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Mason and Ireland HR 2: Bucks Or Clips?

Mason & Ireland

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Mason and Ireland HR 2: Bucks Or Clips?

"I THIS IS A. You've been waiting all week for a chance to win. Fifth row seats to see Lakers Bulls on April. The eighth and now is your chance people lined up ready for the fifth row. Fridays quiz a question for Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and something we said today. This is the best prize we got. Yeah on the station and sunny in Palmdale is going to get the first crack at it high sunny. You're on seven ten. Espn how you doing you. Good man all right man here. We go all right Monday. I posted a twitter poll to determine what between me and John whose mother that is correct. Smarter Tuesday sunny which infamous business does Mason think won't last much longer in this era hooters absolutely correct number three. How many did John Get right in the birthday game? Carax's this guy's this two more in your home. What did Mason say was the best action movie of this century? Check your check your notes. We'll give you a delayed five. Second Count File Mad Mex. Feel Oh yeah you know you are prepared taken? That's all right sunny. Bring it home right here. Who said that? He is serving cocktails on waiters island. Sunny it just happened. Sonny five four way giving give them a little extra second and a half notes from today. Why couldn't you ask what the West go on? Smell like. Take against. Take a shot. Who is serving cocktails on? Waiters Island. he said. Give me your name come on bomber. So sorry he was clearly listened that the second week in a row that it's it's so painful it's like they know what you guys are going to ask what he walked it right to door right there. Got Right on my Gosh Ryan Chino Ryan you there. Yeah Okay here we go. I posted a twitter poll to determine what between me and John Smarter. What BUSINESSES MASON? Think won't last much longer in this era twitter. We said twitter right what he said twitter twitter. That was wrong. That's wrong okay. Wow that's an opportunity for David Seamy Valley. Hey David yes sir. Okay Doors Open here. We go who posted a twitter poll to determine what who what you Wayne Mason posted a twitter poll to determine what about. Who's Martin? Who's very much? Thanks for what business does Mason think won't last much longer in this era hooters. Hooters is the name we're looking. How did John? Get right in the birthday game on Wednesday nineteen what did Mason say was the best action movie of this century? Mad Max Zeroed and who said on. Today's show that he is serving cocktails on waiters island. I just got off work but I'M GONNA take a gas. Okay Thinking Lakers Caruso no wow. I thought this was an eas. GimMe this is like a two foot. Putt David in Monrovia. The door is open David. Are you ready? I'm ready to go. I posted a twitter. Poll determine what between me and John who smarter what Businesses Mason think won't last much longer in this era hooters. How many did John? Getting the birthday game on Wednesday. Nineteen what did Mason say? Was the best action movie of this century. Mad Mac and who said on today's show that he is serving cocktails on waiters island. Gave mcmanamon. Yes good job and David. I bet heyday. Okay so David. Take me in your inside your head when you were listening to these other guys. Did you think we would never get to you? I thought there was no sham. There was no way you needed to guys to miss that last question after the first guy fluid lever. I've been taking lake. You will not believe you have to McMenamin note. Oh I've been listening right now and I have. No rage does awesome. You'RE GONNA love it. Man. You Got Okay so David you know that Michael and I do the Games from like the twentieth row. You're going to be in the fifth row. You'RE GONNA better seats than us. So you're going to be up in the chicks view. Yeah and you're going to be down to my right like right across from the visitors match. It's great you like everybody who goes like can't believe you'll be blown away man you'll be blown away. Who Are you? Who are you going to take with you? I'M GONNA take my friend. Mario with me. Excellent we'll couple of questions for you. Which which game is more important to you? Winning tonight or winning Sunday Clippers for sure. No question a mile on this one. They're the redheaded. Yes they are and we're going to beat them into submission. Let's David I'm really excited for. I'm GonNa put you on hold and Lindsay's going to get your info. Okay thanks man. Thank you good job that. I would have thought that after we asked all five of the Nice guy gets it. Yeah totally at four. O'clock hour just happened. Well good for him you know. I thought the fifth question was the easiest five he bought it was. I thought it was a Gimme. I thought it was an absolute Jimmy. Hey Monday so we're talking about the best price got down so it may change. Start starting Monday best price. We got at four twenty. Which is my favorite time of Day at four twenty? We're going to give out the money. Madness work then. The five o'clock hour. We'll cue you up to call the what number caller is it Lindsay. Some number caller. I think it's sixteenth. We'll tell you on Monday. We'll tell you well have all the details. You be the right caller. Have the word and you will win a pair of