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"concourse vanderbilt hall" Discussed on KUGN 590 AM

"About seven forty in the evening. His livestream that YouTube concert started. He was he wanted to tell the audience what to do basically, he started the broadcasts alone on camera with the crowd and complete silence. Then he said, I'll just move a bit more over this way and saying, hey, Jude, and then you're saying go make it bad. And that you're a big moment there about two hundred of his friends some fans and told a strangers there in the hall, which is right off of the main commuter. Concourse Vanderbilt hall, Meryl Streep was one of the people who were there. Chris rock was there. Amy Schumer was there. Jimmy Fallon was there. Kate moss. Was there John Bon Jovi was they're Rolling Stone magazine reported that this was a different kind of McCartney show with leaner later on. It's feet less. Interested in hitting every familiar note more invested in having just a plain good old time concert is out to promote McCartney's new album Egypt station, but he only played three songs from that album. Who cares? Come on to me and Fuyu. He's having so much fun. He gave the crowd as streamlined reenergize to or through his catalog from love me do all the way to four or five seconds or fewer ballads than usual. So his hard rocking performances helter skelter birthday, and I gotta feeling pretty much set the tone for the night. Even my Valentine, which is very sweet John Kennedy arrangement with McCartney crooning through a broken megaphone. When he flubbed the lyrics to Blackbird twice. He just made. It seem endearingly human the fans. Love the moment. When he got the right lyrics. The third time a third of the way through the show. He broke out quote for me to you for only the second time ever as a solo artist. Dan, reisig quote anyway from media cracks have.

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