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"columbine health" Discussed on Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

"We got eight fifty holiday morning. John clarkson sitting in for gail coming to you from the auto collisions. Specialists studio is right. Here at northern colorado's voice thirteen ten k. f. k. a. I want to take just a second here before. I get into this last little story about how we're all gonna get rich in colorado over the next ten years. Just hang in there. But i i've got to tell you about my show. I love coming here and substituting for gail from time to talk. But i have a regular show. It's every sunday morning at eight o'clock right here on northern colorado slice thirteen ten. Kfi and we call this little shindig this little radio extravaganza. This suare senior circle. We got some great sponsors people that really fifty plus marketplace news Oh my goodness we've feature some of the things from their publication. Columbine health systems them in the bridget greely in the centre at center place. These are our sponsors that bring us to bring you. I should say Brings me here to bring you the show. Those are the folks that we appreciate having them sponsors so check us out eight o'clock sunday morning now. If you miss that you just go on our website. Thirteen tank k dot com. You go over two weekends you click. Book comes down senior circle. Click it. You'll see a picture of me and right below that our podcast so even even anytime that you want to go and listen to podcast eat. Is there and available for you to listen to senior circle if you a senior or you love a person who is a senior you need to check in because we have some good stuff there for you now. I want to just real quick. Get into this the statement that i made a minute ago. How we're all going to get rich here in colorado. I need to qualify that little bit. One of the ways you're gonna get richer and colorado is to buy property. I've got this story from the greeley trip headline how much more expensive will colorado homes become in. The next ten years will here is the idea of what's going to happen here. If if things work out Prices for homes the average price in colorado is going to go up to seven hundred sixty three thousand three hundred and nine dollars for the average price of a in colorado right now the us average would be going up to well not now but then then in ten years the us average is thought to be three eighty two but right now. That's pretty close to our averages right now in colorado pushing four hundred thousand The right in there but to go to seven sixty three. That's eighty two point two percent gain in property values in ten years. Yeah that's pretty exciting. Isn't it Metro denver the average home price in september of two thousand thirty would reach nine hundred. Twenty eight thousand. The best part of a million bucks to buy a house in denver in ten years. That takes your breath away. Didn't it denver would be the eleventh most expensive housing market in the us and colorado would be up there with Up in the top ten of of expensive places to live in the united states. But what does means you got to buy some real estate you. Yeah you gotta get that done. There are some deals out there right now. interest is as low as it's ever been Property values are holding. And they're going up and it's hard to buy i. I saw report. Recently that in the entire front range of colorado from pueblo up to fort collins that would include of course greeley loveland everybody. There are only about twelve hundred fifty six listings of residential properties for sale right now in the whole front range of colorado usually. They're about fourteen thousand. We don't even have ten percent of the usual amount the average amount if you want to call it that of listening to buy property here so it's tough to find but if you can buy a piece of property and you can figure out any way to get it. Get it because it's going to go up now. There are lots of other good ways to invest money. Keith wineman talks to you about it every morning. Right here on the show. And i've got nothing against that process Keith brilliant guy. Who does a great job in helping you build wealth but in a well rounded portfolio in addition to those stocks and other kinds of investments that. He could help you. Do i think people need to have some real estate. That real estate may even just be the place you live but there will come a time in your life when you get old like me and you want to you. You want to use that money for something else. Well then what you do get a reverse mortgage and you can use that equity to do stuff. you don't even have to move. You know you'd have to sell your house. You can stay there for the rest of your life about the real. Estate is the key to that and so any well. Rounded investment portfolio in my mind has to include real estate. And if you do if these the districts these predictions come true you will be able to make quite a bit of money in real estate in colorado Over those ten years you're talking about thirty to thirty five thousand dollars a year of appreciation in the average piece of real estate here in colorado northern colorado. Yeah it's always been kind of good place to be i've come. I've been in northern colorado for fifty years. My great grandfather came to birth in eighteen. Eighty two and he be properties worth a lot more than it was back in eighteen. Eighty two. there's no doubt the old idea about the property is it may go up into may go down a little bit but it won't go away. It'll still be there. So i was interested in this story Integral trip talking about this kind of money and how. That's probably should be a part of your portfolio investing for your old age along with some other good things that talk to keith. Whiteman about that. All i know about is the real estate. That's what's on. that's for sure. Well we've had a great morning. We appreciate all of you being here with us. We've covered some of the issues of the president. And the things that are going to happen in washington dc Things will be peaceful. I also hope that we have peace and prosperity down in denver. Because i think they're looking right now and all the state capitals are under a warning that there are people who want to cause trouble in. I guess in every society there have to be some goof-balls People to see things differently. When i was a county commissioner. I had a terrible experience once and i know that these things are happening all over the place because at county commissioner. That's about as low as you can get in elected job. It's just you're not much of a big shot but you you. It's a fun job. I loved it but I was in a grocery store once in a guy came up to me. And he said are you clark. Are you commissioner. Clark and i said yeah. I haven't got turned to tell you what he told me. But i will right here. Another colorado's voice thirteenth aka. john clarkin for gail the whole sports story in northern colorado. The state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two thirteen ten. Kfi k no cone now is coming up next on northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. Well john clark with you coming up to the top of the hour. I just wanted to finish that story. I told you. I was in the grocery stores. Somebody said are you commissioner. Clark and i said yes these the county commissioners ought to be taken out and shot but turn the guy into the sheriff well anyway. I'm so glad in here with you this morning. John clark in four gale..

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