Lakers tickets. Plus you will jump into the money machine which will be here on Saint Patrick's Day and win up to seven hundred and ten dollars in cash so lakers tickets and up to seven hundred. Ten dollars in cash in the seventy. Spn Money Machine on Saint Patrick's Day. Listen for the money. Madness word Monday at four twenty PM. Okay so mace some questions about tonight all right when these teams met in December. Okay the bucks one. They've only played one other time. The Bucks one one eleven to one. Oh four now we've been talking about the fact that Jaanus made a season high actually a career high five three pointers. But if you look at them like those fantasy leagues you're in they add up everything okay. So in that Game Janas had thirty four points. Eleven rebounds and seven assists so fifty two total in point three bands out. Assist all right. Anthony Davis had thirty six points ten rebounds and five assists fifty one total points. Yeah one lesson. Youngest Lebron had twenty one. Twelve twelve forty five total. Yup points is this. Those are all three big numbers who wins that battle tonight points rebounds assists total among them up so in in this is Lebron the first game jaanus fifty to eighty fifty one. Lebron forty-five you think it flip. I think it's Lebron Lebron has demonstrated like he did in the Zion Games when he really really when the when the light. The spotlight is bright. And there's a central focus. Everybody was talking about Zion. Lebron showed them up. I think Lebron is gonNA show up you honest tonight. I think it's a D and here's what really okay. What's all anybody's been talking about for the last three days leading up to this game jaanus versus liberal correct? Did it like just yeah? It's a battle between the two leaders guys. Yeah who's getting no love in these conversations? That's true. Did you start getting a little. Anthony Davis IS GONNA KEEP IN MIND. When these guys met the first time he played the whole game he played forty three minutes. Thirty six points. Ten rebounds five assists those are monster numbers. I think he's going off tonight. I think Anthony Davis is going to have a huge game. The it is a pick em game in Vegas. It's actually I'm I'M GETTING AT MINUS TWO NOW. Lakers minus two. I just checked Lakers. Our favorite Lakers minus two is the active spread. Okay so I. I think the Lakers then remember the first time when they met the first time. The Lakers were in the fifth game of a five game road trip. Yup this time Milwaukee is on the back end of a road trip and the game is at Staples Center Lakers really had one bad quarter. It was in the second quarter and I think. Now that the Lakers game on their own turf the Lakers one nine out of ten the bucks of seven out of Eight. I mean this this. Is Ali Frazier? These are the two of the hottest teams in the League but the the bucks have been on the road since March first they played at Charlotte at Miami. They went home for one game now. They're Atalay at Phoenix at Denver. So then the dominion of playing five at a six on the road. Yep I think the Lakers are GonNa win tonight. I think it's GonNa be close and I would not turn off the game. No matter who takes an early lead. The Lakers have twelve times this year. Come back from a double digit deficit in the game in Milwaukee they trailed by nineteen at halftime and in the second half they played great and outscored them by Thirteen and then ended up losing. That's GonNa make twelve hundred losing my sight so it's I was running numbers on this game and the Lakers in the second half outscored so picture this everybody. John has got a hundred and seventy six inch. Tv Yep he's got a massage chair. Yep within the chair. Doing I believe it. Your Jonah was on the crazy massage chair where you sink into it and then it massages your entire body is actual people working inside the work. Different bodies watching. What were you watching you? Watching the bachelor or close. Vander Palms S. V. You're watching bander Van Breen oversized steadying. The bucks the Lakers. Yeah and coming up with ridiculous stuff like this. I can't find. The spread for Sunday Lakers clippers. I can't yet maybe waiting for tonight. Should be somewhere. It's a clipper home game out should mean nothing. I'm going to six in a yeah. They're waiting to see if the Lakers win tonight. Set that thread if the Lakers win tonight. I think it'll be pick him. Yup if the Lakers lose tonight it'll be like clippers by two but okay so I wanted to point out. I one mythical money last night did you. Did you do what you bet money? I had five thousand dollars on Steph curry over the eighteen and a half point and he had like twenty three twenty. Three one five five grand on that. Mythical Money Lindsey L. A. N. Z. E. DO you have the totals on mythical money. Are you giving keeping up with that? Of course what we got. Steve Mason has one hundred and twenty six thousand dollars. John you have one hundred in seventeen thousand. I have one hundred fifteen thousand all right so we're all on the black. I'm about live about fun. One hundred thousand all right so I'm about to get paid thirty seven thousand dollars right back time star eighty right back. I dropped time with. Drew brees drew brees. Says he's going back to breathe doesn't know squat drew brees says he's going back Brady's going back who? Who did I see? Tj Zodda zero chance Stays with the Patriots. Zero