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"We are releasing the entire supply we have for order by states. Rather than holding second doses in physical reserve. But new reporting in the Washington Post shows there were no doses available in reserve. As result states that had been gearing up to expand distribution of the covert vaccine have no extra doses to give out. In a tweet. The Washington State Health Department says they understand why people they feel the situation is confusing and frustrating. Oregon Governor Kate Brown calls it a deception on a national scale. We've reached out to health and human services. For comment. All eight regions of Washington state will remain in phase one of governor James Lees Coronavirus Recovery plan, at least for the time being come was Bill O'Neill explained. The plan requires each of the state's eight regions to see a decreasing trend of 10% or more in covert cases, per wondered 1000 people over. It's who we expand in order for them to individually move to Phase two. Covert 19 test positivity rate must also fall below 10%. New hospitalizations must also declined by 10% over two weeks, while intensive care units must have a less than 90% occupancy rate. All regions will continue under phase one until at least January, 25th Colonial Carmona County seen a 30% increase in new covert cases since December. 27th and county health officer Dr Jeff Duchin says he can't predict when it'll level off, especially with more transmissible virus strains out there want to be very clear on this. We should expect the variant strain to become widespread here and that will make the outbreak harder for us to control That's why do, Jin says it's especially important. We keep up our mask wearing, distancing and hand washing because it will take at least six months to get shots to everyone who wants a vaccine. Recent events with large crowds. Have you w health expert worried about upcoming events like the Biden inauguration, you talked. Cuomo's Ryan Harris, the U. S Capitol Riot was the first thing to make the hair stand on the back of Dr Ali Moke God's neck, with mostly massless crowds packed indoors and shouting and then traveling from D. C. That was followed a few days later by Alabama football fans celebrating their championship, also many without masks, any dazzling that's endured and involves shopping. I'm concerned about any dazzling outdoor that people cannot keep a safe distance and wear a mask even when they're shouting, So we need to be careful and Obama was a disaster. So, with inauguration protests, and Olympia, Salem and other state capitals expected leading up the Wednesday Dr Mokdad reminds us. We're near the end of a surge, and then it's on all of us to do our parts to maintain the relative success. We had minimizing the holiday effect on the pandemic here in Washington. Ryan Harris, come on, is plans of being finalized for mass vaccination sites and Pierce County. It's starting with having so at least three very large throughput sites in different locations in the county Emergency management director Jody Ferguson says locations haven't been determined yet. Lauren cult The Republican who lost to governor in Salina landslide has ended his lawsuit that hope to invalidate the election attorney Stephen Pigeons, spoken a video and helps Facebook page and blame the withdrawal on technicalities Result. We're going to leave this battleground now. And instead bring our case for election reform to you and the court of public opinion. But Pigeon pigeon is facing punishment from the courts, the state bar for filing suits with false and unsubstantiated claims. National Guard, members of state Patrol troopers continued to line offensive erected outside the state Capitol and surrounding buildings. Combos Charlie Harder tells us they'll be there through at least the middle of next week. This comes after unreciprocated the governor's mansion last week, and the FBI is warning of threats against all 50 state capitols through Inauguration Day. Trooper Chelsea Hodgson with the Washington State Patrol tells us they don't know of any specific threats in Olympia, but they're ready for whatever might happen in a little over a weekend. We're working in collaboration with the National Guard, and we have personnel that are standing by that can handle any threat or anything that could come our way. FBI words of heightened risk on Sunday and Inauguration Day on Wednesday, Charlie Harder. Come on. Ooh, come on his time 10 10 and for the Beacon Plumbing sports desk. Men's college basketball tonight. Utah Valley beats Seattle You 93 to 92 the Falcons find a head coach while the Seahawks look for a play caller, the latest from Cuomo's Bill Swartz, Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator Arthur Smith is the man the Atlanta Falcons want as the head coach. Former L. A Chargers had man, Anthony Lynn Is a new name surfacing as a possible replacement for Brian Schottenheimer as the Seahawks offensive assistant NFL playoff division games on tap tomorrow. The L. A Rams at Green Bay Buffalo Bills host the Baltimore Ravens. The Washington Huskies air hanging out in L. A. After an embarrassing 95 68 loss at USC. Good teams. Great teams end up being great defensively, and we're far from that. You gotta get better. Mike Hopkins Dogs take on PAC 12 leading U C. L A Tomorrow afternoon. I'd still baseball signings for the Seattle Mariners getting infielder JP Crawford picture Rafael Montero and catcher Tom Murphy locked up for the 2021 season and the athletic reports Seattle Sounders in serious talks to Lone forward Jordan Morris. Swansea City FC of England's second tier league sports updates a 10 and 40 after the hour bill Sports Come on is Make.

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