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"corinne devon" Discussed on The Amateur Traveler Podcast

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"corinne devon" Discussed on The Amateur Traveler Podcast

"Talks about castles and water polls samurai and sushi gates and temples as we go to the yamaguchi prefecture in japan. Welcome to the mature traveler. I'm your host chris christensen. Let's talk about yamaguchi. I'd like to welcome the show. Corinne devon who has come to us to talk to about the yamaguchi prefecture in japan crin. Welcome to the shell alter for having me crazy. I am delighted to be here when we should say i. What is your connection with the area of japan. We're talking about so. I am actually a united states naval officer and this is actually my second tour in japan. My first tour brought me to the kanazawa prefecture at the naval station. Yokosuka and this time. I of come down to kuni which is located in the yamaguchi picture with the marine corps station. It will kuni and so these are my views. Not the views of the department offense. But i simply want to share with your listeners. A part of japan. That i feel most people don't know much about that has a lot of beauty and hidden gems that i cannot wait to share with your audience on the show. We don't know that the marine corps even has views on what you should see as a tourist. I think people are willing to take your word for that and can you put us on a map. We that we've gone down to so we've given some indication that you're in more southern japan than we were two weeks ago for instance when we talked about the to hukou premature at the top of the main island so if you look at the country japan. The country itself is probably the size of about california with a third of the population of the united states. Just to give you an idea. And so it. Though it's very densely populated the country of japan is very well organized. And if you look at the map it's made four major islands. Hokkaido honshu kyushu and honshu is the largest of the four islands. And if you look on a map and go to the very southern most western most of main island japan boring here shema in shimagami and they're also east of fukuoka issue that is where you'll find the prefecture and what's unique about it. Being at the southern end most western most part of main island. Japan is actually surrounded by the japan. See the co inland sea and the bookie and it's a very long coastline. That just shows you've got emerald green ocean you've got lots of sandy beaches very incredible views of cliffs and there is also a collection they've even smaller islands surrounded so for your people who love.

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