not point one zero Yup. Lots of Tennessee vibe though a lot of Tennessee coming up next fast track I let me tell you about legalzoom. It's still early in the year. But if you run a small business you know twenty twenty is gonna fly by. It's already mark. I'm going to interrupt you. We got a tweet from sunny. The very first guy. I'll feel so bad for zoo. Was that answered the first four. Quite he says tell the winner. You're welcome for having me pave the way on the first four quiz right sunny sunny. We're rooting for you. We gave you extra time for time. Sonny Sonny if you ever meet Dave McMenamin you should. You should remember him forever. Remember that really really quick update for tonight's game of that. Greg Bergman just sent Mace. You are in the good seats and Ramona is in the third row. I'm in the good seats. Yeah yeah you got a better seat than remote. That's unbelievable. I love on Sunday. Ramona's it's next to bomber and you go to the hajj hockey. I don't interrupt me again when I'm talking about legalzoom this is this is. This is a big. We used to have small business. We back in the day and we had to pay an arm and a leg. Some attorney to incorporate us. I'm serious. It cost we. Didn't we almost went bankrupt out of the gate? But you can use legalzoom to make sure you're set up for success over the past nineteen years legalzoom help more than two million. Americans start their businesses by incorporating forming. Llc's and more but even after you set it up legalzoom can help you out with all that stuff. Like lease agreements changing tax laws reviewing contacts Mason. I paid a normally for all that stuff. Legalzoom handles it for you. These are the kinds of hurdles that take time away from you growing your business. Don't let it happen. Legalzoom's network of independent attorneys and tax pros can provide advice to address that and more and you'll never get charge by the hour since legalzoom is in a law firm go to legalzoom dot com today. Enter the Promo Code Ireland in the press box in the press box thinking the hockey prospects in the box at checkout for special savings that's legalzoom dot com code word. Ireland legalzoom where life meets legal fast-track next ESPN la. I here we go. It is time for fasttrack little bit earlier because we anger live to staple center at five forty five. I'm on one side of the coin. Is the Milwaukee Bucks? Other side of the coin. The Lakers who was going to win this game tonight. It is going to be close. The bucks are an excellent team but Lakers at home have won nine of their last ten overall. I'm going Lakers by three. Lakers by four Lakers by four. That is a very funny coin as an actual point spread numbers on it all right. It was announced last week that ESPN reporter. Maria Taylor who you just found out you'll be sitting next to the game. Yeah we'll be giving the spring. Commencement address at her Alma Mater. The University of Georgia cool. I'm curious if you were asked to give the commencement address at either. Mommy high school where you're in the hall of Fame Yup or at Bowling Green the Harvard of northwest Ohio. What did you do it? And if so what would your main message be? I would love to do it. Okay I would love to do it either. Mommy High School. Whereas you mentioned I am in the hall of fame or Bowling Green State University. Which seems to ignore me Except they ask for money a lot. You Win more than Rob Blake. Who's the other famous Los Angelino Ronald turn the sizes and other one? Yeah My message would be to evolve. My message would be that whoever you are today must evolve for you to be successful both in your personal life and in your professional life especially in your professional life live in a culture and in a country that is rapidly changing because of Technology. And you never know you raise the same. We have that story earlier about this deal that the dodgers cut with this company fuel. Stir well if that takes off gas stations could go away like imagine if fuel becomes like ubereats like to your house and fill your literally evolve or die right and that's really the message. You have to continue evolving as society culture technology changes. That would be my speak mine. My main point would be if I gave the commencement of either Cornyn Omar Highschool Ucla Ta. I can't believe you've ever been never been asked to do it at Corona Delmira's fuse until they ask Bill MacDonald. Who's older than Bailey Mac? But in Billy's advice would be never grow have fun. Yeah which is great advice. He's Peter Pan But no my advice would be fine as you know especially for a college graduate going out into the workplace. Find something to do that. You're passionate about if you take a job just to work or just for money you will burn out. Find some like thinking about me today. I get to come here and talk sports with you for three hours. Which would have done anyway right. And they paid me. Yep Tonight I'm going to a Laker game describing what happens which I would have been doing at home. And they're paying me. Yeah now at some point this way it's GonNa crash but until it does. I'm having a ball Rydin Yup and that's what you gotTa do find something you love and chase that I if I was Corona del Mar High School. I would get on the phone. Eight seven seven seven ten. Espn and call. John Ireland right now and say please ways come into our commencement why why can't do it. Why because