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"community china korea southeast asia" Discussed on The Trader Cobb Crypto Podcast

The Trader Cobb Crypto Podcast

08:46 min | 4 months ago

"community china korea southeast asia" Discussed on The Trader Cobb Crypto Podcast

"General Crypto shot another fantastic here in Singapore vocally wine CMO of electric. And do what a wonderful day here single now on a more about what you're doing so before you tell us about odd axe. What brought you into the CRYPTO? Currency or digital assets spice. What wasn't the good you into this place while Bitcoin Ages Talk to your colleague about my story. Aiming for in the industry action by in Bitcoin back to inserting certain importing show. That's my story. So I believe in this industry because I actually get benefits from Pecan and those so I actually believe that the blockchain technology itself does mean something to those society. And what brought you to docks like wine exchange. All things could could do. What was it that appeal to you to work with an exchange. Well I that we actually have a whole different to other change because like everyone knows what the exchanges exchange value in the place of sales the token but he acts are moth who is accompanied by value show. We really value every user but not project to Halfon Quad selective process when it comes to who you on board for the platform. Yes right now. We have Three Different Marquette's winds called at ax. Once global markets winds call Catamarca show by the different markets. You can tell what is our made by different ads and you serious. All platform would have their first choice for choice of their own kind of token they want. And how long has been around for two years. Actually yesterday was in two years anniversary. Happy Birthday Oughta so two years has been do you of Leverage Omar and try to get the money we have contract to have contracts Bet. We launch her contract for This march and stooges of kind of finance strachey from that won't traitors complied. As far as what you guys have done. So I fought to get the clots and you do have is any country particular that got all clients all generate the Asian area. We have a good community China Korea Southeast Asia and hold we Accidentally went have a good coverage in Germany and Europe. Yes Probably like three out of ten projects. These are from Europe. And that's why we have so many good community Europe of and reputation expert and when it comes to shines there are lots of we know there are lots of there are lots of them just down. There are lots of them everywhere. So what is it that makes that something that somebody would jump across to? Why should somebody gonNA cap with audits as opposed to all of the other options while everyone's ask me what's the setting off a chain honestly GonNa Average Chen? We have the same business. We have sport trading. We have contract Z. We are the credit card payments. And that tip like why are you sir? Stay with us for two years because a lot of users they opened account to back two years ago but they still ribbon trader Alex stabbed before we baddiel users assets so we see lack that unless we have a special zoo for adult labs where she's Form at the tracks cannot fall down off the issue price for seven days. But yes when you go to use as a spoken to a lot of different exchanges that we've worked with a number of extending this well Do you find. There is a large percentage that when the market's not doing great deal they go quiet or is a fairly active audience. Well if feed the bull market every Weinstein bitcoin coast like for example. Last month was chairman of China. Issue the article Yeah. It's like everyone even my mom. Bitcoin thought this. Why Straw back to just people's you won't you buy some all coin why we have two hundred different. Focus on our platform and people always swan to Alaska's focus for short periods. I why interesting to hear the CIA to create a buzz around beacon only sort of cross of bitcoin. Spock but it was the conversation around blockchain but I suppose when people speak of bulk chime big cleanse. Probably the first thing I think about. Do you think that we save huge amount of the option? John has come out and said we want to get on. I will see palm probably within eighteen months because the interest hardest even the art school. They have blockchain lessons. Every week I saw a media post last week and She said he'd turn your audience. It Hugh and the highlight of doctrine. Lessen our Friday cold for one hour so a wall for them. This do find it very hard to message. Be points out is hard on this. Dan is very hard to register for. Vala don't know how to offer the chance things I say is this transient going. This way. These protests maybe why year at the half from Arcachon have more youth series. While that's the world you are known as China has an Invest Roy to work otherwise you fall on and get another thing. China's good at so when it comes to either any anything new coming out of the monitor the saw you wanna tell us about. Yes we actually have two heart attacks three projects ongoing right now is the first one at a very It's an incubator. So we try to find the most valuable asset value projects in the market in the very early stage and weaken their how to that all users by their yes and we actually a pro-life brand consultancy the margin Khazal team. The commute community. You off the technology Arazi to our invested assets and another wife addicts. Labs we shy. I just mentioned the price will not fall down within the first seven days. So it's a good news to the rate hollering. Graphic third is called Alpha Foundation Alliance. Oh while its initial by X. and Phoenix and coin box retreat antiquity marketing platform. We still weak on the truth. Some selective project we're GONNA bring the retail investor to calm an institution masters so they can entre project at the primary runs. So they see your vice. Kill retail clients access institutional level entrance. Yes so they're gonNA INSTITUTION LEVEL OF PRICE. The presell that's fantastic. The retail tribes whether people find more information about about how to plug into what you doing. It didn't follow the no votes coming when it's come register at at acts idea acts the crew of idea acts global extra replacement absolute pleasure having you on the show. Thank you for the into other wonderful of icing an innovative things coming out of X. Exchange checkout. Thank you very much for your time. Here pack fantastic often out everyone..

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