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Relatos de mi tierra 210  Consejos para visitar la provincia de La Pampa

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Relatos de mi tierra 210 Consejos para visitar la provincia de La Pampa

"Taste is Putin Dora letters they Makira commode. If you eat ego Jin Ekaterina de la La La Punta come and hit a boon in Tacoma. The era you can be nice. Omits Duda Scott Breast Brigade thirtieth call seacoast equal influence. He does but that's article in Muslim girls in the moon. Oh Moon though many soon I must remember and yell meal I got us. Iran was gone in Korea for most Hindi NAP or enough sin through meet more than that ripple put give you Hamas police here that bomb yes. We'll tell them I've got process. You can guess how any of this begun. Jason threw a sector few RAFI BY EASY LA bump bizonal Lewinsky mine waste a Hindi now. Swim Index Ula dougherty nihilist forest aristo swallows San McLeod Thirty Meaty gazi-yurt under personality Latte Duda immorality. Who as Indiana and see the medium that will bury? Yes you will lead to Bunia Nathan in those but a meet their national modernise on the embolic bowling Kano fatal year legal. Plus you'll kill your coupon La Pampa Whittington Korea Paul Casanova. Is he going to ignore this. The millennials put on I shut on love. Themed Camara's hookah permitted. UNSEE I still and your voice. CNN who knew the meal is interesting when you not elderly dirtiest but wins. Yeah Billy I've been book on my left them Faucet but thou Kamonyola. CS MANWEB can Condoleezza Rice Apple Cancer. Johnson who went through multiple. Sarah Sarah in Google Victor will rally to these men summoned the risk bonfires. CASSIE colosio. After but I brought up on the idea show and it helped easy convenient window gone moines poll cupholder to read audio Qassim. The Sierra the ADEMIR inexplicable elorza lucky. I all gone is high Sierra Simone this real as you said in Bomba almost got your paragon of setting for my north central. Can nobody middle CERTA. perkiness you know is important in Banff. Chamois Burkina's Leeway Galil is the. 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Oh hinting in medial Montaigne Luder or competitive and move sale on this guy gotta Eat Ambien As he got a bogus legal but I know per se seen in the last young on those issues up to par through familiar protest. They WanNa see what a fool out of the. US has any Monica. McCall colony is Seattle Soros. When nobody US market I'm actually in an array so do on a particular one Caesar summoned service? Police concerned on Saturday but fascist wind thug. On night let on that they see in Tulsa since the basically the consulate into Emmanuel Caloric Candles Larrocha win the audio yes laboratories Linda. They took out Esino McKay. More sent last Soula Guppy Talladega Bruins Pampas Shammah son. derosa goes Houma Eternity in ambient THERALAC cargo united cynical Baleno Siemian windy conditions and reloaded owners. Komo Domas you walk as they linens so center Leno Leno of Galloway Mazari issues when the dominion going. There is something out there. A sturdier imperils guppy delebre in Sunil theatrics by new whatever and social classic Ala Mahmoud Abbas Not Forget Unit Randy dealer. Be Not only logic but Monday. He'll architect Toda Syndrome. will do that. The Berman Explosives Yoenis Como Lecomba is tuna radical ellen. Expense those external elephant Okinawa barrel-a-day. Have the throw in Seattle scenario. Important anybody on your tectonic delebre INSOMNIA DNA but see personas. And isn't that. Does he quit that yes he is. Greg is that will pop laris. NFL MUSEO PRO in Seattle. They forget Ellen. Louis XIV seeing yes yes he was element less e battery like thirty. NCAA the men get boondoggle. More important the Palacio lattanzio Sandra Polar Korea poor last year Capitan in Sierra Leone. Pampa demos for many amino acids research and they were throwing himself might walk I she unless you that supports the recommend number eighty poetry allow them Sale that man. I are appropriately salary. Nado Kissing Bjornson Paseo necessarily full menu and then over there I'll pam coulter autumn in our local leaders. Said army gossip will do that. Dude said when we say for the hours because forcing under a Sheila let's eat Lasala Denardo the Komo you almost. Then they are they broke. I say okay. Maceo Theo policy on the issue on tonio boy and committed. Luna's are are you aware with a telephone assume Bangel Pampa cake wintergarden TAK- offbeat Granola by secondary data from their Tambien. Cadenas from us. E for men who ate about at the back the mandate natural gas is on announce those asset guy. Eight hundred Amino Humor. Go at the concert has continued and I Sola in Guido in Gwen that media epithelial so those the at central unless you are not going to go out of this. He thought call the senior. WHO's I call on on your? Hey dwelled importance guessing amendment. They the I'm with you on this. They Muddier Dana Gap. Take Aleppo possible in a set of Mooch courses. The Grandmother Gallo A report this damning. Remorse rallied Colo.. He go eat them he also a in Santa Rosa but they rally it. Does he do offering Taylor. Blessing Martine rambler massage. Already Sautin Graham by Lord and Guanaco Alantic Duda a bachelor edit them in Barrow San File Dima it isn't body of does he loves overlap. Lombok boggles Metro Atlanta. He Alexa pro in Seattle. Lack asset to allies whom soliven material Mauka Carmyllie death. Only balloon cloud through Salah ABC. Data's Salako NOCERA UMBRA CEREMONIES E in Lega year folding doors to Sandhill Santa Rosa App Rando Enormous Indra. Most intels bill just bombs. I will wear a Santa Rosa butter. Look on the absolute them into it. Attaches task you are shows like Danielson Syndrome Notre bias economic Informacion. Presser the guessing. Bolya last. Show you be too soon soon or say waylon Singapore Mommy. Also help AIDS all Laura unexplored ASEAN grant deal as difficult doodles. I'd like to know that. Radha for mass young Euler. He broke down the now. They'll be guidance on piano on all TRAVEC time we are hearing muscle St Louis. Louis Boylan noticing laundromat walk that line. Messy that the so called Remedial Yopougon CDU fellow in and do that nobody aesthetic of presently Neyla her meals. You Ed La Hoya Gasoline. Puerto Rico sewer we follow Kata Hillary Colo years from the Tino. Either but I know Sante Maria kind of you see activity does not let me at the unit and Barbadian Borton. Boy mustn't Radha Barry Hills. This is how this analysis the other little donohue. Now win a million Paseo Padre Costa Rica Dombi. And I Edison. Are you tired Green Polos up but always pumped up there is syndrome in. Oh Yeah Damn. The name was Canada. US sure he denies my wish that she ucon isn't going big. In Your Hawk like awareness by Soccer Swazi call lowest common goal. We millions of millions of epic Silas. Addis Mongo there was hit on the gas and it was sort of advice. DINOS gase infant powerless in Toronto. Lebron by what J. Syndrome Legal Lebron's yeah wouldn't that went on weather molly's leper sincerely love his wounded. Whether the Awasa Lila's the elected abilty them via new duty Ludi macy l.. Heal your typical Monday from banners either by sacrifice swallow minuscule era as you the active in can be go case when I lost you when you're down in bumper canoes andro sort of pregnant in TV. They show your view Donald other anti what are you not enormous. Bless us in America when this isn't amino it in las okay. Well Ninety important. The library's copy Diocese Santa Rosa. Simply because Alana Louder Cena single cokie Roberts and throw the Masseur Kunal Yoon important intrical doodle eighteen well tests Dow Gauss or Louis Louis Lamour gala. Do we say you. lock-in is when I left book local economical importance level centrally. Really let them lose federal. This Rania us when I'm GONNA have lengthy police aries. I want to do that. But at the Novi Pazar you eat thirty last year. I mean doesn't Concentra Combodia Kasey Toady because this is Neil arocca Guantanamera Lou Garrick when Bowser by the monitoring of Montes. But why not Got I saw it out no no my lean laboratories La Pampa is when I used to read the Marco and the United Marissa underhill bias in utility suggestion. Donald Riegle so they will make it rain. Say mean seen from the lend you the media Guada- them when I was at the GOP. Ghazali beat it at the bill to put any society but we see Dan they are both hourly only camping. Barricades theon Atlanta's still lethal. Who Netter Magni Fica Illegal Amina Frisullo but Loss Aficionados. Let them through epic Ray Immune. Therapy Code is how relaxed. They hit a go all in casinos Maceo Osceola Year of the total by socket. You don't pick the break go via this. LSU Now for LVN though former begin your second deals you.. Civilian upset Varesi with John. Luka for city sells prisons yes the journey. The anyo Niaz near fifty. MONTIEL'S THE GWENDA La Bamba Avonmouth indeed. Louis bombay-new assume granted dirty or Salva gase explored altruistic amend if about three Lebron Co Frisa Lewis. It's a field but I love salmon allowing that bus tuning in avenue. The Sierra Dot Gov dot AU poor wellness Hilo bought and organise DOC routinization dosing them. They are sorority gunmen. Bumba by Sake that she I love the name was under thirty. Okay No lemesurier champion Samoa. Lapa Shoe Mia Eastern Rapper. Lil immediately the Anurag. The activity Delve Oregon. UKA THIS DVD. For this last last bottomless LVN dot got the aw for my CNA gusts going beat the Lesson Mesa desk by sacking Osceola not of the limited. Release Him in those aesthetic career. Ed La La z Coney Gasoline CETERA. Nego I want the tourist Rania. Lupita Lead Guitar means the Metro Soda New and then matter by seven up ended up. I'm but someone don't Aso Tommasi so's Zuma meant that look. The the flu was relatively immediate media group and I moved amassing for immortal mother. Dina foregone of Sarah I think. Innocent Grammar lesson when I give me no casualty title see me are Moldy Studio after must realtors Meteorology Krikorian Lock Principally North Carolina. Yeah Yeah.

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Dr. Condoleezza Rice

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Dr. Condoleezza Rice

"Today's episode is supported by MAC powder, kiss lipstick, the moisture Matt lipstick of your dreams. Mac powder? Lipstick is Matt reinvented. The new Matt formula is where Matt meets moisture giving you the zero shine look of a matte lipstick with instant long-term hydration and a weightless cushioning texture, the velvety soft Matt colors glide on effortlessly, with a wide range of shades that are sure to complement, any skin tone. Head to your nearest MAC location to meet your Matt today, or shop at Machias medics dot com. How does a young black woman born in racially charged in segregated Birmingham, Alabama in nineteen fifty four find the confidence and the belief to know that she could grow up to be one of the world's most powerful leaders. She's been called one of the most influential women in the world in moments of national crisis. From nine eleven to the wars in Afghanistan, and Iraq. She was involved in some of the most controversial decisions in our nation's history and the decision she made will be debated by historians for generations to come. She was Stanford university's first female, non white provost. The first black woman to serve as national security adviser, and the very first black woman to become secretary of state in two thousand four, here's a woman who accomplished her dreams without losing sight of her commitment to always be true. True to herself. Everybody has a story and there's something to be learned from every experience. Use your life as a class. This is masterclass with Dr Condoleeza Rice. I know that I could have been better at almost everything that I've done. I could have been better as national security adviser. I'm sure of it. Maybe their questions I didn't ask maybe they're things I didn't pro by could have been better. I don't have any doubt about that. I could have been better at secretary of state, but I think I did ok under the circumstances. I think I did. Okay. When I think of who I am I think of myself as a black woman from Birmingham, Alabama, who was fortunate enough to find what she was really passionate about doing who loves her country despite its fos, maybe because of its laws, and who keeps at the center of her heart parents, who gave me every opportunity that they possibly could. When I'm asked well, how did it feel to be the first black fill in the blank, or the first woman fill in the blank and say, look, I can't go back and recreate myself as a white male until you how it would have felt if I'd been a white male? I'm a package. I'm Condoleeza Rice. I'm five seven and three quarters. I'm black and I'm female, and it all kind of goes together. I'm very proud of the fact that our country has come as far as it has so that we're talking about the first black female secretary of state, who would have thought it forty years ago when I was growing up in Birmingham, Alabama. I'm the descendant of slaves. Just a few generations removed. This country has a terrible birth defect of slavery. And I don't believe that we are now nor do, I think we're ever likely to be certainly not in my lifetime race blind. It just is too much to ask given our own history. But the nice thing is that we no longer have pre K. Conceptions about who somebody is or what they might do because they look a certain way in order to know who I became you had to know John and Angelina rice, my parents. They were extraordinarily ordinary people. I've called them mom was a schoolteacher daddy was a high school guidance counselor later on university administrator. I think they instilled in me a sense that I could do just about anything that I wanted to do. And I think the fact that they raised a little girl who believed that she could do great things. But was always searching for what might that be was really a terrific act of parenting, I do think that they gave me limitless horizons, and that's probably the best thing, parents can give kids. I'm fortunate that my father who was a Presbyterian, minister, the alot, Jen, always challenged me to think about my faith so that when things are difficult. I have that to turn to when your intellect can't explain. Lane. The death of your mother for me when she was sixty one I was thirty or the death of your father when he was in his late. Seventies, those are the kinds of trials and tribulations that can only be overcome by faith. It's very difficult to separate my self and my of Aleutian, from the circumstances of Birmingham. First of all, it was scary place in nineteen sixty to nineteen sixty three. All of those images that are now pretty far back in our nation's historical memory. We're very much the memories that shaped who I am Birmingham, was the most segregated big city in America. This was a place where the public safety Commissioner bull. Connor along with, of course, the governor George Wallace was known to be just hardcore segregationist as a little girl growing up. I didn't have any white classmates, and he white teachers, we rarely interacted with white people. But Birmingham also had another side of which was the side. That was a group of people who were determined to overcome a group of people who were determined to prove themselves, despite the circumstances, we had ballet lessons, and we had French lessons, we even had lessons in etiquette. What four to us? So the parents were determined to prepare their kids to be really excellent. It also had extremely high expectations. You were always told you might have. To be twice as good. And that wasn't actually a matter for debate. It was sort of a fact that was stated, and there were no excuses for poor performance in school or for poor performance at anything. And so it was a wonderful combination of a community that was in some ways so segregated that they rigorously controlled the messages that we received. And that message was it may be a very racist place and you may not be able to control your circumstances, but you can sure control how you react to your circumstances. And here's how you wrecked your twice as good you work hard. You do everything better than they might do it. In nineteen sixty to nineteen sixty three when the civil rights movement, really centered in Birmingham, and when things began to get very violent. It was a place that really did evoke a lot of fear night riders, and Klux Klan and all of those images. Birmingham was beginning to be known as bombing ham, because there were so many unsolved bombings, including one in our neighborhood. And of course, in September of nineteen sixty three when the sixteenth street Baptist church was bombed and those four little girls were killed. Everybody knew at least one of the Denise McNair had been in my father's kindergarten. I'd played with her. She was a little friend. Then it was harder for parents to really separate their kids and somehow shield, their kids from the awfulness of what was going on in Birmingham. Just remember that night asking my parents, if I could sleep in their bid, which probably was a sign of, how really scared I was. And at that point, I think they just held us close. They, they just tried to put their arms around us, and there was always a bedrock feeling that it was going to be okay in the loving embrace of our parents in our community. I do think that those of us who grew up in segregation were able to spot at a hundred paces when somebody was underestimating you. And when somebody underestimated me it made me want to prove them wrong. A lot of what goes on in Washington. And in the White House is just turfing and turf consciousness. And so you. To try to take it personally. But I knew that I was younger by maybe a couple of decades than many of the people with whom I was going to be working, especially the second time around when I was national security adviser I wasn't on guard for whether somebody underestimated, what I could do that. Isn't the way that those lessons come into play the way that it comes into play? Is that if someone comes to close or steps on something that you think is your responsibility? Then you're not at all shy about saying, move away, get out of my way. And I think that toughness in the White House really does come from being a young kid, who was always determined that nobody was going to underestimate you. And you were going to do what you were going to do, and I can remember going to President Bush on at least one occasion and saying that person ever does that to me again, then one of us is resigning. One of the things that I often tell my students who wanna plan every step in life. They want to know what they're going to be doing when they're thirty or forty or even fifty years old. It usually comes in the form of the question. How do I get to be who you are? They mean how do I get to be secretary of state? And I said, well, you start out as a failed piano, major, and you go from there. You can't plan every step in life. I was always going to be a great concert pianist. I was studying piano from the age of three I could read music before I could read, I studied, I worked hard. I want a couple of panel competitions my sophomore year in college. When I was a piano, major. I went off that summer to the Aspen music festival school, and I met twelve year olds who could play from site. What it had taken be all year to learn. I was about seventeen and I thought, oh, my goodness, there's a whole world out there of town. That I will never match and I really didn't want to teach piano, and I thought I'm going to end up teaching thirteen year olds to murder Beethoven. Or maybe I'll play piano bar someplace, but I'm not headed the Carnegie Hall, and I was really pretty devastated by because my entire life had been aimed at being a great concert pianist. So I went off to my parents who lived about five minutes from the university, and mom and dad. I need to talk to you, and my father said to what are you changing? Your major said. Well, I don't know. But I'm changing my major. They said, you don't know what you wanna do with your life. And this is kind of a shock because my parents had always been very supportive about all of my decisions, and I said, well, it's after all my life, and they said, yes, but it's our money. Can you find a major? So I tried very hard nothing stuck. And finally, a wandered into a course in international politics, and it was taught by a Soviet specialist amend named Joseph corporal, Madeleine Albright's father, and it was like finding love I'd found my path. Russian. I knew I wanted to do things Russian I wanted to do things international. I remember the very lecture that led me there, it was about Joseph Stalin in the Byzantine politics of late twenties in the Soviet Union. And suddenly, I knew what I wanted to do. And I'm quite convinced that a lot of my success has been because I was doing something that I love to do and I wanted to get up and I wanted to read more no more about the Soviet Union than anybody else. And so it wasn't a chore to go to school. And it wasn't a chore to learn Russian and it wasn't a chore to work hard. It was a joy, one of the hardest things to explain is the role of serendipity in life because it's the one thing you can't control. It's very hard to say to my students. Sometimes, you know, I was a bit lucky. It was a bit fortunate that I was in a seminar at Stanford in the early nineteen. Eighty s when a man named Brent Scowcroft came out to speak, and I asked him a relatively rude question, which he actually didn't take offence at, but kind of liked my spunk. And so he came up and we started to talk and he became a real mentor for me. He asked me to join something called the Aspen strategy group, which was a group of foreign policy was stabbed people who met every year and Aspen for several days, and it's kind of how I got guided into the foreign policy establishment. I do think your life is some combination of what you do. And what you were meant to do some combination of working hard and having the right skills, and listening for that little voice that tells, you know that isn't it you're going in the wrong direction, there have been times when I didn't know if I was headed in the right direction. I went through a period of time where I didn't want it to appear. D I thought of PHD's is people who sat in rooms in ROY. Oh, books that nobody read and yet I ended up there because I kept seeking further knowledge in something that I loved, I believe, in always trying to do the thing that you're doing very well that allows you to be very focused. So when I was specialist assistant to president George H W Bush, I tried to be the very best special assistant that I could be I was with President Bush, of course in nineteen ninety when Gorbachev came to visit the United States, and he decided to visit California on that trip in so President Bush called me into the Oval Office. He said, you know, Gorbachev is going to go out to Stanford. That's your home. I want you to take him. And so there we are sitting on Marine One, the presidential helicopter on this just Gorbachev and me. And I thought glad I changed my major right? Call. I have a very strong belief that preparation counts that you do have to work hard. But. But it also matters where you are. And who you meet, and being in the right place at the right time? And so you should never, ever take for granted what you're given what you've been able to achieve you should never assume that it was just through your own smarts. And because you were so much better than everybody else that you got there. There are so many people who were as good as you were, or maybe even better who never quite made it to that place. And I try very hard to remember that I've been I've been good. But I've been lucky and fortunate and blessed to there is no doubt September eleventh is one of those days that will be forever seared on our consciousness. We all remember where we were what we were doing and most important, what we were feeling and we all remember that day from our point of view. Imagine what it was like. To be the national security adviser on that day, the shot that comes when you find out that this is an attack, and it is your job to keep the country safe. You are the security adviser. How do you get through something so horrific? There's no precedent in the United States and no rules or handbook to lean on. As much as I believe intellectually, we did everything we could from what we knew to prevent such an attack. There's always a little piece of you that says, maybe there's more I could've done September eleventh is one of those days at every American remembers where they were. But if you rent a position of authority, it was a day that made every day after September twelfth on the day of September eleventh, that was like any other Tuesday morning. I was at my desk. It was a little odd in that President Bush had gone down to Florida for an education event. And usually either Steve Hadley, the deputy national security adviser, or I would have gone with him, but he was only going to be gone a few hours, so we decided, oh, he should just go with a, a more junior staff member. And so my assistant came in and he said, a plane hit the World Trade Center. I said, well, that's a strange accident. And I thought he meant a small plane, and then he said, no, it's a commercial. Jetliner so I called President Bush, and he said, that's a strange accident. And I said, yes, and he said, keep me informed. So I went downstairs, and I was having my morning staff meeting, and I would go around the table, and I got to about the third person in, and they handed me a note and they said a second plane had hit the World Trade Center that, oh my God. This terrorist attack. I went into the medication center, and I was trying to reach the other national Security Council principles. Yes. CIA directorate already gone to the bunker there, Colin Powell was actually in Peru. And I couldn't reached on Rumsfeld, and I looked behind me and a plane had hit the Pentagon. And then there was a false report of a car bomb having gone off at the State Department, and right? Then the secret service came to me and they said, you have got to go to the bunker right now and they sort of sweep you up and they start to carry you along. And I said, I have to make a phone call. I actually called my aunt, and uncle in Birmingham. And I sit there going to be terrible pictures coming out of Washington. Tell everybody, I'm all right. And I hung up. I didn't even wait for them to answer. And then I called President Bush, and I did something that I had never done before, and I never did since which was I, I raised my voice, the present the United States. I said, stay where you are. He said, I'm coming back. I said, no, you're not. Washington under attack. My then went down to the bunker and the vice president was there. He was on the phone with President Bush, and he was getting authorisation that if another plane was not responding properly that the air force should shoot it down. And then suddenly a plane disappeared somewhere over Pennsylvania and for an awful fifteen minutes. We thought that we shot that plane down. I remember thinking at that moment, how horrible it would be if indeed the American air force had shot down innocent civilians, but it was a necessary evil. During that whole time and everything that would transpire after. You learn that you're very often balancing, your very often weighing unpalatable choices. It's not so black and white. It's not. This is good. And that's bad very often very often you have battled turn it gives, and you're trying to choose between them, very often you're weighing competing values. If you're going to have a strike against a terrorist camp and that terrorist camp is embedded in a village, where civilians might die. What do you do? Do you take out the terrorists camp knowing that they could kill three thousand people as they did on September eleventh? How do you weigh that against the innocent lives of civilians, some of whom may even be human shields for the terrorist? And so, I learned in this incredibly difficult time this crucible through, which we went that these things are rarely black and white. Faith helps because you pray for guidance. Don't think a really religious person praise believing to hear the voice of God. Tell you do this, not that, but you certainly hope that all of the belief that you've had you've held for all of those years is going to somehow come together to make you wiser in the choices that you are going to make. But those who tell you that these decisions are black and white. There's a good. And there's a bad. Sometimes, sometimes if it's a taking of innocent lives by a terrorist who just is going to do it because wants to make a political point. Yeah, that's just bad. That's just evil. There is no compromise there. But very often, you find yourself weighing hard, hard decisions where it's not so black and white. What struck me during the entire period after September eleventh sit degree to which the common values of Islam Judaism. Christianity really come to the fore, and you realize that agree to which the terrorist in the violent people are outside of those common values. I don't care whether it's Muhammad. Or Moses, David or Jesus Christ. There have been followers who have used those names to their own ill purposes. September eleventh taught me that there are people in the world. Who spreader harsh to say it if you don't get them before they get you, you'll suffer. It's the hardest thing about this terrorist bite. We don't have an option to let them commit the crime. And then punish it afterwards, quite literally, we have to get them before they get us. My parents are really again, the reason that I think I'm very decisive person and that I am a decision maker, and I don't mind taking decisions. When I was a little girl, I was about four years old. I became president of the family, we had an election every year, but it was by secret ballot and there are no term limits. So I got elected year after year because I had my mother's vote. I don't know about my father's vote. But they really did concoc- this idea so that I would literally call a family meeting. So we could decide what time are we leaving for the trip to New York tomorrow, or so that we could decide what color, we're gonna paint the new living room. I think it was a wonderful way of giving me a role in the family in terms of decision making. So it was very empowering to use an over used word and from very early on. I learned those lessons. I taught a course called challenges and dilemmas in US foreign policy. I said to my students there've been a few challenges in dilemmas, and I was involved in a lot of them, you can think that some of the decisions that I was a part of where the. The most ridiculous or bow stupid decisions that you've ever heard, but you'd better know what you're talking about. Because I will welcome your opinions but not your uninformed ones. I am absolutely grateful that there wasn't another attack in the seven and a half years that we were in office. But as I often say to people we have to be right one hundred percent of the time, and they have to be right. Once I think I understand from the inside how hard it is to make sure and the lesson for me is that you need to give some slack some understanding to people who are trying to make it work from the inside. I have had the chance to teach my students about the decisions that we took in Afghanistan and Iraq, and, and obviously about the issues of weapons of mass destruction. And the first lesson is that intelligence is never perfect in it might in fact, be wrong. The fact is in decision, making you don't always have all of the information that you want or need many of the decisions that we took were controversial. And there was, obviously another side. Took the decisions that we thought were best for the country under what I think, were really quite extraordinary circumstances, and frankly, without a compass, because no one had ever been through what we went through there is no doubt that there are many things that we could have done differently than Afghantistan in Iraq. It's the nature of big complex operations that you're going to do some things. Well, you're not going to force some things. It's kind of interesting to me that people say, well, you didn't plan while we planned, and planned and planned. Sometimes we planned on the wrong assumptions that the Iraqi society was going to hold together. And you'd have in place ministries that could run the affairs of Iraq once you've gotten rid of the top leadership, and that didn't hold by headed to do over again, I would try and build Iraq from the outside in rather than, from the inside out, meaning I wouldn't focus so much in Baghdad focused more in the provinces we could've used the tribal structures better as we finally did in two thousand and. Seven I think the military learned how to fight a counterinsurgency strategy, meaning you had to live among the population and protect the population, and they would come over to your side, rather than just trying to destroy every less to terrorist without the support the population. So there many, many lessons and those are fair criticisms. But I found it really completely objectionable, and I was really angry by people who impudent ill motives, to those who are making those decisions that somehow we want it to lead the country into ward, therefore, we concocted ideas about what Saddam might have done this, or that nobody wants to go to war. Nobody in the right mind. Wants to go to war. And so when decisions are taken at least give somebody the benefit of the doubt that perhaps, they took them for the right reasons, and with the right motivations, even if you don't agree with them. So at the beginning of. My class, I told my students never forget how hard it is to make complex decisions. When you don't have all the information that you'd like, but you don't have the luxury of not making a decision. When I was provost of Stanford. I went to a concert here at Stanford by the great cellist yo-yo Ma and he said, oh, you play the piano, don't you? And I said, yes. And he said, you know, we'll play sometime in I thought. Yeah. Sure, will jam you and I will we'll do that. And he called me when I was back in the White House is national security advisor, my secretary cups in and she says, yo, yo MAs on the phone for you. I said, you mean the cellist and he was going to receive the national medal of the arts, and he wanted to play something with me? We played for twenty five hundred people at constitution hall one evening, and I thought that's even more confirmation that it was a good thing to change your major because don't be confused. You're not playing with yo yo Ma because you're great pianist you're playing with yo yo Ma because you're the national security adviser. So I've gotten the best of both worlds. I got to pursue international politics and do it at the highest level. And I got to play with yo yo Ma. We have the facil- way of talking about the world, we're all alike, we like to say, we're all human, so we're all alike. Well, actually. No, we're not we're all very different. And that's the wonder of the world. That's what makes the world fun to know, and to, to get to know on, on the surface, where like underneath where actually very different. Now. The key has to be an international politics that difference, isn't a license to kill, and that too makes the world of international politics, both fascinating and a little terrifying. Sometimes I always say that history has a long tail. And my career really allowed me to see two very important sets of events in that context. I was in the White House on eleven nine. When the Berlin Wall Phil, and I was in the White House on nine eleven. When the terrorist attacks took place, now eleven nine the fall of the Berlin Wall and all that transpired after that the policies that led to that were actually put in place in nineteen forty five and nineteen forty six and nineteen forty seven and while it was unbelievable to be the White House Soviet specialist at the end of the Cold War. I had to remind myself that we were really harvesting good decisions that Truman and atchison and Marshall had taken back when actually things didn't look so bright. If at that time, you had said, oh, by the way, communism is going to end in forty years in Europe, there will be no communist. I states people would have had you committed. And so I am able to see that, that was the result that wonderful outcome, the end of communism in your was the result of forty years of policy. And so if you fast forward for me to September eleventh, I realized that we were at the front end of another big historical epoch. And I'll tell you, it's a lot more fun to be at the end of historical epic than at the beginning. But that is the way that I believe that you have to see what is happening in Afghanistan. What is happening in Iraq that these are events that will unfold over a long period of time. And I've had the fortune to be at the end of mistrial epoch, and I guess the challenge of being at the beginning of one. After monumental political career Dr Condoleeza Rice has returned to her. I love that is teaching at Stanford University. And as we've heard in this masterclass, she has plenty to teach how to rise above adversity through devotion to excellence how to have the courage to take risks and perhaps above all, how to trust ourselves and our instincts, if we're following our passions, every decision will teach us how to be better at being ourselves, which allows us to be the master of our own lives. I'm Oprah Winfrey. And you've been listening to masterclass the podcast, you can follow masterclass on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you haven't already go to apple podcasts, and subscribe rate and review this podcast, join me next week for another masterclass podcast. Does it bother you that some people define you as Oprah's friend dot? Fills newest podcast is available now this one features award winning journalist and my good friends. Gayle king. What's the most fun about what you're doing on the air? I like having a front row seat to whatever happens in the world. You got to press past life used that it's a press pass to light. Subscribe for free on apple podcast or Stitcher. Why are you tired OS questions around here?

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Sept. 15, 2019: Tony Blair on Brexit and partisan politics; Condoleezza Rice on the NEW new world order and racism in America

Fareed Zakaria GPS

42:11 min | 1 year ago

Sept. 15, 2019: Tony Blair on Brexit and partisan politics; Condoleezza Rice on the NEW new world order and racism in America

"Finding the right pros for home projects can be tough and spark a lot of questions like how do I find a pro who can help will they do a good job. Will I get a fair price. That's where homeadvisor can help from leaky faucets to major remodels. homeadvisor connects you to the right pro for the job in seconds and even helps you get a fair price. Read Reviews News Check Project Cost Guides and book appointments go to Homeadvisor DOT COM or download the free homeadvisor APP to start your next project this. GPS The global public square welcome to all of you in the United States around the world. I'm Zaccaria and today on the show. Tony Blair and Condoleeza Rice will start with the former prime minister of the United Kingdom on the chaos caused by Brexit exit and Boris Johnson what really is going on and how would it and also what advice would he give to the meters of his Labor Party Condoleeza Rice the former secretary of state former national security adviser when and she said President Bush the world came together to tackle the terror threat after nine eleven now it is coming up how does rice rape president trump on his foreign policy but first here's my take as he moves onto his fourth national security adviser in less than three years. It's become clear that Donald Trump's foreign policy is in shambles. It has produced turmoil. Oh but achieved almost nothing despite all the boasts there are no new deals with China Iran North Korea the Taliban or between the Israelis he's in the Palestinians just uncertainty disappointment and lots of bruised feelings trump informed the world that he was a great deal maker yet other than minor changes to Nafta and the US Korean trade pact. He has achieved little. There are many reasons for this. The trump administration has been chaotic and undisciplined bringing the ethos of a mom and pop real estate shop to one of the world's largest and most complex institutions the United States federal government government the central problem however is that trump is a bad negotiator with both Kim Jong UN and the Taliban he gave away crucial leverage bridge right from the start the North Koreans have wanted one on one meetings with the US precedent for decades trump gave away that prize right away hoping hoping to charm came into giving up his nuclear weapons so far came one trump zero with Afghanistan trump excoriated created president Obama for announcing deadline for troop withdrawals and yet he's done something similar repeatedly announcing his eagerness to quit and then being surprised prized the Taliban sought to press its advantage considered trump's model on Ghanistan. He fired John Bolton apparently because bolden objected did to making a deal with the Taliban except that trump then cancelled talks with the Taliban if agreeing with Bolton anyway with Bolton gone trump it does have the opportunity to act on his instincts and get something a new Iran deal. Let's face it. His reimposition of sanctions on Iran has it's been surprisingly brutally effective but Iran is a proud ancient civilization and I can't regional power it will not simply surrender it might agree to a new deal one that achieves more than the Obama code but for this to work trump will have to overrule some of his most hawkish advisors and find a path to a real negotiation. The Iranians will likely sit down only if sanctions of suspended during the negotiations is there will want to describe any changes that are made as additional measures to implement the existing deal rather than a new deal. Whatever that's what diplomats therefore trump's go should be get the Iranians to agree to extend the time horizon of key parts of the deal by approximately five years. He will not be able to make much headway on Iran's ballistic missiles. Iran views them as its defense against the vast Saudi military on Iran's other regional activities its support for his ball for example it might well be willing to talk but trump will have to consider whether this would extend the negotiations into an interminable imitable conversation involving Israel and the Broader Middle East most important to get an Iran deal trump would have to work against his fundamental mental urge always to claim total victory. Maybe that works in business where there are single transactions though it may explain why so few businesspeople businesspeople ever do business with trump again anyway. Foreign Policy is not about solo transactions. It's about long term. Relationships both sides have their own domestic politics and constituencies each needs to be able to say it has achieved success if trump can stomach that he could could emerge with something rare in his tenure so far an actual foreign policy win for more go to CNN dot com slash read and read lead by Washington Post column this week and let's get started the decision of British voters to leave the European Union will have vast consequences for for Britain for Europe and for the world those were the words of Britain's former Prime Minister Tony Blair published in The New York Times in June of twenty sixteen the day after the British people elected to leave the European Union blessed he felt great personal and political sadness over the decision today the date three years and three months later there is perhaps even more reason for sadness. Britain is in total political turmoil. Some say it's worse crisis in its modern in history to help us make sense of it. I'm joined by the author of those words Tony Blair welcome. Thanks for all of US outside of Britain for the world what is going on. What is the big fixtures here. What are we to make of the last few weeks but I was kind of hoping he wouldn't ask me to to to explain it because it's extremely difficult to explain but essentially I think what has happened now is that there is a complete blockage in parliament because the government is now wanting to brexit even with no agreement no deal as it were with European Union about the future after or indeed any agreement the terms of Britain's withdrawal from Europe parliament is against that parliament's blocked and I think the big picture. Is this now an acceptance acceptance. You've got to go back to the people to break. The deadlock in other words asked them. What a mean do they really want to go forward with this more extreme form of Brexit and now the issues do that through a general election. Which is the preference of the government or you do it in a specific referendum which personally I would would think a much more sensible way of dealing with but so you've got blockage? You've got the acceptance that the people the right way to break the blockage and the question is then what's the means and so why is Boris Johnson trying to do this in the in bye bye triggering a general election rather than referendum well. That's a very good impertinent question. I think the reason is essentially political. He believes that if you look at the opinion polls the Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is very weakened. The Pos Labor's still really not doing what you'd expect an opposition party with this turmoil to be doing and so he thinks if you have a general election then he can mosques the unpopularity hilarity of the no deal Brexit by pointing to the greater unpopularity of the Labor leadership. That's one that I think he's making but the other thing is under under our political system we first-past-the-post in constituencies so it's the person with the most votes the conservative and pro brexit forces. Probably we'll be reasonably united they won't get. I don't think above forty percent they may get less than that but the opposition is severely divided in each constituency between the Labor Party and then the third party which is the Liberal Democrats or Scottish nationals and others who've got more or less the same position on briggs it but very different nation positions on the general election issues so that's why there is a political advantage of you like and tried to do this in the general election though I have to say in these last couple of weeks the government itself has been acting in quite an extreme way probing parliament expelling long standing conservative members of parliament from the party going for this deal brexit whatever the cost and it's I would have thought it's quite an uncertain bed actually even for the Conservatives now so for all of those reasons in my view if you've got a problem in the problem is brexit and you want to ask the public. What does it think go back to them on the specific to the mix it up with the general election but that's where I think the debate is going to be in the next few weeks. Tony what if you get your wish and there is a second referendum and the public votes to leave again because there is some evidence Britain has long had an awkward relationship with Europe but also there's this feeling let's let's rip the Bandage and get it done with Yep. That's true and if that happens then that's the end of it. you know. I've said to people and I mean it. You can't carry on with with this and by the way the overwhelming the only thing that unites the British people at the moment is designed to have the thing over with so if there was another referendum and people voted to leave so you just have to accept that result and make the best of it. I'm not sure they would and one of the reasons for the reluctance of the arch brexit here's to have another to say with the British people is I think an underlying anxiety when we look at it. We'll realize that living Europe's not the answer to any Britain's problems yeah I mean most of the big decisions about Britain made in Britain and not made in Brussels on our healthcare system on our education system whether we put our taxes up whether we spend more money how we reform our welfare it'll pensions law and order defense war and peace. They're all decisions made in Britain so the brexit thing is really part of this populist movement across the West World old where in the face of big challenges people look for someone to blame. They look to ride the anger not provide the answer and that's the problem stay with us next on GPS. I will ask Tony Blair about populism around the world with Brexit on the brink and president trump faring poorly and horserace bowls has populism populism seem. It's Martha Stewart wants to give you three free meals for your own home taste test. That's right Martha's meal Kit Delivery Service Service. Martha and Marley spoon is giving away three full size meals to be part of Martha's free atom taste test visit Marley spoon dot com slash. CNN forget get about awful frozen food and unhealthy fast food. Martha wants you to enjoy three of her best thirty minute meals for free go to Marley spoon dot com slash. CNN then that's Marley spoon dot COM SLASH CNN and we're back with Tony Blair former prime minister of the United Kingdom Kingdom and founder of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change. One of the things that last week I think it was George George Osborne the former chancellor of the extra said he had the Britain is going to face an awful choice between a hard brexit advocated about Party that is Boris Johnson Story Party and a socialist even a Marxist Labor Party lead Corbin. Why why is it that the centre-left seems to have lost ground here which seemed to what you represented what Bill Clinton represented. What is your your diagnosis have. No sense of that meigs is twofold one. We stopped providing the momentum of change in an era of where people people want change. If you're the guardian of the status quo you're in trouble so the center left center right appeared to be in that position secondly say to people it's also because social media transforming the entire way politics is is conducted but one of the interesting aspects of that is that social media creates the circumstances in which a takeover of a traditional political parties very easy and therefore what I would say is for example Britain at the moment. A centrist proposition is not really on offer so when people say it doesn't work well it doesn't work for either of the two main political parties is is a much more open question as to whether is actually lost support amongst the people and if you look round Europe today if you see the victory of Emmanuel Macron. I'm Franz for example. It's not entirely clear to me that the central ground can't win but it's got to be offering a politics of change. It's got a show what narrative of optimism about the future which I think by the ways should be focused around the technological revolution that is happening at the moment and it's going to be offered by credible political potty auty part of what seems to me to be happening is that in these kinds of uncertain times the left always assumes that the answer is is economics that if offer people more goodies you look at what's happening in Democratic primaries but what really happens is people don't move left economically move right culturally right and the right is he's very good at offering cultural solutions immigration whatever it is you're absolutely this is my my view is that there is a certain certain peaking of this populism because in the end of course these people say they provide answers and they really don't and after a time when you're experiencing you're you're saying okay okay but we were promised everything was going to be fantastic and look it's my life and all that changed but it is cultural as much as economic and a alot may peak and provide an opportunity for. I would say sensible serious minded politics to recapture the initiative. It's got to do do it and the risk is that people say well. People have gone for populism of the right so maybe if we provide a populism of the left and they'll go for that too well first of all. I don't think that's true I think in the end populism of the right face with the populism of the left. I think the right usually wins. I'm afraid because the tunes the right play more immediately attractive attractive an appeal to the emotions of people but quite apart from that if you're going to deal with the current situation you have to focus on the cultural cultural as well as the economic and these questions to do with immigration and the values around that it's very very important that if you're from a centre-left progressive of liberal tradition you don't just dismiss those anxieties also people who are engaged in in worrying about the Assam House on Quasar racist so this is my view is the right wins when the left facilitates and the most important thing right now therefore in any politics in which that you're fighting a right wing populism is you've got to build from the center. It's just in my view fundamental strategic mistake. If you then say well look okay okay. What we really want to do is to get in and we're going to give you a revolution from the left particularly of that revolution seems to people to be ignoring what a genuine cultural issues and simply focusing on economic ones so? I think if I were to translate Tony Blair's you know message in in an attitude to the Democratic primaries for example would be the Democratic candidates should be saying things like crossing the border. Illegally is a crime the the you know the there is a reality to a problem of illegal immigration. We have in other words. You have to sound like you're credible on those issues well. You'd have to sound like you understand that there is a genuine problem and you want to deal with it but I will say to people if if you don't deal with these types of problems like immigration and with properly consistent with your values of course you should treat people properly immigration by the way is a good thing not a bad thing for our country. All of that is true but if you want the permission to make that argument you gotta understand that there is genuine. Zaidi immigration is uncontrolled or it's happening illegally if you're not prepared to reach out to those people and understand that then I'm afraid you're just going to be left in a position where I'm sure you'll get a round of applause for a group of Party activists but I'm afraid there's decide the election so this is this is the age old problem of progressive politics aches the dates and obviously have followed the Democrat debates here but it's it's important if he was standing to win election in the country. You want the country to come behind you. You've got to appeal to more than your your base. And what do you say to those this and say yeah but that is not going to excite the the Democratic Base Labor base in other words. Your argument is there's a kind of cold rash national centrism but what's going to stir people and bring them out in droves. which is what you need? Is some some kind of the drama. The romance what I say is but without power these are just woods. I mean they're just words that they don't advance anyone look before I let me give you two specific examples from my own experience in government before I came to office in Nineteen ninety-seven there was no minimum wage in the UK the PROB- The policy against the member wage from the Conservatives used to be used against Labor time and time and time again we then introduced a minimum wage is now part of the consensus politically in the UK but we only did it because we we reached out to business anxieties and work with them in order to do it in a sensible way. The other thing is is gay rights before I came to power the Conservatives as a political party used to use this issue the entire time as a sort of wedge issue with with the right wing vote today. Gay Marriage is actually an accepted part of the political consensus between conservatives and and labor so if you want to make real change you've got to you got your politics motivated by strategic disciplined not by self-indulgence and it's is just a simple thing that you've got to do if you're not prepared to do it then what it means is in the end. It's all about you. It's not about the people it's about you. It's about how you feel about yourself as a political activist but no it's not in the end. You'll plenty of activism is pretty meaningless unless it ultimately results in a better life for for them for the people you want to represent Tony Blair pleasure to have you on so next on. 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These days is gloomy that pessimism is closely tied to the loss of faith in free markets and free trade the two forces that have propelled spelled the world economy for the past seven decades the United States long the staunchest supporter of these ideas has moved into full-scale mercantilist mode Britain Britain the original free-trade super is pulling out of the European Union China's striving to become less reliant on foreign firms everywhere the trend seems the the same except in Africa last week at a world economic form summit in Capetown South African President Cyril Ramaphosa declared the arrival of Africa's centuries. He was referring in part to a monumental recent event on the continent that was unnoticed by much of the media in July Africa's leaders announced the creation of a continent wide free trade area that would potentially bring together one point three a billion people in a three point four trillion dollar economic zone as I wrote recently in the Washington Post the success of this project hinges on whether the nation's actually do reduce tariffs and other trade barriers but if they do trade could rise by as much as fifty percent in the next few decades according according to the International Monetary Fund as the IMF put it this could be an economic game changer for the continent. Africa has six of the world's ten fastest growing economies already by twenty fifty a new African middle and upper class of two hundred and fifty million people could stimulate a five five fold rise in demand for goods and services more than four hundred African companies already taken at least one billion dollars in annual revenues. These data points come from a recent Project Syndicate op-ed by Landry and Amina Guru for Kim One Country that has been big on Africa is China in two thousand trade between China and the entire African continent was just ten billion dollars today. It's two hundred billion dollars making taking China. Its largest trading partner. Beijing has invested heavily in Aden lows for the region and President Xi Jinping has declared China will spend more in the the years to come but it may be premature to declare the arrival of Africa Century. It's easier to announce the intention to reduce trade barriers than to actually Shuli enact such laws Africa continues to face massive problems in the form of corruption and mismanagement not to mention actual conflict some of the continent's promising promising growth statistics reflect the simple fact that Africa is rich in natural resources and a growing world economy has created high demand for these products Africa will however demand the world's attention over the coming decades it will add one billion people to its population by twenty fifty and two billion more by by the end of the century at which point more than one in three people on the planet will be Africa that demographic boom could create enormous problems blooms if it's not accompanied by jobs and political stability but it could provide the world with energy and dynamism as populations age and growth slows and most most of the rest of the world much of this will depend on Africa's leaders who would have to finally fulfil the promise of the continent and its people too many of them have stolen from their people for too long. Africans no the price they have paid by being locked out of global markets and trade in of living in countries with with limited private enterprise. They understand that the only real and sustainable path out of poverty is expanding free markets that are of course well-managed well managed and well regulated by effective governments much of the world today could be reminded of that simple lesson next next on GPS former secretary of State Condoleeza Rice on the trump era view of the world and the nation under trump remember to create an ad like this one visit pure winning dot com slash. CNN in a couple of months on in November ninth the world will mark the thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. This was of course one of the most important events of the twentieth century marking at the end of the Cold War and the triumph of capitalism over communism the coming anniversary inspired my next guest Condoleeza Rice to begin researching in writing a terrific book that has just been published ridden with Philip Zelikow the scholar. The book is called to build a better world choices to end the cold Cold War and create a global Commonwealth condie Rice was National Security Advisor and then Secretary of state for President George W Bush today today. She is a professor at Stanford and founding partner at Rice Hadley Gates a consulting firm Connolly's pleasure to have you on with you. You talk in this book about a kind of new moment of rupture. The book is really terrific. Read is about the way in which the Cold War ended that moment of rupture. Oh and a new international system is being born and you seem to feel like we're at a moment like that. I'm afraid right that we are because I think that the system that was essentially built after World War Two the system of free trade and free markets and a international economy that was not zero enroll some at the NATO alliance all of the great institutions that period that really the improved themselves in nineteen eighty nine one thousand nine thousand nine hundred ninety one when we we were able to unify Germany liberate Eastern Europe the peaceful collapse of the Soviet Union and then onto what everyone thought was a new world order as President George George H W Bush put it but that's systems under a lot of strain now and I've said it's really under strain from the four horsemen of the apocalypse whether it is populism some or I'll call it. Native is not nationalism which I think has a different connotation protectionism isolationism and we're seeing a real challenge to with that system that works so well for us a lot of people would say under threat because the principal the creator of that system the upholder of that system the United States under president trump doesn't seem to believe in it anymore whether it's NATO with its transpacific partnership all in fact this has been coming for quite a long time in the United States. Somebody Buddy ask me once Is this a revolution or an evolution. I said a revolutionist what happens when you don't see an evolution coming and I think that what we've seen is that going back really even to WHO President Obama if you read President Obama's interview with Jeffrey Goldberg and the Atlantic one of the last ones that he did it talks about how our allies dragged us into the Libya conflict. They didn't even have enough ammunition they got me into that they're freeloading this has been going on for a while the breakdown of the America's role as what some called the systems operator the fact is though this system won't operate without the United States of America and one thing that this this book shows is that really without the role of the United States without the role of George H W Bush. I don't think we would have unified Germany completely and totally early on Western terms to allow to remain in NATO. Don't think we would have seen the peaceful dissolution of the Soviet Union. It took great skill and diplomacy but it it also took reliance on the institutions the relationships the alliances that had been built over a period of almost fifty years. Do you understand understand where president trump is coming from on Vladimir Putin when he stands up in Helsinki and says essentially I believe President Putin's denial that he medal in the two thousand sixteen election compared to my own intelligence agencies well. I don't think he said an exactly that way. He said he said that and I know Ventura said very strongly. I think that part of the problem is when you're standing next to the president of another country. It's kind of hard to be really critical. President trump is in something of a difficult position. I think because I I in his line. It seems to me whenever somebody talks about the Russian meddling. It's done in a way that seems to discredit credit or de-legitimize his own election and so it's it's a delicate situation. Do you wish that the United States government had taken taken stronger measures. WHO's against Russian meddling in the two thousand sixteen election. I still hope that we're doing the hard work the measures. I think that we took a sanctions and so fourth mostly being coming out of the Congress. We're we're right. I do wonder how much we're doing to make sure it doesn't happen again. We appear to know a lot about how they did what they did and so the real question is. Are they going to be able to do it again because you know shame on on them the first time shame on us for the second time if we allow that meddling they also read as you know were exploiting divisions that are real in the United States it was that's the old playbook from the Soviet Union. You take the effort to exploit disaffected populations what Stalin called the fifth column but now it's it's much more efficient with social media and you can get networks of people who have some disaffection and your rile them up and that was the game that they were playing now. We know a lot about how did we should be trying to stop that. We should also be dealing with the divisions that are real divisions in American society up next former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice will talk about race in America is the president fomenting bigotry. How do we get out of this downward spiral the cases. We gotta find who wrote this. No we do that. Dad Find the killer. This science defined out police used Luminol a chemical which glows when it comes into contact with the iron component in blood the drama but where was the rifle and which man was telling the truth forensic files the legendary true crime show is now a podcast join investigators as they take on the toughest cases with cutting edge scientific tools they subscribe now with apple podcasts with new episodes every Monday and Thursday. You'll never miss out on getting your forensic fix uh and we are back with Condoleeza Rice the former secretary of state and Co author of a new book to build a better world. Let me ask you about something you you do. Write about in spoke. which is that one of the reasons. America is turning is this these divisions and these divisions divisions have something to do with sort of people who feel like they're looked down upon by city dwellers and such but some part of that and I asked this question is some and part of that also a way of telling certain groups of white people working class whites in particular You know you're better than imigrants. You're better than black people which is historically been one of the tropes that has been used at a lot of people are looking at some of president trump's rhetoric nick that he's playing the same game that he's playing the game of trying to reassure some part of the white population by demeaning immigrants and so black people. How does it look clearly as some divisive language and there's some language that calls up old ghosts that we ought to leave buried. I grew we're up in Birmingham Alabama. I know and understand language of that kind but I'll tell you it wouldn't have an appeal if if there weren't something deeper going on and I think there are two things going on. Some people have been left out. You cannot tell the unemployed steelworker in in Pennsylvania or the unemployed co worker in West Virginia that actually your life has been made better by all of this globalisation and especially if elite say we'll just slit listen. It is better for you. See all of those cheap goods you can buy at Walmart. The conversations not working and so some people really do feel left out in their ways to address it better job skills miss matches than we have now but something else is going on to with culture. The the fact is we've lost the notion of a common UNAMERICAN narrative and that was a narrative in which people could come as immigrants and at some point with the exception of native Americans Arkansas some everybody came from someplace and so there was that sense that people could come seeking it doesn't matter where you came from it matters where you're going there was also since he ward trapped in class and that has broken down and I do think that some of that is also deputy politics for all the right reasons that groups that were disadvantaged groups that had been left out needed voice but we have to be careful that it doesn't become just a set of grievance grievances or a narrative that is one that pits one ethnic group against other ethnic groups because in that that case you are going to see the rise of white identity and that's something that I think we really don't want to see but when you hear president trump say a of congressional representatives who are Somali American you know they should go back to the country that they came from when he says in Charlottesville little good people on both sides this seems to me such a contrast from President Bush the Bush the second man flu. You served in terms of having had the first black secretary of state. He had the first female black national security adviser you the way he talked about. Islam after nine eleven was so thoughtful in trying to not demean Islam as a religion when you hear from this must this this is the repudiation of everything you and Bush were trying to the president needs to be a lot more careful in the way that he speaks about these things because race is a very delicate and raw nerve in America. We we have a birth defect of slavery. We have a birth defect of a number of people being treated badly and so you need to be careful but I will tell you read. It's not all coming out of the White House. I hear a lot coming out of the left on these issues to that. I don't like the language language that is used about people the notion that because somebody looks a certain layers of certain color they think a certain way if they don't think a certain way then they're really not black and no come on we we need to all back off. We need to watch our language toward one another. We need to start to apply that golden rule. Don't say something about somebody that you wouldn't want to be said about. You and I think we'll all be better off so I think this is a national project. Not a White House project not a congressional congressional project. It's a national but by saying that you have so much moral authority given who you are what what kind of jobs you've had Do you have a responsibility to not. Just pretend that this is there is an equivalence here. Look at the Tory party in England senior. Tory members burs former Chancellor of the Exchequer have essentially quit from party allowed themselves to be thrown out of the body rather than go along with what they saw as really bad policy. WHY ARE THEY NOT Republicans. It's not really bad policy what they they're objecting to something quite different. which is the way thank goodness that our founding fathers gave a separation of powers because whatever happens between the president and the Congress can actually disband the Congress so I I think the British situation is different and I think people have to make their own determination look? I think there's an argument that we have a president of the United States and you've got to try and fight for the right things from whatever perch you have within without however you wish to do it. I've said and I think everybody everybody understands that. I don't like a lot of the language at the president uses. I don't like the language about immigrants because in so many any ways immigrants are an easy target but the reason that I emphasize all of our responsibilities is if we just point fingers at Sixteen hundred Pennsylvania Avenue. We're not going to solve this problem. This is a very deep now set of divisions in America in which we're all looking at each other it through a lens of our own narrative in our own grievances and that is going to backfire in a multi-ethnic democracy that is not held together by race or ethnicity city or nationality or religion for that matter but we're held together by an idea and we had better get back to that unifying idea are we're going to be in very deep trouble aw Carrera's pleasure of yarn and this really is a terrific book study and American Statecraft at its best. Thank you and we will be back. Wafer Champions League and Europa League are back in action every match on beyond is from Brooklyn to Berkeley foodies recoil in horror last week when president trump threatened to extend tariffs on billions of dollars of European goods including artisanal cheeses and olive oils the WTO will wane before any tariffs go into effect so you've still got a few weeks to gorge on Gouda but dietary habits habits around the world have already been affected by trade tariffs. It brings me to my question. What food product shortage has China attempted to alleviate the eight by breaking into its national strategic reserves a chili oil be rice see pork de Mooncakes us. Stay tuned and we'll tell you the correct answer. My Book of the week is an old classics that I finally got around to read. Stephen King's on writing. It's part memoir pardon instruction manual all of it ridden luminous only as Stephen King Ken. This is the back to the school month and it's never too late for all of us to get better at writing reading and related thinking clearly inelegantly the answer to my. GPS challenge is see municipal and provincial governments in China have begun under released thousands of tons of frozen pork from the National Strategic Reserve in order to alleviate a severe shortage in the Middle Kingdom. Now you may be surprised price to hear Beijing keeps vast amounts of pork in case of emergency but it's difficult to overstate the importance of folk in China half of the world's bigs live live in the People's Republic and by twenty eighteen the reports Chinese dinosaur consuming some fifty four million tons of four a year that that is more than China can produce it turns out meeting that despite I watering tariffs the US Meat Export Federation reports sales of American pork in China are up compared to last year. The root of the shortage is a massive outbreak of African swine fever that the New York Times reports has led the Chinese government to kill over for a million pigs this year alone. One hundred million more have died from the disease. Oh and in case you've forgotten twenty thousand nine. Hundred nine is the year of the pig evidently of very expensive and sick one. Thanks to all of you for the part of my program this week. I will see you are you interested in learning how great companies grow download the Mar- tech podcast the Mar- tech podcast tells the stories of real world marketers who use technology to generate red growth and achieve business and careers exists from advertising to software as a service to data getting brands authentically integrated the content performs better than TV advertising typical life span of an article about twenty four to thirty six hours. We're reaching out to the right person with the right message and a clear lear called an action that it's just a matter of timing ready to learn the secrets of technology driven marketing download the Martic podcast just search Martic Amadeu Ayar T._D. C. H. Wherever you download your podcasts.

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Condoleezza Rice: Director of the Hoover Institution