I'll be busy in the NBA Finals? Absolutely right absolutely right night with a finals. Preview Sunday is International Women's Day in addition to the with the Clippers is international women's Day. Okay now aside from your personal relationships like your wife and your mom and boss Betty pantsuit and new producer Lindsay. Who is the most impressive woman you can think of That is a great question is the most impressive now. Is this somebody that I do have to know her personally? It could be like somebody. Somebody big somebody famous okay. Because I came out of the TV news world and I worked in TV news. And I know how insanely cutthroat it is. And how unfair? It is to women. The fact that Oprah Winfrey survived that world and went on to become a billionaire where I guarantee you from the second she started. They told her she was either too black or too heavy or too. These women are constantly criticized for their appearance from what they wear and yet like I have. I have a ton of respect for women like my friend Pat Harvey who has been in business for thirty years like the smartest woman I know like that I personally know. But that's who popped into my head how about you operas definitely without question on my list. I think she's a May as you said the world she came from. But also you know I. Listen to an oprah winfrey meditation every morning before just before I get out of bed and I love the fact. She lives by the philosophy that every day. You can make someone else's Day if you just think about it correct and she does it. Yeah good for her and she's manifested an amazing life for herself and I find her to be unbelievably impressive in A. You know although I don't like to get political on the show I do think Michelle. Obama is an awfully impressive woman. Very Good Yeah Lindsey. What about you knowing? You just said that my first thing that came to mind you are GonNa Make Fun of me and Sam Kissing but but Ramona because Ramona's a very very inspirational person for females in the sports business in general but especially in broadcasting the way she like you know even though she was a couple of seconds late coming in here because she just did her sportscenter hit two radio okay. I think that's a great Joyce Lindsay. You don't Ramona. Has that not not just other women don't have but other men don't have. She has an absolutely so you and I but she she takes it to another level. She's a tireless work ethic. She's working from the time she wakes up in the morning and go to bed tonight at two o'clock and she's got a husband and a kid. Yeah she'll get up and do it again tomorrow and I have. I have a ton of respect for people like that. Yep Yep that's our whole act you and me we just do you know. We're always working always working so if you're grinding young. You're always working chances. Are you know people like when people ask me? What's the best piece of advice you could give me if I want to be you later in life and my my one sentences? Stay humble and don't get out work. Don't get worked. That's it absolutely. Be Thankful for what you get and get out were. I don't think I find Ramona. I mean she's obviously one of my best friends but I find her to be unbelievably impressive in what she's done and what she's accomplished. I knew when she was writing about girls volleyball for the Daily News and now look yeah. That's what I'm into and I will say this. I know a ton of people who went to cal and she is the most impressive person ever to come out of the University of California out of county. You have better seats than her. Tonight at the Lakers game. I want you to turn around a few times to Ramona. And and and look like squint. Like you can't see her. Who Do I know you are? You is that Ramona Becca. The faculty at Eastern Washington University wanted to know if having sports programs was cost effective. So they commissioned a report. Get the report. Analyze the cost of the athletic programs to be around twelve to fourteen million per year but then concluded it had quote no positive impact on our student enrollment retention or recruitment. And this is what school eastern. Washington Washington was commissioned by the Faculty Senate and has now been sent to the eastern Washington administration. The administration has now said they don't plan to pay attention to this Roy. Listen to it right and I'm glad they didn't because I would argue exactly the opposite of what the report sets right without sports. I wouldn't hardly know any schools I never would have heard of Gonzaga or bowling green or Penn State Syracuse or the University of Miami. Plus if you have a full college experience you gotTa Have Sports. The only reason I know that eastern Washington exist is because cooper up yeah. Colin Coward went exactly for people that are supposed to be smart. Isn't this report. Kind of stupid it is. It is stupid and I think there's a certain intellectual elite at universities who think there's too much focus too much attention paid to sport but as we always say it is the front porch of every university. It reminds me of the time you and I went to the AFC championship game. And I think it was nineteen ninety-four. The chargers went to Pittsburgh. That's right and you and I went back to Pittsburgh and the jets was Dennis Gibson tipped the ball. Yeah and Tony Martin had and and and I remember. I called my news director. Dick Tuna God. Rest his soul. He