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"coon haber" Discussed on Awards Chatter

"Call the agency the next day and had me come in. And I knew when I left there that had depart in new because you felt that had gone well or knew that I had depart whatever it was. And I went from there to William Morris, a head of Rowley at this guy miles Coon Haber run Meyer, comb it is. And that maybe it was Haber. This recently spoke to run for the first time in eons because of all the stuff that's going on with me right now, which always warms my heart to hear from the two of them because I dearly love both of them. But I remember Haber one time talk about leaning out into the ho and I was back there. Chewing on miles. Anyway, I was never one to instill in this. That's the way it is one thing about my dad that, you know, was spoke his mind. No, maybe didn't get into deep sometime on some levels. But he always said, what was on his mind. I always kind of been that way to that leads to what happened well air first time at making a movie where you're the top of the call sheet. You're in the whole movie and comes out pretty well. Right orcher, and Kathleen Quinlan first film. Good. And now you've gotta go sell the movie. What went wrong? I think just again that proclivity for begin. What's on one's mine rather than being smart and zip in your lip once in a while in those days, you, you know, there was no digital world those days, and you had to physically go on the road and into the promotion, and I did for like six weeks with boxes of press kits in tow just to tell listeners. What a press can essentially is what you want a journalist to know about you to when they're writing appropriate. Including a lot of photo photograph, right and should not cicis breakdowns on the characters. All the stuff that writers write off of. Yes, included in the was a one sheet from the film. Now. This is a film that then Petri the director, I know causa felt the same way. But particularly Dan Petri, who's one of the dearest human beings. I've ever crossed paths with. Love him. Love his family still love his family. Run to Cajun -ly. Took this thing serious about this is a kind of a coming of age story, not only for the young girl Kathleen played but for this guy. It's grow up and move on into a world that he doesn't wanna go to or stand the beach and do what he wants to continue doing a lifeguards that are in your fifties. Sixties their civil servants, they're not guys hanging out on the beach. So the one sheet was me and a pair of speed owes an animated one and two big busted girl's on either side. There wasn't a big bust of Daryl in the film and across the top. Is it every girl summer dream with the lifeguard? That was the way they sold the movie. So I'd go out and do these, you know, fly in fly out when I spend, you know, couple of hours next day, doing interviews and invariably every time I get into interview with somebody that preface it with and they'd seen the film. This isn't anything like a expected to be based on the one sheet and all the rest of the came with which they would think his way like h blanket thing go. So that's all I needed to here and say, yeah, what about that? And we'd have a conversation about up in a newspaper. So basically, you would essentially in agreeing with the journalist disparage the publicity campaign completely. And that would get in that we get picked up because that's juicy and you think that that got back to paramount. I know the head we're entered newspapers. Got my mom's home up in Portland, and she had the archive on me. There's a certain pile of is all those little clip ins, and I was horrified. When I read. Stupid ship so hard, and how do you really got there?.

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