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"corey kate courtney" Discussed on THEMOVE

"Happen like so what is your take on women's cycling and how it's coming up to men race racers on the bike. How do we address that as women? Yes. It's it's a big issue in. And did you think that was the right thing for them to do was because menswear sometimes men's racist? These guys just start. They're going to explain what? Because I don't think I didn't. I didn't totally watches. I got sent the link about a million times. But but the men's they must they started the women's rights. Probably I don't know how many minutes behind the men ten ten minutes, and these guys are just lolly gagging. And the ladies are like just come out of the gate hot. And they she goes she attacks and catches the men's race. Which is. All of that is wrong. First of all the women should be on their own day. This shouldn't this shouldn't be you shouldn't. It should be a separate event. They deserve to have a separate of end stuff. Like that's gonna happen that that's a problem. That's that's but it is a big deal. And there's a lot of people really interested in how do we promote women's cycling? How do we how do we elevate it to the, you know, the men's level? And honestly, I don't think I honestly don't think the stakeholders want that. I don't think I don't think ASO wants to have a women's tour events, and that's a problem. And by the way, that's not a sustainable position. You might think that today twenty nineteen twenty thirty. They will not think that they have to have a women's tour to France it. Maybe it doesn't have to be three weeks. But you can't just not have love the best example to me is tennis women's tennis. I mean twenty years ago, women's tennis. Was was was not certainly not where it is today. But then all of a sudden you had these women come along the Serena the Williams sisters, and cornucopia and all Sharipova. Beautiful women personalities great stories in bad ass players. And all of a sudden people are like, oh, well, I'll watch this. So that's what we have to have. But. Roland Garros always had a women's final Wimbledon always had a women's final. These things that we have. Now, the tour Jiro that they are not thinking about that right now. And that's a problem. And until we get them to think that way it's going to continue to be a problem. I I didn't catch that story. But I do have an example with the the women do the same exact says the men and they start separately. But they get the same amount of exposure. And I feel like mountain biking has done a better job, and promoting women cycling, and we actually have a world champion gate, Corey Kate Courtney. American world champion mountain biker who just graduated from Stanford. So I.

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