was news director in L. A. And since passed away his new senior great guy and soon as the chargers beat them. I went I called him and he was in his office. And I said I said Dick. You've got to be ready for this. The city is going to go crazy. The chargers have never been in the Super Bowl because John. I love you but it's just a football game that night. Yeah you and I were able to get out. We didn't fly home till the next day that night. The chargers had seventy five thousand people at Jack Murphy Stadium when their buses got back and they had to bring the buses down a ramp just so these people could stand in in the city. Went crazy weeks. Sports generates it. What it does it brings everybody together and it doesn't matter what your political party is or if you're black white yellow team. You're all rams fans or dodgers. You know what you're GonNa do is all that charge just makes me want to go down to Qualcomm Stadium and watch him play this year. We'll for one game. I'll do it with all right. Excellent fast track. Show me your lightning bolt all right John. My current weight is the lowest it has been in twenty five Manziel in. What is it one ninety two? Oh you're getting you're getting near me. I am getting near you now. My Goal Weight for the last year has been one eighty five. I started at two seventeen. Okay do you think I can get to one eighty five by April the first there's a vaca- in there. Oh that's GONNA kill Ya. It's going to be tough. That's going to kill you but I think during the vacate I walk a lot. I do my you know. You don't think I matter fact Lindsey all know five grand mythical money I'm gonNA bring a scale in here on April first. I say Mason will be north of one eighty five. Am I going to win that? Bet I will counter. You Bet. I'll tell you it's GonNa make. Yeah Okay Five. Grand seven pounds seven pounds in three weeks. I will starve myself so that I don't lose any. Here's the thing you know how you can win it. Yeah you go medifast. It's over you win. In a Lancia. He'll get down to like one eighty but I don't think you'll do it on vacation. Vacation makes a tough benefits. Lindsay is a Diet Lindsey. We have both done. I lost seventeen pounds in eighteen days. Lindsay on by doctors. It's unbeliever the right side of this argument if it kills me. I'm going to beat John. Scott there you go yeah. I'm I hope. I hope I lose my bet inspires. You always seven ten grand that loud I like. Now you're gonNA see now because you won't WanNa let you down for Lyndsey down. What are you putting on it? I will okay. I will put five thousand dollars on me. Getting one only one on on what would be the wrong side of this break yourself. Daniela Lindsey down now. I think you're GONNA make but I'm going to stick with the bet on less than a month all right. Mason and Ireland seven ten. Espn one just text. Me said there's absolutely no way that I will weigh one. Eighty five on April. The I I. I think now that you've put this out there. That was a very smart move. Because you'll be letting yourself down. You'll be letting Lindsey down. You'll be letting these Steve Mason fans Mike you're going to do and I'm GonNa lose that Ireland it's two fouls charity makes. We don't talk politics on the show anymore but I have somewhat of a generic political question that do not think you'll mind over the weekend really over the last week up Pete. Buddha judge ended his campaign for president. Tom Steiner Michael Bloomberg Elizabeth Warren and they gave up camera Harris Cory Booker. Who He and Castro bunch of Peop-. Yeah we still don't know who the Democratic nominee will be. Here's a question. Do you think the vice presidential nominee is one of these people who ran and didn't win or will it be somebody new that we haven't heard of yet on the Republican side. We know to be president trump and vice president pence. That's going to be the ticket so on the Democrat side. One of these people that dropped out eventually end up being the nominee. I Would Not Rule Out Elizabeth Warren. I think she'd be excellent for secretary of Education. She was a professor at but I still suspect that the ultimate nominee may choose stacey. Abrams from people here like stuff about her. Yeah but it's you know it's fascinating you really do it regardless of what party or did not have a woman or person of color on a democratic ticket and you know it's weird. No matter what party you belong to I. I actually admire anybody. Who who has the wherewithal to put their entire life on hold and try this? Try and run for president. Because think about it you you take everybody with you and the minute you quit. They're all out of a job. Yeah so it's good. It's hard and I respect anybody who goes for that. You know it's funny there's Do you know the Coen brothers movie no country for old manager. This is still a country for old. Men are not presently is going to be a seventy eight year old white man. Yeah apparently false tack Nicole Enda Age Forty. One became the first man ever traverse and active volcano by highwire when he across the eighteen thousand foot wide mouth of hell crater atop the Masaya volcano in Nicaragua. The stunt took the Sarasota Florida native around thirty minutes. During which he had to navigate noxious fumes and unpredictable wind gusts and of course the rolling lake of lava below however not. Everybody was impressed. We'll end is feeling the heat on social media