Uncommon Knowledge

55:13 min | 7 months ago

Condoleezza Rice: Director of the Hoover Institution

"Welcome to another special playtime. I'm at home edition of Uncommon Knowledge I'm Peter Robinson the daughter of a Presbyterian Minister and a schoolteacher Condoleeza Rice grew up in Birmingham Alabama. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Denver Her masters degree from Notre Dame and her doctorate. Again from the University of Denver she has served in many positions in academia and government including as I mentioned just a moment ago as provost of Stanford and as Secretary of State and as of September first secretary. Rice has become the new director of the Hoover Institution, the Public Policy Center at Stanford Kanji Rice. Welcome. Thank you. Great to be with you. Condie the first question is more or less mandatory you and I have known each other for a number of years and if I may say so until September first, you had a wonderful life you taught at Stanford, you're participated in a consultant company and. Gave speeches and you still had time to practice piano and play golf. And now you have taken on a job that will involve endless fundraising countless administrative tasks attempting to lead some two hundred fellows of the Hoover Institute I I love our colleagues I really do love them, but they're not all people. So. The first question again is mandatory lie have you done this? Well, Peter Maybe I should have had my head examined you you left out that I also, of course, had a chance to be on the college. Football Playoff, committee and Chair Commission Basketball Yes. Life was very good. But in the final analysis. I had to ask myself do I like where we are right now as a country and as world and I had to say, no, I think we have challenges and problems that are piling up that are challenging our values challenging our freedoms, a challenging, our prosperity, and most importantly challenging the sense of Americans in particular that equal opportunity and equal access are there for them and challenges to the governance of a Free People's suggested that we need really good answers to a lot of the problems that we're facing. We need them to be based on solid and sound research new ideas that are fully explored explored where the data takes us. And I thought there's no better place to do that than the hoover institution a place that has a very solid foundation in the notion that free people's free markets prosperity and peace are to be sought going all the way back to the wishes of Herbert Hoover himself, and so if I can help lead and in fact, really bring our our colleagues together around that joint goal that set of responsibilities than it seemed a good time to do it. Would come to hoover in a moment. Let's just a moment to explain. Explain your thinking actually. On public policy centers on think tanks, there are over five thousand colleges and universities in the country far lower number of thanks for lower but not not insignificant. Hoover Brookings. Heritage the American Enterprise Institute, Cato, and so forth. What our think tanks for? Them from the usual from the rest of the academic world. Well think tanks. I believe have to have one thing that is, is there in the academic world and that is grounding in research that is driven by research questions which are then answered by data and where the data takes you wherever it will. In other words, you're really seeking in a sense, the truth from the questions that you ask a, but they also have to be a places that want to have an impact on policy. An impact on outcomes and impact on the thinking of leaders and those who are actually responsible for calling out and carrying out policy. And what distinguishes hoover is that it has to other really unique features. One is it sits. At a great university, one of the really leading universities and a leading university in the new technologies and the innovation and technological frontiers of the world. and. It is at the. Library and Archive, and so it's committed to its history, its committed to those historical documents and historical experiences that inform of the way that we think about policies. So to my mind hoover's kind of the complete package it is a think tank where we care about policy where we do A. Fundamental research but it is also a place that can draw on those documents and lessons of history, and it can do it in an environment of a great and broad university. You spoken of. Several areas of emphasis or or. Questions, and however you're still very new in the jobs. We haven't spoken about the much so. I I'd like to ask questions that have the virtue of being real questions. I. Really. Don't quite know how you're going to answer these questions so Slapped me around if I'm asking bad questions or you had Milton Friedman on this show and he treated me like a very slow graduate studies. Now, that's not the he. He rewrote the questions before answering them feel free. You've one of those areas of kind of organizing question. If that's the right way to put the way you're thinking about these, you have talked about the challenges or the failures. And this is the term you're using of late stage capitalism. So of course, I look that up and it wasn't used by Marx, but it is associated with the left and here's a definition that I found online. Late stage capitalism is a popular phrase that describes the hypocrisy and absurdities of capitalism as it digs its own grave. Now something tells me you don't really expect or want free markets to dig their own graves. So how are you using this phrase? I'm using this phrase as a challenge to us all to be provocative in our thinking to be wide ranging in our thinking. About how we get at the core? Of anything that's. What I considered to be the greatest economic system that humankind has ever created and that is the belief that if people are in it for their labor. If they mobilize resources smartly and capital smartly, everybody will be better off I believe in free markets I believe in free enterprise I believe in the private sector I believe in small government to make sure that the private sector is freed to the degree that it can be to do all of those things. But I recognize to that those who don't believe in that are making some very serious charges about where capitalism is failing and if we just say Oh no, no, you don't understand we're actually growing the economy than people will say well, what about all of those who've been left out and I'll tell you what happens Peter when you're not provocative enough in your own thinking about your assumptions about what is right? Is You get lazy And if you get lazy, you open the ground to those who would dig your grave and so my view is that unless we have answers to these questions and I'll I'll give you a couple of them we in fact are not doing our jobs as responsible stewards. Of the best economic system that humankind has ever created You know I of course, studied Soviet Union. So I am not unaware for late stage capitalism comes from. In fact, if you really look hard I, it is a phrase that Lennon liked to use a linen used. And so looked at mark's I was looking in the wrong. Is. Slow student and so. You know I'm a specialist on the Soviet Union, I understand the critiques but I always said, if people who say, well, how about socialism I say well, look the only time that from each according to his talents to each according to his needs the only time that's worked at gunpoint. It's actually not an incentive for people to to create to innovate. To Produce what it is is a recipe for a Terry innocent mentalities. So that's what it's led to. So what is our answer however to the following? Capitalism is inherently unequal because markets will reward something's and not others weeks. You and I don't get angry because Yoyo Ma makes more money playing the cello than I would have made playing the piano. It's inequality of talent. With my sports friends, I used the example that I don't get. Mad. Lebron James makes more money than I would playing basketball because it's inequality of talent but if it's inequality of access and inequality of opportunity. Now, we have the politics of Jealousy. And capitalism cannot survive when you have the politics of jealousy because now what it says is I'm not getting a fair shake and therefore, I'm going to take what is yours and redistribute in a way that is quote equal because I can't trust your system to do it. Does that sound familiar in the environment in which we live today? Does it sound familiar for people to say? I'm going to make sure that those people pay their fair share. As if the hard work that people have put in. Autism be put into a kind of generalized pool where some government official gets to decide how it's going to be redistributed. So the reason that I think it's important that we take this on frontally. Is that we have now descended into the politics jealousy I'll tell you one little story. About this. So when Gorbachev met with George, H W Bush for the first time President Bush was trying to explain. Capitalism and he said something like, well, you see. Somebody who seeking a benefit for himself to get wealthy. Himself can actually make it better for all of society by creating jobs and and Gorbachev wasn't buying it. Right? He was just his eyes were glazed over I could see it. And finally he said George George. Let me tell you why capitalism will never work in Russia. In the Soviet Union, he said, we have this parable. A peasant finds Aladdin's lamp Janey comes out and says, what can I do view? The peasants says look at my neighbor he has a wonderful harvest. His wife is really and his children a twin look at me. My harvest is lousy by children hate me my wife is left me and the genie says so you would like me to make you like him. He says I want you to make him like me. That's the politics of Jealousy. and. So you don't reward hard work and you don't reward risk taking what you do say there has to be equality of outcome, and that's the struggle that we're in today. So if you A. Spectrum of new. Well, we have free markets enormous work. Fremont. In some ways decisive work by hoover fellows and Nobel Prize winners Milton. Friedman George Stigler Gary. Becker. and. I found this quotation by another hoover fellow who was a Nobel Prize winner Friedrich Hayek if old truths are to retain their hold. On Men's minds, they need to be restated and language and concepts of successive generations. No statement of an ideal can be complete, it must be adapted. To a given climate of opinion. So On the one hand, there's this notion which I get completely. Of, restating for contemporary for our time for our generation and the language. That students can understand the issues that we care restating what we what has already been demonstrated. But then there's also the question of actually doing new work. On specific areas and you're not going to be satisfied with just restatement I. Don't guess. So for example education, what do you have specific? I mean I I. Don't WanNa get you try to get ahead of yourself. You're still settling into the job, but if there's specific questions within this. Provocative Leninist framework framing of late stage capitalism that you'd like to see addressed. Yes. By the way, I'll a lot of people have not liked let state capitalism. So I'M GONNA, call it mature on like it now. But tour capitalism and A couple exchanged ESA changes needs. I think that the way that you deal with the politics of jealousy as you look hard, what is the social contract under lying? The economic system we know that. You get great macro effects you get growth we've had just before this pandemic record low unemployment you know job creation innovation there are a lot of great things we can point it But the social contract, which says are everybody's GonNa. Get an equal chance at the benefits of that. There we have a problem and what does that problem I would say that one of the biggest interventions that we've always used is a high quality education. For every child so that people can fully benefit. Now today I can look at your zip code and I can tell in the public education system from your zip code whether you're likely to get an high quality education and we have wonderful fellows at hoover. People like macaroni remained and. Eric check, and of course, Caroline hawksbill are looking at this system and saying what about the policies that we've adopted are making that high quality education harder and harder for the poorest of kids to attain. Now I personally have a lot of work on education reform because as a high as a higher ed person I'm really interested in the product that I get. I'm interested in the question of can equate elite university like Stanford actually be accessible for a kid who grew up poor with parents who couldn't speak English. It's an important societal question. We know that what we want it to be that you're not trapped in your class that generations do move forward. Now. If I look at the K. twelve education system today, I have to say that it's an opt out system. What do I mean? If. You are of means you will move to a district where the schools are good and the houses are expensive Palo Alto. Fairfax County Virginia. Hoover. Alabama. Outside of Birmingham where my family lives. Now. If you're willing really wealthy, maybe we'll send your kid to private school. So talk contract and in failing public schools neighborhood schools, poor kids a lot of them minority kids. And yet, we have people education. Most people need the education most kids need the education whilst, and by the way I know sometimes they're dysfunctional parents were poor but sometimes, these parents are just poor. And they need better choices. So I said to myself. Why would anyone be against charter schools? Not that all charters are good but a lot of them are, why would anyone be against choice for parents? Why would anyone be against vouchers and then I hear well, those will destroy the public schools may say, okay if you WanNa say that you want to write that editorial in. Washington. Post. Be My guest but then sin your kid to school in Anacostia don't send your kid the Sidwell friends and write that editorial and so the hypocrisy of that position. needs to be exposed in order to get at this question of why is education system failing the poorest of our kids and contributing to this sense that the social contract isn't supporting the upward mobility that we were once accustomed to. Onto another of those organizing questions you've discussed. Is. America's placed in the world today your Russian expert. Of course you're interested in. Russian Europe. I've heard you discussed the importance of doing work on a rising India. But of course, the dominant foreign policy issue is China. Let me give you a quotation from a late colleague of ours. Henri Rolin Hoover Fellow. This is this is Harry Writing Nine, hundred, ninety six. When will try to become a democracy? The answer is around the year twenty. Fifteen This prediction is based on China's steady an impressive growth which in turn fits the pattern of the way in which freedom has grown in Asia and elsewhere in the world. Close quote. Now, heroine was not only a good man, but a brilliant man. And economic growth it was plausible. To argue that economic growth was supposed to lead to democracy in China just as it had in Taiwan and Korea. and. I was. In I was a kid speechwriter in the Reagan White. House we believed it then for a quarter of a century longer. The fundamental hope has been expectation has been that has China got Richard China would become freer and instead in President Gee China has a new emperor. What went wrong. Let me just say Peter. China has not faced reckoning about the essential contradiction. Between economic wellbeing and political repression yet. We don't know maybe it never will. But I will not yet concede that they will not eventually have to deal with that contradiction. And you if you don't think they think they're trying to deal with the contradiction look at the way that. She is behaving. You're getting even more frantic attempts to control the best you're getting even more frantic attempts to use. The Internet and social media as a means of political control, actual social credits to people. For doing the right things on the Internet and if you do the wrong things, then you don't get points toward a ticket to get on a train to go to work This is not a confident leadership. This is perhaps the leadership that knows that there are essential contradictions in that system if you look at what's happening with Hong Kong, for instance. So the Chinese brutal brutal because I the the problem with the Teheran's. Is that they know there's no peaceful way to change power whatever we want to say about whatever messy democracy looks like we can change power peacefully and we have a prescribed way to do that. Now if you're an authoritarian, you really don't have a prescribe way to do that, and so you're always fearful of your people. It becomes a spiral of ever greater repression because you're more and more fearful and eventually something has to give. And so I would not yet rule out the possibility that the liberalisation of Chinese politics it didn't say the democratization, but the liberalization of Chinese politics is going to have to take place. I remember who Jim Tau telling us when he was president that and he he told us this that in one year they had one, hundred, eighty, six, thousand, riots, eighty, six, thousand. And it was that some party hack out in a province. Took somebody's land expropriated somebody's land peasants land. They didn't have a system of courts to which they could appeal. So he and his friends riot. The Chinese are looking at things like whether or not they need a court system that could be more neutral where people might actually believe they win against the government. Now, you start to see the nose under the tent if you will the capital's nose under the tent of expectations about property rights. So I just think maybe it will never happen but I would not be surprised if the she experiments his experiment with greater repression with a greater ideological purity. With going back to something that looks like the Little Red Book with going back to something that looks like Red Ballet. Even the arts are being effective. This is to me a sign that they're actually worried about what you just said. So. Let me Let me go with this question slightly different way February nineteen forty-six. Treasury Department asks a couple of questions of. The embassy in Moscow. And a diplomat named George you know exactly where this is going yeah. Diplomat named George Kennan. Produces a five thousand word document, which has since been known as the long telegram. And it is an astonishing document. He describes goes into the history of Russia, the internal contradictions of communism, and he lays out in this telegram, the fundamentals of containment. which would remain the essential framework for American foreign policy for the next forty five years until the Soviet Union collapsed, right? There has been no long telegram about China. and. What strikes me? You know all of his far better than I do. But what strikes me is the Kenan was able to draw upon a body of scholarly work in which he other diplomats were steeped people people had, of course been studying Russia for a long time, but they've been studying the Bolshevik the studying Russian communism since the Bolshevik revolution. So how? What can hoover due. To establish the groundwork. So that, you are one of our colleagues somebody can write the long telegram somebody can help this country established an intellectual framework for this. Staggering challenge facing a rising country of one point three billion people what can hoover do while we could we could do worse than. Some of what we did in response to Kenan. Because if you think about great scholars like Robert Conquest. Yes. What did Robert Conquest? Do he told the truth about what was going on in the and he was excoriated Peter by the more liberal Soviet logical community that said, no, he has to be way off with his numbers about how many people were perched. It turns out his estimates low. How many people were purged, and so one of the things that I would like to see hoover do is to be true to our heritage of really. Supporting the best history. On the places that can really inform and by the way we have I mentioned at the beginning we're in archives. We have great historical materials. We have people who want to put their papers with us because they know they will be preserved and the truth can be told from them. So let's start. By really bringing the best young historians of China of places that are unlike China, like India and frankly history is being practiced in the academy in a way. That's not really very inspiring. Any longer it's become ever smaller narrower questions about history dissertation stays read a lot of the books. When I was a young faculty member, I remember sitting at First Faculty meeting with. Gabriel Almond and who'd written the civic culture and Seymour Martin Lipset, a political man and I mean these big questions? We have historians who can ask me questions. We have some of the now, Neil? Ferguson and and Ross Burman and and Victor Davis Hanson. But we want to attract more who will ask big questions and on China let's help the get history straight. Let's be we already a place where I think people will put their papers to protect them. Let's do more than secondly let's from the long telegram. Let's get right the couple of things that Kenan said that are applicable today he said first of all. Until they have to turn to deal with their internal contradictions denied them the course of easy expansion. We can do that with our military power. We can do that with our allies. One of the things that we have going for us at China does not have as we have friends and allies. China has clients we have friends and allies countries like India the world's largest democracy and a democracy that is remarkable where people who don't speak the same language don't worship the same guy have consequential elections. Every few years internal government peacefully. So. Let's learn the lessons of that and study those things and finally something that one of our fellows is leading Larry Diamond leading projects on on Chinese Shar power. One of the things we know that the Chinese are doing the Soviets tried to do and maybe did it more clumsily is they're trying to create a different narrative they're interfering in elections there they're. Creating a false sense about us about what we do. People, always hearken back to Radio Free Europe and Voice of America. Voice of American radio for. Europe. Not Propaganda arm of the United States government they just told the truth. They just told the truth. And so as we construct way of thinking about, China let's tell the truth about them and let's tell the truth about us what has made us great. Is Not to be top down in innovation but to have multiple sources of innovation, what's made us great is to be afraid of free discourse and and and ideas, and so I think the long telegrams out there waiting to be written hoover still a lot to put its pieces together. On history that was also an emphasis on history something, you've mentioned a particular concern of Yours I. I had a note here I wanted to ask you a question I'm going to ask it but I had a note to myself that you might challenge the premise. But I think you've indicated just now that you agree with the premise well, we'll see. and. So here's the premise. It's my premise. You may disassociate yourself from it right away if you want to but my premise is. Is that history as practiced in major universities Has Become Grievance Studies. It's been become captured by ideological concerns. The history departments used to be above all the place where you went to seek to understand. Go someplace else to devise action or reform, but I history. History departments used to insist. Not necessarily explicitly, but the way to approach history was with humility. The first thing you did was. Try to understand what happened. All right. So there's an ideological capture I'm continue with my premise and there's also. For. Some reasons I have to admit I don't understand. Narrative history. The kind of history that Bob Conquest wrote. The. Kind of history that Norman Neymar road in his his magisterial works eastern. For one reason or another that isn't being done in history departments but that is what Neil Ferguson does and that is what Victor Davis Hanson does. So that's my premise and my question is this is there some way in which you look at the Hoover Institution? Almost as a monastery during the dark? Ages. Where we take it on ourselves. If others won't do it. The Hoover Institution will still take seriously the task of passing on our inheritance. Absolutely I do agree with your premise both that. There's a heavy ideological blanket for history they stays. Let some of it came for the right reasons, certain histories of certain people's had been written out of the Artif- of. The dominant narrative and certainly that needed to be addressed. But when it becomes a ever smaller set of issues that are just devoted to trying to create a specific narrative about a very specific, very small grouping of people are very. Very fleeting moment in history. Now we've we've got a problem and. So yes. I think we will be a place that people want to do big history will feel comfortable. Neil and his colleagues he has colleagues from all of the country my author Philip Zelikow at the University of Virginia is one of the participants in an applied history project that is going on at Hoover. How do we think about the lessons of history and sensibly apply them rather than just as people often do when they're policymakers just kind of grabbing it whether whatever historical analogy seems to suit your 'cause at the moment. So how do we think about that in a systematic way and there's another reason again we archive. I really hope that we can make it more at two students and I'll tell you why I taught on American Foreign Policy Class Twenty five kids I had one hundred and sixty applications. The, the best and the brightest in majors like economics in history and international relations and and one day I said and you know when we had college. Sheikh. Mohammed under lock and key after nine eleven. It would have been like having Rommel under lock and key from at during world. War Two and got twenty five blank stares. who was wrong Lommel Ronald Who's he? And so it's not just for policy makers and to be true to the history and understand how we got to where we are. It's not just to apply the history better. Human beings have been in some of these situations before how do we learn from that but it's also someone has to preserve the history for our students because they're no longer learning. Connie, the the last of these organizing questions that I I will have time to discuss. Technology and governance. and. Here, I don't have a a big. Premise to pronounce. This is the one of the organizing questions I've heard. You discuss that I, myself grasp the least. So here's what I think I understand. And the point of departure. Here's Bill Gates who commented not long ago Bill Gates of all people. That social media was a poisoned chalice that was the phrase us so. We expected social media to bring us together in Creek. Instead, it's created all kinds of new divisions spend spend five minutes on twitter if you can. We hope for a burst of creativity. We got video games we wanted innovation in well as Peter Thiel famously put it. We were promised flying cars and we got one hundred, forty characters. So. I think I understand that frustration book. What are your hopes here? What what can the Hoover Institution due to restore the promise of tech is that? Is that the right question for me to be asking you says, it's the right question. First of all, look at where we sit, we were talking about what's unique about the Hoover Institution yes. Hours we sit in the Silicon Valley surrounded by by technology and innovation, and what I find here is that people here candidate granted the technology is good. Well in fat technology is neutral. And how it's supplied, how it affects institutions, how it affects people's lives that's that's what makes it good about and frankly human beings have been historically a lot better at the knowledge part than the wisdom part we've just give you one example of course, the same splitting, the atom that allowed us to turn on the lights from civil nuclear power or to do medical isotopes gave us the the atom bomb. So we are pretty good at discovering things always, very good at knowing their their effects and being able to mitigate the bad and to. Amplify the good. So whether it is the gene. SPLICING and crisper out through social media out through drones which are changing the nature in the calculations of warfare to a which we have. Now, a technology that people say actually threatened what it means to be human I I'm still waiting for the. Symphony that's gonNA sound as good as Beethoven but there are some people who say that's going to happen and so how our institutions are tune fifty year old institutions are simply being overrun by these elements and that's why I've called it technology governance not technology policy. because I, we need to understand how our institutions going to be responsive, and by the way it has huge national security implications as well. You talked about China. I told some of my Chinese friends I think one of the dumbest speeches that she shipping made was to say that China was going to overtake the United States in Ai and quantum computing in frontier technologies because it got our backs up but let's make sure that it got her backs up in the right way that it doesn't become. Okay. So we need a national strategy well fine but. Innovation for us, it's always been from the multiple sources. So let's not loose that we I need to be careful that we don't assume that every Cheney student working on a lab is working for the way because we want to be open to ideas into the training of the next generation of billion four people. So we have a lot of challenges that technology has brought, but we have a lot of opportunities to. The possibilities for better learning for kids and in undeveloped are underserved communities of the possibilities I think about the impact that technology may have on higher education. I. Frankly Think Peter University. So whistling past the graveyard and. We Do I. Do I do because I think the the Learning that we're now seeing. some remote some in the classroom. We're going to see more of that and he was coming for a long time. If you're in a class with seven hundred other people are five hundred other people maybe you're better off online, maybe you're better off pacing your your work so that if you didn't understand differential equations, the first three times, you can do it a fourth and so I think technology is it has marvellous possibilities, but it has potential very devastating downsides and we need to understand how our institutions are going to respond. County, if you'll indulge me a few questions about you. You wrote in the email that you sent to all of us. All of us who work at the Hoover Institution September first your first day as director. My life and career path have led me to this moment. So a question too about that path, you grew up figure skating and playing the piano. Those are two pursuits that require hours of practice and I mean not just hours of practice to master hours of practice to achieve competence. And then you got a little older. And you studied Russian. Russian is a hard language. And here at Stanford you served as provost. The president of the university gets all the love all the love from alumni. The provost gets stuck with budgets and tenure decisions that have gone sideways and telling people nice work but no. And so and now you've taken this crazy job. So there is something about you that all your life has been drawn to things that are difficult. How come. Well I do believe that it kind of starts with how I grew up and with watching my parents and watching the people around them. If you grew up in segregated Birmingham Alabama and I did there was hope on the horizon. Rosa. Parks. Had already refused to sit in the back of the bus and. Brown versus the board of Education had already taken place and Dwight d eisenhower had insisted on the integration of Little Rock. If you grew up in Birmingham when my parents did. Or, when my grandparents did. I don't know how you got up in the morning and decided that despite the difficulties you're going to raise a family and educate them and put food on the table and go to church in the world better, and that's what they. And I feel so fortunate. To have landed. where I am from where I came. I feel so grateful that. I grew up in America that was changing in ways that would allow me to reach potential that my parents and mentors and role models on me. That I just don't think I have an option to shriek from hard things. I also think that you're better if you're doing hard things, I one of the pieces of advice I give to students when they're? Starting a major with the or whatever I'd say, look. All of us love to do the things that we do well, and just keep doing them over and over because it's wonderfully affirming affirming that I do that well. But. If you never try to do things that are hard for you. then. You will never understand and believe that you can overcome. Thinks that our heart for you. and. So I say, if you love math do more reading and writing if you love reading writing, do more math challenge yourself every day and you're going to be better for it. and. It's a broader message I think for the country as a whole I just because something is hard doesn't mean that it can't be done. If that had been the case, the United States of America would never have come into be we were going to go up against the greatest military power of the time with a third of George, Washington's troops down to smallpox any given day make that wasn't hard. people were going to cross the the continental divide in covered wagons know where they're going and they kept going. You'd think that wasn't heart. You think it wasn't hard to survive a civil war Brother against brother and. Come out better more, perfect union. So. Yes it's really hard but if you only do that which is laid out for you easily. Not. Achieve very much at all and so yeah, I think I like to try to do things her heart by the way I'm not always so good at them. I was not that good of the your skater, but I kept trying kept working at it. Sports. You've said you'll watch anything with a score. And you've been known to get up early to work. Out. With. Stanford athletes. And you've helped this and that different athletic program at. Stanford recruit kids. So How is it that someone who has devoted so much of her energies, the life of the mind. Love. Sports. What do you get out of it? Up Well. First of all, it's pretty clear when you win and lose I kind of like that aspect of it. look I think taking care of your physical being is very. Peter, you know very religious and I believe that you were given a body and a mind and soul a spirit. And that you need to take care of all of them. I also find sports challenging in a way that I find almost nothing else in the quite the same way although I will say there are some aspects of the physicality of piano being able to connect with. Seeing with what you need to do and what you have to do in sports that I actually find that there's some carryover but I just love sports and I really do think that some of it was I'm an only child. My Dad thought I was going to be all American linebacker. He had planned for boy I was going to be named John He bought the football. He got a girl he decided Oh, well I. Guess I'll just have to teach her about sports and so it was an only child child you know it's music with your mother and sports with your father and so maybe John Rice is as much the reason as anything that I love sports as much as I could you just mentioned religion. And anybody who reads. Especially your book about your early life extraordinary ordinary people. What comes through is that your parents the whole the other thing that comes through is that you were raised by parents but you you really were raised in a community absolutely knew each other and there were a lot of people looking out for. Little Condoleeza. They. Believed in education boy. Did they. But they were also people of faith. Now, the whole world knows what you've done with regard to education but. If I'm how do you? What is the role of faith your life and? For a director of the hoover. Institution. I almost want to say how much are we allowed to talk about faith in this current environment? You see the question I do I absolutely do. I I'll faith is integral to Hawaii am I almost it's integral that it's even hard for me to step outside and say how it affects me I think it's. There all the time and you know it's been there for me in really hard times like the loss of loss of my parents. I remember after nine eleven we went up to Camp David. I was so grateful that Friday night that I was in a community of faith John Ashcroft the Attorney General of the time actually placed Gospel Piano. I play Brahms See Place, Gospel Piano. So he played and we we sing music and it was it was good to know that there were people who believed that There was a higher being on whom you could call I. My my favorite phrase is always the piece of passive understanding that somehow there are times when you're your intellect isn't enough and you have to look someplace else and so faith is just integral to who I am I grew up that way and I I tell people I'm unapologetic about it. I'm not telling other people that they have to be religious or have faith but I'm going to tell you that I am because you won't know me unless you know that about me. Now. In terms of the economy. I really hope that we get to the point one day when we can. Understand and be willing to look. At religion both as a factor in human development and is a factor in human history. I had one experience with this one point I was when I was provost I oversaw a two year committee to reform the humanities requirement to your committee only an academic institution has to your committees. But This was after we'd been through the whole Western culture debate, Western civilization debate and and we got but no I students didn't really like the way humanities requirement was set up. So in this committee, two things happened that said to me, we're little off base in the academy. Was that you had to assign a book by a woman of Color. Fine. I said disciple German unification qualify. I'm a woman of. Color. It's dirty quest yet turned out. To people that a woman of color might not actually write about women of color. And so that was that was a bit of A. Light. Going on for me a second one was. We we had to address race gender and class in each of the sessions. And I said, well, what about religion? religion has for good and for bad had as much if not more effect on how human history has on folded. So what about religion? Suddenly, people were willing to drop the other than rather than include religion. So this allergy. Talking about this factor in human development. A we've gotTA find a way to get over it because spirituality which is the kind of academic way of saying religion. does matter to human beings and how they develop. and. So I would hope that at some point, perhaps we can even have that conversation and maybe hoover can help lead it. Codify. Make you're busy. You've got a big job I've been saying that last question than this is going to take a moment or two to set up. But if you'll be bear with me. To Go -tations. Quotation one Condoleeza. Rice in her book extraordinary ordinary people. The Racial Hatred Alabama found full expression September fifteenth nineteen sixty three when a bomb at Sixteenth Street Baptist Church killed four little girls who are on their way to Sunday. School. Services hadn't yet begun at Westminster. That's Westminster Presbyterian where your father was the minister. But I was there with my mother, she warmed up on the organ. All of a sudden, there was a thud and a shudder the distance between the two churches is about two miles but it felt like the trouble was next door. Quotation to. Herbert Hoover. In his nineteen fifty-nine statement to the Stanford Board of Trustees, which is as close as as former president hoover over got to writing a mission statement for the institution of which you are now the director quote. This institution supports the Constitution of the United States. It's bill of rights and it's method of representative government. Close quote. You grew up under Jim Crow. I am talking to someone who can remember the bomb blast. From. Church bombing. The killed four little girls, and yet here you are Director of the Hoover Institution. Which? WHO and Herbert Hoover in founding the institution. Stated as axiomatic. The fundamental goodness of the United States and its founding institutions. What do you say to people? Who? Who, who, who, reject, who reject that premise? Who say, no, this country was tainted from the outset what do you say to kids students? You've been a teacher all off and on. But mostly on, you've been a teacher throughout your career. What do you say to students? They're starting the college here and they're clicking over to facebook and Youtube, and they're seeing riots across the country. What does Condoleeza Rice say to explain why she believes the United? States of America is still worth the trouble. I save first and foremost that human beings are imperfect. and. The founders were imperfect men. But they sought to give us institutions that would allow us to move closer and closer. To being better. Never to be perfected to find you. But to being better. And they sought to give us those institutions and I think they succeeded in that Now it is absolutely true and I've said it myself. We have a birth defect it was slavery. And do I wish that John Adams and others who refused to be slave owners had one on the sport and we had rejected slavery, of course. My ancestors suffered as a result. My ancestors have both slave owners and slaves themselves, and so I understand the depth of that wound that was slavery. But what's remarkable to me about this constitution of the United States. Is that it wants counted. Those sites is three fifths of a man in order to make the compromise to create the United States of America. And yet it would be that very constitution and its courts in its legislative this legislatures. that. People would appeal to. To eventually deliver. Rights to the descendants of slaves. And saw whether it's the great civil rights legislation of the sixties or whether it's the court cases that Thurgood Marshall and others one like Brown versus board of Education and others. The institutions were good enough. To make progress on that most awful of wounds slavery. To make progress toward delivering rights to the sentence of slaves that is a remarkable story in human history, and that's why I believe these institutions are not just worth preserving there were fighting for and they're worth using. Their worth accessing their worth insisting. That they continue to bring that progress. I told people when I would travel abroad. Say, okay I don't look at the United States through rose colored glasses. Somebody who grew up in Birmingham can't look at the United States rose colored glasses but I will tell you one thing. When I look around the world and I look at how people govern over difference. The United States knows that we've had a problem with difference and we keep pushing the frontiers to get better and on the day when I stood in front of a portrait of Benjamin Franklin. To Take the oath of office as Secretary of state taking off by the way to that very constitution that it wants counted our ancestors. This one s three-fifths man. I stood there sworn in by a Jewish. Woman. Supreme. Court. Justice. Ruth Bader GINSBURG. Who is my neighbor? And I remember thinking Peter I've said this several times what would old ben have thought of this? Well, he couldn't have imagined it couldn't have imagined it. But it was because people kept believing in the institutions and kept pushing the institutions. As someone said not asking the United States to be something else just asking United States to set to be what it says it is. And that's a much stronger ground to go from than if you never had those institutions. To use them and finally, I'll just say that those of us who are fortunate enough to have made the progress that we have not complete not enough but to make progress that we have. or to those who fought. To. Keep fighting and so I would say all of those young people don't give up. the United States of America pretty remarkable. That's still unfolding. Conde to those less question I'm going to slip in one more. The PAC twelve canceled. This fall season comes that means you won't be able to watch Stanford Football Condie who do you like in the SEC? In. The SEC I I have to like Alabama right? Of course, of course. Condoleeza Rice educator author diplomat, and now director of the Hoover Institution. Thank you. Thank you so much Peter Great to be with you. Front common knowledge, the Hoover Institution and Fox nation I'm Peter Rawlinson.

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Barstool Rundown - November 19, 2018

Barstool Rundown

29:25 min | 2 years ago

Barstool Rundown - November 19, 2018

"All right. It's the rundown Monday. It is thanksgiving week. So what twenty? Nineteen. Right by seeking musical run down and get ten dollars off your first ticket order. Everything's going right now, you got college football Silvani of the NFL NBA go and you've got NHL goal, and as well as the best weakest sports of the year. I don't know what the heck that means. That's crazy. It's the big one though, I agree. It's not the best week. But no, I think it's really I mean Mark on this evening. There's also like Breeders Cup. Whatever you have a final on that game. Do we got action clearly going on its action city? I got murdered last week. About right. Well, it's a new week. Yeah. Pay a lot. But yes, definitely in the worst. We got to go Gold Coast, showcase university of Texas. San Antonio verse. Who's the playing you what it what you plus ten and a half out the eaters. They just wait a layup with twenty one second. So get nine ten and a half. Yeah. So the probably. Let them lay up nine seconds. Why why Dave why was why was UC Irvine shooting a ball there those fall? So it's eleven right now ten and a half. And they just use even was up. They scored a layup. And then they found with four seconds. On the bonus. All right, sorry. I didn't mean to derail it fun. That's free who falls who shoots doubles. How can you slap? She slept. How could she slept made it over? Yeah. Seeking rundown Musgrove run. All right. NFL action, Dan, congrats big wintry. One of the biggest bears the bears on when I saw Eddie Moba. Bears beat the Vikings. We let them Obama and right now for that bears fan got beat up and Wrigley. Ville by the Vikings fans. Kirk cousins little pip squeak GOP in your mouth. I saw that clip. And he was like bears first place for real saving three on this team in the NFC. I'm so mad because usually kind of hand in hand with our team just talking good now. Do we listen the dealer she's on real? Mitch's? I like made it I think Mitch is going to be good. He definitely has a little heart attack. Good good. Good marty's. Not not in a good spot. The mitch's like he's got that heart attack, which is like almost it's perfect bears quarterback. We don't know. What's good? As it gets right now. If you always scares me, sometimes that's. I mean, that's how the whole thing was Bill. It's got your rookie quarterback. And you're trying to build the defense around. I do I think he's good. I hit them be. You should any read is like if you actually look at any reads coaching tree. He's got some good guys. And I will say that wink that wing of the kicker the kicker that was like time coach. The only thing about that. I don't like that move. When people do that kick are like matter the Cape like the is like the headed when he crossed myself go, but I do think if it hit, and you wink, because I had the over needed that feel very that was that came out of nowhere the bears. I mean, I think they're gonna lose to the lions because that will be like, I'm always just waiting for. Yeah. I mean, the NFL fucking fifty six hour turn around go to Detroit and had was wine. Yeah. I mean, it's it's. Gets the bears. The Aaron Rodgers to fucking succeed. Tell is the other thing when I was with Eddie and White Sox. Dave I mean, they weren't playing Packers. But they were talking like nearly errors rate jump out of a closet, Reverend our mind. Like people always like oh living rent-free in her head. I'm like, so like, I don't care the thing. I'd say about the bears which would I'd like if there's fan it's not like they're poor man's version of the saints or the Rams are widely totally different. But the saints defense has been playing great. Yeah. But I think Pete the rents it will be interesting. We play the Rams in three weeks where Chicago yet they. They. I think they win that game. Anything else in the NFL that we need to talk about spent? Steelers thirty four years old. No, you don't come out. No, it doesn't come back. Like now. Yeah. You come back modern medicine get it four-game suspension for doing some steroids. Here's you back. Yeah. Steelers. Look. I mean that win duck killed the Jaguars and like Bence bit sucks on the road. I feel like he lays struggles with jet. Right. And so for them to win that game. It was like the Steelers putting something together. Don't forget the Jags horrible. Yeah. The Jags are, but that was also felt like the Jags last stand. No it was. Oh the Texans. Yes. Seven one seven. Cut off pinky is that like literally since you said that seven probably pretty much. Yeah. So I mean these safe, but it's funny. And every every show we do I talk about this. Whether it be leases where there'd be advisors this. I was mocked public scale. When I kept saying time to put Nick Bolton. I say it every week is like full sign fulltime eagles fans lafley. Oh, you're just trying to troll at what point isn't no trolling in. He just thinks once like the proof is in the put I so I choose to Roan. And I was wondering is it Carson Winston or Doug Peterson stink something either. Sprig right is doing pretty well in the apples. He was yo seen in Philadelphia last year Johnson. Did they just have too much fun? He just wants to have that either way. The eagles look ho so bad base deficit. Two saints. Yes. To me that was more about how good the saints are the how bad the eagles. I mean loss at home the week before the eagle, Sean Payton is on a big time. Fuck you tour in the fact that they lost to the bucks week one is like one of this. I know in barely beat the Browns week to they are rolling right now talking undefeated season e-e-e-e-no against the spread since that. All right college football moving on. The state verse Maryland game great game as a plane for it that passan's that that there wasn't much of West Virginia. I guess losing top one Ohka, you won't talk about, Dan. We're team Oklahoma state. How do they lose to Bill? Thirty one twelve they lost Kansas state. I know they beat to play well at home help with loss at home to thirty one night. Sorry, you let me finish and home at night. I don't have that that that's the weirdest score the year. Yeah. The was a tough ending for west. And you don't know. Cape. All my God seven on seven zero going down for home state. And unless scored the story though, the weekend is urban Meyer. Like that was the greatest performance ever seen. Anyone I missed. It was Dave. Dave like, you should I mean, you should figure out a way to rewatch it because it was EV seen he was doing this every single time Maryland. He was. Right. Because you can't just go like this. Angle. Then all of a sudden jump over, right? Mostly it was back and forth. The entire time on jersey again bet tonight do the jersey like because you got be in jersey to play sugarhouse. Download the app I got a blog coming on who I like, but they should thousand percent because it's a real problem that Michigan beat Ohio State. He thought oh, I I am absolutely saying right now Jim Harbaugh is going to go to Columbus. Kick the shit out of urban Meyer and urban Meyer is going to go straight from his press conference to the hospital. Yeah. Old like Hollywood. Like he was he went to the hospital for dehydration. I love it to be like a Lou Duva seen to remember. And Louis Riddick bowl. It was galanga. Louvre was getting carried on stretch. They kept dropping them. It's like that was like I'd like to see a mayhem of people and just dropping her. And I have no problem with house players. I actually don't have a problem with a lot of their fans like big, Ed. I think I think the majority of Ohio State fans are very honest about it like. Yeah. Stuck with the kiss up doors start heading no. But I said this. Because people were like all your shit, your health, shaming or miles. L? Sounds like hell, yes. I am. But. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. But those only fans how safe is because most will house, they pens. They know like this is ridiculous urban ridiculous stuff with him. And I'm like, okay. That's why was any school like that with any fan base would be the same at Michigan. It's Penn State. You have the nutty wackos Bill number. They will you win game. Don't give Faulk. I'd say the majority of fans like understand like everything I've talked big some friends. I haven't went to while. They're like look. We're stocked with them. He wins football games. Oh, yeah. At the bagel today. I heard oh, no. I just saw it. Well, I mean, well, it's you call that ugly rivalry week anything. I think I said, hey that boy's rivalry. Now, Dave what happens if harvest sexual tone doesn't beat Ohio State? It's a devastating loss. It's like the most devastated. I it's a law. That's back everything that's lost a line for. It's a loss that I really can't come back from the only thing defensive. Wow, you have to win this. Like loser outta towns. This this is a game we have to wait a minute. And Dan say day will not even be able to spins on this spins. It's been five six days early is crazy and Kevin. This is Liz, no spins on Michigan better team stated, but here's thinking Michigan like Haya states problem is not Michigan. Like the way they lose games. Like Maryland was a problem for a house. They Maryland was big play offense and housing cannot defend big offense. Michigan is run the ball run. The ball a little play action that they don't do. The big time. Throw the ball down the field one hundred times this this is not about from even Xs and os and Shimizu this is for what has gone on in this rivalry. And we've been getting our dick kick for so long that we are now in a game. We'll take a house. Now, we are in a game that were favored in Columbus. The playoff is on the line. We haven't beat them. Have you? Very very. I would not that it. I would not if I if I was not a Michigan, Ohio state. I would take the points because most people will say house as more talent than Michigan. And you gotta figure they're gonna be ready. We have beat them forever. Tell us pretty how do win this game. They have to we have to win this game. If you don't. By the way, that is if you respect women and human decency your enough to win up in humanity. Quickly Kansas is in the news for two things hiring less miles, which by the way, Kansas. They had to notice going because this is the best Kansas has been in like forever to get rid of the coach. And this is the story that maybe recurs every other year. I don't know. But I saw it on ticker today. And I don't know how plays, but they have banned Bebo from coming to the game. I like that kids won't allow people it, you gotta get any education. But does that like do they win one of evil, Texas? Texas probably wins one because it's cans. Yeah. I mean, Tom Herman definitely late on wall. I pardon me. I want an even show like well. We don't show they'll be part of the team. How do you like enforce? They said there's no wild animals or something lot. What if you showed up with them? What would happen? Down time. Yeah. I I love David. I'm sure you agree me, like less miles is college in college actually, get him. I don't think he's a very, no. But he's and it's going to be so awesome. When he runs like a fake field rule down four touchdowns to Oklahoma. Yeah. Yeah. The most predictable trick play guys. It's still works. It's still works. This brought to you by state and liberty use a pro promo code rundown state, liberty dot com. Get ten percent off your first order, the company made that famous Jackie that I had that then they sent to everybody. I wonder if they put that in four new winter meeting the picture of it or people just remember that coat. They got four new winter coats out state liberties, also known for the stretchy moisture wyking dress shirts that are best for guys that build very true. You're in good shape. High the recommending shirts all the hockey guys wearing the dress shirts. Don't eat dry cleaning. So the basically pay for themselves over time, go to state in liberty dot com. Use the promo code rundown. Ten percent off. These guys must be blown up because I'm starting to see some stores. So. Loser. Thanks, tommy. What's a sore twelve eight ship double to it's the money line to tell you the most like the generate like story between the two of us. We can he texted me eleven thirty at night on Saturday being like, I just got fucked so bad by Yale. Memphis, and I was like, yeah. I know I'm watching it was on my app. People only to be watching absolutely need Old Dominion in that game. That's been option. Tommy, that's not an option. Condoleeza Rice is not an option. Tommy, you Condoleeza Rice is in the news being rumored to be in the running or the next head coach for the Cleveland Browns, Adam Schefter reported it. I watched football tease this like Condoleeza Rice being mentioned for the head coach of the Browns. I thought it was a fake Scheffer account. I. Felt talking about this fucking joke. It's unbelievable. No shot. The Brown fact that they're even talking Brussels fucking gum. The only thing I can think of which is different because happened where it's like, oh my God. They're actually addressing this would be mouth Leany fucking the shark. Like math. We had a press conference. Did not fuck him all press compensate. He wasn't dead. Those situations. Yeah. The Browns address it like we're not interested in Condoleeza Rice as the head coach. Thanks. Thank you that doesn't want to call a couple of plays. Those I won't want to run the. Oh, he are behind up. So sick of Condoleeza Rice. Honestly rumor for every gone what what makes like I I know about. In that committee. She issues us. Oh, she's football cares. Yeah. No Commissioner you should you. Get that. Right. No. It's true. It's rights a fair point. She's fucking the hot name forever forever. It's like, oh, she's going to be head coach in college basketball football. What are we told? You know, I agree. Yeah. I agree. What she done. She. I what else she does. And it gusts in national member someone that should be. She's a member of named for everything. But like on Sunday everyone runs to put their seats down. Warning this get there. I got there at four o'clock in the morning didn't sleep Condoleeza Rice because she's a member gets to go there. Like when no one's a lot. And she puts a row of seats around the entire eighteenth three full rows, deep forty five people. So you hate it. Because she's a woman. I gotta go to the bantam. Eight hundred Lisa rice, because no, I was kidding. It would be anybody. It's like, no she's like. These fields. I don't understand. Yeah. This one crashes insane gonna show it everyone's safe. I guess right. Yes. She had to go surgery. But she li-. She tweeted like just gotta go surgery. Fucking rocket shits happen for that. Yeah. Forget about race. Again. I just wouldn't even get in regular car. She like. Turn. Did you miss? It looks like she missed it. And she how do you go airborne? She kinda hit like the back of one of the other cars says ramp or something I'm gonna get a fucking missile. Yeah. Crazy on then give a little movie, it's not the newest movie. But if you haven't seen it rush. Excellent F one Hemsworth. Have you seen it? No. Very good. What about? Niki? Something's what about these thunder? Rubbings racing racing special tires watch rush. If you if you haven't seen it, there's a thanksgiving. Dumbs this Russian chick this internet one point she jumps into a frozen river. It says she broke her ankle. I don't think she did. But it still the thing that about in had a little in it the thing that I don't get is if you're successful, my understanding that works as you like you're going to need and freezes over. That's how I read over breaks up. Yeah. You're gonna get hypothermia you could die. But you're not none. Russia built for that. Yeah. I've always lived on the oppression fallen frozen rate. Like, you're dead. Yeah. You guys like to Antic and die. It's seals. No you press up against. And it could die because you're you're not gonna pressure that type of pressure. No was she trying to break the ice off that she thought she was going to break through right? Very tractive. Yeah. Well, it's it had a little everything and the Russians just doing. The dog house, bro ankle, I don't think. So I don't think there is Russian. No. I bet you seem like laughing at her, and they were just going to like go onto fucking perogie, Santer drinks, some Baga. And then the last one we got on here. This -ly crazy crazy forty hours or whatever Tommy Tommy did the video or as you guys know trying to build my personal Instagram brand up. First thing I'm gonna try sick of drool tricks. Picking on the flame here. Which he was basically like China now, I need to get. I met shy now. So he did that to get followers. Fox has a plan to get followers ever work. Directly fourteen thousand on Instagram gained. What about her from zero? Eleven thousand on Twitter Levin thousand Jimmy well. Well. I know Thomas we're gonna make you'll tricks, and boom more I could have been crazier is. He did send me the video was like should. I put this on mine or the main because like he's like what if it goes on like, Tom? I don't think we give a fuck about your video like Nagas. Now, a lot of my thing, which I still don't understand. I guess you get the behind the scenes is how in on this FOX was people weren't. Yeah. I think it's mixed. So the girl reached out to me was like a twenty five year old so low level producer, something she followed down on her. It wasn't like the head producer. But they thought Tommy smokes was reference smoking. I don't know what she thought. I I talked to on the phone. I was like, you know, I work for we love that. So she knew. But when I got there, nobody knew like, the producer in New York. Didn't know the doctor Noah DEA, and I don't. Don't do out pretty shipping. We're going to book them because we wanted to be funny, and we'll get attention. But not tell anyone that comes off natural. Yeah. Because everyone's in on it becomes I don't think they knew I would do that. Exactly. I mean, you were going to do that. An old school like he blacked out. And just like it was so performance of the, you know, my favorite part was something. I don't know. We've talked about it since my favorite part was when they when when Tom belly came out in a little bit. Like, I got a p every two minutes Tomsk billing came out when they showed your video. You can't overdose on jewel Kenney. Wow. That's pretty cool. All right. Tommy sell me on why these flavored e cigs shouldn't be regulated even and then went back to you. And you little smirk. You're like go to St. face like in two seconds. I was like, that's I can't believe it. Also, it ends on me saying can you overdose on drool like how do they not realise? That's maybe a first sign that may not be I loved that that doctor was so serious. She had the hostile develop rains and causing depression loans like now, but I'm I it helps my swag. It helps my drip. I just love walking around. It's really good for getting chicks too. So honestly, I started about a year ago and. Looked back since I have a question. Yeah. Babe. God faith God faith. God is such a great hat gun. Come from. He wanted me to do even. Yeah. To be too long. Yeah. He came back. And he was like look what I got. It wasn't even a parody. It was just repeating. What you sure I got swag. Got drip, drip, and our producers have fully vetted you because we bump supreme court Justice, Clarence Thomas speak with you, and you made the right choice 'cause my puff game. Dilly, dilly. The jokes were written. I had to do nothing. They repeated with. Yeah. The only way SNL new. I mean, I was just just surreal that Tom is like parried on S L. But it actually doesn't work for us L at all because they parrot a parrot like as an act like that was serious, even though they knew it wasn't right. So it just want to Tom should run the original Perry. It should have been a serious bid. And then SNL does with Tommy, correct. You're watching us until I was just happened to be watching. It was I said on like I almost passed that one. It was on to me as I get a Texas walking my dog. And I got a text Tommy smokes on Espinosa. What the fuck? Davidson that whole side comes. Finish an episode of entourage and eleven twenty eight. Let's see what's on. Everyone's just let me what happened. Like, what do you? What time they sleep? I'm glad that. I haven't missed it live. I went to to to thirty. So what what are your parents? They were when I took them Thursday, like don't on Fox News tonight to defend e cigarettes. They were a little confused. But now, they love it. Also, like Tommy like, basically, belittled me more than I've ever been belittled by someone when he found out about Fox News came up to me. He's like, hey, Fox News wants to be on to do this segment. Do you think I can you really? I was going to ask. And I was like yes, Tommy you have to do it. And he's like, okay. I'll go ask team. And I was like, okay, cool. Hey, it was awesome. Though. I mean like Tommy team, I that Fordham person. Remember that lady who was like turbulence being like, why would end will work barstool from Fordham because tell me smoke skin. Later. It's a ride time. Video. Would you re tweet? It's must have been what in aniversary something when we first just randomly tweeted. Oh, fun fact, though fifty two weeks ago today this Monday run down last year is when you guys found out that I was in Jamaica doing dancing for four. Yeah. I bet that game. Florida state. Yeah. And it's fun and games. But your main job is luck. And we need Old Dominion right now all comes crashing down. And you can't win these bets. No, no house everyone. Myself and that would have been like. Dave right now. How's everyone's reception been? There was rumors that maybe Francis was going to be general Francis has been very nice where. Francis wants to kill him and everyone in this office for it. It's obvious and putting on the exterior. He's been fun. See I think it's the perfect way. Like barstool was never gonna get on L except for a way like this. And you're the perfect person get the sweatshirts not a real cost him department. Yeah. Wait, what did the costume department? Then like they printed it up. Yeah. They have like so it wasn't stuff because it's not the actual knows not. Yeah. That would have been I would've liked come. Oh my God. Actual wants the t- portrait. Yeah. Magin? No. I wanna come. Well, I guess we can now imagine. Yeah. You don't want to. I don't think. So tommy. Tommy seen him playing this car. Validating. He's the man is an act he had told him yet. He can get whooped on as the Bronco and spanked and sodomized by Dan. And then he can turn around. People laugh, and I said, I'm an actor. What can we now? I you watch out all what I say. When you came back from from doing the Laura Ingraham show. I was like it was an a plus it would've been a plus plus tonight turn. The colossus of cloud just came up with that on the spot. We weren't there's nothing cooler than blow in fat cloud like that. They call me the colossus of cloud. We he was working. We did only run through got it to the doctor. And I was Laura Ingram really us Fossey's as those two kids that are trolls that are onto be troll. So maybe that's your new thing. Sorry to interrupt. You are same before. It's over. Do. You wanna see the borstal book cover look at this guy? Get a blanket while you're at the point. Black Friday, everybody calebs in working on a magazine. That's incredible. Really? That is was it. So we have a book it's one hundred. It. It's one hundred. Me. You will not listen. So we have a hardback book in it's one hundred twenty nine pages. Very, and you let me kind of run you kind of let me do it. You kind of didn't overlook me as much as you might normally with the project, but this is the cover. I think. It's not bad. We have Mike. On the right hand here. Gross. Dave and the left in the mirror like low up. God. He's like, what's the Stuart Smalley whatever like people? Like you. Look, I'm torn on it. It's not actually, no. I mean that is very. So if you. You look you look like the ugly ugly, dude. And guess who? I mean that is as always this is like well. Yeah. But I look good now. So who cares? But they're inside. Dave knows it if if he lose real you here's thing. Kevin if he ever gets Kevin. Yeah. Enough Old Dominion. Green shares. You're looking you're rich. If you lose your money your back to green shirt, Dave. That's something. That is like, oh, that's Borst. That's you. That's you lose Old Dominion. Shoot honest. I'm not even thinking that. It's like I've never gotten a cover of anything. I know this is going to show like I finally got a cover this is gonna big ticket item. And there's no matter what I'm in. I've been in like our people do articles on me in every time. It's like, where's it going to be like I can't get a couple like they won't put me on the got one now. So did it for you. And MRs it Friday black Friday, go by a mean cover by many as you all the way to me, and you should buy two maybe frame one. Put it up on the wall. We sit on a shirt definitely shirt. Maybe I actually she just. Really taking. I mean, it's grotesque what you are on the left that ball spot. Looks like somebody took a chunk. Yeah. In the knows knows extra pointy. And you're not you weren't that. That. Yeah. And the pigeon toes accurate. Until are still looking. Just looking in the mirror. I got a cover. John kill.

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Hour 1: Super Bowl Monday

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

34:41 min | 2 years ago

Hour 1: Super Bowl Monday

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Go to Geico dot com today and see how much you could save. This is the Dan lebatardshow with Stu got spot casts. Is everyone ready for Super Bowl Monday. This is the biggest game is PIN is ever televised. Football right is when we get the playoffs. We get like Brian Heuer's lead Texans in the playoff when he has PIN is this going to be the highest rated NFL game that ESPN has ever shown. Tonight Rams chiefs. There was a really huge Monday night or between the patriots when they were on their undefeated season against the ravens. And that defense. Did you see what the NFL did for this game? They made it in all sorts referee crew, something that's only designated really for playoff games. I there are a number of things that I like about this not the least of which is to gods. What you're going to be watching tonight because of the age of those players is the future. Yes. That's the future of the league as rothlisburger breeze and Tom Brady and earn Rogers continue to age the old guard that the future looks like tonight different offenses. They look different creative offenses that are different than just about everything else that you're watching. And when you look at Andy Reed's evolution because this part, I know that you've been critical of Andy Reed's to God's a lot of people think he hasn't won anything meaningful. But look at that have Aleutian compared to what's going on in Jacksonville. I'd be so mad right now if I was Jacksonville fan, and we'd. Extended that quarterback. So that another season we'd go by where we spend entire games afraid of our own shower shadow plane that coward ball that Tom Coughlin is playing the way the Jacksonville lost yesterday. I'm not sure I've ever seen a team lose quite that way. They're winning sixteen. Nothing's to God's and what ends up happening at sixteen nothing from the Jags. Is they shrivel up? And look at what happened two minutes left in the third quarter to the to the end of the game. Are you ready? I'm gonna this is everything. Jacksonville did from two minutes left in the third quarter to sixteen nothing. For net up the middle for net up the middle incomplete. Punt for net up the middle sack sack. Punt for net up the middle for net up the middle incompletion punt for net up the middle for net up the middle for net up the middle punt sack fumble and game. Why did they throw just trying to get to the end of the game there, Dan? I know it's just Callard ball. They're just terrified of their quarterback. And they continue to try and hide their quarterback the way that they lost that football game. If I'm a defensive player in Jacksonville. I'm mad at not just my offense. I'm mad at my management, a mad at the people who decided we're going to play coward ball all season with good defend your pointed to Kansas City, who you know, they had a quarterback and Alex Smith that was okay. He was good enough. And they had Patrick Mahomes behind him. And Andy Reid had the well he had the guts to get rid of Alex Smith and go with Patrick Mahomes. Not only that and I know many of you are looking at them homes numbers in the Mahomes numbers are just insane. But this is what I would tell you about the New Orleans. In saints to God's, and you know, that I've got a man crush on Aaron Rodgers, you know, that he's the best quarterback I've ever seen, but I can say based on what I am presently witnessing that no one has ever played the position better than Jubran right now is playing it. No one has ever done it. Let me read you some of these numbers these advanced numbers. So that you understand the accuracy of what it is that we're talking about here. All right because at a time when the quarterbacks are more precise than they have ever been, and they are more precise than they've ever been. It's ridiculous. Guys aren't open all the time or being thrown to. I see a stat. That keeps you see a highlight. They keep showing on tyreek hill Stu gods against the cardinals. He catches a touchdown pass. There were four cardinals around him. It didn't matter Mahomes. That's where Mahomes was throwing that's where he threw it. But this is a Cording to NFL next gen stat of boy. Well, you'll like this. I think you'll like this even though you don't like the advanced Vance that scare me, man. They really, okay. Well, here is the stat. And I think I think it's worthy of stat of the day. So let's do this. So that people understand that we need some proof tobacco up. What I contend is that no one has ever played the position better than drew Brees is playing it right now start of the days of the day in this style of the day start of the day start of the day in this style of the day start of the day's day this stat of the day start up the day instead of the day busiest out of the day. Okay. So next gen stats keeps track of something called tight window throws. Okay. No-one F L quarterback. This season has completed more than six of those in a game until yesterday when drew Brees completed nine of those for one hundred twenty one yards to tight windows tight windows. He was nine of twelve one hundred twenty one yards and the two touchdowns as they roll the defending champions, forty eight seven and Mike is right. When he says, I think that we're going to look back on Philadelphia's one of the strangest champions we've ever seen so every 'cause they won they were so overwhelming they were so much better than everyone else that they Nick foles the Super Bowl MVP and drag the patriots in the Super Bowl. And then the next season. They can't do anything. Right. And what the saints did to them yesterday was alarming. And who the hell is going to go into that place other than Ryan fits it's magic. It's magic other than fits magic. Who's going to go into that place? And and stop drew Brees ONA drive. Some on one drive. What aid Dr gamma put it on the poll? There's a there's a drive starting right now somewhere in the world is anyone stopping debris. And he has to be at home in that dome. Right. Any combination of things stopping drew Brees from going ninety yard adds. No, it's not natural causes. It's not natural disasters. It's nothing. It's not the pharmacy. It's not guys on steroids. He throwing it in these tight windows to gods. And I know you guys are tired of hearing me say check out that YouTube video of him years ago on sports science. Throwing a ball more accurately than Olympic Archer was launching EROs twenty yards away. Right. He's also taking guys I've never heard of and making them relevant. Like, I haven't heard of any of his receivers. The Michael Thomas. None of them. I thrown the guys like Kirkwood and Josh shale Dan Arnold those running backs. Help a great deal that offensive line helps a great deal, and that defense has been playing well, but if I can tell all of you right now think about I think that if I ask you, we're we're we're just throwing all the teams in football. And a pool I think you guys are going patriots fourth. And if you're not going to patriots fourth among the top four teams, I think you might be going chiefs fourth that the what the what the saints and the Rams are doing because they also play defense better than Kansas City. Does that the chiefs looked totally overwhelming offensively like a college offense? The chiefs look like a college offense like one of those Mahomes offenses at Texas Tech. And what are they the fourth best team in the league? Maybe I don't think anyone would put the patriots fourth though. I mean, we're gonna fall for that. Again, patriots of the best team in the NFL period. And they will be as long as Tom Brady is there. Really? Yes. So you really you're gonna fall for it. Again. I mean. I mean, the good thing is that tightens up yesterday, by the way, still in the mix. The the good thing for the patriots is that they only have to go through Kansas City. And it's all they have to go through many of you are going to say what about Pittsburgh? No. They're Pittsburgh's daddy. The Pittsburgh's daddy don't bring Pittsburgh in here. Chargers loss of football yesterday. But I think the chargers are tough test to the chargers could. But that the fact that the charges don't have a home field advantage and therefore going to have to end up probably going through New England. I mean, they're they're as prepared as any team in the history of NFL win a game on the road. We play road get support for the Dan lebatardshow podcasts comes friends at rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans. Let's talk about buying a home for a minute because of rising interest rates. There's a lot of unpredictability when it comes to buying a home these days, it's causing a lot of anxiety and stress for a lot of people. Well, our friends at Quicken Loans or doing something about that. They're calling it the power buying process. Here's how it works. Wicked laws will verify your income your assets and credit and less than twenty four hours to give you a verified approval that gives you the strength of a cash buyer. Then what you're verified you qualify for their all new exclusive rate shield approval. This is very cool here. I they'll lock your right up for ninety days while you shop. Now, here's the best part. If rates go up your rates, stay the same. But if rates go down, you're right. Also drops either way you win. It's the kind of thing and you'd expect from America's largest mortgage lender. To get started simple. Go to rocket mortgage dot com slash Stu gods rate, shield approval. Only valid on certain thirty year purchase transactions. Additional conditions or exclusions may apply based on quickenloans data in comparison to public data records, equal housing lender. Licensed in all fifty states and l s consumer access dot org number thirty thirty donlevatar tie. Love with the Rams are doing. Rams have a head football coach who is younger than the child star raven. Stugatz. What are you doing? What are you doing gamma? Why are you making favor, but using a child star raven line horse off her name's raven Simone, and she's getting to the point that you should stop using that. But this is my point that the coach of the Rams is child star. Why are you guys making faces give me a better reference in that berry more give me no come on, man? Drew barrymore. Really these live at our show with Stu gods on ESPN radio. You've heard me before lament that this hyper examination with technology of was this guy shinned down was at TOA out gets in the way of the greatness, you're witnessing. I know the announcers were obsessed yesterday. Jalen Ramsey made an unbelievable interception on Tonio Brown. And all they talked about was did the Paul move a little bit that it touched the ground. And this happens all the time in sports in a way that I find maddening I was watching the Washington state game. And God I wish Mike Leach had some players like some athletes top five recruits because that team is so much fun to watch. But there's a play at the goal line. Okay. Running back is going in and gets met at the goal line by the linebacker who this is right at the goal line who reaches in and strips the ball before it gets. It's over the goal line. And they weren't talking about the play. All they were talking about is goal line or not Goldline Goldline or not go line, and we go through this, hyper examination of these things in a way that to me has been not fun. But here is some fun that has nothing to do with this. Did you see what Tom Herman's wife did this weekend? No, okay. Now, we told you last week we opened the show in a fairly stunning fashion with this Tom Herman story. He's the Texas coach and you got on Twitter. The former Ohio State assistant Zack Smith, I think is name is just melting down on Twitter and putting on Twitter a screen shot that he purported was with Tom Herman in which he accuses him of infidelities with a masseuse and a an recruiting girl. And the only response you see there from Tom Herman is okay, cool hook him like after a lot of after a lot of accusations about infidelity as marriage. And so as he's running off the field on Saturday with his wife. What t shirt is she wearing and a burnt orange Texas shirt that reads, okay, cool hook him. I love that. I mean, she is by her man side, come what may? I'm not gonna phrase that another way. So Washington state, Stu, I don't know if they can have any chance they don't of getting into this four 'cause they're they're they're they're eight and they've got one loss, and they lost to UC and USC is terrible. Because Washington state or all Mike Leach teams are good for that one loss. Always says inevitably always. But I enjoyed watching their quarterback so much. They were up. Kevin sunlen. Could not have looked worse. Okay. Kevin someone is working in Arizona. He is I wanna give wash him state some love here because they really are fun to watch. They've got the number one passing offense in college football. And right before the half. They made the mistake of giving Mike Leach the ball back with thirty seconds left. And it was bang bang to plays. We're up fifty five fourteen and a half. You don't do that to play mistake left him to place. But this men show Minhsiu has a terrible mustache the quarterback the quarterback for Washington state has a terrible mustache, but he spent the whole game dancing bobbing up and down to music, and it made me sad for Kevin someone unlike oh, you rode the Johnny -ment. That's how the Johnny Manziel gravy train in in Arizona, losing at the half fifty five fourteen to Mike Leach a guy with a terrible mustache though, seven touchdowns. That's. That is you put it on the poll. Did you know that the end of the Johnny Menzel gravy train was fifty five fourteen at the half against Washington state and the kid with a terrible Mustang. It's really shocking because a lot of people thought someone might go to the NFL. I mean, it's an amazing ending and unpredictable. Mike Leach, she's got a really fascinating coaching tree. First off you see the record books in college football. And all the quarterback cities have there for any sort of extended period of time or littering the top, oh is a grit Herrell somewhere in them Graham, herald, sunny cumby, BJ Simon's, right? But coaches that have worked with them clip Kingsbury, Josh Hypo, Lincoln Riley or brawls, you know, Holger sin. He's rewritten. What college football offense is Mike Leach. He's actually a football genius. All guys who are good for one loss to seize it. Well, not hypol- not yet. Okay. It's coming. Yes. That's right. Isn't Oklahoma was good for that? I don't know Hypo coach at UCF. Okay. That's fine. Too finds for me. I'm an idiot. I want to ask you about Condoleeza Rice how many years behind him? I on hyper one year, we Scott frost went to Nebraska one year behind on hype Oklahoma doing the same thing as frosty with UCF. He is isn't it? So they actually the biggest champion of UCF football stopped paying attention. Once they snubbed us. They might be better than they were this year last year. But last year, I was paying more attention Friday. I want to get into the story involving involving the Cleveland Browns. And the idea that Adam Schefter was reporting yesterday that Condoleeza Rice was someone that they wanted to talk to about their head coaching job. And now she has she has sent out a statement. I love my Browns. And I know they will hire an experienced coach to take us to the next level on a more serious note. I do hope that the NFL will start to bring women into the coaching profession as position coaches and eventually coordinators and head coach is one doesn't have to play the game to understand in motivate player, but experience counts, and it's time to develop a pool of experience women coaches, by the way, I'm not ready to coach, but I would like to call a player to next season if the Browns need ideas, and at no time will I ever call for a prevent defense. She's throwing that in at the end there. I did not think that was as absurd as everyone else thought it was I really do. I would like to see a football team. And no she's not qualified for that job. She doesn't have the credentials for that job the way, it's presently done. When I saw the news when I saw the report I was thinking about what Dominique Foxworth is told us where you hire CEO, basically as head coach and just surround that person with an offensive genius defensive genius special teams person. That's right. And you could do that. That's why I would make the arguments for her the same way that I would make them Dion Sanders said look I'm not going to be an assistant coach somewhere. If someone wants to hire me as a head coach, I'm interested in coaching. I'm not going to go, you know, fourteen hours in the film room, but Condoleeza Rice, I actually didn't think that was absurd. If they were going to do with the way that we're talking about which is look figurehead face voice for a team in charge of football operations. But the coordinator. They're going to be doing the stuff on game day. Generally does know a lot about football. I don't I've never spoken to her. But I do know people that have written. I think Mike Freeman was one of them that have been blown away by our football. But she's not she is not qualified in any way. Whether she's knowledgeable. No, not she's not qualified in any way to scheme up a game plan for that week. He's as qualified as mere you, Mike. I mean, let's be honest. Watching a clip of Mike francesa who let the record show once said that he should be managing a baseball team both thought, well, wait a minute baseball. Any man anybody with a computer could do it in baseball. But he was really offended. I think you said this story is offensive. And a lot of people reacted that way. You think he said, do you think Condoleeza Rice could draw up a Greg William designed blitz? Greg Williams blitz as if the concept of blitzing is so foreign to anyone. A game plan would be a little more complicated. The preparing of a game plan when you've never prepared a game plan. But again, if you're going to redefine the job and make hurt somebody make it really up making a position that's about really leadership slash marketing both of them because the coach is the face and voice of a team. So I don't mean that marketing, I'm not using it as a disparaging term, it's face and voice for a team who's gonna give you more credibility than this woman. It's better than Greg Williams. It's better than Hugh Jackson. Infinitely better in terms of leadership what you'd be leading in terms of doing things differently. But you have to get you. Don't get a great assistant coaching staff. And then let let her oversee everything was most fascinated in journalism aspect of this story because the Schefter report comes out, and then a denial sort of but a sort of flattering denial by John Dorsey. And then Condoleeza makes the statement kind of felt like well Jimmy was going a little rogue here. Didn't it? Old formerly indicted, Jimmy has lem do you think they're going to allow it or call a couple of plays though, if he's not the say, I mean that seems ridiculous Condoleeza Rice is gonna parlay her name and her power to calling a couple of plays for the Braley. You're going to do that guy. Really really jealous. Donlevatar the praises pouring in via Twitter at lebatardshow. Your interviews would be better. If you knew how to ask a question, hashtag sad makers. Stugatz. I try I make her of sad. I like that. Hashtag sad maker you make sad. I am. I make people send then become happy about their sadness. I am hashtag sad maker these live with our show with this two guys on ESPN radio on one side. They're the people using numbers. Data facts information in an open open minded way on the other side is. Mike wilbon and Mike wilpon has seen baseball through his is his way for a long time. And so he says when arguing with Frank guy soul about degrom that winning is what matters and Jason Whitlock has. Now changed the athlete, but not the argument. Wait till I read you what Jason Whitlock has to say. Which is basically this in another form when the game Frank win the game. I don't care what the ER is. When you add them up at the end. You know, the cubs probably had some Cy Young award winning ERA champions in that hundred year plus year period and somebody who said I'll trade that for the wins that get me a World Series. What would you do if the is anything other than take the wins? Then it's fraudulent. Did I resign from following sports? Win the damn game. Mike, mike. He doesn't get any run. Support is at three point six runs. Again. You gotta hang. He's only hang tough only started bathing. Don't allow hang. He's ERA is one point. Eighty five strikeouts. An hundred ninety four innings, right? Frankly, never know this is a tyranny statistics. Now, there's some this Frank. There's some nights when you've got to do a better job. We gotta give up nothing or one because your guys aren't hitting. That's the mother nights where you get a break and you can win a six five game. Will you didn't particularly pitch that will ask guys like Bob gives it in Ferguson Jenkins who used to pitch complete gains about that. And they didn't whine about knockout port when about game. Happy sixtieth birthday to Michael wilbon happy birthday to him. I don't care. Good luck surprise, not eighty. So here's Jason Whitlock changes the athlete, but not the argument they're going to put Philip rivers in the hall of fame one day, and he won't deserve it. He's never won anything who's got more control over the results of a game quarterback or pitcher starting pitcher or quarterback who's got more control over the result of what happens in a game. I feel like a pitcher does I don't know what the answer to that is. But the coming after Philip rivers for not winning is not taking any inventory of how great he actually is. But I understand how yesterday would be another one of those days where you say seat. Can't can't trust him. Yeah. I mean, I could see that as well. But by you know, by Jason Whitlock math. But he's saying Dan Marino doesn't belong in the hall. Those guys, you know, Charles Barkley all the all the famous non winners Charles Barkley everywhere. He goes it's what everyone hits him with when they don't like Charles Barkley. You never won anything. But at least in basketball, I understand it so much goes into winning and football like eras is one one time. He's the best that I've ever seen. And drew Brees is one one time. He probably in the position better than I've ever seen. Anyone play a pitcher does that mean? Thanks many times. They haven't won right? Yeah. That's every other time. They've ended a season. They have not won the final game one. The final game that football is played. That's because Brady's winning them. All that's what a pitcher doesn't have an offensive line and a large part of the quarterback. Shop depends on his blocking. However a pitcher does have a say in. How many runs are scored normally doesn't but he doesn't a National League. So nationally it goes nationally pitcher. Quarterback than AOL. How many people are still doing it this way though, because this is the old guard? This is Greg Cody. This is Michael wilbon this is Jason Whitlock. They're making arguments that are not mathematically sound. They're making arguments that just take into consideration their entire lifetime following sports. And they don't want to move even though the math and baseball has moved. And we're able to individually measure things in ways we've never been able to how did Stu gods. Become the face of math in baseball by arguing against wilpon. It's amazing. Isn't it like how look my way into that one? I don't know how this happened. Mike doesn't wanna play the sound anymore. The stugotz army is enraged rabbit at Michael wilbon because Michael wilbon didn't go for funny or mocking you. He went for serious as he took out to God's. They've been the stugotz army has been begging me on lease them. And I've told them to stand Pat to to just. Relax because I haven't heard down stand-down Stu gods. Army standardize for now. Just stand out because I haven't heard the sound yet. I haven't heard I heard it was really bad. I haven't heard the sound yet. I'm not certain I want to hear the sound. But Michael wilbon just keeps saying I wanna play the sound for you. If you will find it funny. I don't know if I wanna play the sound for you. If you're going to get your feelings hurt and get angry. But it's not none of us around here. Founded funny he was on with wattle. And they were they were really pressing him on how he felt about you. I have been the sound guys. I can't do it. It's it's number one. It's a really bad look for Michael wilbon, really bad. And he was saying mean things in my sue got and I'm gonna back up. My sue guys here. I'm Ben in that sound. But what if I want a year you just want to hear him say guy? As long as you say my name. That's what I'm good with it. It is. But what's happening here is this happening throughout sports, still like this? Just this close mindedness that that allows the only analysis let's think about this for seconds to gut. We really don't need analyst at all. If the only way you're gonna do the analysis is he one he's great. He didn't win. He's no good. Like, we don't we don't need voters or holiday. That's the way you're going to do it. You're not going to measure anything. You're not going to have context perspective. We'll bunches to entrench in this at this point. Like he can't go back now. And he won't say that he's wrong. You're right. He does you into it. He's got it. Just doubled down in sports media, man. It's just say, you got it wrong, or you change your mind or you your mistaken you made an error. Why is that not enough? But you do you take out the lease relevant and important person? Who was going after you? That's what you do it. I gotta be honest. I'm proud of Michael wilbon God's is strong and him. Gyco presents eyewitness interviews with inanimate objects. This is Belinda Collins live on the scene of a recent lightning storm here to describe the event a TV tray. I was watching football and holding a plate of Meatloaf wind Cup. Bam a bolt of lightning slams into the apartment blowing out the TV and surround sound anything. You could have done to help my. I'm a foldable table, not an electronic your TV. Trae can't help you in a lightning storm. But the co insurance. Agency can help you get covered for personal property damage. Go to Geico dot com to see how affordable renter's insurance can be done. Libertad hard for me. The eyebrows are probably my best feature. All right. I mean, what is that saying, and they're nice, and you know, the eyebrows or your best feature. But I mean, it's not saying much leprosy's best features to God's best. I've got your eyebrows of your best feature. Do you really get complimented on that ally do often? Yes, they're nice, right? Look at I'm calling thick. And it looked like ferret these live with our show with this Stu gods on ESPN radio. I am not making this up. The news came in during the break during the commercial break that wo- JR. Is reporting that the wizards are open for business, and you can have their entire roster before all of this information had come through the room, Stu gods stood up and traded the wizards for the nets. And we're all just looking around like, we're all. None of us have Zorba. Okay. Is John wall available is Bradley Beal available. What's happening here? What do you get for them? Stu gods goes straight to if I'm the nets. I'd do that the way the report comes out. I would do that. Absolutely. The way the report game at it seems like they want to trade their entire roster in one shot. I mean, that's it. I know that's the way you took it. That's not how the report came out in any way. They're going to do it in pieces. Is that the way they always do it? But I don't wanna talk about this. I cannot go another minute without examining this in our lives. Okay. Now. One more minute can go by because we have studied the saints their amazing. Everyone agrees, however on one golden Sunday, the hell the hell happened. This this juggernaut Tampa Bay team roles into New Orleans and just dismantles the saints. And now it needs examination the hell is going on with these bucks. Because every time they get in trouble. They just put in the backup. And now, it's on it. Whether it James Winston goes sit in fits magic is coming in. But if it's magic goes and sits Jameis Winston becomes. It's magic. What the hell's going on in Tampa? The backup is always better. I mean, it is it is up. Maybe that's their role. Maybe James Winston just better as a backup guy who comes in. Game plan to change quarterbacks at half-time the chain quarterbacks at some point in the game. Because here comes Jason James Winston yesterday. Looking like it's magic it seems to be a gentlemen's agreement between Jamison fits magic. Like, I'm going to come in. I'm gonna stink it up. So that every game we lose. And then they'll fire coach. And then you come in in the second half a HAMAs down by twenty. So all we're going to do is pass. So you'll get your numbers. You'll look great. Everybody's gonna think that you're the best and the next game. You do it for me. I always on this something. Now, we need to figure out a step further. Jamie's now how do we win? The game is not being on the toes out. How dare you thinking those terms that's not on the tape. You win that saves Derg, and they seem to want to get rid of Dirk it would appear. I don't I'm just speculating happy winning. It's gotta be losing. But everyone looks good. Exactly. And next phase of this. How do we make sure James gets hurt not to hurt hurt enough to guarantee his money, but not career threatening? So we're looking at the schedule to see who it is. Samp? Obey should not be paying. They should not be playing. Jameis Winston for just that reason if he gets hurt his contract. It's guaranteed for that reason alone. Tampa innocent is a fireable offense yesterday for Dirk cutter to change over for that amount of the master plan. Dan, we agree with me, but heads magic is giving him no other options conundrum. I understand we all knew we would get here with its magic. We knew it two and three games in some people were hyperventilating. Because somehow, and again archaeologists are not going to be able to explain this many many years from now how the hell Tampa went into New Orleans and one when no one there there is none anyone in the sport. That's going to be able to do that for the next five years. Why did Tampa give Winston that contract stipulation? I've never heard of that before czar his fifth year becomes fully guaranteed. If he gets injured at any point is sees him. But they know that he's going to get hurt because they're Tampa. They're going to do bed stuff all around it. And they're gonna get hurt. And if not he'll find a way to do it himself. Himself. He'll he'll find a way in a new verse something to get in trouble himself. What has to happen for poor Ryan Griffin to get a shot at QB? Like, honestly, it must be bad. We have to examine what's happening in Tampa. Because again, you have no proof that drew Brees right now if he wanted to go ninety yards on anybody that there's anything in the world that can stop it. Except tampa. Yep. It's magic they were up. They up like thirty one ten at the half or something. I believe they will check it out right now. It doesn't matter. The idea though, that it is funny. Fitzpatrick was throwing interceptions because he's Fitzpatrick bring in James Winston, slinging the ball all over the place thirty one twenty four and half. He out sling. Drew brees. I'm telling you. I would not recognize Dirk cutter became here right on the moat. And now I fought from Geico motorcycle it took fifteen minutes to purchase the gestation. Excellent. Eat the guest ocean exuded. And regret the gestation eggs summit as you presented numbers to the board. Insult to injury. You could've used those fifteen exiled minutes, which your motorcycle insurance to gyco. Geigo fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on motorcycle insurance.

