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"cooper rummell knx" Discussed on 760 KFMB Radio

"A local college, the seventeen who died on a tour boat that capsized during a sudden intense storm on table rock lake Thursday night. We'll be remembered even though none of the victims lived in the area standoff at a trader Joe's in l. a.. Ending with. A woman dead in. The store a man charged with multiple shootings that days under. Arrest but the. Story is not over as we hear from Cooper Rummell KNX radio in LA's, silver lake area was set at two million, dollars as twenty twenty-eight-year-old. Gene Evan and gins was booked into jail on suspicion of murder a trader Joe's, manager was killed during the, standoff though, it's unclear, if, Atkins or officers shot the woman an exciting. Day of lead changes in the final round of the British Open Tiger Woods even in front of the, pack for a while for a few brief moments it seemed like the clock had turned back and Tiger Woods was. Once again the best player in the world this was the roar on the ninth hole when woods moved on top In the end it wasn't. To be woods faltered on the back nine he ended up three strokes behind the winner at least Francesco Molinari. But what said afterwards it was a pretty good weaving in a year Have said you were playing the open championship I would, have said you know that's I'd be very lucky. To do that Steve Futterman CBS news at. The British Open in Carnoustie. Scotland a fundraising event for victims of last month's knife. Attack at a Boise apartment complex two thousand bucks all stolen from. The donation jar most? Watched movie in America is not mama Mia go Hey come back his look into something you, can equalizer to Denzel Washington edging out Meryl Streep..

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