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Famous Fates: Julius Caesar

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Famous Fates: Julius Caesar

"We hope you enjoyed this episode from our series famous fates. It's about the impactful lives in shocking. Deaths of history's most influential people to hear even more episodes each week subscribed to famous fates exclusively on spotify. I'm sorry season you to my child. Oh aw hi. I'm Vanessa Richardson. I'M CORDUROY WELCOME TO FAMOUS FATES APAR- cast original exclusive to spotify each week will release five. Fresh episodes centered around around a common theme. Such as Hollywood icons influential women or music legends and each episode will take a close look at the remarkable life if public different person with help. Voice actors will dramatize their incredible lives reimagining their greatest and weakest moments. Then we'll examine Zaman. They're controversial deaths. Some deaths came too soon. Some remains shrouded in mystery and some changed the world forever ever today. We're covering Guayas. Julius Caesar a Military General Caesar rose to power as part of the Roman triumvirate for it but then took power as a dictator in the first century. B C but this great power led to his infamous death breath now back to the life of Julius Caesar Guys Julius Caesar Man. Where do you even start with him? You almost WANNA start right with his death. It is among the most famous deaths in history and all that but if we started with the death then we'd miss out on on one of history's greatest stories the story of a general who altered the course of an entire empire and really an entire world. Well why don't we start from day. One sounds like a good idea to me guys. Julius Caesar was born on July twelfth one hundred B C in the city of Rome he was a member number of genes. Julia whom according to Roman Legend were descendants of aeneas the star of virgils and need and the ancestor of Romulus and Remus the ancient founders of room and of course in these legends aeneas is the son of the Roman goddess Venus. So Caesar was descended from the Gods. Technically Lee yes well. His family must have been pretty well off considering they were direct descendants of one of the first Romans not exactly while Caesar's father also named that guy is Julius. Caesar held minor governorship in Rome's Asian province. Modern Day Turkey. The family was on the lower end of the political and financial totem pole. The governorship most likely came from the guy says sister Julia marrying guys. Maria's a very prominent and important figure in Rome at the time guys seemed to be at the top of the baby. Names list back in the one. Hundred's as was Caesar in the JEN's Julia according to Roman history. Plenty of the elder Plinio Flinty the elder yes plenty. The elder ancient Rome had the best name they did. Well according to plenty the elder the name Caesar came from one of the ancestors esters of the family being born of Syrian section which originally came from the Roman Word Kite era to cut Caesar Caesarian section makes a Lotta got a sense of the later biography of Rome. His Story Agusta would dispute this. It asserts that the name Caesar comes either from the Latin word for thick hair for gray is or for killing an elephant. That's a very specific image. But knowing Caesar and knowing that he would later have coins printed that featured elephants. I'm Kinda inclined to believe that last one. While Caesar was home-schooled taught by his mother a real Yukata and by a man named Marcus Antonius knife. Oh who would go on to tutor. Many Rome's greatest orators and politicians like many ancient Roman and Greek legends. There's not much recorded about his formative years and it's not like today where parents like to document. I meant every single moment of childhood all of the biographies on Caesar Begin at his teenage years. Though it's possible. These biographies originally had paragraphs about his younger days. If they did they are now. Sadly lost to history in his teenage years are in fact. Very good place to start with Caesar's journey to the top of Rome a journey that would let's start with tragedy when Caesar was sixteen. Come on father. We've gotTA GO in other father. Father Father what's wrong. It seems soon as if it is time to take my journey to the river. Styx you hold the power in this family. Now you are the one who has defined power be good son. I'll be better. I must be better. The death of guy was devastating. To the JEN's Julia I would imagine in any time in history. Losing a loved. Point is an easy. Well yes but I was also talking. About the loss of the family's political power gas was grooming the young Caesar to succeed him in his political life hoping hoping to continually increase the family's power and to restore the great Julia named to its mythological origins. GEIS's early death. I assume meant that Caesar Caesar was too young to take over his father's political career. That's correct Caesar's entire life up to that point was heading towards that destiny and now in an instant it had been swept away and consider that now at the age of sixteen. Caesar was the head of the family the burdens of his family's life and welfare now rested on his shoulders. Caesar didn't back down from these challenges. He turned this into a positive of sorts to make him and