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"connie lansdowne" Discussed on Double Toasted

"And that is you might recognize that right there but we'll talk D._d.. Himself yes TACO with Hitler not what we're talking about here. If we antibodies started losing getting angry man funded that meals murder but connie lansdowne these that and make a Oh movie about it which is what we got right here where what I'm talking about cool imaginary Hitler yes is a we have here. This movie called Joe Joe Rabbit. Oh tomorrow what no I I got email something about Joe Joe Rabbit the today and says it wasn't an actual screaming. I just blew it off. You kept going well Martin. Don't worry about it introduced you to old Joe Joe himself and Joe Joe does does not having a good time man you know Joel Story takes place during World War Two what looks like a Nazi youth camp in the way and young Joe Joe found himself bullied by friends at the at the camp up which is hard to believe because nothing about the nuts youth I think about friendship and companionship love it would just an offshoot of the boy scouts exactly exactly man exactly in on this they did activities the most of them involved ovens and sit like then a lot of baking. I can't but easy big but you know Olmec but here <hes> Joe Joe has one for into confide in and that's imaginary Hitler and as you can see fun little rump of a movie right there you know with this. Some people are finally breathing a sigh of relief believe this thing you know. We're finally getting the family friendly Nazi movie that we've always wanted so. There's a longer too soon. It's no no is no longer too soon. Mar Now we can hang you have a fun Rop with the Nazis. Okay the people say tell me true. Well you know like I said it is true. You are able to throw down where satire because that's what this is described as all out of salt on hate. Go ahead and see how this all comes together make sense very short trailer for Joe Joe Rabbit. Yes Yeah Hey Joe Joe my old friend. I don't man then they call me scared. Rabbits let them say whatever they want..

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