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"Of at home covert testing kits with the goal of by summer. Having millions of Americans being able to access at home tests. You also announce that the secretary of defense is a deploying more than 1000 active duty military personnel to support state vaccination sites. They'll start to arrive in California the next 10 days to begin work on February 15th with the goal of vaccinating thousands of people a day, Lisa Thanks, Tanya. Well as Congress continues work on covert relief President Biden urging lawmakers again to go big. We can't do too much here waken do too little way could do to little sputter in the morning meeting with Democratic lawmakers, pointing to the new jobs report is further evidence of pandemic pain. 49,000 jobs created in January after a loss in December, the unemployment rate dropping a 6.3% but partly Because some people found work and other stopped looking not because of jobs created the freshman Republican congresswoman kicked off House committees over past social media posts, just held a news conference, saying she's thankful for being able to speak on the House floor. Yesterday, I got to say I said things wrong. I believe things that were wrong. In Georgia representative Marjorie Taylor Greene does say she's sorry for those things. But she also accuses the media of fanning hate by telling lies, adding her time would have been wasted on those committees because, she says the Democratic majority isn't listening to Republican concerns a step closer to ending the death penalty in Virginia, a bill to repeal it just winning final approval on the State House. And heading to the governor's desk. America is listening to Bach's knees. This report is sponsored by unbound dot orig Staying Connected continues with 1061 FM talk Three police officers shot in the line of duty. It happened overnight in high point, the suspect barricaded inside a home on West English road. He began firing at officers. And currently we have three officers that have been struck Lieutenant Matt True until the Triads Fox ain't none of those injuries are life threatening. Governor Roy Cooper laid out a spending plan for the most recent Federal Cove in 19 relief package shall located to the state back in December. Matt McClure has the numbers. At a news conference Thursday, Cooper proposed using $695 million from the States General Fund to expand unemployment benefits and broadband Internet service. He also called for nearly $2 billion in emergency assistance to go to public input. Habits. Schools, including one time bonuses for teachers and support personnel. North Carolina anticipates receiving up to $4 billion in the second round of federal stimulus funds. I'm Matt McClure goes proposed Education bonuses $2500 for teachers and administrators, 1500 for support staff and our Del County School administrator is facing child sex charges officer is arrested Sean Box this week for suspected sexual exploitation of a minor. He's since been suspended from his job as assistant print. The bullet. Connell Creek Elementary School in Mooresville, a man is under arrest, accused of using a package to gain entry to a woman's home. It happened on Vintage Avenue and Winston Salem Police say the woman heard a knock at the door and saw a package on the front porch when she opened her door. Police say the suspect forced his way inside. 22 year old Luke Parker was later arrested on multiple charges. Sports college basketball to look forward to this weekend in sea states on the road they'll take on Boston College Saturday. Then tomorrow night, it's the Battle of the blues. Duke and UNC Meet up at Cameron Indoor Stadium at one tips off at six o'clock with continuing news updates from around the state. I'm Kyle Wilson. We'll.

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