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"cooperative international space station" Discussed on Houston We Have a Podcast

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"cooperative international space station" Discussed on Houston We Have a Podcast

"Space station freedom. And this was in the early in the middle of the eighties. And by Nineteen Ninety two. the administration's had changed and The problem was that NASA had spent almost eleven billion dollars on space station freedom. And it had taken Eight years in not one pound of flight hardware was to show for it, and so congress was really upset. With the Space Agency and was getting ready to cancel the program. So really ISS International Space Station Program. Was a big change that that pulled the iron out of the fire and reorganized things and? That's Cata Path that we started on twenty years ago and that's where we are today. Well. Let's talk about some of those original plans you mentioned space station freedom. There are a number of other space stations. That were actually flying at that time Mir included Let's take a dive into the shuttle program and the original plans for shuttle. As a as a vehicle to construct things like space stations. All NASA space shuttle was actually something the NASA promoting even before the end of. The Apollo Missions I think John Young was on the moon talking about. What a great thing, a space shuttle would be an encouraging. the politicians to support it. but one of the purposes of the shuttle was to be able to build large. In or orbit. So besides carrying astronauts space and doing experiments and ev as in robotics and whatnot. One of the main reasons why we needed a space shuttle was so we can build big stuff in orbit and He was kind of in competition with the Russians didn't know what the Russians were GonNa do they eventually built their own? space shuttle and flew one time. But that was the landscape and I think You know to me There was a lot of celebration and ceremony around the retiring the shuttles and the ones that got transported to the museums. But for me, that was really sad. Stories of days because this was the end of. at least United States astronauts. Flying into space and coming back in a vehicle that had wings on it that could land like an airplane I i. still think that's a tremendous capability and we've pretty much given that up. And and think about what it accomplished. You know even even before the International Space Station launched its first element we did have. Cooperation with this space station that you're talking about Mir, the Russian space station where we had. An opportunity to work together with. Russia, doing the shuttle Mir program and not only using the shuttle but also understanding the operations. I. Guess Behind Long Duration Spaceflight on. Mir. If you look back, even President Kennedy in the earliest days of. Our human spaceflight effort talked about. The political and diplomatic benefits of working with the Soviets on space. And Apollo Soyuz in nineteen, seventy five was a result of that and It took us a while after that another two decades to really get. close to the Russian Federation and work together on space station but. I think it's a very healthy thing for NASA for the country to be doing. We'll talk about those years I think around this time you were the international, space? Station Program Manager, you had a lot of oversight into you know this cooperation us and Russia to go from this idea of freedom International Space Station or space station freedom to this cooperative International Space Station, can you talk about some of those years? Well, my original. Assignment from. The national administrator was to be on A. Basically study team that would look at what is the? What what's the executability if you will the freedom program and if if it needed to look like something else what would that be? and. I had I was a member of about ten men team, and we studied that for about a month. And made recommendations. This was all Being driven by directives from the Clinton administration to figure out. What what was Nastase Future with the freedom program and and what were they going to do After the draft this study was over. Then I was the program manager basically handling several changes to what NASA was doing was. We were bringing the Russian Federation him to the International. Space Station Partnership, which is a big.

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