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Ball is Life

That's What She Said with Sarah Spain

00:00 sec | 2 years ago

Ball is Life

"That's what she said is presented by t so official watch of the NBA shop at US dot T. So shop dot com. That's what she said. That's what she said. That's what she said what she says. Well, that's what she said. Welcome to. That's what she said conversations with interesting people from the world of sports music comedy and more talking about their lives careers successes and failures what I'm to go McKay. And my dilemma is as a professional women's basketball player. I have to be right now in places that one helped me. So this sounds really familiar as someone who always wishes she had a clone. I feel you grow. And the only advice I can give you is that since you know, you can't actually be in two places at one time. The only option is to be present wherever you are actually had a neuroscientist on the pot if you months ago, and we got into the downfalls of multitasking and trying to do too many things at once. And basically, we talked about how your brain is like a computer. And if you're multitasking it can cause you to place information into the wrong files in your brain, computer. So for instance, this one researcher found out that if students are studying and watching TV at the same time the information from their schoolwork goes into the part of their brain that's specialized for storing new procedures and skills not. Faxon ideas. And if the TV wasn't on the information would have gone into a place where it's organizing categorized, a bunch of ways that would make it easier to go back and retrieve it so long story short if you're trying to do too many things at once if you're trying to be in two places at one time, and you're not focused on the task at hand. You're not likely to retain the information. You need do the thing you're doing in the moment. Well, and with accuracy, and you're setting yourself up to just have to clean up all the mistakes you make later so focus on where you are. And what's right in front of you, which is a bunch of boxes and a places need to move out of get yourself over to the west coast. And then figure out what you need to do when you're there. It will all work out your good their affect the Commission's spoken. This week's guest is today. Oh mckay. She was drafted first overall in the WNBA in two thousand fourteen former rookie of the year, two time WNBA all star vice president of the WNBA players association, and she is currently on a long term contract with ESPN as a fulltime sports analysts. We talked about a whole bunch of stuff, including her hiding in the bathroom for the entirety of her very first basketball practice to which she wore George. It's. Yes, Jordan, also what it's like growing up with strict Nigerian parents WNBA salaries and pushing for change in the next CBA and that time she ended up on worldstar, and it wasn't cute. We get into all that. I hope you enjoy my interview with snail McKay. Well, that's what she said. So this time it worked out quite well already planned to talk to Shannon. Now, we've got all sorts of life changes to talk about. She is literally surrounded by boxes in her Connecticut apartment getting ready to make the move cross country. So a great time to catch up with Jan get to know Janine if you don't know her, well, so let's go all the way back. Ball, Texas, and what was young Chanel? Like were you always a ball of energy? Oh my goodness. Yes. And first and foremost guys, I have to apologize because I as you alluded to I'm in the middle of a move, my movers just got here. So I'll be both side testing of as they are literally grabbing my boxes and putting it on a truck. But young today was very energetic was very fun of. But also, very nerdy, and sort of had to come into herself. So, you know, I I had my best friends, and I'm gonna pull a dozen because I think there's a door open. That's the only time I had my best friends and my best friends or my sister. So I have three sisters, and we were just nerdy. Goofy fun young Nigerian American kids in in Tom ball, Houston, Texas, cypress, Texas, and we love school. We love to hang out with each other and sort of caused ruckus in the most positive way for pets. So what brought your? Family to Texas. So the long three is my parents have also like this amazing, you know story. Meaning they both are Nigerian my mom is from a non-bra. My dad is from a wary. So so, you know, we're both part of the evil. They're both part of the IBO culture. And basically, they both have sort of different upbringings. My my mom had more of a cosmopolitan city life. And my dad had a, you know, a nice of both of them had a flu and experiences, but in different ways. Meaning my dad grew up more in the all local areas, but still my my grandpa was a big leader in the community. And then similar book for my mom, but she was the Lagos city girl. So they had the opportunity to get higher education in US. And so that's the first time they really met were you know, as to immigrants. A student that were they're getting their education, but they both have plans to go back to Nigeria to run their respective households and businesses and fulfill the parents legacies, right, but instead life happens, so they both go to school Weaver state randomly from Africa from Nigeria to Weaver state, and and basically they met there had a lot of commonalities. And then the, you know, they my dad got a huge opportunity to work for Compaq, which is now HP in Houston, Texas. They got married and then my dad's took the job to come my parents moved to Houston, Texas, and that's where we're born. So it's sort of like, you know, they had similar backgrounds going up and similar trajectory. But they decided, you know, it's really big. They got a great opportunity to get case in the US and then started to live in Houston, Texas. And then next thing, you know, they have four girls, and we're here are your parents quite tall. Oh my goodness. My dad is about six four, and my mom is poof, five six my gosh. He's funny on our family, the high fun. So that's the same as my parents. And and you guys are also Paul. The height is sorta spread in a unique way. So my mom is a smaller out of her siblings. All her siblings are above six feet. And my dad siblings are all. But the funny thing is my dad's dad was like five five and then my dad, my grandma is about six feet. And then my mom's dad Super Bowl six five, and my mom was mom super small. So like hype happens in different places in different ways for family, which was kinda funny. For you. This whole set of us it'd be out, but I'm the. When you were growing up where you into sports right away. Yeah. So I mean, I I would say once we got into our whole family embraced it. But we totally did not see it coming. We fell into basketball. And I always say we fell in love with it. So four hundred Houston Texas took care of school. We had a lot of energy. So my mom put us into gymnastics, which is funny because he'll attend don't really have much experience per se with how they didn't have much experience with like, the the sporting culture of America. So they needed to put us into something that like, you know, tired out by the time like by six pm, and then they put us into gymnastics. And then one of my mom's co-workers said, you know, what your top gymnastics, you should probably put them in basketball. And that was totally accurate because I always tell people, you know, I was on the uneven bars, and I would never make it around the uneven bars with great before my legisla long, keep moving them further apart, and than they were like, maybe this isn't for you, Sarah. Yeah. This is for you. Exactly. So my we we started basketball and neck, and I went to our first basketball practice. We've pulled the sword. Over time. We were horrible. We were horrendous. We went in there wearing George Ted, you know, crew on halter top glasses glasses folder. We had no clue what we're doing. Well, everyone was wearing Dita's and Nike and to dribbling drills. And that's the went through that. I practice bravely like a first child would. And I was like I'm the type of person I anything I do. I want to be great at. So I went to the bathroom and stay there the whole practice and reviews. So I always say that the metaphor because neck of always been the Guinea pig willing to try and also motivating the rest of us to succeed. So she went through the ringer that first year she played and she everytime. She she learned something that first year when she was eleven, and I was ten she'd come back in and teaching what she knew so like in our driveway at home, we had this nice huge home in Houston, Texas and will drive over so long. She told me crossovers and layups and how to use. Oh form shooting for the next year. When I actually wanted to start playing I could play. And then you know, we played in a us together middle school high school college. And now, I guess we're playing in the pros again, we're to say that it's the first time I've really set it always close with her. Or was there some growing pains grownup, always close always close a lot of people say, oh, I love to see how your backyard battled were all that type of stuff. And we're like, well, we never did that we can only remember one time where we played against each other. And that was when Nestle literally it was her first year playing basketball, she was eleven and we were at our middle school Hamilton middle school in Cyprus, Texas, and it was neck over the three of us little rhymes then. We're just having fun. Like Gus the only time I can really remember us going hard against each other apart from one play when we were at Stanford and then could star learn like don't ever put the sisters against claims. Mecca claims I threw an elbow which I deny but big sisters. Always right, right. How much older is she then you she is. So she's two years older than me. But like a couple of months a little over a couple of months ago, like July is her birthday marches mind, but two years in between. So because I mean, it's an interesting. My sister is two grades above me, but not quite full two years, and we work very competitive to the point that it took us to getting older to actually embrace each other. Right. And I'm surprised playing the same sport and being interested in the same things that competitiveness didn't get in the way ever wasn't very clear, which one was better. Or did it not matter? It didn't matter because I think we've always been in the scenario where we've been each other's best friends. And so it's been a unique position where we're always constantly rooting for each other. No matter what. So I'll be so she two years apart. I'll be at her game. And I'm like her number one fan and supporter. So she knew that no matter what happened. Okay. Today's going to like, you know, be there for me. Right. Say for me. Like, I know when I got injured overseas. I know no one hurt more than mecca when I got into you know. And so it's just we have this unique bond that no matter what you know. No matter who's around or something like that. That's why we always joke and say we're twin. 'cause I think we just as you know, the two two-parent older sisters because we have two younger sisters as well. And they have the same relationship, we just bonded, and in a very very unique way in the sense that we we understand each other. And maybe that's because we grew up always around each other didn't mean that we didn't get each other's nerves. But I think in Niger in closer. We we understand hierarchy. You know, the oldest sister, you know, is pretty much the parent of the siblings. Right. So I've always respected her standing and her judgment. And so like having that sound Dacian has only been like a healthy thing for us. So she goes to Stanford. Did it become clear to you as soon as she went to Stanford that that's where you would head to is. It was. There any doubt that you were gonna follow her. They're definitely a lot of doubt. Because I really liked this man by the name of Gino are ama-. And so like he just has that personality that sort of brings out that sorta like dog competitiveness in you. And for me, it was always cool. So, you know, also, make sure no matter what set by bow. Like, whatever my journey is that you know, I I do the right due diligence to make sure you know, I'm making my own decisions apart from that. So when that's all went to Stanford. I knew that was an amazing place for her. But I wanted to find the right fit for me. And my family allowed me that opportunity. So I went to Notre Dame. I was interested obviously in Sanford and Yukon, those are my top three. But I I ended up going with Stanford just because you know, again as kids are are starting point our foundation has always been education. And so I knew that, you know, as a as a female, you know, you don't know how long you can play. You don't know. How far sports will take you. But you need always have that background in in education to, you know, be a great fallback at what age did you actually think about basketball as a career because you are in age where you knew that the WNBA existed, and you could see examples of women who turned it into a job as a professional player when did that start to become something you thought about? So the first time I really was infatuated with the assets of potentially being female athlete was before. I even knew about sports. It was when I watched Marion Jones run in the Olympics. I think and that was my first time seeing a female compete, and I was like, whoa. That is pretty awesome. And I always remember that. And it was unique because we know what her journey has been and I met her at one point in like maybe a couple of years ago. And I was like, whoa. You know, you're the first athlete that I watched it. I was like so impressed with as a kid just to see that representation. And she's like, well, I'm so impressed with you. I love watching at Stanford. So it was sort of crazy, but I'm number. One. You know, obviously, I have a great relationship. And I'm I I love to be mentor by Lisa, Leslie, she by far is the goal model. I would say, you know, like like you like that people that have just set goals achieve them and also help uplift the game. And so Lisa, Leslie, by far, I looked at how she, you know, impacted not only like the culture of basketball, but just in general and did it with grace and feminity femininity. And then also with fierce at it. And so she was the first one. That's when I started understanding Lisa. That's when I started understanding, oh, the WNBA like this is a cool entity for potentially, you know, basketball players. But I never thought I would be Neka is the same. We never thought we'd be WNBA players. Never. We just looked at basketball. I was like, wow. It's given us so much. We don't even know how far it can take us like, right? But it's funny. I always give the the the whole story about NASA even Tuesday to go the WNBA because she her. In your year was like, oh, I wanna be a doctor at Stanford. I was like I was like annoying little sister. That was all over the messaging board because I know it's midway through the season bra. I think change up because you like everything will be a number one draft pick. The whole fun doctor for a moment. And see what MRs and it wasn't until next on. Maybe like after the final four that. She's like, okay. You know, what I'm all in on this. That's how much ACA demos have been ingrained in our minds. And so it's just a super funny as neck, and I look back, and we're like Neka, you know, you still were tripping on not even becoming a WB player like until you your year. And then look at her now, she's the president of the w MVP a, and so that's why like we it's so funny. I remember on my draft night. I just looked at her. I was like mecca. Do you like do you feel where we like how is it possible that we're here right now 'cause we're just raggedy funny? Little goofy tall lanky kids that would play and have fun and be nursing school. Like this one Neka was eleven and I was ten and then all of a sudden, bam our life change. I wonder you know, when you were you know, obviously, she was interested in in medicine. What did you think you were going to do if the WNBA wasn't an obvious path? What were you studying? And what were you imagining that you would become, you know, it's funny because a lot of people have said to me Oceana, you go into politics, or, you know, something like that. And I've always been passionate about you know, society and government, I was always into council to rights club. And just I love like, my mom, always says growing up, you know, kids would watch cartoons. But today as a baby you like to sit and watch the news. And I I don't even know why. But I've always been passionate about you know, what's going on and being informed. So I don't know probably be some kind of public service, whether it's not profit or I don't know if I have the heart for politics. But maybe something in that Rome. I majored at Stanford at international relations. My advisor was Dr Condoleeza Rice with sort of like, all my I never really planned. It sounds crazy. And I think everyone knows that that yes because I'd be living like by twenty four hours. I've never really planned just sort of have these passions, and I just attacked them and everything sort of, you know, take, you know, take inform in my life. So I r I o passionate about certain types of classes, I went to classes and majoring in international relations and had an amazing mentor at Stanford. So like all these things sort of speak to my passion. But I never really have put like a blueprint down and say this is exactly what I wanna do. So. Yeah. It was the city. Are you still feeling that we're you're going to ride this ESPN and WNBA? And then, you know, maybe in the future. You you. Go back and are interested in in using your degree or or getting into something else. Oh, you like if you have jerem parents, you know, you're you no matter what you do. You could punk in the world. They say, okay. But what about your master's degree? Okay. What about your degree? So I did last year enrolling like test busters else. That course and around that same time. I was like, okay. So grinding here at ESPN trying to figure out what's going on. But I I hope to, you know, get an MBA or I thought I was going to try to do a JD MBA program. I'm just trying to you know, make it through every time. I have a plan something else happens. But by far like my goal is worth thirty to be enrolled and to be completing my master's in something hopefully of hopefully, soon and imams you're listening. It's going to happen. I promise. Tell me about the video nerd city kids that you made at Stanford. Oh, no. No nerd city kid, no nurse in. Kid. Athlete pay. Loosen their nursery to so basically, it was amazing time at different. I would say it's the peak of Stanford athletics. And it was a beautiful thing. So two years or three years before I came the football team was like in eleven infamously bad. And then all of a sudden it turned around with a swiftness. So this is when we had Richard Sherman. Andrew luck the Baldwin fees on my transcripts MVP on our guest with tax through you. Thomas like, so many great football players. And then that coincided with also great basketball. So we had Angela go number one in the NFL draft in twenty twelve nothing. Number one in the WB address, actually Hanson, go number one in softball. Mark appel, go number one in baseball. So this was the peak of Sanford athleticism, and we were pretty much as athletes anything. We'd watch games. People would say, oh, they're great for, you know, students like or student athletes or for some nerds. Like, they never really thought that we could be as committed as kids that typically go like, you know, wall schools or something like that or basketball schools. We couldn't be as successful. So I think as athletes we try to redefine that narrative that nerd does. Not necessarily mean something negative nerd is cool. And and basically it was just funny. I it was over. This naked senior year over Christmas break, we're sitting in the hotel because everyone goes home when we stay in the hotel. We don't stay on campus. And we're listening to this who came out with BRAC city, and I saw a lot not. I'm not going to say, I'm like the next Cardi beat or anything, and I don't even like that. I put Cardi beepers. But whatever I even though I stand for Cardi B. But like, I've always been some silly stuff before games and high school and in college word freestyle about our opponents before we go pretty much a lot of trash book. So I was just three dollars. And I was like oh nerd sitting kids. They're nerd city. Inner city. City kid. You know, what I mean like, I was just like we inner city kids just making fun of it. And so in our boredom I just woke this rat. And then Nikola looked at it and refined it and so the next day in practice cook far was late coming to video. And so I was like, oh, let's listen to the rap. I did until I performed it. And our media guy walked in. And it was like, yo that's hilarious made that rep is actually pretty good. And so he convinced me to like pretty much try to do a music video about it. So I'm pretty much made a group text of Stanford athletes. Hey, guys, I'm gonna do a music video. We're doing it at you know, XYZ like these two locations come through if you want. I think Andrew came through. I'm not no answer was in the second one. Maybe like Sherm was Iran. There was a rumor of Donald when I'm pretty sure. Yeah. They're like a lot of different athletes were there light years. Just it's just bunny. So we did the video I had a whole bunch of our athletes friends come through. And then next thing, you know, the video low key kind of went viral when I was at Stanford. And then you know, it's and then official then it was nerd city. And then the phone year, we started it near nation because if anybody that's affiliated to Stanford or any school or anybody that like really pursues being an academic and wants to make it like, you know, feel competent and being quote unquote nerd, we support you so became Noor nation just like as a call to action. And then the phone your next, you know, I got a Stanford brochure, and it says unofficially like in the bottom. Right. Unofficially known as nerd nation. As a trademark. It was sort of spiraled out of control. But we just wanted to make nerd not feel like a negative for all those kids out there that feel like they're they're not cool because they love studying they love school. On the Bill. Debate. Well nerd is taking out a whole new meaning now, it's it's been reclaimed positive. That's good good. So you ended your Stanford career as the all time career scoring leader for either gender in Pac twelve conference history. But then Kelsey Plum beat you two years later. Do you have some sort of message for calc-? Would you like to would you like to shout or down in any way? Yeah. Tells why won't you let me live for a little while. I that that reckon stood for like twenty something years. And then there's no I'm just. Deserved it. She was a ball in. She was balling in. You know, I I love Kelsey. So I'm not bad refuge are meant to be broken. It leaves the Leslie can't have that record. Right. Have it? Right. Right. So you get drafted number one. Overall, was that pretty obvious that that was going to happen or were you surprised on the day of? So it's hilarious. Everyone knew that. I was getting drafted number one except myself. The funny thing is the reason why I didn't know because everyone assumed I knew so no-one said it, but I'm like what? So I remember I was freaking out because they do these mock draft run in the draft, you know, for the analysts to be ready. And when they were doing it we were getting our hair and makeup in that area. And I remember they like number one pick. I assume other old snap. She's going number one eye open because I well, you know, it's just being an ESPN employees. Now, you understand why you do those run to be prepared the day of? So when it was happening like two minutes before the draft. We saw the Tino Troy. Els prayed. And I was like oh snap. Like if she's traded. There's like then there's all bets are off. But if team calls was getting traded, then of course, they were probably going to pick me because I'm like the same position. But I wasn't thinking like that. I wasn't even thinking in general. So I remember two minutes before neck was like, she turned him into grab my such Chenevey to get yourself together, you that's right now, I I was a mess. And I I always tell people in it's funny because I think everybody's boy was a dangle Jones to people said, oh, I said I was like, oh, I blacked out. Because like you're willing to go many, emotions, I got my name called a hug my family. And then I like, I literally blacked out for ten seconds. I was like, whoa. This is happening. So it was a special moment to be drafted number one. And then literally looked to my right and see my sister who was number one two years earlier. And I remember at her like man, I really want that feeling not just to be drafted. But tracking number one my mom and dad were there. My uncle was there like it just was a tremendous feeling that I'm thinking about my little sisters that are probably going ham at home. You know, like it was it was just all time. It was an all time great moment. So you get to the sun. And was there any part of you that had already thought about working as an analyst or how long into playing in Connecticut before you look across town at at ESPN in Bristol. And think you know, maybe I could do something here. So I have a strange of experience, you know, entering broadcasting because I never thought I would consider myself to be a broadcaster when I was in school, though, you know, always be great like I have fun with learning from the media folk and just like sit in the control room and say, oh, this is how this happened. But like I alluded to earlier I never like, I just pursue these passions not knowing where the me, so I was just curious. So I get drafted in Connecticut's number one immediately. I do a car wash for ESPN. And when I was at a car wash. I mean, who you know, and I adore and concerned by buried God sister, at least a soak who's one of the huge talent, you know, you know, producers and recruiters and she huge woman basketball fan. So I do the car wash where I'm on highly questionable. Which by the way, I never watched highly questionable before our west, which you know, all about and I was. And I was so off guard. People like these people throwing shade up me. Like, I remember that being my faith. My fav-. Why like oh snap before coming from my throat, but I do the car wash. And and basically I but goal is life. So I you know, I go and have my rookie year. And I wanted to win rookie of the I just competed so hard, but eventually I get injured in Italy going and playing overseas, and then after that, I, you know, rehabbing at home after having my surgery, I'm out for a year and a half, and I'm just watching ESPN and CNN, and you know, all these programs, and basically, you know, feeding my mind trying to figure out like, oh, this is like what's going on in society and all that stuff. But I ended up going back to Connecticut. Rehabbing a gun, and when I'm rehabbing Lisa soaks reaches out and says, hey, the summer period, which is WBZ's in. I know you're out, but we're looking for talent to fill in during the summer. So I come into my first real appearance on ESPN is guest hosting his and hers, and then also two days on I take now when I heard it was when I hang. I think you know, let me dive into the show I was like own nap. This is a piece of a show. How am I going to survive? Remember for those first two weeks before it was on. I was watching the show religious. I was watching NFL live. I was watching all these things, and I was just trying to educate myself calling my best friend from Stanford who played football. And then, you know, international soccer blades, like, please educate me. So for me, it was like a sink or swim moment at that moment. Because it was like, okay. Let me put myself in the best position. See how this goes. Well, I find and I and I did it with a door Sodano and Freddie Coleman. And it was great Maria. Taylor was on his and hers that day and Marcus spears like it was interesting now seeing our journeys and where we are. Now, the long story short after that when I was hurt. And I in Connecticut rehabbing after that experience, they started plugging me in here and there, but then I realized and TV's like if I'm interested in this. It's all about reps. So they gave me about twenty women's college basketball games, cold like, you know, me accurate. Did they just had? Fun. I did move games cold. I also went to the network and took another twenty games. I started doing things with uninterrupted right when they launched and I did all bunch of different like small platforms. So I had a pretty big slate for one year because I had to create income because I was playing overseas. And I felt like this was the best thing. So I did that. And it was good. But I learned from that experience that oh as much as I love calling games. I actually like reacting and commentary in studio. But then again by that time most heeled while his wife, I roll back have a comeback season was amazing, you know to be back on the floor. And then I go play in China injured, again, this one was a heartbreaker, you know, Indian my Killys over in China similar to xactly what Brennan Stewart is going through right fly back quickly recover, and you know, but after that, I was like, you know, what's your name like you need to not play overseas. You need to continue to find opportunities. So ironically at that time ESPN launch sportscenter Africa, and so being in Connecticut and being. African in Connecticut and being an advocate that no no sports in Connecticut, sort of wind me up pretty well. That job even though I didn't know I was going to get it. So I went in as an athlete to be interviewed with my brother from another mother, Phil Murphy, and then immediately once landed in LA after going on that sportscenter Africa show, the boss, Sean Reilly in at ESPN called and back. My agent also dealer and was like, hey can Schnitt come back from scripts and prompter and stuff. I went back fried. It never had any expectations. And then they offered me on like pretty much, you know, on site to be one of the co anchors into because it made sense, you know, sportscenter Africa and having an African athlete that broadcasting to deliver news great. But there was a way bigger picture there. And I always say that this was my favorite I've ever done in broadcasting because being Nigerian and going back to Nigeria so often and Africa like in the past years, I've been so Kenya. Rwanda southbound we're gonna get all that stuff. It's it's huge because being able to be broadcast across millions. Africa. Not only was I getting silent rubs where I learned the business and how to do things and handle interviews and stuff like that. But I knew that the young people watching the in patriarchal society, especially throughout the continental Africa. They're going to see a female athlete. That's empowered delivering their sports news that they want to know. And maybe they'll think better upon the young girls route the continent that actually want to pursue sports in that patriarchal society. So like, this that role to me spoke, the most of my soul, but it also gave me the most opportunity because now I'm in the ESPN full. They're almost four days a week. And then next thing, you know, you know, sports center says, hey today, we hear your NBA takes and you're working around. Here. You always have thinking why don't you come on sportscenter? The NBA analyst this happened like what a year and a half ago when on sports in our one had a blast. And then from then blossoms into this, you know, multi platform world. So I never really thought these things out, but you know, by nature being Nigerian American, you know, love news as a kid and just you know, seeping off. Who needs to be placed in Connecticut injured humbles and now having to seek opportunities. You know, like, it just it was just honestly like the perfect convergence of everything back with more. That's what she said was Sarah Spain in just a minute. One of the best parts about my job is that I don't have to hire anybody. In fact, I don't really go to an office. I don't have to have small talk around the coffee machine. I just do my job with cool people and then done with it. And one of the things I hear about from other people like, my parents who are constantly having to hire people or my husband when he used to have to hire people is that it's striking to get good people to work for you. They're hard to find their hard to keep and when you got open positions, and you need work to be done you need to find good applicants well. That's why ZipRecruiter is here to help. Those of you who are in the hiring business. Ziprecruiter dot com slash said is where you go to find qualified candidates. They send your job to over one hundred of the web's leading job boards, and they don't stop there as applicants come in ZipRecruiter analyzes each one and they spot. The top candidates. So you never miss a great match for your job ZipRecruiter so effective that four out of five employers who post on ZipRecruiter get a quality candidate through the site within the first day. That's right. I right now, my listeners can try ZipRecruiter for free at this exclusive web address, ZipRecruiter dot com slash stead. That's ZipRecruiter dot com slash S. A I D ZipRecruiter dot com slash said. Ziprecruiter, the smartest way to hire. That's what she said. I'm sure you would have found some crazy hustle. If you were you know, it some WNBA team in the middle of nowhere or that. We're somewhere that didn't have this opportunity. But it feels like it was meant to be an and now, you know, you are traded to the sparks and for anyone who's not digging deep enough. It looks like, wow, how convenient she gets to play with her sister. She gets to go to a place where ESPN has a bunch of offices. So she can continue her career, but you actually asked for this. Right. So basically. You know, my spiracy in Connecticut. I love it. And I still considered Connecticut home, I will still live here for most of the year. You know, what I'm probably not in the summer. But you know, there were there were some situations that I had to deal with over the course of the off season. And you know, I love the organization, and and I love my teammates, and like that's family. There are some situations that really brought me back to to let you know, let to reality and realize that it was a business not necessarily like as human as you want to express your feelings, and your intentions and hope people meet you half way. It just was sort of humbling to hear some things that happened, you know, in sports in the industry, and so that like, you know, the past few months I had to deal with a couple of situations where I'm like, whoa. You know, this is a business. I know people always look out for themselves. And you know, it seems like athletes are treated like, commodities and know products, not necessarily individuals. It just sort of shook me a little bit to my core. And I'm the type of person that no matter what I do. I do a hundred and ten percent one hundred percent. You know, go as hard as I candidate and won my heart is not in it in my heart was humbled through the course of the off season. You know with things I was hearing, you know, it just I wanted to be honest and upfront with my team about the situation that was happening that I was surprised and taken aback by. But then also, you know, let them know that hey, guys, like, maybe there's some kind of mutual way that we can all move forward. Right. Right. And and I have I'm in this unique an amazing very difficult position of trying to balance two careers, and I never want to be in a position where I feel like I'm giving less or I'm treated less or feel less than you know. I wanna always feel empowered and growing creative and curious and over the course of the past few months there were situations that I served in heard from multiple people play. As that just did not give me the the one hundred percent warrant that. I felt you know, and it's the business of sports, and I you know, to this day like I love everybody that I've interacted with fans have been tastic teammates, a little like I'd go to war with them. But it was just a reality. Check for me over the course of the off season and to this day. Like, I'm not, you know, I speak. I'm a hundred percent positive about my experience. But I was brought to reality a little bit based on things that were happening. And I just realized if my heart's not in it because of the way these situations are like that's not fair to either one of us, and I'm going to try to you know, and I try to be a human being and reach halfway, but you know, people tend to get frustrated, but this I just happy that, you know, hopefully, both of us, you know, are teaching the Connecticut sun, and then myself have great opportunities in the future, you know, as a fan of the of the Chicago sky. I've had two superstars in Sylvia. Fowles Atlanta della, Don ask. Scout and essentially threatened to sit if they don't get traded and part of that is WNBA contracts that are extremely limiting in terms of movement for players for far too long, far too deep into their contracts. It's like a franchise tag. We won't get super inside baseball. But essentially works like a franchise tag. But for longer, and so the only way sometimes to have a player be able to switch teams and not not already be fairly well into their career is to ask out. But there's obviously some stigma that's attached with that. Are you worried at all about the reaction once it becomes more public? I've only I've seen a couple of websites this sort of rumors and the conversation surrounding you asking out was that a difficult decision for you to make knowing that you do feel a certain way about the team in the fans, you know, what what is this Alabama. So when they go low we go. Hi, right, anybody. That knows me an, you know, and I have a nice relationship with or you know. Whether you're a stranger on the street or you, and I who are getting to know each other rooting for each other. You know, where my heart is. And I'm always a genuine and one hundred percent person. And for you know, for people to be frustrated, and I totally understand that when a player sort of has to make a decision for their life. Right. But for so long teams make decisions in operate and have conversations that are there one hundred percent benefit and at times, it just feels like in the WNBA. You know, there's it's hard when they're the there are no real incentive to allow athletes to stay in that same city, for instance. Like, you have the supermax in the NBA right that you can offer a player, and that will probably convince them to stay in a small market or any market right in the WNBA. There's no real provision like that. And then on top of that they have the core ability where they can maintain players and keep them. Right. So that's why it's extremely frustrating. When players are pretty much at the mercy and even like. Not necessarily gaining you know, like any incentive on top of that. But, you know, at this point like, I've I've heard, you know, people have called me today. I've seen these things floating around like this is what you did. And this is what you did most of the stuff if not all entirely false, but I'm not gonna like Biko that because you know, I I just trying to focus on positivity and the opportunities that, you know, I'm very blessed and fortunate to have like there are people that claim to know and a lot of the people that put out information it's ironic because the sources that they use are the people that literally create the problems in the beginning. But you know, like, it's just it's like, I I'm not gonna waste time on negative energy. And people know that's how I am of the human being like people, you know, I can have teammate that literally is crazy or acting funny. But if I see that competitive desire in them, I would tell her whatever because I know we're shopping for the ultimate goal in the same goal. My team knew where my heart was they knew what I was dealing with. And it was never like I was you know, trying to come at them or put them in a bad situation. I was just coming to them as a human being saying guys. This is what I'm dealing with. And this is what the situation has been that I've been hearing. And I've never, you know, like, and I just said, hey, guys, this is at this point like I have to operate in a in a place that will be healthy for me as a a sister as a family member as a professional, and hopefully, you can meet me halfway, and I'm super grateful that Connecticut in the end heard me, but when the other stuff happens, you know, it's just part of the nature of sports, you know, and and and it's unfortunate. But like why give life to it? Right. When I have, you know, a beautiful family. You know, friends, a I'm very blessed to have a cool career. I'm just going to focus on that. And not the negativity in the conjecture and all that stuff because people that know me know, me know, where my heart is. And it's the hardest thing because like I'm so used to grow. Rind in waking up at three. I'm here in Connecticut. Going ESPN going to work out going home like home at five and then watching these games so to and just like living this unreal. Like difficult also amazing life, and you know, when things happened in the peripheral that sort shake you to your core. Just it's tough to deal with. But you know, I just focus on the positive, and I'm happy. I'm so thrilled to be back with my sister. Because I've always felt like that's where my heart would be at some point. And after the scene the situations that were happening, you know, in the in on the sidelines. I was like, you know, what let's keep it professional. It's keep it positive, and hopefully the situation could be result. So I guess that's what I have that. So you're the vice president of the WNBA players association, and there's so much conversation about salary about expectations for athletes needing to go play overseas in order to supplement income the NBA PR reached out to a handful of folks to clarify that there was recently inaccurate in for. Nation in the media regarding WNBA pay this, of course, was in response to brianna Stewart's injury and said that the average compensation for WNBA players last season was one hundred sixteen thousand the top paid players compensation was more than one hundred eighty seven thousand but players like diamond to shields. Are speaking out about that saying the only players who get that average or six year vets and the other are for bets, and that, you know, a sue bird sing average comp sh- Mavericks comp, you know, you're twisting the issue at hand. A lot of players seem to be reacting to an odd decision from NBA PR to reach out and try to clarify, but not speaking specifically to anything, right? Just this vague. Inaccurate information report that combined with the fact that the WNBA very often seeks to in the form of Adam silver seeks to remind people that the league is losing money. When in every other growing league, positively is pushed in order to sell it and increase interest. Why do you think it is that the tact for the WNBA? Always seems to be this sort of. Well, we can't do anymore because it loses money. Yeah. That's the first thing. I I I sort of brought forward once we decided to outside of our CBA. The first thing that the league said was well, did you know that the WNBA loses money. I'm like since when do we have a when you have a product that you want to sell, but you all you do is put out negative information about it. I it's unfortunate. Because even though our league is not necessarily where the NBA is to a large degree. We're only twenty three twenty four years old. And we're in a great position at that point comparatively right? And so I it's it's this funny because we also the tweet and we're like, oh, that's interesting. You wanna fit the narrative from salary to compensation. So that the perception is that we'll be they actually make more than what we what most people think. But the irony is in that you're telling on yourself because you have a legal full of amazing women that are willing to put in the work to try to put in the best position ever. And instead the messaging is that we're not necessarily here a hundred percent. So so push the right narrative like that we are here with you. We do all want the same things. Instead. It's like, oh, no, no, no, no, y'all should be happy like, and that's the big thing. I think, you know, for so long as women were told to be grateful for what we have especially when it's outside the normal normal. What we normally do. But I always point to this point where in twenty sixteen obviously huge thing happened. We had the first female we'll nominee in the sense of Hillary Clinton almost a winning an election, and it was almost like a woman's reckoning. Meaning like, we've always had voices. But it's just great that. Now, people are hearing us and they're seeing our collective power. And so with that election. And women coming out in the women's March. You also see unique times in which female athletes are leveraging their power harnessing, their collective voice. So you had the US women hockey team that went for the Winter Olympic then push for better situation. And then what do they do? They win the gold. You right now, see the u- US women's national soccer team, you know, fighting for better pay, and, you know, they're obviously probably be leader in you know, as women in their category of sports, right? Like as a team, we just off out of our CBA and most importantly, not too long ago, we see US gymnastic takedown Larry Nassar. So if if this point where where we're not just settling and not just being grateful. We're fighting for our future. And we want all stakeholders to see the the potential, right? And it's unfortunate that you know times we have to go to our higher up. So be at the NBA. And articulate like, yes, we understand. We know like, it's funny. I was like, oh, everyone wants to be Google professors and say well. WBZ lot twelve million last year. I'm like, yes, we did. But we are also generating a lot of money too. I know we operate in the loss. But is a league as a whole. We are generating good money. We do have potential, and it's funny when you see the Google professors out there trying to say, well, you know, basic economics and things like that in the WNBA. Most of us have our college degrees. You know in the w you you tend to leave after potentially your junior year. But if you're there to junior year, you pull Sabrina UNESCO and you go back for your senior year, then you might as well get your degree and then get your professional opportunity. Right. So we have a lot of wonderful, and quote, this is the language. You know, wonderful woke women, I'm sorry, guys. I saving up my masters in the WNBA that are are doing the homework doing the research understanding, the financial realities in also understanding that if you want to treat us like a real business you have to give us real investment. And the time is now because despite what people say, you know, the WB is popular. Now, it might have, you know, this crazy ritual reaction from social media trolls. But there are a lot of people and always what they call them. Jeez. I can't remember what it usually call. Oh, yeah. The like social media freedom fighters that are out there defending us, right? And also out there speaking on us, and we got we have a lot of NBA players that come to our games like, whoa. But this is amazing. You know, like there's so many there's so much positive energy internally excellently happening with our brand. It's unfortunate when we have to sort of like it's sort of like flying the plane at tailwind like we should not be in that position. All or like looking at me over for White Plains to both like everything should be raise it, you know, if we're a company like rising tides and all that stuff, you know. So when we hear that type of stuff, we're like, okay, we see what you're trying to do. But we just wish we didn't have to fit. You know, fight an uphill battle internally. Yeah. You know, there's been some interesting stories written about the WNBA in relation to other leagues that are around the same age. And and how those leagues were Lou. Losing money, but got great investment. And one of the most interesting things we've seen recently is the af right? You see this alleging poorly planned football league that has two hundred and fifty million dollar investment that comes in their lap when they can't make payroll after one week of the season. And everyone's talking about it. Everyone typing it up it's getting all sorts of publicity. And you wonder if it's just partly the swagger that comes with belief in men's sports, and why everyone buys into that. Whereas WNBA that's been in existence for twenty plus years now and is profitable in many ways, but needs a further investment to take that next step. If just the way it's being positioned by the people running it are preventing it from taking that next step. I wonder as you look to fight. This latest CBA, what are the priorities for you. In terms of changing the way that the investment is made into the salaries the players and marketing and everything else. Well, you know, two the NBA's credit. I think silver is a fantastic leader. In the sense of he's giving everyone to creativity and the latitude to find answers and solutions. And he's also hearing us in saying that, you know, what like if you want to if you're willing to push the brand and do creative things and try to find something that really sticks and speak to the people in the fans of the consumer you also that does mean, you you're going to have to, you know, invest in the players who are in the who are the products and who are torn between two worlds overseas playing there. Most of the year in Oakland playing in the WNBA, but like, you know, bringing up the af it's a fantastic example, my best friend played in the AFC his name is Ed Reynolds. And when this was happening I was talking to him about, you know, hey, like, what was your experience and he played for the Atlanta team. And he was like I still think he's going to be back in the NFL hopefully soon because he's just great of a player. He was saying, you know, what a great pot for moves a great showcase to show what we can do. Right. The thing is the WB has already shown what it can do. And if you look at the ratings the metro. The merchandise sales up. I think sixty six percent streaming like there's we just signed a new deal with CBS like there's so much positive energy happening as a brand standpoint that like we feel confident, and you know, like in a asking and receiving investment. But the problem is like, okay. How are we gonna do this? Do we have the the infrastructure to sustain this next? Big push. You know, how many people actually work on the WNBA like we we know how many employees the NBA has so many people exclusively work on the WNBA. I you know, I would say the numbers. I I wouldn't be you know, maybe twenty twenty five maybe like maybe less than maybe a little more. I this spoke at this amazing panel with with Paul rebel. And he's a friend that have come to know the past few years. Paul Rabo is pretty much. The always say that Michael Jordan Nova cross. He started his own PL per meal lacrosse lead. Professor. Lacrosse league in which he literally imagine a player the best player, maybe LeBron stepping assignment. Then guess what? I'm gonna start my own basketball league. Well, that's what he's doing with across. And I was picking his brain. I was like, hey, like, how many staff members do you have on PLO, which is you know, like, you know, they have I think I think it's six teams and they travel around. And I think they have more staff members there on this newly germinating league, then we do a, you know, as a WB it's like exclusively. Meaning, you know. And I know the NBA leverage is a lot of it's already known resources to help. But like, you know, we have to create an infrastructure in a that allows us to grow, right? But you know, I'm really excited about the future. Because I do think we have the leadership and I'm sober. And like the reason why we're taking so long to get a new president is because we want the right person that is there and has staying power, you know, like we are taking the right step forward. And as players, you know, being on the w MVP a as players. And in in representatives of our players. I think we're in the right position to fight because we know that you know, as women we can't just have that mentality that oh should be grateful. We need we need to go after what is ours, and what we want, and you know, because no matter what like it's not for us w players though, play, you know, just to for the money we play because we wanna be caretakers of a legacy of Lisa, Leslie and Lawrence Zack's, then and even we still got legislation and do bird and Cynthia Cooper and Tina tonk like we play because of them we want uplift their legacy. But we also want to build a situation where the rising generation has a better league than what we had. And you know, so we sort of have to like, you know, pull up much leads. What do they say ground bootstraps, and like getting, you know, getting there, and and and bite, and I think the great thing is that the league has that exact same mentality. They're gonna fight to with us. It just it's tough sometimes when we're dealing with these narratives and these sweeps and all that stuff, but I am excited for what is to come. And I do think. We have like, you know, a great group of women in the w MVP that are that are literally giving everything that they have no matter where they are to try to put put ourselves in the best situation. We have a great executive director tear Jackson as well. So I would say you like the president in neck ogm case too. So let's all right. She's all right. I'm well. There's lots more to get to on that topic. And I people are interested. I urge them to read some of the well researched articles about it, especially getting into the lack of transparency in terms of profits in numbers presented to the public. Because like you said, it's pretty easy to for people to just, you know, try to Google and think that they have an idea of what's going on. But it goes a lot deeper than the surface conversations. And that's part of what's going to have to be put on the table for the new CBA. We'll be right back with more. That's what she said with Sarah Spain T so is the official watch of the NBA each one of t so's timepieces delivers quality performance and traditional luxury this graduation season. Get the NBA fan in your life, a T so watch. The tea so krono XL is a great watch for those looking for a sporty chronic graph with Swiss technology at an unbeatable price shop now at US dot T. So shop dot com. That's what she said. We're running out of time. But before I let you go. You have to do the one thing that everybody does. And nobody expects next. Finishing position. Expects punishing physician. That's right. The ten questions everybody answers, and nobody expects number one your desert island album. You can only have one. My desert island album. Can it be my Applebee's playlist, but that probably is not an answer. No. Let's see probably, you know, one of my shoot. This is a hard one. And I'm supposed to be quick with it. I don't know, man. I might go with Chris Brown one from my house and adolescents just because it's got every range of motion and everything's a banger. But then I could also go with John legend, whatever one where I know every word to it. But let's stick with Chris breezy album. 'cause that's my day one. That's my guy. No comment when Chris Brown. I know I know Ving on number two what habit or quality. Do you think has contributed most to your success? I think just the mentality in which you have an opportunity, and you have a passion and just attack number three. What would you consider your biggest failure? My biggest failure is. Putting you know grinding so hard that I feel like life is passing me by man's. I've lost opportunity to, you know, be us close with some of my friends and loved ones, but they say do it while you're young, but it's hard to do it while you're young and by yourself, and you know, so I would say is that part like I wish I was able to be there and not have to put my life on pause. But you know, you know, how that is. Yeah. You can find balanced though, you gotta find balance you've got enjoy it. Never find better balance. Yeah. On number four have you ever been in a fistfight sitting? No, not not ever close. Never close. No. I haven't any time. I will get close someone by the name of mecca would probably do the fighting. Number five. If you could switch lives with anyone for a day. Who would it be? Oh beyond say good one. Number six. What's the most embarrassed you've ever been? Oh. So many story. You know, I alluded to having to learn on as on the fly. When I was getting great opportunities as an MBA analyst. But I was also playing in the WNBA and one of the hardest days of my life. Being a little dramatic. When you know, I didn't know how hair beauty look all that stuff on TV. You know, you know, how you have to learn to the fire like you look is. But imagine that while you're also in season, I went on TV. And I just didn't know like, you know, this is the standard in which you have to be like do your hair every week and a half and do your nails every week. And like because if you don't you end up going over social media, so there's a video that people. It was horrible. There's a video that someone like zoomed in on my hair. And I you know at that point. I didn't know how to really do my hair and stuff like that. And and so it was really embarrassing for me because I was just getting my opportunity for the first time at ESPN and a viral video goes out all my friends on world on my friends. That's like oh, girl. Look what happened. What happened? And you know, I didn't know any better. I was just grinding doing playing the WB and also like literally ten pm driving bristle doing that in the morning. Yes. In the morning driving back a projects like I was just in this of trying to bring my professionalism. And my nuggets and my nose, and then I get caught up on this, you know, viral trap. And it just wasn't really underworld store. It was on worldstar. It was everywhere. Like, I got four million views on YouTube Twitter, and it was so it's time to do this to do with your edges. Yes. It was my Ed is, you know, what it is going to be came a company war like internal war like how we treat. What is true? Like, you know, we representation doesn't matter. And like fortunately SPN has like have they have safety nets now to look houses like a like Nido had no clue about here in Belgium, going onto being killing them with my knowledge. And then, you know, you know, like, people know me, I I was like I don't want to be known as the bad here for the rest of my life. And that was like the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me. But I want from there not only to stay on point. But also, I learned that you know, what they see. And this is one thing. I always tell people they as a woman, it's tough because time be few before they hear you totally. That's why had totally I totally support. All the women that made it through the doors racing Nichols. The use the Robin Roberts like because they dealt with that times of million. So that wasn't learning experience for me. So if you go to my grand now, you see why be certain on the ground. I never wanna get again. Yeah. There were a lot there straps. That is that is that thing number seven. The thing about yourself you'd most like to improve. Per I I've learned that perfection is overrated. Meaning I have to be okay with making mistakes. And I'm getting better every day this only mistakes and just moving forward or not per severing, my mom fishing at time. You are for several and I do overreact freak out. And then my friends like are you done now? I'm like, okay, you're that's a very good one to work on number eight. If you could play commission for a day, what one rule would you enforce it all of society had to adhere to? Ooh. I would say I if I was a Commissioner into signing out say, no social media. Whoa. Vanden it today. So what you're on? It you use it. I use it. But like, I don't need it. So if I need to put put my phone down, I can go and interacting like I would not say phone calls and stuff you can phone text. But I would like us to have normal human social interaction for day, and you know. Day or forever? I wanna say forever 'cause I listened to media. But I was maybe every other month. So let's say you're not a very good millennial. If you want to get rid of it forever. Maybe just right. Number number nine. What's the most scared? You've ever been. I mean, so most scared I've ever been we have a very international family, meaning my dad's visits or time operates out of Nigeria. My mom always home in Houston. But my, you know, my dad, and I'm I'm here together. Always. But like when he goes to business. He's traveling mecca was in Russia. My little sisters wearing California at Pepperdine at the time. And I think after my first injury when I tore my Killys in China. I was so scared because I knew something was wrong. I was by myself. And I was scared because I knew my family would be scared for me. And I and you know, after the fact after getting through that situation like, you know, how your families are like they go into superhero mode, which is great. But it was just an awkward like ten minutes before. I had got my phone, my parents and freak them out. What else am I just being an international family like mecca being in Russia? But. Very close to you crane when she played, in course, when they were international global incidents happening or my dad working in Nigeria and like things happening and just make like us keeping tabs on him. So they're like it's tough being global family. But it's also great with technology that you stay together. So our group China's always popping are Wilmington. We're good on number ten. What three words would you most hope that people would use to describe you? Passionate. Let's see I would say like, I don't feel like fun. But also empathetic, you know, I don't know if I'm pathetic is the right word. But yeah, that's a good combo where my heart on my sleeve, and I love people. So that's a good one bonus question who should I have on this podcast. Ooh. 'cause he wait is this like, ESPN employees. No, no, no. It's it's anybody music, sports entertainment. But you know, whenever people say, you know, Michelle Obama and Bruce Springsteen and whatever Mike to work on that. But maybe also somebody could actually get. You should have mecca Oakland McKay on your part. I knew you were going to say that and see how many lives so. Good luck with the move. Good luck with the boxes. Thanks for taking the time to chat in the midst of all this. We look forward to you know, I'm bummed because we were just talking about how next time we're in Bristow fits, and I and everybody we're gonna come have accused cheering section for you at the sun. So I guess now we gotta make a road trip to LA. I know we do please come or you know, I will come back here. So either way a wherever or in Chicago, you going to be there in Chicago. You are there. I will be there in Chicago for sure, and I'll be oddly cheering against you. And for you at the same time and fifth. We'll just have to take up. There you go. Put bus. He's not. Thanks Tanega there. That's what she said. It's time once again for south bitch sessions where I rant about something. That bothers me and I fix it. And this week it's gonna make me sound old. And I accept that. I accept that. I'm going to sound like old man yelling at a cloud get off my lawn. But the thing that's bothering me this week is Staggie pants. They look ridiculous. And I am forced to look at people's entire asses in their boxer briefs and tidy whitey's. And I understand that the style and understand I'm getting older, and I'm going to be less and less than touch with what's cool these days, and I understand that already. Don't get the very high wasted jeans that even make people KENDALL Jenner look like she has a little pooch. I don't get it. I don't get some of the styles of young people. But for a very long time, including when I myself was a young person. I still didn't get the saggy pants thing. And I've read some studies, I don't know how many of them are true. And how many of them are just old people trying to? Get into a moral panic about a style that they associate with, you know, urban culture, but according to some studies, those kind of saggy pants and the weird way that you're forced to walk in order to keep them up is linked to hip problems and lower back problems and knee problems because you walk funny because you can't keep them up. So just get a belt or at the very least at the very least by the size of pants where they sit just above your butts. So just a little bit of the underwear is hanging out over the top not your entire ask. Because I'm telling you how many times I walk around Chicago. And I am just staring directly at a full apple doubled cheek Pancer underneath. Also, you only of the use of one hand because your other hand is holding it up. So it just it. Seems it seems inefficient if nothing else. So, you know, young people under you're gonna do whatever you want on your. I'm gonna listen to me. I know that I found old, but think of the old people who are forced to stare at your budgies think of us every. Once in a while, would you please one day if I snap. It's probably going to be about this. But who knows because the older I get the more things for making me wanna snap. All right. Feel good about what we accomplished today. Pull your pants up. Please. At least over the majority of your cheeks. I wanna see Stephanie five percent coverage at the very least of your ass. Okay. Great. He guys have you checked out. Katie Nolan's podcast sports yet this week. She'll be talking about avengers endgame game of thrones, the NBA NHL playoffs and everything else going on in pop culture. Download and subscribe to sports on apple podcasts Spotify or wherever you get your podcast. That's what she said. If you got a dilemma for the Commissioner fix tweet it to me at sarahspain or go to the or or go to the I tunes or podcast app. Subscribe rate and review leave your dilemma in the review. I know that some of you have been asking me what I'm going to get to those. I have a handful of them gathered. I'm going to get to them soon. I'm going to get to your listener dilemmas. Also, some extra special celeb- dilemma. Coming up in the next couple of weeks. So keep an eye out for that. Thanks as always for lasting about an hour. That's what she said.

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Chicago, Condoleeza and Condiments (Week 11 Recap)

The ThomaHawk Show

53:28 min | 2 years ago

Chicago, Condoleeza and Condiments (Week 11 Recap)

"List episode of Tomahawk is brought to you by bell, the first and only saving system designed specifically, for course. Curly hair and sensitive skin. Joe I'll tell you what man not a lot of products. I use them consistent basis because I'm all over the place on my schedule. Bebel is one of them. Never leave my house without it all over the country. Making sure my skin is great for all the times. I'm on TV as both a face model and the most entertaining man in the world, that's actually fake news that your model, but for a limited time, you can still get fifteen percent off your next shipment with Bevill checkout. Get bevelled dot com slash Tomahawk. Promo will be automatically applied at checkout. That's G. E L dot com slash Tomahawk. Coming up on today's show. The bears defense is haunting Kirk cousins dreams the saints keep marching and prayers up for Alex Smith and his gruesome leg injury. Of course, we talk Condoleeza Rice as the next head coach of the Browns. And we hear of natty ice has a New Jersey chasing boyfriend for tonight's awesome. Rams versus chief. Game all that and much much more coming up on the Tomahawk show. Hey calls for hot and your luster. Seventy four career starts just wanted to let you know that we used to play basketball together at a rec center when you're fourteen hope that makes us friend advocate rest of your day. Joe leaving your voice mail to let you know that may and my wife think it was funny that you always wore big football fans, we called you. But we love you. But your pants were too big enough with the dumpy but rounds. Jeff. Oh. To say thanks for being with my every day week and wanted to make fun of for putting catch up. I didn't know what to make fun of you. Because you still Hamble, dude. That's just weird as always go. Welcome to the Tomahawk podcast presented by uninterrupted. Make sure you're interacting with us on social at Tomahawk show on Instagram and Twitter user, hashtag Tomahawk hit us up with thoughts comments. And most importantly, we haven't done this as much as we should have make sure you are subscribing to the podcast and also rating us five stars. We look at our average numbers per episode. And if that like one point seven billion per episode, but yet we only have a little under six thousand five star ranking. So if you're listening right now, stop what you're doing pull it up on apple podcasts or wherever you listen hit five stars. And then continue on I'm joined as always by the humblest of co hosts twenty six time pro bowler. Joe Thomas is in the building. And before Joey start talking. I'm going to introduce our homegirl net who has another day tonight to and. Cleveland zurve the man the myth the legend. How's everybody doing hawker? You're doing good. Yeah. I think everybody here is jealous of neck. She gets to go. See a Rams chiefs, which is the game of the year in person. So I don't know a time flights out of Cleveland Elliara if I can still make it today, but I'm looking into it. And I might come crashing that party. I'm excited. I get to see my Patrick Mahomes in action. My Patrick Mahomes. Wow. I didn't know. I'm just kidding. I'm just found out. He has a girlfriend, which is super whatever. I remember you said he could be made crush Monday vibes. This is like weeks and weeks ago. I mean, he's still twenty more tests out since since then. And now he's my Patrick moan about that. No. I'm really excited to go to that game. Watching the two best teams go at it. So I will keep the Thomas flock updated. What I really wanna know is are you more excited to go watch the football game. Or are you more excited for the date? Well, I don't who are these sources that told you it was a date streets. You're talking that. They always talk about the streets. I've never stopped talking. I'm more excited for the game to be completely honest. So it's not well, no, it's it's it's the best date. It's a girl date. This is incorrect. Alright. Incorrect never listened to the sources you got to go straight to the actual source. Does that mean that the jersey chaser? Boy toy from last week is out of the picture and didn't work out or where are we right now with that situation. That's a good question. He's not out of the picture. He's picture. Just waiting for date. Number two. I don't know when or what it's going to be. But the ball in his quarters in New York court on the ball is in my cord. So okay, I'm open to suggestions of what we should do next. Okay. The Rams chiefs game. Good, whatever, whatever you're into another question has it been difficult on your relationship living this out in the public eye as to influences as a celebrity couple was with the thousands and millions of people who are listening and wait for updates on your relationship has it been a strain. It's very difficult to be honest. I don't know how celebrities do it. It's so because everybody knows everybody wants to know the details of your life, and it just I can't and pressure. I get it. I get it before we get into the hard hitting NFL chatter. We gotta talk about how awesome those listener voicemails, and we got to react a little bit. Because this week's I think was far superior to anything we've gotten so far and up until this point they were still pretty good. But I'm pretty pumped right now that are Tomahawk fans are throwing more voicemails are direction me to appreciate someone acknowledging them a fourteen basketball prowess. Fourteen years old I thought legit. It was me and LeBron James and competition in life. And I thought like man this is going to be a race to who gets to be categorizes the goat sooner. So I'm interested to who. That is a that. I was playing in the rec league with be obviously, it makes his best friends and see you should call back and give a segment of my game for the thomma flock listeners to let them know what was working with at Martine years. How does it feel to be called dumpy? But on. That's what I wanna know. You know, what I actually have kind of grown accustomed to being made fun of for my baggy pants. That was like the one thing. Everybody on the team like the tease me about. But what I can't figure out is how wearing tight pants that. Make you run slower is a good thing. You explain that to me. Because last time I checked ninjas were the quickest. On earth, and they were begging pants. Then you could avoid being called dumpy. But you should probably go all in. So I don't know if it makes you faster slower than the Instagram named dumpy. But it's taken I've already checked for you. So. But I will say what I feel like linemen and receivers sort of diverge a little bit as a receiver will do something that willingly makes him worse at his job. If it makes them look cool. Like, we're in the visor that super dark that you can't see that football or like wearing the bad shoes that look cool, but they're not like really good fitting on your feet, and they don't have good traction a receiver is willing to give up a lot of success on the football field for coolness factor. And the linemen is willing to give up all coolness for even the most slight advantage in athletics. Ism not me. I was I was like a I think that's why me and you gotta log because I was like the old wide version of a receiver. I didn't look sweet I had duck feet. My pants would be good dumpy from time to time. I actually passed up. This is a true story in two thousand fifteen indeed is offered me. And it wasn't big money. But the contract was like fifty grand grand contract of like, you know, for whatever. But I had to. At the time. I didn't have a shoe. I was getting Nike like just free gear. It was all free. There was no cashing both. But I told a deed is no because the shoes weren't comfortable and entrusted the gloves at the time. And it was more in my head than anything going back. I probably would've took the deal and said we going to suck that you anyway. So I might as well get some money while we're all sucking. But yeah, I was not sweet, I guess it was more story. You look sweet in my book, though. So thanks, don't worry about the Nikes. Oh, thanks dumpy. But. This was also in the voicemail, and I also need to address this catch up on stake. Why? Yeah. I don't know why catch up as good decent anything else on your state. Like, do you any other sauce like barbecue sauce or anything? No. I put barbecue sauce on my burgers foot. Catch up on my stakes put hot sauce on my pizza in my lasagna in my spaghetti. I don't know it just tastes good. I just think it's everything is better. What's dip between putting catch up when a steak and catch up on a hamburger, I feel like catch-up doesn't belong on anything. I hate catch up. Oh, that's. This is the most alarming news. I've heard on the Tomahawk show eight tomatoes anything with. With tomatoes to catch up. I've never even made the distinction. What do you enjoy them because first of all stake in ketchup? I don't love it. But I get it. I've done it. You know, we we've all had a little chewy stake. Should just be eaten up by itself. Whatever incomes on it. Yeah. The purest is going to say like, oh, you're ruining it and all this stuff. And you know, I usually enjoy my stake without ketchup. But I'm not against if you're having a tough piece or maybe something that's not real flavorful. If you're having some French fries to dip it in a little bit of ketchup. I'm okay with that. I'm not I'm not a hater. Like that to see you don't like ketchup is offensive in my book. Offend you. You use as he looks like a mayonnaise manage to though. Can we for one second before we go any further? There's a there's a movement on the internet to hate on manny's. And I I am against because there's like videos of people eating Loomis. Why? Why? Different those people should be locked up. But I'm just saying in terms in general Manning's is good. And I don't understand why it's popular now to hate on man as and I'm not here. Okay. Well, now, I have a follow up question. So zoom in your Twitter bio, it says, you're a sandwich enthusiasts. So please elaborate on what that means. And do you put mayonnaise on every single sandwich? Manny's on a sandwich is very crucial. So yes. Number two. I am a sandwich Susia because I Cleveland has as Joe and hawk both know has very good underrated food scene and a lot of really good sandwiches. And so I bumped around the city from sandwich shop to sandwich. Shop trying them critiquing them. Tasting everything I can. And that is how I became in my long twenty nine years of life a sandwich enthusiast. Where's your favorite sandwich in Cleveland out that Joe great question? My answer the class just told me my answer to that. Okay. Typical stall. There is no stall. I just don't wanna I don't wanna get next going. You're still I don't want. Going going. The question here. It is there's a place on Coventry road in Cleveland heights called grumpy sandwich shop it has been there since the nineteen seventies you walk in. And it looks like you're about to walk into something real weird. But it is a it has a sandwich called the hot grump Stor, and it is one of my favorite things in the world. In fact, I usually would get it when I would go to my dads on Sundays to watch guys. Like Joe Thomas and Andrew Hawkins play football while I ate my hot grump stir so shadow to Grimm's hot grim. Search delicious hot grub stirs. Everybody to listen to make sure you call us leave us voicemails. So we can get him on the show talk about it. But it's like the funnest part of us recording firm. You've got the number. I do. Yes. So if you want a chance to be featured on the intro like those fine people that call it us. We're just featured you can leave us voicemails four four six eight one three seven six one more time that's four four six eight one three seven six, and if you're if you're good enough and you want to be best friends with Andrew Hawkins. Leave us a voicemail, and you may hear yourself on a upcoming episode of the talk show, our listeners to tell us what their favorite sandwiches wherever city you're listening from because I feel like we have fans in England. I've talked to some of them on Twitter. We've got fans over in Japan. We we really have fans all over the globe. And so I'm interested to hear because I'm such a foodie, I love hearing about like, what is your favorite sandwich in wherever you live. That'd be kind of cool that is it really cool question. And before we move on before hawk bores himself to death. Tell me more about your lustrous minis. If if natty ice does not like catch up what condiment does she prefer? And what do you put on a burger could burger I like like thousand island sauce? That's good. That is the most silicone valley thing I've ever heard. What why? Catch up. I don't really like mail. I mean, sorry mustard either on a sandwich even American. Do you cheer for the baseball game when the ketchup and the mustard race? Important. Thousand islands. Mascot. Oh, man. What's the answer? What's your favorite condiment? I really don't know. Like, the only condiments that. I can think of our up mayo and mustard, and I'm just not a big fan of any of those three like what are other condiments? He's a working progress from hot mustard ranch. I forgot about ranch. Ranch. Ranch is pretty universal. All my fries and ranch instead of ketchup or why people like us. Yeah. I like hot sauce, but it's definitely like more of a black cultural thing popular, I feel like it's almost cool. White culture is mayonnaise. Blackhawks is hot sauce and ranch is like the thing we could all come together. And we all. That's how we wrap it altogether natty ice. Also, put the Tomahawk in her Twitter profile, which is finally a huge relationship as cast family. It took her a while. She was the last world now. But it was like she's claiming us which may or may not help her relationship with whoever this weirdo is Jason jobs. Take a break and talk about our sponsor Bebel once again, and I'm not kidding. You know, how you felt when you got a beer sponsorship because you love so much. That's how I feel about getting a bevelled sponsorship because it's the product that I really us for the last four years, and my life Bebel was the first and only into insuring system that gives you a consistently smooth irritation, free shave is dermatologist recommended and clinically tested to help reduce and prevent razor bumps discoloration. And you know, I always was pretty impressed with your you always have. Nice fresh shave. And that was one thing. I could say about you football player. He's okay. But when it came to shave in your face, you always a plus student in my book over ninety percent of Bevo users noticed improvement in their skin and razor bump reduction levels, a good look level up your grooming routine. So you can look as good as hawk with Bevill shave system. Also, the double trimmer is a G Q award winner, just like myself and every Barbara's Goto product. Now, you can own yourself with the holidays coming up get one four friend experienced, cordless, grooming, easy, gap, adjustments and next level lineups. Each clipper includes a blade blade oil, micro, five or bag brush, Anna charger. Not kidding. Lifesaving product I used to get it would take on my skin growing up. And so I would never shave like my dad told me not to shave because my skin would get irritated or bumps. I was finally able to use straight razor products and a Trevor because of babble life savings and now you're a beautiful face model. So it seems to have all. Come full circle. Make sure to get your bevelled, trimmer and shave system today at get bevelled dot com. For a limited time. Get fifteen percent off your next shipment with Bevill head over to get bevelled dot com slash Tomahawk. Promo will be automatically applied at checkout. That's GATT B E V E L dot com slash Tom arc. Let's get into football. They think it's time guys. Let's dive right into our first segment, and that is three hundred out. And the reason I'm being ridiculous because our producer has said we need to emphasize the segments. So here's the Fasces on. No. The bears defense is legitimately terrifying. Kirk cousins looking like the average quarterback we all knew on the Tomahawk show that now Vikings most disappointing team in the NFL potentially. What do you think? Yeah. Disappointing. But I think it was a lot of fee are anyway, like we said from the beginning, we never super sold on Kirk cousins, you know, the play calling hasn't been grade. They're like bottom three in running the ball, which is the same Oakland new. We had in two thousand fifteen with the same situation. You just can't air it out. You get a lot of those yards. And a lot of those points late in games when you're kind of already out of it like we watched last night the defense the bears is legit Khalil Mack. One of the best defenders he changed the game. He takes the ball away. He has sex. He's literally good in every phase of the game. The biggest it's more of a surprise for me that the Chicago Bears are who they are. Then the fact that the Minnesota Vikings aren't nearly as good as they were a year ago. So what do we think the bears defense ranks in the? NFL statistically because. I'm saying if you're matching up everybody in the NFL defense versus defense. How do the bare shakeout I have probably top five just Khalil Mack alot. And a dude is like there's like there's good defenses is really really good deep. It's a sound defence who play really good football. And then there's the Chicago Bears who do that. And Khalil Mack can take the ball away can cause interception for touchdown. They're scoring points. They're literally having those. I forget what the name is that the coaches use fame changing. I don't know what the they would always say this the Saturday before the game that we needed to do. And we never did actually get them on Sunday. But you get what I'm saying is your answer game winning play. That's what that's what I was looking. But yeah, Khalil Mack load makes any defense top five scariest. And there's Oakland Raiders it'd be like we weren't anything with even with cluele MAC. We weren't great. We'll have you watched yourselves this year. That's that's the answer. I would say to that. Well, how short are Oakland Raiders fans memories that two years ago, they were like the class of the AFC when Jack del Rio was there right before? Derek Carr, broke his leg. This was a team that potentially was going to go to the Super Bowl. They had offensive stars. They were scoring points. Their defense was blown out and all of a sudden, Derek Carr breaks, his leg, and then they get rid of Khalil Mack. And they're completely different team. They're the worst team in the NFL right now. They're terrible, man. The worst part about it is. And this is this is the NFL. It doesn't make sense the cycle just continues. Nobody ever really cares. No way that it's ever like, oh that didn't quite make sense. We should probably revisit that. Or change the way we do things. But no. So del Rio has to you know, whatever their record was was it. Twenty fifteen is. I think it wasn't. It was sixteen right? Because last year they were crappy. So he got fired before that was when they were really good, whatever it was their car was about to be the MVP. They're really good the next year. It was a letdown. They weren't nearly as good Derek Carr was coming off of an injury. So they fire the coach for Jon Gruden basically say, it's your fault that they're not good anymore. Otherwise, we wouldn't be making a coaching change that save coach comes in with the same players. They suck. He traits. People the way now he's saying, oh, they're not that good. Well, if they're not that good for you. Why do we not have that same filter when the last guy was and he was saying why are we blaming him? And now it's now we have to say we're blaming the players now because you just got here, but it doesn't make it. He sits there's not any logic to it. But that's the game of football. I agree with your takes and going back to the reason we were talking about them in the first place. I think the bears have the best defense in the NFL followed closely by the Cowboys. Second down before a chance to see him an idiot. We're going to live on. No, second Sates. Let's talk about the saints. The saints are second down the saints might have the best office in the NFL. They killed eagles. Forty one to seven Thursday with the safest score forty or more points is this by far the best office in the NFL. Well, you got to say right now, they are the way that they've been scoring points is just outrageous. And even though I don't think the eagles defense is as good as they were last year to me the eagles defense was the best defense in the NFL last year. And I know they were scoring a lot of points down the stretch when they won the Super Bowl. But to me the defense was outstanding lights out front front toback. They had unbelievable front seven that could rush the passer. They could stop the run. They would keep them in every game. No matter what. And they're just not playing that well anymore, but still to give up forty one points to the saints is really alarming, and you need to make some changes out there. But the saints. Probably without a doubt without a mantra dictionary. Evidently, a big maybe one hundred people. Definitely maybe they are the best offense in the NFL right now. They are absolutely. A quick question for you guys. Because this interests me for you guys is former players so it was fourth. It was like four thousand six and the saints gonna just kicked a field goal. They're already up like four touchdowns. Instead Sean Payton sends the offense back in the field. They get Alvin Kamara matched up on a linebacker. And they just throw a little go round for touchdown, which I thought was I tweeted I said man that is just that's just rude. You're just pilot on if you guys were on the cowboy or excuse me the eagles yesterday. And you saw them coming out throwing for a touchdown on fourth and six already and field goal range. Are you guys pissed or you guys? Just like, look we can't stop them. I don't know. What to do? I like we can't stop them. It's not it's not their fault. They're they're better than us. That would be my take. There's no like there's no heads shake. Okay. It's all right. You really killing us just kick the field goal. No. It's whatever. Like, it's football. I don't mind Joe might have a different take. No, I agree actually to me. It reminds me of the patriots forever and ever, Tom. Ladies up by forty points. And they're still air in and out. And what I think that does is it I will build them in tally that we don't care what anybody else is doing it. So it's about us, and we're going to be the same people every every single time we strap it on we're gonna try to score as many points as we can. And I don't care what the scoreboard is this isn't youth football. This is not trying to make other guys feel good about it. Even in a big blow like that. You're trying to work on things you're trying to be the same offense all the time. And if you ever take your foot off the gas pedal, you are missing an opportunity to continue to improve as a great offense. And in this league. I thoroughly believe that you've ever take your foot off the gas pedal, you lose momentum. And it's hard to regain it because you always have to be getting better and improving in his game just to stay where you are. It's like one of those things it's like it's like when you put catch up on your steak, and then you're like, oh, I actually don't want to eat a disaster. And then you're forced stakes in and you're like, I think actually loved the catch up in the sticks. Good. But no. Here's here's why give edge to the saints over the Rams when I go position for position. I they both have good played callers. Right. Shop in Sean McVay too. Good. Play collars. We'll call that. A neutral quarterback position. I'm going drew Brees over Gough at the running back position. Todd Gurley is the best. But when you mix an Ingram and Alba Kamera together, it's equal at the worst. And I honestly might give the edge to the other guys because there's two bodies at the receiver position while the Rams have a pretty good receiving core. And I feel like Gough does look better because of the play calling. I felt like Mike Thomas was a beneficiary of drew Brees and Sean Payton until I see this number from yesterday, which is frigging wild. Mike Thomas is catching balls at ninety percent catch rate. Now what that means is ninety percent of the time that they throw him the football. It's a catch. That is a ridiculous that I think the best all time is like eighty percent in the nineteen fifties. And then west Welker had like seventy seven percent that year. He went off with Tom Brady, but they'd be catching at a ninety percent. Catch rate is ridiculous. A give the Cleveland fan. Some more context. Do you know who has the best? Catch rates is ninety nine is a Cleveland Brown my favorite stat. Let me guess, and you know, what that catch rate is seventy five percents code sixty sixteen percents. It andrew. Closer. No, fifty eight for sit is the highest catch rate eighty Cleveland Browns receiver over the last twenty years. That's you need to go. You need to get on the kid. But that's everybody has literally every received at ever come through there. No tell you why bottom line is the saints are better than the Rams when you're comparing the two right now, and I'm telling you because Cooper Cup towards ACL. And the Rams offense will not be the same the rest of the season. Can't argue that third down you guys. I've avoided watching the replay of this injury. Because I don't do well with these things, but Alex Smith quarterback for the Washington Redskins has a pretty gruesome leg injury where his foot looked like it was going the wrong way after he got tackled yesterday. He is going to have surgery today. I believe he's out for the rest of the season Cole McCoy former Cleveland Brown, and I believe the one quarterback. Joe Thomas said did not have enough time to truly flourish in Cleveland is going to be presumably starting the rest of your and he's playing his first game this Thursday night on thanksgiving Thursday afternoon against the Cowboys. Where are you guys with the Redskins? You think Colin will there be any drop off from Alex Smith coat McClure, you guys Colt McCoy believers, well, I'm a I'm a Cole McCoy believer. But clearly, I think there's gonna be some drop off just because Alex has been the guy that's been getting all the first team reps. He's been the guy that's been installed since he signed there. And so it's going to take probably a little while before Colt gets down timing and rhythm with his receivers. And with dolphins a play call because every offensive play caller has their own little fingerprint and their own package plays that they like to call for a certain quarterback because it utilizes their skill set to the best of their advantage. And so it's going to take a little while for Jay Gruden to kind of figure out exactly how he likes to call game for Colt versus Alex Smith. But with that being said colts been around Jay Bruno long time. So they already have a good report. And I think they're going to get up to speed really quickly. And I don't see to the naked eye that you're going to see a big drop off between Alex. Cole. I think there's gonna be a drop because Alex Smith is better quarterback than Cole McCoy, and that's my expert analysis. Okay. I think we're pretty much kind of says. Stuff. But I do think Colt is good enough at this stage in his career to be able to lead that team to the playoffs. I think he's he's going to play. Really, well, he's going to surprise a lot of people because if you ever look when every time Colt has come in whether it be an injury or blow out or in the preseason. He's played really. Well, I mean when they were looking to replace Kirk cousins this off season. There was some people within that organization who actually thought that they were going to give the job that cold, and that they weren't going to bring an Alex Smith because they had that much confidence in his ability. And Mark my words they're going to win that division, and they're going to go to the playoffs with Cole ally Cole McCoy, I do think he was a better option than bringing Alex Smith and gave them all that money for the short amount of time. He's going to be there, especially passing up on taking Kirk cousins. I feel like they're all the same people. There were people like you said that when it coma McCoy over Kirk cousins when I thought he wasn't playing. Well, so I won't be surprised when coke goes in there and plays. Well, my question is. Is what what does the team around him things? Like when you lose a quarterback like as you know, it kind of demoralizes your team. So is it is they're going to be enough motivation and belief in the locker room to give Cole McCoy the best chance to do all the things that you just predicted. He's going to do. No. I totally believe there is in being around coal being a good, buddy. And being a guy that's played with them. He has a really high character and level of leadership that you see from elite quarterbacks, and he has a really good ability to get guys to buy in and believe in what he's selling. Well, he came in as a rookie in Cleveland. I forget it was Jake delone got hurt and Seneca wall, Scott hurt and then coal comes in. He got us all believe in. And now we didn't win a ton of games that year, but we did beat the saints in New Orleans. And then we came back. I think it was the next week. And we'd be Tom Brady in spectacular in Cleveland with Colt as a quarterback. So he can do some good things. He's a real. Good leader. He's a guy that can get players to buy in. He's going to get the most out of all the guys around him. And the only thing that concerns me is the offensive line situation in Washington. They were good enough to get Alex Smith snapped in half. Are they going to be able to block well enough for Cole McCoy to allow him the ability to go and Schoff his skill? So it was at the what's the nastiest injured you've ever seen in a game. Joe or not even in a game in general that you've ever been a witness to in person person. Not like things you googled on. Yahoo. Google on Yahoo Instagram, but continue. Honestly, I can't remember because it's so disturbing in my mind that I don't usually try to look at it. Because the longer I went in my career the more I was disturbed by big injuries. When I was a youngster. I kind of maybe had this invincibility feeling about me were like watching big injuries on TV or like seeing it happen in person didn't really affect me. But as I got older, I was like this game like sitting there and watching some of those big injuries that the NFL's had in the last few years. I mean, specifically watching Ryan cheesier broke his back and just laying there. He couldn't move his legs. And like this man might never be able to walk the rest of his life over again. I was at that game. This ain't worth it anymore. It was a very disturbing really made me question. Why do we play this game in the first place? People shouldn't be going out on a Sunday and being carted off never to walk again. Or even be really hard to get back to. Being the same person you've ever discussing one also was at the Cavs Celtics. When Gordon Hayward snapped his leg, I was like three seats, son. I was there. I was there. I was there to boy. It was disgusting. I remember the reaction of the crowd like just like the hush that fell over. Everybody was just like I will never forget that. It was. Guys before we continue. Let's take a little pause and talk about one of our sponsors. Liberty Mutual Tomahawk is brought to you by Liberty Mutual insurance. Everyone who owns a car or house knows the importance of insurance. It gives you the peace of mind. And no you are protected, but you don't wanna be overpaying for coverage that you're not using. When you want an insurance provider that lets you customize your coverage. So you only pay for what you need. Of course, you do who likes paying for things. They don't need. It's like paying for season tickets when you're only going to have to gain why pay for the extra games, and you can't go check out. Liberty Mutual and see how much you could save on auto and home insurance based Liberty Mutual dot com slash podcast for free customized quote state requirements policy. Terms and conditions apply. Value your opinion, make your voice heard by going to megaphone FM slash opinion to take a short survey that will help support our network. Good segue to Cleveland sports here. We got the Cleveland Browns. Report that there was some some scuttle but on Sunday that Condoleeza Rice was a candidate for the head coaching vacancy. And that they would look to interviewer Joe was this you that's spread this rumor is it true. What can you tell us about the situation? Well, it was interesting to me. So this weekend in Wisconsin. It's the opening of the gun deer season. And so it's like. Nobody goes to school. Everyone goes with your family to your like little deer camp and go kill fuzzy animals, drink beer and don't don't see any. Which is pretty typical. So it's more about the beer drinking in the comradery. One of my buddies my cousin. He showed me his phone with this news story. It was like Browns to interview Connolly's, Fred coach and instantly. I thought it was a joke. And then he said it was from Adam Schefter, and I got probably from like the thick Adam Schefter. Clearly, clearly, the Browns aren't going to seriously interview candidates for head coach that have no coaching. I understand when you hire a coordinator, you're going out on a limb. Like, okay, he's never been a head coach. But we think he's been a great coordinator. He's got a great scheme. He's been a good leader. He's a good leader of men, and he can motivate. And but to seriously interview somebody for a rule that they've never had anything similar in their entire life. Obviously, there's more to it. Was it a joke? Probably not was it away for the Browns to get some like easy positive is that positive peon came across the bay positive. When the social media was looking at somebody had to put it out there from the Browns. I would think Adam Schefter. Let's put it this way. There's plenty of bows out there in the social media world that are technically NFL orders that throw a lot of shit against the wall that are completely made up or total rumors, right? It's basically TMZ reporting. But Adam Schefter is not one of those guys. He's not just going to go run with something, that's total BS. But this story clearly couldn't have been anybody in the NFL that looked at that. And said, yeah, I think there's a chance to Brown's higher Condoleeza Rice. Right. I think I think they probably do what part of the organization in some form or fashion looks. He loves oh, yeah. The big browse fan. We know that. But also father was a football coach she grew up around the game. She's on the college football playoff committee. She either ran it or was some things. He's unlike the board or whatever. It is. So I I could see them like trying to segue something into her a consultant or whatever the part of the organization as it pertains the coaching. Do I think somebody could come off without ever be at a head coach and be a head coach the answer is. Yes, do I think clearly it happens all the time. Wait a second. Let me let me back you up. Are you saying could somebody who's never been a head coach be a good head coach or somebody who's never coached b? I think that someone who has never coached could be a good head coach. Here's why I don't think kylie's a rice will be right. Because here's the thing. You have to be able to do you have to be able to not just motivate in manage men, you have to motivate and manage men who have no prior experience in a world. So while caudal is a rice could run my company hawk Development, Corporation headquartered. And the epicenter of all business what we have businessmen, and we're just printing money hand over fist the amount of business. We're bringing in and she could tell this person do that because he's brilliant. She's smart. You do this. You do that. And people have a certain way, they conduct themselves in business environments that understand the hierarchy leadership. How to behave in football. It's not like that. These guys are testosterone driven. They're good guys. Don't get me wrong with the environment is completely different. Even me chasing to the business world. There's certain things that I'd like had to check myself on that just don't fly. I can't get mad with someone disrespects me and say, yo I'll break your teeth, bro. Like a can't do that in the business world. That's a that's a locker room. So I say that to say, but I think somebody here's why I think it could work very long winded way of saying this if somebody understood that culture if somebody came in there and garnered that respect as a head coach if they could tab the right off the coordinator tab, the right deep it's of coordinator probably hire a game manager. I think they could do it to be honest. So tell me exactly what the role of head coaching entails. If it doesn't until managing the game. If it doesn't until dealing with the Xs and os of the offense, and then defense and the details that go on every one of those meeting rooms. If it doesn't until hiring the offense and defensive coordinator is from your vast pool of people that you know, that are really good at being offensive and defensive coordinators. What exactly is the head coach of managing your basically being the final say and things so off the coordinator, you're gonna have if you don't underside Haley and Hugh Jackson can never get into fight. If Hugh Jackson knows nothing about it. Just as hey, it will do what you do. It's on you. Greg Williams will never get into fight with the head coach at goes. Like, that's your job. Makes you the defense is right. When it's not, right. That's your ass. But that's just the basis of it. It's essentially managing. So like that's with coding as hiring. Another owner never been head coaches there too worried about the football side of it. I'm not saying it'll happen every time. I'm not saying it's the best option say, I think it's possible. So we'll could come in with no coaching experience. What do you think Condoleeza Rice? How many games you think? The browse would win over a two year span with Condoleeza Rice. You know? It's it's funny. Hawk going into this show. There was no way that anybody could possibly defend seriously hiring somebody that has no football background at all to be the head coach. But you actually have me thinking like this. That'd be this. What is the worst that could happen? The could be horrible. Was sixteen. Go. I think the biggest issue, and I'm taking this far too seriously because. But the issue would be like from from a accountability standpoint. If you're the head coach of the team, and let's say, I'm Andrew Hawkins. And you are trying to motivate me. How are you gonna motivate me if you don't know anything about the detail of what I do. That's a good question. Like, if you're if you're the head coach, and you're telling me you need to do this better. Do that better. Like, I'm gonna listen that's an important part of being the head coaches. You have the final say, you crack the whip you're the one that decides if I'm on this team largely and I get to pay for my kids private school education with this paycheck that I'm trying to make. And if this person has no ability to talk my language, so they can't talk your language. I'm not making the case for Condoleeza Rice. I've made that very clear in my devil's advocate scenario what I'm saying is let's because someone with no coaching experience can be a head coach that could be Joe Thomas. Are you telling me Joe Thomas doesn't know how to motivate a football team because he's never. I know are you telling me Joe Thomas can't speak to what guys these do. How they go about their business because he's never coached a team. No. He knows the game of football. He just hasn't been a coach, right? Okay. No, okay. I buy what you're saying. I thought you were kind of making more of a case for Condie. But what you're saying is if you have a big background in football. So you do know the Xs and os, and you know, the details on a good enough level where you can talk shop with the different guys. Right. But you've never been in a coaching role. I could get that like, for instance, Josh mccown. He's never been a Fulbright coach he could easily step from on the field to being a head coach because he's basically been a coach for the last ten years of his crazy the highest paid by that. But yeah, but but for for Connie to step in and be the Browns head coach would be like me going from oftens of linemen right to the CEO of Ford Motor KADO know, what kind of new the first football knowledge. And neither do you. I'm not saying again, she's the one. But I'm saying, for instance, if you can command the respect of the guys, which is the most important thing. So like, I'll give you an outside the box, not a former play or I guess he is. But the rock the rock could be a head football coach. He commands the respect of the guys he someone who listened to he's motivating he understands football because he played prior to he can beat up anybody, which is a very important role in commanding respect of a football. So I'm saying because he's never been a coach I would still give the rocket interview. That's all I'm saying. Well, I'm glad you mentioned the Rockies a huge fan of the Tomahawk show. We'll have to bring them on and see what he says. But he does have an illustrious football career to to fall back on he played at the university of Miami. He was a defensive lineman. I'm not saying he was going to be an all pro. There's a reason he's a wrestler not a foot there. But I still think like you have to have that detailed knowledge of the game to have the respect of the. Why? And you have to have been around the game more than a fan to have detailed knowledge of the game. Whether that be like all the patriots assistance. They weren't. They weren't pro football players. They weren't even good college players, but they spent ten years sleeping in their office under their desk, breaking down film and sitting in meetings and learning from Bill Belichick all the ins and outs of the game. Let's say if it's up than you want to do. Iraq is the head coach, Sean McVeigh the OC Greg waves, the DC playoff potential, buddy. Well, hey fans out there. Make sure you tweet us your thoughts on this topic about if you think you're on hawk side, where somebody that has never coached could be a great NFL coach or sort of my side that I think you need a little bit more background to be getting the respect of the players to be able to be an effective head coach. So make sure you tweet us hashtag Tomek. Let us know your thoughts. Something there. Mentions they're going to be blowing up off of this topic. But that's just a hunch. We got 'em atropine next. He has guys it is time as we do every Monday for our award-winning segment of am. I driven. Trip. My trip. Am I am? I driven. Am I tripping? I gotta be trip. All right, guys. Number one starting off with a guy I've been excited for this for this to happen all year. And finally the mar- Jackson gets in gets the start at NFL game coming in for the injured. Joe flacco he ran for one hundred seventeen yards. They beat the Bengals the ravens completely changed their offense. They had a touchdown drive where they ran the ball eleven straight times it in through a single pass, which is wild in two thousand eighteen so guys trip in or should the ravens just play. Lamar Jackson for the rest of the season. I think you trip in but Lamar play really, well, I don't know if that's the stable red in the ball that made times the quarterback who is not like stout. You watch Cam Newton. He'd looks kind of like Eric wedge will set a fast dinosaur. He doesn't get hurt. Like he can withstand that kind of pain and punishment. I don't know if Lamar Jackson can. But can I I point out. But I told Joe that Lamar Jackson with star games as a rookie and Haley are. There we go hawk being humble co host telling us. How is how greedy was it predicting the March action the play? But no my take on. This is got to go back to Joe flacco. He gives them the best chance to win down the stretch. Now, if he doesn't do it this year, you can get rid of him, and you can make Lamar Jackson the guy for the long term. But it's just not sustainable to run the ball almost thirty times. I think he had like twenty four carries. And he had three kneel downs at the end when they won. But this is what happens when you put a rookie quarterback in it. Always happens. I've seen it a million times. I've lived at so many times is typically the first one or two outings actually played pretty well. Because defense don't really know what they do. There's going to be a lot of new wrinkles, especially when you get a running quarterback like this. He's probably going to have fifteen to twenty plays. This defense has never seen that they have no concept of they don't even know from shift formation pre snap read standpoint. And so they're completely caught off guard and they're able to run the ball and kind of win these close sock. It out. Type games that they want against the Bengals if you remember back a couple years when the Cleveland Browns were in their wonderful one in fifteen campaign Kevin HOGAN came in against the same. Cincinnati Bengals rushed over one hundred yards in almost one. Now. Nobody at the time was saying Kevin ogan should be their quarterback of the future because he wasn't a first round pick. Now, the mar- Jackson was so people are going to say actually because everybody's a conspiracy theorist these days that Lamar Jackson is the better chance for the ravens to win the rest of the season. But I'm not in that camp put Joe flacco and the rest of his in give him the rest of the season, the maker break his career in Baltimore if it doesn't work then you put Lamar Jackson in. But don't think he's going to rush for one hundred seventeen yards every single week. And they're going to be able to win a lot of games. 'cause if they try it he's going to get snapped in half. That's now to snapping in half. References from Joe today. We're just like. I was I was snapped in half like a small NGO hockey anymore. Two hundred pounds of mountain dew and flab. I know it's terrible mad. It's really a mean the mid section. Are you by mirror and say who is that you? At home. I know that you guys love Andrew Hawkins, but he had this big modeling shoot. But notice it wasn't a body. Mom. Face modeling because he's got this. L'est round face. Now, he's really filled it out. There's nobody Rickles because it's got a lot of extra Chubb. But there was no shirtless pictures in that photo shoot. I'll make it in so many layers of clothes to just to make sure I was high to sweat. Blazers over the top. It's all right sub. Ladies like it. My wife in particular. Well, he says what she said today. Well, we got next to you for are you guys? So the Dallas Cowboys after being left for dead a couple of weeks ago. They beat the Atlanta Falcons on the road yesterday. They are now five and five they're back in the playoff hunt. Zeki oh Elliott hundred twenty two yards on the ground had a touchdown. He's had about three weeks straight of playing really really well and the Cowboys defensive Joe mentioned earlier is having as having themselves a season. So am I in or onto Dallas Cowboys kind of back? I hope not I don't like the Dallas Cowboys for a lot of reasons. I just feel like this division sucks. So they might be back. But I hope not like the Redskins lose Alex Smith. The giants all of a sudden want to start playing halfway decent the eagles get embarrassed by the New Orleans Saints. They're still in the race. I still don't think they'll win the division. Now. Here's the thing with Dallas is doing right now they finally realized that deck Prescott is not the quarterback that can just throw the ball forty times and they can win. They've got a great running back in Zeki Elliott, a really good deal. Fence, and there is a legitimate opportunity with that formula to go on a little run. Like we saw the Jacksonville Jaguars last year. We can win enough cames to potentially put you in the Super Bowl and sneak a Super Bowl and win. It like we saw the ravens do in what two thousand and whatever, but it is not sustainable for the long term. You've got to do it with offense with passing with a star franchise quarterback. And so I think right now in the interim, it makes sense. But don't expect us to say, hey, the Cowboys are back that everything's okay in Dallas and things are going to be great for the long term because they are not they still need to figure out this quarterback position. Because it is not looking pretty even though they are winning. I guess final. Am I tripping and I just I love the chaos on Oakland Raiders every day every weekend. I tune in just to see what type of horrible things happening. So they get the win over the cardinals yesterday. And they get a last second field goal, but it was not without drama. So Derek Carr at one point in the game called back. Toback timeouts. Which you cannot do. So that is a flag. He goes over the sideline and him and Jon Gruden get into a little bit of a yelling match. Derek Carr, very animated with his hands. Some guys. Here's my question to you. Am I tripping or Derek Carr in Jon Gruden headed for an inevitable split at the end of this season? Absolutely. Not man what you seen yesterday was a passing of the torch of power the right of passes to the throne that Derek Carr just took over in Gruden. It was Derek Carr. What's your calling spat was just Derek Carr turning turning around his quote unquote, fight with him turning around and saying I did I tried, but he's a choirboy? So that was a big deal to everybody. What you spoke back. It was Derek Carr. Like, you know, what good let you bully me anymore. I'm sticking shit. I'm gonna do things my way they came back. They wanna football game. And you're gonna watch. Derek car ball out for the rest of the year because he's no longer scared of the bully that he stood him. Let's room and said, no have my match potatoes. I love mashed potato bet and how I liked that. Take lock. In the locker. They're like oh shit. Look at Derek bed do sleigh. Now, he's gonna becoming a game. Just like, oh del may person. As is going to be lit. Now. I with your take, but I'm gonna go with a little bit different reason why because Derek car and Jon Gruden are not getting split because Jon Gruden is smart enough to realize that Derek Carr is a good quarterback, and he is not going to be easily replaced. You can't just find franchise quarterbacks under rock you have to try to draft him because that's about the only way you can acquire. And the draft is a crap shoot. Even though the the raiders have a ton of draft picks, and they're gonna have probably the number one. Maybe number two pick in this off seasons draft he realizes that he has to work with their car, and it's not a relationship that can be headed for divorce because even though Jon Gruden has the ten year hundred gazillion dollar Tomahawk contract. He's still can get fired. And he doesn't want that embarrassment because at some point you got enough money, and you're doing it for your legacy doggie. All right, guys. I think that just about does it for this episode of the Tomahawk show. Make sure to tweet us. Using the hashtag Tomahawk mixture you guys go out there and give us that coveted five star rating. We're going on a new campaign to get the five star rating over ten thousand. So don't forget to follow us on Twitter Instagram at Tomahawk show. And I think the next episode. We are going to be talking NFL fantasy football with draftkings, and actually I think there's a little bit of the pivot that Tom offshore is doing and Thursday is going to be more of a guest driven show. So stay tuned at Tomahawk show to see who the Thursday guest may. Or may not be hoc. You got any final thoughts. I do have five or thighs Joe. And I'm glad you asked. The Chicago Bears have only eighty five hours in between there Sunday night football game and their Thursday morning. Thanksgiving game. That's ridiculous. That's a little over three days. Could you imagine playing a whole game against the Minnesota Vikings in the freezing cold then having a turn? Around travel to Detroit is not even a home game there traveling to Detroit to play again on Thursday morning ridiculous on part of the NFL. I can't believe they let the schedule and go through like this. Yes. Chicago going to get a liberated by the Detroit Lions because they're all tired steal from just having got off the plane from the other game. That's my final thoughts. All right. I love it natty take us away. Joe hockey yourself.