for wearing a safety guard during the crossing. Apparently he says. Abc made him wear the harness. Now Clinton Yates came by the studio the other night while it was going on. He was mesmerized. By the whole thing. I was excited. I was watching on periscope. He texted me later to say it. Lost all drama. Because he wore the safety. Harness isn't walking across a volcano enough to be impressive. We were rooting for the stakes of having actually fall into a pit of fire. Let me explain this for anyone who has ever worked in television. Yes there's a Coronado Bridge San Diego very famous. Yeah so one day. A bungee jumping company came out right and one of their guys was going to Bungee. Jump off the Coronado Bridge. Yep and I wanted to do it as part of the story. I thought that would be. I would do the whole story on him and at the end of it we would both jump off the bridge. Okay and knows I. Is this where this story's going and so I said it's the talk for? This is a great idea. This is GonNa be awesome and I said Dr mentioned it to the news director or do I do it and just apologize later right. He goes well. If you don't mention I you might get fired and so I said okay. I'll mention to him. I and I told them my plan was and he goes. It's a great idea. It's a great visual. If you do it you're really as we cannot legally cover you. Yeah because it. Get your your. Your family could sue the station and win right. He said that's what this was. Abc Can't put that on television while. Enda falls into the volcano. Just wait a second. We watched evil knievel drive over twenty trucks or whatever. It is on his motorcycle. He didn't have a safety harness. What's different I think he must have either signed a waiver. Or it's too litigious now that they won't even let you sign a waiver change. Yeah I think the whole thing is easier way of say impressive drive. I'm not unimpressed. With Nick. Willing to that. He put on a safety harness. It's still a ballsy but I guess it's the threat of falling that made the stakes really high false tied Lindsay. I'm GONNA you pick. Are you ready? We're GONNA in this week with either? The Uber facts game or the alumni. Game which one you want. Which one is the Uber Facts? On again I give you four facts. Three of them are real ones fake alumni game. Is I give you all night? Okay we'RE DOING THE ALUMNI GAME. Here we go. I did well at the alumni Here we go eight is. I'm going to give you guys a person that went three people that I went to the same school. If the first person of four points wins you get it on the? I guess you get to Lindsey Ready. You get the first one Joel. Mchale the former host of talk soup and and the lead on community. Joel McHale when you know where you went. And why no good guess funds Taylor wrap the rams safety do man University of Texas. No Mace Warren Moon Washington University Washington. And Steve. From Joel McHale. I'm not sure what he didn't start with you. Football tied into their futch. Amy Poehler from Saturday night. Live fame very funny. Guess Notre Dame Notre Dame could gas no mace jared Dudley from the Lakers Arizona State. No Lindsey Matt Ryan. The quarterback of the Falcons Boston College in colleges correct and Lindsey is on the board. All right next one up mace. You are I Jack Lemmon. The great actor laid actor Jack. Lemmon Illinois no Lindsey. Steve Balmer owner of the Clippers Stanford no fuss Jeremy Lin. A Harvard. Harvard is right. And it's a tie everybody's got a point. Wow so jack. Lemmon went to Harvard Steve Bomber. And so did Jeremy Lin Lindsey Guy Fieri the chef Michigan no offense Randall Cunningham. Lv you're correct. Michael Punches has to all right. You can win it if you get this Bradley Cooper who Penn State. No really I was also thinking Mace. Ivanka TRUMP DONALD's daughter the president's daughter she went to. And this is Undergrad. Undergrad yeah she went to Yale. No good guests. Lindsey Alan Iverson Georgetown. Georgetown is it Lindsay to punch to Mason one aright. Mace Robert Redford. He went to take a guess. Colorado two points on that. How'd you sundance son all very good okay? So now. Mason goes from last place to first Mason. Three Lindsey to funds to Lindsey. You get this and you win it. Okay Shakira. I have no idea but I'm GONNA guess Miami no fun Mar Carmen from CSI UCLA. Ucla's direct quarterback alright so funchess in Mason one correct. They win it. Lindsey has two points for the win. Jason witten cowboys tidy sum witten. God I feel like I should know that Arizona no Mace Tobias Harris from the sixers to the same school as Jason Witten Illinois. No Lindsey Peyton manning starting to see Tennessee okay everybody three points any right. January right answer wins it. Who did I say Jason Witten to Lindsey? Mace you go I. That's the worst position. Okay while love it former husband of Julia Roberts and singer Lyle Lovett Arkansas. No Lindsey Alex Caruso from the Lakers. I'm GONNA Guess Texas. Oh No oh Johnny Very hard alumni gags all those to all three of you. Good job you were so close you go. Ten X is from there album code next. We're going to do something cool. We are going to do some cross talk before it gets dark live from inside staple said go across the street to get ready for the bucks and Laker was he able to get Michael to show up fifteen minutes early for the game. I'm betting no Mason Ireland rolls on next seventy SPN and it's time to head