his family better than his father could have ever imagined. It began to plan a new path towards a better life. His initial plan was to Mary into a wealthy family. He was soon engaged to a wealthy woman named Katsushika Sushila whom he had been promised to since his birth. Caesar generally would have had to wait a couple years before actually getting married to his lifelong bride but with his father's death breath. Caesar pushed the engagement head quite a bit while. Caesar was trying to settle his future. A civil war loomed in Rome. Much of Caesar's just childhood was surrounded by the social wars a war between Rome and the other cities of Italy over the rights of Roman citizenship. You're telling me the social wars has nothing onto twitter. Unfortunately no although Rome would end up winning this war it was only the beginning of the republic's troubles the social wars featured. The rise is a number of military stars but none were more significant than Lucius. Cornelius Sela and Gayus Marius Guys Marias as in Caesar's Uncle by oh I'm marriage one and the same sylla was actually Marius his protege during the war. But they're opposing. Political ambitions would soon lead to them breaking apart Sola uh-huh and Maria were members of separate political factions and the social war strain on Rome brought a great tension between the parties to the surface. Selo was an optimist and believed in the authority of the Senate and the power of the upper classes whereas Marius was populaires who pushed for more input from the popular assemblies and tribunals Dell's age-old battle really in the aftermath of the Social Wars Sela and Marius both sought to lead the armies to war against another enemy mithra dates rates of Pontus who was warring over Rome's eastern territories and the Senate initially voted for Sola to take the army's to war however when Sella left the city a tribunal voted against the measure and transferred the power of the army tomorrow and. When Sola got word of this he wasn't happy he marched back to Rome home preparing to take on anyone in his way? We have to get out of here. Why haven't you heard Sylla's marching on Rome? What sella's marching on Rome with Rome's own army and with your relationship with guys Marias? We need to get you to safe place quickly my place just outside the city we can hide you there. I must get my wife Hurry. We don't have much time. Caesar could only watch. WATCH AS Roma's own men for the first time in its history siege the city it was an image that would remain with him for the rest of his life Sola. It was successful in taking back his command he exiled Marius and probably left Rome. With all of its soldiers to fight Mithra dates but as someone who was making his way to the Eastern Provinces Marias formed a ragtag army and staged their own invasion of Rome. Marius alongside his ally Lucius Cornelius. Cigna Anna Purge Rome of many of Solis followers and declared Sola an enemy of the State Lucius Cornelius Sela and Lucius Cornelius cinna on opposite ends ends of the war. Men Names agent role must have been very confusing. Yes they seem to be. In any case Sola was now an enemy of Rome and because Ozzy was so far off even when word reached him he could not immediately return. It was a good idea in theory. At least take back power and either hope that Sela dies in battle or that you can build your following enough to take down well your own army. Marias died early in the next year leaving center in charge of the new political movement. But Marius left one gift for his family specifically for the Young Julius Caesar Out East and Caesar's young age meant inheriting his is father's old governorship was out of the question but Marias and his followers were able to procure the position of Fleming dials. For Caesar Instead Caesar was now L. The high priest of the leader of the Gods Jupiter. That seems like it's a pretty important position. It definitely was not as powerful as governorship. It was says respected. Jen's Julia was making its way back to the top Senate took a great interest in Caesar most likely as a favor Tamari us and took him under his wing during his time in power sin is noted as a man who easily made a tyranny looked like democracy wonder if that will come back up and Caesar's lifetime Senate Zinta thought so highly of the young Julius Caesar that he allowed him to marry his daughter. wait what happened to Cassia well as the Fleming dials Caesar was required required to marry into the upper class and although Cassia was wealthy she was still a member of what was essentially the middle class at the time. Also the law required Caesar to break off off his relationship with his bride. Indeed Cassuto was left in the dust and Caesar was married to Cornelia the daughter of CINNA. So Caesar's plan to get power through. Marriage still was successful just not in the way he expected. Cornelia and Cesar had a single child together. Julia and Caesar seemed happy. It seems Ed kept his promise to make a better life than his father but then came the sulay problem of course word reached Sela of all the machinations happening in Rome. He Still Jill how to defeat mithra dates but in the back of his mind he was always thinking of his return to Rome. After claiming Roman Victory Solo rushed through two days of peace negotiations nations and didn't even contact the Senate