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"corey sarah jessica parker" Discussed on Naughty But Nice with Rob Shuter

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"corey sarah jessica parker" Discussed on Naughty But Nice with Rob Shuter

"We just missed his US full. Wife listen now. Sorry, White folks. What does that mean again so Nanya Meazza Zone? You is like slang for a girl business. Known Jagna? Do you think so. Tell us about what the black communities thinking about all this do they think deep in their hearts? It's just youth awards, so we get sued. You. Do you think that there's something to this I? Do because listen. I'm just going to put it out there. I happen to know from personal alleged alleged years from Avenue careful, but I've heard some things about that relationship for a while and a lot of African American people We know that about their relationship, but we believe we know because we've heard this rumor for a long time, but we love our Jada. We love our will. They're part of our. We all grew up with them, so we hold them in high regard, they're really. Off, if someone does not hurting anybody. It's consensual if she wants to have a little fling and we'll to have a little finger if they will do it together. It's not a my business, although I'm very nosy, but this is so interesting to me I've got a little bit of dish. Will Smith so Daniel. Craig has one more. James Bond movie coming out in the CAN. It's been pushed back because of the virus, but now they're looking for a new James Bond. I'm told by my sources that with everything happening in the world that they really are considering having a black James Bond and will. Smith's name is the name I keep hearing. Saying I know everyone keeps saying Eva Elvis. That's the name. Everyone keeps saying my sources and they're really good. They're very very close to production Tony Will Smith's name is popping up. What are you? Bizarre I had the same reaction. Like what? What do you think less I I? Will I want there to be all different kinds of bonds, but they gotTA be British on, and I don't want to hear a fake accent, don't you? Know fake tally. Nobile. Do not give me the gauge as Ulaby Lover Corey Sarah Jessica Parker yes Miss Carrie. Bradshaw is developing a new TV show. Unfortunately, it's not a rebooted sex in the city. It's actually a dating show, so it's called Swipe swapping. Swipe Swap Sarah's been married for twenty years to Matthew. Broderick's off the dating scene for a long time, but Carrie Bradshaw. She knew a lot about being single. In fact, I think single women and pretty much. Everybody adored her, so they're really going to capitalize on Carrie Bradshaw's success here. It's GonNa. Be On lifetime. Though this is interesting, I thought it would be on Bravo because Sarah. Jessica Parker is very good. Friends with Andy carrying this the. The, Bravo himself now she's getting to on lifetime. And this is the premise to singles going to trade places, so they get changed lawyers. Did you ever see the movie The holiday where they literally two ladies one American one, British or Irish? They switched live so I go and live in your house i. go to your local pub. I. Sort of liked. Change lives time why I think this is so interesting is sometimes getting out of your. Your Comfort Zone and trying something totally new can make you do stuff that you might not do before. So do you think this is a good idea? Do you think you would find love if I picked you up Corey? I know you have a partner for a long time, but if you're a single and I, you into my flat in Edinburgh Scotland head love you. You'd be a fresh face your handsome. You've got that charming snake you. You think this could actually work. What do you think well I think that opposites attract so sure you know you come to a different town..

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