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US forces monitor Mideast skies at Qatar base amid World Cup

AP News Radio

00:57 sec | 4 months ago

US forces monitor Mideast skies at Qatar base amid World Cup

"At an air base in Qatar, U.S. troops are carrying out their usual mission of watching Middle Eastern airspace and keeping an eye on the World Cup, too. It's an exciting time to be here in Qatar with the World Cup right down the road. At all you need air base outside Doha, air force lieutenant colonel Aaron barilla says the games are on just about every TV in the air operations center. Not the ones monitoring the air picture, but the others. Some airmen like captain K shell trudell have gone to the games. She'll be at the U.S. Netherlands match tomorrow. Really looking forward to cheer on Team USA again with the red white and blue. Others watch at the base's main watering hole. Soccer's governing body is letting the American forces network air the matches. It's all a rare dose of the outside world for troops at a base once considered so sensitive. The Pentagon referred to it only as being somewhere in Southwest Asia. Sagar Meghani, Washington.

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