about terms highly irregular but Sola was determined to save Rome Sela and Senna's armies engaged in a bloody battle but the sheer power of the Solas army alongside sin is death at the hands of a mutiny. Meant Solo was again victorious. Sola appointed himself indefinite dictator in immediately went to work dismantling the regime. Marius had begun. Sola and his men destroyed statues dug up Marris's corpse and threw it into into the river and took away the power of Marris's allies which included Caesar's position as the Flam dials sees. You understand stand that I can strip you of your inheritance your wife's inheritance and you'll position as the high priest of Jupiter. I would guess I don't. We'll have much of a choice in the matter. You are a smart boy. You will lose all this but you can choose to save your own life. Oh you would be so kind of course you would think me to be a savage. Your Life can be spared if you choose to divorce Cornelia Anelia know what you can take away my power my money my pride my life but you cannot take away that which is personal final to me. Do you not understand the position. You are in boy. Oh I understand. I understand that you're scared of the power that I may yet hold. I hold holds all the power here. That's what you think. This is an act of treason against the dictator of Rome. Know that your life has ended. Caesar and it is by your own hand. Caesar's defiance of Sola was shocking to the new regime. And the first sign of Caesar's Brash side Sela officially really put out a prescription for Caesar not long afterwards proscription was basically a means of the state approving the murder of person but one had defined the approved victim victim. I and no one could find the condemned. Julius Caesar meanwhile the Family and Friends of Caesar who mostly and conveniently were Sala supporters pleaded pleaded with Sela to keep the young Caesar alive even the vestal virgins declared that it would be a mistake in the eyes of the gods to murder him now. That's a big endorsement on your resume. Eventually Solo was calmed down and he canceled the proscription on Julius. Caesar have your own way in. Take him only bear in. Mind that the man you are so eager to save will one day deal the death blow to the cause of the aristocracy which you have joined with me in upholding for in this. Caesar there exists many Mary. Is's Caesar could now breathe a sigh of relief. He was safe from now. Caesar didn't exactly see Sela as a trustworthy guy he still was on the warpath of taking down Maurice's previous allies. There was nothing to indicate that Sola wouldn't reverse his pardon on Caesar if he sneezed the wrong way so Caesar and his wife ran from Rome while they were safe from officially being murdered they headed toward the eastern turn provinces where he still had many associates who remembered his father. Well he also decided to join the army. which would be the beginning of his lifelong passion and that is true? Rise to power a passion that would have been impossible to find a couple of months beforehand because he was too young no because he was the flom in Dallas. The high I priest of Jupiter was not allowed to look at the army or spend more than a few nights outside the city. Heke wasn't even allowed to touch a horse. Seems a little extreme here telling me but if Marius followers had kept in power or even if Sela had not stripped Caesar of his position he could have never even looked to the army as an option. Literally the entire hire. History of our world would be different. If Caesar was never allowed to touch a horse the world would be different simply of Caesar had done anything other than BS accessible soldier and he was a very successful soldier when he was known for his bravery in battle and was one of the youngest ever recipients of the Civic Crown in award given in for saving the civilian in battle. Caesar grew such a reputation among his comrades that he was often entrusted by the generals to take on the most important and significant tasks asks as an example. He was entrusted to travel to Thenia to chat with its King King Nicomedes in hopes of making an ally of his naval fleet. A new soldier a former enemy of Rome now is being sent on his lonesome to make a deal with a king. Let that sink in and Caesar spent a long time the thenia such a long time in fact that it was constantly questioned what he was doing over there. It's likely that Caesar was building his own personal relationship with the king with an eye on his future political aspirations if he had a personal relationship with the country than it wouldn't be too hard to form a partnership if Caesar happened to find himself in a position the power but the rumor that spread around Rome was that Caesar engaged in a sexual relationship with the king. This rumor followed Caesar around for his entire life. Even the soldiers he commanded with just about the legend. Caesar vehemently denied the rumor. But really we'll never know what happened with India Caesar fought with the military until seventy seventy eight BC e when he received word that Selo was dead. Caesar picked up his family and finally returned home a home that always had a special place in his heart. SCISSOR however was back at square one now or really at square zero as he was much worse off societally now than he was when he left and the loss of