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Sign of the Times?

The Right Time with Bomani Jones

1:04:53 hr | 2 years ago

Sign of the Times?

"A listener. I we got a big favorite as won't take up too much of your time of promise. You know, our show is supported by some fantastic sponsors. And we'd love to hear your feedback. Head to podcast listeners dot com. Fill out a short survey. That's it promise. Again, that's podcast listeners dot com. Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the right time. My name is Bomani Jones. Thanks for listening on the ESPN app. Apple podcasts, we ever get your podcast. We appreciate it rate. Us review was give us five stars. You only give us four stars. I'm inclined to think that you are a hater. All right coming up on this episode really Condoleeza Rice as a head coach. You got that bright idea? How crazy it is for the Washington Wizards? And yes, your stories about your crazy moments at home for thanksgiving. But I. All right. That was one hell of a football game on Monday night. It was the chiefs. It was the Rams. It was the game that you would cross your fingers and hope for shockingly the over under number gay. What was it like sixty five or something like that? Oh, yeah. Yeah. I could not believe though, that the number was that low in granted that was one of the highest numbers that we have ever seen. But I was shocked that it was that low given what the teams were that we were talking about. But man, fifty four fifty one. Yeah. Missed extra points. And of course, you had with many people are taken as a sign of the future of the NFL, accept or. I don't know of this is actually the future also not convinced that this is the future that people want. But I am not convinced that this future. Now, let me start with the idea about whether or not this is the future that people want. That was a highly entertaining game. I think people really really enjoyed watching it. And of course, it my job to how machine cranked up gay. I saw so multi VS and this is the greatest regular season game ever doing that. We're in the recency mode here. How does the best game ever drought at think of like what's number two? Right. He's not asking to be about great regular season games. Like in my mind. I think a great regular season moments. But I guess I don't have that me like games that I think of as being just great regular season games. Now part of what tends to make our perception of what a game is has to do with the build up has to do with drama's not strictly about what goes on on the football field. Like if you talk to people about the greatest playoff games of all time that game with the. The reception probably be high on the list. I can't tell you nothing happened in that game other than the immaculate reception. You understand what I'm saying? Like that just becomes the thing that stands out, and that becomes perception of what game was but not this game was really really good. I just don't think that this game as you had it is easily replicated by big about this. We had the saints. And the Rams was it last week is a few weeks ago. Yeah, we are as we had the saints in the Rams. The saints in the Rams, which by the way was played indoors like on turf. That was a really really really like high powered clash of offense. There's no question about that. That was at least two out of the three best offense in the NFL. Just like last night was at least two or three best offenses and the NFL. We saw teams put up a lot of points that game. Didn't have it quite insane way to this cheese. Rams game. Had like it did now I also think it's worth noting that saints Rams was not on ESPN. And that mad is look we got a game. We go hype. That thing even if it's a sorry game. We ain't going soldier intelligence, but we're gonna try best to make you think you should be watching. It would you give us an actual real live. Good game. It wasn't. It wasn't a Monday night game. Last week the giants in the forty Niners with no Garoppolo and like half. Even if you had even ask Rob Lowe at one going to be no damn good. But you know, what we still go like is something worth watching right up and coming players. We don't give it to you. But you give us this like the Monday night slate is gesturing like baseball kind of talking to networks, but you understand the the Monday night football game is lower on the pecking order then like the Sunday at four o'clock game. Then the Sunday night football game. You know, you get better gain and Thursday night football. But this is like Jeter, it's not expected to be the best game of the week except this time. It was absolutely the best game of the week is week. And so that means you got the best game of the week to people looking forward to you get our machine broad. They put our TV show on yesterday on six o'clock at ESPN news. I saw that I had to come to work at the same time. That's that's how ready we were over here for gain. Like we were making that happen for y'all. And then the game actually lived up to what it was that. We were talking about like it really was that good. So yeah, there's going to be recess. You buy is that comes there. And we're going to give you a certain measure reasons, he buys as we do it ain't nobody for that. But you gotta acknowledge like one thing we gotta be real about when we work here is that like we can be very confident about the fact that this place drives sports conversation you Dan, right? We go drive this conversation about some that we got on TV like we don't drive it. If it's not all here too. But if it's all hero, baby. We don't try. And then you gotta gain that was actually fifty four to fifty one. It was nuts and not only was it nuts. And this is why I say is in like so easily replicated you got the two coaches there that are schematically probably farther ahead of the league than anybody else. I think the Saint with the saints are doing is. Really really impressive. But I also think the saints have a quarterback who is like a tier above the two guys that we saw last night like Mahomes has played really well this year, and he's put up these great numbers. But I don't know if any of us saying we'd rather have him. Drew Brees drew Brees is out here on something absolutely surgical. So it's hard for me to tell you know. Of course, Sean pains, really good at this. But it's off to tell what if this is Sean Payton would've this is, you know, we're breezes all of that. Like, I don't I don't get the feeling from listening to people talk about what the saints are doing. They're doing very well. But it doesn't sound like it's own some like like, whoa. Look at what we got going here. Eighty Regis decided that he was going to operate from a change in the paradigm of what professional offensive right like he played a different game there. And then you man, McVay going to be honest. I don't know damn thing about skiing. Maybe he's just doing what he's doing. Really, really? Well, I don't know. But eight coaching the hell outta those boys. The absolute hell outta those boys. So not. Every team is gonna have an Andy Reid not every team is going to have a Sean McVay or Sean Payton like that's that's not going to be the case for everybody as stains. There's going to be a point where defenses are going to catch up to what is being done. So the way I figure this winds up going is you got teams that play like they did there. You gonna have a lot more people trying to copy what that is a lot more people trying to hire systems off of that tree. We oughta Chicago hire mad Nagy whose Andy Reid guy. We saw Doug Peterson get higher by the eagles in Andy Reid, guys, which you're gonna see is what these guys are doing is going to spread it as it spreads. It's going to be cool. But there's not going to be a growth explosion. There's going to be like an expansion of that level of thought. But I don't know if there's going to be like how long it's going to be before this thing blows up again. In the meantime, the defenses are going to have to catch up and it's going to be some hotshot defensive coordinator who figures out. Okay. These are the things that we need to do in the pros that are able to shut these things down. Because a lot of what I feel like you got go over there. And re right now is your. Doing this college stuff, but you doing it with like high level pro players. Well, they're ways to stop is in college too. You know, like not every game in college is fifty five fifty three or something like that. People figure it out there. He's going to figure out why with the hash marks in the NFL with the guys you got like what's going to be the thing to slow this down, and that is probably going to wind up happening. And then once that winds up happening these things are going to they're going to go in and now, so this is that like every game is going to be this way. The other thing that I would note about this is there was defense. I mean, the Rams forced five turnovers that sheafs they don't have a very good defense. But they forced two turnovers. The Rams had what gave the what they had two touchdowns. Returns. Multiple. Yeah. Saint do multiple. Yeah. Same dude had two touchdowns on returns. Okay. Well, that's defense that does in fact count as defense is our to argue that there was no defense out there when Aaron Donald was out there a new vote me. He's very good. He's very good. He is excellent. And he absolutely demonstrated his excellence on the field yesterday. Like we saw these things Jags HEC getting bad defense. But I wouldn't say that that game was just totally about there being no defense whatsoever is going to be hard. Stop anybody in this league between the twenties though, that's the part that people are going to have to make peace with what I think a lot of defensive guys have already made peace with that between the twenties is going to be a tough go of it. But you can still shut it down in the red zone. There's only so much that you were going to be able to do to make it easy to do offense within a Compaq area in the NFL like spaces, your friend on office. The fact that everybody has to account for all the space. That's big deal when you're packing eleven dudes. And they got a cover space Fifty-three wide in eighty long. That's a lot different than having to cover space fifty three wide and fifteen long or thirty long. That's different. You know? That's always going to be it. What it seemed like the chiefs can do though is they got so many big plays. They can put on you to Rams doing the same thing. They hit you with big plays where you're twenty two twenty strategy who you just need to make sure that they don't get over your head. Nagin these little fast dudes out here. And they either you're just running over your head Craig me if I'm wrong gay. But anyway, DRAMs out there with no power full of receivers. It looked like they got a bunch of little dudes. Yes. Like a chip Kelly offense except not quite the temple, right? All the little guys. Remember back at Oregon yet lake Kenyan Barner, the Anthony commas and all those guys are like five five six and super fast and also from like south central to evolutionary advantage. I think that Oregon picked up almost like if you're at a place like Oregon, you can get fast dudes, you can give big dudes. But you probably can't get big and fast. So just figure out what I can do with all these little and facile, Michael James is another example of a guy that got up there that was on the little infest program. That's what they go. With Reid is figure something out in the NFL. Like, we can do this little in facet. Also is worth noting the little in fast that the chiefs have is the the fastest. You know what I mean? Like diary kill is really really really good. Like, there's personnel. Excellent. That's also going on here. That makes me say, okay. Maybe offense is just not completely going out of the window here. You're gonna see a lot of big empty stats though. That part is going to happen. You're going to see a greater proliferation. A guys like her cousins that are able to go out here and put up a lot of big pretty numbers. You're not gonna be able to use a stat sheet as any sort of evaluation greatness from here on out. I do believe that that part has wild up changing. But to me there is going to be defense is just not necessarily going to be the kind of defense that people have grown accustomed to enjoying because people like violence took a Twitter poll here, by the way gapes at this out this morning. Good job on this. We got about eighteen hundred yell so for plot. And he says how many of you enjoy NFL future that was all offense to seven on seven. If it looked like last night's Monday night football game thirty five percent of you said you want the offense sixty five percent of you said, no you want more hits you want more violence. And yes, part of what is happening in the league. Now that is allowing for all this offense is that the defense is being told don't hit dues too hard. Which means you can't really get to space quite as fast, which eliminates fear as a variable. When guys are going over the middle and stuff like that. Like they've done this. They have legislated out a significant amount of the violence. It keeps quarterback safer if nothing else, but they've lived lated a great deal. All of that out people need to be out. It's about the fact that the violence part of what makes his game compelling. It is right. And I don't think you necessarily have to feel bad about that fact that is part of why you watch this is you like watch guys hit. Now, there's some stuff that we use to do that is just like horribly uncomfortable now because we guilt man dues like, really hurting. They're on the ground. Remember jacked up jerk now. Now, we got you got most you got Mazdas a little bit more guilt free. Even though we'd be doing it like high schoolers, but is easy to live with yourself after why you got most than it was why would be reply jerked up bag now, we're not we're not doing the Jack up anymore. That's not that's not quite the place. Even if guy really catches a bio, we not really putting the bios on loop in a way that we use to like, we we've got some consciousness about the violence and is a little bit more difficult for us to stomach than it used to be. But I think it's okay doing knowledge that. Yeah. The game is a little bit less compelling without that element there. Which is interesting because just like sampling the conversation on Twitter last night. And I think this is more indicative of the type of people that I follow is that oh my God. This is the greatest football game ever, you know, more offense more offense more often. So I'm thinking to myself if people just want more offense, I mean, this is the direction that things are going. You got people like Richard Sherman is basically touch football. Now, basically seven on seven all these guys are playing seven on seven in the summers in high school and stuff. It's like, well, I mean, you might as well have seven on seven out there. And just a million times this more. More offense. But then it's like yours. You gotta get that. Real time reaction, you got to hear from the people come back to, you know, the real nece where it's like, no. We want more hits the more. Sean Taylor in this. Yeah. No. I really don't think people would want that. I mean, I don't but. Wow. It's it's a tricky thing. Like, I think people generally like football, the noses football like lot of the ideals behind it. Like, I think the people generally do like it. But we've all got our favorite enforcer that we liked and I don't think this is like basketball by were basketball legislated the enforcer out. But the enforcer wasn't really necessary in basketball in the way that it's always felt like it was necessary in football. They are creating what is ineffective or trying to create what is in effect a different game. Now, I'm not saying good footballer grew up with his dying. But it is in like it'll turn into something else. Chances are I'll find a way to enjoy that. But it is like we need to be real about defect. It is turning into. Something else that being said, let's not pretend is though like maybe they've gone too far. But let's not pretend is though some of the things they've done to improve offense in his league. Have not been a good thing. If you tried to play the NFL now, according nineteen seventies. Rules, y'all ain't trying to watch that. Right. Like if you could muscle receivers on the outside like they used to be able to muscle receivers bagging today, you're trying to watch that if they head slap was still out there. And do that's rushing to Patrick just slab the hell out of somebody in the head. And then go to the court na, nah, nah. Nah. You don't want that? Like a lot of this has been necessary. A lot of this has been good. And we need to be real about the fact that a lot of this has been good. But I mean, I don't want every week in the NFL to look like the NBA all star game. We don't. That being said, I do think that it is like kind of interesting to consider that part of what's making this good now at least watch game like that is not just that. It's a bunch offense. But it was like a bunch of offense in a way to we haven't really seen like the chiefs are objectively interesting to watch. If it was just a bunch of guys running all go route in every time like playing rookie on Madden on EMC AA where you just send everybody ought to go round every play. And then you're able to shut it up there and go get it people. Don't want offense to that point. Right. I do think that they wanted in an aesthetic that they are able to appreciate I that. I do think exist that I do think is there. But I got something to throw out here for you think about this. I think HD is part of the problem for the NFL when it comes to the violence. Really? Well, when you see those dues get rocked and knocked out you're seeing it in a clarity. You had never seen before. What's interesting, though, is I mean, you know, reading. Book about Brandon fell and they were talking about in an and also to the junior CEO thirty for thirty that we watched like last month they were talking about who in TV coverage. They used to really when these big big bone. Crunching hits would happen. Like, there was a there was a shift in terms of how we viewed it where a bone. Crunching hit would happen you like he's dead on the ground, basically. And then after at a certain point in time, it can be like Amancio, right? Yeah. Does he look? Okay. And you're right. I mean to agree. That's the St. because you're getting a clarity that you've never had before. But I wonder how much of that is how much the camera actually stays and shows these sorts of things because it's like if something's happening on the sideline if ado bell got wrong, and he's like tripping out and phone over on this island that may be something that before didn't get showed. Whereas now, it's like Yoko. I mean, someone can look at it from the crowd and take a video. Bill like, yo this tripping out and everybody looks at it. And it's like, wow, there's something. That's not right here. Yeah. You don't auto. We just write this off in ways that we used to. But it's interesting because so boxing, for example, you remember that's got put to sleep. I forget who it was that knocked about things Marquez put them out in it with like the internet had simple, try to wake them up and all that stuff you've ever that. Yeah. Which is cold in is cold. But like in boxing. We don't got no conscience about those things as long as you don't die like somebody gets knocked out in a boxing match in there laying on the graph thirty minutes out cold. We're not tripping on that in the way that we are somebody having that happening football would they want that they want? I mean, it's like I was just watching this documentary when we were kings Ali and George Foreman. And I mean, you got the crowd chanting in Zaire like we kill him. Yes. Lee kill them, you know, and it's like that's what they want. But here's the thing. The same people watching boxing match. See dude knocked unconscious go good knocked out. But then see it happened in a football game, and cringe. But it's a matter of how we set the context around these things goes, it just goes to a lot of different directions into how we actually feel about the violence that surrounding football. But I think people need to be out as a lot of that hitting that we used to love that. We like it makes us uncomfortable. It isn't Parker. Somebody told us that it was uncomfortable lie. Somebody was like, oh, that's not cool. And they watch it again. Like, yeah. You know, what it's not isn't that a little bit rough. Isn't that isn't that thing? But I know if you got like chiefs Rams every week. I do think people would like it. But it ain't gonna be cheese. Rams every week. There's that that was pinnacle level football that we saw it's kind of like when LSU in Alabama played in twenty eleven and they played that nine to six game. That was just a defensive masterpiece. It was wonderful to watch not every night at six games. Go look like that. It goes that way for high scoring games too. You know, like it's not just going to be about giving people wrong numbers of points is about giving them a product. Enjoy while they're getting raw numbers appoints. And there is a concern that if you stacked rules too much to get it, it ain't going work. But if you just got a lot of talent in great scheme. You get a good game. Like you got Monday night. We'll be back in a minute to talk about Condoleeza Rice. But I work from Robin Hood, Robin hoods and in after lets you buy and sell stocks ETF s options and cryptos all commission free. The strive to make financial services work for everyone. Not just rich people and it's easy. Not intimidating way. Stock market newcomers to invest for the first time to do it with true confidence. I have used robinhood myself, and it's really easy to go in and buy and sell learn how to invest as you build your portfolio. Discover new stocks and trag your favorite companies that a personalized news feed custom notifications price movements. And you never miss the right moment to invest guy easy to understand charts and market daddy can place the trade and just four taps on your smartphone. Other brokerages charge you up to ten dollars for every trae, but Robin Hood doesn't charge commission fees trae stocks and keep all of your profits. Now, Robin Hood is giving listeners a free stock like apple Ford or spread to help. Build your portfolio side up at right, time dot robinhood dot com. That's. The right time dot robinhood dot com. All right. It's about Sunday kind of mine them all been as a look up on the Twitter machine. And Adam schefters tweeted out that the Cleveland Browns light to interview coddling rice to beat a head coach. And I gotta admit it was a little uncomfortable ones that was announced. I admit that. I know a lot of you guys believe that I'm one of these people that I just say, whatever, I think, no matter what I worried about the consequences. Br you think you get as far as I have in his game now worrying about no damn consequences. Yes. Yes. Yes. I do. Math on stuff. Right. I got a different I know risk aversion the right way to put it, but I've got its fiscal understand. What is at broke your thing say what is worth risk so forth. So all right. But I run that mad than I typically run that mad very fast and one thing about me and the way that I run that math is if I have even a moment where I'm like, I don't know about that one. Then I'm not going to do it cause it ain't worth the risk because I ain't gonna lose it all trying to make you laugh. Now, it ain't happening. So here Connolly's rise is perhaps going to be interviewed to be the head coach of the Cleveland Browns. And I'm like. When is it safe to say that this is perhaps the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard? When is the as he say for me applied on a couple of levels, though. Right. I really wasn't so much like totally worried about the bag lash from so-called vote, you know, you know, necessarily want to be on business in the well, maybe talk to me laid disappointed in me and stuff like that. Moon's moon kill with the moon thing. And all that kind of stuff, man. You know, that kind of thing I read so much whereabout woke in a situation like that. What I do worry about though, is I don't necessarily wanna have all the people patted me on the back who like you girls doom. They don't do anything both football. I already want them allies at a moment like that. However, the idea of Condoleeza Rice coaching, and if L team is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard in my life on top of that. I saw people say, well, she doesn't really want to be a head coach is to be the Commissioner of the NFL that she really wants. I guess it is possible that she really wants that. But then again, I heard that and I'm like, wow. That is also one of the dumbest. Things I ever heard in my life. Now, I will start with why the idea of these rights being head coach is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard in my life before talking about why kind of LIZA rises Commissioner is one of the things that I've ever heard in my life. And I warned you in advance that the ladder reason is probably not for why you think it is. Anyway, let's gidget first part on the surface. It is very easy to explain why we stupid to make Connolly's rice the head coach you a football team, which would be to Condoleeza Rice has been a little busy doing things I studying Soviet tala G, and she has not been in a position to really prepare for what it is to be an NFL head coach. Now, I don't mean this like when he's cats come into the draft. And then they have four point -o GPA's, and they might get roles. Gotta shifts and people like that detriment to how good they going to be at football. No. I mean, the Condoleeza Rice really has been out here doing things like studying Soviet tala g. She has not been breaking down Xs and os of football. She has not been working on putting together a management structure for running a football team. This is simply not what she has done. This is nuts. There is no man that I can think of that somebody has just pull completely out of nowhere to be the head coach of NFL team gave can you think of one? I mean, that's what I felt was a little weird about this. It was like so far out of left field. And then immediately the Browns were like, oh, no. We didn't say that. We didn't do that. So it was almost like they were testing the waters head to be. Yeah. Let's float this out there. See what the reaction is. And then from that kind of like decide our course of action, which is really I thought it was a little unfair to Condoleeza Rice because it's like she openly campaigning for this position. No. So why does it need to be brought up and then shot down? Now. I mean Schefter didn't just pull that out of his key. Stor Ryan Lee, right right with I didn't make this up. Somebody who matter told Adam Schefter this and he felt confident saying this on air, and then it goes from there, and yeah, it's a little bit on. Fair to Condoleeza Rice that it was thrown out there. But this is just like as a notion like Jimmy hasn't been telling the homes dude again getting vice and maybe the homeless do actually say Jerry Rice, but he didn't understand him. And even Jerry Rice would be a silly idea as somebody to hires. Hey coat like in basketball. They pull dues out broadcast booth and stuff like that. And they turned into head coaches. That happens baseball pulled out broadcast booth. Not normally people that have had some relationship with game prior. But still I don't have a great answer who's good at doing those jobs in those other sports. I know that if you're gonna talk about being a football coach, you probably need to actually been doing stuff around football and see where it's unfair to Condoleeza Rice. I think it's wildly insulting to the idea of women being coaches because you'll remember John Dorsey general manager Browns, he came out and said, they'd be interested in hiring men or women who, you know, for this job specifically mentioned women, which led to was to the step of where we are now with the Browns right with the Schefter report. He says. Women and then all of a sudden the woman's name out there. But then jumped out to me about that is which basically tell me is. Yeah, if you wanna be a woman and be a coach in the NFL fantastic. Oh, you need to do is have a PHD have been formulas security advisor. And then secretary of state you think you can do that. What are you serious? And there are a bunch of women who are involved in the game today. Yes. And it's not like they're being considered for any sort of Brazil's. So it's almost like saying, oh, you can get involved in our game. You can get involved, but you're not going to be considered for a job unless you're a PHD scholar and worked in the White House is ridiculous. Right. Like, maybe if you have an Augusta National membership, then you come through here, which by the way, we make are the envy of much of the NFL. All that being said in looking at it. Right. And just I know this is it's a weird thing to have been put out there. And I also think the conversation about women being head coaches in the NFL we need to doubt that back. And what I mean by saying they needed out at back is we're a few steps removed from that being a possibility, right? Like, I don't know how long it'll be before. That thing happens. I feel like the discussion right now needs to be. All right. So when will we have a woman who is like an actual reliable system coach like not, no quality control or no intern or something like that? But like defensive backs coach. So, you know, something like that that is the next step of it. Because these are the people who typically wind up getting head coaching jobs offense, coordinators defense coordinators and offense of line coaches. Those are the guys that typically get those jobs the other system positions can be very nice segues into getting a coordinator position. But those are the ones who get jobs, and it's really been heavily slanted in recent times toward people on offense. That's where you go to start. Because before you even like this thing like when people talked about begging Hamon, the is this with spars about her being an MBA head coach in Popovich said, you know, I think she would make a great head coach the problem is while Popovich saying she would make a great head coach. He didn't even have her on the first row of the systens. So how are you selling us this idea that she should be a head coach when you don't even think that she should be front row? Assistant on your team. You you you can't that's not going to work right now after she has been an assistant at that point. Then people are then probably going to listen. And then it becomes a different discussion. Deb with the NFL. We not even talking about like, that's where this needs to start right is developing developing, according to the lines of how these things ordinarily go. That's the only way to go make this work and reason to only way you go make this work is if you wanted somebody that jumps the line, and then that person is ultimately unsuccessful as bad for larger cause. Light is the argument about why you had to make sure you guys. Jackie robinson. And Jackie Robinson, hit when you put him out there. Right. Because I mean, right or wrong stakes at hot. That's what it turns into. But his other people's about his idea Connolly's rise being the Commissioner of the NFL. And I'm looking at that like why in the world what Connolly's rise a wanna be the Commissioner of the NFL? Let's start there. Why would you wanna do that? Like, I imagine that sounds like a really cool job. But. The Commissioner the NFL if we've learned anything from the Raj era, especially NFL any charge nothing. Like Condoleeza Rice. Do you think I have any interest in a job where Jerry Jones tells me what to do? Imagine. I gave you imagine. I gotta get on the phone and Mark Davis is going to lecture me some old white, dude. Even some of the young ones kidding me kind of lease rise. I do what a handlebar moustache out here. Telling me what I shoot it should not do who's the to the handlebar moustache Jacksonville. Oh, Shad Khan. Yeah. He's a good, dude. Though. He's not breaking your union. That's fair point. Yeah. He looked at up. Yeah. Yeah. You think I'm about to be lecture buddies people. You must be crazy. I got no interest in being talked to like this by them, Bob McNair. And you think Bob McNair, showing respect to colonies they don't show respect it a person that's Commissioner to Commissioner is there to do their bidding. If I've Connolly's rice I worked way too hard in my life to work for these dudes. No, no, no. That's not happening. The last time I had a job. My boss was the president of the United States. I'm supposed come here and work for these cats, man, please what what Connolly's rise you think about to come out here. And I gotta come until the stories in front of everybody that they need to sail for them these implausible things that they push out there. Like, what is what is time for them to try to act like a domestic violence as it wasn't as big a deal as we read about. I was supposed to be the wanna go out here and talk about this stuff. Oh my gosh. And be a champion come on. It was this job. Really who wants this job? So I hear people talk about that. I bet that's something that she winds up saying she won't job. She's wildly overqualified for that job Connolly's rights. How'd you wind up getting the job? Well, you know, I was national security adviser. And then I was secretary of state. So the guy before you how did he wind up getting that job? He worked in the office for a long time. That's what this is. Hey, speaking of ridiculous, the Washington Wizards. I remember in the year two thousand ten the Washington Wizards draft the John wall, and I thought John wall, very good NBA prospect so forth, and so on, but the point that I made it a point to make people was the wizards. Well at the time, I was twenty nine years old. And I said I was twenty nine years old in Washington. Wizards head one fifty games in my life. I am now thirty eight years old and the Washington Wizards haven't won fifty games in my life. They have had a team with talent and been in the lesser conference. And they have not won fifty games. We all John wall is good. We all think Brad. Build is good at times, we have thought those guys were very good. They were playing in the east the wizards. Haven't won fifty games in my life now part of them. Now winning fifty games was the fact that they had a coach who had a whiteboard that was reversible. And I want saw him not being able to figure out figure out which way was the right way to draw a play in the huddle you've seen those clips game. I have. I mean, there are many many clips that happened with the whiteboard that owners in rolling on the floor laughing. Yes, he just turns them all around. He can't figure out. I that was not a good sign of what was going on with him. I will tell you another story briefly about the Washington Wizards before we get to their current chaos. I worked an event in two thousand twelve it was actually in New York City. It was at clad phrases widened died. You got a little restaurant over here on the west side. And I was there for draft party. I worked at as be nation. And we were there with Ernie Grunfeld 's son. Ground filled at the time was the general manager of the Washington Wizards. And I know nothing about dude, I wanna say bad, you know. But my media thought there was like, wow, Ernie Grunfeld. He's not a very good general manager like I say that to face another like that. But that was my thought. That was twenty twelve. It's twenty eight teen Ernie Grunfeld is still washing wizard general manager in fed gave do you know what year already Grunfeld became the general manager of the Washington Wizards. Two thousand eight two thousand three oh, man. I was off. Okay. I was too. I had to look it up. It was like wow, two thousand three. So let's think about this for sec. I am thirty eight years old the Washington Wizards having won fifty games in my life. That means that Ernie Grunfeld has been the general manager since two thousand three and they have now won fifty games who gets to keep their jobs, general manager NBA francesa fifteen years, and you weigh one fifty games who who's he got dirt on. I feel like every team in the NBA other than the Hornets have won fifty games in a season in my life. Every single what you pull a team out. And I'll tell you about the time that they want fifty games, right? Even clippers managed to come around and find way to win fifty games, the timber wolves. They've had a season where they won fifty games. The Grizzle the Grizzle of had a year. Maybe even a couple. Where they've won fifty games. If I'm not mistake. Everybody's one fifty games. But these bums no matter what happens they're not gonna find a way to win fifty games. And yesterday, there was just a leak explosion around this team that we've known the problems that they've had we'd getting along and everything else. And we knew this thing was ultimately going explode. If we didn't know it when John wall did day interview where he said he looked at Bradley Beal as side kick, and he looked at himself as one and Bradley Beal as one eight. Brad Bielfeld about that. Don't actually really like each other. At least they don't seem to. It's always been a weird sort of situation that they've had. So we wound up. What was the first league gay Shams came out there? 'cause I can't even remember them in order now. But I know we had all the leaks that drop and the firstly cave Shah's. I gotta go to throws from. Oh, no. I think the world was the second league. I believe the first week was that the wizards had a volatile practice. And Brad Beal said I've been dealing with this bleep for seven years, and then woes put it out there. They John wall had been fined for hidden Scott Brooks would FU and then Candice Buckner of the Washington pose came with the story of what went down. And what went down was that date had the superheated practice in John wall? Almost got into a fight with Jeff green Scott Brooks tried to come over there and break up the fight. And that's when John wall toll Scott Brooks f you and then he apologize apologize teammate the next day. Now, this was all last week. We're just finding out about all this right now. Like, I don't know who decided now's the time to start snitching, but snitching then commits, and it just sounds like you got a whole bunch of dues who really would like to fight each other because they've been around each other for way too long. Long L though, Jeff green just got there as interesting. Remember, Brad Beal said he was like LeBron anyway, all those guys, but you know, who's playing the best on that team this year. Dwight howard. Yeah. Do I gotta be over there? Like, I winning all these tattoos. Why can feed in? And all y'all wanna do is fight. I is crazy. This is nuts. What is going on the wash? It it. Everybody on the team is available for trade. Everybody on the team is available for trade. It keep talking by John wall. You got fifteen percent trae kicker in his deal, and that's gonna make it hard for him to be traded. Some tell me John walls willing to give up fifteen percent at this point on a Goshi it down or something like that. 'cause gave you need a resolution. I mean when you put everyone on the block. Yes, then something's got to happen. Yes. Yeah. We have what we have here is a problem. It is a full on total problem. Everyone has to go that being said part of what is funny about this. It'd be with the wizards is like if you work at like, Ernie Grunfeld, here's priority. Granville guiding this situation like it's not good. What they have going on here. It's a measure of chaos. It is unhealthy. It goes beyond. What you typically have with an MBA franchise. But aren't aground failed as aware that it could in fact, get worse and gave I'm show you how it could get worse. All right. Here's what I want you to do. I want you to take your hand and like put it palm down. Right. You doing at poems down. Okay. Now wants you to turn your hand like ninety degrees clockwise fingers pointed out, you got that got it. All right now, I want you to take your pinky your ring finger and your middle finger and like bring a man like you're making a fist you got. That. All right now. Now what you got left. I want you to point that straight in the air. Oh, yeah. Now, imagine you are in your team huddle surrounded by guys, and you were doing this merely days after you brought a boatload of guns in the locker room and Toews your teammate to pick one to shoot you with. Though, wizards no how much worse things can actually get VIN. This already grow field by be like Dibnah was Jamie Butler was out there active band. Like out of the problem. Is you got to have some matter perspective. It could always get worse than this. I'm in how big of an indictment is it on him. They're willing to trade anybody in house. So that means that nobody that he is brought to the team to build this out is a keeper. Yes. And that this is second place if it's even second place, it ridiculous levels of internal chaos that your team has had. This is not even close to being I like internal chaos for the wizards Gilbert arenas, bringing those guns up. There is like Bob Beamon was for all those years. It's like the flow Joe world record. Nobody's going to break that nobody's going to break that. And there's do still has a job you put together a collection of players that involve do brought his guns to work and dude who by the way is in prison now because after the gun incident he turned into a murderer. How you still got Joe job lie? Scott brooks. Yeah. No. If you've followed me for Tom, I ain't so wild about him as basketball mind, nothing like that. But hey, say what you want about him? You ain't never have nothing like this come out, Oklahoma City. Nothing like this. This is a particular situation that they'd got. And Brad Beal is probably the guy that you probably most wanna keep. But he's also probably the only one you can get the most for in trade. There's some story about Kelly Oubre. Let me go look up what candidate say about Kelly Oubre because I feel like this is actually like a whole the red on this, man. It's like, oh my God. I couldn't get better. Oh, no, Vinny sent Mita thing. I'm just sitting here with my friends, and we're just firing every time. I think I've got a link was going on in Washington. No somebody else has another link. That's more information. Okay. Yes. Brad Beal got into it with Auster rivers. And I think all of us are team on that one. No one's ever rooting for Austin rivers. And that's when he pointed at her any Greg failed said it starts at the top. And they're John wall. John while also got into Jeff green. And that's thing happened there. And then apparently during the game Kelly Oubre ahead a bag of fourth with Scott Brooks. And it sounds more like a fourth than a back and forth. Because sounds a lot more like Kelly Oubre doing this. And by the way, gay according to Kansas Bugner, the Washington Post this happened after three game winning streak. So Windsor and putting your right? This happened after a three game winning streak. This is where they should be riding high riding high. Oh, wow. She wrote a full story about a web. Look it is right now I had seen this before. Let's see if I give details while we're scanning this that. Okay. They say, none of it turned physical. That's good. They were just kinda Holland at each other. Apparently, they had a huddle where what boy they were just like, let's just let it all out. So while the warriors got to be like, yeah. Look at us this way. Although what's worse, the war situation to this? Well, at least with the warriors you have like the best players in the planet on your team. And not all of them went out. The only thing though, with like the wizards I feel like some of these guys can get over it. I don't know if Kevin Durant is ever going to get over. But that's one dude. And if the warriors went back to the team they had before. For him through. So pretty good, by the way, bright side in this John wall apparently immediately apologised after he went off on Jeff green. But if you've got an FU in you towards your coach than the respects already gone. Yeah. I feel like the coach came in when he shouldn't have like like like. Got it. Like, I don't know if the coach it'd been my own business, but like it's so much go at all bed. Oh well. All I can do is laugh glam office like that who. I will be back with if you haven't heard in a minute but first word from SAM's dot com. You know, these days you can give practically everything on demand. Just like the right time. 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Type info money, that's stamps dot com. Enter beaumont. No, you can't be on top of all the news information of the day. No need for the social media feeds, we got you. Now, if you haven't heard money this first story of the day comes from tech. My name is Emily Stewart. And I'm a reporter at box. Mark Zuckerberg isn't going anywhere Facebook at least if he doesn't want to because of the way the company shareholder structure setup Facebook his face a number of controversies in recent months, including the Cambridge at Alaska scandal fake news in Russian interference the New York Times last week posted a bombshell story about its efforts to downplay scandals and the Wall Street Journal reported that Zach told top Facebook executives this year that the company is at war. All this is prompted some questions about whether is good bird who is Facebook CEO and chairman might have too much control of the company, but there's nothing the board directors or investors can do Facebook to make him step down or give up some of his influence. That's because. Facebook has what's called a dual class share structure for its stock their class A-Shares in class b chairs 'cause Asia's which everyday investors can access have one vote per share the class B-shares have ten votes suburb in a small group of insiders hold most of the class b shares. So when it comes time for shareholder votes on items like executive compensation proposed murders necklaces or choosing members of the board or its chairman sucker for the only one who's votes, really matter. He controls about sixty percent of all of the voting chairs. This type of structure isn't uncommon in a lot of companies. Have it the argument for it is that it lets founders and executives focus on the company's long-term practices. But critic said inflate some too much and doesn't make them accountable. There have been pushes that Facebook to change the structure from some shareholders. But they haven't stuck again because convert start up the only one whose opinion matters under the current system. If Mark Zuckerberg does wind up stepping, now's chairman or CEO or making some other changes role Facebook, it'll be. On his own accord. I'm good with that. Because I'm just here for everything Facebook does right or wrong. This is all on us bird as Burg's. So good is shaking all this stuff off into the all, shucks dot and everything else. Now, man, this is you all this stuff that is being wrought by the machine that you have built by your Frankenstein. It is all you. You are the one who is in charge. I don't wanna hear nothing about. No samba. Nobody else you'd wanna got to answer for every single bidder. This 'cause you want you. Hey, I don't blame. You wanna keep your company, not even mad at you. But you got it. Good. Look and him saying he wants to start like an independent counsel to see if they can review some of the controversial content moderation decisions. In in. He is he was having him. Also is too old to be able to hide and the way he could before. Right. Like, there was a certain like boy wonder sort of quality to this. Now, man, you just rich do like the rest of the second story is more about personal tech than detect business. I'm Jeffrey Fowler tech columnist at the Washington Post photography has never been about just capturing reality. But the latest smartphones are increasingly taking photos into uncharted territory. I've been using a new mode on Google pixel phone called night site. That has a superpower can see things that are is cannot anybody who's used a smartphone. Or even a pro camera knows how hard it is to shoot in the dark, but taking photos with night-sight made my friends in a dim candlelight bar. Look like they brought a lighting crew at midnight scape. Lit up like the afternoon using night-sight left me with two thoughts. I this is awesome. And you've got to see the examples in my column or that I've heard on Twitter and second this is totally super fake the pixels. Hardly alone. And moving away from reality. The iphones portrait mode applies made up blurred backgrounds selfish on phones popular in Asia. Automatically slim heads Brighton is with skin and most recent phones, he's technique called HDR that merges multiple shots to produce. A kind of hyper tone version of reality. Phone cameras are breath becoming like hightech beer, goggles, your camera less as a reflection of reality and more of an artificial intelligence trying to make you happy. It's fake tastic. Now, some people have taken issue with my use of the word fake to describe my night-sight shots, but these shots were very far removed from what my eyes saw in the moment and their colors and tones were chosen by a computer, not by nature. It might be an academic concern if we weren't actually talking about a hobby not to mention the memories of about a third of humanity. That's how many people now use smartphones. How far will the AI in phones remove our photos from reality? What might software tweet us to think looks normal. What parts of images are we letting computers? At it out bring on the debate. So basically any place can be six flays your phone. We put any background behind you use anywhere you want. And I don't necessarily have a problem with the idea that you can do that gay what I'm trying to figure out is how people just going to be flat out line. I mean, there was a story. I believe that we did on if you haven't heard not too long ago where people could basically pay to have like an augmented or just like an alternate reality for their vacation photos, or it's like, here's me and the Grand Canyon. Here's me huge me in this place. I mean, this is a little bit different because it's like changing and existing image. It's like, oh, you're there. It's just now. Daytime and sit at nighttime. I mean, that's gonna change the game in terms of the way you're going to be able to post vote. But also the way you're going to be able to take photos of others when they're like, unsuspecting. And it's oh it's too dark dark to see who let me try and do this. And it's like, Nope. Gotcha. Yeah. And also going to be used for purposes. This is all I hear in this man, people care way too much about pictures. Like, there's anything I've learned people way too much about. Hey, where are you share them? How you share people get way too much about pictures, the Bose active on the grim for the for? The right time. Outside of that. No, man. I want off all of it. All right, this last story also comes from the business technology. I'm afraid chief technology correspondent for axios for actually on HBO show. Mike Alan, and I sat down with apple CEO, Tim, cook and got a glimpse intake his thinking on range of issues from his own personal style. And schedule to some of the big issues confronting the tech industry, including privacy in screen time as well as how apple seasons business going forward. Some of the areas of technology. It's interested in especially admitted reality one of the issues it's getting the most attention is his turn my question around. If apple is so concerned round privacy. In makes this big deal that unlike the other big tech companies it isn't trying to sell your information. Why does it take billions of dollars of year from Google which is trying to make money off of users information so Google pays apple that money to be the default search engine on Macs and ipads, iphones and. Answer was a very reasonable one. That apple basically takes all the precautions at cannon ties to limit. The amount of information that Google or anyone else advertising on the web gets about users. But then it thinks Google is the best search engine out. There is other insights were pretty interesting ranging from the fact that he gets up at four A M each day. He reads an hour of user feedback. And then he goes to the gym. So he can work on the stress levels to how he uses the phone. He's talked about how you used in a lot of hours a day. And he said he's still using it several hours a day. But he has noticed. He's thanks to the tools. They put in picking it up lesson getting fewer notifications a minimum privacy. I think this is going to be a big selling point for apple going forward. They wanna make the case that day care about your privacy that it's a core value, and that was something that came up over and over the other issue talked a lot about is reality. So the idea of a digital overlay on the real world, and Tim cook has made it clear that he has a preference for this over virtual reality where it's an entirely virtual digital reality. And he showed. A example took us out on the soccer field at apple. We looked at this. Apple you can map out what your garden might look like, you know, when he talked about this as an important technology going forward something that will extend beyond just sharing the screen like the iphone ipad. But obviously he wouldn't say when apple might have goggles. Those were some of the insights he can read more about our interview and see the key points at actually dot com or sign up for my daily newsletter logging at get logging thought actually start com. The cook. Dos about one regulation. Yeah. No. We don't have to get these folks in on some level of another like that part, then becomes obvious. But I do find interesting when he talked about how you slow down notifications on his phone, and 'cause I had the screen time app. And I find I use the phone because he kind of scared me straight to a degree. But I've never been big on notifications y'all really want all these after tell y'all all the time. What's going on the thing about it is to that drains your battery the more notifications that you do get. Yeah. But I've never like I figured out real quick on the phone that I did not need all of these like, I'm not gonna have all this stuff just jumping out in my face with my phone comes out, just as a general thing. I had no idea that people were really here ride like especially for things that ring often. Oh, no, no, no can't be that. This is also where it gets on for him where he's like, man. We're hardware company. Exactly. That's a big part. It is interesting though that that apple take so much money from Google being like Goto search engine. Yes, it's a little passive aggressive is that a fair way to put it. It is. Is the him saying that? Okay. Well, they are the best search engine. So we're we're not dipping into the same waters that they are. Yeah. Okay. Y'all own on water. Even if at eight say, what is between the two y'all y'all got all to water. Hey, this is Bomani. You have reached the right voice mails, say whatever you want get creative with it. But this is Joe place to talk back to show a top back fix. All right, though with the holiday coming up on Thursday in only doing one show this week. We decided to put out for the best things giving stories whether it was the craziest fight just the craziest thing that has happened on thanksgiving for you. We got some pretty good ones. Are I from Allen Dallas of oh, man. This is our from from Dallas band. I I had to tell the story man because of being from Dallas, you know, be football family, and of course, huge Cowboys fan so thanksgiving special and to my day, you know, it was always wanted at home. I'm plugged the phone. We not having. No 'cause like family came over like you've got to go around three when the games because my day, you know, not be in a row. Well, all of our family is in Houston and to really supposed to go down in Houston on thanksgiving because of the Cowboys game, you know, what I mean, in the way my. Day watch watches. We didn't always make the trip because the way to Houston. The way down with always you know, what I mean to the way my dad like what game this year? Remember mom, of course, wanted to go. See your sisters. We've made the trip down. And so it was the year. Whatever year was that the Cowboys play the prophets. It was Dane actually was long. Rundown running back. And so our member we weren't winning and my band in like noise man, and we were getting killed run game all over me and vice like ruin Dame and her my dad was whose and of course, all the background fans. Other teams laughing happy thanksgiving, right? And my dad wouldn't wouldn't have it? So we kind of sued. On what game, you know, whatever they like I would ever go back to the game. So that. There's noise kept coming from the back and we losing. Say. Heard was my daddy. Get up. Girl. Couple Hanes have a couple of words, we ain't been back to using the thanksgiving. Same. Oh, man. Here scrap it out of somebody else's house about the Cowboys. That's where I wanted to include this one because I wanted to get into the Cowboys Dallas and Houston dynamic a little bit. Even that is just that did today that all Cowboys fates eight is what had enough of it say there's plenty Cowboys as he was it. There's not no raging Texans. Cowboys rivalry is dude is salty about the Cowboys wanted peace and quiet to watch the game at someone else's house. By the way, he didn't wanna come to. That's the key variable. And then hasn't been back since. Yes. Well, it's kinda hard to after that one would think. All right. A second from read it in Baltimore. Hey. Coming from Baltimore. My family. My parents uncle them. Three of them had raven season tickets that they all went on thanksgiving. We were getting together and parents. My dad went argument because this particular year the ravens were playing Christmas tickets came up about one we'll all three of them went to win. So it didn't argue me, and is almost blown prone to the point where we just kind of them on different table. So twenty minutes later, I'd say we had dinner serve and always been known to be that fast eater eat. He's entire plate of food. They like side minutes. So of course, this and and it I think if they start like realize. So he's like choking. And so the only person that really like. He just sat there and watch like she's been my body like slowly leading cause like this is getting bad, and we're paying finally my dad gets up and gives them be most at wrestler, when you maneuver I've ever seen in my entire life and finally something tops out of throat, you can breathe, but he was closer death. And I'm pretty sure if the rest of us weren't they my dad was probably gonna let that all because of some tickets football game craziest moment ever seen in my life. Way to Dr ravens purple man. That's cold cold tickets, hogwash stuff. Even doing the Heimlich maneuver with a little extra something five, by the way extra stuff that is broken ribs. I mean, the thing about the Heimlich maneuver to is it doesn't always work if you're just going to let them in go to the Heimlich maneuver like that then you're I mean, really some extra something with that one. Yes. This last from Marvin C T, Bomani. More from Connecticut. Crazy. Thank you the story about like ninety eight fourteen so. Regular thanksgiving. And so I don't know what was going on. What like those? They all look on his face. I guess they I don't know what was going on. And so mostly they found out that my uncle had another child which no one knew about who. And so they were like, hey, all, you know, kids. Go stairs, whatever. And like we find out this whole other. Title. And like my aunt was your ears of yours was how you going bearish me like this like in there. And so later, all we, you know, we find out, you know, he had a child with this woman that was over different persuasion if you could have denied. Shore photo the baby crying his eyes were like mine. Oh my goodness. All here with high going bears me, and my mother told me later on what had happened, and you just heard like just. They bring in. All right now. Right now. Buddy. So it was crazy. I was down like a whole thing. But I wasn't grown so stairs. That's really it. Boy. Yeah. Baby. Turn enough at the holiday man who good especially when you have everybody together. So there's no sort of lake dissemination of the story where kind of like gets distorted in any way or has to reach different members of the family at different times based on who's like in the need to know. Nope. It's like everybody finds out at the same same time. How you going barris me as all downhill? Grandpa to age to do this right now. I'm just trying to have right now. Relax. That's it. I'm not trying to do this. I'm not trying to deal with this right now hit the third rail of America American culture who you had that baby with. Yeah. Next level. Today's. Yeah. Yeah. Happy holidays just days. We'll get to have you k-. But ladies gentlemen, thanks for joining us here on the right time. We try to do this thing. Twice a week Mamane Gabe s ain't handles everything behind the scenes. Thank you, sir. Also, thank you to our sponsors stamps dot com and Robin Hood, also thanks contributors on if you haven't heard thanks to Emily Stewart. She works at checkout. Her story on Mark Zuckerberg, reaching untouchable status, vox dot com. Thank you Jeffrey Fowler of the Washington Post. Check his story about Google pixel flipping pictures making night day making day night. Check that out the Washington Post dot com. And thank you enough read. She is the tech correspondent axios. You could check out her mailing list. And everything else does she said a little bit earlier in the show, and she had article about Tim cook. Remember, check us out. Subscribe. That is at ESPN apple podcast, where get your podcast rate is review gives five stars. You only goes four stars. I'm a to. Thank you are a hater. We will be off. Our second episode this week as we go. Take the holiday take it easy. Thanks for checking out the right time with money Jones podcast. You can listen or subscribe on the ESPN app apple podcasts or every listen to podcasts. The right time with the money Jones.

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"Hi Everyone, this is your life coach. Debra Brown. Welcome you to taking a leak or guest. Today is Joseph Tapper. Joseph Tapper. Also known as speaking Sachs, is a saxophone, clean, motivational speaker and author. He has authored five books, released five musical CDs and traveled across the country, speaking and entertaining audiences of all kinds. His audiences have consisted of secretary of State Condoleeza Rice Governors Jeb Bush and Charlie Crist as well as colleges and corporate clients. We are doing part to off a segment that Joseph started with US last week and The topic is one of his specialties with is the power of the mind. We started talking last week about how the mind works and he'll be continuing this week. Talking about how to use the bring. And the mind. So welcome to the show Joseph once again. Thank you. Deborah and I'M GONNA. Jump right in that. Okay, yes, please. It sounds like we have a lot of stuff to to dive into, so let's. Okay I want to reiterate how the brain is separate from the mine. Let's use an example of what we've been taught how to set goals. We're taught to set a goal and then create action steps. And that's so different than using the mind. Here's an example. Let's say you wanted to buy a four bedroom house or oh six hundred thousand dollars. We've been telling over the years. Are, list of things that comes to my. We have to clean up our credit. We have to start saving for down payment. We have to find a location in many offers all. Those are logical steps that we need to take to achieve that goal purchasing that or bedroom house for six about knows. Invariably what we've done is created limiting beliefs. I cannot purchase the house now unless I've done all of those steps. I created these limiting beliefs, but uh, we're those are goals. You know that's our goal and also the steps that we have to take. I can do it I can purchase a house that way it can be done. But it's a whole lot easier if i. just let the mind do the work now. How does the mind speak to the money? Speak to us through ideas. Moments, intuition desires dreams I. Call it this things that come from the other side. Soon. Let's something in. The morning. Those Golden Nuggets. Yeah right! Yeah, right down. Don't we get million dollar is? There so czar. They're not logical, but they're million dollar ideas. You gotTa ride. Down Einstein even said. Anything that you can easily you know research. Look up, so don't trust it to your memory. Write it down because what you'll see happen years later. You'll see somebody you see that idea on the store shelf. I had that idea of our forgotten so. Down! Go Nuggets now. Let's take the mind and we'll go through the same scenario. We want to buy that four bedroom house for six hundred thousand dollars and we're going to teach you how to do just that. Let's say we place that. See in the most fertile soil. In order. In the human mind. In subconscious now. What we do. Nothing. But what happens, we get into. The call, an old friend and talking to us. On the phone. How you doing? So how you doing? I haven't heard while up to. Doing great and outgoing good. Good at everything. I'm looking to move. Oh! And where do you live? Concerts are live over here in such a such community. Nice I love the little there. Was a house next door to sail. Maters got a house. For Year. Getting Wyrsch. And How much is it well? It's six hundred thousand. Wow four-bedroom. Yes, Oh, man, that's a hug and looking for, but and then we fall back on our liberty beliefs. You know what? My credits not that good. I make the money I make good money had some medical issues. My credit all skewed saw. Apply for that I. Don't have the down payment then Johnson Joe. You won't believe US talking to a guy yesterday. He is pret-. He's gotTa be in Europe by August. He told me that he's willing to finance it himself. He'll let somebody take over. The loans make the pain and he'll spread the down. Over twelve month period. Thought it by. So. Joseph I think that you you could create some as in as in me. That's how bad the universe wants you to exceed. That university will do whatever is necessary to get you to sixteen visit did example Alexander was working on his invention. We know it now is the telephone. He knew that that device should work, but he was so frustrated. He kept sending his assistant Watson into the next room, and they would test it and say watching. Can you hear me Watson with come back and say it's not working. I couldn't hear you. Going through that now, this is how the universe works. The universe wants to benefit the. Is. So the universal use, you benefit the masses. This telephone device should benefit the Nassar's universe. One is this fee that come to fruition. Alexander Bill was getting frustrated because he knew it should work, but it wasn't working. Be Set Watson the room and tested it one more time. And then. Alexander Bill had an accident. He knocked over a bottle of acid that fell on his leg and it was Bernie, and he shouted why. Assault after. Bernie Watson Cave, running into the you say. I hear you through the I. Hear you at work or so excited. He found out all he needed to do with just the amplification should. Know that he had misfield acid on learning and raise. The universe want to succeed. The universal push you if your train all you gotta do keep movers. So, this is the thing because you have made a good point there. All you have to do is keep moving. But keep moving could be like that list that you said you don't for buying the. That the credit needs to fix I need to you know. Make sure I have a good salary. You know all the stuff that you mentioned the neutral checklist someone would have. Isn't that part of? Keeping me. Well it won't stop you. I'll put it that way, but what we'll do will let us like you can say you know what I can't afford that, so you'll stop moving. Now, if you WANNA use that listen, keep going. The Universe is going to bring it to you if you keep moving, but you can look at that and say you know I don't have the income to get six thousand dollars. Dream isn't. Anything to drink. In As I said before you could get me lazy. How do I? How do I? Not believe you made my dreams. No like if I could just. Sit and we're all. Patients I. Don't need anything chosen. Best Good Question Lazy will cause you to stop moving. But you have to keep moving. That's the work you have to continue, so you have to walk congruent to the dream that you have. If I have a drink to be a lawyer I'm not going to take auto mechanics. I've got him congruency to that dream. So you have to keep moving. Lazy Will Stop You from moving. You can't be late. so so then you want using the example of the host then as you said keep. Moving his really doing the things, I need to do to get home. That's. Being. It's not really Justin back in waiting for the opportunity to show up. But right, it's just like. Okay! Exactly I mean with the Casino working at the Casino. I went and got extra jobs, and all that and I made it happen, but it didn't stop the universe. because. Universities like you know wasn't the way I intended it here. This is what I have for you. The the universe is not going to give me three jobs where I get three hours of sleep at night. But I kept moving trying to make it happen. and. It happened in spite of me, and that's what usually do gonNA happen. Inspire us all your work. So if you were to really come up with maybe. Three mistakes that typically make when we are. Trying, to achieve or dreams? What would that? What would that three look like? Three mistakes that we make. The one ultimate is we give up? because. We don't have the pace. It's it's not magic, but it's scheduled to happen and a certain time just because it didn't happen when you think it's supposed to happen. Doesn't mean it's not going to happen, and so giving up is the ultimate. and. We will. Change. I I won't say change our drain, but we'll put away archery and do something else. So Changing our dream. That's that's another killer. And I've heard I heard one side of say Is Full of more dreams you know. because. People will put it on. Say You know what I Would do that. And then it doesn't happen. Yeah third thing if we try to. We tries to get too involved in the Howlin wise the mechanics of it. To. Mind Boggling Ever I. I don't have the capacity. The brain power to figure that out nobody. Where we think so because it's worked for some some people, they've gone through the steps as you said of buying the host. In that way getting their raw scores right. I mean there are certain things that you think you have the recipe for. and. It's worked for other people we think. Exactly it does we can. Basically we can achieve whatever we want. What I'm saying. It's so much easier and weaken his his a good example. There was a guy that played the piano in a nightclub A customer came in one night, and he said I want to hear some singing. Can you say the guy? No, I'm I'm not a singer. So the customer he went to the owner than the nightclub is. Hey, you get the lightest thing I'd love to hear. Tonight. The owner of the nightclub west to the TANF and he said Hey. Why don't you say tonight? The players you know? I don't see you hire me to play the piano on CEO. The owner of the nightclub look the guy in the eye. He said you know. What if YOU WANNA? Keep working here. You're going to sing the night. So, he's going to be fired if he doesn't say what's he gonNA. Do what would you do? Exactly? He started singing. The man's name was net king Cole's. while. Nike Co two. People yeah, billions of people around the world with. His voice, but yet he had a dream of being a great pianist and he was. He plays his bands. He played for. You. Know Great Sayers, but he didn't. The universe had a bigger jeep for him so. We can create a goal in our brain to do it, and you can get it. But the universe oftentimes has a bigger dream for you, and that's what the university was that he go him a bigger than he ever had. Yeah, I never knew that story so. The case where? You know they say when you when things don't work out, it may not be a know it may just mean later. Right not now instead of. Just need not know. What about the cases where it truly is no? You really have this. But. You don't know that it's a new and as you say, keep moving forward through. What is really a known exactly? Well here it is if you have the train. You have a passion. What I recommend is you follow that dream, but really tested re evaluated from time to time because many times. What I've seen is you're starting at a? You get to point B., and then you realize you know what that's not my dream. After all it stays or something changes, but then you look over fifty points, and you say that's what I really want. Well, you couldn't get the point from Point A.. You had to get to point b the universe tick us to point B. Just so you can see on C.. So like you say you may know that that. Be sensitive looked around. What if it may be something else that the universe is trying to tell you? And oftentimes we'll have what we think are our dreams, but it may be somebody else's dream. Maybe your parents wanted you to be a lawyer. Your your big brother was athlete, so you're following. But it may not be your trees. You might be trying to complete somebody else's jewelry. Yes. That is so true. I have a friend who wrote a book called climbing the Wrong Mountain. and. It's for exactly the situation you're describing where it's really somebody else's dream earphone. You got into the peak of it. You become the best lawyer all there, but it's not something you really want to even be doing. Exactly. The wrong room. Yep! and. Let me show you how effortless it is using the power of the mind. You've heard of subliminal seismic right. Yes, of course. Yeah well, let me explain to the listeners if they don't know. subliminal advertisement is in a movie. There's about twenty seven framed. All it takes is one franey hostels twenty-seven frames to create a subliminal advertising, and I was a kid I drive in theater and. All of a sudden you get nerves for popcorn and coke. And we run to. The concession stands by popular to say. We're using subliminal advertising just one frame out of twenty seven short picture, popcorn and a pitcher of Coca Cola. And it was worn out of twenty seven was enough to get that seed in your subconscious mind because the movie had your conscious mind occupied. Your conscious mind serves as a filter to the subconscious kind of protect us from you know being sold a bill of goods, and it's no good and things like that we're able to reason, but if you occupy the conscious mind with a movie, and then just one hundred twenty seven frames slip that seed in their to the fertile soil. Also you buying popcorn. You had though you didn't want popcorn. Effortless powerful, the subconscious mind is. Since you're talking about the mind of the mind, and it is Peer this whole corona virus periods where you find lots of people with mental issues. I wanted to touch on something with you, and it's the. It's two cases that we all know. Are just popular. Very common the phone with this especially heightened by the cope nineteen situation, and it's anxiety and depression. What's in in your power of the mind work. How do you? Describe that as well as overcome that. Okay. Anxiety I almost get caught up in it with this. Remember now. The the mind is thinks in images, not words. For example if I were to say the words peak pig to you. You. Don't think of the words, but you think of pay pig right? Now, if I say and focus on this, if I say Debra do not think of a pig pig. What comes to your mind. You think he's. Yeah. Because of that sentence, only two words the create innocence or and pig. The rest of them are just fucked. And so what they do is. Everything on the new little pitcher that little rally thing with prickly. You know the coldest virus. That is, they're throwing it out there at you constantly constantly constantly that would create anxiety on the self. Were? Irish omitted doing. You have to create your own reality. and. I, do it early in the morning I get up really early and I come out to the Living Room I. Sit on the Sofa. My wife came out this morning, and she said what are you doing to look at? The TV's lights were out was all. The TV off, but I was looking in that direction, and she said Oh, you're thinking. What are you thinking about? She meditating and what I do I. Meditate on what my reality is. Some slipped this in real quick. I I used to jog about five miles of morning. My need would start hurting. I would have to start living and quit running. Put Ice on it, and maybe a few days or so we get better. I could start running agai-. Desire Qena my mind, just an idea. A Ha, moment one day came to be and I. This is what I did I was running. My knee started thirty. and. I said wait a minute. My knee feels so good I had a motion strong emotion to remind me feel slow good. It youthful elastic all it feels so good. And I kept limping after about ten sets. The pain went away. I started jogging again. I'm scratching my head. I mean I was harsh a beleaguered myself. Maybe. That was just quits. This is happened over and over and over and over I still do to this day. So what I do now I take the pitcher in the morning. I sit there. Say all my knees feel so good. My Bet you know I've had a lot of birthday show. My shoulders feel good. I back feels good. You know I'll just treat a catcher of my reality. What I want and so that's what I would recommend. The people just create their own reality. It forget about all that. Got It. And and the same goes for depression. Depression. Yeah see conflict, a society depression. When there's a conflict between. The image on the subconscious mind. That's the the script. That the director uses to make a movie. The director looks at the script on the screen of the subconscious mind, and then the director looks at the movie. The movie has accurately reflect the script. The movie is not an accurate fiction of that strip than the director says cut and make some changes until that movie accurately reflects that script. So what happens is when there's a conflict anxiety. Have you ever had an experience? Where maybe a transaction somebody? You said Yeah I. Just don't feel good about that That's where there's a conflict between the two the movie and the script. It's like. Took people go through the checkout line and both of them get overpaid ten dollars. One looks at it, and because they have a script of integrity, they turn around and they go. Pay That person back that those. The other person doesn't have that integrity, and so there's no conflict. They can put that in their pocket and they say you know. Thank you Lord but. They don't have the image the whenever the conflict there you feel. is in. Something is not right of the android reality. There's a conflict between the script and are created reality so what we need to do, just meditate on the reality that that we watch created and I mean right it out, be descriptive and righted this present tense when you add anything to the worst I am. My now is the power of the universe. So right it in the present. In the mind. There is no distance not time. There's no future. But in mine, there's the past in the mind. The elite I am present test is the only thing that exists in the mind, so you create your reality in the present tense. You say you are. I am now laying. Affirmation all right? Okay Joe's I. could totally the all day have questions among? People, read! Arguing time flies when you're having fun. Reach you if they WANNA. Know more about. What you do newer. Home he can support the. Yeah hit me up at the tapper group. Dot Com, and that's the T. a. p. p. e. R. Like J. Taffer. The tapper group, dot com, or you can email me at Info I. N. F. O. At the TAFFER group DOTCOM. Spaniels are a thank you Joseph for being here and sharing your expertise with us. You're welcome ever with five. Thank you. Thank you, everyone for listening my guest. Today was Joseph Tapper. This is your life coach. Debra Brown thanking you for tuning into taking a leak. We have any questions or comments that can be reached that taking a dot com, or at nine, five, four, three, six, one, three, six, one seven. See, you on the other side of success.

