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"Is a 73 in west Jefferson 73. Degrees at your severe weather station news radio 6 10 w T V N. An undercover drug effort to stop the trafficking of opioids and narcotics in four counties in Ohio has resulted in 45 indictments. Today. It was dubbed Operation Red, White and bust and was a joint effort that targeted the alleged drug traffickers and Faye at Ross, Highland and hawking counties. The race to replace retiring U. S. Senator Rob Portman got a new candidate today. Author businessman and Marine veteran J D. Vance announced his entry into the race for the Republican Party's nomination. Vance, whose memoir Hillbilly Elegy was made into a recent film is a native of Middletown, Ohio. Meanwhile, the U. S. Marine is biking across America to raise awareness for the wounded Warrior project and made a stop in Ohio Today, Nick Davonte says it's to honor his friend Corporal James Currie, who passed away on May 3rd of 2020. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is ending its relationship with several animal organizations mentioned in a new documentary called the Conservation Game that has not yet been released. It examines the connection between television celebrities and the exotic pet trade troopers will be stepping up enforcement through Monday night in hopes of getting impaired drivers off of Ohio's roads, they say. Last year 24 fatal crashes led to the death of 25 people in Ohio. They say they will be visible to all drivers. They're encouraging you to buckle your seat belt. Watch your speed and put the phone down. And Grove City is one of several communities who were starting off the holiday with a bang. They have fireworks displays tonight at dusk, Residents of Grove City, Buckeye Lake Granville, Pick Ringtone Reynoldsburg and Whitehall will all be treated to fireworks. This evening, your ABC six first warning weather sunshine for the rest of the day. Today, a high near 73 MLS and Y. And our next update at seven o'clock. Let me tell you.

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