his inheritance many had no money and his military success meant very little to the general public. Plus with the optimists that supported Sela still in charge of Rome. Caesar wasn't going to take any chances in getting back what he lost and even when he was made aware of the new Anti Sola Group forming he found the group so lacking in leadership and corrupt that he chose not to participate even though it would have raised him back to prominence instead he found a nice house in Sabira living among the lower classes of Rome and turn to to a life of legal advocacy. Something he turned out to be rather good at ladies and gentlemen my fellow Romans. We are here today today not to discuss the past lives of Cornelius. Stola Bella it seems that too many he lived a great past life. Even I can see see that. No we are here to talk about the corruption the extortion the lies and the cheating he lived through in his most recent life as Triumph by the end of this trial. You'll wish for his blood to run through these streets. You'll wish that those past lives lives could have never even existed. You'll whis room. Seems a little harsh. No Oh come now quintas. which or two would you rank above him? Who can rile a crowd more? Get the more engaged than Caesar. Caesar really came into his own. During this period his powerful word choices his in combination with his wild hand gestures and distinctive slightly. High pitched voice made him one of Rome's most noted speakers but even as Caesar gained fame. Mm for taking down Rome's most corrupt leaders. He felt that he still had much room to improve so he once again picked up his things and left Rome this time heading to roads to study under the greatest Greek orders unfortunately along the way he was kidnapped by soliciting pirates. How would Caesar handle handle that? And we'll see after a quick word about our sponsors will return to our story in just a moment now back to the life of Julius. Caesar you said Caesar was kidnapped by Pirates Yup pirates. How much should we demand his release twenty gold talents? This boy seems worth that much. You'll be severely underpaid of. That's what you're demanding. You dare to speak out of turn only twenty gold talents. I'm worth at least fifty fifty. You really think you're worth that much of course I'm I'm a war hero. A famous speaker a rising star among the Romans you can easily demand fifty and get it all right last fifty then thanks. Your brashness is admirable prisoner. Please call me Caesar. Do you think you could grab me something to write with. I'm in the mood to write some poetry. He's asking for demands. Now wonderful. Why not? It's the least we can do after all you're making us fifty gold the richer and also know this once. The ransom is paid. I am returned to Rome. I will get army's raise a fleet and chase after you until you are captured and crucified by my own hands. Well we'll get you something right with them for the thirty eight days. He was prisoner of these pirates. Caesar refused to act like a prisoner Sner. He joked around with them. Play Games and exercised alongside them and yes even wrote poetry. Dramatically read it to the pirates and called them barbarians Arians for not appreciating his brilliant work eventually the pirates received the fifty gold pieces. Caesar at promised and Caesar was released. He didn't hesitate to make make good on his promise. He got his fleet. He chased captured and brought back the pirates to Rome to have them crucified but Caesar remembered how well his captors a treated him during his imprisonment so he slid all their throats as they were crucified. In order to lessen their suffering that Caesar being nice folks on out of the way he finally made his way to roads but he was only there briefly before he was called back to military action in Asia. By the time Caesar again returned to Rome. His stock has greatly risen between his military bravery his speaking career and his ordeal with the pirates. The legends around Cesar had already begun begun to grow and Caesar was finally elected to public office becoming military tribunal in seventy two BC. It was around this time that the Roman army dealt with the Spartacus. It's likely that as a Military Tribune Caesar was involved in quelling. The revolt a couple years later in sixty nine BC. Caesar was elected or taxman of the Hispania province. But not long after this election. Caesar's mother Julia his aunt also Julia and his wife Cornelia died in quick succession. And Caesar gave the Eulogy. Is it all of their funerals. And the eulogy for his aunt is one of the only records of Caesar Isra speeches. We still have access to today. The family of my aunt Julia's descended by her mother from the kings and on her father's side is akin to the immortal gods. For the Marquis Regis go back to the Anka's marchioness and the the family of which ours is a branch to venous us our stock therefore has at once the sanctity of kings whose power is supreme among mortal men and the claim to reverence which attached to the gods who hold sway over kings themselves. This was another key aspect of Caesar's rise. He began constantly referring ferring to his special heritage. which for a long time had been downplayed by his family being the descendants of kings and gods and founders made? Caesar seemed like he was destined first in for greatness and