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"colonel armagh" Discussed on Labor: Know Your Rights

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"colonel armagh" Discussed on Labor: Know Your Rights

"Hello listeners. This is labor. Your rights podcast. I'm your host. Dave. This episode is brought to you by the national ego, Justice and security professionals. The members count. First contact information can be found in the show, including our toll free number which is what eight five five six two five eight six one zero please check out life on record or gift of record messages for any special occasion to load one. She are showing for details. In nineteen fifty three. He announced his intention to reclaim land controlled by United fruit company in the name of the watermelon. People L D obeyed a woman uprising led by back military, liberation Colonel Carlos Castilla Armas the collapse of RBIs. Government was cheered in America. But Colonel Armagh soon revealed himself to be a right wing dictator intent on murdering his political opponents and erotic ating, the country's trade unions. See I went on to us, and af L C I O supported union in British Guyana in nineteen sixty one to undermine the duly elected. Government of prime minister, Chad Jagan and A I L V F L C I O staff were involved in the overthrow of labor friendly. Governments in the Dominican Republic in nineteen sixty five and in Chile in nineteen seventy three the US meddling in the affairs of foreign labor unions remade a secret for many years revolutions first servicing by accident in the mid nineteen sixties fearing hearings into tactics in Lathrop. Ick foundations by democratic congressman right patent of Texas patent who's small business subcommittee was looking for tax abuses stumbled into evidence that various real and dummy US villain throb AAC foundations were used by the CIA essay secret conduit to direct US funds to covert operations, like J lo'd stones. American unions also appeared to be involved a treasures of oil chemical and Tomic workers B C A W. As well as American newspaper guild were among those used pass through large cash payments. Batman went public causing an article about the mysterious guy funds to appear in New York Times on September. First nineteen sixty four. During this period of time. When some members of the labour busy attempting to reveal the vent of communism. Elsewhere in the world at home without it self on the defensive from allegations of corruption there had long been labor union related crimes. What did appear to be a relatively new and growing phenomenon in the post World War Two era was that of large Enes organize along business lines tolerating extensive corruption and abuse from within barrel leadership as well as attracting fulltime criminals from without the increase in. Memberships be mount of money gathering in year, treasuries, straight funds and pension funds had grown so large. It could not but have a transformative organizational affect. Controlling millions of dollars changed. The character of the union leaders job often his character as well a certain amount of questionable practices, payoffs and graft in the leadership ranks, but if they delivered on basic needs and stood up for workers, and acceptable level. Crushing would be accepted. The New York waterfront corruption that reminded America of its problems with labor related crime. When you're sun. Reporter Malcolm Johnson was sent to cover the murder of a Canard hiring

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