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"corporal angel" Discussed on KFI AM 640

"Donald Trump knew how to be a president. Because America needs a president right now. We'll get handles. Take on that in just a moment. Right now. Let's see what's up with this crash investigation. Sauron's checking out on the 23 that's North bound side. This is a fatal crash investigation in 1000 Oaks, located at Jan's road. Nowthis is located on the 23. But it's affecting your trip on the one a one in both directions because they shut down both North bound 23 transition condition Rhodes from the one on one North and south, So as an alternate, you could try taking a more park road. Heading westbound on the 10 year trip is starting to fill in that looks like it's a slow ride, leaving the East L A interchange making your way to last Nana go currently making away from downtown away through to the four or five in West Delay Your trip. It's about 30 Minutes. Can't find the sky sponsored by injury attorneys superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Bob, with an update on the five Alright, stay with me. I've got a few things to warn about South down five to go in state freeway sunlight as you come away from the 1 70. A very bad crash blocked all lanes at times. Now It's just the right lane and the beginning of the collector lane for the south. Five Sunlen off ramp. So be careful. Yes, it's real soft 1 70 After this, though, after the crash of Easy Drive to the 1 34 by the way to South 1 70 if you want to use it this morning is still in pretty good shape down to the 1 34. South for 05 at Burbank Boulevard. That was a problem in the Corporal angel Gone. All answer opens gonna be soda, Roscoe. And then again from about Sherman way up over there a lot of volume, And we'd just watch thanks to the California Highway Patrol. A problem clear on the westbound one of one of Woodman about halfway between the 1 17 4 or five over to the shoulder now, But you are gonna be real slow. From Laurel Canyon, injured in an actual visit. Superwoman.

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