maybe he was after the funeral for his wife. Caesar finally traveled to Spain to serve his ship and in Spain he suffered a midlife crisis. Do you know who this statue is of Marcus. Of course it's Alexander the Great Indeed Alexander the great the greatest conqueror this world has ever seen by the age of thirty. He had the entire world that his feet all of society in the palm of his hands all the knowledge of the universe in his head. And here I am thirty one standing before his statue having done nothing of note in my own life I guess comparing yourself with Alexander. The Great. We'll do that to you comparing yourself to anyone with the great officially in their name. We'll probably do that. Caesar decided to end his quest ship early and move back to Rome. He was determined to make a name for himself amongst the Roman people name. That may someday be as great as Alexander's and he started with another politically charged. Marriage to pump paige heya the granddaughter of Silla marrying the granddaughter of your former enemy a man who wanted you killed anything to get ahead. I suppose all's Fair in love of war and politics it seems Caesar live by that motto. Caesar's way up the political ladder involved holding many minor positions including curator of the happy and way roams longest and most important road of travel where he put himself into debt rebuilding the roads just so everyone entering Rome would see his work and no it was his work and and then as the head of the festivals or the curial dial where he also spent much money on hosting public games in order to gain favor with the public. Caesar seem to know the the importance of getting your name out there remember. That's what he was told throughout his childhood. That's what he thought. He lost with his father's death. Caesar New in Rome that your name and and your legacy meant everything. He knew that when he looked at the statue of Alexander the Great and the eye on his legacy impacted his private life when an infidelity scandal all surrounded his wife a divorce. You cannot be serious. I am very serious here otherwise I would have never even brought up the idea but Claudius yes was found innocent all is back to being as it should that includes us but the people are still suspicious of you compare and the wife of Caesar must be above suspicion. We are through and that is the end of the story. The wife of Caesar must be above suspicion. Now that right there is a nice turn of phrase. Caesar was very serious about his future and any little thing that might disrupt his plans. He rid it from his life. The man was driven. You can say that anything to get to the next step. Caesar continued to expand his resume. He was pontiff maximus in sixty three. BC Z.. E. Pray tour in sixty two and pro consular. That same year it was like ancient networking. Get your name out to everyone and anyone. Because you never knew. Arise in power could come from. Caesar's political maneuvering finally led to him being elected consul in fifty nine. BC Console was among the most important in political positions in Roman society. Really second only to being in the Senate itself. It was something that Caesar's father had aspired to become an now finally a Caesar held the console position but only after a controversial election in which all three candidates were accused of bribery and intimidation. But at the end it was Caesar and another man named Marcus. Bibi Lewis who held the consul ship Cesar. Now in a position of true power began to really use it to his advantage a couple years. There's before Cesar in debt from his time creating good roads and even better parties asked for help of one of Rome's richest men. Marcus Crassus Crisis had agreed to pay some of Caesar's debts if he agreed to stand with crassus against the policies of another man. POMPEII the great. At the time Caesar stood with crassus now he item much bigger prize. Why have you brought us together? Caesar why have you brought me to the same table as my enemy. I hi asked the same question. Caesar which one of us do you mean to betray here. Gentlemen Gentlemen I betray. No one I am here in the greater interest of our beloved city. Hey listen we are the three most powerful men in all of Rome with crassus money pompey power and my influence there. There is no one that can match our ability to control the business and politics of Rome. What are you suggesting? I suggest a partnership an alliance between the three three of us to enact all the change influence we could ever wish for. I'm sure the three of us can come to some agreements and with only the best for us and for the city in mind. Of course I am willing to listen as am I continue Caesar and with that the first triumvirate was formed and or as it was known to many Roman politicians at the time. The three headed monster. Well it does sound like something that if you rewrote you could easily turn into a Roman Myth Myth Caesar sweetened the deal by offering pompeii the hand of his daughter Julia and promising crassus the repayment of his debts and Caesar himself engaged aged in another political marriage of his own cal purnea the daughter of a high ranking senator at first the group operated in secret only helping each other in the shadow shadows of Rome but with any group that powerful it eventually has to come out in the open when Caesar proposed