over to staple center doing it early. Because tonight is the biggest game of the Year Alive Lakers bucks seven thirty tip off pre game. Show set to start in fifteen minutes with Alan Slough and Michael Thompson Allen. I don't know the answer. This by assuming Michael has yet to show up for his. Six o'clock shift. Am I right? What do you guys think? The chances that empties to my right or the chances. Mt Is wandering somewhere around like center downstairs. Having an argument with someone in the media room about who is the greatest center in the sixties but he will be up there shortly. So what's the environment inside? Staples Center so you guys think. I'm on back area. These guys bracket blowers late. Yeah no I don't believe any of US actually said that I kind of hinting at it regularly. You were down there. He's black be there but he'll be late. No it has to do with you being black and it's everything to do with you being Bahamian you even own a watch because you guys forced me here on an island time. Aren't you have to come back from the days you're right? Hey so Michael. What's it like working with Alan Sleep? Well you got to be prepared. It's like working with Pat Riley. You gotta come prepared you know. The man is by the books. He's very meticulous. He's got every number every stat. Every strategy down pat like Pat Riley does. So I'm I'm feeling play working with Pat Riley. Thank God you're there to loosen up a little bit. I try but he doesn't. He doesn't even who buckwheat is. Now I was getting Michael is going to ask you of all the famous people. You have discovered that sleep has no idea who they are. What's the one that pops to the top of the list of the little rascals spiky stymie no idea who they were yep no idea guys? Larry and curly on. Who will pay three stooges? Hey sleep with. What did you think was going to happen when we brought you on from across you really expect it to be all the sudden pre game mode. Alan. No no no no. I know. I'm well aware now. We're going to talk about things. Have nothing to do with the game and a lot of things. I know nothing about prepare. That is not true Allen. I want to know all right. Ask Me this earlier. Okay if you if you take points assists and remands okay jaanus. Ad Lebron who has the highest total number tonight? Jaanus A de la Vina first game. The first Game Janas had fifty three eight hundred fifty two and Lebron forty-five go out on a limb on this one. I'M GONNA GO Anthony Davis. Oh Yeah I'm an. Mtc talked about a ton. And I know that we sit here and the conversations between the honest and Lebron Johnson ad. Tonight it's Anthony Davis on Sunday for me. I know what Lebron's going to do but these this is johnny. You said this to biggest games of the year. He had the biggest game so far this year. Under this spotlight. I WANNA see as much. Anthony Davis and Bragg cabinet because arguing today better player I said. Ad Over Janas because eighty has more skills. What are you guys say Wade? He's better shooter. They're both elite defend rush. I don't know that that Jaanus is pretty damn good. Can't shoot like a d but he has a weakness. Michael I think a more complete you layer on with you but I will say this. Is there a more unguardable player in the NBA? Davis is name is James Harden. Who'S GONNA IN FURNACE? Just if you look at a game after game and you guys obviously at all these games is producing more consistently than A. D. and Yeah Michael the best player in the day. Bilas a DIS Benon coachie. No all right Dave there now. He's listening. No the funny thing is the last day so the last time. Dave was listening he called. Mason to complain about me not realizing that I was sitting next to Mason while he was complaining about me but Michael I think Lebron is the best player in the world. It's the most complete blessed that'd be still has the best package of skills. Yes but doesn't the fact that we own Jaanus can't shoot right the fact that he figures out a way to score thirty points a game without a shot doesn't that mean he's unguardable well asks the Toronto Raptors what they do. They build a as as k Stan van Gundy Long Michael. Do you think the Lakers try that tonight or save got a secret game plan to they save it for the final tonight because it will work again on on on. Jewish. Because he ain't gonNA starship Kevin Durant too. It's not. It's not a secret game plan. It's the same. Don't plan that Miami ran on them. You build a wall. That's the way you'll and you say all right. Let's see if you can make five three. I was GONNA say macy at five threes in that last one. Don't you want him taking that many threes again? You'd have to take chances. La The average is out. And I think mt when you say between those two players there is a rawness to Janas. You know he as great as he is. He's not somebody that you can depend on eighteen. Footer or twenty foot and I think John that that's kind of what makes them special that he still finds ways staggering. I agree the craziest thing about us. I think is and we talk about AIDS. Production Janas Product. Jaanus is thirty and fourteen. A game on average in an average of just thirty one minutes per game. He's averaging thirty one minutes per game. All of his production is coming so fast hitting the other night he had that forty twenty and five game five blocks and he only played thirty one minutes. Say by the way Michael. Is it true sleeper told