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"copa libertadores libertadores" Discussed on KQED Radio

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"copa libertadores libertadores" Discussed on KQED Radio

"Bucket. I remember when they were not sure whether hold water the guy they dubbed the bucket and Bhutto in. And had a look whether it can hold water in. There are more recent accounts have contact with the Senegalese the helicopter fleets the island in two thousand four to check on the inhabitants after the Asian tsunami. It was met by man running from the trees brandishing, a boat and era and in two thousand and six two Indian men thought to have been fishing illegally. In exclusions. I drifted towards the shore and both were killed. The fishermen who took Jon Challinor sentinel say he was met by flurry of Arizona, stepping on shore efforts to recover. His body have been suspended and the police face an insurmountable barrier in their investigation even day offer bidden from approaching the island safety, Greg from the charity survival international says protecting this unique tribe has to come above all other considerations. Survivals very clear that we don't think that the body any attempt should be made to retrieve the body. The sentence have no idea they live in India. They have no idea that their rules and laws that are supposed to apply to them. Clearly as an act of self in and actually, a very important one for them, given how vulnerable they oughta disease, but actually attempting to prosecute under a law that they know nothing about is both sort of impractical and doesn't really say morally, right? Andrew plant reporting. A reminder now remain news. The world's most powerful leaders are gathering for talks at the g twenty summit in Argentina where they will grapple with issues, including trade security and global warming listening to the newsroom on the BBC World Service. The much delayed. Final match of the Copa Libertadores the most important tournament. In South American club football will take place at a neutral venue in Spain. Organizers said the clash between rival Argentine clubs River Plate and Boca. Juniors would be played in a Sunday on Sunday week in Madrid. It was postponed after an attack on the Boca team bus by River Plate fans given that that both clubs are based in when I asked her South American football correspondent, Tim Vickery. Whether he agreed. It was crazy to play a football match between to city rivals on another continent. It's only does but these are crazy times in which we live. There is a punishment side to this is also a business side to this. After the riot on Saturday of River Plate fans that prevented from going ahead. River Plate had to be punished in some form that could be to forfeit the game or to play the game behind closed doors. What the South American authorities who need cash what they've done is come up with a solution that. Feels their pockets as well by taking the game to Madrid manage to fill the stadium. Mike, lots of money Selva TV rights all around the world. But it's very very controversial. We are talking about the Copa Libertadores Libertadores celebrates those who liberated South America from Spanish rule in the nineteenth century, so to take South America's premier club gang, perhaps the biggest game in the history of South American club football to Spain is not going down very well with many in South America, though, my well what conditions were set for the game. And I guess the other question is will people get their money back from the cancelled second-leg? Yes, they will the Spanish government and the and the government of Madrid the council of Madrid have given all these security guarantees, which which is important river plate's have also suffered other punishments. They'll have to play two games next year behind closed doors, and I've suffered a fine of four hundred thousand dollars after tell you. That both sides are appealing so both Boca Juniors and River Plate. We'll take this to the appeals committee ball could Younis assuming that like turn up for the game. And I think I will will still maintain their protest, and they could take it all the way to the court of arbitration for sport in Switzerland. So the quarrel between the sub-tropical Tweedle dum and Tweedle Dee continues. Yes. And and so it seems like no lessons have been learned here. Unfortunately, not. So I would love to say that I was unpleasantly surprised by the saints in one as last Saturday. But instead are found it all very sadly predictable. And as as one leading Argentine journalist has just tweeted on social media. He said, you know, we've come accustomed to Europe taking our best players now taking our biggest gain simply because we can't organize it with the twenty thirty World Cup Argentina wanting to stage that this is a big belong to those planes. Tim Vickery the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo is now the second biggest in history as the country heads towards long awaited. Election's officials say measures will be taken on voting day, a number of health workers involved in the response or more concerned about possible post-election violence and how that could halt their efforts to contain the virus. Louis Dewa reports. He region is an active conflict zone in eastern DRC. It's also where full hundred and twenty six cases have been reported since July two hundred and forty five people are believed to have died at the same time campaigning for upcoming elections is underway. One of the presidential candidates is scheduled to have a rally in the area later this week one of the challenges when it comes to containing. This outbreak is not Benny is a region where people travel a lot between towns and across the border to Uganda. And now elections scheduled on December twenty third or presenting a new challenge as Sarah Taylor from the International Rescue Committee explains in order to vote populations. Everyone has to be where they registered to vote. So there will be a lot of movement of people, and if that's happening around. Any and Bhutan bow. Then there's risks of the spread as a result of that. Benny is home to more than two hundred thousand people and is expected to have around three hundred polling stations, a number of them will be in affected areas. The ministry of health and the World Health Organization have said that they will equip. These polling stations with sanitary controls for the mayor. Danny Jones, Admiral newly born accounta- elections do not present any more risk than going to church or to school. Liberal. The population of Benny has become accustomed to elementary measures in the fight against the Bola. We are going to have washed dispenses in front of each polling station. We're also going to be taking temperatures to check. No, one has fever as the mayor is much more worried about possible attacks by rebel groups active in the area. He says militias could try and disrupt the elections the combination of standing, insecurity. And this outbreak could also dictator people from going out to vote we since attacks by rebel groups and civil unrest as a response to these attacks have made it very difficult for health walk is in September. The response was halted for a week, and many are worried this could happen again. For now neighboring Uganda has only had a number of force alarms that the World Health Organization says the risk of propagation remains very high Lewis, and now some of straight classrooms were quiet on Friday, but streets and parks were most certainly not..

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