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Taking a Leap

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"Hi Everyone. This is your life coach. Debra Brown welcoming. You taking a leak. Or guest today is Joseph, tapper. Joseph Tapper also known as the speaking. Sachs is a saxophone, playing motivational speaker and author. He has authored five books, released five musical CDs and traveled across the country, speaking and entertaining audiences of all kinds. Is Audiences have consisted off secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. Governors Jeff Bush and Charlie Crist as well as colleges and corporate clients. We are in for a treat today, everyone. Because one of the things that Joseph likes to speak on and share with his audience, the power of the mind. And I think I can't think of A. More important time to get some minded power than you ring all this. Kobe nineteen. adventure that we're on, let's call it so well. Come Joe's black to have you here. Thank you. It's great to be with us. Glad, you're here. Still, Joseph, the first thing that I ask every guest is. What has been your biggest leap in life. I think my biggest league was when I. Took a job with Bell, south. and. I was an outside cable repair person. And to have that job. I had to be trained to climb the telephone poles. With. A leather strap around my waist and those spikes in my shoes gas as they call it. Would Wear on our ledge so I had a gas up the polls with nothing, but a letter leather strap around the whole, and around my ways and gloves and won miss that. And my groin would be nothing lizards. Why the gravity verify. Snow, but you? You had the harness correct. I had a hardest which is just a leather strap that goes around the pool. I mean. If if I were to miss death. Need the hardest and everything else which comes straight down. Who can so I'm assuming? Some main power came in the first time you did that. Did you. Had to do it. You know I needed a job and. It was just something that I had to do. There was no alternative. I just did it. So, necessity took over for you and is that what eliminated your fair? Yeah I believe so. Kinda the same thing I did with I was married for thirty eight years, and the only reason I didn't get divorced because divorce was about opposite. So. It was just a mindset that I eliminated certain choices, and that narrowed down what was left and quitting was not one of the things the left, so I just had to do it. And lining each and every day going up and down until it took me maybe a week or so to get comfortable going and just kept going. and. How long did you end up doing that for? I did it for five years. Not In and you know. After a while you, you did it just for the fun of it because it was such a good workout I mean it was exhausting applying with just your hands and gaps, and so we will do it just for fun of it. Got It's okay so I'm excited to jump into what we're going to be discussing. And I know that we are spitting this into two parts. The first part is where we're going to be talking about the. Whole the main works. That's what this show is all about then part. Two of the show will be about you giving us some tips on how to use our mine. So that should be thanking. So. Tell me how the mind works. Well first of all we want to. Separate the minds from the brain. Automatically, pointed at our head. We talk about the mind, but the line. It is really different than the brain. In the Bible when it refers to a person's heart. That's referring to the mind. There's a a scripture that says as a man thinks in his heart, so is he well? It's not talking about that muscle that pumps blood, but it's referring to the mind. and. The aged insists of three card, the conscious of stuff concerts and the creation of. The Congress's part of the mind is basically our five senses. What we can. See. Hear touch taste. And there's one more. Well, that's a lot of. All of those things make up our conscious by again and our sub conscious mind is. I use a screen to illustrate it just for simplicity like a projector screen. Are sub-conscious! My is a screen that all it does is received images. Images that are projected onto that screen which are retained our memory so part of our brain the memory part. It is part of the mind as well. There's third part of the line that creative subconscious that is outside of our body inside of our body. It is the part of the mine that is connected to the power of. To the universe. That is our power to treat. Because when we were made, you were made creatures to be a creators. If you look around you around you. That has made by mad. Yeah, I, it. I lifted in someone's mind. True we are. We are creators, and we use thought to create everything we create i. we think about it. And many times it's unconscious, but it has to happen that way we have to think about something APPs exist our mind before we can make it materialized or natural world. There's scripts that. Control our mind if you look at your brain as a supercomputer. Scripts. Let's see if you're programming a computer. They use scripts to program. It was cold. Baltar, C. Plus whatever? That programming languages is written in script form. The super computer of rain, the programming that goes in that is written a script as well and that script exist in our subconscious mind. The screen of our subconscious mind. The memory part of it. is where our? Self image which is. A combination of everything that we've learned about ourselves up until this present day. It exists. On that screen of the subconscious mind or memory. And I like to look at it like. Of Movie! and. The, movie, what we experience here when I'm looking out the window, each trees and cars, and all these things I call that created reality. Because, it was created. and. Created by us. By thought. Now you know sub-conscious mind that exists there I. GO I call that reality. Debra. Have you ever met someone that? Was the leading a certain thing. Let's say they believe. The Sky was orange or sky was green. And you could look at it. You salt move you already. She'll your blue. The fame and you change their mind. dealt with some point. Oh Yeah I. Mean I think if you just say politics. You'RE GONNA run into somebody like that. And we will go any farther than that but if They believe in their mind. That's their reality. Will ever exist in our sub conscious mind. That's reality. Incidentally. That's how people learn to have saliva tests. They convinced themselves at certain things and you know when you lie your heart rate changes, perspiration always think chains when you lie. This was a conflict in your body. Well when you convince yourself of certain things you could say and your body believes is true because it exists in your subconscious mind. and. That's key right there because we want to learn how we can create things you know, so causes line because whatever I can get to exist. In my subconscious mind that's what's going to exist. In our conscious mind, that's what we're going to create after we're going to see. Got It. Already hearing one trick. That's right. The and the brave only exists in our head in one. Yes, right, but through the by Deborah I'm connected to you unconnected to Joe. We're all connected together. Through the power of the mind we're one. Does we're connected to the universe and the universe permeate all of us. And that's how we can create them. When is the mind to workforce to create? You're not doing it alone. You'RE GONNA run into somebody. Down the street in the next city on your job wherever that is holding something that you need. To bring your dream to fruition. And they were set by the universe I'll tell you a story. I was working on a job after casino. That was a fun job but it, but it didn't pay anything. So I had to take a part time job just that I could afford to work this fund job. Now one day I, saw one of the. Nation's that I said you know a year from now I'm GONNA do Mayton. Times salary. And we laughed about it, but I place that seed in the most fertile soil. Honors. And that is fertile soil of subconscious. My you can put a seat in there is going to I I played that seat in there now after about year on a year after that. I found myself working the jobs. Make three times you. You didn't you didn't say that was one job. That would give you three times the salary. Now, let me visit. Station because I'm GONNA show you the difference between using your brain and using your mind. I was went and. also how we set goals, we set goals easy and our brains, and it's very logical the for example set of goals that you want to do X. we're taught. Okay, we write that down and then we come up with action steps right? It's like a ladder. You need rungs on the ladder. Take you to the top. Which is where your your goal is. I'm GonNa defy all of that. But this is a good illustration, because what I did was using my brain to achieve that goal. The the the brain has logical steps that you need to take to achieve your goal. So I ended up working three jobs, and I was making three times the salary that I was making a year later, but I was killing myself I. Hardly had get maybe three hours of sleep a night. Out of frustration, I said you know what. I used to belong to this Speaker's club and I was doing motivational speaking house, doing much better than this, but because of circumstances I stopped doing it. I think you know what let me get back into that I'm going to go to the club. Dean only meet once a month, so I decided to go on that Saturday. The meeting was coming up I went to the meeting. After meeting. I met a gentleman that was a manager for shade. Tally, public school's it department. We met he gave me his number. And, we chatted a little bit after that. About a week or so later, he texted me and he said Hey, Joe. There's no need for the IT. Department At Miami? Dade, schools I want you to apply for it. I went online. I looked at it now it it will save you need a bachelors degree. You need all this college I said. I don't qualify for that I. Didn't even apply. I actually told a friend feel that that had that training. I said look you apply for it. And we're talking to. Is that the same friend that you were making that goal with? Though this is all different casino actually. But finally. I was motivated by another guy casinos that apply for a job. If he he was security it, you know. And he applied for this big job and I said well. You know what I'm not qualified, but if he can do I go so I applied nothing happened. Maybe another few weeks later I get another text from him in eastern eight. There's another only go ahead and apply for this time. I went ahead and I apply. They contacted me back. I got interview. I got the job now. That job was paying three times more than any other job was saying. The drain the goal that the brain you the logical steps threes. Paying three five months with the mind I placed the seed in there like a year before that. And the mind brought that to fruition is a coincidentally I've been going to that meeting since then I've never seen that brother there. Yeah! Emily came that day because the uber sent him there to be A. He better things back. that. So if it's an example of. Our need to be specific because what I heard was you planted that seed, but you weren't specific. Right so it gave you three jobs initially. Yes or no. The mind did not give you three jobs. When it is illustrative of being patient. Because many times. We get patient and we try to make it happen ourselves. and. It's much more difficult using your brain to achieve goals than it is to use the mind. Because! You can relax, and the mind will do it. Don't worry about how the where the why all those things. It's too difficult. Leave the heavy lifting to the mind into the universe. Just the only thing we have to do Deborah is not here. If we continue movie, we supply the motion. Let the universe upon the directs. Okay so Josiah. How do you put something in to your self? Your subconscious? Is it just a matter? Thinking Bose's in the what what are the steps if someone wanted to replicate exactly what you did? Yeah, how is it just a matter of? Kenny's killing a friend. Do you want to? You're going to do that and then? Or is there something else you have to do? We're getting into the last half the house, too, but I'll go ahead and give you a glimpse unique. Yeah, give me. I. Glimpse. Imagine the most fertile soil world. We'll go back to the garden of Eden, and I just imagine that soil was so fertile before it was ever polluted that he could just drop a on the ground and. A big tree with grow from it. Well, the way our mind is. and. Is You. Take a thought. and. Place that in the subconscious. added. combined with emotion. Then it become what I call a dominant manage. If, you imagine a movie screen with a bunch of images on it. The create conscious. And image on that stream. To create our reality. Well we have over sixty thousand thoughts a day. Each of those thoughts. Portrayed an image on the screen of the subconscious fine. But there needs to be one image. This stands out above all the rest for the greatest of conscious to use that as a script and the movie. Otherwise, it's just we're wondering generalities. There's no purpose visit going anywhere. Well, that dominant in is, is that see that you played with intention? because. Many Caesar placed there by accident, which are the over sixty thousand dollars. Today's you hear something on the radio. You see something on the news. It says there's a recession. That's the seed that's placed in your mind. Somebody else say Oh, I can't on job. It's tough to find jobs out. There s AC- placed in your subconscious mind. The what we can do to intensively plant the seed in there is, we can choose whatever we want like. You said you can be specific. Right out, just like a script to a movie whatever you want that movie to look like, write the script. And place it in the subconscious mind, and it takes a period of time to make it a dominant image that the greatest conscious can use to make move. Now after a while I got place now. Once you you do this awhile. Sure while you can create a dominant image just instantly, but at first may take thirty to forty five days. They say it takes that long. They have it and basically that's what you're doing. Have it is an image in your subconscious mind? So Joseph I'm going to stop you there. because. We're GONNA. Leave this as a little teaser for part to next week when they return. So what I do want you to do is let people know how they can reach you and what you have going on okay. I don't want to end this part one on till without them, knowing how they can get in touch with you. Okay. Here's what we do the taffer group. Dot Com is my website and we provide these workshops. On. Line the Webinars we do it once a month and absolutely free. It's beautiful because you get to ask questions. I can help you individually. We focus on whatever you want to focus on and create your reality. If you, send me an email at. In show at the top group DOT. COM That I can send you eviter when we have that workshop, because there is limited seedy, I will send you an e by, and you can participate in that live Webinar. It was info, I. N.. F. O. AT THE TAPA GROUP DOT COM or you can go to the taffer group Dot Com and just contact me through the contact age. And would you say that? Anyone who listens to this show has guaranteed seating. We will do that if you're not in. The! Put a note that you heard about it on this show and we will definitely both somebody else to make sure you get a speedy. He does a horrible who. Well. And this is our promise. This is our promised to your listeners deborah that. Pay Only. Get one percent benefit from this works out that one percent growth in the use of the mine will far exceed their expectations if they apply what they learn from the workshop, they were easily. Their financial business and personal targets. I? Love, it love it. All right to okay, so Josiane have to join for the second part next week to really get the full story the full year. So to message vote. Thank you Joseph for being here. Today was fun. Thank everyone. Welcome? Thank you everyone for listening. My guest today was Joseph Tapper. This is your life coach at Brown. Thanking you for tuning into taking the you have any questions or comments I can be reached at taking a leak dot, com, or at nine, five, four, three, six, one, three, six, one seven. See you on the other side of success?

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The Alex Smith Ripple Effect  | The Ringer NFL Show (Ep. 347)

The NFL Show

1:04:58 hr | 2 years ago

The Alex Smith Ripple Effect | The Ringer NFL Show (Ep. 347)

"Today's ringer NFL show podcast is brought to you by over to your vodka producing one of the world's longest running. Distilleries? Belvedere vodka is the world's finest all natural crafted by a collective of master distillers Belvedere is made with non GMO polish ri- pure water. And no additives recognized for quality Belvedere was naming I s c world could producer of the year. Twenty fifteen twenty sixteen and twenty seventy enjoy it. Listen cocktail with bogere vodka today. And remember to always drink responsibly. Thanksgiving. It's a time of giving and getting football whenever you want. Okay. It's not really about getting football whenever you want. But the Yahoo sports mobile app is with it. You can watch live local and primetime NFO games right on your phone if you're traveling to visit family for the holiday, and you're dying to see the game. No problem. Just download the Yahoo sports app and start watching. Never miss big NFL matchups or your favorite team in action. Yahu sports app is your ticket to NFL football during thanksgiving and all season long. Welcome to the ring around a fell show. I'm Robert Mays joined as always by Kevin Clark. Kevin how you doing buddy? So the day starts with the Condoleeza Rice rumor and unbelievable bears hype. What a day in football, Robert Mays. I'm way more interested in one of those than the other will be honest with you. Well, you went to the game by just got home from before we get into the big picture -plication. Give us your impressions of the game. It's it was exciting. It was exciting on the walk up. I haven't been there. And I think eight years for various reasons, I didn't live in Chicago for a while into errors game in Chicago in eight years. Think of what I would have gone. I lived in L lived in LA from two thousand eleven through two thousand fifteen sorry. You know, what I forgot forgot is. They haven't played a big game in decades. Yes. And when I was home and forgotten whenever range is Alvin franchise. Sorry. I it's trust me. They've been relevant. I mean, they were Rovan like twenty twelve they've been decent in recent years. It's just that. I didn't live at home then. And then when I did live at home, they were absolute terrible. So it's it was the first time in eight years. It was very cool. And this was an odd game. I part of me there was a certain let down at the end just because the Vikings scored two touchdowns and the air gone kinda got let out of the building. But if there was definitely a moment there when parkey hit that field goal was like the bears are seven and three the bears are in first place. This is pretty cool. And I think. The defense is as as real as you can be as defense in two thousand eighteen and we'll get into what that means. But that unit overall is so damn good. I mean, you throw out whatever numbers cousins had at the end almost all of it came in the fourth quarter in garbage time when the game was already decided yardage points. However, you want to calculate it. The bears dominated that game on that side of the ball. The Mak trade is. Just ridiculous. I it's hard to calculate. It's hard to even express what he's been for that. Unit Trubisky had a terrible game. But it's not necessarily surprising against that defense. I know the Vikings been up and down, but Mike Zimmer is the type of guy that can torture a dude with I don't know. Fifteen career starts shirt certainly has some ping pong to his game. Now back and forth. So I yeah. It's fun bears are seven three and football's Rovan in the city of Chicago. Again, I don't know what it means in the long run. But I do know that I'm gonna pretty damn good mood about it right now. Sure. So there's a couple of things number one. I kind of feel like, and this is something I wanna get into maybe maybe later this week. But I kind of feel like everyone in that second tier is doing this for their own entertainment. Neither of these teams are going to break into the best teams in the NFC. This is all sort of for the future kind of see what you have prince and t shirts kind of thing. But this isn't really going to have big picture. Implications. Having said that I love what the bears are doing. I you know, I I was surprised I think both of us in this is probably your early. You know, Zach Moore who does a great job with some of the salary cap stuff tweeted this out, and I thought it was really interesting to think about because Trubisky is not Carson Wentz. And certainly not Russell Wilson. But the point he made was there. Strategy wise what Ryan pace did was he took the extra money on the rookie contract. And he created a constant pass rush. That was that was his phrase, and what that means is a rotation. It means more than than than three or four blue chip guys. You know, they can create pass rush from anywhere. Eddie Jackson has four touchdowns since entering the league in two thousand seventeen no other player in the league has more than two defensive touchdowns. Okay. And any Jackson is a really good safety. But when you're scoring defensive touchdown. That means you're getting after the quarterback all the time. And it's gonna does in the air and any Jackson's coming down with at twenty yards later to score a touchdown there. When you read the tea leaves there's all sorts of numbers like that. So I was hugely impressive. What they're able to do. I agree with you the air probably came out of that building at the end because the narrative of the of sort of new monsters midway kind of went away because they scored twenty points. But I think generally this is something you can really build on. I, you know, again, long-term Trubisky is not to the level of the other rookie quarterback's who've won Super Bowl. So I think this is a little bit of a different situation. You know offensively. They were doing just enough. I mean, this is not let's be clear as much as this is not the 2017 eagles and not the twenty thirteen Seahawks. This is also not the 2017 Jaguars. And this isn't Blake Bortles. This is somewhere in between those two things. I think that's a fascinating point and a couple of different observations here one. I also almost wrote about this for tomorrow. The fact that today in general in the NFL kind of felt like the undercard tomorrow outside of the game. That's what it felt like, but stepping said, I don't know about this bears team because the Jaguars comparison, I think is apt in some ways and. Oh, well, I think it's apt. But I just don't want to culture, Bisky Bortles. He's a little at least a little better than that. So it's not even the Trubisky. Bortles thing. I think he's better than Bortles. I think that he can do more with his feet in the in better situations. He uses that running more in the right spots more than border. Does Bortles does? He does use it as a crutch but not to the same degree. And would I trust more about the bears? Offense isn't even necessarily the quarterback. It's the infrastructure. The bears of weapons are better. Their line is better. Their coach is significantly better. There was a stat today in the second half and might have even been at halftime. But they your Chicago accents coming out a little bit. And this is it. That's really funny. This is your all in. I've been around some dudes over the last hour or so walking from Soldier Field. Just in a sm- cloud of cigar smoke as the Green Bay chance or the Green Bay sucks chance or happening. So maybe it's rubbed off on me away. The way you you hit second half there. You're the second plays and your guns ablaze and was another Eddie Jackson touchdown that. I get drunk off those Ajax two touchdowns, man. That's all I need. So the Honey threw me off now. So in the second half. The second half Chicago in in the second half. I think that maybe what might have been the beginning. But at some point at fifteen first downs and only three third down conversions that is the sign of a very well constructed analogy eagles last year too. I mean, no, no they they weren't converting third downs because they weren't getting. No, no, no, no. I know. I know what you're saying getting first downs on first down. Yes or eagles. Did that as well? Last year. We're talking about two different. They were fixing down. But they also really good at getting first downs on first down, and that's what you should do. And I think that's the Mark of a well constructed offense, and I really do trust. I think that Nike goes into a shell every once in a while in situations like this, I think the shores honestly, though, he didn't at the end because the bears through the ball on that third down. We're Cody parking made the field goal. And I love the call. I love not going for a forty six yard field goal in that situation. Like you're the Cowboys and actually trying to get a first down to win the game. Game. But that's a sign of a well-constructed offense. And there are two examples that I'm gonna point you one they had a second twenty one after on first second down, and they had a huge screen to Trey Burton that got called back for garbage offense pass interference penalty which bears. Get a lot of on second Twenty-one delayed hand off to Torri Cohen for. I doubt. On another second and six they came out empty and ran a little jerk route to Ellen Robinson for a first down and just negated the third out entirely. They did a lot of that tonight. And it helps them control the game authencity, even if it seems like their performance on offense was terrible because of the to Trubisky interceptions that were really bad. So that's kind of what you have right now. You've a quarterback that in certain scenarios is going to screw up royally and put you in a bad spot, and you have an offense that can lift him up with both personnel and with playcalling. So we'll see the limits of that. And we'll know what else will see the limits of. And this goes to the Jaguars conversation. The bears have the best defense in football. It's a fun very fun defense. That reminds me a lot of other bears defenses in the past is because of how much they feel like they can score how much they feel like they deserve the ball. It's a blast that mattered in seventeen. Let's play a game score. If the bears have to play. Road game, and they will against the Rams and the saints respectively. Give me those two match ups right now just as far as giving people a picture of where the third best team in the NFC right now stands in that conference. Because I think we both agree. I don't know the answer to that. And that's why I'm so interested. Compare them to the twenty seventeen Jaguars the two thousand seventeen Jaguars went to the AFC champs game in almost one. If their quarterback had been five percent better. They would've won the bears quarterback is five percent better. Their offense definitely is over Jaguars team. I do you think that that Jaguars defense? Do you think this bears do Benz is as talented and good at that Jaguars defense? I think very close. Okay. I just think that the mixture of now the past defense, but the two two typically best Cornerbacks and football. I think gave that extra layer. Now the safeties on this bears team or much better than the Jacksonville ones. I think it's close. I think the biggest question that you had. I just want to be on. I don't think I actually think that the Jaguars defense last year the way they were playing was better than this bears defense, they were maybe a little bit better. But I think it was close enough to make the comparison. I think the more important comparison is between defense in two thousand seventeen in between defense in twenty eighteen. Can you win with defense it period playoffs in two thousand eighteen I don't know the answer to that. Because we haven't seen it yet. But a much more inclined to say no that I would have a year ago. That's how much the game has changed in the last twelve months. The bears had the best defense in football. And it's not particularly close. But does that matter does that matter in a conference where the Rams and the saints exist, and I don't know. I really don't know how to answer that quite yet. I hope it's yes. But I also leading toward no, I'm I'm firmly. I'm firmly. No. But I'd be happy to be proved run. That'd be very exciting. If I was wrong. That'd be great. I'm looking forward to my team play in the playoffs. I don't know how it's going to go. But. But it's I wouldn't years. Now, we're not there yet, buddy. No. But I'm just saying I'm looking also fairly good chance. If you look at some of these Cisco projections at these two teams play again in the first round a lot of football to be played. But yeah, I guess the wild card, but there's still haven't allowed y. Right now. I mean, they they are very much in play to get the wild card. I think they're often we talk for second shirt. We absolutely can't. Because are they? So they lost to the bills earlier this season. And since then they've looked fairly steady. They lost to the the Rams, and and we sort of get that they aren't on the top top tier at this point. But I was really disappointed in their offense. Dalvin cook just had no chance tonight. Mike Zimmer came out and they played the best defense in the league. Not sure if you knew that there. It was just a very very strange game. Mike Zimmer was extremely sort of disheartened at the end here is a quote from Mike Zimmer kind of a somber quote from Chad grafitti, he had it. It's it's. It's about them not heating as warnings. It's definitely a concern either. They're not listening or they're not paying attention or they don't really care. They mean, I reference air you that's very common in reference to the Vikings just the whole team the whole team care who how many warnings is Mike Zimmer issuing to the Vikings. Thank you told the Vikings not to lose. And they didn't listen. That's very strange that played a real NFL team. I also. Time comment. Yeah. Exactly. I don't understand that they played a real NFL team. I also don't appreciate Kirk cousins. And has the only reason we're in primetime because us comment, I'm very upset about it. And I'm glad that he had to eat that. I'm very glad about it. You just start a feud with Kirk cousins. Now, I'm good. I actually like her cousins, he seems like a nice guy. I'm just very and I'm on a high right now with this bears way huge ringer fan. All right. So where do we see the Vikings going from there? I still think that they're right there in that second tier AFC play NFC playoff teams if we're car. Yeah. I mean, I think they're blow the bears. I feel like this is very this game is indicative of the bachelor advantage. The bears have over this team their pass rush can crush the Vikings in a game. And that's what happened today. I mean, even with a couple to Brisky interceptions by virtue of playing a very complicated very talented defense. Even if they've had their ups and downs this season, the bears are better than the Vikings in a matchup sense. Because of what their pass rush can do against that team. That was Minnesota's it's been their achilles heel the entire season. They can't block anybody and the bears have argued the best pass rushing football. So it's probably not gonna go. Well, but I do think that the Carolinas struggles over the last couple of weeks. Everything else you probably put Carolina Seattle Minnesota all in that same tier that are in the running for a while cart. Yeah. I agree. You know, Patrick, Patrick Doherty had a really really funny tweet earlier today just said that there's just a lot of teams. He's talking about the AFC. But I I would expand it to everybody that there's just a lot of teams where I would believe their record is anything like he gave the example like if you found out right now, the colts were eight and two in Tennessee was three and seven. You just be like, yeah. I guess team. I was gonna use like that literally. Like, I have no idea what anybody is. And somebody had pointed was four and six K care. If Carolina were like, the li- the lions were dislike in the five seed right now, I just be like, I guess sure. We're the titans us wouldn't be surprised everybody. Everybody is like in this weird middle right now. And it's very very funny to watch. And right now, I think that the of the team's not when leading their division. The the Vikings are sort of at the top of that weird middle. They had the tie which gives them the strange advantage. Again, they're still in a wet. They are still in the wildcard playoff spot right now if the playoffs started tomorrow these teams will play again, so it's not a disaster. It's just more like more like a what the hell game. Yeah. The Vikings don't even don't exactly have an easy stretch though. They get Green Bay at home under next week. Yeah. They get the patriots. After that. Then they go to Seattle in a Monday night game. Then they get the dolphins at home, which they should win that I asked by the way, I asked Danny Kelly if Andrew luck if Seahawks fans are gonna get mad that Andrew luck is good again because they always get really mad about that. And he thinks they he thinks that the fan base is over. But he's not sure I think those so probably get mad. I really good. We'll get to that. We're going to get to that. All right. Let's get to one more kind of secondary lead here. Oh, yeah. And and that is the Alex Smith injury ripple effect, which has a lot of implications. Let's start with Washington because I mean, we've talked about this team as they've won games. We've been unimpressed with them. Even if as Alex Smith is playing today their offense did not look good it. Now feels like their season is over I mean Colt. Mccoy's the quarterback. I don't know how they could possibly. Really? I don't know how they could possibly get to the play offs. Also. East isn't very good. So maybe they can let me share with you a thing that was going around probably around the time you were going to the bears game. Well fact Janos sports net New York as Oto Beckham. Is it really that crazy that the giants could run the table and win the NFC? Yes. It is said Beckham. It's really only crazy until you do it. Which is a Nike ad. Okay. Is it? Okay. So here's the deal going right now is that the Capital One. That means those abroad one currently on. I don't know. I I'm not I'm not up on the current Nike yet. I am up on the New York Giants. You think they can run the table. But but what I guess what I'm trying to say here is that the Redskins were so sort of walking on eggshells already that would no one thought that they were gonna win. And now the Alex Smith like Pat Shurmur had to be like asked a couple of times about just the wide open and see eased. The giants are not. In this thing. But who is in this thing the Cowboys and maybe even the eagles because it is open season. I mean the Redskins are knocking to win that many games going down the stretch now becomes a Cowboys division. And maybe we see the defending champions to string a couple of wins together. The Redskins host the Cowboys on thanksgiving. The eagles host the giants on Sunday. That is really really important the records right now. Redskins six and four Cowboys five and five eagles foreign six. I'm not including the giants who are who are a Nike ad away here, and I just I they're out. But I am ready. I'm putting the entire division in the Tyson zone. I don't see the eagles making the playoffs. I don't even I can say that. I mean, the any regularly scheduled Cowboys are gonna do it. I do I thought I saw those. Last week. I saw this teams play last week and they looked pretty evenly matched. So here's here's the thing. I would agree about that. Last week the eagles now have zero corners. They had no one. They have no one. If there were the eagles theme of last week. I would say probably the eagles have a chance. Now, they have no one on the back end. I think it's over. I think there to hurt. Okay. Okay. Just ended. Here's how is the eagles. And the Texans. Still I think they lose all three of those games. Okay. Better. Coach better quarterback. I'm with you on all of this. That's important. Those two things are important. And I think that when you look at better coach better quarterback, and then all of the other advantages with the Cowboys have I think it's a little more evenly matched out one of the things. I think and this is one of the things we see when we look at the statistical projections from places like football, outsiders or piano, five thirty eight or New York Times is that a one game lead or a two game lead is really really important. So like the fact that the the Cowboys. Have five wins right now on the eagles have four is really important. I think that I think that. Zack Burma made this point today about the eagles. And and it's sort of what I subscribed to the the way they lost today is more concerning. The fact that they lost. They, you know. Yes, they weren't competitive. They were not competitive and this team won Super Bowl last year. And I don't know what the where the psyche is right now. I don't know if if Washington impending collapse is going to get them reenergized. I don't know. I have I have no idea, dude. I have no idea. What's camping this division? I can't believe they're gonna word playoff spot to one of these guys. It's a shame. But if we look at all, right? So the eagles have six games left. Three of them are two of them against that that collapsing Washington team. Let's concede. They can win both of those games. I can't wait. I can't wait for someone to clip this in Washington Wednesday division. I know I know what we're doing spinner a place the collapsing. Washington Redskins atop the NFC east. They win a playoff game. I did a Twitter search for foles. And McCoy earlier, and I. Waited too late in when I saw oh those enough there. You got. Yeah. Yeah. I would definitely compare to the Washington offense of infrastructure to Leicester's eagles. But so let's just concede that they lose they beat Washington. Those two games and they beat the giants next week. They the Cowboys eagle the Rams and the Texans do guess guess who the Cowboys half against the Texans though that fake wash seem almost be Texas. The Texas today the cowboy is still have the saints. Yeah. The Coles who are the best team in football. But that's what we're saying. That about the. I'm the saints. The saints old news. I think that both of those teams in this scenario the way, we're talking about it could go three and three. And like you just said that one game lead, then becomes very important. Right. It's so or but also it becomes more that a one game lead. If the Cowboys beat that eagles team because then they have the head to head over. Then they pretty much have it. So man, I don't know. Let's before we move on. Let's talk about this in through Washington's lens very quickly outside of this season. Seventy one million dollars seventy one million dollars, man. And I don't want to besmirch Alex Smith on the day. He got seriously injured. I don't want to pile on. It was gruesome I feel for the guy by all accounts. He is an awesome dude who has just been gracious at every point in his NFL career about helping young guys everything else. But in a practical level, he counts twenty million dollars in dead money against the cap in twenty twenty. So I was their quarterback or he they are financially tied to him for the next three years. I was in. Richmond for the training camp. And I was like, hey, guys. What's what's the deal with Alex Smith and everybody around there was like, you know, what it may have been a risky move with his franchise. Just needed stability. What if that's? You know, what's that's carbon? Obviously, I thought it was garbage. But you know. Should keep Kirk cousins slow, you know, the whole thing with the with the contract and certain gene and the one year deals and all that stuff, and they just wanted to to lock somebody at right? So you give. Four year ninety four. I'm dude, I didn't say it was smart. So I'm just telling you what I heard, and I was just like all right, dude. I mean, I'd rather just have Kirk cousins. But that's fine. I mean, you also gave him seventy one million dollars Kirk cousins eighty four million guaranteed. So let's not. Yes, it's not a massive difference. Or you didn't say Nonni. The only way we've taught us a million times. But the only way to spin that move is like quarter. A high price quarterback is not that important. We're just gonna keep doing, you know, ten million or less quarterback. And we're going to build our pass rush out and corners and weapons around him all that stuff. And then they didn't do it. However that the opposite of stability is going to happen in Washington right now they're going to have a quarterback who if that injury is as severe as we think his status for next season is up in the air. Then what do you do? Do you roll with Cole McCoy next September? Do you draft a guy do sign a guy patchwork guy, I don't even know where you begin. This is a franchise at least in the short. That term a franchise crippling injury. It absolutely is. And you have a twenty million dollar cap it next year for him. If you try to get another quarterback, and you try to sign another quarterback because you don't want to draft the guy because you still feel like Alex Smith is your guy on twenty twenty. Because again, your financial typed him and twenty twenty you've twenty one point five million dollars in cap space next year in large part because you're paying your quarterback who's not playing next year. At least at the beginning, most likely twenty million dollars. It's Washington is twenty one million dollars a cap space x year, you know, who has twenty million dollars in cap space the bears. We we just did this. Everybody has cap space and tw- twenty twenty million dollars is not a lot of cap space. It's not a lot of cap space at all compared to other teams, but how far apart right now are the bears and the Redskins into terms of their franchise trajectory. I think it's pretty far. That's what I'm saying. That bears went all in with a young team win a young quarterback to try to really build. Their roster, and they have the same amount of cap space as a Washington team that doesn't do anything except stop the run and muddy up games, particularly. Well, I mean, it's just a really bad situation. They are running in place, and they were running place with Alex Smith. Now, not having him for the rest of this year. And then maybe not at full strength next year. They're not even running in place moving backwards with no plans ever move forward in terms of the resources in most iconic Redskins moment of the last couple of years is when you didn't remember they made the playoffs three years ago. That's probably true. Yeah. I remember absolutely nothing about that. And I don't. Two years ago. So I don't feel that bad about it. I let's move up to stock up and stock down for this week. Let's start with the Baltimore Ravens where the stock up is pretty much that they're worth watching that. Joe? Flacco is not there there. Interesting things happening. Baltimore football is energized. Lamar jackson. I don't know. What that was. But I really enjoyed it. That's what I'll say about the ravens offensive performance today. Twenty-seven carries most by quarterbacks nineteen seventies. Since the merger hundred seventeen rush yards. Second most by rookie quarterback since the merger hundreds of ten restaurants. Who do you know how the record who holds the record for most Russia yards by rookie quarterback in a game? Yes. Oh game Robert Griffin. It is Robert Griffin. That's great. Yeah. I remember that it was by that huge that game where you had the huge carrying. It's minnesota. I really remember that game last one. This is a stat give you an out by the NFL fourteen carries a fifteen or more miles per hour at the most of any player in a game this year. Although I'm I'm no longer citing that stat after the raiders punter thing last week. Yeah. I'm not sure I'll reliable that is. All right. So two things about this one. I guess only one thing does this matter if it's cool it's cool to watch. It's very cool to watch. And I really appreciate it. A lot of this stuff mardi morning wig is been a guy that is been in the league forever. And this isn't to the same level of what Norv Turner has done for the Panthers offense. But it's cool to see a guy who's a lifer. Willing to do different stuff to match his skill set. Shirley radio Michael Vick. I mean, like, they they did some interesting stuff there for sure. I think I mean what he did today. All that. I mean they had the touchdown to Edwards. They use jet motion coming to the right? And then there was a replay with Edwards on the goal line. Essentially, you're inside the five, and it was just an easy touchdown and the threat, and I know that Edwards had a huge game. But Edwards doesn't have a huge game. Unless Lamar Jackson is they're changing the numbers advantage. I mean, that's exactly what this game was about in how well they did on the ground. So you'd figure that they're able to sustain that. But if you can't throw the ball in a day and hates for teams or scoring forty points a game with ease. Like is this just a is a curiosity or I think this is something that can actually be a part of an NFL game plan right now. Good question. I think what I'm what I'm encouraged by is that they obviously spent a long time figuring out how to game plan to Lamar Jackson strengths into Holi but game, this is not stable. They're not going to give him. The most carries in the history of. Quarterbacks every single week. That's not going to happen. So I think you start to have a little bit of a hybrid. They did this first of all just to catch the Bengals off guard a little bit that was that was exciting. And that was something that was probably little fair- fairly forward thinking. But I just think that this is going to grow his role. I think that this probably just little more creativity than just having him drop back and just letting him rip. And so I'm actually excited to see where they go on this. I don't think there's going to be, you know, look, he's a first round pick. He's really good. He's really talented. They're not going to put him in a position to get the crap knocked out of him every single week. They know that they're realistic. You know, this is not this is not what the dolphins we're going to try to do with Pat, white or whatever I mean, th this is they're going to have him be a passer. He's a really talented passer. We saw that in college. So they're going to build an offense around both his legs and his arm, and it's going to be good. It's going to be at least adventurous. So what is the limit? Do you think? Can he run the ball thirteen times a game? It depends. So it depends. What those runs are in. What is running style is if he gets really good at avoiding contact if he gets really good at sliding and not going after the extra yard, and that kind of thing, and he gets a lot of awareness than then. I think that you know, and I think he will go -absolutely have that then. Yeah, he can get by with double digit carries a game. I absolutely think that if he if he's a little more of I mean, remember, Andrew luck. Andrew luck was not a smart runner when he started to. Yeah. He likes getting hit. He told everybody he loved getting hit on the first play of the game, or whatever we got hit until he just had to stop playing for a couple of years. And I understand that was completed instead of circumstances. But I'm saying being smart on the field when avoiding contact is a skill. And Russell Wilson's the perfect example. Russell wilson. He's been hurt. And he runs all the time. But how many what do you think Russell Wilson's high? Number of carries is in a season eight. For per game. It's less than that one eighteen for the year is his high it seems I mean, it's if even if they run Lamar Jackson ten times a game that's one sixty for the season that's more than Cam Newton has ever had in a year. So this is even if we're trying to find a middle ground here. It's a more drastic approach seen from a team. I was pretty close on eighty seven point three. Yeah. Amid those over, but I feel three assault. But it's so I mean, that's the thing. This would be a departure from what we've seen from the NFL, and what we see from an individual NFL team, if they really commit to this the other thing about him and Cam if you wanna make a if he doesn't become a smart runner like Russell necessarily Cam Newton was two hundred and fifty pounds Newton is from outer space. Lamar Jackson does not wait two hundred and fifty pounds to shorter two hundred forty pounds. So that's something else. You have to take into account. It's fascinating to me. I would love to see where the limit exists. And if they try to figure it out, and they try to make this a huge part of what they do. I do think that it's a response to how teams are building defenses. Now, the pendulum was always going to swing back to some degree smartly or not there was going to be a team that was going to try this. They were going gonna say we're gonna beef up our offensive line. We're going to understand that are running game can be built on the numbers advantage created by the bells and whistles of the quarterback being running threat and all the motions everything else. So many teams are understanding what jet motion can do for your running game now and can the running game be the basis of who you are. And I honestly think that we're going to find that out in the one more the Lamar Jackson era over the next six games at least and maybe into next season. I'm curious to watch it. I don't know if it's a stable. I don't think it is. That's my gut feeling but I do. That I'm interested in it. Yeah. No. I understand what you're saying the pendulum swing and stuff like that. But I just don't think in twenty eight team when you've got Mahomes and breeze, and and you know, the the Goff and all these offenses. I just don't think you can put up that many yards and that many points with a run focused attack. I tend to agree with you. But I also think I would much rather watch this, and it might be a better approach this year next year. Then whatever Joe flacco is going to do quarterbacking that offense. I would rather watch this even if even if the ceiling doesn't bring you to where you need to be twenty eight let me ask you a question if you started. All sixteen games with all three quarterback. So three different versions of the season. One with Lamar one with Joe flacco one with RG three give me the winds in each of those narrows. I've no idea. I have absolutely no idea. I have. No. I don't know. I think that they are their ceiling is probably highest with flacco still. I don't know. I don't even know how to answer that. It's I think that the best version of the these ravens right now, or at least the version I wanna watch is with Omar Jackson. That's all I really know. I have no idea what the success level would be. I think a healthy flacco can be contributed to them. And then they have they either work Lamar Jax in in. They have a package of place that I hate I disagree with that. I just think that you have to commit to this full bore. If the effectiveness is going to be there. I don't think you can do it halfway and really don't you descend was higher actually. So would you just start flacco? And let it roll. I think their ceiling is high with Laco if he can if he played well is what I'm saying. If this tail off happens, then they're just going to be boring. I figured they win the by the same amount of games with all of them. But I still feel like you'd rather be interesting. If you're going to be mediocre, I don't think anyone cares about. I think they're all trying to save their jobs. Yeah. I think so too. And I think that they can talk ownership whatever into well. This is our approach now. And if they were a couple of guys you're trying to not coach the jets this time next year. That's his number one concern. I have no idea how it's going to go. But I do know that I love watching it today. And I'm going to tune into way. More ravens games over these next six weeks than I would've otherwise that's that is what I will say let's get to an actual good NFL our offense or good AFC offense. That's not just a again, a curiosity and peculiar the Indianapolis. Colts might be good, man. The offense might be really good. I agree. I you you've done a lot of work on this one. I did away. I wrote about this last week. And I just wrote about what the system has done to both protect and elevate, Andrew luck. And I think that for all his greatest Andrew luck was in his first stretch with the colts that offense to two things one. It asked him to make a ton of tough throws outside the numbers in deep. That's what they wanted to be. And to it got shit kicked out of consistently. This offense has done. Neither of those. There are a ton of easy throws their their protection has been amazing. I mean, he didn't get did. He get sacked today. No, it didn't did he know zero. Did he has not been he got hit? He was not hit today. That is incredible. He was hit zero times an NFL game against the team with a very good pass rush that he was hit every single play. Sometimes multiple plays for like ten years. That's nuts. He was not hit in this game. I watched most of it, and I didn't see him get hit. But I would assume it it happened. At least one time do not gotten sacked since October fifth dues goddamn Marino stat is related to this. Dude. I'm but to blow your mind, I don't want to take away Manchu luck. I don't wanna take away from Angela. But there's a stat that is luck oriented that then dovetails the Dan Marino said that just I needed to sit down and have a gossip water. Looks to hundreds from ESPN look two hundred fourteen straight pass attempts without being the longest streak since nineteen Ninety-one Mark Rippin to fifty two prior to that the last week that long was an NFL record. I'm I'm gonna wait here NFL record straight and ever orchestrate attempts by Dan Marino from eight to eighty nine. How many straight pass attempts to Dan Marino have without getting sacked Robert Mays? Was it like five hundred seven hundred fifty nine what how seven hundred and fifty nine pass attempts for Dan, Dan, the man, marina, no one else can ever be described as having a quick release ever again for the history of full. What do we do? I was barely alive in one thousand nine hundred eight why why was it everybody old of in us whenever we were like damn Peyton Manning or like Baker Mayfield. These guys have quicken. They're like dude Dan Marino once once seven hundred and fifty nine straight passes without a frigging sack. Dude. That's nuts. That's why is that. He couldn't move. And that's the most that's the most impressive part. And luck is. Everything I just want the listener to know. And I know you're on the same page with me, there's there's we are doing everything in our power right now to not spend the next thirty minutes just talking about Dan Marino trying to tie it back into the colts is exactly what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to be a podcast host here. So let's tie it back in and we're talking about quick releases. That's what this team is built on. They're getting the ball out of his hands quickly. A lot of much shorter throws. And I did all the stats last week in a piece I wrote about look, but and he had the fourth highest fourth longest completions. In the league in two thousand sixteen at believe he's fifth from the bottom this year. But they're still throwing the ball downfield. Every once in a while. I mean, there's a seventy yard touchdown at t y Hilton. But I tweet about this earlier today the most impressive play on that. Seventy are touchdown drive was seventy or touchdown throw on the drive that same drive was the play before him where they wind up in with two backs. I'd think it was twenty one personnel or twenty two even and they sent Wilkins. Motion in jet motion. And then they had they fate to play action pass to the running back in the backfield. I can't remember if it was MAC or Hinds, and then they just hit Dontrelle Inman right in the middle of the field for ten yards. That's type of shit that happens all the time. They ran a play. They they did this the whole game where they would come out with two or three tight ends. And then split them out. So you're in you're heavy package, and then you've linebackers covering Jack Doyle and Eric Brown, and they just cleared Ibran out and let Doyle work underneath when it was in thirteen personnel. I believe like an easy twelve yard completion. It's just the type of shit that wasn't happening when pep Hamilton and Russia's Nikki were dolphins of coordinators. You're watching an offense elevates one of the most talented quarterbacks in the NFL. And this is your result. The the entry looker is throw into right now or Dontrelle Inman, Ryan grants. Carlos Rogers, muzak Paschal. I mean, these are not superstars people. T Y Hilton is excellent outside of that. You have a receiving core. That is pretty much put together with duct tape and paper clips and Andrew luck is thrown for three hundred yards and three touchdowns a game. And the culture does lighten people up. I mean, this is just unbelievable coaching infrastructure game planning what they're doing right now is unbelievably impressive Robert on October. Second nineteen eighty eight. Dan marino. Why are you doing this to me trying to keep this on the rails the previous week he'd been sacked four times? And starting on October second nineteen eighty eight. He was not sacked for the rest of the year that was week five not act for the rest of the year. And then was not sacked again until October twenty ninth of the next year week eight tonight's year. I mean, it's a very calm year for him. I'm wondering happy. Why why didn't we just retire the position after Dan Marino? Could you imagine him in two thousand eighteen? All right. Let's move on or us. This is going to be an hour and ten minutes show. Let's get the stock down to Jacksonville Jaguars season. Is over. Sure is do we want to do a moratorium on this? Or do. We just want to say, no. Does y'all yell? I will see the floor to you. Mike good friend. So. I have a question. What's the point of having Leonard for net? If you can't drain the clock. I I was told by the running back people that this is this is what you're supposed to do. You're not supposed to end the game with four straight punts. Not supposed to have three and outs all over the place. But that's the problem. The same thing we discussed with the bears, right? Where you just never get to third down. That's how you become a good offense. The Jags understanding is let's get to third and six after two to your runs and because it's third and manageable. Now that's their strategy and his guys it's twenty eighteen. That's not a good strategy. That's how you win football games anymore. This idea. I mean, drew Brees is completing like eighty percent of his passes on some afternoons. He's I don't know if he's still doing who's completed like ninety percent of his passes over the middle of the field. Okay. It's actually riskier to run the ball at this point than to have someone like drew Brees pass ball. I'm not saying that someone like drew Brees was available pick for two years ago. What I am saying is it someone like to Shawn Watson or Patrick Mahomes was and I think that this whole concept of winning with defense and then running the ball is outdated because passing the ball. I understand it stops. Doc with an incompletion guess what? NFL offenses have by and large figured out. How to not have a whole lot of completions. There's a reason the completion percentage record is being broken every single year. A short pass is the same thing as a run at this point. They've engineered that what we've been playing this game for ninety nine years of professional level. Everybody seemed to have a figure it out. So you don't need to do the conservative thing anymore. So I just think generally the idea that that's the model. It's it's very very old world. Okay. And you can just pass the ball. And it's fine. You don't need to spend the fourth overall pick with the running back. Now if you do that. I again, the plan is to be able to run the ball pound. The whatever you wanna do waste your clock pound the ball away move the chains. You actually have to do that in order for this to work. If you're going to draft a running back matab five my suggestion is to actually draft a good running back. We should hang the box score for the Jags box from this game. We should hang hanging in the hall of fame to show, everyone the moment where the NFL changed. And this is just a it's it's archaic. It's like a relic from another era. They ran the ball forty one times with they're running backs. If we take out Blake Bortles to your ears. Leads with this. That's what you're supposed to do protectively. That's the whole argument for this. You can't do it. Meanwhile, forty one carries for less than four yards of carry three point nine five. Forty one caring threes the ball eighteen times I lost. Because of it. Everybody who comes away you have to run the ball in order to preserve a lead. Go away. Go away. Stop talking. Go talk to someone else. Stopped talking to me about wasting the clock and draining the clock rejected. We gotta protect lead. Do you know you protect the lead by getting first downs? Or know? Just by by putting up forty points a game winning every game by three touchdowns fine. But you pretend whatever you wanna do do whatever you want to do. Just don't give me this four yards three yards and a cloud of dust bullshit. You protect the same gain that this is a we're comparing the Jags. And again, if we want to go back to the bears the bears had a lead they protected that lead because they didn't just run the ball for two yards. Every time they decided that the best way to do. This is to get first downs. It is to throw the ball every once in a while in order to maintain possession and to drain the game. It's just it's I mean, it's it drives me absolutely nuts. I mean, the fact that we are wasting this Jaguars defense and their title window is over and they're now irrelevant is frustrating. Someone who really cares about football. The only time I ever asked ballot. Check question. No, I can't we've only been one time. But I mean, the only does press conferences, and so well, my first NFL owners meeting, I was doing something on the scoring back then and Bush McKay was like, you know, we've looked at it and the scoring with like Paul Brown's offense was sort of similar to twenty eleven. So we didn't think it was a huge deal. So I was like, oh that's interesting little nugget so wanted to Bella check. And I said something about Paul Brown. I know and do what I was talking about. And I was trying to compare the offenses from Paul Brown. The elephants twenty seven this is I had not covered NFL in two thousand eleven and he just looked at me. And he goes Paul Brown. The sport is just different like, it's literally a different game. We don't play that game. Like, this is not a thing. Like, he didn't use his act words. But he literally said we don't play that game anymore like it's a different game. And that's kind of how I feel about anybody who does goes on this. You know, run the ball to protect lead that whole thing. It's just not what we it's not. It's been proven. Into now work it's worked for a decade. And it's the game has changed so much in the last year. But that change that change is ten years old that changes so long ago, you can't even describe it. It's not about the only argument in my opinion for having a running back that is worth a high pick or some money or whatever is twofold. It's you either use that running back as the basis of your offense, including your passing offense, which the Rams do or that running back is your defacto number two receiver like saquon like a whoever happens to be in. That is true. Then you're running back isn't worth anything it anything the running back as a person as a position is not dead. It is not dead. What's dead is running the ball in a traditional way? Correct. I totally agree. Having a great running back is as valuable as it ever has been look at Todd Gurley. Look at the guys who can catch. The ball out of the backfield stretch defense and just absolutely open up. Those seems look at this stuff. You're able to do without running out of the backfield to spread the I mean, it's just unbelievable. Rico isn't immensely valuable player for the bears because of everything that he can do. But he's not somebody. You're gonna run into the line. Let's look at the numbers for twenty eight times twenty eight times Leonard fournette. I can't believe I can't. I can't believe this hap-. It's amazing to watch this one more stock down very quickly. The Panthers have been very disappointing over the lightest. I what the hell was this game. Really slow start really slow start. They they there's a pressure on Cam some certain times in this game. So impressed with DJ more. I mean outside of the totals some of the catch is he made in this game and Curtis Samuel to two guys. I tweeted about it. But two guys that are five eleven six foot that play like they're six five which is a new world for Cam who's used to a six five Kelvin Benjamin playing like he's five eight. And so those guys I was very impressed with but their offense which is slow to start Cam airmailed some throws today. I can't decide if they got a they got buzzsaw by the Steelers last week, and that's just done. And this is the type of ruled letdown you have every once in a while. And they'll be back or this is the start of some sort of trend. I'm kind of curious. To see where they go from here. But I've definitely cooled on them compared to where I was two weeks ago because I think both of us were very excited about him. Yeah. I'm we were very excited. And I just this was just such a strange game. There wasn't even a defining narrative. Manila's just you know, the the lions didn't have any turnovers that whole thing the the Panthers defense didn't play bad, but don't they gave up forty points. It was just the whole thing. It was just a disjointed game. Again. They are still I think fifth in the NFC this game won't exactly mean anything unless I'm out of the lions on the end of the season and have a tiebreaker. So weird game weird afternoon. Ron Rivera had some weird two point conversion decisions. It was the whole thing was strange huge huge game next week. They play Seattle. I mean that tiebreaker could be massive in the wild card race that is one of the games of the weekend next weekend. I mean, if they lose that game, then their schedules pretty it play the saints twice. But that saints game may not even matter in week seventeen the Panthers by that make the playoffs, man. I mean, this is a tough road. They play a feisty Browns team on the road. They get Atlanta Atlanta on the road. I doesn't exactly scare me. But they still have a ton of talent. I mean, this may not happen. I would just penciled them in last week. Yeah. I mean, I think the Seahawks. I didn't have a chance to at least be pretty good. I think so because I mean, it's what we talked about with with damn eagles coach and quarterback. Oh, and I just think that their offense of lying and what it's turned into. No. Of course, I'm just saying like when you had the coach and quarterback advantage. You can get I can go a long way. And then everything else gets considered afterwards. Obviously, I think there's a lot of talent Bobby Wagner, all that stuff. But I'm just saying when you have those two things in your you're dealing with a bunch of crappy mediocre. NFC teams, you can get you along. What would you have Mike McCarthy putting on fourth and two? It also helps helps you wildcard chances when that stuff's happening. All right. Let's get to our challenge flags. Very quickly. Why don't you lay out your Jon Gruden situation for me? I did not see this because I was in route to Soldier Field. But apparently, there's a great moment. Jon Gruden gotten a tiff with Derek Carr. They had to say everything was fine. Everything did not look fine. I don't know if you saw this. But it was pretty it. It was a Gruden kind of what are you doing? And then car yelled at them, and they had to do the whole everything is fine. We do this all the time. If they do do it all the time. That's actually a problem. It was one of those things that they both said, they do it all the time as a way to say, this is not a big deal. But it was actually probably probably a big deal. I think we're watching the quarterback and coach relationship here. And the reason this concerns me is because Jon Gruden has basically had a toxic relationship after a little bit with everybody. He's ever had. He's ever been to coach up quarterback wise. I don't know enough about the history. I mean who else would you throw in there today tax relations with the bucks quarterbacks? He sure did. I mean. For me. He's had some real issues. I think maybe Brad Johnson was on his good side. I think Brad Johnson may be gracefully exited. I might be wrong about that one. But you know, Jon Gruden has never really had a long-term guy. He's never actually really had a guy like Derek Carr who is this young and his career who who who the. Who they've invested so much in Christians was you know, not a on a mega contract. He was on. He was not. He was a very good quarterback when you know in two thousand four when when he came in from Texas, but anyone to a playoff game. You obviously have that injury. But it was not the same as Derek Carr. And so I'm really fascinated students, but his Gruden has churned through so many quarterbacks, and you see that sidelined tiff. It I cannot imagine a relationship is all that good. It's it's it doesn't. I don't know, man. This is this is not going. Well, let's not spend another second on that game. Because it was I feel bad for anyone who was stuck in the red zone. That was your national game. It was the only football game. You could watch I feel so so bad for you. What a terrible matchup it would especially get rid of the two other games that were going on. It's couldn't have been less. Interesting. I if you Google Jon Gruden Chris you'll get some really interesting. Ooh. I maybe I will do that after we're done. I believe I don't. Have an upright. Now believe their relationship was irreverent irrevocably broken at one point I feel the same. We both wanna throw a challenge flag on this. Let's get back to the Condoleeza Rice situation. What is this? I just if you want to bring in Condoleeza Rice as a consultant as a team, president of sorts someone to kind of overseas things. I mean, I trust that. I don't mind her being Jimmy has lamb's ear trying to help him. Make better decisions. I do mind her getting a head coach interview when one I it's a publicity stunt. I think in a lot of ways, and I also think that there are women that are actually trying to coach in the NFL. And it just kind of makes what they're doing seem like a farce. I mean, there's so many levels to this that I just feel like are pretty ridiculous. I don't know how you feel. I'm sorry. I'm gonna get into this one second Google Brad Johnson Jon Gruden and I've found out that John Brad Johnson revealed after Deflategate that he paid some guys. That's in quotes. I pay. Paid some guys to tamper balls in the two thousand three Super Bowl scandal. We just completely glossed over as a nation. All right. Who who cared the defense? If Brad Johnson punt it every single time. They would have one that. I love the phrase I paid some guys who did he pay. All right. Let's talk about Condie race with you. There are women who were making great strides in the coaching profession kind of leaves race is not a coach I think that there are certain things is brings out and we're one what the role of a coach even is. I think people should think outside the box. You know, I think I think I saw this thing couple of you. I know I saw it is a Bill James. I think it was in the Bill dams abstract. But I don't don't don't quote me on that. And it was about like who should hires a baseball manager. And you just threw out the idea that if if it's really about knowing a lot about baseball, you should just hire Peter gammons. And obviously it's funny because twenty thirty years later, they all hire journalists have to run the front office is now, but are to work in the front office is at least in baseball. But I do think that there's sort of a there's a organizational part of it where some people who worked in the business world, maybe might be fairly good at it. We've seen that a little bit in college. Where guys are actually, you know, see former CEO Ameritrade is pretty good college football coach. Now, I do think through some of that. But I just don't think in when you're in your sixties, you can just become a football coach. And then there was this idea that she'd become the NFL Commissioner say, I don't know if you saw that she's six years old of Roger Goodell. I just don't I don't know. Maybe that's possible. But I just I'm not I was not hugely impressed with any of the Condoleeza Rice rumors that I heard on Sunday. No. If you want to bring her in and have a discussion about your organization information flow. You know, how you try to? Maximize performance with certain people whatever I understand all of that. I think that stuff is worth it. But I just don't this idea of even saying that you're going to bring her into higher hers your head coach. Well, they pretty swiftly actually. And it was a very the whole thing was strange. All right wonderful. All right before we get out of here. Usually we do is pretty quickly predicting tomorrow's headlines are predicting the week's headlines. I feel like we should dive into this one a little deeper. She's play the Rams tomorrow. Even saying that makes me giddy. It's just I'm so pumped about this. So do you think that the move from Mexico City, Los Angeles will impact in any way? Yes. I mean, I think that the Rams playing it home does matter. I definitely do. I met more of logistically we will there be any wonky performance because of because it's kind of a shit show as far as you know, going the Rams were in Colorado this week. That's where thing, but now they they spent a couple more days at home than they would have instead of being in Mexico City. I mean, I think this is an advantage for the Rams if it's anything. I definitely do. Yeah. So what are we watching? What what's the number one thing? Do you want to see because we one thing? I am a little disappointed in is the factor not playing on a neutral field because I think when we envisioned these two teams playing with thought about it all season it gets here. And now, it's it's it's not a sort of neutral field paradise Riga to see these two teams man shop, I agree with you. I do think the Rams will have a slight advantage. But I just there are so many just football dork things I want to own it on what's number one for you. It to me. It's how the Rams try to attack the chiefs the chiefs have maybe the. The bottom five run defense. They cannot stop anyone on the ground. So do the Rams try to establish girly. And just say we're gonna gas you for six yards of Kerry, stop us and try to control the game or they try to chunk chunk play for chunk play with the chiefs who are almost guaranteed to March the ball every single time. They get it. So what Sean McVay tries to do in terms of overall, pro-choice and mindset, and we can try to win a shootout or we try to control the game. That to me is the most important question. I have a big Phil south question for you. Do you think this game matters? No. I mean what sense? Do you invite twenty? Do. I the Rams are you going to draw? Any is there any scenario? I was actually on the phone with with my editor a couple of hours ago, and we're talking about this game. And I was I was saying the only way it really changes anything is if one of these teams looks like absolute dog shit, and I'm talking like forty to nothing style dog shit and eat an end, you can't talk me out of one of these teams being not being a contender. No. I think the outcome is pretty much a relevant. I feel like we may learn some stuff based on certain weaknesses certain strengths. You know, we've seen a lot of that though. All ready. I don't think we're going to learn anything new I feel like this is more about entertainment. This is more about a celebration of where the NFL is in two thousand eighteen. Yeah. This is more about understanding where the league is gotten to and just how the game currently exists. This is the best version of football that we can hope for and it's encapsulated in these two teams. That's what I think this game is. About I don't think it's about a tale of the tape or measuring each other up. Yeah. A Super Bowl preview any of that stuff. I feel like this is more. So just a perfect middle of the season. Just party about how great it's been. And what these two teams stand for. So is going to be the fifth game where there were two teams with one loss or less meeting up this late in the season. And they haven't really taught us much. The last one was it was Denver against Kansas City in twenty thirteen. Remember that game out? I remember that game. I don't even remember that Kansas City team those Andy Reid Andy Reid doing stuff this first year. Remember that that was the first year? Okay. I was asking that was anything. I'm I remember Green Bay in Dallas, no seven, but you know, I don't think you know, neither of the Green Bay Dallas may the conference championship game. That year Ken city, obviously lost their first playoff game that year. I mean, it's just not there's just not a lot of things you can glean from this a lot of this just schedule in luck. And a lot of teams start out nine and one eight no that kind of thing, and they don't really make it. And this is not that like e if these two teams had two losses. I don't think that it would make them any less special. This is about the style of play. This is about the talent. This is about the coaches is about the quarterbacks. It's not about record. It's not about even the fact it's on primetime sounded about any of that stuff. It's about the fact that these guys do football and away we love watching. And that's what's exciting about this matchup. I totally agree. I mean, this is why we have celebrated this season the way that we have by the way that twenty thirteen chiefs team. Jamaal Charles two thousand yards from scrimmage just about on three hundred and twenty nine touches in nineteen total. Touchdowns that dude would have crushed in this version of the NFL. He would have crushed. He was so freaking good. That's all say, I just love Jamaal Charles. So on that note. I yeah, I'm with you, man. I just think that they do it such different ways. You have this just seem that has. Even on a granular level under center verse. Shotgun thing. No. I mean like us like that. Yes. They do it in such different ways. But the both speak to in invasion, open-mindedness, everything that is right about the sport. And every correct decision. You can make about it. These two teams do it. But they do it in such drastically different ways. Just watch tomorrow. How many times the chiefs signed up in a different formation? Whether it's a different personnel packages with your Harris and Travis Kelsey in the field. Whether it's putting tyreek hill in the backfield. Whether it's emotion here, there, whatever and watch how similar and static. The Rams are in a lot of ways and watch how they use that to their advantage. It's just they're diametrically opposed in so many ways, but they're so similar and others. But I also think these guys are not Belcher. Okay. These guys are not so super serious, and they have a respect for the game. And they understand what this game means. I would not be surprised if both these guys throughout things that we've never seen before just because they under. Stand. How fun this game is going to be you know, going into that stuff. And I appreciate it and McVeigh. I mean, they know this is big game. And it's gonna be fun. And also they're not going to see these guys again until maybe the Super Bowl. Okay. And that's nice problem to have. And these coaches are smart enough to come up with new plays the next three months when it's almost like two fighters who were just, you know, opening up in the fifth round. Just like we're just going to beat the crap out of each other. And then hugged afterwards, you know, that that's that's sort of the way I see this going little bit. Where both these offenses say, you know, what let's just have some fun. I hope we see some haymakers, man. I really do. All right, guys. That's all we got for today. We will be with you later in the week. We're going to do at thanksgiving week show. It'd probably be up a little bit earlier than normal just based on a recording schedules. And the fact that Thursday is a holiday, so it'll be there for you. It'll be there waiting and as always Thurs Thursday being holiday. You mean? Redskins cowboys. That's right. I'm so excited to watch the dissolve Redskins. Against the future. NFC's winning Cowboys who alliance playing the Chicago Bears. Oh my God. That's your holiday, buddy. Yep. That's all it's going to be a very strange day. I guys thank you so much for listening. As always appreciate listen in your NFL show on the ringer podcasts. Thanks, guys.

