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"colonel margaret mcgreal" Discussed on WLS-AM 890

"You get behind the wheel a bit more now drive smart and safe to shop at your local grocery store for Bob Evans mashed potatoes and mac and cheese looters ransacked neighborhoods on the south and west sides over the weekend as Chicago police closed off downtown to prevent the kind of writing we saw on Saturday Lightfoot the mayor of Chicago Lori Lightfoot is denying that the city in the collected the neighborhoods to protected downtown she says that did not happen but she says the police department was overwhelmed as nine one one received sixty five thousand calls in a twenty four hour period that is fifty thousand more than on a typical day well let's interrupt our programming now to go to governor JB Pritzker who is holding a news conference at the Thompson center Illinois National Guard brigadier general Richard Neely Illinois state police lieutenant colonel David Byrne and Illinois state police lieutenant colonel Margaret McGreal to provide an update on our state support for communities across Illinois yesterday into today three hundred and seventy five members of the Illinois National Guard joined local law enforcement in Chicago to assist with street closures we implemented stringent parameters on their mission Hey and use of force including no interference with peaceful protesters expressing their first amendment rights since that deployment we have received additional reports of escalating situations and requests for assistance from communities around the state we have now called up an additional two hundred and fifty members of the Illinois National Guard to be ready to assist other cities across the state that have faced a surge of destructive action notably including over the last twenty four hours.

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