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"corey filler" Discussed on Patriots Dynasty Podcast

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"corey filler" Discussed on Patriots Dynasty Podcast

"This is Christine Brown. And while I have to listen to this podcast as my motherly duty. You have the choice. Not My sons and of course Michael sometimes say some naughty things trying to be funny but really just being stupid. You still want to listen. Go RIGHT AHEAD. I am not your mother. Welcome back to the pages dynasty podcast. You made it to week thirteen. Well we have not sure anybody's listening anymore. But we have a special guest with us today but before we get to him. We have Mike and Greg on the show tonight. Snow Steve. How're you doing? Fantastic darn well. I should let one at a time. I knew better or graceful also with us we have Connor Ireland's who to me sounds like a name of Conor McGregor in an off licence. Mma game but I assure you he's not connor. How's IT Goin'? While I think my name kind of sounds like someone who grew up as an Irish kid who's cheered for the patriots for burned tire life back during the The Ben Coates drew bledsoe or those other guys. There's other guys guys huge fan fan grant back in those days. I don't know at Greg Remembers this. 'cause he's just a one but The Boston Globe used to do a poster of a specific player every Sunday night and no one had been more than coats posters on their walls Than I did so Greg Fuck with me when you can remember. Nineteen ninety-six is. I know I can't hang them up at market basket. That's right yeah coming on the market that states every every Sunday there is a little poster in the back of the Sunday globe a specific player and I used to cut them out in ate them on my wall so I think I had those up in my walls to remember those honor of you ever seen my scrapbook. The kid who had the the the Patriots shrine in his bedroom for in series. I scrapbook this wholesome. Let me guess you're patriots? Shrines started in. What two thousand three two thousand four do pre Brady? Yeah I scrub. Brady's first start he did so. Don't come at me so two thousand two thousand one got it. Yup All right so now that the Dick Measuring contest is over. How about we get to this. Football game boy. I didn't even join the Dick Measuring contests you would you? Would you like to Chime in? About how big your patriots tickets? This later all right So this is like we said earlier week. Thirteen of the two thousand one season the Cleveland browns coming to visit foxboro stadium with the gratuitous shots of Gi field in the backgrounds. Browns were actually good for the browns. This year I guess come into the game. They were six and five which was more wins than they had in the previous two seasons combined where they went to wins and then three wins. Unfortunately they would finish the season. Seven and nine missed the playoffs. Typical Brown chip well. It aircraft is so great. You know what did he win? A Heisman. The great white hope for the ground. Well they were talking about him. As what the heisman winner or something in this game but yeah. This was still this pre crisis. Was Tim couch couch. Yes sorry he. I felt so bad for Tim Couch in this game. We'll get to that in a bit but he he struggled. He was sacked fifty one times a season. I think yeah. We touched on most sacked players in the league history. And I'm pretty sure this was on that list in the top or twenty whatever it was some seventies on what's his face was talking about as far and away car. Yes yeah yeah expansion on yeah that's true. Yeah so head. Coach was Butch Davis which is fucking fantastic name. An never beat. The Patriots Path went to an against him. Some other notable coaches on the same though. They're actually like some who's who of future hair coaching failures. I thought the offense to Bruce Arians is probably the most successful of the mall. Yep head coach Carlo five years and is now currently the head coach of the buccaneers him of James Winston fame. I like clarity. I think he's a good coach. Yeah but wasn't he the guy that talked about like USA drink paint as a kid that make that up? I'll stab check. I feel like there was some quote about him. Somewhere about emily eating paint chips or like drinking picked. Bruce Arians said on serious today that he had to get his stomach pumped twice when he was younger breaking paint so not once but twice twenty seventeen. Yeah I thought so. Secondary coach on the team with Todd. Bowles the old jets head coach. Remember him and we liked plan against him. The pages were eight and one against todd. Bowles coach jets teams. What happened on that loss I don't know I've taught my head but my guess is probably like a week. Seventeen three year. Backups in Game Yeah. He's alright yeah well actually no wasn't that Todd Bowles Who was jets quarterback after After Sanchez I think like the Virginia or Virginia. Tech Guy What's his name was. Quincy Carter is not Quincy Carter. Gino Smith thank you. Yeah yeah she knows Smith Aaron. Having John West Virginia. But who's okay it's enough. Yeah so I think that was during those days and those one game where Gino Smith just went off randomly and beat the Patriots. That was point that one. I think I'm assuming that was todd. Bowles 'cause I mean. They've had a lot of dark moments. But Todd Bowles is one of the darker ones And then the secondary coach was our old friend. Chuck Pagano in History Right. Yeah it was because he is the swinging gate fake punt. Chuck Pagano Right. Oh yeah okay. The greatest play in special teams mystery. Oh so hang on was taught. No and I was hoping that Todd Bowles was the coach of the Buffalo Game. But that's can you hear me? I can hear you now. Yeah Okay Yeah I just I Just hopped onto my zoom meeting. My my air pods are connected to the zoo meeting. So we're locked and loaded continue. We'll leave that in fuck it. That's what I'm saying So I I took a quick look at the. The roster of this team tried to put together a list of people that even like you may have heard of and only two people that. I'd heard of Tim Couch and Phil Dawson the kicker the other names. I didn't recognize you. Don't Remember Gerard Warren. The the defensive linemen that played for like twenty seven years. You don't remember earl little the safety then it's north ring. A bell. Sure his Bellary Kevin Giant. I had no idea but he was great. By the way I just want to point this out I have the zoom APP because I use it for work every time Greg Talk. It says Kelly Brown when he speaks. Yeah so I just I just want that on. I want that on record Greg Greg you know what I'm I'm a modern man. He actually took her first name and she took his last name so they both Kelly Brown. Oh Shit that is. It's fucking me up. Every TIME GREG talks it says. Kelly Brown is speaking. And you know it it makes sense. I did recognize Corey Fuller. I think but I don't know if that's because you had a good game in this game or are you thinking of the wide receiver Corey Filler. That was actually on the browns a couple years ago That could be a two. It's a different corey fuller. Yeah apparently Jomar Miller was like a pro bowl for seem all pro linebacker And he looked the part but still never heard them..

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