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"columbus united way" Discussed on People Helping People

"And I'm thinking this is scary. Were seeing local impacts or something. That's not even in the US You know a few months and right now. It's been a very very eye opening time for our country across the nation needs especially Food Insecurity are skyrocketing and volunteers have just wanted the dig. Recent for that. Is that it most food. Volunteers are older individuals in. We've seen that for a long time at we realized that the two biggest pitfalls I would say not pitfalls Jamaica's categories where. We don't see young people volunteering. Where food bags and clothing drives and which is really interesting like environmental needs. We see so. Many people volunteer does things but we cannot still up a food banks need normally and we were thinking this is really concerning and then a disaster like this heads and amplifies that issue ten bull so he had a lot of advocating defined emergency volunteers for local food. Banks could pantries are still doing that. I noticed your Abbas kind of adopted during this time so when you log in chose you a different way that you can actually connect with your community. Yeah scrambles scramble was is that we need to make sure that we are teaching people how to best. You'd better sign so you know when you log in. It's like this kind of emergency banner. That's like here's a free ways. You can help right now whether that's ginny local food bank we have a campaign where you can actually fund. Fda approved mass for health workers And those are two big things at our community needs right now. You are self isolating and you shouldn't be leaving your home. We're employing people that's what you do Or if you qualify for an emergency volunteer position meaning we just ask you questions about your health and we ask you questions about who you live with To make sure that you're not at risk for spreading this or carrying a co Ed To other people if you were you know something God forbid happens. If you're volunteering in this situation us we have a little quiz to see. If you qualify. If you do qualify. There are opportunities out there which really need people to help deal with this crisis. Yeah absolutely especially distribution. Getting FOOD IS NOT THE PROBLEM. There is enough food at foodbanks. Giving it out to people. That's actually the issue. It's enough hands package. It Senate outs cars They're doing no contact distribution but at the same time I mean in Ohio. Ohio had bring in the National Guard because there were enough volunteers in the state to help our foodbanks. That's that's absolutely insane. That we as state or as a community couldn't step up but also thank. God in in my mind you know. Thankfully we have a government that saw that issue and responded to it very quickly on point we were working with the middle food collective. There were three shifts a day for us to get volunteers in to just help them package up that way before the National Guard was issued in. And they're still need in local food pantries so how distribution works is that. There's a bank and I need bake source of the food options food pantry that are in the local boroughs of neighborhoods in those food. Pantries still need hands so if you're able to volunteer then that's a good place to jump in right now and it's not just the need in. Columbus this is everywhere this is everywhere in the US. The New York Times reported on this school and so people can log onto the APP. See if they qualify. Now you know my my own experience with the point up like I see it from the standpoint of user. I'm going to go on on tier. Here's opportunities that I can go and join in. But on the flip side of that a lot of pine is actually about the technology that you're giving these nonprofits at you. Can you talk about what that looks like a little bit? And what their needs are and why this is so powerful for them. Yeah we wanted to make are really user. Friendly backed system. It's a little bit like that right. Needs Salesperson. How baby for a nonprofit. That's that's what our backend system is like. It's very user friendly. It's Outta watch ready. Needs System that they can say. Hey I I can create an event. Mike might volunteers ready to go. You know we wanna make it very simple for them. Tracker impact to attract new build all of those automatic very user friendly items into the platform. We make sure the tested on. Nimit make sure the tested this with older women especially And we also work on a lot of our communication within the platform itself. That were always teaching people how to use the software because sometimes in our community our our leaders can meet older in these sectors. And we WANNA make sure that we're educating them really. Well what did it look like before for you know in a nonprofit when they're managing volunteers? The hotness it's crazy I mean some nonprofits have great systems because he can afford them and I'm not saying that there's not great systems out there. I'm Jay Signal Pricey and I really don't think they should be and and for me. I just feel like that's taking advantage of donor dollars when we could be solving that issue in more innovative ways like our I model and I really do. Think it's the right way to go So again it's really scrappy. Sometimes they're paying. You know ten thousand fourteen thousand dollars a year or a software project gases not crazy when you think of enterprise level software but it's still a lot at war they're scraping together some excel or Google docs or sometimes pen and paper to get the job done in. That's not efficient either. Really wasting their time and resources to manage the volunteers to get more work done so if they can spend their dollars more wisely than they can really increase their own impact. Absolutely I mean. We have to get our leaders out behind a computer. In instant emission rate. We need to free up their hands on that. Data injury side crane. What did they think of the the point software when they get it? You know. It's all over. Some people are like I can't believe this success which is great. You know some people expect it to be a lot more difficult than it is or some people don't know how the Internet works and they think it's the hardest thing on earth so I mean we're explaining how the internetwork sometimes and that you can actually access everywhere because it's already computer website. People come from very very very different backgrounds so back to covert nineteen What are some of the other things that you've been doing during this time? So I think it's an all hands on deck situation and it's a really make it breaking hyper nonprofits. I know that in Columbus United Way. I reported that sixty six percent of nonprofits as surveyed Didn't get to have their major. Fundraisers were cancelled their major fund raisers in twenty five percent at that time insureds more now had offer lewd or laid off employees. Nisus terrible time in when you look at the community's impact stance Maya mean by that is that if we have nonprofits that have increased need for demand and they're laying off employees and don't have enough money to run their operations because they foster unreasoning events. How are we going to respond as a community? So point has been working day in and day out to release new features. That might be helpful. We called every single. One of our nonprofits says day you know. How can we help you? What are what are ways that we can help we've also Jumped in what started as a virtual hack von turning into a larger campaign on can't stop Columbus which is really a volunteer initiative decree resources for the community as respond to Cova nineteen inches release. Either tools are jumping helped profits with whatever they need and you jumped out with. Can't stop Columbus right at the beginning. Right yeah yeah. They called me. I think right before that first meeting took place and said Hey from a non-profit side you know. How can we work together? And it was a team of about eight people that really put together a movement really for business people community members in especially from the tech community to create resource says during Kobe. And I'm so thankful to be a part of it you know. I am not the major driver of that Jordan. See I mean Jordan. Divas tweeted an idea for it really sparked thing just to give some context to this. This bike it was like a Sunday night that the tweet went out. I found out about it on Tuesday or Wednesday and there are already like three hundred people already engaged in trying to pull this movement together. It was insane. I mean it went from a tweet. Two thousand people in like a week. Which is you can see. How many wants to help this time? I'm glad we have a way that we can do skill space volunteering rapidly right now. Because that's.

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