a law that would redistribute lands to the poor by force crassus in Pompeii both publicly supported. It outing the group's consolidation Caesar's fellow console business could not stand idly by and watch this happen though we might have wished he did. This is an outrage. This is madness. We let these three run wild while the omens are unfavorable Oh and the oracles only see darkness. I demand we make this new law void in order to protect this republic silence have. Aw God's do something now we must. We must fight this injustice. Throw the horse excrement on them. Yeah there's nothing more humiliating or to some more funny than being covered in Poop. Fibula probably didn't find it funny but he sure was embarrassed. He spent the rest of his console ship. In his home refusing to come out resulting in Caesar being unopposed in his power especially considering considering that the senators and other leaders saw this incident and were intimidated to oppose Caesar as well. Many Roman writers referred to fifty nine BC as the console ship of Julius. And Caesar as Caesar's year in the console ship was ending many of Rome's most powerful were ready to Nail Caesar for all of his misdeeds in the plays at power. But Caesar had the last laugh here as well. By the end of his time as consul he was able to secure himself a position as the governor of SIS Alpine Gaulle but more importantly he set his time as governor for a total of five years. which meant that? He had immunity from prosecution for those entire five years has much as the aristocracy of Rome wanted to strangle Caesar legally. Now they couldn't and Caesar was smart enough to not take the chance that they would illegally strangle him mm-hmm so as soon as his counsel ship was over he wrote off into the sunset towards Gaul. Caesar might have escaped unscathed but he now had to reset his life. In in many senses he was away from Rome back in large debt and found himself in command of four legions of soldiers so he did. What any sensible man and would do he conquered? Most of the known world seems reasonable. In that first year alone Caesar raised an additional two legions of soldiers and took on the tribes tribes that surrounded his area of rule by year two. He had doubled the size of his army and had taken most of Gaul by force. Caesar was officially in. Take no prisoners. Disner mode sir coming across the river. I see that soldier. Shall I prepare the votes of no. No gather what materials you can. We're going to build a bridge. Excuse me Sir. Are you deaf soldier. We're going to build a bridge across this river and continued this conquest. But Sir we could just take the boots the boats limit. How many of us can cross soldier? And besides that we must show these tribes that we are Romans we you must show them that. Nobody can match our power our passion and our ability to take the fight to them no matter which river or mountain they hide behind and we are Rome and we will take our enemies no matter the cost yes sir and besides a bridge is just more dignified will return to our story in just a moment now back to the life of Julius Caesar soon all of Gaul was taken. Now under Caesar's control he controversially included the GERMANIC tribes. He conquered into his army. Since it was against against Roman Law to include foreign lands in Roman armies Caesar reunited with his triumphant buddies to consolidate their alliance crassus and POMPEII agreed to to run for consul ship. And after they succeeded in getting elected they extended Caesar's governorship to an unprecedented ten years. Not only could Caesar continue to avoid being taken to task for his brash political and military actions but now he could continue to be Alexander. The great aunt have the world at his feet and with most of Modern Day Europe now under his grasp. Caesar looked across the sea to the Isle of Britain. For once however Caesar found himself in a stalemate eight and due to an approaching winter he had to retreat. If the Germans had studied there Julius Caesar history before invading Russia in World War Two. Well who knows in the spring however Caesar returned to Britain with a bigger army and a better sense of the land and was very close to completely overtaking it which would have completely completely altered the history of Western civilization as we know it. The British Empire would've ended before it had begun the monarchy Britain's financial power its eventual expansion expansion around the world and throughout Europe. All probably would not have happened. Had Britain fall into the Roman Empire. Even imagining how Britain would have fared during the fall of the Roman Empire. It's hard to imagine the implication of a Roman takeover of the UK fortunately for Britain. And unfortunately for Caesar back in Rome things were erupting into chaos crisis had been killed in an unsuccessful invasion of the east and Julia had died while giving birth to pompey's child word. Got Back to Cesar of Crassus and Julius death and that POMPEII had been elected emergency console. Caesar saw the triumphant crumbling before his eyes and offered Pompeii pay the hand of his great niece but POMPEII had already married. The daughter of a noted political opponent of Caesar's the triumphant was no more singing the signs on the wall. That Rome was on the verge of a civil war. Caesar left Britain before his