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Bryan Cunningham Interview Part I:  From CIA to Cybersecurity Expert

Future Meets Law Podcast

24:25 min | 4 years ago

Bryan Cunningham Interview Part I: From CIA to Cybersecurity Expert

"My father was an academic before we went into the ministry, and I think I understand why he went into the ministry now because number one God's timetable shorter than academia and number two. God's commands are easier to understand from Brian cave. It's meets law. I show about legal technology. Innovation thought leaders and make it happen. Muhab along with coz, Katie Williams, we interviewed Brian Cunningham, Ryan, the executive director of the UC Irvine cyber security policy research institute, having formerly served as deputy Bigalow. Advisor the White House national Security Council, we talk about cyber security data privacy and simple steps companies can do to protect themselves from cyberattacks actually wanna step back to the party career. You spend time at the White House. Legal adviser, and what was your role at the White House? I was the deputy goodbye to the national Security Council. So the national Security Council is a body that's created by law. It's the president the vice president the secretaries of state defense number of other government officials CIA director national security adviser. So when I was there Condoleeza Rice was a national security adviser. So my boss, and I were the lawyers for the national Security Council. So technically, we represented the president and all the cabinet members. That were part of the NFC in practice the way it works as your primary. Client is the national security advisor. Mike Condoleeza Rice, my portfolio included intelligence covert operations turned out homeland security, although we were just inventing the term homeland security up time cybersecurity and other issues like weapons of mass destruction and narcotics trafficking and human trafficking and issues like that. So this was the final job I had. In a career that spanned about fifteen years in the Central Intelligence Agency. And one thing that's somewhat interesting that a lot of people know is that eighty to ninety percent of the national Security Council. Staff people watch the west wing all these people running around are actually detail eased from other government agencies because every president since Bill Clinton has said, oh, White House staffs too big too bloated. We're not gonna add any personnel. And they get in there. I'm sure it's gonna happen to President Trump when he sworn in they get in there. They realized they actually need all these people. So rather than increase the budget of the White House, which no president wants to do for political reasons. They order the other agencies just give them people. So I left to a large law firm Arnold porter to go back into government after nine eleven and I was sworn into the Central Intelligence Agency. I went to headquarters I picked up my badge. I immediately went to the White House. And I spent every day that I worked there at the White House. But I was a central agency employees guessing, academia, yes, I am. I'm just saying that role. My father was an academic before he went into the ministry, and I think I understand why he went into the ministry now because number one God's timetable shorter the neck and Damian and number two. God's commands are easier to understand so. Yeah. And the first executive director of the cyber security policy research institute at UC, Irvine and all kidding aside. They've been very good to me. But it isn't adjustment. Though. There's as much politics is in Washington, but it's a different kind of politics and the kind of pace of life, the rhythms of it and the hierarchies in academia are something that I'm still trying to learn. So why did you see I start this ever security? Well, it actually began with a conversation between LA police chief Charlie back and the law school Diener when Timor ski the police agencies state local police agencies like almost every other company or entity in critical infrastructure are now extremely short of qualified people to do cyber security. So the original idea was to have the university work with the law enforcement agencies to design state of the art cybersecurity and digital evidence handling training for police officers. And in fact, that part of our mission is already well underway. We've with our continuing education division, we've designed a forty hour basic training course, on cyber security for not quite entry level, but sort of mid level detectives and police officers, and it's five days eight hours a day. And you learn about the parts of computer the parts of a phone had disassemble them how to when you sees a phone arrest. Protect. It. So it can't be remotely wiped by the bad guys understanding, the constitutional law and civil liberties and privacy issues of how you can take evidence off the phone constitutionally legally and protecting people's privacy. And then we teach everything from social media research how to muse publicly of element formation helps off crimes to how you would prepare a search warrant to how you would handle the information. Once you collect it to actually how to protect yourself as a law enforcement officer from various types of cyberattacks. And then that was the founding mission of the institute, and we've expanded it quite a bit to have a significant research agenda and also community service community engagement agenda. Now, you talked about actually physically handling a phone is that mean that cyber security is also takes physical ways protect computer systems as well. So right. The term cyber security is a kind of a catchall term that means different things to different people up until three years ago. I. Always use the terms information security and data protection and privacy. Meaning that there are other elements to information security data protection other than just whether or not somebody can steal your dad electronically. So it can encompass any interaction between digital cybersystems and the physical world. So cybersecurity can include everything from how you do background checks on your police to make sure that they're they're fit, and they don't have any issues where they could be recruited to attack your company to Holocene procedures on passwords on acceptable, use of your systems despu breach disclosure to the physical systems that protect your cyber systems. So do you have a cipher lock on the door of your server room? You have access cards at are coded. So that only people with the right authorities can get into the systems. So a generic definition would be ab- cyber security would be any measures that can be used to protect your. Formation from attack using digital means mentioned fishing earlier. So at addition of fishing what other types of attacks are they're the biggest category of attacks of which fishing is one are what the call social engineering so eighty to ninety percent of all cyber security breaches, even to this day are caused by humans either being tricked into doing something that compromise a system or trying to take shortcuts trying to install a piece of software that their IT department wouldn't permit him to, but they really wanted or they think they need it for their business or the IT departments to slow and getting it installed. So they cut corners or they download porn is usually the worst offender, but they download an application or a piece of information that has Mauer in it, so fishing as we mentioned is targeting an Email or text to someone to get him to click on a link that caused the breached your system, social engineering could include very frequently. This happens you're sitting at your desk. Get a phone call from the air quotes, IT depar-. -ment, and they say we see some specific on computer in need to change your password while that's not really the T departments. It's Russia or China calling or or or scam artists or criminal groups, then there's the whole level of very sophisticated technical tax and even though eighty to ninety percent of human error certain percentage, aren't they are constantly. They being the world bad guys are scanning all systems around the world. Medically to determine if there are flaws in the version of your software. That's installed. Maybe there aren't security patches. Maybe they've discovered what's called a zero day exploit which means bad guys have looked through code or look through an application, and they've found a flaw that Microsoft or apple or whoever produced the code hasn't discovered yet and hasn't fixed and they use sophisticated technology to use exploit that problem in the code. So it really runs the whole gamut from human to technical passing by what you were talking earlier, you mentioned using social media to help soft crimes so can be about that. Well, it can be everything from crooks or stupid, right? There are hundreds of examples of gang members who use their phone videotape. The robbery videotape the beating, unfortunately horrifically videotape of murder data's posted on their social media. Sometimes are slightly more sophisticated. They think they're post to get on a site that. The police don't know about and sometimes please don't know about and they never find out. But sometimes they do. So that's the lowest level of social media is the bad guy actually post something that incriminates them. Then there are ways to do network analysis of social media data to see classic example would be somebody gets arrested for rape and under the proper legal authorities usually a search warrant police get records of all their private Facebook communications figure out who your connected to figure out which witnesses to to interview, and they can get leads that way all the way up to an including abilities to draw entire network maps of sophisticated criminal gangs or terrorist groups or or spi groups, but I wanna drop a really important note here, and that is that the science if you wanna call it that of looking at someone's Twitter feed or looking at someone's Facebook post. Or looking at someone's Instagram and determining that they are in conspiracy with a person or they're in favor of something is extremely unreliable. So for example, if you were to go, and and you're the Central Intelligence Agency, and you were to go and get the entire what they call the Twitter firehose, which is the whole Twitter feed for the world, which up until very recently, you could actually purchase as a private citizen or a company or an intelligence eight Twitter from from Twitter, and they have Twitter has resellers that they licensed to do this. So you might say well, Bryan Cunningham has followed fifty five ISIS members. And so therefore, he's a member of ISIS. Well, maybe I'm a police officer and intelligence officer, a journalist that has a professional reason to follow ISIS. Maybe I'm just curious. Maybe I actually am a follower of ISIS. But I've never done anything. That's criminal. And I will never do anything that's criminal so under appropriate legal authorities and with the appropr-. Control police and intelligence agencies. Do have the capability of follow social media. But they just have to be very careful about conclusions that draw from that information. That's fascinating. I had no idea that Twitter sold people's tweets that even include deleted tweets, I not there's very specific Twitter. Terms of service. And I'm not sure in the various durations, what's included what's out. But if you think about Twitter, it's really all publicly available in a whole point is you're putting it out there to the world. And so historically law enforcement agencies have said, well, it's so called in plain view, it's publicly available. We don't need any special orders to get it. But the courts have started to suggest that there may come a time when they'll conclude that just because you decide to do something on Facebook or Twitter doesn't necessarily mean the government can get it without a war. But more importantly a lot of the conclusions. That people want to draw from social media are completely unreliable one thing I- looted to this earlier as footnote, you guys should double check this before your Eric. I believe. Sister. But I haven't checked Twitter has actually publicly announced that they will not allow US government agencies to purchase the Twitter firehose for purposes of social media. Now SIS their stated reason is they're worried about the incoming administration doing things like having a Muslim registry or doing other nefarious things with it. But as of right now, I believe Twitter's position is they won't sell it to the US government. That's interesting. So right. My understanding of data privacy laws in general in the US that there is no federal regulation federal regulatory framework. It's all state based you think they'll be some kind of federal over framework. Well, just to take a step back the United States and the European Union treat data protection almost diametrically opposite to each other. You're right in the United States. There's no federal data protection law in Europe. There's data protection directive some people think soon to be a regulation, which is non industry specific and non locations. Civic. It says here's the things you must do to protect data protection to protect privacy. And doesn't matter if you're in the banking industry, or your mom and pop grocery store, whether in Belgium, whether you're in Germany in the United States, we do actually have very strong federal regulations relating to data protection in many cases, much stronger than Europe. But there by economic sector. So there's the health information privacy and portability act hip that covers there's a security regulation that covers healthcare providers. Very broadly defined now there's Gramm Leach Bliley law, which covers financial institution Sarbanes-Oxley covers publicly traded institution. So in some ways if you're in a regulated industry your under more of a burden than in Europe. But if you're not in one of those specific industries, you're correct there's no federal data protection requirements at all almost every state. I think forty seven out of fifty maybe forty eight fifty has data breach disclosure laws which. Govern what you have to do. If you reasonably suspect, a breach lot of state attorney general's tourneys general have issued regulations on data privacy, California as with most of these things as well ahead of other states. And then there's the common law so many many data privacy related lawsuits have been brought under negligence theories under some cases tort theories. And one of the most surprising. I think to most people facts about United States data protection is the eight hundred pound gorilla is the Federal Trade Commission, and the Federal Trade Commission is a quasi independent federal agency. They have two types of legal authorities. They have deceptive trade practices at already and they have unfair trade practices thority. So they have nationwide jurisdiction to impose civil fines on companies that are doing either one of those things what they did about fifteen years ago is they said, hey, American companies if you. You state in marketing material on your website anywhere else that you protect people's data and you don't use reasonable efforts to protect people's data. Now you've committed sept- of trade Brexit. There's no Cyrus Jerry thorn in their statute, they just asserted it. What they did is they went after a couple of very large American companies. They got him society consent decrees that allowed them to do things like inspect them for twenty years and impose fines, so they basically establish their own jurisdiction. And there's been a lot of litigation about this, including recently, a case involving Wyndham looks like that jurisdictions going to hold unless congress comes in and overrules at statutory even more interestingly, they're now claiming the FTC's now claim they can use their unfair trade practices of thority to punish companies that they don't think meet standards of cybersecurity. Even if they never say anything about cyber down. The website problem is a it's not clear they have that thority be. They haven't laid out any reasonable standards. In any kind of specifics. And that's very frustrating to companies in this area is one as you suggest. There's no overarching federal regulations they comply with the patch repair things to where there's liability imposed. They wish there were standards actually are ticketed and neither the Federal Trade Commissioner, the securities change commission or any of the other regulators with the exception of health and human Services Administration. It's kind of safe harbor or anything like that, even if there aren't standards are there things that companies do that are, obviously if they meet this Anderson, they are protected because it's so far, Bob whatever anybody would acquire. What I always advise, my clients was pick a standard that is is fair given your level of sophistications, accompanied the amount of sensitive data, you hold the type of sensitive data you hold and if you reasonably make a good faith effort to comply with the you're probably going to be okay. So for example, the National Institute of standards and technology NIST and the Commerce Department is sort of the lead federal aid. Agency for regulation that aren't binding, but that lay up best practices, layout standards. And so they released the cyber security framework a couple years ago, even before that the head standards, there's an international standard by Eissa, which I think is international standards organizations and visit the isn't that online transactions or their other ISIS standards. No there there is so at NIST standards for everything you could possibly imagine. So there's a whole panoply of different standards because I'm not sure I think. It. I think that we need to self certify is compliant. So what I think is ultimately going to happen is in the absence of government regulation that lays out a standard. We could talk about it. There's problems with that as well that at some point the common law litigation process is going to establish one of these standards as the standard. And so the juries will start say that meets the standard of care, and then every company will gravitate to that. But right now, it's still kind of a patchwork. Here's I don't understand. It sounds like completely like since the FTC his emphasis discretion. But what about if you're a company that operates more than one state or you have data breach involving residents in one state went standards apply. What laws apply how does that work? It's actually much worse than you think it is. Because not only are there forty seven or forty eight different state breach disclosure laws. Most of which are tied not to the location of the company, but the citizenship of the people whose data may have been breached, but then there's a whole nother set of standards imposed by the. A European Union. If you move data back and forth between the United States and Europe, but just taking the United States law. There are fairly significant conflicts among the state breach disclosure laws about things like whether your required to report to the state attorneys general and makeup public notification or notification of the victims only if you have reasonable evidence that there's been a compromise. Or is it essentially anytime you detect the breach in your systems, you have to report it, even if you don't know whether or not any permission was compromised, the statutes conflict on how long you can delay public notification because you're working with law enforcement on investigation. So it's a mess and most of my clients in this area have always said, we'd rather have a single federal standard. Even if it's more burdensome than most of the state standards 'cause at least than we know. It's why so what most companies do I think is they just default to the most restrictive statute, which is normally California, of course. And then it's more complicated. As I said when you're a company like many, many, many many companies are now that also has dealings in the European Union. Nanny, especially because it's been an IT explosion overseas. Like Ireland randomly the hotbed of IT activity. So this is more common with a lot of companies. I see right for sure. And even if your operations are entirely within the United States or even entirely within one state European Union takes the position that if you so called export data from the European Union to the United States, which can be as simple as you have a customer that buys something online that customer happens to be in Brussels. Whether you know it or not you have now violated the data protection directive in Europe. So there are actually elements of the European data protection regime that flatly are inconsistent with American law. So for example in the European Union. There's information about your employees is that you are required to delete after. Time but in the United States under particularly the equal employment laws. There's data about your employees that you required to keep the forever or for much longer period of time than the Europeans allow so at that point you can be in direct conflict between the two jurisdictions. So we thought about Europe the US d think that Asia may be going to some framework similar to the EU or there are many more countries in the world that are adopting the EU framework than are trying to follow the United States as you'd expect the former British colonies are a little bit closer to. We are then to where we are than they are to the European Union. But even their even Indian Austrailia, for example, they're starting to adopt the European the European model, partly because if you're a country, if you're Singapore Japan, or if you're stralia, and you don't apply the European framework than the European Union will not certify you to as a place that you're permitted to export. Data. So the United States is not certified to receive data from the European Union. We're deemed to be not sufficiently committed to cyber security and data protection. So what we did? Instead is we negotiated a treaty with the European Union that created the so-called safe harbor in air quotes. And that basically said if you're an American company, and you register on public list with the Commerce Department that you comply with the key elements of the European data protection directive, then you can import data from Europe, but that's a self designation and the FTC has jurisdiction to enforce it that they acquired by their own Fiat again, but that whole regime was struck down by the highest court in Europe a year ago. So then we had negotiate a foul on resent regime, which almost certainly also is going to be struck down by European Union. So too as long answer to short question Asian countries at Bazeley countries ever outside the United States want to get that doesn't nation by. The europeans. So they're tending to follow their model more I actually to honestly their models more rational, you know, it's a single standard. It's in some ways. More burdensome than ours in some ways less burns in than ours. But at least it's a single thing that you can learn how to live with would companies be better served if they just try to work towards the European standard or higher most companies that deal internationally, try to adopt and follow. Even if they're not legally required to the rules of the European Union. Part of the problem, though, is that the rules are not tickly well-defined. So essentially what they are is they're ten or twelve principles of data protection. So one of them is you should only use for mation proportionately. Well, you know, try to tell an IT director go forth and be proportional. What would examine the proportionality? Well, essentially means you don't collect us store or disseminate more data than you need for particular purpose. But again, like in the United States, a lot of the guidance around in a particular case, what is and what is proportional is fuzzy and or non-existent, but essentially, but I tell my clients is if you comply with the flippable, isos standards, and the applicable standards, and or if you comply with the HHS hip askari rule, if your healthcare company, you're most likely going to be okay. Thanks for listening to part. One of our interview with Brian Cunningham. Please make sure to check your feet part two. Thanks for listening. If you like to show police subscribe through tubes? Or however, you listen to podcasts, please tell your friends and give us a five you if you want to get in touch with us, please visit us at feature meets law dot com. Theme music is the gold lining by broke for free, please visit Brooke for free dot com. You've been listening to future meets law from Brian gave.

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Brees for MVP, Jerry's Cowboys, Lamar's playing style, Warriors fall

Speak For Yourself with Cowherd & Whitlock

1:04:27 hr | 2 years ago

Brees for MVP, Jerry's Cowboys, Lamar's playing style, Warriors fall

"Yourself. I'm Jason Whitlock. That's Marcellus Wiley that do coming up. We'll tell you. If it's time to take the cowboy seriously in the NFC, and if the Browns were really thinking about hiring Condoleeza Rice, but we start every day when a Whitlam's what you got do dome. If I'm Patrick Mahomes and Todd Gurley and I wanna shot at winning MVP this season. They better do something extraordinary tonight. My guy Mahomes, my wanna play the entire game throwing the ball left handed. Girly should think about taking some snaps from under center and maybe playing safety on defense. It's gonna take something really wild to stop ju- breeze winning this. I m VP award ju- breeze is the best player on the best team in football. No one can dispute that after yesterday. Remember when Mike Tyson stormed across the ring and beat the brakes off, Michael Spinks. That's what the did to the defending world champions yesterday. They made the Philadelphia Eagles college team a team fighting out of its weight class. Alabama had more trouble with the senatorial than the saints had beating Philadelphia forty eight to seven the saints have won nine straight. They've scored forty or more points in six of their last ten games. They're average margin victory in their last nine in nine wins is sixteen points. This is potentially a historically great football team and is being led by a historically. Great quarterback. Having a historically great season breezes on track to break air robbers record for the highest passer rating for a season breezes stone twenty five touchdown passes and just one hundred -ception. He's completing seventy seven percent of his passes Mahomes is likely to throw for more yards and more TD's this season than Brees. But what separates breeze from homes is the single. I n t through ten games Mahomes enersen night's contest with seven interceptions. Mahomes is the future of the NFL breezes. The right now he's the best quarterback in the league. And when the best quarterback in the league is playing on the best team in the league at quarterback should win. The MVP hate to say it. But girly simply plays the wrong position at the long time short of rushing for two thousand yards and or going for thousand receiving yards girlies, not even a legitimate candidate this year, given what breezing Mahomes are doing. But this race is over breezed to commanding lead yesterday right now breezes plan to QB position as good as we've ever seen in play. It's over he's the MVP I joined the desk now or FOX NFL analyst Tony Gonzalez, Michael Vick. Marcel saw star with you is the MVP race over. No, it's not over. And you got the Vegas hangover. Hugh this week. What's your through the long weekend? 'cause we were all for Friday, and you the journalists have off all his journalistic integrity when you're talking about this conversation. I noticed you over the last couple of weeks do what most people are doing right now, which is because Patrick Mahomes was the front runner because Patrick Mahomes out to this huge lead. Almost lapped the field that now you got bored with this story. So now, you're starting to poke holes that same story it happens. There's so many fast life we start to attack who's at the top. And we're now rooting for Jew. Breeze. Who in vacuum is having an amazing season. I will say I will preface he's having an amazing season, but the renaissance of the New Orleans Saints and even drew Brees last couple years didn't start with you breeze started with the running game. How did they also emerge? Now this contending team put up all these points. It's because they're asking less of drew brings you're talking about completion percentage, and you're talking to interceptions. You don't. Wanna talk about touchdowns and yards which every quarter raise their hands. I say I wanna leave the league and those categories they're having ju- breeze. Go out there and give them fewer tips. They're asking you breeze right now if he stays on pace this is going to be his eighth eighth best season and terms yards per game. You know, what that means less is more? That's the drew Brees is more for the saints. And that is not an MVP definition p definition is it starts and stops with you. That's Patrick Mahomes in Kansas City. My sixteen weeks, man. I mean, you gotta get through sixteen games before you determine who's going to be the MVP. Now, like, we're drew Brees is right now because he's shown the he's even better than where he was five or six years ago, and he's looking to even better. And you know, you never know what can happen next week. I mean, Patrick Mahomes can go out and light it up tonight. He can go out and have a great game next week and the week after and we had to vote. I mean, if you had to vote today, I mean, if you had it today ju- breeze hands down unbelievable season. Thank me. Completing almost seventy percent is passed. Did you go to to what what is their way Vegas? What is going on? Now owned. Drew brees. Tony right now. I think right now. Absolutely not now without question. But right now for sure Patrick Mahomes. Don't get me wrong. You know, I love some City Chiefs. I love patch Mahomes, especially what's going on them collectively as a team to right now. It's drew Brees to me. What he's doing? I in the league and completion percentage QB. His interceptions to touchdown ratio. He's playing out of his mind. He's elevating the play of everybody else. Not the patron homes. Do that's why they're both in the consideration for MVP? But I don't use. All this the game yesterday. The rookie trade Kwame Smith has all the making unbelievable catches. He's putting that ball. So perfect. And so consistent. You know? He's not gonna turn the ball. I think the conversation goes even further, and I went out there earlier this year and met with interview sit down with drew Brees. He is one of the best quarterbacks of all time after this season after his VP. I would say he's going with this year because I don't see that train slowing down at all. He needs to start being in that conversation with the Tom Brady with Aaron rods Peyton Manning as one of the top three top four quarterbacks of all time. Forget about this. And I was top ten and top fifteen after his MBPS's. And he is going to be a top quarterback of all you can put them in that art. And that's what feeling this conversation. And that's what I think is. Fortunate and it's undermining Patrick Mahomes right now because everyone wants to take this drew Brees conversation and make it bigger. They wanna say lifetime achievement award. They wanna say no, he's one of the best quarterbacks of all time. We're like do give me one calendar year one season of performance who's playing better between the white lines. Petra Mahomes is winning the sports bar conversation. Which is a gall who flare better ju- breezes, petrol holes that's home what more touchdowns more yards. Okay. Then you start hitting me with these self categories. Well, completion percentage interception to test out ratios, and he's like, wait a minute. Who was putting up the numbers and leading your team. You look Jubran this team by rush percentage, which is a category. They're asking their running backs to be third best in the league in terms of number of carries versus when you see Petra homes. There's sixteen they're asking Petra Muhoza gay plant win us to game. They're ju- breeze and game plan abbreviate a little of you. So we have. More of our run game. And that's how we're going to have success. You're gonna have to do coaches dictate. But I think when you look at drew Brees age thirty nine being able to do this. I think the story I think. Walkable? I mean, I just want touchdowns in the subsidies. I don't wanna put age on it. I drew Brees was tiny five ANC you and doing what he's doing right now leading a historically great team and office and I'm taking no shots. I wanna be I'm taking no shots at Patrick Mahomes. Patrick Mahomes is playing incredible just happens to be doing the same year. Drew Brees is arguably gonna have one of the maybe the greatest quarterback season ever by quarterback rating. How they put their little magic right now. He's on pace to break Aaron Rodgers record. It's if you if he finishes this year with just one or two interceptions and forty touchdowns and they finished fifteen in one in the NFC, given they played the reds. I mean, the Rams their scheduled the NFC south is tough. I to me it's more difficult than the AFC west. No shots, Patrick Mahomes. Incredible. But. Drew Brees right now. This great breeze by drew Brees standard. He's had seven more seasons will more yards per game. Then he has this year. Like, we're acting like he's doing something that is so unrealistic, and it is except when you look at him by his own performance standards. He like, oh, this is drew Brees. Maybe plus an interception conversation. But a lot of other major statistical categories. This is typical Jew Brees. Matt it's a really aided drew Brees. And that's no shot of him. But look FOX may own the lifetime channel because you guys up here right now. The story. We're going to put I agree with your selling the pilot. I agree with you right now. Yes, he's according to drew Brees. And this isn't as best testing. Well, I think the QBR and the quarterback ratio that will be yards certainly not because he didn't have to anymore. He's got that ruining game. And because I run game effective. He is able to be more effective. And I think you can always look at it both ways you got a good running game, Patrick Mahomes. Does not forget about that. When you got a running back who can get you yards consistently. But you're also shredding people with your arm. They have to drop out of there. You can't just sit back and say, we're going to stop the run because drew Brees will absolutely murder you. And that's what I think is happening right now you've got these running backs. We did the highlights yesterday a couple of these plays. It is not that many people at that line of scrimmage running backs hit, and they gotta make one guy missing their off to the races because everybody has to drop out of there because you have to cover these guys, Michael Thomas trade consummate. But he drew is going to find an exploit him six more games to go. He's got to let it play out. This is the NFL you never know what can happen. So. Can't put a stamp on the right now, I want to see what happens during the duration doing that to that point though, why are you guys voting before even patch Mahomes gifts on prime time of get says into? We'll see when he right now. That's the we're in the right ball trying to be in the moment. Tomorrow, we'll have a different conversation. And we'll see what happens. Let's I was sitting here beating my brains trying to think of a rap album analogy, and I couldn't come up with the rapper. I'm just going to this is Michael Jackson coming out with thriller, man. Ooh. Michael Jackson had already laid it down as the young due to Jackson Five. He had already head of albums. And then this do came out with thriller, and you had to what we got a whole rewrite this whole thing. He don't put out thriller Elvis. Just got dusted off everybody just got dusted off. This is this dues thriller album. And it's a it's great that. Patrick homes. I think guns and roses had anytime. But don't buy remember like thriller, man. You got the wrong right here. Because you know, what happens when you put out as sales worldwide biggest album ever and sales and then someone taps Michael Jackson. And that ain't even your best album off the wall was better than thriller. So look this degrees amazing year. I love you to guess what this best, bro. So if you look at UBS by his own compare says, Michael Jackson by his own comparisons of work. This is not the best agrees. Why this year because he's getting older because we know the time is running out. We are champing for this guy to be the MVP when reality we know who the front runner by merit forget birth certificate. Forget storyline. He's the guy that you should give a war too. I understand you breezes. Amazing. But it's not even the best. Rebrith Sosa Leonardo the capital he got Oscar Cup, whatever for that. We went into the no tie revenue revenue. Got it for that. When a lot of people are saying his better performances had come before. I don't you know, instill good Clinton's got one for forgiving p percent. He got it because of this. I I think right now. Maybe you're right. Maybe you're right. But at the same time you can't deny what he's doing. I know I know you're an real because you're gave you all of that opera. All that off. That that's categories where subjective when it's voters come here there, you we have no numbers. No metrics this who has the better performance. We are talking football. There are actual numbers. There's actual science. There's a way to rate this. They call a QB rating. And he's. Turnovers turnovers. Komo now you play quarterback lose one hundred pounds play quarterback ready touchdowns more important. Yes than interception percentage. Of course, it no no overs. Yes. Ten interception ratio is the staff at the ratio. Yeah. Respected your sandwich. But which one's more important. You got to put up the touchdowns first before we get into the conversation hummy interceptions. You want to know how many styles? I get me score bore points before you start saying how many times you give the bar sellers. You sound like a fan coaches are sitting there saying if they got a choice between a quarterback that has thirty one touchdowns and wanted has twenty-five but one of them only has one interception. The coach is going with the guy with the one respect in the substance happened to some come from tip balls. I mean, some come from guys Bo's made deflected hitting Geisen hint Geisen chess. My Senate sepsis Mayes not irrelevant lesser cost. You the game. What's most? Is getting ball into the end zone. And throwing the touchdowns over respected. You breeze for. He's thrown Patrick Mahomes thrown a bunch of touchdown passes. All what happens if he goes on throw five of the night. Then what we're saying tomorrow? I'm staying the same deal is drew quickly. What's better story? Patrick Mahomes becoming the MVP and considered the best quarterback in the league. Or drew Brees thirty nine winning his first MVP and having the best season of a quarterback ever. What's better store? I mean numbers are good. I mean, the better story probably would be drew Brees at the end of the day. I think for drew if it's capped off with a Super Bowl. Then the reason I'm asking you. The quest is just again, you were part of the guys that blazed the trail for black quarterbacks and Patrick Mahomes might end up late. Wow. Again, we had Cam Newton win the MVP. But I don't think anybody ever thought Cam was the best quarterback. They thought he was the MVP but not the best quarterback. Patrick Mahomes may ascend to that status. What's better Mahomes do breeze? I think drew Brees it wrong because of his age. Exactly why he's not the better story. If you breeze wins, the MVP you have to resell the MVP trophy next year because you know, he's coming to an end with patch Mahomes, you're selling not only now, but the future the NFL model is selling not just proven talent. But put tension rookie cards rookie contract. They sell imagination you get Petra homes right now, and every p ward yourselfer the next ten twenty years in terms of NFL and MVP performance you sell it to breeze. Guess what you got a year or two and you've got to resell it to someone else. I liked I'm going to do breeze. He's under six foot two. Short people. I need that they need to know. Topper big story would like Walli. Tony kansallis Michael Vick bat moved to the Cowboys who moved to five and five on the year with a big win over the falcons in Atlanta. Dallas got some late game who rolls from Dak Prescott who led the offense down the field for a game winning field goal and with the Redskins future uncertain after losing Alex Smith for the year, the Cowboys are very much in the postseason hunt so much. So I think the Jerry Jones deserves a lot of credit for building this Dallas team a complete Dallas team into a team that I think can actually win a playoff game. I think this Amari Cooper deal that some people thought, hey, they gave up too much to get a Marco, I think is working. I think if you look at the stats for Dak Prescott before Mark Cooper. And then with a with Amari Cooper, his productions all up the Cowboys are a series. I think to the. Favorite in the NFC east? And I think they're team. You don't wanna see in the postseason agree with you. I would certainly say that they have life. They have juice. If I'm one of those players, I'm believing in our team right now because the press division and the best team in division by record Redskins. Look they lost her quarterback. So now you have to look at that team being what more one dimensional and the Cowboys have life, especially on defense aside. I don't want to give too much credit thought it was a smart move to bring in Cooper. What does that do it takes safety out the box? And makes you the respect the deep game. Whether he catches the ball or not disrespect Zeke can have more running lanes that Prescott. Still didn't have a passing touchdown yesterday. You know respect to would he is doing which is protecting the football. We had that conversation about drew Brees now debt. Chris Cowboys interesting. They are twenty one and two when he doesn't turn the ball over this. He's done that twenty three of his forty three gangs. So more. Games than not that. Chris Goss like I'm not giving you the ball. So that's their winning formula play defense and have Zeke run the game and manage the game Prisco so far is keeping them alive in that suppress division. The only reason they've been able to manage the game because Zeke coming to laugh, I mean, the move they may would Amari Cooper, really opened things up. And you know, we've been talking about it for the last couple of weeks run game change the dynamic of everything that goes on offense. Probably one of the most important positions football, just like the receiver position, my Almas, everything up. Z Z jars that plays a little bit better. He got to continue and continue to find that level of consistency and defense compliments everything else. I mean, they can be contended. They had to take it one game at a time and find ways to pull out the tough wins. Because this tough road ahead. They gotta stretch where they got to win some games that's going to be the tell tale sign. I love, you know, hats off the, Jerry. I guess he's starting to look a lot better than we'll at least what I thought but myself out there, but at the same time it's the only knock on have on this team deck. That's still comes down to that. Can he win a super they got SuperBowl caliber defense? They got a Super Bowl type running game. But he's going to have to make some plays and not be able to win games by not throwing touchdown patterns in the playoffs especially coming down the stretch. So that's the still concerned me. But this is something they should have been doing for a long time. Maybe Mark Hooper is what has helped him get over that hump play. Great defense run the ball. But they're not like the giant the giants. Went to games that are. Oh, they beat San Francisco and they beat Tampa Bay beating the falcons and hold that falcons offals at in that dome. Matt Ryan playing really well this season and scored nineteen points that is for real they can win some games if they don't turn the ball over like everything you just said people love to criticize Jerry Jones. He's a bit of a punching bag because he's out there. He's a big personality. I've been someone like, hey, let's pump the brakes, you know. He's in the hall of fame for a reason. And I get the Jimmy Johnson was terrific early on. But, but you know, you don't get rich and stay rich because you're an idiot. You can learn some lessons, and and listen I've been sitting here, and I probably will continue to criticize Jason geared. I think he's to Lauda Jason. But maybe there's a method to Jerry's loyalty in terms of consistency and continuity being important. And maybe like I'm sitting here saying. You know, the rest of the team is blossoming. Why can't we wait and see deck and even Jason geared seventy years in? Maybe they continue to grow and blossom. Yeah, it's the moneyball met that hitting NFL. If you look at what Jason geared is a part of which is this scheme. The scheme is billed office, align we know office alarm and don't get paid handsomely like a quarterback will even though they get paid. And then you look at a defense build up the draft and defense. He Bill office align defense and run game running backs are also minimize in terms of value. And today's NFL boohoo all the money quarterback. Would we need at that position? Someone who has suppressed value the Seattle Seahawks were able to do this on a rookie contract of Russell Wilson. And it's interesting his model right now is coming to fruition because he built it. He's the one that went out there and drafted these players all throws at the office alive position running back. Now, you got defensive standouts and all he needs. Now is deck manage the game. Look at these numbers. Third and points allowed this defenses. Like, you said that's Super Bowl winning football on the defense aside. And if you look at it they've allowed twenty or fewer points and seven of the ten ball game seven all we ask you that down here at air Zeke gives to we got that game, and that's their winning formula. And Jerry Jones deserve all that credit thing. I'll say about Jerry Jones. I think he tries to duplicate where he team he assembled in the nineties now not comparing deck to Troy Aikman. He aikman. He he had urban. You know, I think you got deck. You guys Zeki you had days. And now he bring brings in the Maury Kupa. He understands that those three key components can get you the way you need to be. And I see him try to try to take on that trend every even with the office and line you think about the guys back in the nineties. So he tries to build tries to monitor team out. I think the year and he's getting really close and it's working out. Deck has never shown Troy Aikman accuracy. So I don't wanna sound like I'm comparing. Some thing. Yeah. I don't want. That's why they so. I said no comparison. Anyone? But I'll say this about Aikman wasn't the flashiest quarterback air. He you know, he was accurate more accurate than that. But he was he wasn't putting up the huge numbers and things like that. And Troy wasn't asked to go out and win every game. He might have been asked to finish them games of. But I agree with you. I do believe this is a knock off of what they did in the nineties, and you know, Jerry Jones may get it done without Jimmy Johnson. Want to end the segment by shout out? My Alex Smith tragic injury. Wish you well. You had a great career. Maybe it'll continue. Maybe it won't. We're thinking about. Gonzales Michael Vick, battling moved to Baltimore where Lamar Jackson made his debut as a starting quarterback yesterday. Got a big win over divisional rivals. Cincinnati. Not surprising Jackson Ranna ball a ton finishing one hundred seventeen yards on twenty seven carries. The most carries by a quarterback in the Super Bowl era. But afterwards bingles coach Marvin Lewis wasn't impressed saying quote quarterbacks don't run forever in the NFL. I kind of greed with Marvin and felt like John Harbaugh went I would have game plan to save his job not to develop his quarterback. And they ran the option. I mean that was really that was bow sim Beckley horrible John Harbaugh from Ann Arbor, you know, his family or and Jim is brother played at Michigan. That look like bow sim Boeckler and Rick Leach out there running the option quarterback. I'm gonna tell you who is just. This was black Tim tebow. That's what this was. And I just don't know. I agree with of Lewis. I don't know if this sustainable in the NFL what they put him through. And what they ask him to do. I don't think they allowed him to look more than ten yards downfield. Any anybody was down beyond in yours. He know nothing about. The elephant graveyard. Oh, look, they're Simba though, there some so I just don't think it's the stain -able what they had the bar Jackson do. But it may have been the only thing they could have him. Do. It's not sustainable. Let's be real man. I think as a defensive coordinator you came into that game. You couldn't imagine that they were run their quarterback even as a running quarterback twenty seven times. So guess what? Now happens every difference. According to say, we're gonna low that box force you to throw this football and good luck. Trying to run against that loaded boxing. Good luck trying to throw a guess press man coverage. And that's where they are. Right now that was short term success and short sighted. However, I gotta give the Baltimore Ravens respect and credit for something. I've heard a lot of players clued myself have an issue with when you talk about coaching philosophies, which is coach my abilities and cater to my abilities as stead of forced me into your game plan and playbook all the time. We all know that NFL could have old. School mindset, which is hey play in our way or else I got into situations where I play why for those football people Dwight free style. Then I got a new defense coordinator play seven six five Technica. I'm like why my lineup on the air. Let me be outside him. Well, we won't balance next thing, you know, production suffers if you're not comfortable, I love a Baltimore game plan that said it may be shortsighted, but let's play to your comfort and your skillset respect for that. I mean that game yesterday will only exist yesterday. Like, you're never to go out and big locate that again like you say it's going to be eight-man boxes from here on out with this gives them. My Jackson the chance to do work on becoming a better pass it now next week you have to go out and you have to pass the football. And then you you complimented which run game. But you know, twenty seven runs is entirely too much. The focus has to be getting better as a pass sprint the ball around and not creating a situation where. Things get compressed and compact because that box will be loaded next week, and it will be hard to go out and try to run the football the same way they did yesterday way. I think if you look you look no further than the guy who's on his team RG three. You can't do that. You're going to get blasted in this league. And it's coming next week. I still don't know how good the mar- Jackson is because you can't tell from that film. That was one that has an isolated moment. Maybe he'll have ten carries next week if the Baltimore Ravens are treating this kid, right, otherwise, they miss them the draft on him as what I would say because you can't do this. You are going to get hurt in his league. And that's the short answer. I there's nothing else to say about it. You cannot do that Baltimore. If you want to develop this kid be a quarterback of I'm not convinced that it's over they got away with you know, trust. It's like a burglar when he gets away with a crowd. I'm gonna do that be back. So they don't catch him until the he's done about ten burger right right before they ever catch him. And so look man they just wanna game and John Harbaugh is fighting for his lighter. They will do this. Again, it he'll have to get carted off in order for them to stop. Because that's what that's what happens in the NFL. Look, even I'm gonna take a little bit off John Harbaugh. This is what Lamar Jackson wants to do right right now because our g three they didn't want him to do it in Washington. But as what he was comfortable with again, my I never, you know, certainly, I never had your legs none of us here. But those solve a lot of problems, and it can bait you into hey, man. Got a problem. Let me fix it with my length. So that you can say I can take over this game which legs, but I never came into a game with that thought. And I never had a game plan. It looked like that Mahdi morning. We're gonna give them credit because he was a pass Bhagat. When I was in Philly saw, no he can take there. But in regards to what he did yesterday. I thought it was beautiful game plan. It worked the Cincinnati. Bengals did not expect that they didn't even know who the star was going to be. Yeah. So for them to go back and take a look at that. They got a pool a lot from that game plan. Definitely Hansi might some very fascinating. I wonder if this whole stomach ache in Lamar play if that was a smokescreen because they did they caught. That's why Marvin Lewis very upset as you can't do that for they will call what they pass them as you said it desperate times call for desperate measures and NFL. You just try to win that game that week. We're not talking big picture. We don't have to worry about it right now. This is a playoff team look at them. Now, they get to play the raiders next week raiders. Or rush defense. We're going to test you raiders Loda box. You load the box before not been successful. We don't know the box against you. I just Michael Vick. Here's some here's this trivia for you the most Russia. Ever had in the game. I had to look this up fifteen you're fit, Michael. Double Michael Vick would game in his first year. And this is something I always talk about the kids took my kid Nico back in the day. I took him to one of those fishing ponds that you pay money to go to and every time you throw it in you catch something nice and big. And then another buddy of mine on the team. He said, that's the worst thing you could ever done to your kid, and he was like eight years old because every time he throws it in there. He thinks he's going to catch a fish. It's not mission the Marge Ackson. Hope you understand buddy. That this isn't how the info carries. A nets Hizam for my highlight Ville, there is no way if he thinks anything about that was reality. He is sure the mistaken, and he's gonna get his butt kicked. You all have said some very fascinating. Tony might though that game plan tells you what the Baltimore Ravens think about him as a passer, they they're looking at him in practice every day, and they came up with a game plan says we're not gonna do with this. Because once threw that in a and they win even. More into shale. Did you see the necessity of a run? Oh, I'm not going, bro. Made amazing. Missa me. It was beautiful. Time to put on our thinking cap. Totally solace back. We're joined now by NBA champion, Dante Jones as you all know. I'm a journalist, and we've got our resident Ivy league very oh Marcellus Wiley, take a deeper look into some issues where it's Darnell Marcellus. Our highest IQ rate really is I'm bringing out do a brought it up. Is cool. Can't ball. Stan damn ball state. The Ivy of the mid west I've been American conference capitol man when you go on. Let's move to Cleveland where crazy report surfaced yesterday with ESPN's Adam Schefter, claiming the Browns were considering interviewing former secretary of state and lifelong Browns fan Condoleeza Rice as their next head coach, it didn't take long for the team to deny this obviously bogus story and rice issued a denial over all though, not without a little unsolicited advice for the week saying, quote, I love my Browns. And I know that will hire an experience coast to take us to the next level on a more serious note. No, I do hope that the NFL will start to bring women into the coaching profession as position coaches and eventually coordinators and head coaches one doesn't have to play the game to understand it and motivate players, but experience counts and his time develop a pool of experience, women coaches. I I heard a report yesterday. And then I saw were guy really respect them wet. So from Yahoo sports wrote a column sane. Condoleeza Rice isn't going to happen. But the NFL needs to hire women for prominent roles, and it's a market goes on tap. I don't wanna sound like cave caveman for influenced on or whatever. But I'm just gonna keep it a hundred. As a guy that made his bones and football. If there was a story that came out and said, hey, the Browns are considering Jason Whitlock as head coach that would be laughable to me, and I would be ridiculed and the Browns would be ridiculed and anybody who put the report out would be ridiculed because it's preposterous, and I know a little bit about football. But I'm not remotely qualified to be a coast. So I just go how the hell to destroy even get reported by Adam Schefter and ESPN because the first thing you do as journalists while someone's told me something crazy, let me check with the Browns. Let me check with Condoleeza Rice. And when they tell me is crazy, I never reported. So there's an agenda at play. And so when I looked at Wetzel story and conversations come now the solution to the NFL is we have to inject the NFL with people that haven't played the game. And I'm just going. I'm sorry keeper as a black, man. I'm looking at former players that can't move up to coaching ladder, and we're not even stable footing as relates to coaching in the NFL is black former players and people involved in the game. But we're about to start a movement. So people that haven't played the game at all can get these jobs it ear. Tate's me. I'm sorry. A lot of digest there. One. Let's start here. If you're really for equality, which is trying to equal footing as a black black player in this league. Hookah move up as a coach executive maybe even to ownership that is not is Selena plight. You can't isolate your own experiences say make us of equal footing. But not others who don't have the same resenting play the game. Oh, Todd Haley, then play either. But you know, he's wholesale highschool. Okay. Well, there are women who have played there's a professional women's football. I've into the games. So kind of Lisa writes, obviously part of that. But there are women who have played a game. Here's the thing in totality. If you look at it. Our fan base consumed a game, you I were all fans now we're playing here. No more playing their number plan their forty five percent of their fan base or women forty five percents. So the NFL is just as a business. Remember before sport is business entertainment product, it's smart for them. To start to say, let's open our arms up to not just black not just minority but one and she's a double Nordion top on top of that. So I think it's a healthy agenda. Even if you have pointed out accurately that it is more agenda. I'm for that agenda. I'm for celebrating your existence. That is reflective of what your fans are. And nothing wrong with that. I'm a person who believes that versity inclusions great for business. So I see where there's a place for women in football in executive levels in the organization as a whole I don't understand how it comes to play in a coaching capacity, especially as the head coach capacity because when you have to get the trust of the players the players have to believe in your ability to understand the game from an apply perspective. And most of the times that is the case. So I I wanna see how we can get a set of women trained in the capacity to be able to have a plight. Now that should they can get the respect of the players to be able to have a head coach musician. I'm. Asking you guys and your support because in basketball, we have our professional league, which is a professional league debt as well respected, and you have people like sue bird. Nancy Lieberman Klein, you have you have people who are who have done a great job and been experts at their respective sports. And the guys have an opportunity to see their work and respective Becky Hammon as we have with the Spurs guys know how great they were there sports. So that is a part of them getting respect on that level from the players. And I want to know if there's a possibility on NFL from you guys because you guys have that apply knowledge just like Marcella said there are professional women's leagues, and I've gone to a game all beach, and they women are hidden two. They take it very. I'm not joking. Are we talking about football, a laundry full blown no not the laundry. Boy, this is real. Football game. I know some of their players, but just but this story yesterday is click. Click click bait. Okay. When I'm looking on YouTube so time, and I'd say, they found aliens proof alien I'll click on man, it wouldn't even real store. Whatever it is. I don't obviously this wasn't a real story. But as she took it she took it further. And she said she would love to see the inclusion. I'm okay with that. I wouldn't care. I would not care. I don't care what gender. You are care if you are an alien coach football if you can do the job, right? And I trust you, and you can get us wins and bring out the best. I don't care. I'm california. I'm from this area liberal. This is this is nothing new to me. I don't care about this stuff. Come one come. All. This have a good time and win. I'm not against it. But throw out a candidate with some qualifications. I agree. This is my love is more qualified than Condoleeza Rice colleagues rice, my mother's been little league football games junior. High football games high school. Football games, college football games. She's followed the game much more intimately than Condoleeza Rice. Who has no kids? Your mom lane on the college football playoff committee, wasn't watching another agenda given position that is. She don't have any expertise in college football that does looks good on paper surveys of the game. And no one which watching and being able to myself. Let's let's keep it a thousand percent all way thousand percent real ninety percent of the dues. Don't know what they watch when they watch football. Okay. Ninety percent of the doom and forced to have to play under some of those dudes. And so I'm saying look, look former player this is the difference between you being a former players my coach, and you never plan. A gave it all if your former player are ready have a built in trust with you. You have to start to lose that. If you have never played a game. I look at you out of shape. Just looked like you'll know what you're talking about. You have to build that trust. But like Tony set. I open minded for both as long as you put me a proper position to succeed from the physician of a former player also they have they understand expectations. They hold for their players. So if they ask you to do something, they know that is possible. So sometimes when you have people who have never played the sport. And don't have the apply knowledge, which is nothing wrong with that. But you're asking people to do something that you do not know how to do have never tried. It have just just you telling me. And that's where some coaches failed that because they can't gain respect on the players because they're saying that this is not possible. And you show me how you did it Bill. Check. Look, I'm not going to take a shot. Anybody who didn't make it pro. 'cause we know how unique that opportunity the empathy played center and tight in at Wesleyan like give me that football football. That's okay. I'm using your words against you. If you're saying don't tell me something that is not physically able to be done. And I know that you have never done Bill Belichick because one you plan out of position you ever seen me about the thing that like a Senator you. I if we go their own hurt, I go there on the greatest coach of on of the players, though from you guys from you saying, you know, what I'm open to if we can we can we practice five hours. Have you ever practiced by can can you had a coach tell me, you know, we got a four hour practice, but one thirty minute water break thirty second break. Gotcha. My body can't handle day you, and you don't know that that my body can't handle that. Like, I knew when you're coach that is Bill parsoes out there for WSB. So I'm asking a masking women and get their plot should be able to get the respect of the play. I want I want to go just to. Here's you know. I love football. And I make no got bias for football. And I just feel like footballs being picked on for these agenda riddle stories because why are we having this discussion football will we could be having it in baseball. I'm sure there are a lot of women who played softball who can manage baseball games. Why don't we? We having this discussion there why have we gone to? Hey, Condoleeza Rice was secretary of state, and they put her on this college football committee. She can be NFL head coach. Why are we talking about some woman who played baseball at a low level highly softball or baseball low level high level while we talk about her managing a baseball game. Sees these answers easy. Click. Nobody was football's the king. Yes. That's all. There is to it thing. But he's gonna care say that anything won't pick up stores, then Adam Schefter can't say that. So he can get people to click on ESPN. Okay. Let's go for it. So we can click on it that they don't it's all about being. I it's all by being first and saying something ridiculous. Which is what it is. Don't be wrong. You have to have experience in the game. I said, I don't mind. I don't care who comes and coaches me. But you better have been there done that. So I can trust you, and you better know what you're talking about. Because I'm gonna see right through very very quickly as soon as I lose trust. I am off the train with you. And I want you gone. Yeah. That answer here's the rundown will where's baseball? When we talk about. Why don't talk about baseball? Because nobody I'm I'm for equality. I really, but but I'm not for stupidity. I'm not letting someone talked me into craziness just because it feels good and sounds good. And so. You know, what I'm a fan of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, and I'm a big part of their customer base. I'm not qualified to where bikini own Sports Illustrated way to stay obvious. True. So true. But don't know they they extended their boundaries to works on the now a book, but. Let me stop before getting trouble. Here line close in basketball to getting woman head coach that's gonna because of today and makes a great sense because you have some great candidates out there with experience can grab respect respect between a player and the coach is the biggest thing right now. Because it's changing these kids are changing the people that they're coaching change dot Taft said this and people have been mad at me. And I'm gonna say it again TV in twenty years, there'll be more white women coaching in the NBA and black men. Trust me, take it to the. Back to the cell. They get fired or that. Spago lock Walli Dante Jones back and moved to the NBA where the drama between. Kevin durant? Draymond green. Max taking a toll on the warriors. After fall into the Spurs last night. Golden State has now lost three straight and five of their last seven after the law. Steve Kirk knowledge his team is in unfamiliar territory dream run. Four years we've had such charmed existence four seasons. So of course, this is tough stretch. This is the real. Been in the real Indian. Dream. Our faced with really versity. All right since dust dream on. Kevin durant? Just hasn't been himself shooting below forty percent for the field and just five percent from three point range. Live me. Kevin Durant is one of the most talented accomplish players in the NBA, but drama gets him office square. And he's got some drama right now with Dreyer Draymond. And he's a little bit office square. I don't know if I'm that concerned about it though. Because I do think he'll recover. Here we go katie's acting out. This is a parental term. So you wouldn't know? About talking to over here. One thing you learn as a parent probably people notice, but you certainly get hit home when your pear is that most communication is nonverbal. And also to listen to people because they're always telling themselves by their behaviors truth, he is acting out. He is sitting here going against the grain and interest because he's like, maybe I'm out of here, and I wanna play here. And this was the tipping point calling me out and coming at me this way when one I'm already one foot out the door, but to. Who are you like an every argument ever had sports is always the first thought in responses who is saying because if you not on my level, oh, this can go allow two different ways. And I think that Katie is trying to be the bigger man and not point and punch down to dream on the lesser player. But he's trying to respect a situation that he walked into and other one to tarnish it to that degree. So he's trying to play a little respect that is. Unfortunately, her his game. Help is on a way. Steph. Curry is going to get healthy. He will be back everything will be fixed. It'll be found one another championship. But I do think that this is tell tale size that is out there. Steve Kerr hit right on right on when he said that they've been in dream. They've been in a perfect storm for the past three four years where they've haven't had any adversity any injuries any real injuries to the guy's really produced. They've had a great roster from top to bottom strength. In numbers. Was a great team. You've had great veterans at the India team to nip most stuff in the, but but there's a small trickles of of these little small feuds every year, and it's gotten to a head now with Katie situation where it may spin out of control, but not fooling me right now. Like, they're going to find a way, they're champions. They've done it multiple times. They they know how to concentrate and this adds to the lure of the game. It adds to the season of this year. Because now they're going to have to find a way to piece together. You have a great coach great team. They great players. They know what it takes to win championship. It just gives them some enthusiasm some excitement under season, which in which they will be bored just knocking teams around because they're so talented. So now, this helps them create something and make and have something on their journey. Creates a better. Her journey for them since they get so bored during the regular season some guys just on built for this though. And but they are. I think your core their core. Klay staff dream on and Katie their Bill champions and in the heart of the champion. They're experienced takes over they'll be able to piece this together at the end of the year. It may make a small chicken their armor and make them. And when it comes time and the finals would things get tough and their cohesive unit. And you know, what we had this small riff to where things get a little bit different. But they'll still be right at the precipice of winning championships. The really look at this one is been amazing charmed experience there at the amusement park. It's been fun everybody. Ford him getting on every ride, and then you ever seen that a little too little beef little issue. Now, you that's your ride home. So you talk with them. Right. You want to this one? And you like why we? Just trying to get to Katie just trying to get through this get me home. Then I'll tell you are really feel. I seriously think because he's not performing K D can destroy this league. What else Steph curry right now? He's using that issue. Okay. Yes. Katie can destroy visuals. You have much of a team they are they're like Klay clean, not being fully healthy. Sometimes Steph not being healthy, Draymond not being healthy showing Louison not having strong vich. Andrea dollar not being healthy. Like, this is a combination of. I think twenty percent of it is a Katie drain mom beef. But their team is not in the dreamland of being all the way, healthy, all the way focus, but he's having percent. But but he he is he is a reflection of of the people around him the spacing of Steph curry station playing well making plays. That's what it lists. My point with K D, And I do think they'll survive this. But when I say Bill for it, I'm talking about Kevin Durant. And I think there is a skill to be. Enable to play an perform when working with people you don't like or get along. And that's where I think like nothing LeBron James gonna show up pretty much in give you his game regardless of who exposed to right now. But I'm still don't show up and put in this work Amana JR Smith. I'm still put it heaven. Love K stand. Right. You go. Kevin durant? I just don't know of he's that guy the work situation needs to be a little bit more. Ideally that again, that's what he never could put Westbrook and check compartment, but the back of their design and David west is something missing all this stuff in a book and the show you that you have to be about your business and come to work and do your job. That's a young team this year from the back of their bench, and they're missing net strength that you having grown men being there to get you through these hurdles. Time for my favorite segment. Paper antisocial, I got stopped in Vegas people. You've got Twitter off. Don, L Smith zero social media manager to help tell us what's going out going on out there. Twitter's maga- all-male we got some drama. We got some smoke smoke Marcellus hall. What's up, homey? No last week. I was talking about that dream mind and Katie beef, or whatever the clip is listening right here, man. Dream on. You ain't as thorough as you are advertised as one hundred as you wanna go out there profess, you know, why because I'll never seen somebody who keeps it one hundred dole Rowley all the time and then all the Sunday explode because if you're in all moments all encounters. There's no pinned up energy. There's no pinned up emotion when dry on loaded. Kevin durant? I think Kevin Durant and his brother realized, oh, you're the guy that wants to be the bully on the block. But in reality, you sitting there suppressant a lot of issues dream mon-. Apparently sowed a Clint some say about a check this out. You see me plenty towns, you know, had a same energy. So what you speaking of hind that camera makes you throw yourself. What? Let me put. We will route to win. This thorough. Look, and I look I love to do. We had this people for we squashed it in Vegas said years ago in Vegas wooded. Do he said, what do we squashed it? No beef between mom not going to have instant issues. Elegant what you but what I say what I said, I'm convicted on I believe it. I think that you were wrong in a situation. Just that simple. I don't want smoke 'cause I don't believe in damn near twice your age of. Is easy way to click to what I wanna see let me just say this during my respect to you run your game. But I'm not your problem is sounds k D's a problem, and you balling, some of them issues up. Then finally alone him at the wrong time. That's the problem about it for suburban viewers. Could you tell them with thorough me? Dr rod is thorough is oh, man. What do you mean as one hundred as you say not as transparent as you want everyone to believe, and you like a lot of guys walk around here. Say, hey, I speak what I feel and I feel what I speak. Okay. That sounds good and message, but it got to be good in actual practice. And I don't think it was. I just never see somebody on load on somebody when they told him the right thing and that moment so to me hit him with a little more at all for that. Man. I'm hitting you. Don't want smoke with small kids. A college student. I oh, man. Now, I got I got your back. Nobody. Wasn't armez are back to some football. Where differ of said the LA chargers yesterday on the last second field, go everyone's been high rivers in charge this year. But we had a different take on Twitter this. They're gonna put rivers in the hall of fame one day, and he won't deserve it. He's never won anything. We're luck. That's a pretty strong will tell you right there. Man. You want to split yourself straight outta Las Vegas, right? Thank brother may with. You got to charge us on the teaser right now. Minus one and they blow. Them kind of tweets like that. Did you see that loss was at the game? Yes. Still it into the ground and cost his team, forty seconds. What is he doing here? I had no idea. I literally and it was that play. And it was the play when he ran around go and just curled up. And I was like you giving them yards. Did another time you stop the clock. Like, no matter who you are death, brain fart, and that's multiple brain forest, and it costs you some. I'm gonna get myself on Twitter off a lot. Do play an AFC championship game with no knees. I didn't feel. He had to fail. There'd be done Ellison. Onto the wash risk asking. We're Alex Smith's over the terrible leg injury and loss at Texas. He'll also be the rest of the year before the game. Even ended people on the bait and suggest their favorite replacement quarterback. Mike Freeman sweet wash assign a collar carpeting now perfect majority of fan base with a separate better than anything to having a roster. Now, the risk is more Sanchez tobacco coat McCoy. But every time a QB goes down people bring up cabinet. He's believe at two years now to give give it up stuff. I don't know what they pay Mike Freeman. I don't know what what pitches Shaun king has of my. And I don't know what they're doing. Stop it. Mike you making a fool out of yourself. Man. You cost me my podcast. Reschedule it ever since I on this show which. Boy, i'll. Mark Sanchez, though. Like, look, I'm not I've never said the NFL was based fully by roster construction never said that. That's why call the cabinets not in the league. And then the blackball Mark Sanchez. He wants to play football capping bell walls to play. I'm gonna make you wanna play over marks. To buy some cabinet search now after this. That's ridiculous. Sense of my free missile. Oh, that's just ridiculous. Come home cap. Come back for that wasn't about the eagles who got embarrassed yesterday by the saints cost. A win struggle. Big on Twitter was shorter. Let him have it. Once. We worst game. I've ever seen Carson Wentz play. So when those pose it Carson Winston average QB don't ask me. And we'll about you like this one crossing winces overrated town in folks guys overreacted or should we be concerned about Carson Wentz? Oh, I think you should be concerned about Carson Wentz really think Twitter's overreacting. Okay. I don't think I don't think Nick foles wants this job or he would have been out demanding more money. And so you but is Carson Wentz coming back to earth yet? But the whole Philadelphia Eagles organization is. Yeah. Exactly. No, no calls for concern. With Carson Wentz coming off. The ACO injury that first year we always give respect to that year's a mulligan. And then the year after your full health. Let's see what you got there. So maybe just a guy's not trusting himself in all his abilities. Nick foles doesn't want that smoke you almost with Nick foles on won't starting quarterback smoke. He wanted to take his comfortable clipboard money. So this year's over for Philly. I just I don't see it even in that division. We used to fighting chance. I just don't think that they know which way's up there done. All right. Don l last but not least. All right. Finally, let's talk some Carolina who decided to go for two point conversion in the win the game the lions. Ooh, Cam Newton through incompletion. Now. Everyone's questioned the decision but earlier today on first things first Chris quarterback Rama revere? Listen. There's a reason why Ron Rivera got the name riverboat run is because he is decided to gamble and go for it. And this was not to me. It was not a big big gamble. So it's important that our philosophy stays consistent. And that we're going to be aggressive. All right. You guys have a problem with Carolina over to here. I thought it was crazy. And I do you NFC south and New Orleans is winning every damn game one nine straight. You can't afford another loss like this kicked the extra point Graham Gano. Had been terrible. Yeah. But you don't give up on him. Just because he's been terrible. If your offense lime or your quarterback has a few bad plays. You don't give up on them. Why give up on your kicker? Look. I'm not mad at Robert. Whether our kick it for the tie or go for two. I e one thing to happen execute Cam Newton God Li like he was open. Execute this. William this conversation. We move on great decision. Great execution Cam got execute. Klay. Good. No. If you say you got to execute kick. So that's not a Robert that's on Cam Newton in this moment. Kicked the extra point money off. You got a lot of talk this week. Got busted again. I needed that game. Go to overtime and Carolina sports up staff. Oh, four and a half points for it. Or? Thank you. I welcome back to the show time for puja Raitis. We're going to do it on the Mark Jackson Jimmy here to help us. You a fisherman? Now do what I got to do. I get out there and get my catch on you understand what I'm saying. That's what I'm you know, I get. Get get America's greatest catches. That's what I do know what I'm saying catching bass out catching bass Asser something on getting into the sake. Highlight from our earlier today about Lamar Jack's goodness. This was black Tim Tibo. That's what this was. And I just don't know. I agree with more of a Lewis. I don't know if sustainable, it's not sustainable. Let's be real man. I think as a defensive coordinator you came into that game. You couldn't imagine that they were run their quarterback even as a running quarterback twenty seven times. So guess what? Now happens every coroner said we're gonna low that box enforce you throw this football hiring. Jimmy that was our discussion earlier today. Lamar Jackson got his first victory in the NFL. What is what's your take on our discussion? Here we go again they Lamar Jackson. Lamar Jackson not just went as far as NFL game. He this. Or did he not just beat Cincinnati bagels? She did did he not just run down there. Two hundred seventy nine yards all about that. This is not just do his best rendition of OJ Simpson. Running through Brentwood. What about eleven black women chasing? Are you gonna airport? We say about the March accent all here where you go. You know, what militates them, you know, you remind me of my ex wife made this may. Let me tell you Jason we mommy of because it didn't matter what you did Marcellus him at what you did what never good enough. I'm laying down demo. Demo going to strong. The deluxe package. Two and a half hours of the damnedest. Yes. Look at me about all you got. About some chicken wings. On may desert. You hurt. All I'm saying is this not enough play. Couldn't love you get big as a house day. She took me up. Do they both have the same size? City. The big as a house. Bob bigger house. Baths, full basement swimming pool for two thousand in Kansas. Swimming pool. Now, we do put legs zone. Jeans growed up fishy, go Tammy. I got to say my house. Got to say, my house book the chemicals in don't match. What my we've? What matching which eyebrows either? This. Got to leave. I don't wear we've. But you know, what I'm gonna tell you this. And I'm serious. One of my daddy's told me one time, what is the sunshine on dogs at least walks. So you was absolutely right about the mall. When you say, hey, boy, you're gonna be running around here really through these holes. Like this. You gotta put some meat on your bones. See these women in Los Angeles. They don't wanna listen. If you wonder why you going to be running around out here you get. On your. Understand wintertime. He some to hold on to the you don't I'm saying. Okay, man, if you'll go look, my daddy told me said son, get you woman decade, cook Gusau Turkey country. That's all I won't hunts. Man. We gotta go women nowadays came make none. But reservations. In home. We gotta go look black banana. Rotten. We gotta go. I got the actually that a total of sixty one sixty one job performance of an eight day as low all time greatest fifteen one heights patrol, Vida. You got overdraft or we'll never. Overdraft count character twenty authenticity of eighteen total of sixty s to low man respect guy. You gotta give them job performance thirteen. You know, why half the quarterbacks in the league loss yesterday? He's not a part of that half. He fathered a positive woman, but he played running. Did one all talk greatest Heisman Trophy winning on jenex characters up there to do one the press conference and good character. We're gonna see if he could take this sustaining artistic twenty-five. He is who he is almost. The game. We wanted to say. I had goods I couldn't make. Yeah. That was interesting play right there. Jimmy helped me.

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BONUS Episode:  Pumpin The Brakes With Larkspur

