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"corey pine" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"The plans for the show changed right we're gonna be get ready for Super Bowl week we're getting ready for the forty Niners taking off she's taking off making their way down to Miami media day coming up there are so many things we had planned to talk about on the show when when I woke up this morning the last thing in the world I thought we'd be talking about tonight is the death of the age of forty one of Kobe Bryant parishes in a helicopter accident along with eight others nine total victims the LA county sheriff right now is having a press conference as we speak reminding people to not to not go up to the crash site its in very rough terrain that you have to hike through they had actually fast rope people in from the helicopter to look for survivors so the reminding everybody of that there is a five mile FAA a no fly zone around the crash site is they are beginning the investigation waiting for NTSB to get there the court will not be able to remove any of the bodies or remains of the victims until after NTSB gets there and they're not expect the land for a few more hours is they're flying out from Washington DC so lots of news and breaking news as we continue our coverage here on C. B. S. sports radio I told everybody in the beginning of the show that I again I was planning on being at the golf tournament watching Tiger Woods it Torrey pines if the farmers insurance open and on my way out to Torrey pines that's when the news broke immediately headed to the radio station anchor the coverage here in southern California in San Diego of the death of Kobe Bryant and and I did not get my way I did not make my way out to the golf tournament instead brains to print at one of our one of our host in our producer and reporter for ninety seven three the fan in San Diego took my place and when I got there with the coverage they we were talking about what happened out of the golf course because we've seen in the NBA teams the raptors decided to let the twenty four second shot clock expire is their way of showing their their morning of Kobe Bryant but as the golf tournament was going on the golfers are finding out in real time from the crowd from the crowd as people were more were were whispering it Torrey pines that Kobe Bryant had passed away so I'm gonna bring it bring to printer right now for ninety seven three the fan who was actually on the course I believe brain where we where were you when the new started a breaking kind of describe what went on right before hand as you're waiting for tiger and then the Russian a wave of emotion that overtook everybody at Torrey pines including the golfers as it happened well it's actually on you know a whole eight on court finds out of court they had their little nineteenth hole gathering up there be in that girl's working with that will doubtlessly we set up on the on the whole get ready for Carter come pearl where you had some you know shots of him clean off on the day we need to get some the parts on an actual part three course and were actually up there you know we're sitting there talking about the potential of near what what's gonna take remote you that the handle Parker your Los Angeles Dodger that was the topic of discussion inner receive a tax on my phone from another co worker we had some Sanders comes anything the tax and it's him your record about Kobe Bryant passing away in a helicopter accident I immediately thought this can't be a real real time between open it up you know I read it my god seems legit I guess there's got to verify the account and then the person next to me has the exact same thing and then the next person they're left says the same thing I hear another person said here now the person there and by the time tiger is rated key off on hold a it seems like everybody at least at that whole this talking about the potential death of Kobe Bryant and that is just something that was just so bizarre everybody that was there any kind of I ECN stadiums when you're away team shows up and you know they score quickly and they in effect the life of a crowd I had never seen the wives of any kind of contingent of people just get sucked out of them like the news of the passing of Kobe Bryant I mean it was really bizarre and the fact that I found that out wiry while watching a you know a fellow your Nike our recovery that new Kobe somebody that was friends with Kobe we're paying off in a competition that you know he is known for doing and Tiger Woods in the fact that I knew that he didn't know that one of his friends pass away I mean I was just with such a surreal experience and with the help that it grew through that crowd from hole to hole as a Walker Corey pines it was it was it was truly unbelievable I mean and then you start getting confirm reports you have other reports and then it starts running around and I I've never seen so many people in one setting no experience not the big cracked me like this any it again in southern California I mean everybody in Philly California grew up watching the Lakers I know people in San Diego grew up watching you know Kobe Bryant and in the Lakers and I had a really good impact on a lot of people out there that California is Anna Annabella as well as in the nation now with the National Basketball Association wine older games tonight but it is truly wise it was surreal I mean it was bizarre it was weird it was it was something that the whole time I was just open it it didn't seem real and I was hoping it was just a nightmare but unfortunately you know it's it's it's reality bring to print a joining us right now from ninety seven three the fan in San Diego one of our affiliates here on CBS sports radio is he kinda share something that I think each of us individually I told people earlier today I was driving out of the golf course my wife is actually driving because I was kind of thinking of what we're gonna do today and that was actually texting with Braden there's a story breaks and immediately pull off had the radio station to start our coverage anchoring here in in southern California and the you know just like everyone listening tonight you look at your phone you look at the television you hear a friend in your like this cannot be happening this is not going on right now this is got to be this is got to be a joke bring you guys did a great job of also being there is the golfers are coming off the course some found out about it is they were playing in tried to to make heads or tails of it is they're competing in a PGA tour event basketball players rasta play today with heavy hearts effect guys view can queue this up braid you had a chance to get reaction from bubble Watson in when we play this today in southern California almost brought me to tears had to find a back let's see the bubble Watson react finding out during the tournament during the tournament somebody mentioned to him in the crowd was talking about it the passing of Kobe right let's hear a bubble Watson had to say somebody said you believe it on number ten and I don't know what they were talking you know in our group and then when I got to eleven T. the support three right we ask the officer could somebody **** on the T. then that's when I for like first got word of it and actually knew kind of what was going on and yeah I mean it was a it's a sad moment anytime that somebody passes away but not just somebody a group of people right and young people on top of that well respected people did you know I it shows that media and social media and all the stuff that that looks down at me and other people sometimes it's so it's so meaningless life is so much more than that I got two kids at home and I just hope I get to see him hopefully I get to see see more face time before I had to Phoenix you know so it puts life in perspective you know just like I said I made two bogeys en route to teddy eleven twelve and I was like man it it it's really not that bad you think about it you know I mean one of the greats of all time passing away also the other people right knows daughter and all that I mean my heart goes out to the whole family anybody that's been touched by an anybody that's been touched by the other people there it's just it's an overwhelming feeling especially watching lebron you know just just taking more on the score late but yeah I mean it's just it's some that's unheard of you know specially still young all this before to that bubble Watson reacting as he came off the golf course actually found out while he was playing in conferred with the police officer the Kobe Bryant had died in a helicopter crash brain what was that moment why because when he's describing that to the media after his post game as post game a press conference well we're um we're going to use that they only ask them about that now is that nobody else from not having played no we have not round yeah now the green played in the US you know how he got the ball they only have about right now it could all the stocks in a you know he talks a lot of things that don't put a lot of people perspective today walk around the course we talk about Kobe Bryant and you know he's the legend will clearly you know people grew up watching him people got into basketball because him kids you know that are now old enough to be in the NBA and even some of the NBA player I mean they got into basketball because Kobe Bryant it hits them hard and then you get the parents we find out that his daughter caught the way parents all over the country start imagining what would happen if they would lose their you know son or daughter and and how heart wrenching and whatever right there that would be you know for for for Kobe quite right you know the mother I know I was you know because of the child they'll be aired for Kobe manly right a student right brain for Kobe and everyone else it did it all kind of.