conquests could be completed. Rome came before his personal thirst for power but for good measure. He stopped a couple of gallic revolts on the way back home and continued to grow his army as they marched to Rome. Man Caesar on the warpath literally literally he was taking things over for nine straight years according to Greek and Roman historian plutarch during his governorship. Caesar killed one million men. Enslaved one million more conquered three hundred tribes and burned eight hundred cities to the ground. It's probably a bit of an exaggeration duration probably but considering how much ground Caesar covered it honestly might not be that far off by fifty BC. Caesar was finally home to take on his city. Sir We are approaching the Rubicon. Are you sure you only need a single legion sir. We're all ready to fight for you. Stand Down Soldier. One Legion will be more than enough. They already fear the idea of me. There's no need to expend more men or energy than necessary. Yes Sir Ready when you are Sir let the die be cast. Let's go men. Caesar was correct in his assumption. Despite having a larger army than Caesar did POMPEII and many of his followers fled the city as soon as word of Caesar's arrival reached the Senate about reputation preceding you with Pompeii out of the city. Caesar arrived and placed his most trusted General Mark Antony in charge of the city while he left pursue pompeii now seen as a traitor for leaving Rome. In its time of need. Caesar's Army marched for twenty seven. Straight days finally catching up to Pompeii in Greece though POMPEII was able to escape. Caesar Hanley defeated pompey's army and accepted their surrender. Caesar returned to Rome now. A hero WPRO. Instead of the feared power-hungry criminal he had been seen as ten years. Before in quite a turnaround. The name of Caesar was once again held in high regard. He was was appointed dictator but immediately step down from the position in order to temporarily restore the republic and become a consul again which allowed him to leave for Egypt when he received word that POMPEII had made an appearance there when he arrived in Egypt however he discovered the POMPEII had already been assassinated. He was presented with pompey's head. Allegedly Caesar began to cry and sentenced the assassins to death under Roman law. Cesar had a very complicated relationship with Pompeii. He was a friend partner husband of his daughter and great enemy. I wouldn't doubt Caesar broke down at that moment while in Egypt. Caesar decide to see if you could make some alliances. It was here that he met Cleopatra Queen Cleopatra I present Consul Julius Caesar of Rome thank you you Awadh dismissed a pleasure to meet you. Cleopatra the pleasure is all mine welcome to Egypt thank you. Egypt has indeed been quite welcoming assassinating your greatest enemy. I suppose that's coming. I was most disappointed that I didn't strike the final blow to pompey himself. But I came here to see justice be served on Rome's behalf and though not the way I intended it is a result all the same and yet you still had the assassins killed well yes murder is murder a crime no matter the victim surely you I would agree. You are ruthless man Cesar. There's no other way for Caesar to be. You are welcome to stay in the palace if you choose to stay in Egypt for a while. Thank you I look forward to delving into many more of Egypt spudis and treasurers and thus began a legendary a romance between Julius Caesar and Queen Cleopatra When Cleopatra and her brother went to war against each other it was her alliance with Caesar. That turned the tide title battle. Caesar's armies quickly installed Cleopatra as the Sole Pharaoh of Egypt Cleopatra and Caesar never married or really made the relationship public although it was the worst kept secret and all of Rome. Cleopatra was a constant visitor of Caesar's villa. It wasn't hard to connect the dots. The two of them did likely have a son together and end up until Caesar's death they were in love. No one in Rome. Ever took Caesar to task for having a romance with Cleopatra while he was still married in Rome it wasn't considered sittard adultery. If the relationship was with a person of a foreign land another reason for Caesar getting away with it was that now he was a completely beloved leader of the Roman People Camman he had to have some enemies obviously but instead of conscripting them like Sola had done in his youth. Caesar pardoned them all. He kept all his enemies alive. Live how is that a good idea. Well after he took out the last of pompey's supporters around the outskirts of the Roman Empire. Caesar returned to Rome in initially made peace with everyone. He could with him not killing anyone else. Everyone was comfortable with Caesar's rule no one really opposed him and he was made dictator with pretty much. No no issues. Well not everyone was comfortable with Caesar. There were some that found the celebration of Caesar's return in very poor taste as it was Romans. He defeated not foreign born invaders in any case. Caesar kept his dictatorship this time around and began to enact sweeping changes. Caesar never allowed the images of his youth to escape him and he realized that since the days of Marius and Solas war that the Roman republic had been in a state of constant anarchy and that the power struggle between the consoles