Larkspur Dance & Choreography Podcast

1:35:40 hr | 5 months ago

BONUS Episode: Pumpin The Brakes With Larkspur

"Hi everybody and welcome to the dance. Choreography podcast this is melanie. This is kayla and natalie. We have a special guest. Natalie has never been on a podcast yet and so we are kind of pumping the brakes and this is la after dark. Let's say what it is. We were sitting here in the dark around fire. Pit having a nice little socially distanced thing. And i think the theme is just kinda slowing down a little bit. We've been very busy. Kind of doing some Virtual things that have been wonderful but a podcast probably the the biggest thing But for for reasons that still escaped me. One of the most listened to podcasts was just during the pandemic like during the spring was just me picking up microphone and just talking just game and i haven't listened to it again. I don't even know if i'll do notes to that. Because i well you do in your own notes but it was from a place where i was just very. I don't know but it was time to tune in tuesday. What's coming up. And i was like i don't you know so anyway. That was kind of. That's kind of the reason That we're kind of talking at you. Tonight is just a little bonus episode. i'm here with two members of large spur. We are missing one and missing her terribly. Cassie got exposed to covid and we decided that she needs to sit this one out because we don't want to expose the rest of us but we miss her and we're thinking about her and we're just gonna talk. We're just going to chat. Yeah alright clarksburg. After dark here we go okay. I wanted to talk about which is still a top of mind for. Everybody is just covid. And we're taping this in its november. Right yes i think the last time. It's friday she was like today friday. Thank i don't know man but We're kind of at a different point you know there's there's less unknowns but Listeners who are listening to this are all dealing with different things like my friend april in new jersey. I think is still virtual with her team whereas here in kansas city. We're getting ready to have our contests the kansas city classic. It's gonna be weird. It's going to be different. It's going to have to be socially distance in that kind of thing but let's just talk about how this has affected us and what coping mechanisms. We have implemented. Because i think a lot of people have Get a lot of help in that way. Let's start with natalie. Natalie is the mother of two adorable kids. Oh my gosh okay. So well i if you guys listened to my story that you heard the name natalie natalie natalie over and over again. We've been together since two thousand five right that's right partners in crime since five and Larger was basically her idea and Asked but in. We've been together since. I mean i think we became inseparable midnight school. Something like that or maybe right before middle school and we met whenever we were like kids. So yeah i'm just saying it was middle school. Yes and it was like humor right. So natalie talk a little bit about kovin how it's affected you what you were doing to cope especially with your kids so initially so in shutdown days i had all that classic anxiety. I'm a medical professional as well In one of the risks In my job is airborne. Illness transmission and bloodborne so a super airborne Pathogen freaked me out a whole bunch. Yeah so i actually was planning on quitting my job in the summer and i just got to quit a few weeks early which was sort of nice but i was not sleeping. I was wreck all of the time. So i i sought out therapy so i have been doing therapy once a week since i don't know early on in the pandemic Talk about that a little bit because of all the stuff done therapy over this. You found yours through better though. They should sponsor this podcast like they do. Almost all the other podcasts out there conan talks to everybody. I listened to talks about better. Yeah better help They hooked me up with somebody. That's in missouri as well which is kind of nice. She's in the saint louis side of things but it's cool that way and that has been very helpful so she had me do grounding exercises initially so mindfulness practices breathing practices. That kind of thing Later on i decided to start unplugging so from most social media. So i still have a fifteen minute timer on my instagram. Can't do more than fifteen minutes day. But i oh damn minds. An our maiden well nigh nights where. I've ignored that for the rest of the day. That's an option right. Well unless just say that taylor's social media responsibilities has picked up. That would make. Yeah i just look at dogs on instagram. I don't even i. It's my happy place so putting the limit was just so it wouldn't be but did you find that you had to follow some things or maybe not on instagram. so instagram i actually ended up on following the majority of people that i know aren't active like friends and that sort of thing in my world because i just didn't need that noise. Yeah and so. My fiat released streamlined. Two dogs especially weird ugly dogs. That's my favorite thing. So i found a really good collection of those out of her three dogs that she owns. I say two of them could be classified. One real lucky we other two are on that spectrum. But i found some like real ones. I really wish i could keep to. I don't know why. But i love me an ugly little dog. Just you do do so. I streamlined it to that. I follow a whole lot of People that work in Animal rights and then also Like institutionalized racism so there's actually a whole lot of really great authors and activists and people who have like game plans and action plans and that actually brings me lots of peace most of the time and then on the days where i felt like all of that stuff was very heavy. I have the privilege to get to turn instagram. And not think about it on that platform I got off of facebook. I didn't deactivate my page. But i don't look at facebook and that's my favorite. Facebook is nothing but stress to me so yeah but but yeah even today i was just like oh you're you're very mad. Still get out here or you're very jubilant you can leave to past even if i agree with what people are saying if people have to say things really strongly worded ways on especially facebook. It seems like i'm getting yelled out personally. and it. just stresses me out so it just and then it just it gets disappointing My side things. My husband is a black man and my kids are mixed race and so we have experienced a lot of people who don't get it when it comes to the race stuff right and that part just was really soul crushing and so it just right around june six that was like on facebook for like very occasional updates of milestones. And that is it. You've missed nothing so you could means maybe here and they're still on instagram. Adrian shows me stuff. it's worthwhile. That's i'm lucky that way so that was really good. The other things they've done to like intentionally goes like at night. I don't look at screens. Most of the time. It's reading a book It's reading with my kids. We are spending time outside every single day outside is supposed to be grounding and good your mental health i have always been into exercise but i- maintaining that so Daily walks working out three times a week. Be zoom with a trainer And then taking breaks to move around with the kids throughout the day Because your kids are home talk a little bit of we chose to do e learning. I'm in the beginning And you know that's got some challenges. It's got some big perks. School is faster than a traditional school day and only four days a week so we have field trip friday. So we've gone to powell gardens and the zoo and every trail and the casey metro. We've done it. Several times pow gardens at the one in castle loved it. They did find for the fifty. Minute drive So we have done that which is good and then i mean the slower pace is great. I don't miss it all that we don't go do any running around after a traditional school hours and we do crafts my five year old super uncreative and she has now taken everything made out of cardboard in our house and turned it into an animal. All so we've got like the vanilla wafer box bear and the taco shell box dog. Every toilet paper roll has to be saved for her. All the amazon cats from the amazon boxes. So yeah just slower. Pace has been great. Yeah i've taught my eight year old. How to knit on a loom and we're going to transition to knitting needles. Yeah we've done cross-stitching and acrylic paint. Pouring i mean any any messy liberty latch hook. Is that gonna come back. Yes that is the thing still. Oh yeah you can go get it right now. Goals and joannes. Oh amazon and michael with technology. Today i bet you could make your own logic like a bet. There's something on the internet where you could like. Send a picture of your dog. He's got that. I'm imagining like a picture of my dog. Harvey island rach. It's so fun all being mainland. Yes yes yes. Oh we've done all the kinds of clay modeling clay or clay. We have done it. We have faced pain. We got all of it. Yeah so well. That's a positive. Yeah sure so. All that's been kind of the coping is really focusing on. We're so fortunate. My husband is gainfully employed. Yeah we get to be home with the kids And so yeah so in general. It's good i My therapist told me. I need to get some me time at least once a week to not go crazy like sometimes i daydream about getting in my car and driving west and never turning around. She was re osmond did that. We're saying that's normal in this situation. You need some time to yourself. Don't do it. But that's my husband. And i know i was like i really want do that. But sometimes that's the thought. When i'm like going to target for the fourth time this week toilet paper or whatever and my husband's great so he helps out with that. He sometimes takes the kids to like his job when it's empty on the weekend. Yeah and that's house. Quiet awesome awesome. Yeah i remember when my kids were that age. I mean you probably remember when my kids were that age. Yeah and i i mean. I didn't complain a lot but those feelings were real even without the pandemic it went. Yeah we yeah. We were in that really busy kind of rat. Race style of like my day was waking up super early getting everything ready for the kids to go to their two separate schools. My husband got up and he left so he didn't do any of that. Yeah and then. I get the kids and get them completely ready. Get them both dropped off and then do the hour of rush hour to my job. Do my job make sure i left on time so i could pick them both up but have dinner like preplanned so that they could eat so they could go be at their activities within forty five minutes of being home and that just like. I don't miss any of that. But it went from that into that extreme stress of the actual shutdown yes and then as it turned into just like. I guess we're never going anywhere gabar whole weird level right. Healing trapped was trapped in this rat race and then i was stuck at home for some breath but there was no depressed again and then so now. We're in a way better routine which is just good. Yeah well we're fortunate. What about you kayla. Talk about how you have been coping with the pandemic changes that it's brought some positives. I'll make my in quick. okay wine. Therapy journaling audiobooks awesome. Okay done yes done in that order. Don't trump that microphone. Women's not yours. Excuse me but i do appreciate that that natalie already brought up talking about mental health therapy because i think that it is such a stigma and i think it's something both of us will i. I mean i'll just say it. I think all of us have started doing this. Pandemic in your mental health is like your physical. No one is ashamed of saying that you went to date your physical right and this time we were also talking to about how the pandemic i think made people it magnified some dysfunction and and like so dealing with the as not only are you dealing with the pandemic but then you're dealing with friends family members co workers whoever are behaving in sort of some erratic ways. And maybe that's magnified some other dysfunction. So yeah i mean everybody's just kind of been in in a bad way. And i do you know i know from the gal. I talked to my therapist. That said yeah we are. I mean they were like all hands on deck is going to get nothing. But we're you know what i mean so but there is help out there. Do not hesitate to indulge in any of it. Can you think of some positives that came out of this. Then i mean. I can only echo on what natalie said it forces all the slow down. Yes i mean my job. I started a new job. Will technically i guess like july of last year in january was officially signed. My contract and i started this new job where he traveled probably percent of my life. But i'm i'm in hindsight glad that didn't happen because i think the covert forces all the slowdown in just face. These things like. I don't going up what you said. I don't know if it necessarily brought different things the surface. I think that being at home brought things to the surface that were already there and forced us to face them. So i'm just glad that allowed us to slow down and chill and address everything. Well even now you know like we have figured out ways and that's kind of my personality type. i will fill a day you. You're a doer. melanie the doer. Everyone didn't done getting day. Everything has a deadline you whatever and so we were just if that makes me a donator. I would select filter know. We have obviously been doing things that are dance related. Something's just cannot happen. The we found ways that we can still create and do things and whatever. So i kind of found myself getting into this pattern okay. Then let's do this then. Let's do this. let's do this. Why am i doing this. You know and So yeah we're pumping the brakes. And and i have received podcast about his asia. Not only how have you been dealing with your three days down. This dress line healthy. That's my only. I'm doing quite well with it anyway. We don't know exactly what it is. But i think that was a manifestation of stress. And so yeah. We're all we're slowing down. So that's probably been. A positive is just pumping the brakes and kind of asking. Why why why am i stressing myself out about this. Or why am i doing noser. Another thing is just time by the amount of time that i had with my kids. is still like you know. Reagan did go back to school but because of cova did She is coming home a lot more than what she did before. It is because the laundry you know and And it's weird on her campus like masks everywhere. There's nothing really to do a lot of the times like they've had to cancel a bunch of games and activities and that kind of thing and So so yeah. It's just been a good opportunity for that all right. Let's pivot and talk about dance team stuff. Yes okay all right. So natalie you are on your high school dance team. Your college dance team. And then that's when i met you was. You were a sophomore in college. I know you believe that that is you will yes. That's right. And i'm yes and you know i was thinking today and then she went to dental school. She a dental hygienist and you went to like a. It's like a top ten dental school. Isn't it it. I have no idea. That's a good one very prestigious. It is basically the yale of kansas. It's a really but i remember. I was with her when she got the call accepted branch and i cried. I remember witnessing whenever you were going through. That school like was also hung over and cried. Allied margins of her notebooks were doodles of dead tooth varies doodle. Bring this bag. We need to bring back all we do. Our house including we can cut this part. My eight year old had to make pictographs part of her history lesson because we're stuttering studying pictographs like hieroglyphs. And she drew one. That accidentally had a weiner it and then i could tell she knew what she done. Just like side. I looked at me. And so that's a weiner laughing emoji pictographs and poor realtors when my kids go back. Yes but we're was gonna say weren't those included like an egyptian painting a pretty sure i mean so yeah actual accurate correct okay. So your favorite style of dance and matt least favorite styling. I love all dance to this. One's hard to pick I loved dancing ballet but it wasn't my strong suit. I love watching ballet. I was best at tap and also thoroughly enjoy watching some good tap dance. yes i super dislike watching contemporary. Most of the time really overdone. And it's really storing when it's dramatic however when it's done well executed. I'll usually yeah. I just don't ever need to see it again. Either because we see it. A lot probably. It's not great. Yeah and it's what address is tap like in less even at whenever i've when i've Judge studio things. There's not a lot of tap. Yeah no where's cap going man. I think it's something that's hard to judge because if you don't know how to tap you don't have to judge it. Your sounds nice. Yeah yeah tap. Tap a little more. Yeah keep those taps. Happening five clicks right. Yeah because you can't judge like if your arms are straight your toes appointed right. Yeah what about okay. Let's talk about kayla's dance team. History i don't think we've ever really covered that in the time that you've been gabbing with me. We're talking about what we're moving onto the dance team related questions so kayla. That's how you guys met. Was it dance. Yes yes in dance. Class yes When we were tiny young young young young okay. Yeah that's how we met The question that i was prepared to answer a little bit more about your history so natter kayla was like the the comp kid that would like go and win the scholarship like she was the one that would go and compete to. Oh she was just the best. Yeah look i was just naturally flexible. Which is really bit me in the butt in my later years complains about face yes. She also worked hard. I feel so sorry for an was good so so so when she would give you the time of day like when she would mozambique to the back road and get water she would. She would dane you worthy to talk. I mean no natalie the pool. When i can show you picture birthday party of all of us when i turned ten including caleb. Everyone i've ever known it's awesome and like i'm really only friends and waking pogo oklahoma's so cute we do really cute. We were yes. I'm always very jealous of kayla when we were in elementary school because she was so pretty. Yeah so talented and always had the best dance outfits because her grandma worked at the dan shop so grandma's also later when we were friends. I benefited from that. So the next stop being such a jealous little brat. Dallas of the flexibility you author high school you danced in college. Go bearcats steppers. Yep and then you danced with the kansas city chiefs. Yes and then. I think that's when we got a hold of you. Yup yup and then well. I think this is something that we talked about our okay. So full disclosure mouse tennis the questions beforehand. I'm just gonna throw that out the window but there was a question about the best times that we had with dancing. Or whatever something of that extent and favorite dance memories or something. Okay and i was thinking about it and redan career and actually my best dance. Memories are with you guys and toby was cool. We got to dance with toby keith. Who i don't listen to country. That's cool but i don't care about me and it wasn't like britney spears to me but not landowners ever have best dance. Memories are dancing at toby's harris because it was with my buddies name that we actually rehearse for actually did work hard to actually good but it was my best the best time doing that and we look good. We didn't look like you know. I mean i think everyone knows whenever you've gone and seen dancers at something you're like. Oh yeah that's not. I can do that better. We actually looked good and those. Yeah yeah that was cool and people. I think at at the time know. All of us probably got sort of question like why. Are you dancing in this ball and like flipping your hair so hard core always really important uraga rafi exactly but i don't knock it until you try it. That's probably the most fun venue. You will ever danson low pressure which gave us so much freedom to be so full out and have so much personality was so funny and we were together in professional and we also allow those. Were the cheddar. This guy look everything. corn muffin s. So good. yeah it was good. Yes almost all fried my favorite style of dance and it's probably kayla's to palm. Yes we love it. It's happy it's visual. Get i just love it. My least favorite style of dance. If i have a leesburg. Probably what natalie said just because i i i'm not deep enough. I don't know why you said. I mean like are you dying at the end. They always die. Or i don't know and like i. I just don't think that. I have that in me you know whereas shaken little fluffy things and making pretty pictures. I get that i love that. It's makes me happy. It brings me joy the other thing. I think it's beautiful. Whenever it's well done. I think a lot of ways. It's really important therapeutic for these teams that do it and do it. Well you know what i mean. And they talk about their story and what they're thinking and feeling and in a lot of ways i think that's very cool and important especially for high school and college. These kids are going through a lot. You know whereas me. I'm just six eight. Put your hair. that's important. Okay so natalie. What are some benefits. You've gained from having dance in your life. And why would you encourage people to stay involved. I mean we could have retired probably longtime ago. Maybe we should have gosh. I love dance because it's such a really wonderful way for me to connect with my own body as far as movement goes Whenever i have been dancing my hardest and actually like lost in the dancing versus worrying about you know technique or that kind of thing. But when i had the freedom to just move To me that's like kind of like my best form of prayer or meditation like i've just never felt more like just inside myself incomplete when i've been like dancing my hardest weather it was just as a teenager doing something in ballet or whether it was like as a whiskey girl on the stage but whenever i can lose myself fully dancing. That's always my favorite Dancing was just such a good way to have a really positive community to and that's my big way to like encourage people to stick with dancing. Lakewood calas said Those times at the bar. I mean we didn't need to do it. It was like thursday friday and saturday nights and we were all adults and like it had real jobs significant others and spouses for like whoo okay. That's what you're doing. We're on thirty. You like if. I am rarely ever looking back and being like man. I wish i could go back and do that. But that was a time that i would go back and do we could recreate. How awesome that was. That just was super fun and you know there were moments in high school dance. That had that same wonderful. Yes and the same thing with college dance team and same thing with my dance studio. I learned so much that i think dancing was just a key factor in that. It's a worthwhile thing for sure. Hundred percent what about you. Kayla benefits of having dance in your life can meet. You might want to cut this out okay. Do you remember whenever we introduced mal whenever dancing. Toby's to my neck and oh that was one of the best moments ever. Yeah he's like well. I need some dance music coming neck and my back. She's like okay no longer make friend thank you very little near bachelorette party. We went to karaoke turns out all the music we learned growing up is just stripper sex nasty and we love it and we will hopefully all the motions and they just laughed. I do remember that. Yeah telling you guys thank you. Thank you for that. I will never forget and my neck and my back shown up several million times. Since then i would ever again just roll with. Why do not get letters. Tiktok dance yet. They start that for expert. Please no no okay so benefits besides some really good stories of being involved in dance recommend it okay so the reason why i would recommend people for getting involved in dance for me growing up. I didn't have. I was very shy and have a lot of friends at school but dance in my dance studio. I always knew that. I had my dance friends so it always built a community for me and something that i knew that i could connect with And then throughout college. When i went i knew that i had a built in like when i made the dance even enough to meet the team. I knew that. I built in group of friends. Yes and community. That i could You know be friends with hang out with introduced me to the college life and i mean dance honestly has connected all of us where we are like. I don't think i would know melanie daily. Now leona there's these kids but we know we've known each through dance so it's just one of those things that just keep you out of trouble and keeps you physical and this is a good thing. I think i would say the same thing that allows you. I mean dance team. Friends are forever friends and allows you to relate to them on a whole different level. You know because you understand something. I don't know it's just weird. I love my husband but he doesn't understand putting on a show each understand that and you know so. There's there's people that i judged with people i've danced with people have taught with that So i think it's the people and i also think it's the opportunities. I mean the opportunities that had it has afforded me has been just phenomenal and That's why i would recommend it to because my life would have been so different. Like i think about it and being able to go and teach camps over the summer like i really didn't live at home Like right after high. School i went. I was gone all summer long. And then i went off to college and gone in the summer that you know what i mean and so that i think gave me a whole different experience a whole different sort of way of growing up and just the and then the opportunities now like you can like they attest to madurai and my mind has never quiet like i can always be thinking. Okay would be. This would be cool. I'm like you know we should do this. And that kind of thing. So i think it's just. The opportunities are endless and the connections have just been really beneficial to okay natalie. What's something that a coach or a dance teacher did that. You thought was really good that you really appreciate it. And the reason. I ask that is because so many coaches and teachers people that work with kids in a dance related field. Listen to this. And so maybe there's something from your experience at your like do that. That would be great. In retrospect i really appreciate all the dance. teachers. I had and coaches. I had that pushed me past my comfort zone. Because i have always really second guessed my ability and dance and been super timid It and i still feel that way about stuff now. I still like put everybody else in the front way more accomplished way better. I am super fine being the one in the back on the corner and so I appreciate everybody. Who told me if i worked hard and just did it that i could do it and i could end up. Not being the dancer in the back on the side and okay two more so believe them push them. Yeah push them in especially pushed. The ones in that you know are too shy to believe in their own potential. I love that all right. What about you kayla. So i never really well. You know since being in high school like we'd never proper coach and did not have a great highs. geico tweeted teacher sponsor. That was like didn't like it. We don't want the dance him to go away but we're going to sponsor the yeah in college i didn't have a we were self run So i never really had a proper coach until i danced with you know for the nfl. And i think the biggest thing that i can say about that is just someone actually teaching me. That being a part of a team is more than just standing. It's more than just having all your thumbs in the right place. Right in your toes pointed and i never really understood that into my early twenties. Yeah someone who's danced her whole life. I think that's huge You know it's more like you. You have to really want the good of the team and understand that you're part of something bigger than you all of that. It's awesome Well seen as. I'm older kayla. Natalie like i never really had like the the caliber of coaches and teachers that have stepped up in that are coaching nowadays. But i will say from what i've seen at super effective are the what like i. I think i was guilty of if you didn't coach mike. Maggie willis our little colleague at liberty. High school who was amazing awesome. You know i. I almost thought that they were not as effective. But what i have come to find out is that everybody has their own style. And you don't have to be a clone of somebody else who is successful in order to have your own success and be able to relate to these kids and so even and i feel like there's a lot of value four kids and for teams that even if they never win. I you know they're just excited to place and it's much more about what happens. Outside of that. Competition is what happens at practices. What happens at the games with you. Know what i mean. And so i think i just have a lot of respect for the coaches that are just there and show up constantly because they were not there and doing this. These kids wouldn't have this opportunity. -solutely can ask you. What do you feel like you've done this podcast for three seasons now. Yeah we're on season three. Okay so what do you feel. Like is the biggest thing that you've learned from talking to all these amazing coaches Is that. They are more of a guide on the side. As opposed to the sage on the stage okay. That was a teacher thing. Like i learned that in college in an education or a stage on. Don't be the sage on the stage. Sage like the herb or the performer. The it's all about me okay. I know i'm the all knowing and you've come to my show these students or whatever you need to be the guide on the side and the students need to be self directed. Okay and so. That's what i've learned that. They rely a lot on their leaders. Leader the student leaders. They they kind of set. The tone and the coach is there to sort of organize and of direct some but it really comes from the kids and i think is just a very basic love and carrying about the kids in front of you as opposed to dance knowledge and as opposed to you know i mean all of that's great and then another thing too is a lot of times. I'm surprised by coach. That you know if i go and work with the team or whatever that really does know her stuff but then we'll be like you know. Yeah but we're not going to really worry about that like dance related have because this and this and this and that you're like she just can kind of pivot and knows that the priority instead of like taking the time to fix that thing that is really in the large scheme of things going to be inconsequential as opposed to. Let's keep this on the rails. Let's keep people Functional and yeah happy in that kind of thing. So you awesome. Yeah i think it's also lakey guess as a whole i guess high school and college coach twenty or eighteen year olds. Only gonna listen to you so much where you try to impose so much wisdom i think on anyone like yeah. That's right okay. One setting a tone and being able to reign it in if things start to go off the rails with like the team lead leadership. That's i think really helpful too because that helps just like with small kids. It's good for them to get to like have plates and stuff where they get to have conflict and resolve it. As long as you're like making sure it doesn't get out of hand. Same thing with letting these young adults deal with their own conflict and then if things need someone to intervene right who can have a final. Say but to be like you know. We're kind to each other. We honor each other. We this that's so that's really strong leadership. Yeah and i love that too when it's Where they set the tone that were about so much more than just five six seven eight and winning that were you know. Were building something here. Yeah that's really cool. See all right. So what is your dance. Pet peeve like is there something that you see teams or soloist or studios. Do that makes you want to tap them on the shoulder and say there's a better way i mean besides contemporary just kidding. So actually no actually. What i can't stand are kind of two things. I strongly dislike overly sexy routines with teenagers. Minors just aren't cute. Doing let me entertain you or a big spender. It's just it's never cute. I don't wanna see a sexualize kid under any circumstances and it's been done maybe five trillion times talk new year and then the we've kind of become desensitized to that a little bit. Yeah yeah it's it's you know what it is. What is expected in competitive dance. Yeah and i don't mean dance team but just private dance studios that is what it is and so it doesn't no one bats an eye in that world. I have never liked that. I love it in adults. I love britney spears. Live janet jackson i love sierra. I love a burlesque show but not in a minor ever right and then also don't appreciate when it comes to actual dance team competitions either using the hottest songs of the moment because it ends up we here at ten or fifteen times. Yeah in judging so bust out some oldies bust out something weird from five years ago or the hit from five years ago because that's more refreshing than using what's been the cell block tango in two thousand four whenever we were senior me and i wish it had been zellweger up. Yeah everyone right. Were you judging back then. Yeah that's another tango. We got it right. I know but i. I also do feel for the choreographers. In what trying to come up with a concept. I think that's partially to why. I love palm exactly right and you can. You can repeat and you can recycle. And it's not like this pressure of trying to do something fresh and whatever. What about you kayla. What are some things that you dislike. Yeah my biggest thing is not connecting with music. Ooh i think You know as a judge ovalles. Now that. I'm at the ripe age in my mid thirties. Now but when i whenever i watch teams that don't that will do the moves perfectly but don't connect with their music or they're having fun or they don't understand if they're doing contemporary. They don't understand the lyrics or they don't have something that they're dino feeling I'm gonna plug carl months podcast. Because it's great because he talks about how to get the dancers to connect with music which is not an easy thing. But that's my big thing is whatever style that you're doing you have to connect with your music and you have to get all your dancers to do it. In order for it to be a unified dance right k. Well the two people that i am sitting with have prepared answers and identity. Big prepared the questions. I don't know. I probably. I would say he had to prepare them. 'cause we both been drinking a lot of wine we knew this was gonna out. There was just gonna go People aren't together right. I think probably. My pet peeve is Maybe team members and coaches that. It's it's about placement. And about winning. And i just want to say you know that has a lot of that's out of your control man. Why why would you base your success on something that you have absolutely no control over. You can't control what they're doing. You can't control you know so that that would probably be my biggest piece of advice and maybe my biggest pet likely put this trick in there because they saw last year. This nationals and that don't make a decision based on you know on that chart just be really internal about all of that like what's going on with your team. What would be the best thing with your team and you know i've been. It's very refreshing to see teams like being really super excited about third place your anymore. Oh god yeah as opposed to trying to morph into something. That's we're an additive and you know and when it comes right down to it it's just it's like kids in the gym and it's not really about that trophy you know and even the guy at the trophy shot told me you know. This is really just kind of junk. I don't want to buy this back. And they're cheap and whatever you know so i'm not i'm not bad mouth trophies. I'm just taking it straight from the trophy guy. The trophy shop guys mouth so it. I think that would be. My pet peeve is making it about that and really like. I don't think i could tell you. And a lot of coaches that i've talked to that have that have national championships for heaven. Say they don't really remember what year like they will say okay. I think that was. Oh five aby maybe or maybe. It's oh seven. I don't know i'd have to you know what i mean like. They'd have to go back in the archives or whatever. That's really not what it's about. So i think that's what i would say Okay natalie your coolest dance experience. Maybe it was a performance or an opportunity with a pro team or backstage shenanigans. When so hard so what. We already touched on. Ralston's like my warmest buddist moments are under that dancing at the bar. Street cred cool wise. I love when i get to talk about my year as a backup dancer in the country music star can be. I can make it sound. Real cool met a lot of famous people. He's really cool. Downplays it but what the hell you were there. I got to meet carrot top. And i have a picture right. Pretty aimless actual yup knows the most davis no. I can make all that roku. Sometimes we slept in truck stops motels. That wasn't cool but no that was a really wild experience. And i'm so grateful i got to do it. I learned a whole lot of stuff Boy and i wouldn't do it now but i'm really glad i did it then. So that's like my interpretation of calls. And i was once cool cool when i did that. Yeah that was some great opportunities. There was yeah. I think i would say The coolest was Some of the toby. Then's yes because you think about His concerts were like eighteen thousand people in the sprint center. That was real. That's very cool. And sometimes i'm really really glad i feel very fortunate that that never crossed our mind. We just thought about the stage. We just thought about you. Know that kind of thing and i think that could have really freaked us out so i would say that was probably the the coolest thing and then i hate to. I hate to like look back and say that that was the coolest like i can't help but think that there's cool things to to come so even on a on a different scale i wouldn't say smaller scale but i'm also very proud of Our events heck yeah the fact that yeah the fact that we have multiple events now not drink covid so much but the podcast and proud of the website proud of the kleenex. That's probably one of the coolest things but oh you don't okay. I something just Just popped into my mind. Probably one of the coolest experiences In dance for me was i I'm the site coordinator for the missouri. Dance team association for their competition and it is always the coolest thing when we get college teams to come and volunteer to like run score sheets and they'll whatever and as i'm leading them through and telling them okay. You will do this. You will do the and giving their jobs a recognize one of the girls. Yeah like one of the Rock dancers from k. Or whatever and i'll look at her and she'll look at a and we'll smile. I'm like i know you like facing jim. Before i worked with this. I was on blue springs Other i was on rate or whatever and so that's probably the coolest thing is getting to see these kids that i have worked with them when they're in high school and then remember them when they come back and work state as a member of their college team. That's probably might kuester. Kayla was taking pictures. We i know we were talking. I know she. I think she was taking a piano or like she's just trying to find an angle. Where in the dark in our weird sweats. Cool that's fine you the in stubbing cool We were talking about our coolest dance experiences. Oh i talked about this. The whiskey girl thing. Yep totally whistles dancing at arrowhead stadium that has to be topped him. And i thought about this though. I mean mel did send us. These questions were harm beforehand and honestly dancing with my besties hanging out an eating the hell it was i love. I love that though that you you know. That's not to knock that. Dancing at arrowhead isn't cool. Of course it is but Yeah i would say the infant with y'all on the other side too. I took that question to mean like dancing as in. I was actively dancing but as far as just my involvement in the dance world I couldn't be more proud of like you. Specifically mel and than us as large expert every year the kansas city classic watching it grow like at the end especially when we see all those dancers and the teams are so fun to watch dancing to the music and all their excitement. Before awards are announced. Like to see that go from the vision to fruition. And that it's been thriving like that's due to me. It doesn't get cooler than seeing something that just came from hardwork. Beat a division is sober when she was just talking about like. I wanna hold competition. Kansas city house. Like this sounds hard. But we're in every week you do. Yeah that's cool okay. So some advice or lesson that you've learned from dance their their consulting notes. Lima notes in the firelight here hard. Don't wanna burn. My official lurks per natalie gives them more philosophical. Very thoughtful answering. Mine's not silla slip. Nataliya think you forget that i'm deep. Sometimes it's just not she whereas k look we'll be like okay. This is the glue that you need. Look this is important guys. It'd be mostly. I wanna talk about the press on nails. I work for halloween. But that's not for this podcast so we're the same. My big advice would be. Don't compare yourself to other dancers. Yeah When you're coaches give you advice. I know that mostly coaches are listening to this. But it took me a long time to realize when i was given critiques from coaches or teachers that it was because they saw potential in me i took that as i was a crappy dancer. I should quit try. And why am i even on this team. And i wish someone would have just told me. I guess that they saw my potential in. That's why they were giving me a correction is because i could correct that thing and make it better now. So i guess for coaches make sure that's part of the language you use when correcting dancers so they understand that in can internalize it because if you were a timid little thing like i was address. Thought that meant i should. I don't belong here. Yes especially. I was always surrounded by great dancers on my dance teams and i was always one of the weaker dancers at the end of the day without stuff. So encourage your dancers while you correct them so that they'll work harder. I love that it was cry. The question was was padua. Bra usually cut my now advice than any. Why was take care of your injuries can catch up with you when it gets to these personal questions. Mr tanking real quick philosophical about my bad hip. No you talk about your bad because like little catherine. You know that's been doing so many of our instructional videos. I think that she's struggling. Girls you turn thirty four. And it's only downhill from there. You show you gotta go to the chiropractor. Those things that you think are going to go away. It's going to be fine. You take ibuprofen from wearing up. So don't ignore your injuries yet. Take like yeah. Listen to your chiropractor. Yeah i would say be humble. That's probably my biggest piece of advice. Yes no matter how good you are. There's somebody that's better and then a lotta times if you're really really good and you're not humble you don't get the same opportunities as somebody. That's maybe not as good but nicer. We'll get because yeah people just can't deal if with somebody that's not humble so work hard be humble. It's not fun is not glamorous advice but that would be my advice all right you guys ready for some girl talk. No we've been doing well dance team in covert talk all right so in in light of pumping the brakes and just having fun and just kinda chilling out. I prepared just some just some regular. Bs question i guess he's really hard to say okay. Well then i'll start with this one star with natalie. She like went like i. Just kinda thought. I two seconds saw sitting outside hiding for my kids while he did this day. I could hear them looking for injured. Pay any in the door was open like it wasn't difficult to find me okay. Had to give a ted talk. What would you talk about. I said so. Not an expert knitting so unqualified for all. Ted talks except for maybe how to flash your teeth. But i would say that my had talked about. It's okay to change so a sign of growth is to question things that you were in weren't taught and then to not look back and be disappointed that you're not the same person you were a year ago five years ago. Why would you stay the same if you could take an opportunity to be better. Oh wow but it's not like any research or anything to back that up. That's really good. And i already knew what i was gonna say paris that okay. Well kayla's gonna pass. No i'll go ahead and tell you what mine was. If i had to give a ted talk i would say two things to shut the toilet lid for. Why don't people so important. I hated senior download or night. I live with ocd. That doesn't do that. i don't understand. That's so weird. And i've read that. That's just a very quick way to stop the spread of germs and die s it just but just close the lid and like if you want to jump start to health. I was there and it's funny that you mentioned. That's in my challenge. If i had. If i had time at the end of my ted talk i would also mention that if you also want to jump start to health a way to just really kind of turn things around quickly. Shut the lid and false. Wash your hands before you get to the floss par right. Yeah yeah because That your gums and you correct me. If i'm wrong tooth fairy here but it's if you do not floss that's terrible. Yeah and and it's people don't like doing it. You'll get gum disease and die but if you just do it and it does not take long than to get those gums back in good shape. It's weird right in the. The bigger stuff is Actual donal disease is a chronic inflammatory issued to so you don't want that we also know the same plaque found in your mouth is found in the arteries around your heart. So we don't know chicken or the aig Yet which one begets the other one. But like it doesn't hurt to remove that plaque in between your teeth it prevents cavity and then there is very early research that there might be a connection between alzheimer's and gum disease as well so it just can't hurt. It's a nice preventative. Measure for a whole body health. So yeah floss. It's real easy and vice week. Even scrape so you could take a day or two off take the weekend off. Oh you can floss in the shower. You don't have to fly while you brush. Okay yeah and Close lid and there's other uses for vapor rub besides congestion. But i don't know. If i would have time at the end of my ted talk google it tons of uses for vapor. Oh okay. I feel like i need to mention what my ted talk would have been about news and we'll we'll move on. I'll just say the title militiamen outs. How to be oblivious to anything and everything around you. Ooh moving on. Oh i like that. I kinda wanna know more. Don't you guys know me just. I thought it was going to be about expulsion. Well that too. But i'm also in. Yeah just kind of turn your blinders on and nothing is bliss. It is indeed her all right so natalie. What's the best non dance advice you've ever received when i i read this. I i thought you said best non advice. And i was like i don't know what that means for the longest time and then i googled it and the question was like oh non dance okay so to show up. Listen and not give advice. Ooh let's show up and listen. I love that. Yeah mine comes from previous podcast from melanie daily. No means not yet. That's so good to say that to a lot. I say that to myself a lot. Yes could macho means not yet but this is very true. Yep very true. Persistence is a great substitute for talent. On your podcast. To steve martin said that is so true. Just keep at it. I thought Do you ever remember like the first piece of advice i ever gave you. It was at toby's and so we're in dumb outfits and we're dancing in a bar and so we would get kinda some flack from other Some from some female patrons whether renew them or not there would be looks. There would be you know. She thinks she's all that type thing. You're gonna mean like we're working at apart a dumb yeah author when you were a cheerleader. You probably cherry picked up on that kind of thing to well somebody in the bar at made kayla feel stupid or they were mean to you or something like that. Do you remember this. I think i know what you're talking about. But i told her kayla you will find as you go through life that there are two kinds of people in this world the incredibly good looking and talented and those that are jealous of us and just be glad. You're on this team. That's right we're on. I'm up on this bar. I win this. Yes yes she was right. You will find as you go through life that there's always two kinds of people in the us nell and ten years later. It's still true it does hold true. Yeah okay so natalie. Who's her hero. My gosh this one was also super hard so like have levels some just going to read a bunch of people. Some of them are noble and some art. I mean like a love mariah carey. She europe that since like seventh grade for your twenty her day. Didn't you go see her. Yes he did detroit. She was amazing. i love you know. Bg john lewis. Dan levy rene brown misty copeland byles. I love. I love anybody who fights for justice. I love people who are really kind. I love people who challenge everybody to be outside their comfort zone into maybe view the world differently. There's just so many. I love people who also bring like joy and laughter and all that so like heroes. Just come in. I mean patrick mahomes i. There's just there's a whole lot so lot of heroes loud personal heroes that are known real life too many awesome riots. I shoot myself. Natalie has a much better answer than me. I don't i honestly. I don't think i'd be singular hero right just i. I enjoy just listening to successful people. So everything that natalie named Even listening to like. I watched them michael jordan documentary. I don't care about baseball or basketball. Obviously football whatever he played before no i mean just in general I just enjoy listening to successful people and actually do a podcast. Have you guys. Listen to the with miley cyrus. No oh no okay. It's good yeah. Awesome kind of fun. Little factor you. And i have discussed this story like i think i would always just you know i think of heroes somebody that just is really like just does really really hard things i think i was always conditioned to as a catholic tuesday mother theresa and then okay so i have a friend that her daughter And my daughter were in the same girl scout troop and i was the girl scout leader and I love this woman. She's she's surgeon she's brilliant and she's very devout and whatever and i remember Just talking to her. After some meeting. And i don't even know how mother theresa was mentioned but She told me she was. Like oh i went to india and i worked for her for a while. And that's a look that i had on my face like natalie's just like oh and so like i even like clutch my pearls and i said oh my gosh was it just the most spiritual and divine experience does light radiate from this woman and she said no sometimes she could be a real and she said the b word remembering myself to say to call by the bitch i we. Are you serious. Like yes because she has a job to do. And i think people My friend david moore went to this ashram in india. Mother may rose. She's sort of a mother theresa type and he kind of went there thinking that he would get sort of justice spiritual experience and she would hands on these visitors and stuff like that. Yeah you know what i mean. But it's not. It's not that way. It's not pretty. It's not glamorous. these people are just real people. So that's that's kind of. I think about whenever i think of hero is just sort of doing the hard things and then i kinda liked to have heroes sort of like in my life because like my my everyday real life that i actually no because i think so many times young people will pick heroes. It's just like oh my gosh like some celebrity. That's probably really a gross nasty person in real life and it's like oh my gosh child do not do not Idolized allies. that person. Don't set that person on a pedestal. If if the same holds true for mother theresa hussein. You know what i mean like. She got canonized. And so i have it on very good authority from friend ashley. That mother teresa was not all terrain here breaking news that needs to be the name of this. Podcast is still. You know what i mean like i still I'm not negating her sainthood or anything like that. I'm just saying she melian say that they real person job. I'm gonna excommunicated. Tomorrow that's cool. What is tamara okay. I was thinking tomorrow sunday. I was gonna say cool. I can skip okay. So i would probably say like in my real life the prison i meyer a law and it's going to sound weird. It's my kids. Oh is so strong he is. Yeah an reagan. Reagan's really strong. She's she kinda. Like conner has type one diabetes and he has had kind of just been such a trooper about since he was in kindergarten. And like i read. I'm on lots of forums. Like mom's type one diabetics and whatever and and these. Mas will complain about like their kid. I can't get my kid to do this. i can't get. How do i convince them to do that kind of thing. I never had any problems with him. He always accepted sort of his lot in life and has always had a really good attitude about it. Reagan too reagan struggles with She knows she had some learning situations going on. She's always kind of been very shy but really really talented. And so i know that you know she has had to overcome a lot of stuff just to kinda function and thrive so then when she got hurt in the horse riding accident in writing. That would yeah. I mean i may be afraid of horses forever from that and it didn't happen to me even remotely. She got hit by a horse This was years ago and was really gravely injured. Broke her arm and then She had to get Stitches really tore indoor. I mean you could see her. Inner horrible was horrible and then she had one of those huma toma. I mean yeah just really got thrown from the horse when another horse bid her and so it was months before she wrote again and i remember when she went back to the barn and i told Her horse riding instructor caitlin. Who's so amazing awesome I think she's just going to muck stalls today. Like i don't think she's going to get back on the horse and caitlyn got her back on the horse that day. Yeah so anyway. Okay next question. okay natalie. How do you decompress go outside. So i do at least thirty minutes of walking outside every day. She hides her kids. I take them with me most of the times and the dogs attack. We look scary. I have three shitsu esque situations. I turn off my screens. We don't watch tv. We don't get on our laptops. Don't get on our phones. We'd just sit there and stare at each other I exercise regularly. And then if. I'm really going crazy. I drive around. And listen to gangster rap gangsta up. That's important. I wanna know i mean all of it. I really liked listening to megan thee stallion too well so some so. I'll listen to that. I really liked like two thousand. Southern gangster rap select a whole lot of little john. Oh yeah you guys are talking about. We'll do that. I mean i'll i'll dump. Dr dre as the chronic yes. Mother teresa had a rapper. Yeah yeah so a lot of that. Old stuff I i do like the female rappers right now. I like megan thee stallion cardiac mulatto though. I don't like saying that name Killing it no. It's her stage. Name is such an antiquated. I don't think say on lower michigan the cillian but yeah so but i don't listen to any of the dudes right now. 'cause i'm an old and i don't understand what they're doing but i don't know any of those people all the stuff from the nineties and two thousands spotify mallory. No no no my bad. But i'm not like the pumped up music mike on my spotify like know. Kinda like is predictive or whatever. There's lots of dolly parton. There's lots of martina minute lake. Tien hopefully nothing but that filthy now by me and my favorite journalists were like southern rap or britney spears like lift heavy. either one of those ashanti. Yeah gosh good. Jaylo from the two thousands. The nineties kayla. How do you decompress I'll keep it short if i'm productive. I work out in a journal. Thanks to mal. And if i'm not productive i net flicks. Drink wine awesome boom. I drink to decompress for all. I do walk and she walks in doing. This is not going to surprise you to at all. How i can i clean. My house can always decompress my husband. Yeah i love it i do. I don't i wish and like organized. What's really really psychotic is a let my house get really gross and dirty. This psychotic gray would never do that. So he can appreciate the cleanliness. After i'm part of it's like a time thing to notice all your towels. They always perfectly folded unmatched in your bathroom. You guys use your bathroom. We go to the neighbor's. The bathroom bathrooms good bathroom. You mean the one off the kitchen. Yeah no that that gets. That's the real. Yeah this one gets used but like yeah. I mean today i knew you guys were coming and so i put a fresh tau but then i also like those little paper tells especially during the day on them. Yes i am beyond i mean. I'm not judging because i'm jealous. I wish i had that. I might tell you too can go up to the bed. Bath and beyond. I've got a bunch of twenty percents off coupon. I always go there with a fiscal which which last name initially gonna go with. You have to get usually pge. But again. I also i mean i just haven't i haven't really had time lately but i love to read yes. I love that So that's how i decompress and then oh wait. No you know what. I do that i do find time for just because it's like before going to bed or whatever i fall down youtube rabbit holes osgood one. Kayla was share for halloween from clueless. And when you first said that in that text. I was literally typing. Oh my gosh. okay. I'm gonna send you this video bob. Macky is brilliant. Or whatever. And then i realized she's talking about share from clueless have been falling a sonny and cher show rally. Yes god would love these. Bob macky creations through my mom raised me like watched all the specials in late twenty twenty s with baba wa wa in like all that and yeah no and so then. Turner divorce sonny and cher divorce. She had her own show for awhile. Just the share. Show and that rocked. Yup all of. That's on youtube. And then they got back together for the sonny and cher show. Because i don't know. I guess diet late share diana. Ross dolly partner. Kind of like what. My mom used to show me for. Glamorous women crying up plague in share was like a big one because her out that all the midriff as you so pretty. I mean all of us sitting here. She's just annoying my grandma's age. She's crazy I like falling down or just google solid gold. It's a tv show. You will not be sorry on. She's made us do this way. We should show the ones where it's like the how soul train. But it's like nowadays pop music drops so good. I bet you know so much fun for our. Yeah so. I like. I like just falling down these little holes and just mindless watching of Another thing that i've kind of gotten addicted to is vogue has been having people come on to talk about Their iconic looks share. Was one of them. Dolly was one of 'em shinola was one of them and they go through this little scrapbook and they're surprised by the look like i think jennifer aniston. They're good see hours. Not telling me this demographic. We're very busy people. Okay so what would be like if you just had to pick one or you can pick one from all three of these things. Is there a favorite or most life changing book or tv. Show or movie that you would recommend. I think people are always looking for stuff. Such a big question okay. I'll say well if that's what you're looking for y'all need to watch the vowel. Is that good. So good. came vow. Like vio w. yes that's about that colt nexium. Okay yeah oh is and i watched it and realized that. I think i'm too dumb to join a call like so keith. You gotta be smart to join the. I don't know but this keith. Year just got sentenced on tuesday or something and twenty years in jail. It's sorry podcast. Oh this isn't new. He link ask some girl like what is rt. You is she starts crying. And i was like oh i might too dumb. I don't under- then he just uses a bunch of connective like wool. You know if you feel this. And if you are connected to this and blah blah blah mike. Oh i think. I'm done for this. I don't understand what he's talking about so so he wouldn't have sucked you in 'cause i'm not smart enough. Apparently so he would connect them on this like a meta level. I mean what is art melanie. Oh exactly yeah. So i think the vow i just think existential enough which is in this at all like. Is there a free wine here. Is there right right. We're going to talk about like nail polish at any point that's are not play lawn later right and that's on. Hbo hbo can accent hbo. All right wherever you stream reach be. Oh okay. This is not sponsored. Unfortunately okay for me on this question. So i i tended operate in two levels really like justice driven in my thinking and i'm constantly having morality battles in my head about my own actions and stuff like that which is exhausting. So if we're talking about like what's life. Changing as far as me. Changing how i think to be a better person. Authors like ten hussy coats. I'm brunet brown or super helpful. In any of their books will help you grow as a person Especially like we were eight years in power or like when it comes to things. I'm not into purely culture with the church Pierre by linda kaye klein is really eye-opening and helpful When it comes to. When i don't wanna think about morality i would say try watching Rock of love. That's one of the things i did. Early on in the pandemic michael's yeah so like the trashier that and the night consume every where did you watch it even on hulu all the h. One dating shows are are you serious. Yeah and i love all trashy horror novels and stuff so red babe. Everything stephen king's ever written like i'd like did not see the trash so i either went really deep. Mind brian stuff. Or i want pure trash trash except for. I've never watched like the bachelor dancing with the stars. But right think i'd like that but you gotta be dumber than that. There are just some friends of mine. That i just adore and i just love and are addicted to the bachelor. They love it winds. No he loves does he love the bachelor. Well it's like he does the best commentary and okay. He is very funny. Yeah those girls are always dental hygienists to your future. Lena say old. One the bachelor high grumpy and i drink a lot. They don't like you or any of these other people. But i'm on here to be famous. Pick me pick me early thousand stress. Okay we're one of those. I were to pick a life changing book that well first of all like what's tidying-up rekondo. No as a matter of fact on my nightstand life. Well i haven't had time. And i know what i'm also putting off cleaning my closet. I have things in their from years. And years girl you need to read tidying-up but then i know once i do then there's that job that chore i'm ready for them so anyway Life changing book. The first book that i remember reading as i was maybe fourteen or fifteen and you had to pick from this list of books and i thought oh this is gonna suck bird. I got sucked into it. It was the great gatsby. F scott fitzgerald. I loved it. And i was like. Wow you know. Reading's fun i guess I also love to kill a mockingbird. I thought that that was a fantastic book. life-changing tv show. And the reason. I'm gonna mention this is because it's all in podcast form now and i was just listening to some this afternoon. The oprah winfrey show. I'm going to be fifty. This in march. And i remember like coming like i grew up with her like i was little when she was just started was and then. I remember coming home from school. I was a teacher. And i didn't really know how to work vcr. But i knew if. I got home right away. You know like. I would be able to watch oprah and i loved When she started doing shows where she talked about life and Yeah i learned a lot of great things and her pot. And the the oprah winfrey show has a podcast and it's a lot of that advice is still relevant today and movie. I don't know. I don't have a movie I like emily nagorski to come as you are and burn out. Those are two great books. Okay yeah all right. do you remember though. We'll talking about mel lake. Rushing home to watch oprah rosie o'donnell oh she loves uses. Was the thing that i can never tom. We had toyed. Yeah she was old school now but oh yeah yes. It was during that time. So i was a teacher then middle school. I don't believe him. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah oh my gosh okay. So next question. Do you have a favorite journal prompt. No because i'm really bad at journaling. But i love making less. So that's what you said like. what do you make. What kind of list you make in your journey lists about malays I like to out everything. I need to do that day. Okay like to make lists of things. I need to do in the future. I like to make lists about Everything grocery list house lists personal goals. Lists anything that you est and then sometimes across it often. Sometimes i just like to revisit my list. Yeah or not and just turn the page and make a new list. Yeah there's just something really cool. I think about putting like a pen or pencil to actual paper as opposed to type unit on a smartphone or a computer Kaylin i have had this discussion before that. If i'm gonna journal sometimes a lot a lot of times. I will prefer the night journal to the morning journal. Because i think i'm in a crappy mood in the morning. And if i were to journ just i don't know i don't think i'm really a morning person. And so if i were to journal in the morning it'd be like people. I hate leaves billy madison. We're daydream. Yeah so you know. It's funny though. We've talked about this smell but i'm not a morning person at all. I've morning journal. Now because you gave us journal awesome The last movie together which was like two three months ago. And i don't know i am not a morning person but morning journal now and i would say my favorite boarding general prompt while like doing it is because it sorts they operate wake up over or just not feeling the day But making goals easier. Yeah and i realized with myself sometimes making may goals easier some big goals of what i wanna do with my life or sometimes it's small goals of just taking care of myself that day. What do i need to do to to make my big goals happen. Sometimes that means working out. Yeah sometimes that means eating healthy that day. Yeah i'd probably say. My favorite prompt is the gratitude ones. I think that's why that's cool at night. Like what's some good things that happen and then intention setting for the next day. Yeah you know. I think that that kind of puts me the daily affirmation your journaling every day. Usually for a while i was just like windows in a really really bad place. It saved me. I'm not gonna lie so you do like morning and evening. Whenever i would like really need it and when like a bunch of stuff was going on and that kind of thing and i think that that really really helped and so i might get back to it but like i haven't done it in a while because i have needed to really like it was more like a to do list and whatever and i feel pretty good and that kind of thing but lawn you cut the south you want but i just between like i felt like i needed to yeah morning and night like okay. I need to see your like consistently doing it. That's awesome morning will at least every morning just to start my day off right and then sometimes at night by dislike need to get this out because i feel like sometimes if you don't and again this is like just us you can cut this out but if you don't like start admitting your fierce to yourself mike who are you going to admit them too. So yeah right. It's an opportunity to be super real absolutely and to put out there. It does no. I believe in that i like that makes it real a life. Hack that you did not cover in your previous ted talk. Remember when i wrote. I will say this while they're well. There's like screen through their notes. Okay so a couple of hacks that i have that have served me. Well is In this might surprise. You guys. Because i am a doer but be very particular about what goes on that to do list. Your to do list should not be setting you up for failure and then be careful too about all the stuff that you wanna do like you know. The holidays are coming up and i. I wanna make a homemade gingerbread house. And i want to make the wrapping your. I mean like that kind of stuff. Like be careful about that. Because i think a lot of and then like sometimes people will just. Maybe if i'm super duper organize and start in october. All you're doing is just organizing the stress your timing stress. Dr welby stressed out about the so just prioritize ask. How important is this. And sometimes i think what's important like when it comes to big events or holidays or whatever is just sitting and and and quality time is just sitting not making the gingerbread. You know just kind of hanging out and having real conversations with your kids. And and i think that's what's important and also fumed free easy off oven cleaner will take gunk off of the bottom of fiberglass shower. Oh crap yes. Do you have a bottom fiberglass. I don't know only for the next couple of weeks. And then i'll have oh and then you're getting okay. Well then don't bother. Just let that plumber. Just throw that. But you know what i'm talking about. It will not come clean with regular cleansers and stuff like that. he's fume free easy off oven cleaner. Follow the directions on the bottle advice and it just melts cough. All right. i'm done. Well pat you have advice my with soon. Take a little bit of your lipstick. put it on your cheeks. Where's your calls that took. Yeah mine is to take off your chip nail polish and wear sunscreen every day. Let's drop our mics one. Two three okay. So no i love that about the chip nail polish. Because that will just elevate like when you're looking at it all kind of scraggly dirty in whatever you'll never regret it. Yeah yeah girl do cubicles come on the pandemic but you're still human okay bubba If you could invite mrs our final question no okay. If you could invite any five people living or deceased famous or non famous to a dinner party. Who would you invite. I think we have one person in at lease britney go i well as of right this moment i just like really wish i could have my actual friends over. Yeah yeah we need okay but also you know. This wouldn't just was also hard. Because i've got the deep one and the stupid one and when my stupid one maybe a combination of both i mean no. I don't want to mix the stupid with the cool at just want one or the other. I mean like. I want to sit down. I don't wanna like see beyond say. Tinder and rene spears and do okay. Brenes on mind. Do we want to ask her. Why she's wearing this peasant tops. Yes i've all the questions and then you like took off island. Said she looked so much better and we were like yes you do in the she media in bashing help and then i hope not. I hope she's happy. Who's making her wear those she is. She hasn't changed her style. One bit in twenty years. I figure debt. I think it's her dad. Have you noticed her tiny furniture in her house that she's got fly. There's so many questions. And i love her and i just want to give her a big hug. Yes and give her hot cheetos cheesy grits. I just wanna to talk for going to be okay there. So Yeah i was gonna say you realize you invite her to the dinner party. It's going to turn into an intervention. yet are not cool so maybe just invite her and kayla work through all the issues. It's just show her. How flattering mid race genes could be thinking. Come after a couple of hours also just only want to be a fly on the wall with these people to like. I don't even want to interact. I just want to watch them. Yeah and then see like i'd love. I'd love that and then there's you know people that like like i think gen hat maker would be fun to talk to rely. I think you should tyler would be superfund yes to realize it would like to me bernard brown and sarah bessie in ritual carlisle. Like lots of very smart people who be fun to listen to them. Say smart things. That i would sit there and be like. Oh this is what it's like to actually understand all the big thoughts that have no inkling how to form them right. They're like the the female philosopher over time and brittany and then brittany. Yeah i mean like my summer right. Yes did you it. Saturday night live where somebody was imitating her. And she's like i've been in quarantine for five years. It was like oh true but also was a great impression. No mel you had. i think. Have one in common with natalie. Going to one common with you may be probably the condoleeza rice. No okay. I was gonna say she's She's on my list. And i can only come up with four the fifth that you want me to go or do you want to go okay conan. Yes weird out. Oh yeah for sure oprah yeah condoleeza rice and then i couldn't think of the fifth will mother teresa's did and i got it. I'm very good authority. That she's a pill alton brown at mine and weird al. oh list. i don't want to limit who can come to my turn. So many people's. I want the fifth chair. I just thought maybe it could be revolving like you guys life for you guys to be seconds. John say okay might wanna cut this out. But like ten times that it off the revenue. This this is off the record. But i love me on. Say but don't you think should we be kinda boring. Yeah okay thank you. I ll be on sale ever success. I love her beauty. But it also i want to ask her a bunch of questions about like how much plastic surgery have gone. Name everything okay. She'll never admit it to you. Why did you stay with jay z. Because that doesn't make sense either because the business then. She wouldn't like me very much. Because i have lots of questions. Yeah exactly in pyre martin. Short and steve martin o. They'd be fabulous. Share a chair. Mardi could sit on st martin's let locate more. Now i'm done by forgotten a love your list. I take your list to make you can come. Here's mine brittany. Yes which. I haven't come in natalie conan. Which if you don't know him by his first name who are you. Michelle obama Shell chelsea handler. And then i put donald glover on. He'd be a weird addition to the party. And i hear what he had to say That's it. I like it like everybody's choices. I was thinking danny glover. That's the talking lethal weapon. That is bad. I want alan rickman at my party to sleep. Hans gruber from yes. Yes and it should also be mentioned that these two are slithering yes. How house of slither. Until i die until death and joins me twenty you your radar griffin door. Have you done any agreem- yet. Can you just confirm your three. No i. i have not done that. That's a it's a lot of quite three so you can just read about it. I would bet my life on it. Oh for sure. You are caleb. I know why married one in a couple of my friends are them. So like you know but i know what you're talking about the you think melania's not the achiever. Oh definitely sheer demanded that earlier. No i don't have. I know i did do the do the the the griffin door thing. What do bodmer yes. I did all that. Because of my. My kids were young at the time that we did that. And we did the patrol us. They both gras that Or they griffiths to connor is a griffin door and reagan is hustle powell and Craig is raven call. I could see all of those. Yeah right uh-huh pisces greg. yeah Slithering to married a griffin door. So that was a bad idea and of course he's a griffin and of course rules actual. I talk a lot of game about wanting to be a better person. But that's only. Because i know off the marauders and you know what i told jt i would've joined Fulmer it like it easier. it would have been easier. They had had no news. I don't know if i would have joined military was ask. She was a great character. We just watched. Sweeney todd the other day in that movie adjacent to. Yeah speaking of both alan rickman. And what's her face. Bonham carter great. Yeah well you know what three. Watch all the harry potter. Read all the harry potters while you may have time during the pandemic. Maybe not thank you guys so much for joining us and Yeah we will talk later by looney.

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CIPS US Election Special Series: Episode 4 - Asia

CIPS Podcasts

30:39 min | 6 months ago

CIPS US Election Special Series: Episode 4 - Asia

"This is the most important election in the history of our country united we can and will overcome this season of darkness in America off. Welcome to what's at stake for the world global perspectives on the US elections a podcast series from sips the center for international policy studies at the University of Ottawa. I'm Christopher Bishop Council on Foreign Relations International Affairs fellow in Canada, and I'll be your host for this edition of the podcast which focuses on Asia. Asia is home to more than half the world's population and according to some experts now accounts for over half the world's GDP, but Asia is also critically important for a host of other issues from International Security and climate change to Human Rights and public health office sits take for Asia in this year's us elections. And how does Asia see the two candidates talk about these issues. I'm pleased to welcome to Old Friends shun Wang Deputy managing editor at seishi media joining us waging and Tosh me nahara professor at a university and chairman of the research institute for Indo Pacific Affairs joining us from Kobe. Japan gentleman, welcome to the podcast. Thank you. Thank you for the warm. Welcome. I should I should add a disclaimer here that no one can possibly talk about Asia or about what Asians think in just thirty minutes even with experts from Asia's too long to economies. The continent is just too big and too diverse, but I also don't think you can talk about Asia or what Asians think without talking to experts from China and Japan. So I would suggest that this podcast is the beginning of the conversation and certainly not the end Sean. Let me start with you for Americans China is the biggest foreign policy issue in this election both because of the ongoing u.s. Trying to trade war and because of the coronavirus which the Trump Administration has blamed on China. How does China see the u.s. Election and how does it see the candidates? Thank you. Thank you Christopher for having us. I think our biggest issue concerning Chinese leadership as well as trans public is that who will win White House? So if Joe Biden wins the White House dog Does that mean a change of change of course in a net four years this channel us relations because as we know as you mentioned let the trade war and take all the time when you know, escalating libraries, you know, Taiwan issue. So all you know really cloud in the Sino us relations, I think and so a lot of people are in town home. It's supposed Mystic about the Outlook of a list of most important relationship in the world. So does that mean Biden's presidency? Well challenge things for better off for a short time and seeing this big uncertainty. So the other side of the coin is that if we are Trump win is re-election Lemmings. It may institutionalize is anti-china, you know Behavior and the rhetoric and making things worse off in the next four years means let us handle your reservations made, you know, you know into a dead Fallout Burton and choppy choppy water in the next four years. Definitely. I think this is a top concern crowding the you know bilateral relations. So long talk about other issues. I think definitely are four pillars for you know us presidential election. So covid-19 fighting covid-19 and economic recovery or reform Health crisis and also the police brutality and social justice and also the Supreme Court Justice confirmation, but I would emphasize the first two months, you know, uh part of the election Publix. So if u s cannot be always the covid-19 thing if effective and fast way that means the US economy will be still stuck in this, you know in limbo and cannot come out to the crisis, you know, we're effectively and efficiently so that means the birth The normal way of doing business will be suspended suspended suspended because we know that actually when it comes to higher educational sector, we know China China China is the biggest off our system does, you know other countries in terms of the US's biggest recipient comes before Chinese overseas students. So now we know the palm tree be a pandemic has hit the US higher education system a lot. So if covid-19 cannot be contained and international travel cannot Reserve, I think definitely what the heavy blow to a US economy. So another thing is definitely about the US the stimulus plan, you know, if Leah Trump get a solid if so by then I'm elected. So people talking about blue wave. That means Democrats not just take over the White House, but also we'll take back the the poster members of Congress. Let me have a game. So people recently see the application or Chinese currency. I mean be to a kind of high. Let me first kind of the same growing sentiment about Democratic White House Democratic Congress. That means maybe a democratically LED US Government will be stimulating the economy off with a tool Galax Tab and definitely what give the economy a shot in the arm. So and also a receptor bilateral so I would think that that formula let's Capital markets with factories kind of you know, Miss the positive attitude toward Democratic white house, but having said that I would emphasize that neither a republican nor democratic government would change the course of action for the dog. Burton federation's that means I think one of the few can sensors here in in in Washington is that China is testing to challenge the one other Step Up file us in a week or two and less no way for trying to change its course. So China is testing to be a challenge or college fund the US interest at least in the Western Pacific region. I mean asia-pacific region, so so that means that less no way no easy way out of his missile long-term, or confrontational relationship between the hour is two countries. That's that's interesting Tosh. What about in Japan speaking of sort of long-term issues. Japan is one that guided States key allies in Asia Americans like to say the US Japan Alliance is the Cornerstone of peace and stability in the region. How does Japan see the u.s. Election and how does it see the candidates? Tosh can you hear me? Can you hear me? Can you hear me? Yeah, go ahead. Okay. So this is elections the world watches and Japan is no exception. Everybody is following the events in knighted states are very closely. It is the big event of November. No doubt. I think Japan is one of the few countries that was able to continue a solid relationship despite a president who really changed the boundaries or the you know shifted Paradigm, but are they did a remarkably good job of maintaining the relationships of this is an excuse. For example, a Germany under Merkel had difficulties. And so I think the Japanese government realizes the importance of the US Japan Alliance and this Alliance is not based on whether the president is democratic issue. Or republican. It doesn't matter. So Japan is is willing and looking forward to working with either present that being said there are certain points of of issues that concern Japan one is that the host nation support negotiations need to be conducted fairly soon as we all know Korea had a very difficult time in these negotiations and they actually had to to pay a lot more than they used to. I'm sure the Japanese are prepared to pay more just not the amount that the Americans are most likely will request just for our our listeners who may not be familiar with with host nation support. Could you explain that? Yeah, so Japan the Americans protect in Japan through the US Japan security treaty yet. It is not a free ride. The Japanese provide basis wage. Not only based it also provides funding to allow these bases to operate as a person now utility costs. Whatnot is covered by Japan. I believe Japan is the most out of any Allied Nations and this is a very significant chunk. And this is this is also the reason why for example US Navy has its ships repaired in Nebraska and that is because the repairs are done basically for free and at a very high quality at that and so in another issue is with Trump off there is worry there's concern that he probably he perhaps does not understand the value of alliances. And that his view of geopolitics is a little bit different than the average View. And so even though things were good so far because Japan has had a new prime minister now see that I guess the the prevalent view is perhaps Suga would have an easier time dealing with biting because biotin is of a more traditional sort of politician, right and that's certainly it seems like prime minister Abby did establish a real rapport with uh, President Trump in a way that you mentioned German Prime Minister Merkel, but but I think German Chancellor Merkel, but I think also Canadian listeners here would probably say that the president's relationship with prime minister Trudeau was also a tumultuous at times son. I want to come back to your point that wage. Over the long term nothing is really going to change the course of this sort of us China rivalry regardless of its a dog who's in the white house but it does seem interesting that we're Chinese perspectives on President Trump have changed significantly. I was in Beijing for example in the in 2016 and at the time a lot of Chinese observers thought that Hillary Rodham Clinton would be tough on China because of her previous statement of Human Rights, but they saw Donald Trump as someone who was more pragmatic and someone they could deal with because he had this business background and he was Adept at making deals now that that seems to have flipped Rush Doshi from The Brookings institution had an article in foreign policy magazine earlier this week saying that off Up was actually accelerating American Decline and that because of that Chinese particularly the Chinese government saw this as a positive thing in the long term, although they may realize that there was a short-term risk. I'm wondering if you could talk about a bit how perceptions Chinese perceptions of President Trump have changed in the past four years. Yeah, I think a kiss before the election year and the covid-19. I think China's still thought a transactional trump Administration a better choice that and Democratic and human rights and oriented, you know, left-wing government in the White House. But the election year movement and also covid-19 are changed the Chinese thought upon the merits of fouls relaxation. So let me give you one example, actually, you'll notice that actually in early middle of Earth January. So actually a sandal u s i v e one trip deal. It's really a landmark, you know shipment in terms of trade war will cause the suspension of escalation of the of expecting treatment reward. I think if you really look closely examining the causes of in the treaty you will find actually this is quite unfair treaty from a perspective of Chinese because actually the Trump off in the face softly, you know, 25% hotels home around three hundred seventy billion Chinese exports while trying to agreeing to log Obvious thought through the US Services sector and promising to buy around two hundred billion US manufacturing booze and agricultural staff wage base. So my sense that by citing is trade one deal trying to want to put the wind into Trump's re-election sales, but the covid-19 Ang the um, subsequently Trump's the anti Trainer Red Lake and behavior really make Channel think twice about the merits of his re-election because in my mind at least from here to bottom lies was constantly u.s. Trying to register number was a Taiwan issue. We have seen actually a serious elevation of the divorce ratio between Washington and the Taipei and the Trump government send a lot of chemical level officious Highway and also, you know, like secretary Pompeo actually broke off. Nice, uh historical diplomatic protocol by you know, congratulating taiwan's latest inauguration, you know, so all these things really make trying to embarrass the irritated about the you know, Trump a government in Hyde China Behavior. So the other thing is that if you look back at home a serious remarks of speech by a high-ranking translations officials, including the vice president, Mike Pence, you will see actually Louis Walsh two separate Chinese ruling party from the public land mass public. I would say least need a West Stratus but Washington trying to drive a wedge between the plans public and is ruling Elite. I think it's really unimaginable even years ago. So it's a kind of smacks of the region. French so in my view, so I think list to you know trumps Behavior. I mean really hit the button line of the Chinese the thought about a marriage and and Pat or benefits brought by another term of trump presidency. So so as I think even democratic government will not change the cause in a long-term, but at least temporary I would say because at least three areas Corporation between our two countries, the number one climate change and reality is about fighting against covid-19 and a present. Sorry. So Biden has found the number for sing once he is in a White House is to rejoin owh. Oh so Leah is about the economic recovery and also definitely not dead. Nuclear non-proliferation campaign. So I think definitely we have something in common when it comes to the bilateral relations. So I would change that at least the weekends seek kind of short-term reprieve from you know, the past one or two or three years the escalation of federations. I'm not I'm not, you know naive to say violence presidency would change everything but it definitely will, you know put in a conflict in a little bit back burner and trying to find something, you know more urgent so we can join hands as to to deal with that right Tosh. What about in Japan how have perceptions of President Trump changed over the past four years? And and also how do you how to different parts of the Japanese dog? Political establishment view him. Are there any differences there between the left Wing's? Yes. Well, first of all, I think many Japanese do not understand why a leader of such a wealthy nation and allow, you know that we see on the T shows is very very long food lines millions of Americans are becoming impoverished because of endemic yet. There is no true leadership from the current u.s. President. Not only globally but also domestically off he himself gets sick with the Quran you have. What is it two hundred and ten thousand Americans have died. And then that that is very hard for most Japanese to understand. How can this person be a leader of a nation that which we respect in which we admire and so yes, I think the average Japanese has a lot of doubts of trump. Is it is it dead? Safe for the world as a good for the world to have them know have the second term but the other other hand conservatives in Japan and and as you know, the Korean government home government have a different View and and they appreciate Trump for the fact that he is standing up to China and they believe that he's very very tough on China and that is very very Pro Taiwan with the Trump presidency. You have winners and losers globally, of course the obvious loser would probably Iran but I guess countries like maybe I should use a country but found one and Israel for sure are clear winners, but like Sean mentioned in the trumps approach to 21,000 does exacerbate tensions with Beijing. And so that's also a concern for Japan because China is Japan's neighbor and bad relationship between the two superpowers wage. Does not impact Japan on a positive way. So yeah, but this is where it takes issue with with the conservatives is that I believe that Trump is still basically a transactional president and that he is using the anti-china rhetoric to win the election in deep down. He will strike a deal with the Chinese if he's giving a second term, whereas with the Democrats it is more it's you know, it's more ingrained in the fact that human rights is important. I think it's harder to see or seek a common ground with the Chinese. So in the mid to long-term, I think a democratic government would be much more difficult for Beijing deal with and so if you factor that in I think the Japanese at least within the political establishment see Trump as being more, you know more predictable. I mean even she is a president who operates Off Script is very unpredictable in the sense that you know greater past presidents because we have seen for years of trucks that a lot of the unknowns have become knowns and I think the Japanese believe that they can deal with that but again that that also goes with the fact of the Lions, you know, does Trump value the Lions Club, but this is mitigated. We're just talking about the president's now but we also need to look at the staff that people who support the president and this is where I think Trump's attraction increases when you have people such as Pompeo is vehemently anti China is a very strong position this I think is comfort for conservatives a problem with biting is not biting himself off at least the shadow of Obama. So for many Japanese, you see the fact the problem with China is because Obama did not take a strong position, you know, it was a red line wage. Or Syria is a good example, but with China and he felt that if you make China stakeholder in China would be act as a responsible power and that was all fiction. It did not happen. And so the you know what we're seeing in the office trying to see or making a big fuss about that. But the Chinese aren't going to leave. I mean cuz we we allow them to create this artificial Islands. So they're they're at the state. All right and who allowed this was Obama and it was especially Susan Rice and there's very strong resentment towards a return of Susan Rice to the administration and you're grinning Christopher. But you know, it's it's not it's not my personal thing is people that I speak to with the government that they're very afraid and I tell them that the situation has changed. So even with the democratic government, you are not going to go off, you know, see a continuation of Obama's foreign policy towards China. I think there's I think you know, the world has seen because of the pandemic of what the reality is, you know with with China on what time Going to constitutes is not as a nation that which we do not have shared values. So I think it's important for the Biden Administration to convince a worried a license. Hey, what's that Scott? We're not going to return to where we were as how I see I'm grinning because well, I mean, this is really a question for Shaun but I I suspect there may be some in in Beijing who were not great fans of Susan Rice President Obama's National Security adviser also, so, you know, if if you've managed to uh, make enemies or or make friends in both China and Japan that's that's quite an accomplishment Sean. What do you think about what Tosh was just saying with the prospects that uh, if President Trump one, he could reach some kind of rapprochement a greater deal with childbirth. In a second term, whereas Joe Biden even if he did succeed and sort of lowering the temperature and putting things on the back burner would still have to deal with these issues and the Democratic party down with that place an emphasis on on things like human rights and and how much of a barrier would that be to really achieving a an agreement with China so actually in the first place I am a big daughter of so-called face to trick deal because although low-lying fruits have been picked up. I don't see any possibility to push him ahead with phase to deal if I'm a big is Trump really wins why a house? I don't know we're both so I can sit out in the beginning negotiations about trade second second trip face to fac3 deal because actually talking about, you know, a change of Chinese state-owned Enterprises and the reduction of subsidies as it's a regular overhaul of a Chinese New Year a system. So we always talk about the coupling. I don't think a totally covering is is is possible because of the unprecedented of interlinked between our two countries, but at least two dead errors, I do see a possibility and also actually kind of realization of the of the coupling. So not the first one I think difference attack Iraq is that you know, the social governance. So when it comes to social comes Echo Professor Cox voice that's actually live adequately and accurately be waiting to be used when it comes down to run a country and I think China in retrospect deviates away from world has been guiding the Western democracy for for centuries and try definitely investing to take another way. We call the third plus so you can name it. So definitely I think I don't see any possibility to to have a phase two POS. Do let me let me ask another question real quick. We have a dog. Minutes left the vice presidential candidates have gotten more attention this year in the United States because the the presidential candidates are both in their seventies and you know, we are one of the vice presidential candidates Mike Pence the current vice president is you know, well known on the international stage the other black candidate Kamala Harris is not as well known even though she is a senator from California. She's also of of Indian extraction her her mother immigrated off you guys states in the sixties, which would make her the first Asian-American to hold national office at that level. And and she would also be the first African-American a vice president because her father emigrated from Jamaica. What what do people in China and Japan? How do they see dead? The two vice-presidential candidate Sean wanted to start real quick. Okay, because I think with Mike Pence definitely is kind of you called Evangelical Christian and it's very conservative and I but I don't think he has any, you know big publicity here in China and but people just real in as protecting block of a President Trump. So, you know, I think we have trouble taking and Chong on a so, um, you know, and and the practicing his behavior. So about the white vice president. Elect. Sorry Harris. I think he's really interesting is that she got angry Chinese net because she's come from California. So her Chinese name is accordingly. So it's kind of unwarranted. I would say warranty defect full kind of guy who has sort of relationship or connection to Chinese. So whatever is Chinese, you know face or Chinese name, so this dog Angle and warranted affection, I mean from from from transpacific but would I would argue from my experience dealing with your this Chinese Americans of you know, people who took a really deep knowledge of China, I would say those guys really know how to build China smartly and more intelligent again and don't have any Illusions about people who have who have Chinese connection will be become, you know, more uh more hospitable toward China. So I think this is a dilution and and let's let's just explained she has a Chinese name because she was an elected official in California and used it to attract Chinese Chinese American voters in California wage. Yeah past we've got one minute left. What about in Japan? How did they see the two vice presidential candidates? Well, you know, so Mike Pence, he's very hard to understand for Japanese standards that world. The term Evangelical does not exist in this club. Religion has taken a little bit more stride. I guess big question. The Japanese have is what does Mike Pence think deep down about his president with authority Jack Harris. I think this is a this is great because Japan is a country that has never had a female prime minister has never had a minority prime minister. I think lots of young Japanese, especially women and minorities within Japan are saying oh this is the example of America can elect a minority female president that that's that's that's good for Japan because Japan always, you know, as as is not productive is reactive and so perhaps can understand the trend that's happening. Not only in New Zealand or Europe, you know, this is the way to go. Well, that's great. Well, we'll have to leave it there. But I want to thank again, shun Wang and Tosh me nahara for joining us and thanks to all of you for listening. You can find out more about this podcast series and other ships events by going to our webpage sit down. Bosch sepi cepi. And by following us on Twitter at Ottawa v c i p s until next time from the University of Ottawa. China China China, I have to have my China China China because China China China China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China China, you know

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Special episode: Racial Injustice: KKKrossing The Divide. Daryl Davis

How Do We Fix It?

