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"constitution town hall" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

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"constitution town hall" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"All right what I always want to know when I talked to people who worked in his office. And I I did a Ron Paul Week early on in the history of the show I did NORM MM SINGLETON Steve. Beer felt and several other people who worked for him at one time or another and I just wanted to get something of the texture of what it was like to be in his office. I wanted to get anecdotes anecdotes I wanted to. I wanted to know stories because I think that's not so much. What bills did he vote? No on but what was it like to work in. Ron Paul's Office compared to the Office of Congressman Schmo. Down the hall. So what can you share with us. Maybe that people haven't heard before It's so funny. Because he's such nice guy you really is. What you see is what you get? There's no different rod behind the scenes or something in most members of Congress a really lafley mediocre in terms of what they've they've done in their lives and they're mostly self important. It's unbelievable even the staffers. Some of them become self report. I mean it's just they say is Hollywood for ugly ugly people You know it really is Hollywood. In the sense that their status and there's hierarchy and you're the chairman of such and such and that's higher than someone who's just a ranking member of such and such you know so that stuff is just endless. And of course Ron had no interest in any of that he came from being a medical doctor had never run for office or held office before. Or he was in Congress in the in the nineteen seventies and so most members of Congress. Have you know they've gone to Tuesday evening. Zoning meetings in their county for five years first and then become a state rep and then ultimately it got in their name out there and run. For Congress they tend to be sort of the Tracy Flick's people have seen the movie election Which is a great great movie which I recommend so the the Tracy Flick's of the world and Ron was nothing like that and you know just a very nice warm guy and Carol would come up to the office and You know his personality demeanor very unlike rand he he is very very sort of salt of the earth in his approach. And there's so many times I remember. Remember things they just they just stick out to me Twenty twelve I guess during the second presidential campaign and I didn't organize is campaigns. I worked in his congressional office two very separate things but nonetheless there was a CNN debate and it was held at the Constitution town hall which is run by the daughters of the American revolution. And it's a very nice venue in DC and so-. Ron was in town for votes and was going to attend this Republican primary debate. Of course Mitt Romney was still riding high at this point as the front runner in that primary and Wolf Blitzer happen to be the host and so this was going to be a big debate. And I'm sure that Mitt Romney arrived several days in advance check into some giant hotel suite with about twenty handlers and sat there in front of a mirror testing out different phrases and figure out which necktie he was gonNA aware and and how how much real cream to putting his hair or whatever and contrast this with Rod. We're still in the office about four caucuses. Well I'm going to run home to my condo and then we'll come back arena. Wanted to come with me of course Roz just wearing his same old sort of inexpensive suit. That doesn't fit quite right and whatever tie he doesn't worry about these sort of things and we. We go over to his condo in in northern. Virginia which is very modest. I've eighty was the seventies condo that he'd bought the first time around in Congress. And you know he's just in there. I heat up some Campbell soup for something and we're about an hour for this debate starts. He just wasn't worried about it because he felt like whatever they asked him he would have to answer it. He wasn't going to particular worry about what he was going to say and that his answer would be the same whether that was a CNN audience or constituent his office or speaking in front of the prisoners Or speak in front of a church group just just didn't matter and so that just struck me that and then of course just. The two of US went over the debate newest no big deal and and he did his usual style so I really enjoyed things like Dad Dad and the you know the idea that he I think suffered somewhat is interesting professionally. He had to give up being a medical doctor He we all ultimately sold the building he owned for his medical practice. I think he made less money Certainly being a member of Congress than he did being a medical doctor you know just the idea that he held onto.

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