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"color rosa parks" Discussed on Historical Figures

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It really does help we also now have merchandise head to park cast dot com slash merch for more information our our audio biographies cover big lives but we like to focus on little known facts. Today we're discussing. Rosa parks dubbed the mother of the Civil Civil Rights movement. She's most famous today for refusing to give up a seat on a bus in Montgomery Alabama. Her Act of Resistance Against Racist Segregation Segregation launched a boycott that proved pivotal to the fight for racial equality but Rosas activism extended beyond bus protests. It's an active member of the N. double. ACP Rosa championed black victims of sexual assault organized acts of civil disobedience and founded educational initiatives for disadvantaged students of Color Rosa Parks was born Rosa Louise as MacAulay on February fourth nineteen thirteen INTAS Gigi Alabama her early life was unstable as her parents separated when Rosa it was only two roses birthplace in Gigi insured. She grew up in the center of the nascent civil rights movement prominent Black Intellectual Booker. T. Washington was active there as soon as Rosa was old enough to understand issues of race. She was hyper aware of the inequality as well every Sunday she worshiped at the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Historically Black denomination initially founded to promote an abolitionist geology and then later devoted to racial equality. When Rosa was eleven years old she moved with her mother and brother to Montgomery Alabama Alabama where her grandparents lived there. She continued her harsh education about racial politics by the early nineteen twenties the white supremacist hate group that Ku Klux Klan was increasingly active for a decade after the civil war the K. K. K. had terrorized people of color color in the southern United States the hate group had declined to the point of nearly disbanding in the late eighteen hundreds but white supremacy experienced a resurgence surgeons in response to the growing number of immigrants in the US by the time Rosa was a young child the KKK boasted more than four million Leeann active members fearful of racially motivated attacks each evening roses grandfather laid a loaded shotgun across his lap APP and slept in a rocking chair near the front door eager to help defend her home and family. Rosa took to sleeping on the floor beside him. You're so when Rosa Parks was eleven. Her mother enrolled her in the private segregated Montgomery Industrial School for girls. It was the best education available to a black girl in the city despite her young age Rosa had to work to pay for her tuition. She took a janitorial job at the school pool cleaning up rooms after classes and every day she saw little reminders of the inequality she faced the white students had a bus Rosa and other black students didn't she walked to school every day. Even in the winter in her autobiography biography Rosa Parks My story Rosa wrote. I'd see the bus pass every day but to me. That was a way of life we we had no choice but to accept. What was the custom. The bus was among the first ways I realized there was a black world and a white world hold on during her walks. Rosa often passed by white children and adults who would shout racial slurs at her unprovoked. Some children even tossed pasta rocks at her as she walked by to cope with the stress. Rosa found comfort in her religious beliefs. She reminded herself that her bullies were simply lost sinners and prayed for them while they harassed her. She knew she couldn't do anything more concrete to defend herself because the police wouldn't look kindly on a black girl fighting white people even if they'd started it. Rosa attended high school at the laboratory school at the historically Black Alabama state teachers college but unfortunately she had to drop out a year later to help care for her ailing grandmother shortly after Rose's Rose's grandmother died her mother to grew. Ill now the family's primary caretaker. Rosa needed to work to support them and provide medical medical care education was out of the question at least until someone new entered Rosa's life and encouraged her to go back to school in Nineteen thirty one when Rosa was eighteen a mutual friend introduced her to a twenty eight year old barber named Raymond Parks. It was clear during their very first meeting that Raymond was romantically interested in her but Rosa didn't return his affection one of her biggest reservations nations lay in the fact that Raymond was a light skinned black man Rosa didn't find him physically attractive and she also doubted that a man and who could pass for white could really understand her day to day struggles as a dark skinned black woman however as their friendship blossomed Rosa learned that Raymond was passionate civil rights advocate and a member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People War N. double. ACP She was surprised to find that although Raymond dressed well and was an intelligent and thoughtful speaker he barely attended school at all aw thanks to segregation in time a romance blossomed between Raymond and Rosa and they were married on December eighteenth nineteen thirty thirty two when she was nineteen and he was twenty nine Raymond Encourage Rosa to pursue the education he'd never ever had and with his support. She returned to high school and finally completed her degree. Soon after Rosa got a job as a seamstress at a department store you're while Raymond continued on his work with the N. double. ACP although Rosa and Raymond shared beliefs about equal rights initially she kept her her distance from the organization N. Double ACP members feared reprisal from white supremacists and they regularly came to meetings heavily armed should did they need to defend themselves on one occasion. Raymond volunteered to host a meeting at his in Rosa's house shaken by the number of men who arrived lived armed Rosa walked out of the House and sat on the porch hunched over with her head between her knees while the men inside discussed politics Sushi's sat alone in the dark waiting and fear for the first bullets to fly in the moment Rosa was paralyzed by fear violence silence but long-term she grew increasingly frustrated with these sexist assumption that her husband could take risks and join the N. double. ACP while she she needed to be shielded from it so in nineteen forty three thirty year old Rosa finally joined for herself once again sexism reared its head at the N. double ACP as the only woman to attend on her first night. Rosa was tasked with taking taking meeting notes. She was elected secretary at that same meeting but she soon had the opportunity to advocate for women and Black people alike has the chapter began to examine the racial inequality in how police investigated sexual assaults. It was all too common at the time for black men to be falsely accused of raping white women if those men were lucky they'd go to court but still have to plead their case before racist judges judges and juries if they were unlucky. The accused were often lynched by white mobs before their trials began black. Women men also suffered from unjust investigations when they filed reports. The police rarely took their cases seriously rape survivors of have color had few opportunities to pursue justice especially if their attacker was white a particularly egregious case involved a woman named re resc- Taylor on the evening of September third nineteen forty four was walking home from church with two friends when a group of white men abducted abducted her and gang raped her after the assault REC- reported to the police what had happened her friend corroborated the account a few hours later a police officer found the rapists and asked if they had an alibi imen- confess that they'd raped reecey and the police halted the investigation there without pressing charges news of this crime and the polices inaction made it back to the N. Double Lacey Pe- later that month Rosa volunteered to investigate receives case firsthand not only to uncover the truth of the matter but also so to draw national attention to the injustice but before Rosa could capture the attention of the press. She drew scrutiny from the police piece. She stepped off the bus near receives home in Abbeville.

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