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"Jim Dutton. Ah, Welcome back to Texas Home Improvement. Your total home Proven source. This portion of Texas home proven is made possible by ready seal. Before we jump back into the call Someone take care of an E mail that came in 15 minutes ago from Rick in Garland. He says. I bought what seems to be a new product for my outdoor speak it. It's called a faucet sockets, a 3 a.m. fence, late insulation, the phone covers or just not available, I guess. My question is, it is way too long for this picket. It will tie off at the wall. But the sock is several inches longer. Is that a problem? Will it still suffice? I have no idea of my shut off part is back in the wall or right at the speak it You know, as long as it's tight fitting to the wall, so that You don't want that is, you know a Nathan and you're a quarter inch piece of pipe showing. Between the wall and this sock getting cold and creating a little spot for ice there, so make sure you're tight on the wall with it. And yes, the length of it. Hang it down a little bit, won't hurt anything. And quite frankly, if you're concerned about that, Pinch it off. Uh, you know, put a tie on it to shorten it up, and that will Tighten it up, but I don't think you need to worry about that on your right. I'm sure every store in the state is out of the Styrofoam covers at this point. So if you don't have Uh, Styrofoam cover or one of these types, socks or something. Just wrap a towel around the hose Bibbs. And it'll do just fine. In fact, I've got two of mine with towels Ottoman to him with the Styrofoam covers, it'll. It'll work and you won't have any issues to worry about. All right, let's uh Don't being here, Tonto, David. And would Forrest. How can I help you? Yes. Thank you very much for taking my phone call. I heard the gentleman just a couple of calls before me asking about the shutting off the main valve for the upcoming heart freezes e live in Houston and in work Forest. But which do you think is most effective? Shutting the main valve off and just shutting the weather off? Or would it be letting the rudder letting the water drips? I really don't recommend letting the water drip. You know, I tell people all the time Rivers freeze. And they're flowing. You see waterfalls freeze and and that, you know, it's letting the water run is just not really the way TOC doing it so Insulate the pipes or shut the water off. But don't leave him run. Okay. Okay. Never thought of it that way. I would appreciate that very much. No problem. You take care. Okay? Let's head over to need Ville and Rd. This is Jim. How can I help you? Uh, got a, uh, pressure tank. Girls knocked it over and broke the the getting off on the bottom. Yeah. Anyway, I was just wondering when do I need to build the thing first? Or put pressure on it first? We'll hook it back up, Hook it back up, and you will turn the The external pump back on to start putting water into it because there should be a bladder inside the tape, and it's still gonna have the area in it. Okay, so turn the pump on and if for some reason, your pressures aren't right, then you can adjust the pressure in the bladder. But you shouldn't have to do anything other than hook water up and turn it on and bleed the air out of it. You know part of the tank part itself by turning the faucet on Right? All righty. Take care. You bet. Thank you. Yeah, Let's see Bob in Tomball. You doing all right? I'm doing fine. Thank you for taking my call My pleasure. I've got a water tank. I just moved in this house and its water. Well, yeah, And I just wondering how toe That's the light that thing from freezing Monday. You know, The biggest thing is the pipes coming up may well, actually, all the pipes that have water in them, wrap them and make sure that they're protected and You with that you'll be doing just fine. If you really want to protect it. Well, put a tarp or something over it with the heat lamp under it. And that will keep well enough heat down in there to protect you without having to worry about anything. All right, so the tank won't free. Not if it's protected that way now. If you're going to leave it unprotected, uncovered and stuff, then you would shut the water off drain the water out of the tank. And that would take care of you. Already. All right. Well, I sure appreciate the information. You bet. Take care. All right. You have a good day. Thank you, too. Come on. Let's see. Gonna head over to Richmond and Is it a cordon? Jordan. I'm gonna help you. Oh, Gordon. Okay, got a single pane windows. And on the North side. It's about 10 or 15 degrees cooler because of the single pane. What can I block that with? Yeah. Fucking you longer. Yeah, uh, Okay, So you got single pane windows and on the north side, where you getting wind is where it's getting really cold. Yeah. So you know you could. Yeah. You can put shutters on their your, You know, I was talking about that a little while ago. Sunburst shutters, though, those things insulate really well. But they also make, uh clear panels that you can put on it. And I don't know if any of the stores will have him right now because they're probably sold out. But They make a plastic that you can put on the inside. And you put a little frame on it. The plastic goes on it and then you use a hair blower to basically heat that plastic up in it shrinks down and forms a tight cover. And so basically, you'll have a dead airspace, then between the window And you're living space inside that insulates and helps tremendously with that. All right. Well, I will try to find it if I can. I know. Okay. Okay. Well, thank you. Take care. You.

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