us last night? You picked the clippers to win on Sunday. Yeah it's a floor to know against this anything that's going to change Change in hopefully the Lakers are proved me wrong. I want to be proven but right. Now the what six in a row and you know they're going to be pumped up and ready for that Game Ireland word. We've one nine ten. We're about to beat the best team in the NBA. We're coming in riding. A high and the Lakers are sick of hearing about the clippers discussion. Like a bug. What's wrong with you right? But they keep saying this just another game as a Charlatan town tonight or on Sunday. J. John Would you think you guys interviewed Avery Bradley? Right after the gaming it's Philly. Mt You brought up dialed in man. He was about that. Didn't you feel like you? I I felt like this doesn't happen too much but I felt like you know he was speaking for the team or no. We're ready for the bucks. Come Friday they better be because they showed downplayed in Milwaukee data just another game. We're playing the Orlando Match Michael. Did you guys used to do that? Beckons fulltime days. So at Portland Circle Boston's Circle Utah Karl Malone and John Stockton new. Who's driving that Michael? Why aren't they circle in the game? Social media everybody wants to be social media. How what does that mean social media? Everybody wants to be cool. Everybody who lives rand is the brand. Is You lost to the clippers? That's terrible why would you want that to me? Your brand did you see the cover of on Vanity Fair with James Harden and Russell Westbrook. Everybody wants to be a model now and be cool with the Lakers. Not Circling the game against the clippers. Such as that like every games I disagree. I think the Lakers get the seriousness of this weekend. It's going to be a very good weekend for the Lakers now. Michael let's get into this and Youtube Allen. I've been saying all along that I think it was going to be New Orleans that the Lakers are gonNA play in the first round. They had an easy schedule. They they were playing well they Michael. They've had a terrible week. They can't beat anybody. They lost a game at home to Minnesota. Without Karl Anthony towns. I now think they're too far back and have too many teams ahead of them. The team. I'm now thinking is going to get the eight is Portland. Am I right or wrong? Well Memphis seems corrected themselves. The bacteria they won a few in a row now so saint going into and they do it without Jaren Jackson. He'll be back next week So you think Memphis hanging there hanging in Portland this bill threat you right porcelain Memphis. I would rather Dodge Lillard. I know he's not backing up. Leaving bath yeah. I hope it's Portland because episodes lousy hotel a good way to actually see basis right as we go to gusts and to rendezvous unique good best. Believe good with me and go back to the rules. Feel like we're back in Motel. You know whatever. I can emphasise entertaining team. I think that would be great. I would be by sweep. Are here Taylor sweep. Our hotel is right off of Beale street right. Michael could go listen to live blues music every night like the Blues Reggae reggae and find somebody singing reggae. It's count exactly. Are you getting REGGAE IN MIAMI. Oh Miami Heat no final. We sleep a big REGGAE guy. Off Course doesn't even know. Motley crew is a motley crew. You Know Burning Spirits Group. No sleep with this is the one thing he knows. He knows. Reggae or he does He knows he knows reggae. You have heard a third one. And he knows he knows my favorite vice. I smell something out in the garage the garage again. I'll starting to get a little contact over every day in that garage Ramona. A car I told her you were probably down there. Sleep in your car where you take a little nap. You're right yeah Michael. How does this game play out tonight? Low scoring low scoring close. Blowout what do you think very intense game? I think it's GonNa be in the high nineties but also using defense is going to throw one eleven one. Oh four in Milwaukee. I think. This'll be a defensive game tonight. High Nineties and very intense game by the way. Which game do you guys think? Tougher matchup in a seven game. Set A to both guys Tough game to seven games that you think the bucks or the clippers clippers. I got a nasty attitude. Yeah I think it's a click on attitude and so much depth. Yeah Oh we gotta do schedule. A couple of those games in this series back to back and then you'll take the night off. Yeah Sure Yeah. What do you expect tonight? And that's that's what I was getting too. It's like I. I think the bucks are amazing. I think they're really good teams. They just don't scare me as much as taken on the clippers. I I think the Lakers handle business tonight. I really do. I think that revenge game they were down. Nineteen in the first half in Milwaukee Game December nineteenth so I I feel like the energy at staples the fax number one the East. I'm on the West. Lakers win this game tonight. All right we're going to hand it over to you guys. Laker screw up as lead in. Don't screw this up to the game. I am going to stay for the second. I'm staying for the entire game tonight right next to Maria Taylor. Oh that's why. Yeah I mean you could sell that seat for top dollar all right guys. We'll hand it off to sleep. What and Michael Lakers PRE-GAME NEXT ESPN LA?

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