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"collier riley" Discussed on The RCWR Show with Lee Sanders

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"collier riley" Discussed on The RCWR Show with Lee Sanders

"This dark place was actually watching this amcol interview and he just has his look of the on his face so he can't help but look at that and wonder Me where things are possibly going to be going. I would not be surprised. If eventually kaleo riley adam cole have another match because remember something else that adam cole had said during this interview he pretty much had said collier. Riley was lucky that he'd be him at takeoff. Mommy he he's pretty much guaranteeing that the same outcome will not happen again. So i kind of have a feeling that just flowing with the story arc here. It kind of feels as though that as long as carly o'reilly adam cole. Or bolt under the annex t umbrella. There's just no way that either man will be able to truly function sangley and flourished away they want to in annex t. I think it's going to a loser. Leaves annexed t band. There will never be able to come back to annex. Just kind of feel like it's one of those of course this is. Wwe universe you can always kind of finding your way around that with a loophole. or whatever. But i have a feeling that eventually we're going to see a loser. Leaves inex- t match between those guys when they went dow- at a takeover. So that out. Pete that out for the very near future main event match. Oh here we go. I got to get these fucking names of these fucking things ready so basically msk taken on santos escobar you know and And his boys boys. Yeah they'll gatto nogal fantasma. Yeah i said it right. That's on every time. I hear that name might be thinking of is. There's this cool little Tech machinery if you know your gadgets. There's this thing called the ogodo every time. I just picturing santos in his men. I'd be one in called them the call them. You'll gotta be good match as she was pretty damn good a solid tag team. Action had enjoyed it Santos in his team come in now. with the dub santos's really growing on me. I i gotta tell you. I can remember in previous months. I i wasn't a fan. I wasn't a fan and it has shocked quite a few people especially those. Ib chat ended up within the discord. Like manual fuck with santos blake knob on folk with sandals. But he's he's growing on me man. I'm really starting to enjoy his work. I mean just all round. i'm. I'm i'm really enjoying it. I can't help but wonder how that would translate one to may roster in. That's the one thing my mind is just a little bit okay. This is great for annex t but how does resonate you know on on the flagship shows in all. Could it be as strong if not even stronger on a may rosser. And that's where i'm a. I'm a little bit kind of I see the viewership numbers for annex t for this week luebbe concern luebbe.

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