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"Chaka. If this was like a work stoppage in 1981 where you said, Okay, it's a 60 game season and you don't have to deal with the virus and the uncertainty of the virus. I would be more against now that I've thought about this more as the days have gone by, I'd beam or against the extra inning thing. The idea the doubleheader thing and the eight playoff teams the reason why I'm even stunning myself. Jodl warm up to the A playoff teams. Is how cookie this season and I think at this point look, look, My fear is not this year, because this year all bets are off. We've already who knows how it's gonna play out. They're gonna make rules on to fly. I mean afterwards. Yes, Like you said. It's very fluid situation. I just don't want to see if you've heard me 162 game season to eliminate less than half of the sport is absurd. No, no, I'm dead set against that. That that that's just a start Dead. Sonny. Here's a different story, but that that it all went forward would be ridiculous. Besides the obvious with what's going on with the Marlins and the Phillies, I'll tell you something else that has really spoken to me. Even if I'm not a nationals fan is this one so dull thing? The fact that one Sodo feels fine has not tested positive for Cove ID, and he can't play Joe if the Nationals missed the playoffs by a game under the doormat, But this is not even a major league baseball call, right. This is the wass. It is baseball. So here's how it worked. It was major league baseball until about 24 hours ago because they were saying You need tohave the two negative tests in a row or something like that. So why? Why can't you play now? Because now he's determined he can't play no known itself. No, no. So then I think it was yesterday. Baseball finally cleared him. Now They're waiting for approval from DC, which I think they're expecting now, and he should be back in the lineup. Okay next week, But my point is any day that he misses in a season in which we talked about boy every game matters. Every game's important. That would be tough if the Nationals missed the playoffs by game, and they're only five teams making the playoffs. That's a part of why and look, these things are gonna happen. There's something sort of similar in Cincinnati where Mike Moustakas. They told the guys to do this. Hey, if you're not feeling well, bring it up. Don't say nothing Say something right. And so I guess Moose stocks and Nick's Enzo with the two guys who said, I don't feel that well, they held him out for a couple of days. I felt better. There were no positive test and they're itching to get back into the lineup. I know this isn't perfect, but I think that's a part of why putting more teams in the playoffs takes the away the possibility that the team would miss out by a game and you could cite the four games move stock and say, See, that's why we missed the playoffs. Yeah. Now look, I look Ah, sold on it for tissue have sold not basically anything right now. But this year Yeah. I mean, I think that that's you know, that's how we have to view it right now is as baseball fans. I mean, it's every day and something new could happen at any time. It is probably gonna be boring stuff going down. Let's hope that this outbreak with Kamala is the worst. We're going to see if it for anyone team, but I mean, I think well, that's are off At this point. We just have to 16 thieves is fine, but like I said, we get to 162 games. You can't be having a 16 thieves makes. No, no, no, no. And I think most people agree with that, and hopefully it never happens. Whatever happens. Let's get to some of your calls. I get you to the Met roster changes in a little bit, But first, let's go to Kevin and Peekskill. Hey, Kevin! Kevin, How are you? Hey, How's it going, guys? Our first time calling it ever welcome. You didn't thank you. Thank you. Thank you because of the mess mostly. Ah, very passionate that Stan and Jackson like you, both of you. My point of for last night. I do consider myself an optimistic that man, but Approach between between consort of intestine is definitely very difficult. Because once you get in that little count, you gotta find your pitch. You gotta like workmen was struggling. I feel like they both could have Lay off that there those 20 curve balls to avoid that. You know that first heaven pointed it out before says but has had a pitch. I forget what the count was. Fouled it off. Yeah. You know, I agree with Alan and then go right and I love the guy, but I wish they would have both taken approach to maybe just Taking a single. They're taking a double, you know, kind of the only other way a little bit. I feel like that's something that the team is lacking right now early in the season, But my other point is about Conforto general Corner called in about him not being clutch. And I don't agree with that. I do believe Conforto has shown very much moments over, I would say about conforto. That's frustrating for me is I feel like he loses his approach too often throughout the season, where he becomes either home long hockey or forgets to go the other way, because When he first came up. He looked like a guy who said, always be hitting 2 80 or better Yet, with the power and all of a sudden he's become a 2 50 hitter. 40 hitter like con me. I feel like for his career. He should be a two way No, you're right. Kevin was when he first came up in 15 He looked like more of an average guy, 16 was a weird year became a lost year. 7 10 feels a lot. He also Goto left field a lot. No doubt he was more of an average guy like in 2017 when he had that all Star year, and then he got hurt. He had about 2 80 But you look at the last two years we've seen that average dip. It was interesting during one of the breaks. I looked it up because I was curious. Just statistically, is Michael Conforto clutch and he hasn't been. I mean, if you look at runners in scoring position, two outs, runners in scoring position, latent clothes, they're well below his career averages. But watching him every day. It never jumped out at me that Conforto is a guy that I fear coming up with guys on base because of his lack of clutch nous, But I do want to admit that when you do look at those numbers over the course of his career They are not great. Hey, aren't those just the facts around it? But I still don't look at him as a guy with when there are guys on base. I fear him coming up. Because, right, you know, right? No, I don't. Either. Stand is in the standings in west orange cheese. I stand, gentlemen, How are you? What's up? Not much more. You know, It's Bill is here at this real quick, Did you? Uh, What have you picked up the cause of recently or what? And the only club I picked up is I wanted to drive the golf ball as far as I can, but I have not. I haven't gotten into it. I think someday I will. But I'm still not there yet. Still hoping to play baseball, you watching take off right now. If Yes, you are. Yeah. No, I'm still watching. You got something that you see your guy, Brandon. Todd has four of the poise. What shot behind the shambo? I I did notice that. Yeah. Victor Goblin is one on because I got Victor Avlynn, who just had a couple. Pretty good looks of birdie did not get them all I'm looking for from hobbling any of my guys I bet is Get me to the weekend in it and then get me to Sunday in and then you got a little juice, a little excitement. No way. We will all get together and do that, But Hey, I wanted to mention you said before jump. Why don't even have the idea of 40 man this whole situation right now. They don't know what they're gonna have to season. The finish. You know, and I look at it from this perspective. This is entertainment right now is not a situation where you've got a regular season. 152 games. You know what you bring people and you bring people out on this thing You want to keep people is out is possible. Think about this. You got a 14 to 10 game, the one conducting game. How many people between two squads are actually being in such a way You were going to come in contact with each other. Out with it 14 10 game. Obviously, there's a lot of base runners situations at every base situations where you know what Stan Stan the evidence early on. Is that this virus doesn't spread between opponents, Right?.

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