard stuff that has people hurt because if you've been paying attention for years, it's pretty normal now as his political violence not because of last Wednesday, but because since Barack Obama came in and promised the fundamental transformation of America, and they started sleeping in parks and in their own filth. And so on in New York and occupy Wall Street across the country, I explained to the time that was really just say, a grassroots organizing thing, putting together Twitter and Facebook groups so they can find out who the real lunatics are like the Parallax Corporation and the Parallax view and they've done a good job of that. They've certainly done a good job of that. Of organizing lunatics across the country. So in any event, lots of lots of crazy stuff in and you know, Michael, I I let's go to a telephone call. Big because I see that Jimmy and Little Rock is talking about this stuff to Jimmy. You're on the Chris Plante show. Hey, Chris. Jimmy. Hey up. Yeah, So the first I was just going to make a statement. But I'll ask the questions and you think it's bln Incorporated or and people would have broke into the capital and scared the daylights out of the senators and the congressmen and women that they would have their Pictures posted all over Washington, D C looking for him. That's you know, it's possible because you're you're right. I mean, you're this is an important thing to take into account the reason for this massive response to this while there was no response. From Capitol Hill for all the riots across the country and the thousands of cops injured and David Goran shot to death, police shot to death and Oakland that literally thousands. I looked up the data again this morning. More than 2000 police officers injured more than $2 billion in damage across the country, and not a peep out of clothes here and, oh, it's the riot is the voice of the voice, the voice of the unheard It's the voice of the unheard, and they told us that again and again, and they said, Well, you know, it's their first social justice and racial justice. So burning Lafayette Park and ST John's Church and forcing the president for the first time in history into the nuclear bunker underneath. The White House was all righteous because you know they're for justice. And you know these people last week they're not for justice. But you're right. They were. They were afraid because suddenly it was them. It wasn't some stranger's business being burned. And Kenosha. It wasn't a federal courthouse in Portland. It was that their front door And on DNO. Now, look, look at the reaction. Now. The FBI's rounding up people all over the country. They're you know, they're Louis Red. No in in a Casa Blanca round up the usual suspects and billboards in all of the bus stops in Washington, D C are pictures of people from the capital, but there's still they still haven't arrested anybody for torching ST John's Church. I think they arrested four people for trying to pull down the statue of Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Park. And I'm sure that d C just let them go on. We hear Over and over again about these people being arrested for riots and then they end and Joe Biden's team is raising bail money for them, and the news media thinks that righteous and the New York they're just letting him back out on the streets. As soon as they arrest him. They assault police with deadly weapons and they put him right back on the street and a lot of people who served in the Marine Corps direct come home and they see what's going on. And are not entirely amused by this, But finally, it reaches Congress. And now look at the reaction. But now tens of thousands of troops we practically have martial law in Washington, D C. Isn't it amazing? Jimmy. You know you're you're onto him. Yeah, Now that it's about them now, now, the reaction. Yeah. Jimmy Actually one more thing, But of course, that's why we're here. Hey, uh, you know you're you put on an amazing show every day and you you make me belly laughed may just imagine how great your show would be if you had a staff of 26. Like like NPR? Yeah, man, You have a good weekend. Well, thank you. Thanks, Jimmy. Yeah, you know, I mean, look, it's me and Michael Pearcy. And Victor, and we and the three of us do the show and that's that's it. You know, Victor posted Terry victim posted there. I'd say I got to be careful because they're FCC regs when it comes to saying his name, but victim posted Terry and producer and Michael Pearson, executive juicer and myself. And and at the same time on national Panhandler radio. There is another three hours show and they have a staff of what was it Michael 24 23. His 23 or 20. It's in the low twenties for NPR, and that's what Jimmy's referring to because they suckle on the taxpayer teeth. I mean, I honestly I don't know. And Michael and Victor and I have talked about this. If we had 20 more people, they'd be playing Ping pong in the basement. You know, beer ponders have been because we wouldn't have nearly enough for them to do not a chance. Not a chance. But that's you know, when it's other people's money, taxpayer money $500 million a year to the corporation, public broadcasting the fuel PBS and NPR across the country, which are just an engorged dependent on the on the Democratic Party's body politics. And, um and boy Oh, boy. Oh, boy. Oh, boy. They are something. Yes, they are. All right. So, um They did arrest this thief. FBI did this. This one guy who's one guy on he is and people on black lives matter. John Sullivan, Hey, was arrested by the FBI. And we have a little audio of him. They were gonna get Tonto. Get to it a bit. Um So many big stories today. Let's go to let's go back to impeachment for a minute. Let's go to sound bite number one because the Democrats think this is a great idea what they know that it says, polarizing as anything they could do. They couldn't think of anything more polarizing than this more divisive, more insightful. Than pursuing the A president in a gratuitous way out of vindictive, spiteful away Nancy Pelosi, look at her face. Hey on, and Richard, you know you remember Danning Dick, Democrat Senator from Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal. They call him Dick and rightly so. He used to go around and tell people about his days in Vietnam serving in Vietnam. He didn't serve in the Marine Corps. Briefly. He never left the United States, You know, good, good that I mean, That's great If you just just say that's the case, but he repeatedly talked about coming home from Vietnam and what it was like in Nam and being a NAM vet, and it was all a lie. But he's a Democrat. So it's okay. And Dunning Dick as he's known. He he was asked yesterday about the impeachment and Trump and listen to how ridiculously smirking it looks like a lizard. Yes, he's a lizard man. And any smirking when he says it appropriately, he said, No. No division and divisiveness is the best way to bring the country together. You see, they want to unify. Country, Joe Biden. One way to unify the country is a bipartisan vote for conviction. Yeah, right in the Senate for impeachment. Yeah, one way that's uh now they're not that heavily, mentally impaired. He is not a bright man, but nobody is that stupid. So he's lying and in any thinks it's cute when the city is right that the cities and the like. Military lockdown. The country has been riding for a year, and they think this stuff is cute because he's a lizard. He's a Scalea lizard congressman's thieves. Police was, of course shot and nearly killed by a Bernie Sanders volunteer who hated Republicans so much because he watched Rachel Maddow on MSNBC and followed the Southern Poverty Law Center. Which demonized Steve's police, No Democrats or demonized by the Southern poverty Law Center. Media pretends they're legit Congressman Steve Scalise, who barely survived the attack by a Bernie Sanders. Volunteer and met with Bernie Sanders. People in his office on Bernie Sanders. Capitol Hill. Steve's police disagrees with Denning Dick. Let's focus on turning the page. Let's focus. On moving on, and that's going to happen next week on the 20th When Joe Biden sworn in his president, You know this. This is on Lee going to make matters worse in a country that's deeply deeply divided right now. Natural. Plus, he knows that Chuck Schumer knows that they're acutely aware of that, and they want to pour gasoline on the fire. That's what they do. Lindsey Graham, who you know has his good days and is not so good day. Lindsey Graham also wanted to point out that this is not the path To unity and on bringing the country together..

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