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"conor mayweather" Discussed on Barstool Rundown

"Replay. He literally walked as i. I saw teddy atlas being like. It's not about flexibility. It's rang box. he has more. I have no idea. But that's what makes it interesting. I i no longer have any clue on how good a fighter j. paul in the type of guy could be. I tweeted this people all now. He's calling out fuck in conor mcgregor. If you told me i had to be one hundred percent you know. You got logan's calling and jake's calling out can go and just fucking like literally beat him up in two seconds wanted to. I think conor mayweather is a bigger mismatch than carter because of the weight difference. Yeah like mayweather. The best of all time whereas the guy who went to train knocked out or ended connor whenever want. Yeah but even like we when we were when we went to have fight we always were saying like mayweather hands to be versed. Mcgregor's i think mcgregor's hand speed versus j. Paul is like also justice correct but yeah but those guys are the same size. Yeah like like jake. Paul six something like way bigger. I'll diggers bigger than me. Yeah not that much bigger. I think they're they're more size. One sixty dollars a gigantic difference between right. He's a big that the paul brothers are big. They're like championship. Wrestlers been training like hard to box. Dave robinson was just like fucking around the whole time. Jake trading with didn't know what to do but it it out of the athletes really over there but here is i was surprised that utah boxing. Like matters late. Thought it'd be sitting by. Walked right into what i'm saying now on the business side is jake. Paul is next. Move will be very very carefully calculated but now people maximum like okay. Now he's done it kinda right like he did the youtube kind of thing. Then he's now fought like an athlete not not a combat sports guy but an athlete every he keeps going keeping himself like the favorite. I had no interest in that fight. I will now have interested next fight. It was awesome and it was a fucking good event. The sparring things is tyson was on weed and we basically are banned from like ten states for our guys have like. We'd six days ago..

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