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"corey millen" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"To you live from Niagara Falls, New York J. Witchy with head coach Frank Cerrito Oriana three freshmen who scored goals their first college goals against Niagara on Sunday and yesterday. Our guests on the show we just heard from Brian out of Next up is Nate Horned Elk River, Minnesota number 24. 5 11 £160 by way of the North American League and Minnesota and, uh, now a freshman at the Air Force Academy. No 80 song reference, Frank for Nate. You got one. I know. But you gotta be able. You gotta be able to come up with something with horn. If you gave me a little bit of Ah, advanced notice. I could have come up with something. Yeah, something we could use on the air. Did you get those Saturday night? Live Stephanie? A little bit of a little bit. Yeah. OK s o. Alka River. Minnesota was well, you know, you didn't know where California was. Do you know where Minnesota's I know where Minnesota is? I'm not sure. You know. Where would you know where I'll be? Okay? I'm gonna ask. I'm an asshole. Arnie is Elk River. More city, or is it more North Moor Northern or is it more city more city? Do you think so? On down around the twin cities? It's about 45 minutes north west of Minneapolis. Yeah, Okay. You know what? The border you know what I think? Don't like when I watched Alka River play hockey. You play your style of play and just the kids. They're more blue collar than the city slickers. And you guys are I think you play more of a northern Minnesota brand of hockey. Then you do a city style personally. Is that a fair statement? Yeah, yeah, that's true. And you like your dad's from Brainerd, right? Yeah. I mean, so like Brainard ain't the city. I've been to Brainerd. You know, we're Brander Do yes. Yes. And And you've got The way you play like you're you are. You're a little rank rat. I mean, like you have fantastic instincts. Um, like you've got great hockey sense. Like that's that's not something that You know that, like just comes naturally It comes from years off, playing on the ponds and playing free and and, uh, and again like he you play hockey like a northern Minnesota rank rat and that and that, and that's a Old school. You know what I like. I like no, I sure don't want to say, you know, put say he's chucked Alice. But like he's one of like one of those kind of guys. I mean, one of those noise and we haven't had Many northern kids on our team. We've had some kids from or head. We had Spanky letter from Elk River. Um, we've had a couple kids from Duluth. But we haven't had many Northern Minnesota kids, but we got a northern Minnesota rank rat on our team right now, and you can see these always in the right place at the right time. He knows where to put pox. You know, place box the goals that he scored right place at the right time. How about that about that shootout goal that he scored yesterday? Yeah, keep to shoot up. It was big time. But I remember going to watch and Nate, uh, play with the wilderness, And you think it's cold in? Uh you think it was cold in here? Remember? I like I was that fucking drinking. Cloquet is a nice pot. You could hang meat in that place. I remember cracked. I couldn't wait. For the For the periods the and sometimes so I could run in the hospitality room and get something to eat warm up for the next period. But how is that for you? Did you enjoy going up to cloak a cloak ain't a whole lot different than Elk River, is it? No, it's a pretty similar. I love coke capital of the world. This was the team was awesome to me. I think On the juniors from high school is definitely a big jump. It's kind of reality. Check my first year I got injured right away. Got scraps quite a bit. It was. It was kind of Ah. No, my I still like what hockey really is outside of the high school hockey bubble. And then I think it kind of makes you wanna work all the harder and then the next next two years, I found a little more success and then Um, but, yeah, I know. Over the those three years were great to me. Um, you go into Cloquet, who are who are the two greatest hockey players ever to come out of Cloquet? Minnesota. Wasn't Corey Millen. One of them Corey Melon. Good job. Birdman, Who's the other one drunk? Who's the other one? Who's the other one? Who knows? They have me in the ring. He knows my brother Jiang, Jamie Langenbrunner. Okay, That's not good. Old northern Minnesota rink rap stars that made it all the way. You know what You know, like you know what? I horny? We have to throw Derek Plante in there, too. Oh, yeah. No. Yeah. No great little hockey tone Cloak a great little hockey town. But, uh, his journey would be a little bit more simpler because he grew up in a Minnesota. You grow up in your town. You play in your town all the way up where we're be a jumped around shit. He went to Chicago for a year, You know, And, uh, where his deals a little bit different, and he didn't leave home and tell already didn't leave home until the, uh went and played juniors. But tell us a little bit about The jump from junior high school to junior hockey and then from junior hockey to college hockey. Yeah, no High school high school was awesome. We had some good teams. I play some Some of my best friends are playing some big time hockey. Now, as it was, it's fun to watch that. But I go to Junior's is definitely an adjustment..

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