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"corey rooker" Discussed on Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney

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"corey rooker" Discussed on Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney

"Game bleacher tweets already buster bleacher tweets for thursday. I we have our friend. Amy chapman at. Amy are chapman. She writes in now that we are about halfway through the season are there to praising. Preseason predictions ale one. Nl that you'd like a do over. Oh amy you remind me of my angels in the american league west on guidon in the ashes run away with it and we got oakland a lot better in. I hit the angels. Not good i. I don't really regret the yankees pick in the american league east. That was perfectly reasonable right. i don't regret a nationally pig at this point right. I had the padres i had the dodgers. I the brewers in the central and the mets the braves. I think the braves the reasonable pick but the angels pick. That was to do this pick. It's all good. I'm sure amy will forgive you. Let's go to elizabeth hart at heart tweets. She writes in if a no hitter happens in seventeen innings but it takes five pitchers of throat. Does it even make a sound or a love. That i mean it. It doesn't count. They're saying the seven innings if you know hit for seven innings. That's not hitter. Which i don't get. I think they should change that. But does what would that be now. Nine if uh seventy no ten right. 'cause bumgarner had a seventy meal no hitter early in the air. You get the two combined seven inning. No hitter right or something. But anyway we'd be close to double digits at point for no hitters this year. Let's go to john taizhou at taisho. Eighty-seven judge hijo rates in. Is it just me or has the sticky stuff. Crackdown helped with pace of play. It feels like more balls are put in play earlier in the at bat. It's possible that i'm just seeing things that are not there. What do you think. I agree with you. And it's guests from watching the games. But i'm seeing the ball in play a lot more obscene a lot more cement mixer breaking balls. You know the ones that get hammered is opposed those nasty whippable breaking balls. Chilanga seko's in at chilanga shaka's says i heard buster say cashman would stay because he would get another job quickly. But sometimes a divorce makes sense when epstein and the red sox part of both sides one world series shortly after perhaps it's best thoughts greeting from mexico city and sometimes this is kind of thing like you know you're just in a place and you need to shake things up. That's like a very human thing in job and it would make sense for cashman to one hundred percent. Look theo epstein. His said he thinks ten years in one place is enough and brian. cashman's been with the organization for more than thirty years. And you know what if at the end of this year the end of next year. Let's say the yankees don't make flaps this year and they kind of slog along in two thousand twenty two and he decided he wanted to make a change. I i think that'd be perfectly reasonable. And you know what brian cashman might be the point in history where he's like you know what i'd like to go build something invasive different challenge in a smaller market. Because doing this new york in your working under the steinbrenner doctrine which is you. Don't win the world series you suck. It's different. I think i told you. Yeah i talked to tim about it. The other day getting than email from a baseball official with the mid market team small market team basically saying. Hey why is everyone. The yankees are over five hundred. They have a winning record. And we're talking about them like they're total disaster last one for the day. Corey rooker at corey are underscore. Twelve rates in the reds. Have seven games in a row. Versus the brewers coming up to these games decide if the reds buy or sell at the deadline that is not the belief of rival executives corey We'll see i mean if you go wanted six. I think that makes it pretty clear. But it's been interesting to read from. Other teams on the reds is is that they will be. One of the last scenes actually waved the white flag Bob castellini their owners extremely competitive and there's a perception among other teams that they should absolutely if they don't Intended contend this year they should put nicholas cassiano avenue trademark. Because you're gonna get huge value. You can shave your payroll. You're selling stock at when it's at its highest but the perception of other teams is. They'll never do that. You know that. That's not really the proactive way that gasoline. Thanks already. That does her bleacher. Tweets hashtag bleacher.

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