34:33 min | 11 months ago

Special episode: Racial Injustice: KKKrossing The Divide. Daryl Davis

"We're on pause this week instead of a new episode of how do we fix it? We're gonNA share something from. Let's find common ground, which is a new podcast series from the Common Ground Committee. Why because this episode was made in response to the death of George, Floyd in Minneapolis and the many protests that erupted across the country. I'm the host of this podcast with my friend Ashley Tight. It starts right here as we record this episode. Cities are erupting over racial injustice communities of color, facing visible threats. Leaders who should bring us together seem incapable of doing so. This is let's find common ground. I'm Richard Davies. I'm actually known tight. We speak today with musician activist, author and Bandleader Daryl Davis. A black man who spent well over thirty years, speaking with an at times befriending white supremacists, we hear from Daryl about his extraordinary quest and strategy to improve race relations and find ground. Welcome to let's Find Common Ground Daryl. Thank you. Thank you both very much for having me Daryl before. We hear your story. We're doing this interview at a time of national dispatch and deep anger over racial injustice. What's your response to the killing of George Floyd in police custody and to everything that's happened since. Well. One a lot of anger, a lot of frustration that must be panelled into communication and brilon-wald, not police training as everybody wants to wants to say, training has nothing to do with it. You're out there selecting a particular group of people in this case, black people and you're not treating white people the same way it has nothing to do with training as to do with humanity. Emphatically said training is not the answer. What what's an alternative? An alternative is having regular meetings with your community. Police procedure listening to your community about their concerns and their fears of the police. Listened to the police concerns about the community and don't do it every time something happens, do it on an ongoing basis. It has to be an ongoing proactive staying when you are given that kind of a party which you have the authority to take somebody's life. Then you need to be more accountable than the average person. Can there be anything positive that comes out of what has happened. The upside of this particular protests and and murder. Lynching if you will? That a lot of people. Who Look like the officers who committed this lynching are now joining in the protests and that's different. We've always had white people in protest with US civil rights movement, but this time around Salat. And maybe now they will be heard because in the past. When they were predominantly black, they were never heard. And that's why that is happening again and again and again and the reason I called this a lynching. Is this you? I'm sure you've seen the pictures of of a black man hanging from the tree, and the crowd gathered round coining smiling. That's like a family affair. Even little girdles ankle smiles on their faces. There've been several pitchers like that of different lynchings. That group is called a lynch mob. When you have four police officers on camera, two of them, holding a black man down the third one. Choking him to death with his knee on his net, and the fourth one, holding the crowd back of passersby on the sidewalk. That is a lynch mob especially when it is illegal. The the hold was illegal. Demand was not resisting aren't stomach. He's crying out for his Mama. and. He's saying I can't breathe and you are murdering him while looking into the camera. With defiance, one Tom Blatant disregard for the law that you are sworn to uphold what is the difference between that and the pitchers that we've seen from the nineteen twenties. So your work is with extremists with white nationalist with with racists, but are you saying that there's also a huge problem with bystanders with people just not speaking up? The bystanders have spoken up. They were speaking up right there during the lynching. Saying get off him. He can't breathe. You can't breathe. And if you watch that video again, you'll see one of the by-standers. Come a little closer and the guy on his neck, which is for gun. Those other three officers should have pulled their fellow officer off that man. They knew he was doing wrong. Charge them and let the jury decide. Whether they're guilty or not, and what their fate should be, but yet they're out running the streets. We have complained. We've been talking for decades about this. And it's falling on deaf ears, so people want to know why. Why do these buildings get burned down every time? You have something like this happens. Now, I'm not advocating that kind of destruction I'm not justifying kind of destruction, but I will tell you why it happens. If you. Get pulled over by the police for running a red light or speeding. You issued a citation. If if you do something wrong to somebody, they might sue you. Already situations or attached to money. And the reason being is because when somebody's separates you from your money, it acts as a deterrent. When people have talked you and told you time and time and time again. What's happening and you don't live them? Then people feel they have no choice but to write you that ticket. Pursue you to impose a fine upon you, and that's what they do when they burn down these buildings that cost the city money. Now officer Derek chauvinist. The man had eighteen complaints against him. Obviously some somebody or rural somebody's. Spoke up eighteen times and nobody listened. Which is why it led to what happened. Why did they allow this man with that? Many complaints that they have in his personnel file, allow him to roam the streets and continue his job. They brought this on themselves, and this is not something that happens in a vacuum. It's been happening and nobody's been listening, so they figure well now. Maybe maybe we'll get their attention. Daryl Davis on the outrage over the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The rest of our interview with Dr was conducted before this happened, and after the outcry over the murder of a MoD archery Georgia I began by. Daryl Davis about his ears of discussions with white supremacists, and how he convinced members of the Ku. Klux Klan to hang up their robes and quit. Well let's say this. I did not convince them. They convinced themselves I was simply the impetus for that I planted the seed, and nourished it, and gave them enough reason to think and and just introspection and reconsider their path, and in doing so the they made up their mind to choose another direction. Take back I mean. How did they start? Okay, but we have to go back to my childhood for that I'm sixty two years of age, but my parents were in the US foreign service, so I grew up as an American embassy Brad, traveling all over the world, living in different countries for two years, and then returning home here to the states for few months, and then being assigned to another country so back in the in the early sixties when I was overseas in elementary school, my classes were filled with kids from all over the world. Whoever had an embassy? They're all of their kids went to the same school as I did so I grew up in what you would call a multicultural environment. And if he were to open the door to my classroom and pop your head in, you would say this looks like a United Nations. Little kids because that's exactly what it was now when I would return home here to my own country, the United States I would be in either all black schools or black and white schools, meaning the still segregated or the newly integrated, and at that time there was not the. The amount of diversity that I had overseas all kinds of different colors and Ethel's etc like we have today. If you walk into a classroom so I was I was baffled why people could not get along it was it was beyond me, and then you had an incident, didn't you? In in in the Boy Scouts or Cub Scouts in the cub scouts. Yeah I I was the only black scout and a parade. And everything was going fine. You know sidewalks lined with nothing but white people and we reached a point in the parade where I began getting hit with bottles and Soda, pop cans, and Ross how old were you I was ten. I was in fourth grade. And it was not by everybody, just a small group of people mixed in with the crowd standing together maybe four or five people, I was so naive that when I was getting hit I thought those people over there did not like the scouts. I I had no idea I was a target. Until my mother and cut master and troop leader all came running over, and they huddled over me to protect me in escort me out of the danger. That I realized I was the only target and I didn't understand it, and they were not explaining it to me. This can say it'll be okay. It'll be okay. Will move along. And so when I got home that day, a mother and father were cleaning me up and putting bandaids on me and asking me you know. How did you fall down and get all scraped up high, told mining fall down. I told them precisely what had happened. And for the first time in my life. My parents sat me down and explained racism to me. At, the age of ten believe it or not, I had never heard the word racism I had no reason to. I've been all over the world and got along with everybody. There wasn't a racism. So, I did not believe my parents when they were telling me this. Because my ten year old brain could not wrap itself around the idea. That someone who never seen these spoken to me or knew anything about knee would wanNA hurt me for no other reason than the color of my skin, it made absolutely no sets, and about a month and a half later. Martin Luther King was assassinated that same year nine, hundred, sixty eight. And I remember I. Remember the riots. and. Then I realized my parents had not lied to me. This thing called racism does exist. But why do people hate each other because of skin color? How can you hate me when you don't even know me? And now for the next fifty two years I've been looking for the answer to that question, and who better to ask than someone who would go so far as to join an organization whose hope premise has been hating those who don't look like them, and who don't believe in what they stand for so I've been seeking out white supremacist and people like that from various groups Google Plan Neo Nazis et. You, say you you've been seeking them out was the first time. How did it happen? What was it serendipitous if you can call it that that you met someone from the Con-? Did you seek to find that? It was a serendipitous, because I bought a lot of books. I have a vast library starting from when I was a kid. On the ku-klux-klan. On white supremacy, black supremacy, antisemitism, the Nazis in Germany, the Neo Nazis over here, just trying to learn what is his ideology? Come from I. Know You're not born with it. So. Where did you get it? Where is it going? How can they be addressed? And none of my books answered it so I graduated from college with my degree in music, and I was playing in a band country music had made a comeback in this country, so as a full time musician wanted to work in the country, and I enjoyed country music, so I joined a country band, only black guy in the band, and usually the only black guy where we would perform. We were performing in a bar in town Frederick Maryland. and. Just finished playing a set of music taking a break. And I was walking to go sit down. At a table, my bandmates when a white gentleman came up behind me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. And now this bar was an all white bar and I mean that black people could not billion I mean that they did not go in by their own choice because they were not welcome there, so I didn't know anybody in this bar. I'm wondering who who's touching me where my bandmates 'cause. They're all ahead of me, so I turned around and it was this guy. And he said he enjoyed the music, shook his hand and thanked him, and then he made the remark that he'd never seen a black man. Play piano like Jerry Lewis before. And I was not offended but I was. Kinda surprised because this guy was older than me and I thought he should, he would have known the black origin, but Jerry Lee Lewis style piano playing. Yeah, just for listeners who don't know Jerry Lewis musical inspiration. In the nineteen fifties was African. Americans absolutely he got his staff and listening. He'll tell you himself. He's a very good friend of mine. He told me you know he you know. He listened to the Black Blues. Boogie woogie piano players, and that's where rock and roll and rockabilly came from while I, tried to explain that to this guy, and he was incredulous a. he did not believe me even if I told him that. That I know Jerry Lee and he's told me himself. He didn't believe that either, but he was fascinated enough with me that he wanted to buy me a drink now I don't drink alcohol back to his table and had a cranberry juice, and he took his glass, and I think my glasses cheered me, and he says you know this is the first time I've ever sat down with. The black man had a drink. And now I'm wondering like know you know what's going on here. So innocently asked my supply and at I. He didn't answer me I asked him again, and he had a friend sitting next to him. Who elbowed him? Tell him tell him tell him and that's tell me. He looked back at me just straight and narrow, and he said I'm a member of the KU. Klux Klan well. I burst out laughing because now I did not believe him, you know. Why would a clansman come to embrace me and praise my my you know piano abilities and WanNa? Buy me a drink. It does not work that way I'd never read any similar story in any of my plan books right, so I'm laughing at him like he's joking. He went inside. His pocket produced his wallet. And handed me his plan membership card. And I recognize the Ku Klux Klan in Sydney, which is a red circle with a white cross and red blood drive in the center with across and stop laughing. But we had a great conversation was very friendly. You know and he. He gave me his phone number and want me to call him whenever I was to return to this bar. Does he want to bring his friends? Meaning plans and women to see this black guy play piano like Jerry and I call him every six weeks, and he comedy bring people and they would watch. Watch me, play, and on the breaks lose table to say hello I would make some of them. Some of them would see me coming and get up and scurry off to some of the part of the room. They want nothing to do with me other than to watch me, which was fine with the ones that hung out curious I've made them and talk with them and. I quit that band shortly thereafter. I lost track of the guy, but then later it dawned on me Daryl you know. There's the answer to your question fell right into your lap. There's a certain deputy Ashley. You know I've been looking for this answer to my question since the age of ten. How can you hate me when you don't even know me and know book and no one had been able to provide it to me. Here a clansman falls right into my lap. WHO BETTER TO ASK? And so I scrambled around round round and found this guy's number. So you know what I'm going to buy the book on the plan on my talk to this Guy get to hook me up with the leader, and then I'll travel around the country and interview different plan leaders and members and find out answer my question. Put It all in the book where you feel safety at all. No, not really not really but. I think. Actually what it was is the fact that I I had been traveling so much. As a child. And, then now as an adult musician, performing all over this country, and around the world, and no matter how far away I've gone from my own country to the other side of the Earth at the end of the day, I have come to one inclusion that we all are human beings. We all want the same things. Have, you been successful. Absolutely absolutely you know. There have been over two hundred people who have announced that ideology and left those organizations or turn their lives now I have robes and hoods Nazi. flowerbeds, and all kinds of stuff given to me by active members. You know who who were active when I met them, and now they have. They have announced that. I'm curious. What do they say to you when they decide to give up and give you that robes? What do they say? They said they were wrong. I asked him. You know during the first interviews hockey, you hey, you don't even you don't even know me. All you see is the color of my skin if somebody's in front of you. And tells you that you're a criminal that you lack intelligence richer lazy and prefer to be on welfare. Would, you say that what that person is telling? You is offensive. Absolutely, but here's the difference. Am I offended absolutely not. Not because with the person is saying is true, but I'm not offended because with the person sane is ally at the end when they renounced this. The Essay Durga no I was wrong. I! Don't have any reason to hate you. You know because what's happening here is we're having a conversation? They've never done that before. They've had debates. Or they've had clashes. Instead of know I would disagree with them, but instead of you know clashing with them, I would listen because they're learn. Everybody wants to be heard. I would bet them get it all out, and then I would. I would explain things to them from my perspective. They would go home and they would think you know. What that Black Guy said was right, but but he's black. He's black, but he's right, but he's glad. You know so it was a cognitive dissonance thing going on. They had to make up their own mind. Do I continue living ally over? Do I believe the truth and turn my life around? So that's why I say I planted the seed. I nourished it, and they converted or convinced themselves. You, said something that I think goes right to the heart of finding common ground, which is the people that you spoke to the racists who who you talk to had never had a discussion with a black person. They only had a debate about black people or confrontation with right, and so how important is! Conversation discussions finding common ground. Is, absolutely important and the common ground. Is this all right? Do you look for things that you have in common for example? I know neither one of you to be involved in white supremacist groups, but if I would ask either one of you. Do you believe that we need better education for kids? You would say yes. Do you believe that we need to address the drug problem on the streets? Even say yes well guess what they believe the same thing so now you've got something in common with the plan. So, we may not agree on racial things, but I find things that we have in common drugs do not discriminate. They will take anybody out just like this coronavirus covid nineteen. It doesn't care if you're a clansman, not see a black person the Muslim a gay a Jew, whatever it will take you out. All right so you find these things in common and discuss them and let them see they begin seeing the humanity in you when to enemies are talking conversing. They're not fighting. They're talking. They may be yelling and screaming, perhaps at some points, but at least they're talking is when the conversation ceases that the ground becomes fertile for violence, we're speaking with Daryl Davis on. Let's find common ground. I'm Ashley I'm Richard More in a minute? This is a special episode of. How do we fix it I'm? Richard Davies Jim plan to be back next week. With a new show on innovation with author journalist Matt Ridley now more of the let's find common ground interview with musician and activist Daryl Davis Right now. There's outrage over recent killings. There have been many shootings and deaths of black men in recent years. A times like these is easier to do your work, or is it harder to have those conversations? IS A. A bitter sweet time. The bitter thing is that we have to have those conversations because yet. Another black is been shot. For no reason WHO's unarmed. That's the better part, but the sweet part is. It brings people together. And we we have the opportunity to address these things, but we have to do it the right way. We have been addressing this problem. The wrong way for decades, right? IGNORANCE BREEDS FEAR! We fear those things we don't understand. If we do not keep that fear in check. That fear in turn will escalate. It will grow. Like weeds. If you do not keep that hatred in check that hatred in turn will escalate and breed destruction. So, what is the right way to respond to this hatred? This fear? Don't address the hatred. Don't address the fear. Go to the source. When you find out you have bone cancer in your arms, say you don't put a topical cream on top of your arm or bandaids. You gotta go down to the bone with the cancer is. We have to go to the source of the racism which is ignorance and there is a cure for ignorance. That cure is education. Education and exposure. We're doing this interview in the weeks after the outcry over the Ahmad. Killing in Georgia. Didn't you feel a sense of of anger of even fury when you first saw what had happened to this? Does man of course absolutely but. What is putting anger out GonNa do. I'm not saying. Blow it off by any means it has to be addressed, but let's take that energy that ender and converted towards something positive. That can come out of it. And that's focusing on curing the 'cause. Ignorance had these people got to know one another? Perhaps, that would not have happened. Had these people learned a little bit more about humanity. Educate them. Maybe that would not have happened. So, let's focus on those things your work as an educator and teach you. How just on it here in the US, have you? You've worked in other countries. Can you talk about that sure? I've spoken in Israel spoken in Belgium, Germany Slovakia and India. And each place has different different issues unlike us with us, so black and white issue in India is the caste system you know the lighter skinned as opposed the darker skinned people and in in Israel of course is the Palestinians and the Jewish people in the Arab? People are places like Lebanon is Christians. Muslims in Ireland is the Catholics and the Protestants. But again at the end of the day. Is. Ignorance is coming together finding that common ground and having those conversations. My my favorite quip. Ball time. Is By the American author Mark Twain Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it solely on these accounts, broad wholesome charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the Earth All one's lifetime. Had I not had all that exposure as a child. Would I be doing this today? Maybe not. What do you do in your work? Do you go to colleges two schools? Are you asked to speak at different events and Who Asks You you I. Never I never thought about that I would ever be lecturers that traveling the country talking about this. I just done this for my own. Knowledge my own satisfaction of finding out. How can you hate me? Don't even know me I'm putting in a book. My Book became the first book written by a black author on the plan. But who do I speak to audiences. Predominantly colleges and universities. Often do corporations like for diversity training companies I do civic organizations I speak at a lot of churches and synagogues, sometimes police departments I give anywhere from sixty. Maybe eighty lectures a year all over all over the world a lot around this country. I'm curious just talking a family over the years. What what if your own family and friends set you about your work? What do they think? Well. My friends yeah. Do they think you're crazy where they know it so it? So. They understand me, but the people who. You know don't know me and have not had the opportunity like you all to to interview me or talk with me or or hear this interview some some of them jump to conclusions and jump to the wrong conclusion and I get it you know they. They see a picture of a black man shaking hands with somebody in a Robin Hood. You know if I saw that I'd have a visceral reaction but me. I would say what going on here and I would read the back story. Some people don't read the back story. And they they draw their own narrative and it's wrong. You've done this work for for many years. Convinced others to do this work alongside you. Yes there have been there have been some of WHO who wanted to do this work. I get emails all the time from people who say hey. How can I do this Some follow up on it. Some don't and then, of course there are those who you call formers. They were former members of these organizations. Some come out with me and educate people. Because, they feel that they need to repair the damage that they did when they were in those organizations. What I see a lot in my professional groups I'm in as younger people of Color say twenties to mid thirties sort of the millennial generation. They have had it with accommodating white people right that like. Why should I go out on a limb and do this emotional war of explaining to a white person? What my experience of the world is like? You should be meeting me where I am I. Get that I get the question all the time. It's not my job. Teach them Outta behave. We know what? If they don't, learn Then we then we're just GONNA. Enable and continue the cycle. It's all our jobs to educate one another. When we need to get rid of this attitude I I understand the frustration. I understand the impatience. Like how much do we have to put up with this while you know what? The civil war ended in eighteen, sixty five. And we're still going through the stuff with still being held down. and. You know so. How long is it? GonNa take while maybe if we we change our approach because whatever it was were doing for the last hundred fifty years has not worked. So maybe we need to spend the time educating one another. Let's get rid of this concept. I'm not my brother's keeper. Let's become our brother's keeper, and they'd we all can be happy. And what about all of us? No matter what the color of our skin or the place that we come from? What can we do? Our society our country. Can only become one of two things. One can become that which we sit back and let it become. Or Two it can become that which was stand up, make it. And so we have to ask ourselves question, do I want to sit back and see what my country becomes or do. I want to stand up and make country become what I WANNA see. And I've chosen the ladder. So? You have to get into the thick of it. And you can get this stuff out of the textbook. You gotta go there and be in the thick of it. You have to understand empathy and understanding you know where a lot of this is coming from and be willing to rise above all the negativity all the insults all the S. if you spend five minutes just five minutes with your worst enemy, you will find something in common. Efforts been ten minutes. You'll find even more. And this is why this is so important. We have to learn how to have. HOW HAVE CIVIL DISCOURSE? In and again. Yes, we are going to debate things because we're not gonNA agree on everything, but that's not framed as debate. Let's frame it as a conversation. Because when you say the word debate, people get their wall up. You know they're ready to. Brecca help bring it on kind of thing. To Talk about it. You know you know. How do you feel about this you know, and then you listen to how you feel. That's a conversation you'd know you. You're challenging one another, but when you use the word debate. It has a little more of a of a aggressive. Tone to it than just having a conversation on on different points of view. That's a that's a great way to end. Daryl Davis thanks very much for joining us on. Let's find common ground offense you both very much for having me I really really appreciate it and I. Think Hope we've found some common ground through the three of us. Daryl, Davis on the new podcast series. Let's find common grant. Here more shows at Common Ground Committee Dot, Org. You're listening to a special episode of. How do we fix it? We Return with our podcast next week on innovation. Our producer is Miranda Schaefer. Show is a production of Davies content. We make podcast causes and companies. Check us out at Davies content, dot, com and thanks for listening. To. This podcast is part of the democracy group.

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OPEC Turns 60, Exercising your right to vote, and Justin Bieber?  OGTW217

Oil and Gas This Week Podcast

30:42 min | 7 months ago

OPEC Turns 60, Exercising your right to vote, and Justin Bieber? OGTW217

"You're listening to the oil and gas this week podcast with Marc liqueur and Paige Wilson. This is the show for busy oil grows who quickly want to keep their finger on the pulse of the industry. Girls oil and gas this week podcast brought to you by IBM. This is the show for busy oil Pros who want to quickly keep their finger on the pulse of the industry. Thanks for joining us for episode 217. Hey page. Hey, we're doing it. Yeah, we're doing IBM giveaway. Oh, that's right. Yeah. I have a I have a number. Yep. We've only talked about it for thirteen years. I know so audience you got to listen to the whole show story. We're going to announce the winner of a bit later on a little bit further down right now. We got some reviews to go through you want to read the first one. Let me get the second one. Yeah. So we got a outstanding podcast is the title five stars. Fantastic way to keep track of the happenings in the industry. You truly been a lighthouse and the storm since everything with the crap this year mark and page is positive. But honest Vibe definitely rubs off and makes my day better life is 45 gravity Cowboy. Love it. Love it. Love it. Second 1 1 star review thumbs-down political segment was disappointing and this is from user RV here in the United States. So a couple of things so first thing is I dead. Take the news articles if it's in the news they show up and we talked about it pertains the oil and gas second thing up until just recently user RV. I agree with you. I didn't want politics in the show. I don't like hearing politics in any show but they've got to the point now where politics are major contributor to what's going to happen to the future of oil and gas industries that we have to talk about it. And there's finally my question is this did you not like the segment because my political views differ from yours. Well, that's what's going on. That's the problem right now. If it truly is you don't like politics and show I agree with you a hundred percent and no matter what user RV I do appreciate you leaving us the reviews. Yep. Yep and a little bit of announcement. We got some our fellow oil and gas podcasters got some new shows out there. So we have Russell tree who we've known forever the pipeline podcast. He now has a pipeline technology podcasts check that out. Yeah. I've interviewed him. He's great. Just a good guy same with Colin Colin plaque. He has his new real estate podcast for people that work in the oil and gas industry basically teaching you how to shift your business wage. Cuz it make money from Real Estate at the same time. You keep working the oil and gas industry. So both two, very good shows. I've listened to them both two, very good. People will put links in the show notes. So, you know go check them out, even though they're not part of the OG and network. They're part of our all gas Global podcast family and we like to support them as well right on so let's get into the news stories marked first one is Weatherford gets a new president and CEO. Yeah, but if you don't know the story basically Weatherford has not done very well. They went through bankruptcy. They suffered for a few years the board decided that they needed change in leadership, which is what we're talking about here. This is really wage. So Girish shalgam is the company's new president chief executive officer. He's been around for a very long time. He was a chief operating officer exterran has a bunch of oil and gas experience. I don't know him personally, but I know of him and he is the guy that's gonna be able to pull Weatherford out of his hole and get him back on track now, it's not going to be easy. It's not even easy for for somebody to do this when it's good times and this is off. Opposite of good times for service company, but he definitely has the leadership qualities the experience the business expertise and he's also looking toward the future right which I think all leaders are all gas need to be doing that cuz you not looking wage figure out what the future could bring for industry or get left behind but hats off to him for being appointed really expect the weather for to turn things around. I'll see expect them to downsize a lot. I expect them to shrink get rid of stuff that's not core competencies and come out a very lean fighting as much smaller service company, but you know let the people keep their jobs let the leadership get the company back on its feet and we'll see where they go from there. All right. So the next article is OPEC turn 16. So this was last week. Yeah, so and OPEC hard to believe it's sixty years old and the cool thing is I don't remember when this form cuz I'm not quite that old yet. So you're about five know five, you know, happy anniversary OPEC. I'm not a big fan of the cartel, but I'm a big fan of some of the stuff the cartel has done over this last 60 years. They brought some stability to the oil and gas Mark wage. They actually in the beginning kind of push the super Majors back and pushed them in their place. You know, there's a big store how OPEC was formed. I'm not going into that Google. It's very easy to understand why they were formed when they were formed but like all of a sudden the big super majors at that time in the fifties had to rethink their position and they can no longer push people around and that that was something that was good the same way with a lot of the social good that OPEC is down. So even though I don't appreciate the cartel, I do appreciate a lot of stuff they've done and the cool thing is Paige. Do you know where they're headquartered know? I don't they're in Vienna really been to Vienna for fifty five years. So all she is always giving them a welcome home. I don't know if that's the tax thing or what but how cool is OPEC is headquartered in Vienna lot of people knew that? Yeah, definitely didn't know that. Yeah, so, you know, we'll keep track of what's going on. There's a lot of changes going on with OPEC, you know, listen to previous shows. You know what I think but I will wish them happy birthday. And like I said, I am really proud of a lot of stuff that OPEC has done just not a big fan of the cartel. All right. Yep. Venezuela defies us sanctions with first Iranian oil imports speaking of OPEC. Yeah. Yes. This is not this is not good and the tanker actually came in and cut off to limit re so the the rest of world couldn't track it. It looks like the tanker is actually name is horse. Even though they say it's honey. It's an Iranian flag supertanker. It didn't bring in crude. It brought condensate you accomplish this page when I think a condescending I think of the water my water bottle sweating really notice really close. So you'll also here called Natural Gas Liquids. Okay, literally molecules that while they're in the reservation the natural gas Reservoir their gas and when you bring up on Surface, sometimes by the change in pressure or by reducing the temperature, you can turn that gas into a liquid and that liquid is very similar to high octane gasoline. So what they're doing is they brought in condensates, they can take their very heavy crude, which is almost like tar blended with a much lighter weight, said so that they can start trying to produce gasoline Venezuela cannot Supply gasoline to it's 6 a.m. They've actually had to import gasoline which the sanctions have clamped down on literary page. You think it's bad here when sometimes people have to wait a day to get gasoline. Sometimes people are waiting a week in Venezuela right now to be able to put them in a court and they can't fill it up. They don't think they're limited to three gallons. Oh my gosh, you imagine that know? Yeah. And so the Venezuela's economy is in shambles. We've talked about this for for a couple of years this little crude price and load em has destroyed it. Venezuela needs a change in government. The people that are suffering the most of the people in Venezuela who can't get diapers to their kids. You can't get food can't get medical supplies. And if you remember last month, we suggest for tankers bringing Iranian gasoline to Venezuela and they weren't real happy about that but things need to change over there and it will change. Unfortunately the people have to suffer just a little bit more to to the government gets basically overthrown over there, but that's a part of the world that is rich in natural resources, and it's a shame that so much corruption over the last thirty years has just destroyed their economy and it just needs to change. And it will I just feel bad for the people that live there I do as well for sure. But here's something sort of exciting traffic levels in Europe and Asia near pre covid-19. Goodness wage, right? We need that demand to come back and it's coming back folks that we're seeing it from all different points. Not just here. It is interesting some of the stuff that's changed. I'll get to Oracle in a minute. But you know, one of the things that's going on right now is that wage scale airlines are buying offshore marine fuel cuz it's cheaper jet fuel because nobody is shipping stuff around the world. Like they used to says cheaper from interesting crazy to think now in all that will fix it took all the different blends, you know here in the US were switching from our summer blind or winter blend the US has not had the up pick and vehicle traffic like we had have that in Europe and Asia, but the u.s. Is getting there. It'll be there by the end of this year off, you know, this is great. And it's most important thing even though it's hard to judge. The most important thing is when you Global demand to get back to where it was before and it will and just could take a little bit of time but this is very promising news. It's actually made me smile when I saw this dog. Oracle inherently. Yes, finally people are are driving again, which is what we need now wouldn't need people to fly and buy soccer balls and lipstick and everything else. We're getting there. But this is this is a ray of sunshine slowly but surely wage. All right, so fossil fuels account for the largest share of us energy production and consumption. This is not Oracle that I want to use to do anything other than talk about how fossil fuel and I hate the turbo diesel fuels hydrocarbons most organic fuel on the planet. I wish we call them natural fuels organic Fields cuz it's what they are. It's basically Legacy sunlight converted to energy by plants and animals in our oceans that Mother Earth has warmed and compressed for millions of years and turned it into hydrocarbons, right? So it's very natural totally organic. Maybe if we added organic back to the title of it. Maybe the protesters would like it more maybe but anyway whole thing about this article is your show in the mix between what they're calling fossil fuels which is natural gas crude oil coal and then renew off. A nuclear in the nuclear space is actually interesting to watch we had declined in nuclear energy probably since the 1970s and now its nuclear starting to come back here in the US I think is great. I even think Bill Gates has invested in that. Yeah, he has nuclear. If you don't know this people, it's the safest energy form out there. It's just unfortunately in the seventies Greenpeace from a very good marketing point of view, even though I don't agree with all this made the world scared of nuclear energy nuclear energy is great. But in this article from the CIA, they're turned off the mix the mixes basically stayed consistent. Now the interesting thing is they're talking about today's news. If we look at what I think should happen with our economy in 2021. We see a growth in the need for energy, especially electricity production here in us and the only fuel that can fill that need in that short. X would be natural gas. So great to see the rules mix grow great to see, you know, the energy consumption us which had fallen off because of covid-19 start to creep back up. I don't care where the energy comes from. We just need more demands too long. Please yeah people turn your lights on take hot baths, you know, leave the air conditioning a little bit lower than normal. Let's just let's just get their energy doing it back up. All right, so she'll buys Cosmos exploration assets. You took two different ways. I could I could talk about this Oracle. Let me talk about first thing about what's going on. So this is shell doing something that nobody would think we going on would think we going on right now, especially with a large super major. So, this is a big risk by shell big Financial Risk, but they stand big gains. A lot of people tell you that all gas companies are taking big risk right now. And this double Black Swan covid-19 year and here she's not going we're up for it. So Cosmos basically is getting rid of a bunch of assets. That's not in their sweet spot two hundred million dollars, which sounds like a lot of money hundred million dollars in cash up front than a hundred million later on Essentials portfolio. $200 is nothing Cosmos is be able to use that money that Capital to finance at a much lower interest the projects that are in their sweet spot. So, you know, they can work really hard and wage. Efren Gulf of Mexico and give this other stuff to show where she'll has the ability and the wherewithal and the capital and expertise and take these very complex project and bring them to fruition and if they do and if the numbers production numbers are off what Cosmos said they should be shells could knock off the park with this now she'll you spend a lot of time and money and I love y'all by the way. I know you very well a lot of time and money lately talking about the energy transmission and talking about Green energy and Renewables and I'm a big supporter of renewable energy. But here's a perfect example of shell doing what it does best and sticking with its Core Business, which is hydrocarbons, right. All right. So Economist West will suffer the most under Trudeau second carbon tax my Canadian brothers and sisters. Oh my God, you'll it just keeps getting worse for y'all. So this article about what's gonna happen in the basically the western part of Canada, which I didn't realize the western part of Canada. So basically, Alberta and Saskatchewan contribute twenty billion dollars. A year to the federal budget of Canada. So these two states are provinces in Canada contribute almost more money than all the rest of Canada right and your money comes from most of it more gas right home. So the second carbon tax that Trudeau's proposed called the Canadian fuel standard will require all suppliers of fossil fuels to reduce their carbon content that's good drive up fuel prices. That's good drive up electricity prices could drive up home heating bills. It's going to make it about 30% more expensive to keep your house warm in Canada. Right? Right. Yeah, and they're they're looking at, you know, the idea on the surface sounds good to reduce your carbon, but Canada's carbon emissions have been flat since 2005. They have not increased their CO2 emissions since 2005 and they're saying introduced saying that they want a 30% reduction by 2030 mathematically. It's impossible unless you get rid of all the people in Canada by 2030. You're not going to hit that number. What you are going to do is drive businesses out of Canada. We see it happen here in the states right where you make it so expensive. A certain States like California that the businesses leave. They just have to this is what's gonna happen here. The other thing that a lot of people don't talk about is the deeper value chain. So if I'm working for an oil and gas companies and working for a service company I get paid well, but my company spends money on me at hotels on restaurants on tools on training on PPE on trucks in that trickles through the economy. So even though I'm one worker the oil and gas money has a rebound effect through the economy. Cuz a lot more money is pumped through that energy mix cuz the profits there the green jobs aren't like that green jobs don't generate all the hotel Revenue all the truck Revenue all the PPE Revenue. Nothing gets working for noodles. I'm just talking about this from a from a financial point of view. So if you're promoting green energy renewable energy and you're pushing out the hydrocarbon-based jobs, it's going to pack the economy in a much greater way and everybody thinks it will so this is just this is just a mess and it just needs to stop now wage. I don't know it's hard enough for me to stay on top of our politics and my country much less other countries, no kidding. But if the government of Canada puts us into place, it's going to hurt the people of Canada and in the people wanted to pay the price is not the politicians. So let's hope that we wake up tomorrow just goes away. Yeah fingers crossed. Okay. May I ask hopes drone can deliver sweet savings this murderous mirsky nurse nurse has enough this is really cool. They didn't experiment now if you read this article, which I by the way, this isn't CIO magazine, so don't say we stick just a while ago as news our news comes from everybody else. So if you look at 3 this office really cool they talk about they used alone deliver a big as a ten pound package from a actually I think it's a ten pound package of cookies like yeah. Yeah. It was to a tanker at life is an experiment. Now what they don't say is the Drone wasn't autonomous drones being flied by a person. The real savings here is when get where the drones fly themselves which we have the technology and I get why Merce wanted somebody man in that thing off. Right, but they're actually doing a proof-of-concept to basically more than double that cargo weight. So they want to go from a ten pound car go to a 22-pound cargo at that point. Now you're able to change your vital parts to ships while there it seemed so imagine if you lose a power inverter. Typically you have to send a tug or helicopters cost a ton of money to get that power inverter to the ship. Well now the drones just go grab the power inverter drop it off the shipper have to slow down ships have to do anything and I think that is like an Incredible use of technology that we can do today. Now Mercy has to go through all kinds of testing. I'm sure different governments and different agencies have different laws and regulations about the drones and the size and who can fly I was going to say that's not have to be a huge drone. Well, the big thing is you have to be a powerful drone, right which is to be a large one. And then you get into this whole physics thing about you having your battery and increases the weight of the Drone and it can be a bit of and I remember talking to someone at some conference. I think it was in Oklahoma when we when that's right. We talked about we had a drone person on the show that was off. Yeah, yeah just cut a ban. Anyway. Anyway, I think this is awesome. I want more of this, you know, who else is looking really hard at this and actually doing proof of Concepts already in the US is both UPS and FedEx. Yeah, I did hear about the UPS. So UPS work with Ford has some special Vans made. It looks almost like James Bond cuz it looks like a normal ups and it stops in a roof opens and then there's twenty freaking drove there and see what happens is the use the Drone van to bring everything to a central location like our neighborhood and then the truck stops and then the drones launched and deliver everything in the neighborhood then they come back they repackage to another spot and so on and so on love that idea. I mean, that's just that's a good use of Technology just take people out of the equation. So lets drivers left people getting hurt less lost time incidents in more accuracy because I tell you what bulb in today's world. I can't see a drone forgetting to deliver my package right which you and I both have had mysterious packages disappear, you know packages thrown around like crazy and that that in porch Pirates and yep. All that mass. So I just think it's awesome that Mercy is doing this and shout out to them. Hey, if you want to come on the technology show talk about this. Let me know. I'll introduce you to Michael Sullivan the new host of that show, but good for you all for taking something and making a business case with it. All right, so Texas energy sector gives back who well, so we're industry of people that like doing business people we care. So even though it's a metric in every heart in this industry. They want everybody to go home safe at night and when we can help we help now, you know earlier I was talking about OPEC Opex actually helped this year. They agreed to cutting production. That was a very beneficial thing for the world, you know in Texas. We've been hit probably harder than almost anybody else but we've had so many companies chipped in to do stuff that just really cool Kinder Morgan donated a bunch of money to support fire stations police stations, Local Schools ConocoPhillips in a bunch of money for a hospital to buy ultraviolet lights to buy deeper cleaning Apache donate a bunch of money and hospital to hospitals and West Texas to buy a p p You know Yohji resources donate over a million dollars forty different food banks in in our local area. It just goes all our greater Houston code 219 Relief Fund has raised over Seventeen million dollars, you know, I'm bored and ConocoPhillips Chevron Phillips all of contributing to that and then ExxonMobil donated a lot of money to the Texas Restaurant Association to keep our local restaurants up and running and so, you know big shout out to everybody and I thought the whole bunch of them, but with the chips are down our industry comes together tries to help everybody out. Yeah, just I love that about our industry. And I mean this is all for covid-19 and economic stuff. But I mean man, we have been a blasted with some hurricanes and some and you know get audience if you wonder where last week's episode was always another hurricane. Yeah. We didn't know if it was going to hit us and as we're speaking with trouble called now depression beta hit us, so we had a big rain event, but we're both fine. And yeah and our families are okay, but if you know anybody else Any sort of Red Cross or anything like that, especially for Southwest Louisiana. A lot of people are without homes electricity out electricity in our real. We're offering Pakistan's you to hear limp a show. If your first responder and with its first responder as far as the empty or fire police or your first responder as in getting electricity back up and you think a wearable device, they'll give you Communications back to headquarters useful read. Where is giving this away for free if it helps in the affected area, so go back to our last show. There's a link in that show. No Chico click on that but I just love the fact that there might comes together and helps. Yes. Absolutely 100% sure. So this is interesting Justin Bieber highlights oil pain, so page it took this to give me to actually watch. This is my first Justin Bieber ever watch not a fan of his music don't know the guy loved the video. So basically tells a story of a I would say a roughneck now, I do have some issues with the video one is the constant stream of oil coming out the pipe and you just let fall on the ground dead. I didn't watch it yet because I found the article and I was just oh this has to go on the show bothers me cuz you're letting what looks like real crude just come out this pipe on the ground and then right next to that. There's this guy that's cranking on a valve and he took from the valve for the whole video. It's like it has to be closed by that there's it has but you know what, they're musicians and their performers. They're not Roughnecks so hats off the basically it tells a story of a looks like a roughneck. I'm working on a small on land production platform fish and the company man has to come out and say look we have to shut down when I make a movie after layer by off then it struck doesn't start and then later they're homeless, I guess cuz he doesn't have a job and money. Right and Army soldier picks him up gives him a hot meal and the welcome them into their family. So everything's good to get it does make your eyes water a little bit but I will say this much just need hats off to you for showing the pain that my initials go into a lot of your peers in the music industry would have never touched this. Yeah, right and I give you super Street creds for actually showing with a lot of people actually really dead. Through right now and I get that your performer, but I still have to believe that your heart was in the right place that you wanted to show this and I just that's all for doing this so not a big beaver fan. I did watch a video for one into well, he knows his comedian brothers and sisters are hurting. So yeah. Yeah, that's true. He's from Canada and about that. So I just think it was awesome that he did this and I know that we make some money and all that stuff but still they told the story of an industry that most musicians would be touched and I you know highly highly controversial so thank you. All right. So last article is Chinese oil giant could buy exxon's North Sea assets. Yes. So how's the North Sea is conventional reservoirs? A lot of those reservoirs are in various stages of being depleted. It's not as lucrative. You know that Brent crude Europe loves it, but the real world now has other supplies. So you're seeing a lot of big companies big companies pull out and they're pulling out because it's not the future money maker like it was ten twenty years ago, which means that smaller companies can come in that either more Nimble wage. Different technology or different price points and make money. And so this is sinopec coming in with some private Equity money. Wanted to pick up exercise assets. This is nothing new Exxon put those on the market last year at some point. I can't remember what time and let the world know. Hey, this is for sale think it's 15 to 20 fields. And then when the prices tanked Exxon said, you know what we're not selling now because the prices are too low and now they're interested in selling in the interesting thing is I was surprised that number one not only the number of bidders but the dollar amount that looks like this could go for which tells me that the people that are in the node know that prices are coming back know that this is a good investment off and pick it up cheaper than they could have picked up a couple of years ago and and somebody will pick it up and add it to their portfolio X I will take that money and do what it does best reinvest in other places that are in their sweet spot. So this is actually a good thing. That's interesting to watch all the big guys pull out North Sea and all the younger smaller and more Nimble companies come in but you know what? That's what the north said you needed. I love that part of the world. I love that. It's a different business culture, but you know every way from a dog Into kongsberg, you know the whole part of the North's he's just wonderful people beautiful in this low crew price of arm is hurt everybody up there. So, you know good thing Exxon to go ahead and go and sell this get it out of your portfolio. Let someone else use them and then move on but this was, you know to be totally expected. All right. So if you have one an IBM shirt pull it out, I'll give you a couple seconds go pull it out and go find that number. All right. Go spinning the wheel. All right, if your sleeve says 33, it's not sleep. It's front front just under whatever whatever. I don't know. What is the number is 33.33. I mean, I'm sure number 33 you have one week was given to you have two weeks to reach out to page and our contact information is in the show noting it is up on social media. Send us a smoke signal. I don't care. I want a picture with your shirt to verify that it is in fact your shirt sending by emails get a hold of this and let us know what your address is so we can send you a little goodie wage. Yeah, and so take a picture. I'm telling you how to go on our social media. So comb your hair and make sure it shows the number clearly and then you're the first one of our swag give away and I want to tell everybody what's in the bag pack is super cool and values a bunch of stuff. One of which is a signed baseball worth several hundred bucks, right? Yeah. Yeah pretty I think it's an astro. Yeah see a bunch of really cool stuff a big shout-out to IBM be doing this once a month. So if you have that shirt get that number out write it down somewhere and then listen and another couple of weeks. We'll be announcing another winner of the IBM swag bag only for the shirts. And if you don't have that shirt number one, don't try to reverse-engineer cuz we already had somebody try to do that. We caught them at it. Don't do that. But just go win when it's easy go to the link in the show notes will give away one shirt a week. And if you don't win you can register every week off to go register your shirt. So you can capture this really cool stuff that only are exclusive team of IBM shirt winners can participate in we'd like you to play that team as well. So go read your trial in the shirt and then weekly recount wage. Call will be the grief today. Oh, yeah about using Baker Hughes has recount information and how to tell them I said from our point of view. It's better right now. We're using it who who's going to tell you? Okay. I'll tell you off the mic. Okay. Anyway, what's the recall doing page? Okay. So in the US 255 were up one awesome Canada. We about 64 were up twelve go Canada International 747 up for that's the trick. We want to see people they have awesome. Bring it on Speaking of awesome. Our Facebook street team has moved to Lincoln warned is run with that group. I actually think they have a call today, which means when you hear this is way too late, but they're doing monthly calls. We got a bunch of cool stuff that we're doing super engaged with street team warms farming subgroups. There's a questionnaire to go out and that questionnaire is size shirts, which means that we're getting way get you finally so go to you on the street scene. It's basically an offshoot of our social media. We basically want an hour's worth of work a week from we're going to ask you to help promote our social media. There's Stuff we can do 2 if you want to get more involved, but and if you can't do it because life it's it's okay. We know so go join the streets and go to Lincoln where they look for page on LinkedIn on LinkedIn. Actually, they should just be able to look up on a street team street team. Okay. Yeah pop right up and the Facebook group is still there. So if you're there there's a link to bring you to the LinkedIn group. Yeah, I think so. Yeah, we're getting on that Facebook group somewhere down the road. Just go join the LinkedIn log in page at Lincoln groups moderated by real person, right? Yes. Yeah. So that's moderated by either me or Warren. Yeah. So when you go to join it may take a day or two to get accepted cuz a real person has to make sure yeah, I know we've been pretty quick pretty quick. Yeah, and then who speaking of LinkedIn follow follow the company page go ahead and get into our group we have it's a place where everybody that is a fan and listens can talk and either stuff and connect with one another so and all the links for all this different stuff in the show notes. So depending if your listing on IRS and wrong Swipe upper left will bring you to the show. So you can click all this stuff and probably one of the last times go to the website go to all guests week., Give us your email address. We promise never took them you will use that to alert your new stuff. We're doing that website will disappear from a public view very soon. We're just about ready to launch a new o g g n website which will be the hub for this podcast and all of our podcasts begin speaking of being a hub if you want to be in the hub of what's going on on gas events sign up for my monthly only gas events newsletter. It's free. We take all the oil and gas events plus stuff people don't know about the public isn't aware of discounts out free tickets. It's tough sticking your in box once a month for absolutely nothing happy to do that. And then if you like me or any of our professionals come speak at your event, we've been doing a whole budget. You know who I'm speaking with, you know, I'm leaving a panel with took Condoleezza Rice. Yeah. How cool is that? That's pretty neat. I got four or five other one's going on in October. So I'm busy but we have other people that would love to come speak. I'm happy to come speak. So if you want to you want to kick off your virtual sales or marketing job? Golf you want some motivation for your gun club, you know, you have a virtual conference and you'd like to some different traffic whatever reach out to us. Let me know and we'll happy to share the details and then first Friday Q&A, you know deal with you submit the questions. We read your question on the air you get a big shout-out and the goal is not to stump us to go as help educate the audience if you have any questions and I mean anything so we've gotten we've had some light-hearted questions. We've had very serious knowledge deep questions now everything in between. Yeah absolutely. Would love to hear from you owe page here you go out here. Actually I wanted to say we have an election coming up folks home register to vote right now before it's too late early voting coming up exercise your right to vote. Yep. I'm glad you brought that up. I don't care what your political beliefs are do your job as an American and take advantage of your right as an American go register to vote cast your ballot. You do make a difference. Absolutely. All right. Remember folks do great work pay it forward and we will see you next time and here's You know with events on Deck, this is Savannah and here are the events on deck for September 2020. There's the fpso World Congress twenty-twenty and that's on September 1st to the 4th and also the 8th and it's all online. The next one is building the future industrial Summit on September 16th, and that's also online. There's also the 4th annual blockchain in oil and gas conference 2020 and that's on September 16th to the 18th. Then there's the engineer Symposium and exhibition for Upstream Innovation twenty-twenty, and that's September 22nd to 54% and there's also effective leadership through change and uncertainty featuring Condoleezza Rice and that's on September 24th. There's also an ape summer 2020 from August 11th to September 14th, and lastly there's BP week 20/20, September 14th to 16. That's all for September. Hope you guys have a great month and thanks for tuning in. Tune in next week for another informative and entertaining episode of oil and gas this week podcast a production of the oil and gas globalnet wage. Learn more at

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You Ain't Got No Black Friends in Miami, Huh? - The People's Report Ep. 5

The People's Report

18:15 min | 7 months ago

You Ain't Got No Black Friends in Miami, Huh? - The People's Report Ep. 5

"A new study has revealed new depths of the racism problem in the hiring process. We sent out one hundred resumes to various corporations half of them had urban names and half of them had good old fashioned Anglo American names from thought the results were shocking One resume was of Keyshawn Robinson a cumlaude a graduate from Howard and Harvard in his paperwork. We attached a picture of Keyshawn standing with Colin Powell. This unfortunately wasn't enough to land the job who got the job instead of him fifty eight year old Craig arson. He changed his name to match his charge before his sentence was over. He has a College Dropout dead be dead and drug addict but as American name was enough to put an employer at ease Craig arson has been a manager of Harleys for 3 months now studies reveal that European sounding names have a much higher higher ability rate even a name is jarring or offensive Martika Alan couldn't land a job as a secretary to a local account and despite a business degree and math lead status instead. The job was given to a Miss Becca and Besler every Jackson was turned down for a local daycare despite having an advanced degree in child psychology instead the company chose to hire a Gerald baby drowner recently released from the psych ward for assault. We spoke to a judge and ask her opinion on the results of this experiment that's fucked up. You know, I can't blame my parents for thinking that the race issue was diminishing enough of their children to walk around proudly with a black name. I have to blame the system that we're dead. But hey, I'm no victim. I'm a Survivor. That's why I'm here at the court office prepared to change my name to Lily white manslaughter. And if they give me problems in there, then I might have to go up to second-degree murder am in Clark and this is the people's report. This wouldn't be a black show unless we talked about child support here to give a special Insight the most successful child support lawyer and history Leticia Wilkinson and my firm deadbeats broke niggas. In fact, we focus on just that we use every Power under the law to make sure these niggas come out of pocket and do the right thing. Now, I know that not every Niger is anxious motherfuker and go down to the law is always a touchy subject for the black community, but here at deadbeats broke niggas and bombs black families aren't going to the white man's to deal with their personal problems. They are coming to me Leticia wage and I'm black is Hale. I know this is audio so you can't see me but I have an ombre weave and I've been weaving in and out of the legal system for all of my life child support law runs in my family. My great great great great great great grandmother represented. All of Genghis Khan's baby Mamma's and they were able to walk away with a healthy number of mules and s'mores in a low class action settlement. My ancestors have worked for Joseph Smith. The Mary who saw financial support from God they were unable to deliver on that promise, but they did secure a lucrative book deal for the Christ family. Now the pandemic has halted a lot of progress. We were making with regular PS a ship motherfukers off, but we've been able to focus our attention on our celebrity cases. We currently represent all 83 a futures baby mothers and Drake's baby. Mama has me on retainer just in case we are currently working with Nicole Smith Dr. Dre his ex-wife to make sure that she can maintain a lifestyle. We have a plan to make sure to secure half the ass-whooping said she was used to receive and while married to the legendary producer send an email to fax report pot at gmail.com with your story and we will pass them on to the teacher Will consent in the good people at deadbeats broke niggas and bums. I'm Marie Clarke and this is the people's report. And what some believe to be a publicity stunt to prove his gayness to his fans rapper. Lil sweet was recently charged with breaking and entering into the county jail. This Sunday will sweet had previously been in the news for coming off the first gay rapper which many of his fans did not buy quote. He raps about having kids where gays do that at quote said at you gots to pay me on Twitter quote- stupid gay in quote sweet responded famous gay engineered Tweed Malcolm recently called little sweet out on the Cindy Williams Show. Let's hear clip of that. We all know that a lot of these little kids these days don't have no little Talent. They just want to pay interest a little audiences. So they will do whatever they need to say to sell a little record or tickets to a little concert even though we don't know what you do behind closed doors. That's fine. God does and so does my friend Chris that work at the NSA sweet then took to add you live to respond. Y'all need to watch. Mouth before I come over there and put some in it unless you were girl. Then yuck ever since the birth of gangsta rap hip-hop has been a place for an artist must be willing to act as a character. They portray for entertainment purposes off one can look at the life of Tupac an art student made famous for his gangsta rap who eventually got lost in his Persona to sell records one could also look at the life of Hitler hip-hop historian cooking. The crackhead has a similar Theory off if somebody gave a monkey banana every time they threw shit around then that monkey would be throwing shit all day. We call the suite in jail and asked him a few questions when asked about what he missed about the outside world. He told us Twitter. Even though we didn't ask he told us that Tyler Perry and Caitlyn Jenner have called him since he's been inside. He also had this to say hey, I'm gay also gas snuck into jail. You've only I got the money for the Bell but I ain't leaving till I suck every goddamn dick in this bitch fuck dropping charges you able to drop them draws all these guys gonna know I ain't straight so he now he's going to question my sexuality again. Okay, please let Suites new album right on my feet is in stores now. And now our resident sell out expert elk new Thomas. Thank you brother Clark and Sister Walker for allowing me to use your platform to relate to your list a new light on how to live a safe and fulfilling lifestyle. I want to teach you how to speak full sell out. Like my prayer life is Condoleezza Rice Candace Owens and Kamala Harris. I am fluent in speaking sell out Mac and teach you and your listeners down to give praises to our great white leaders and support their causes I Came Upon This Revelation with the arrival of my two children. I looked to my boss oldest and I said Kana You and Hunter will not be subjected to this quote unquote idea of racism in this country. So I've decided to take action and formulate my ideas into a philosophy that will lift us out of the monkey Kingdom into the promised land of cauliflower and a Ruger and cranberries and your salads. I will show you that to mantan is to maintain this month Candace Owens book will be released title. Hashtag blackout. My novel will be a piggyback novel to hers and it will be titled hashtag. Oh black. This is a guide for the black people written by myself a black man. So I'm not a frog so through chapters and seminars. I will give you the thinking of the birth. Patriot like in chapter 5 titled the black man invented slavery. I will prove to you without any facts archaeological backing that the black man is the first time separate themselves. So it can't possibly be out white predecessors fault if we created it. I tackled tough subjects as a so-called races or or sports and entertainment in one of my other chapters titled stick to dribble it. I know that maybe a large part of your listening demographic maybe a live birth. So I'll put together and easy-to-follow audio guide that can be heard in two different versions ebonics and East Atlanta. So ask yourself, why are you not part of the higher middle class? It's because you do not open up your mouth all the way to enunciate. I will teach your mouth exercises through my seminars dead. Books that will have you on the platform to sell them like an intellectual even if you really don't know what the fuck it is. You are talking about you can spew facts about it and circle talk your way into the arms of these white folk. I hope that most of you will join on that jigaboo train and come and buy my own novel. Thank you all listeners and enjoy the show for the people support. I'm Amber Walker. And now for the stories we didn't have time to cover this week. And what's up might take her Joe Biden calls. The president climate arsonist bringing to light why rappers shouldn't be president because they are pro burning trees. Jessica Craig pose as an African American studies Professor but recently revealed that she's a white woman and wants to cancel herself. That's the most white child. Should I ever heard how do you want to be punished? Well take my job that will be fair maybe forever be out of oxtails and every Jamaican restaurant. She frequents Andrew Gillum is recent interview with Tamron Hall revealed a bunch of new information about the hopeful governor of Florida took the people's report. We have exclusive audio of the ride to Miami-Dade County precinct on that fateful night. They wanted me to take you in but I was like nah, I've got my brother. Who was that motherfucker that called the one with the naked foot in the picture. Who's that naked foot? You would tell me if you don't mean to bother you now I'ma try my best to look out for you. I wish my brother you were supposed to be the next Black Messiah. You know, I'm from Tallahassee. I listen number T-Pain. You mean to tell me you ain't got no black friends in Miami. You see Marion Barry get away with that used to come home football, but you was butt naked and y'all throw up. That's not a good look weren't you supposed to be officiating the wedding and eat your wife here, man. You need start worry about getting a divorce ma'am. I knew you why my daddy always told me not to mix my white with my brown. That's probably what you did. Huh? Huh? Huh? You ain't going to say nothing. You mean to tell me you lost the race for governor and still got caught. Damn man. You need a better PR team after you you know, what take my car next time you were in Miami you want to get drunk and see the size. Just just hit me up. I know a few cool midgets or or whatever you into just hit me up before you hit em. How to use that's for the culture Nick Cannon was on IG live with Fat Joe talking about squashing his beef with Eminem if Nick Cannon wants to be a voice for the black community. We are going to need him to not talk to a Puerto Rican rap song by the said to lean back from Eminem because we don't need a white rapper beating a black man in the battle The Fresh Prince of Bel Air Mansion is listed on Airbnb for five days only it comes with a continental breakfast and Uncle Phil looking assnigga to throw you out in the line. If you sleep Beyond check out our Kelly was attacked in jail by a Latin Kings gang member where he would have loved to be attacked by Ms. Almost Thirteen the fan Carol Baskins missing husband bought a commercial to air during her Dancing with the Stars debut. Did you or a loved one get eaten by a tiger because of Carroll Baskin Harlem offices of Leticia Wilkinson at 646-805-6530 and we'll see if you're entitled to child support the Kardashian family and their reality show proving that no matter how fast black people can run. They cannot keep up with the Kardashians. Feels a former contestant on The Voice gave her boyfriend a kidney saying that she heard God say she was supposed to do something for him. This sounds very familiar to the story. We covered last time where Meg the stallion gave her foot to Tory Lanez his career a pair of sloths at The Dudley zoo in England appeared to kiss on camera in the first encounter. Meanwhile, I can't get my girl to give me a lazy fuck on a Tuesday. Try again Wednesday you remember Tom Young Buck and Lloyd Banks. Neither does 50 Cent Oscar my office free hot dog on wheels for marriage proposals, which seems like a conflict of interest because hot dog on Wheels is what my woman off her side Niger if I see Wienermobile come up on her phone. I know what it is a pregnant goat died after being gangrape by eight men these men are currently on the lam. Alex has mesh track so tokenized versions of himself online. But if I had a nickel for every time I was a token I'd be invited to Jeffrey Epstein's Island by now an enormous chunk of Greenland icecap is broken off in the far north eastern Arctic dead. Development that scientists say is evidence of Rapid climate change scientists are hoping to get J Prince to return the ice to Greenland. Like he has done for other rappers Smokey. The Bear has announced his retired from service because he is dead tired of our bullshit as California's on fire and he's warm just four years Trump pulled us out of the Paris climate deal. Meanwhile several Americans refused to pull out whether French kissing never going to get off covid-19 m e man hon is out for a child that shot at police officers leaving them in critical condition. The officers have decided that critical and condition is not the band name that they want and are asking out of their contract. Meanwhile the people that shot Brianna Taylor are still free climate change has been an issue since the hot boys told us how hot the block was many people suspect that Trump is responsible. But only because in a recently leaked tape from their practice, he fired the whole West Coast. In a noose luthi investigative discovery. We at the people's report got our hands on a training video for every police station in America. I'm warning you. It may be a little disturbing to some parties. It goes a little something like this. And this lay down on the floor off around the corner off. I know you go start with the basic question where you're coming from. Let me see real slowly. I can see DC volts. Yeah. Yeah now it's time to get frisky. Right hand on the wall. Let us handle the wall spread your legs. Any drugs and possession anything like a weapon? Freeze stay still while I pat you down. And let me go right angle string cheese off the ground. Now. Let's say he's dead now taste. The Miranda slide is off the album hotel by Yours Truly read Clark and it is available everywhere music is streamed. This is the people's report. We hope you enjoyed this week's episode of The People's reports. Thanks to Brian Grainger who played Uncle Ruckus a second cousin all his mom aside. No clue Thomas him up on Instagram at Granger 9680. If you're a writer voice actor engineer jobs are looking for a sugar baby visit us at P PLS report POD at gmail.com to collaborate. Also check us out on Facebook Instagram and Twitter at P PLS report pod. If you haven't already, please hit that subscribe button wherever you get your podcast. We'll see you next time.

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Mom Meets Family History, Part 2

Moms Meet World

29:30 min | 8 months ago

Mom Meets Family History, Part 2

"Hi, welcome to Mom Meets World where our mission is to strengthen home and family. So happy you're joining us today again, I am so happy to have so many new listeners. Recently. We thank you for coming. We're grateful today to have my really good friend a net now Jack. Do you want to say hi. Hi, this is Annette and not as an expert on family history. And I really mean that I feel like she is an expert. She's the one who helped me figure out how to cross that bridge from complete bumbling idiot to slightly less bumbling it and then began to actually kind of understanding it and falling in love with it. So as you may remember from a previous podcast my sister and I set out to talk about family history and mostly just laughed through the entire thing off time. We're going to cover some more specific information about how to really get going on this but let's do what we did or we've done before and start with the history of my friend and I off Briefly, so and that do you remember how we met do you think remember I remember meeting you at church? I remember seeing you with a bunch of little kids until I had my own little kids in tow and I'm I'm fairly certain you approached me because I'm not the kind of person to approach people. Well, however, it worked out. I remember Jared coming home one of my sons and coming home from school and saying mom one of my new friends is Alex and was your son and I thought oh, that's nice and he told me about Alex and I thought oh that that'll be another that's a good friend to have. I think they were like fourth grade and maybe third grade we moved when Alex was in first grade, so they probably weren't at school together. Yeah after a few years, right? Cuz we lived in different parts of the area and then they were eventually in the same area to go to school. So anyway, I just thought thinking that was so nice that they were friends. He seemed like such a nice guy, but what I didn't know I had no idea that they would end up becoming not only friends for decades. Not only best buddies not okay. College Pals that hung around together through college not only water polo team captain says he had kept it to there on the same water polo team. They were on the swim team together and then they now are still such good friends that you were told me the other day and maybe you don't know this but if you do it's really funny to me that the game they played decades ago. They still off even though Jared is this what is the investment banker and Alex has a career. They're both doing stuff. They still find a way with two other buddies to still interact with this Age of Empires Online is clean game, but this is funny and and and talk. So are you pretty glad they're good friends too. So glad you know to me that has just been the greatest blessing of a feeling like we were glad to threat to Bainbridge Island is that that the friends that my kids made here, obviously you as a friend. Yeah, but you know, it's not the same if your kids aren't happy. It's so true. Yeah, you'd rather be the unhappy one. Right like you much rather be that happy one than have them be friends. Yeah. Yeah. I just we just delighted it don't we invited in watching that and they have made lifelong connection? Yeah. Yeah. Remember there were years there where we trade off and they'd be a different houses every week like oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, and and you probably didn't know how often Jared skipped off high school when he was a senior to be at my house for breakfast and video games. Alex should always saying mom, you don't have to feed everybody. Oh, but I did you were an armored Angel and it was nice that you live. So close to the high school like it's over zip back. Hopefully well at some point during the day came back. But anyway, I'm so glad we're we're we're so blessed to know each other and I just I just for my audience. I want you to know that I think the world of the net I think she's one of my she's got a pure and true heart and she is such a wage. Committed researcher in Jenny ology her daughters and I were together last night and they said yeah, I mean there were times where we think Mom come out come out from the Zone comes comes. It's like another world that she goes to and it's a powerful and compelling world and I very helpful world. Can you tell me a little bit about your journey into family history and why it's so compelling you when I was growing up. I knew that my my aunt's we're very much, you know researchers of the family history, but I wasn't much interested in that was always kind of, you know boring and you know certain Sharon it I assure wage and then when I became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, then it became a responsibility and just like you're told to pray and read scriptures you you know seek out your Kindred Dad off. Okay. Let me pause there for a second for new people in the room. The reason we seek out art in your debt is to offer them the blessings of the fulness. We call the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all the ordinances and commitments of birth. Is that are attached to that and so that they can progress in their journey. And so that's another 700 podcast that you could contact your missionaries. Anyway move on Thursday. Well, so, you know, it was a responsibility and I tried it and didn't find much enjoyment in it. But in the back of my mind, it was always this is something I should do. And so there were fits and spurts and starts like with any other people. I don't think people just one day wake up and love genealogy. I think it's very much a profit promise. That's true. I'm trying to trying to find the joy in something like off like, you know your Runner and you're told you're still good, right? Yeah, it doesn't feel so great when you start I hated it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah and you have to go through that hate stage. Yeah. Yeah, but yeah, but eventually I something happened and in my life with my husband and he was out of a job and I had a choice to make do I go back to work or do I seek blessings for our family in another Direction and I just felt very strongly that this was something wrong. Had failed to do for our family was to do our genealogy and to give the family interested in it as well. And I just happened to start tearing at a family history library right before our church rolled out there online application and I used to be a software programmer. And so for me, this is like, oh cool. I'd love to help think this better. I'm just it was in beta testing at the time and you know just totally played in my strengths. Yeah. I love cats. I love computer programming. I love software. I love off pencils. I love you know left brain. Yeah. I just absolutely love to put those kinds of pieces together solve the puzzle and your quilter so, you know about puzzles Fabric and yes, if you love that whole spatial and Thursday, which is, you know, right time right place right motivation. Actually finally that has trying to to seek the blessing of it not just to be able to just not just do it. Yeah, so beautiful place. With all of that didn't click right away. It was so there's a learning curve. Okay. So tell me about the learning Group Well the learning curve for me anyway happened when I actually started having success in finding physical records and not a lot of it was online at the time. Yeah, but some of it was and then of course you could find websites that would direct you to where you could right away for a document. So I started you know writing away for death certificates in marriage certificates and the occasional birth certificate as aren't so plentiful in the age, you know, the years I was looking for but to have the document in hand to actually see it in print and know that it was real was a real game-changer for me to you need to be in the records. When you look at a census record and you find your family for the first time that it's really thrilling, you know, this isn't this isn't made up stuff. Yeah on Crete it's like this is real. Yeah. I got a little shiver there. Okay. Let's say someone is listening right now and they've never done a lick of genealogy. Okay, I mean they barely know who their grandparents are dead. Well, they might know that but not beyond what would you say is the very first thing they should do. Well, I would say that they need to if they if they're doing this on online or on a computer or laptop is to download one of those three programs that lets you set up a family tree online and do your own research and get your own information together online. So that shareable people can share with you. It's organized and it's organized. Yes. Now, I just don't know people who do it all by hand and pencil a little older than me, but that's how they feel comfortable doing. Yeah. Yeah. So there are a number of ways you can do it. You can put a damper on the wall and start it out. Yeah, but it gets started. So they did start router version. Do you have a favorite program that you'd recommend honest-to-goodness Mary? I think ancestor.com is the best place to start young. However is not free. Right, right. That's true. Yes. Okay. So what if you want free, well if you want free then like I said one of those applications like RootsMagic you can download but yep. Magic is just a place to store your information. It's not a place to access sources. Sure free place for sources is familysearch.org. And that's where you can find actual images of Census records. And I mean, I have a huge selection from around the world first records baptismal records marriage records. Okay. There's a lot out there out there that you can just get for free off and that is from The Church of Jesus Christ it is and and once you have determined who your family is and you have a little bit of knowledge of what you're doing then add that to the family tree at familysearch.org actually don't suggest that people start just playing around with families with the family tree of that website. Okay, because it's a shared family tree. Okay, and you can you need to have a little bit of an understanding of who your family is what direction you're going for you? Yes. Yeah. Yeah, who could they go? Like, let's say you're you get on there and you think okay. I've got it. It's a free site. I love it. I've got a little bit done wrong. About 25 questions, where could they go with those questions questions about what to do next? What's the next step? Okay. Well, if if you don't want to talk to a live person the absolute best place to go would be the family package Wiki. Oh interesting. Yeah, it is totally fantastic repository of information of websites and other places you can go to research. I didn't even know myself, you know, like when you're skiing I think I'm a blue level skier, but I I'm learning you learn all the time keep going. So so that your family search winterswijk e, yeah absolutely wrong, you know, I'm a family history consultant. Yeah, and I tell people all the time. Well, did you look on the wiki cuz I don't have the answer to that question. So interesting, but they could also go to a family search library or what were they called the family said that back in history Center Center what they're called now, and yes, they can go there. Yeah, and they can get into individualized help for research in their family right in per se and birth. Mainly at the family history centers, we will be working on the familysearch.org website. And so be helping you find records that are on that side or directing you to the family search Wikipedia that you can go off of the site. I'll show you how to use it. Yeah. Okay and when let's say you want to go but you don't know where one of those libraries are. How do you Google Google it one in your area with fact as a you know, even though I'm a member of the church is next to the family search Wiki the thing I always tell people is just Google it. Just Google it. Yeah. Yeah and there are a bunch of other websites that you can find. One of my favorites is called death index s.com and it just has all the the United States states listed and you click on a state. Yeah, and it will and then it has a list of places you can look for jobs and death certificates online who to write to if it's not online yet interesting. It's one of my favorite things to Google and it doesn't always pan out, but I wonder if you've done it too is simply an address or even a strong. Yeah, so then I'll get onto like Google Maps or Google Earth and you can zero in it's very I don't know spiritually compelling or something to see. Oh, this was my great-grandfather site off. This is the town or this is the neighborhood or that's the church where they went to church every side isn't that a fabulous feeling they find it is and I saw somebody do that once at the family history Center. He was looking for his grandfather who had moved to Canada and you know as has long since passed but he always wondered why he moved from Michigan to Canada and finally found an address for page him and he did he went on to you know on to Google Maps and was able to find the actual home that his grandfather had lived and and just said it was it was inspiring off again it connection and reality. Yeah and not just yeah, you know, we're pretending that this is right. Right, right. It's actually real. Yes. So let's talk about those feelings like you're on there. You're fine. People have you felt closer in some ways your ancestors because of this like do you do you feel like they're they're kind of watching you do this sometimes. Well, that's an excellent question. I thought I actually come away from this experience Mary with more questions and answers most of the time not all the time the time I really wonder how they live their lives course. They didn't know about, you know, your plumbing and Central Heating and contact lenses. So they didn't know what they were missing out on it, right, you know, their their lives must have been very different than my own totally and I do wonder about their resilience. Yeah, and you know and and certainly in my own family they moved around a lot. They just kept moving to look for more prosperity and write write and write it was so I I think about them a lot. Yeah and what it must have been like and and and to me that's very strengthening and does it make you feel more love and appreciation for them. Exactly. Oh my gosh. Absolutely. I I in general. I love my family more. Yeah. I'm home. Think that anything you do on behalf of another person increases your love for them. Yeah, and that love is certainly increased not just for my own family, but for other people cuz I also do some index page of records that aren't online. Right right. I have to say it's also committed me not just to the specific people. I've worked for or worked with or in behalf of but the the idea of family like Family itself has always been precious to me. But now I always thought of it as sort of like the people I know on Earth those people are precious to me, but when you sort of go beyond that, it's like it's like office is open up and you see instead of maybe one or two quilt squares you're starting to see more and more of this phenomenal quilt. That's all quilted together. And you're it's just your vision widens and now you love life more of the quilt and you realize there's an even bigger quill down there and they're all connected to you and they all care about you and I it's it's strange and wonderful all the same time. He feels so deeply. Connected it's just well, cuz it gives you till I think one of the most amazing things about family search and family history research is that everybody tends to have experiences that are unique to their own needs interests. What do you need to feel from this? You know, and you can find it. I found joy and connection but it also found a great deal of perspective. Yeah, and how important it is not to judge people by the standards that we live by today. But to try to judge them in context totally that brings me to my next question now is that how have your house your worldview? Perhaps been influenced by what you've discovered in the culture of your family that we are a much better Society than we used to be in many many ways. And and I'm not just talking about the prosperity that we have right now. I'm talking about the attitudes we have and our desires as as a dog. Here in the United States at least to be a country. That is better. I think that's probably been our goal from the beginning is is to be to improve upon what we already had. Yeah, but I just found some experiences and my family that I like. Wow. We're did those bad attitudes come from, you know, kind of shocking attitudes to me that I didn't grow up with right and that my parents didn't wage share with me. But but in the larger family I saw things I was like, wow, where did that come from? And as I've researched the family I found out. Oh well, okay that makes more sense. Now interest I mean off both sides of my family. They fought for the Confederacy besides of my family. They were involved somehow with with having slaves sure and I didn't understand sure why cause we weren't better as a family and the understanding of how to treat people and how to how to even just talk about peace. Sure. Totally your what looks like that song from South Pacific they must wage Blue. Little by little things dribbled down maybe from those Plantation slave years or whatever to to a Prejudice that you didn't understand like weird. Why would anyone ever say anything like that? But then Thursday actually where they were at that time, right? It may have made sense to that which it doesn't make any sense. But to them in that context right not knowing what they didn't know right and without off without trying to Excuse excuse anything right? I see that over Generations it got better. Yeah, we are impatient people. We always want the other person to change more quickly than we're willing to change ourselves totally, you know, so, how is history going to judge us? Ya know isn't that interesting? Yeah, isn't that interesting with what we've been given and in our time I think it maybe also I would guess gives you most of my people are all immigrants fairly recently from Europe in the last so I don't have the same page. Experience in America but I'm imagining that might give you a perspective of okay, these people made some really stupid mistakes and unbelievably off sort of an educated mistakes given what we know now but they were still good people. Absolutely. I gives you that compassion for that. They were still trying to yes, and that's why I talk about it gives you perspective. I can love people for the good people they are and you can try to be better for this generation. And for the next right which I think is so sweet home was watching an interview with who was it? She should be the secretary under Bush Condoleezza Rice. Oh, I love her. Yeah a door handle is risk and she said, you know, I'm sure there's a lot of talk about race and prejudicing I get that but we have never really in my mind kind of Lisa said had it better people. It's never been better to be an African American than it is today. Of course, it can be even better. Yeah. Yep. We will evolve further but to say that we are somehow, you know in a worse situation than we were with there was slavery. She's I don't know where this you know, it comes from like we we're doing better right? Let's keep doing it off and in an area I just hope with all my heart that that my family contributes to that. Yeah, you know that that's the goal is for each of us to to learn from history. Yeah, so we don't repeat it. But so that we can correct exactly exactly. So in the context of History the memories feature I think on Ancestry is particularly interesting. Can you speak to that? Okay, this is a memories feature familysearch.org. Oh, sorry family search. Yes. So there are Comics our shuttle goes the website and there is more than one application on it. One of the applications is to search records so that you can actually find wage indexes or images of source records like princesses exact for example, and then there's a family tree where you build your actual tree and connect yourself to your relatives that the memories feature is off. An application that layers on top of the tree and it's where you can upload photographs and stories and you can record your voice or someone else's voice. That is so cool. It is really odd that yet. I have not done it. I've actually afraid to yeah, it's a little intimidating idea. Yeah, I think about that. Okay, but you know Facebook, it's just an absolutely wonderful for this time and place in history where we take photos and we live in the moment and we say something about it then and we can look back and and we've already forgotten that the car broke down and bought an out of gas and that that diner food poisoning. Okay, cuz we have a beautiful memory. Yeah that we have posted. I write them go on the day where the diner didn't do that. Whatever. Yeah. Yeah, and so much of what's happened in the past that we dwell on is dead. I mean we we we change our memories by dwelling on the bad things. I am totally guilty of this. We just want you to know I've never written my personal history cuz every time I've started it it's been really whiny off. I don't want to be known as the warranty person. Sure sure. And so this has taken me a long time to figure out. Yeah that if you if you use photographs, yeah, it's really helpful to bring your family history. Yes. And so the the family search memories app allows you to upload a photograph at a time one at a time and write something about it off. You don't just label it. You can actually write a story about it or you can use the the, you know, the recording feature and just talk about it. So cool, you know, and I just brings it alive not only just being alive you remember you start over to remember all the good times. So I have a photo here of of my daughters to race whose birthday is on February 29th. Now as you can imagine as a young child, this was really hard job. Housing right and we kept telling her that someday she'd be appreciative but I want you to know that in the moment. She did not appreciate it. I bet and so this is a photograph here for her eighth birthday party. Of course, it was really not her eighth birthday. It was her second birthday She'll always be a truly. Yeah. She well. Yeah, you know, she has said so many times we never did anything for my birthday. You know, I never had a birthday and what if you can bring out a photo and see but we did look here is yeah and no you don't have one of these from every year, right? Right. Right, right, but but I have evidence jobs. And so, you know, that's that's easy enough to do because we're living that right now. I love that. But but you know, when you look back and you and the old photographs, I have a photograph right here of my parents house. This is a to me just really special cuz there are happy. This is when they were engaged. Oh my gosh. I've never seen this and that is that oh my gosh, that looks like Larisa he does. Yep. Mean the silver says one of her daughters. Wow. Wow, that's a beautiful photograph and it just makes me happy because my parents got divorced when I was sick. So sad given this photo wage even at all sad, but they look at that photo. I remember there were happy times. There were happy times for them at the beginning for sure and I certainly have more photographs of me with my father after they got divorced Happy Times sure. I don't have to dwell sure on the things that were unhappy sure and I just you know, I think photographs help us bring this bring this to mind. Yes. So awesome job cuz it's shells. Yeah, thank goodness people, you know, we're not we're in a completely different era than they were then but somebody was still taking photos. Yeah less blood splashed. Yeah that we had any photos of all what are the you've got? Well, I do so after my parents got divorced. My mother moved us to Florida and we lived in California and it was not a happy time or a happy place for me or my sister down. And so in going through the family history, I've been reminded of why my mother moved us back and more than once. We went back to California and then she'd get fed up with it again. And and she would Scamper aspect of it for another year and you know, it wouldn't be good and we go back and we did this more than once and I you know, my sister and I were like, please stop doing this to us, you know, so that's so that's why when I sit down to write my family history, it's very wide sure. I understandably, but now it's not understandable. It's you know, shouldn't be whining. I've been very blessed that's true too. But you know, I have time off but I look at these pictures of my mother and her sister and her brother and then a picture of her with her cousin and one of her aunts and I just remember how she used to talk about her family and my mom they were together. They always fought sure. Okay, they weren't she didn't seem all that happy around right, but she couldn't stand not to be with them. Yeah, she loves them and she had happy memories and she used to share Happy song. Is about them. Yeah and about her favorite cousin and her favorite on interesting and you know, and I and so again perspective. Why was it so important to my leather as a divorced woman raising two small children right to be around relatives that my sister and I didn't want to be around cuz she had wonderful memories of them interesting now and it meant so much to learn. Yeah, and so it helps me understand my mother much better. So interesting and then I have some more pictures here. Yeah. Okay. So one of the things that I think family history really helps you figure out is cultural attitudes and this is a picture of my husband with his grandparents. Well, first of all, here's a picture of my husband's grandfather. He's a young man over here with his whole family with his sisters and his parents immigrants from Greece. Okay, and very stay there. There's a lot of Massage. Going on in the Greek culture. Okay, and it's kind of hard to understand because it's so foreign to me sure and sometimes I wonder where my husband comes up with some of his ideas. And you know, he's very easily 10. He's he's a country, you know, he sees that if you point it out to him sure like, where did you get that idea to begin with? Okay. Well one of the funny stories it's told I think it's funny about this family is when George George evangelists, this is George evangelist. And this is evangelist George. The Evangelist is my husband's grandfather. Okay? Okay, when his wife died and the children went to bring him. They realized that he had he already had a plot but he'd already ordered the headstone for it. And he headstone was completely inscribed. Now my day his wife was still living and I left him by another twenty years their heads off and said he relies evangelist Batista and his wife. Interesting well because my mother and daughter siblings had grown up in the United States. They were just aghast. He could not believe that their father would treat their mother in such a way. But I and so they had it inscribed with her name when she died. Okay good, but but evangelist was fine with leaving it the way it was interesting but in helping my husband research his family, one of the things I found in in contacting some of his, you know, distance distant relations that not some of them living off some of them still visit Greece all the time. Some of them live here in the United States is this attitude of what why are you asking you're a woman and anyway and that, you know Afrodita she was she was a woman. She got money is not a patisa anymore. Oh my goodness, you know, and so wow, there's definitely a generation that that for sure feels like that. It's evolving like racism. Yeah. Yep. It's evolving. I'm just not at the generation yet where I'm going to be able to help my husband very much and have to do it himself interesting and because his you know his his mother I'm not not with a dad that was Greek, right then he's going to have a hard time getting information from the family. They don't want to share it. Wow. Wow. Well, it's definitely puzzle. Yeah it is and yeah, so Bruce has a cousin who is the son of a son of evangelist Batista and this cousin has three boys and those three boys also have sons. Okay interesting the greasy side of the family loves some contacts and all the time gives them all sorts of information, huh? They've even traveled through twice with them provided them everywhere. Wow. Yeah. Doesn't seem fair does not seem fair, but we're learning our way. We're learning. Like I said, we're learning more compassion and more context and more perspective and maybe that's one of the reasons we won the the reasons we do family history. And so thank you I could go on we could talk about this for three hours or longer. But thank you for helping me come to the point where I just truly truly love it. I love it. I have felt closer to my ancestors. I have felt them not far and I I can tell they want to help they want to help us still think I do feel that. Yes. Yeah. Absolutely. I think that is so sweet and tender that they do that. They're so interested in us right now. We're sitting up so it works out really well. Thanks everyone for coming today to this podcast and we'll see you the next time on a Meets World.

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