the Senate and the triumphs would only serve to contribute to the fall of Rome so he established a new constitution in hopes of restoring the government into a strong unit Senate and in hopes of uniting all of Rome's various territories into a single cohesive empire. Caesar went to work passing nonstop legislation that he felt helped worked towards his new goal. He took a new census. In order to lessen the tax and green burden placed upon the people he restructured debt and rewarded families. Who bore many children hoping to quickly repopulate Rome? After so many wars his longest lasting legacy was the restructuring of the calendar. He took inspiration from the adoption. Calendar which was based upon the sun and added three months to account for difference and season the Julian calender made its debut on January first forty five BC e and it basically is the calendar. We still use today on the most important decision at the time. And the one that directly led to Caesar's downfall was the changes he made made to the Senate from here on out. I and I alone will make all decisions. That will have an impact on our great empire. You are all Welcome to come in and debate the matter as you wish but all laws all matters of state will come by my hand. This this is betrayal. This goes against all that room stands for. This is for everything that Rome stands for. This is a rebirth of this great city. This great empire after years of you fools wasting our time and money and arguments and civil war. It is time time someone rose to the occasion to return Rome to its original splendor and that person is Julius. Caesar Yeah Yeah. Remember those people that weren't too happy with the celebration of Caesar's return it was mostly the Senate and the Senate saw the republic crumbling before their eyes and they knew they had to act and act fast. So as you probably remember from reading your Shakespeare in high school many of the senators including Caesar's trusted general brutus conspired it to murder Caesar and restore the Senate's power. Once you may not know is that Shakespeare wasn't creating fiction when he wrote about the soothsayer warning. Caesar of the ides heads of March. Beware the ides of March. In fact Caesar allegedly had plenty of warning before his assassination. According to legend a bird flew into into the hall of Pompeii just days before the murder took place and tore a Laurel branch to pieces as if POMPEII had come back to devise the death of his enemy and a friend friend had said that one of his horses wandered off and began to cry signifying. A great death was about to occur and even a few months before a tomb in the Roman colony of Capela Capela was opened and allegedly one of the vases inside was inscribed with a warning that Italy would pay great price if the tomb was ever disturbed it basically the entire universe was trying to warn Caesar of this great tragedy some Roman historians questioned. Why Caesar didn't take more heed? These warnings some some theorize that Caesar knew he was growing ill and did not care if he died soon or that he knew that his death would only further his 'cause we're all others theorized that Caesar was was buying into his own hype and that he was a god who couldn't be touched on March fifteenth forty four BC. One of the most notable and famous deaths in all of history occurred but fate tried to intervene one more time. Marc Anthony. Why what's the rush rush? Have no time for your games drew bonus and must make it to the Senate floor before but Anthony. They've already in the middle of their meeting interrupt. Them would not be wise. You don't understand. They're they're going to. Oh no not on this to Trapani. It's too late Anthony by now. Dita's it's done. It is for the best of this public. There's nothing you can do you monsters. You fail to realize what you're doing you are starting let me through. Now it's useless. There is nothing you can do to save him. Don't make yourself an enemy. You not an enemy for killing an innocent man in cold blood. Let me go. Let me go. Hello Mark Antony would fail to reach Caesar and time ignorant of what was to come. Caesar's stepped into the Senate chambers and never again stepped out you to my child. Julius Caesar was dead at the age of fifty five but as much as the Senate tried couldn't quiet the legacy of Caesar their air conspiracy would fail the Roman people who had taken a liking to Caesar would revolt against the Senate mark. Antony would lead Caesar's loyal soldiers into war against against the last vestiges of the republic. The Roman Empire had begun. Caesar's adoptive son Gas Octavius. Augustus would eventually become Rome's I emperor Julius Caesar looked his whole life to leave a legacy and to bring greatness to the Caesar name and I would say he was pretty successful at it. It's hard to put into words. Exactly what Caesar's legacy is it expands far beyond what we can ever imagine. He began the Roman Empire helping to spread Rome's influence influence and intellect around the globe. He is the iconic image of the dictator one of the earliest examples of the cult of personality and inspired people such as Napoleon and Mussalini to practice their own form of caesarian rule. But the fact that Julius Caesar is one of history's most famous names and that we are. 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