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"corner colorado college" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"Three ryan kaufman dade colour with you add cadet ice arena always a full house here a kid at ice arena but his team's fuller tonight or more is it more full doesn't matter the point is there is a lot of fancier on some wearing gold but a whole lot of white in a whole lot of blue loomed over five hundred overcapacity just under three thousand twenty nine twenty one is the attendance tonight maybe the next project for air force athletics maybe getting a big video board on the outside so people can gather in the parking will allow i'll be sure to submitted to have light director jim naughton here's the shot from colorado college on the far side of the blue line it is save by christopolous air force coming back the other way in they'll just that it down into the ccm calvaruso sends that one around the boards to the near side verse each gets to it at center ice dumps the in behind the net picked up there by air force with it phil boji tries to get out to a neutral zone take it away by c c but then swiped rightback by the falcons eric yegor getting to it and now see retreats irked airforce excuse me retreats to their own end air force with it on the near side amounted to way by colorado college tigers gained their own trade bradley with it maybe it's just me but that top line for see see seems to be out there quite a bit as cc slides in their shot was blocked and goes wider than that now in the corner colorado college back with it now taken away boji boje's there boji trying to clear it out any does this one's going to slide all the way down the ice and we'll have it icing call with eight thirty wanted to go in the third that top line is out there return why wouldn't they be increase bradley meysenberg nick keller and they affected in all three of cianci's goal tonight at his specially as you come down the pinal eight and a half minutes of this where they're going to be there could be out there.

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