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"Doc Doc look back to the doctor who flash CAST JASON SNELL back with you here to talk about season. Twelve twelve episodes six practice and joining me from. We're forming two points of a triangle across the globe is Antony Johnston. Hello Hello Jason. I'm so relieved that this was overall a good episode because often last week take off really jealous Erica and Steven got right to the flash past because obviously last was so good in so many years and I was really it because let's be honest. It's not unknown. I was really dreading this week. would be a complete let down by comparison. So I'm very happy it wasn't I mean and I agree with you. We'll get it out of the way right here. I was relieved as well. The same feeling which is Not that I don't have some quibbles with this episode but it was good episode like if that other episode hadn't happened And this was episode five. I would have said look at that like because I haven't loved I love the first you know for you episodes of the season but this one I feel like is almost the archetype I think of what Chris chip no wants doctor who to be which is it looks great. It's globetrotting there's action. There's lots of dialogue. There's lots of. It's actually good. I think funny jokes and there's a and and it is. I think true doctor whose history it has a point which is it's sort of educational and couching the educational aspect of it and they kind kind of social aspect of it in science fiction like all of that. I actually think like yeah. I see what you're going for here and I enjoyed it. I thought it was. The pacing is amazing. Right like the the number of scenes and shots and locations. Even though it's mostly South Africa it's still is locations the by the beach and they're in the city and all of those things like there's a lot in this episode and it moves so fast I really enjoyed it. What some of that gets to one of the very specific the reasons that I liked this episode? which was the in media res- opening but I wish I if you're right that this is more the archetypal all kinds of episode chip? No wants to do. I wish he would. Yeah I really really wish they would because the first twenty twenty eighty five minutes of this episode were almost flawless from only as as so often happens with who it was only when we started to get to the resolution of why this thing was happening and how we were going to solve the problems suddenly it was like then okay. Things started to fall fall apart but up until that point it really was almost flawless. It's so well directed and yeah like I say one of the very specific things that I liked about it. Just just because this really appeals to me and the kind of on just the kind of stories alike but also specifically the kind who are like started completely comedia- res- adventure already happening And so we get to see the companions. 'cause obviously we always see the companions onions in comparison to the doctor and then not as competent as the docks who because who is. That's Kinda the point of it. That's how it works but because we're a step further down the chain as it were and now we get to see the companions through the lens of people who don't even know that doctor. The doctor exists. It's like their own companions right right but they suddenly also appear as if they're highly competent well-informed knowledgeable daring. Aaron do adventurers which was really Nice. Made a nice contrast but also yeah just the fact that barreled through with people going wait. Wait what's going on companions and like Yay. There's this thing going on. We haven't got time to tell you. Yeah it just really that together with the direction which was very horror movie like almost. I'm sure that was deliberately with you. Know because of the kind of episode that it was trying to get across this feeling of dread and and You know impending doom was really successful. I thought I mean absolute all credit so the DP the camera on the director. Everybody involved in that really set the mood. Yeah I agree completely the the way the story gets told they did TAC. There's a moment of the very very very end of last week's episode where there's like. Oh there's a thing it's weird it's happening on three continents we should go do and that it's funny because that basically provides this episode with all the setup you really need and the gap is the boring boring stuff that we don't need to see. which is I'm going to drop you off here and I'm going to drop you off here? The audience will learn that along with all the characters that they find in Peru Madagascar and Hong Kong. And you know whatever that store is where the the the cop on the edges rest is rugby-tackling shoplifters and I just yeah you're right. It puts the companions in a in greater positions. Because they're the they're the doctor they're the positions of authority authority. It uses the fact that there are three companions right like I know. It's sort of Ryan's over here and Graham and Yaser over here but like the splitting them all up and then the doctor's got her mission like I thought that was really good. They mentioned earlier but I want to say it again shooting in South Africa like yes. I I love that Dr that that Black Mirror episode that semi eighties that is literally the same shot the the same mountains. It's in Cape Town right like whatever but it looks so good and it's varied enough on a doctor who budget that this like. We're in we're in Madagascar Asker. We're in Hong Kong. We're in you know in the in Peru were in all these places and like it feels like a globetrotting adventure. Sure in a way that I like doctor who to feel I. I wanted to feel like the doctor can