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"Of dollars into the school district. Right now, New Jersey is just getting crushed by taxes. This is one way they came up with assemblyman Ryan Peteris says the law should be changed to give schools the ability to offer childcare during the school day as well. Even to children who live outside district lines. Denote flam me on New Jersey. One zero one point five news in Bergen county an eight year old girl ejected from a mini van in a head on crash. She and the driver a thirty four year old woman both in critical condition after Wednesday mornings collision in Harrington park. Thirty say the van crossed into the wrong lane of traffic Flemington is mourning the loss of a seventeen year old resident who died at a ski resort in eastern PA on New Year's day spokeswoman for blue mountain resort says CONNER Gholam Bisky was injured when he fell off. Off chairlift. The death has been ruled accidental twenty eighteen was the wettest year on record in New Jersey as the state saw more than sixty four inches of precipitation for the wettest year on record. We escaped any major flooding because the rains came in so many instances instead of that big Irene, for instance, state climatologists Dave Robinson of Rucker says at least short-term that can the concern is that we may see more flooding Belmar is facing legal action from three former borough lifeguards who claim they were not rehired due to their age. They are fifty-six sixty three and seventy three and say they were replaced by younger hires. But also less experienced ones, and that ex-mayor Matt Dougherty disparaged them in meetings. This probably won't surprise you an annual survey that charts people state to state moving patterns is not paint a rosy picture for the Garden State, New Jersey. Once again is the top state for not. So great reason United van lines conducts a yearly study on where people are moving to which places they're leaving. And why? Nearly sixty seven percent of New Jersey moves are out of state, which is the worst rate in the country. Vermont is number one. For inbound moves followed by four western states. Experts say so many people are moving south and west because of job growth low cost of living and better climate New Jersey, meanwhile has been in the bottom ten states for ten straight years. Matthew, white New Jersey one zero one point five news charges. Have now been officially filed against that sixteen year old Hopewell valley central high school student. We told you about late last year he's accused of cyberbullying by making jokes about lynching. People calling a black classmate a monkey yet. More charges are filed against a youth tennis instructor based at the jersey shore kidnapping and rape added a previous attempted sexual assault and child porn offenses twenty six year old Terry co of colts neck also goes by Victor Li and was first arrested last February New Jersey one zero one point five news time, five forty two. Dan, zero says we're gonna clear up this afternoon. He's got an extended look at the forecast. And we'll recap our top stories next. This is New Jersey's.

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