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"conor mcrae" Discussed on The Autosport Podcast

"Following this one, prepare to be amazed. Colin McRae's previous record of being the youngest, world rally champion at 27, hasn't just been beaten. It just got smashed. Let's find out who just became the youngest ever champion how he ended Finland's 20 year wait for a title. And what he can do for the future of the sport. Let's get up to speed with autosports, Tom Howard Tom. Welcome back to the podcast. Thanks for having us. Back on the show. So you just witnessed history being made in New Zealand with the youngest ever champion. The world rally championship. Let's remind ourselves, though, who the previous youngest champion was, tell us more. The legend that is all that was sadly Colin mccrea, certainly for me, he was a hero of mine growing up one of the reasons why I even got hooked into watching rallying and I'm sure there's several people of similar age to myself and an older and younger that would have also enjoyed watching Colin McRae. He was a real special talent on the his only world title in 1995 and did that at the age of 27, which was the youngest at the time. 27 back there would have been seen very, very young because champions were sort of, you know, the late 20s, early 30s, and sometimes mid 30s were sort of seen as the prime age to win a world title. So yes, Conor McRae was known as the mister maxim of attack. He was a very exciting driver to watch race for Subaru, the factory team and his early 90s then went to Ford and then he had his final season with citron in 2003. He still regarded as one of the legends of the sport even today, 26 years on since his world title. And in the top level of rallying in the modern era, tell me about the recent champions. And how long they'd been driving? Were they also all older? Inverted commas. Champions. If you're not too familiar with rallying and WRC, then in the last few couple of decades, we say it's been dominated by two Sebastian's two French French rally drivers, Sebastian Loeb, and Sebastian ogier, Loeb has the 9 time world champion, the most successful and greatest rally driver of the ball. He has 80 world rally championship wins and has been competing even this year on a part time basis at the age of 48 and still winning events so Monte Carlo in January, so Sebastian ogier took over from him. One 8 titles and is the reigning world champion this year until Kelly Robin Perez success. That sort of period of dominance was split by tanak who won the world title in 2019 for Toyota. So that's how the world rally scene has played out over the last few years. While following rally New Zealand over the weekend, Callie Robin perra is now world champion. They call him king Kelly. You could also call him birthday boy. Tell us about the weekend and Callie Robin Pereira being the new world champion. What's a weekend if you or Kelly off of Paris celebrating your 22nd birthday? I don't know. He does get any better, I guess. If you're a rally driver or if you're if you're dream is to win the world rally champion, it doesn't get any better than the weekend that Callie Robin Perez just experienced not only has he become that the youngest ever world champion at the age of 22 and one day. He also became the first Finnish world champion for 20 years, so it ended that drought for a rally mad nation. So it's a massive deal for Finland. They've already announced that there's going to have a special celebration day in the country in his hometown of your vascular. So it's a big deal for Finland. And a big deal for Kelly Rothenberg. I mean, he's just a phenomenal talent. It's a record, I reckon we won't see beaten. A new benchmark, which I think is just above and beyond what anyone could have imagined. Now, he hasn't come from nowhere, like all overnight success stories. It's been 20 years in the making. Maybe 22 years in the making. Because in the beginning, there was Harry, Robin pere. Yep, Callie's father, WRC driver, 1993 to 2006. What happened with his dad's career and how did that lead into Cali getting behind the wheel? Harry Robin pere a former factory driver for Peugeot and sayat as well and it's a bushy. So he's been around a while as Harry. But I only ever won one rally back in 2001 at Sweden. So he was a regular podium finisher, but never really a title contender. He was what you'd call, I guess, a very safe pair of hands. You would have implored him to just pick up the points and be that sort of driver there, but perhaps not the one you put your money behind to lead your team to a title. He's really has some helped build obviously his son Kelly wrote from pair in terms of the rally driver. From an early age, he's got him in the car in cars driving from I think 8 or 9. He's been Cali has been driving some sort of vehicle. What do you think about it? Yes, he's the youngest of a world champion at the age of 22, but he's been driving things for a very long time. And our over that time, you just build the skills. Boy, as he built some skills because most of the paddock most of the service park sorry would envy the skills that Kali Roth and bear have his age. Certainly, you just watching him, he is he has skills beyond his years. The composure that he has behind the wheel, I don't think we have seen in many drivers in all motor sport. It's something that I generally can't really describe, but he just has this sort of, I just jump in the car and I just go and do it. There's no worries, there is no sort of panic. He's machine like, I guess. Is the only way to sort of it's just a machine. I'm generally speechless at how good he is because we're obviously fold him all season 6 rally wins. But he just has this ability to just destroy his rivals, but he's real skill. And I guess this is sort of comes back to all those years that you've been training in all sorts of cars, trying to learn car control. And it's his car control, which sets him about apart from the rest, because when the weather gets tricky, Cali rov repair is untouchable. There is no one that can come near him when it starts raining or gets slippery.

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