go not just anywhere in time and space but also anywhere on earth and have in this case like because we have a target here and they don't even need to show it like they say doctor. This thing is happening in Peru and she just POPs up and the load people onto the CARDIS. Let's go back to Hong Kong load people off of the artists and the and like I loved it. I kind of love that it ends up being kind of the doctor and the crime solving gang and they keep collecting people as they go and yeah I thought it was. I thought it was really fun. And that the added characters made it that much more fun than that it really like the scenes and locations. And you're right the first half hour basically. I thought this is perfect. This is this is fun and looks great and is taking me on an adventure. And that's what I want from doctor who wasn't Hong Kong. There is no way that that street was it was. It was a narrow street and there was they Hose down the roads. Do when it's night and the roads are hose down because they look better and all that but it was like you know that. Yeah okay. That's fair but that beach each relative. That looked really good beach but what you said about them not explaining non over explaining what was going on the star. Because it's like you say set it up at the start of sorry at the end of the previous episode. That's I mean you know who all too often it does explain probably too much to spend too much time explaining things that we can kind of figure out now some of that. Obviously he's because it is a family. Show you go Barry Mind. They're all going to be young kids. What Jin sometimes you know? Yes you're going to need to sort of help to bring them along for the ride but but at the same time I really appreciate when. Sometimes they don't do that and they're just like yeah you'll figure it out you know you've seen this kind of thing before you've watched the show before we know how it works folks you'll figure it out it's fine and I that helps them create a more mature style of storytelling. The I really appreciate shape and as I understand why they can't do it all the time but when they do do it and the and they pull it off then it really works I think yeah I don't I I don't necessarily need and you're right. Maybe maybe is necessary from time to time but I don't necessarily need the all right. Everybody where where should we go. Why don't we go to this place? Kirk Doc oh here we are everybody. Let's go out. Oh here's a strange person. I wonder what's going on. Oh there's a mystery will be solved and here. None of that is necessary. The mystery is being solved. Everybody is on the case and instead as an audience member I love because it really doesn't make any sense and you're trying to put it together of like wait a second so there's the spaceship and the astronauts texting that he needs help and which doesn't really make any sense but whatever and how does he have a cell phone with him and he's not? There's going to be a twist right that it was that it was a bait that it was lured by the aliens to get for some reason that cop out to Hong Kong. Yeah no maybe there's a dropped scene there where he explains that he tried to escape and stole a phone and then they dragged him back and they didn't want to show him before that but it is never explained but still. It's like the hiker the two bloggers who go to the river in Peru and there's garbage everywhere which again and it's not actually a weird thing that's happening. The garbage is not the aliens the garbage is the humans who have turned this beautiful natural thing into a spoiled location location which is part of the message of this episode. But still it's like what does this mean and then Ryan pops up and meanwhile one of the one of the women is gone and then you know. There's the the the mystery of of the sailor floating face down in the water and Madagascar. And what does that mean. And how and this episode goes really deep where there I had literally no idea I was like. Are you ever going to resolve the story. Because I felt like we got about forty minutes out of fifty with very very little idea of what the resolution was going to be an all the whole time I was thinking to myself. This resolution is going to be really abrupt because they have run out of time and like literally there is a moment where the doctor stands there and we see her thinking which is it can be good but it also can be very spur three after Colin scrapie and ex positional and. I can't decide where this episode falls down but we're she's basically like oh it's plastic caustic. It's like okay and and there's an aunt's reference and she's there's a funny me laugh and it's followed by come on brains move it along and Graham says did she say say brains with slamming. There's that time later when she's when she's like you are only in this episode once we're literally just straight after it's been on but when she's I think at gunpoint from the scientists and she says like Oh wait half off all all that one cycles oh like you say very stagey very theatrical bar this is this is the kind of quality that you look for in adopter. Ada Ask somebody who is going to be playing. That character is somebody who can pull that off. I haven't say doctors do that. They all it's part of the character is part of the show. You've gotta that'd be able to sell that. Yeah that's actually the moment that I was sold on David tennant in his first episode. There's that moment where he tastes the blood on the alien spaceship spaceship and he goes. Oh blood control I remember this. I haven't seen this for years and I was like okay. I believe I believe that. He's the doctor now..

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